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Children of the Renewal Messages


May 8, 2016  Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Tabernacle.  I adore You, my Lord and my God.  Thank You for the beautiful Mass this morning and the May crowning of Our Lady’s statue.  It was beautiful.  Thank You for good and holy priests, Jesus who love Our Lady and are good shepherds of Your flock.  It was an added bonus to be vested in the brown scapular.  What a treat for us.  Jesus, I know the Feast of the Ascension was Thursday, but since we celebrate it today in our diocese, happy Feast of the Ascension.  I have been trying to imagine what the Apostles felt like as You ascended.  I’m sure they felt loss and grief and perhaps that is why You sent angels to encourage them.  It also must have been a glorious sight!  I wonder....  Thank You for Your promise to them and to Your fledgling church (at the time) to send Your Holy Spirit.  Lord, You always think of everything down to the smallest detail.  I am most grateful to You. 


Jesus, I bring to You all of my loved ones, my children, grandchildren, most especially my husband who is not here, but staying with (name withheld) so I can be here.  Please bless (names withheld).  Lord, I also bring before You (name withheld) who is struggling so much with her employer who scheduled her to work today, Sunday!   She so wants to observe this holy day and not work, but is being backed into a corner.  She is miserable, Lord.  Please direct her and show her what it is she should do; what You would have her do.  Also, Lord I bring (name withheld) to You who is still ill and recovering.  Help him  with (procedure withheld) , Father God.  Blessed Mother, please give abundant graces to (name withheld).  Help him not to be discouraged or despondent.  Give him graces for recovery and a speedy one.  Thank You and praise You that he is making improvements.  Help him to see those, Lord.  Help him to want to live and serve You, Jesus.  I am sure he is depressed, Jesus and I can understand.  Help him, Lord.  You have brought him so far, sweet Jesus and I am most grateful.  Help him to be emptied of himself, my Lord and Savior, but then fill him with Your Divine Light.  Give him eyes to see and ears to hear and strong steps in order to follow You.  Renew his courage and his energy, Lord, just as a baby eagle is pushed from the nest by its mother falls very far, almost to the ground before the mother eagle catches and lifts it high to try to fly again; be like this for (name withheld).  Pick him up, my Lord and lift him high to fly again.  There are so many people You touch through him, Lord.  Please continue Your work in him and allow him to see a purpose to his suffering so to encourage him for another week.  Have mercy, my Jesus.  Have mercy.  I love You, Jesus!  Please help us all to be united in love of You.  Heal us and grant us Your precious gift of peace.  Above all, Lord, may we do Your adorable and perfect Will.  Praise You God, now and forever. 


Blessed Mother, happy Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama and my Grandmothers and all of my relatives who are mothers and are in Heaven.  This is a very special day, and Jesus.  I pray also for those women who did not allow life for their children.  Please forgive them and help them to seek forgiveness and healing.  Bless all mothers and all women who are expecting, Jesus.  Help them to choose You and to choose life.


Lord, please help our friend (name withheld).  Heal his back, Jesus.  He said it is very painful, to have compression fractures.  I can’t imagine this, Jesus but You know how painful this is.  Please guide the doctor’s hands who will be giving him a steroid injection this week.  Help this to be effective for (name withheld), Lord.  Thank You, Lord for the many blessings You give us.  Lord, may Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.


Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  I wish to tell you that I have heard and received each and every prayer and all that is in your heart.  My child, I forgive you for the times you have fallen short this week.  I know the things going on in your family are heavy on your heart.  Give them to Me just as you have done today.  Trust in Me to resolve every difficulty.  Tell My (name withheld) that I love her and I do not condemn her for this unbearable situation she finds herself in, but I do desire she find another place of employment.  Woe to those who lead My little ones astray against their will.  Is this not a form of slavery and bondage, My little lamb;  when one is forced to go against one’s religious beliefs and one of My Commandments?  Sin is slavery of the soul and those who choose sin and are unrepentant will pay severe consequences, but woe to those who force their sin on others.  There is no excuse for this.  Pray, for their souls are at stake.  For My precious (name withheld), it is now time to change direction for she has done all she can do.” 


“Shake the dust from your feet, My child and move on.  I will make a way and I will bring you out of the darkness and into the light.  Previously, I asked you to stay, My little pure one, and you have done your best; showing love to those who persecute you, and being a light.  Instead of being open and receptive; the evil within them, the pride, has caused even more rebellion and so now it is the time to give your witness by leaving.  By taking a stand and walking away, you will be an even greater witness to many around you.  Do not be anxious or afraid for I am with you.  I, the God of the Universe will guide you and prepare a way for you.  Trust in Me.”


Thank You, Lord God.  Does this mean she should leave now or that You will find another job for her first?


“My child, this is difficult for you, I know.  You are taking a risk by asking Me this and by writing, but you also must trust in Me.  I have never led you astray, nor have I let you down.  I can be relied upon in every aspect of your life.  Trust in Me.  As for My littlest one, I ask that she pray to Me for direction.  I will guide you, My child.  Your grandmother (name withheld) who is My song of joy and your great-grandmother (name withheld) pray for you.  They have asked Me on many occasions to get you “out of there” and to find another employer who will respect you and the talents I have given you.  You have been obedient to Me and have tried hard to show love and joy to others.  I have showered graces on many souls through you.  It is time now to show that you honor Me above all things and would even risk your livelihood to obey My Commandments.  It is time now to take a large step in faith and begin anew.  One cannot begin without first ending.  Each ending precedes new beginnings, My child.  Did I not care for you after you lost your job with the agency?  Yes, My child you recall this and know that I will do the same, but now I need your witness to this oppression.  I am sorry you were witness to this darkness, but you now see how very important it is to follow Me with one’s whole heart, mind and soul for to do otherwise is to dabble with the enemy.  When one does not keep My Commandments, the mind and heart begin to be darkened and it becomes difficult to recognize truth.  I am truth, you see and when people choose sin, the truth, the light is no longer within them.  I am not referring to an occasion of sin, but one sin after another, after another which makes it easier and easier to rationalize more sin and to then enforce their wicked viewpoint on others.  This is done to give them a false sense of acceptance, but it is not acceptance since others are forced to choose evil.  No one is really forced to choose evil, but My little ones who depend on their employers for a living, feel as though they have no other options.  In this way, the employees are guilty of their own sin and those sins they have led others to choose.  You see, My little daughter, I your Jesus need strong, beautiful and courageous youth to witness to My Commandments.  All of this has been allowed by Me to increase growth in your trust in Me, to be a witness to others and to be a light in these days of extreme darkness.  It is time to take your witness to a new level My sweet and loving (name withheld).  Lean on Me, your Jesus and you will see victory, but not until you step out in faith.”


“My daughter, be not afraid.  It is not your advice you are writing, so you do not need to be anxious.  It is I, Jesus.  These are My words to My littlest one who is My little Joan of Arc but in a different way, for she is (name withheld) with the heart of My courageous Joan.  What have you to lose, My (name withheld) by following Me in a radical way?  If you lose the entire world but gain My Kingdom, you have lost nothing but will have taken the talents I have given you and multiplied them one hundredfold.  Be like a Joan for these days, My fierce princess for all in Heaven is interceding for you.  This is no small battle My child, for in the spiritual world, the stakes are very high; for souls are at stake.  Please, trust in Me.  Be of good cheer.  Hold no malice in your heart but pray for those who persecute you.  Your aim is to be a witness for Me so that hearts will be open to My graces for conversion.  I am the Good Shepherd and I am leading you.  Have no fear, only trust.”


Thank You, Jesus.  This does seem like a big step in faith, Lord but Jesus You will be there with the next path for her to take.  Jesus, we trust in You!  Jesus, we trust in You.  Jesus, we trust in You.  St. Faustina, pray for us.  St. Papa Pio, pray for us.  St. Catherine, pray for us.  St. Joan of Arc, pray for us.


Jesus, have You anything more to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  Recall the miraculous prayer of trust you prayed for (name withheld).  Recall that you freely gave him over to My Will.”


Yes, Jesus.  I remember and I am grateful for Your holy Will. 


“My little one, I am still caring for (name withheld).  Do not be overly concerned that he is sad.  He will turn to Me in his time of need, as he has always done, and I am bringing him to a new level of holiness.  It is good to have some time alone for prayer and reflection.  Times of adversity are allowed by Me to bring souls closer to My Sacred Heart.”


Yes, Jesus, I understand.  It seems he has already undergone extreme adversity, Jesus and some would say he has gone through enough.  But, we are not You, Lord and we have no idea what is required to become deeply holy.  Each soul in uniquely created and only You know what is needed.  Out of our love, Jesus (misguided at times, I know) we often try to do what we think is best, and though we are misguided, and do not see things from a spiritual perspective we are still trying our best and doing what we think is right.  Help us, Jesus.  Give us Your wisdom and give us graces for discernment.


“My child, I am at work in (name withheld) life and in the lives of countless people who are intertwined with you and with (name withheld) and even your entire family through this illness and difficult time in (name withheld) life.  I am at work and I am with all.  Many of My saints experienced a spiritual darkness that seems like darkness but is really only darkness as they perceive it, for I hide Myself from their senses so that their faith and trust in Me is put to the test.  When souls remain faithful even in spite of this seeming absence from God, I bring them to new levels of holiness.  I do so out of My great love.  This is an honor and only My closest friends are allowed to experience this trial, for only My closest friends are able to withstand it.  I am not referring to darkness caused by sin that is due to one’s choosing sin and choosing to be absent from Me.  I am referring to the dark night of the soul when one who is walking closely with Me experiences the feeling of My absence.  This can cause a sense of depression, sadness, a feeling of abandonment such as I experienced on the cross.  Only souls who are very close to Me are allowed to experience what I did from the cross.  These souls are supported by holy angels, unbeknownst to them, of course.  I will not allow this period to go on too long to their detriment for I allow this only for their good.  Some souls are able, by My grace to experience this darkness for a longer period of time, such as My holy Mother Teresa who experienced this for over 50 years.  Most souls are unable to withstand such a period as this and may only be allowed to go through a cave  experience for a week or two, or a few weeks.  I am always on watch and at a moment’s notice, lift this experience when a soul is unable to withstand the trial.  I am all love.  I love souls.  I do what is best for them and only manifest myself in this way, as if in hiding from chosen souls.  (Name withheld) is such a soul.  Trust in Me, My child.  Walk with him on his journey.  You are also chosen to stand beside him.  (Names withheld) will do so, as well for they also understand.  Be daughters of faith and of love to him.  Help him to see that I am still with him and in time he will once again know this, but in an even deeper way.  I have more work for him to do in bringing souls to Me and it is this sense of purpose, serving Me, that has propelled him.  Now I am calling him to a deeper level of trust; following Me when he cannot see Me.  He will pass through this trial of fire and will be even stronger for it.  He will encourage and witness to others as a result.  When his days on earth have been fulfilled, he will enter into the glory of My Kingdom, but it is not time yet.  There is more that I have for him to do and it is part of My Father’s plan.  All of the places I have taken My faithful son (name withheld) will converge on the current path and will carry him forward to the next road that I have set before him.  He cannot see this road yet, but he will one day and when he does, he will understand with a deep sense of wonder at what I have done in and through him.  Now, My children, you must trust in Me.  You must help (name withheld) to trust in Me even though he cannot see.  He has often said, ‘Though we do not know what the future hold, we know Who holds the future.’  Remind him of this, My child.”


“Children of Light there will be those among you who will experience trials such as this.  These trials are most challenging indeed, it is true.  I understand, for I experienced particular and specific trials when I was on earth.  I had to undergo extreme hardships, betrayal by friends and loved ones, persecution of every kind and human suffering as no man has ever experienced and with such love in My heart for My persecutors.  I understand, and yet the suffering ones who will be all around you when the Times of Great Trials is at its peak, deserve compassionate and loving souls ministering to them.  How will you be prepared unless I prepare you?  I am preparing you Myself, dearest souls of My Children of Light.  My Mother watches out for you and intercedes for you that you will withstand the trials, so that you will be better prepared to serve Me in the way that will be needed.”


“Listen, My children and heed what I say.  I am raising up spiritual warriors to be part of My Holy Mother Mary’s army.  Do you think you are any match for the battles of the evil ones who follow the evil one?  You are not ready.  You must increase your time in prayer and fast.  Do charitable works of love to live out the Gospel as I have shown you by My life.  Be love and mercy in the midst of those in great need.  I am preparing you as if in spiritual boot camp.  Do not become complacent because I delay the time of great trials for it is already upon you.  I give the final touches needed in your souls to prepare you.  Would that there was more time, but there is only enough time remaining if you work quickly.  The work that is needed is the work in your souls.  Spend more time in My Word, reading the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles.  Spend more time in prayer, especially the prayer of the rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet given to you in this Age of Disobedience to save souls from the enemy and gain them for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Frequent the Sacraments now more than ever.  Fortify yourselves with the Eucharist.  Frequent confession as often as possible, weekly if you can so that My graces will fill your souls and you will be pliable and open to My guidance.”


“Children of Light, it is time to put away all forms of entertainment for there is no time to waste.  The time you spend watching television must be spent immersed in prayer and sacred reading.  Have deep dialogue with your children about the things that concern them and listen to them.  Speak about Me and about My holy Mother Mary.  Tell them that I am manifesting Myself in the world and in My children’s lives.  Tell them all I have done for mankind since the beginning of your world and up to now.  Tell them that I am with them just as I was with Noah and Abraham down through the ages to My Apostles, the early Church and now with them.  They are important to My Father’s plan for the salvation of the world and this is why He sends My Mother to you to bring you words of light, hope, faith, truth and encouragement.  She fortifies you with Her words that come from the heart of the Trinity and she is completely and perfectly intertwined and in communion with the Blessed Trinity for She is My Mother, My Dove, My most pure Mother Mary who is one of you and yet set apart in grace.  She is completely full of grace to the point of constant overflowing, and when She intercedes for you, She secures graces for each one’s individual needs.  It is up to you, My children to be open to and to receive the graces secured by Her from the Father’s throne in Heaven and so My children be open.  Be a receptacle for graces so that you in turn can imitate My Mother, who imitates Me perfectly, and be a bearer of My graces to the world.  Fast, pray and follow the lead of My holy Mother Mary who diligently and with perfection, guides all of Her children to Her son.”


“Pray, My children.  Pray for your brothers and sisters who do not know Me, or who do not follow Me.  Pray and fast, My children for there is very little time and you must be spiritually prepared.  For My children who suffer, I see and I know your pain.  I am well acquainted with it, for I am in you and you are in Me.  I experience what you experience.  I allow you to receive a small taste of what your Jesus suffered.  Offer all to Me for the good of souls and I assure you it will not be wasted.  Not one drop of suffering poured out for love of Jesus is ever wasted.  Keep your eyes firmly fixed on Me and all will be well.”


Thank You, my Jesus of mercy.  Thank You for Your words full of light and life.  Guide us each day, Lord.  May every step we take bring us one step closer to Your Kingdom.  Help us to love and follow You.  Take my will Jesus and replace it with Your perfect Will.  I love You, my Lord and my God.  Help me to love You more.  Thank You for the gift of Your Mother Mary, who, because of You, is our Mother, also.  Thank You, Lord for the beauty of the faith which has been handed down through the ages just as Father (name withheld) said in his homily today.  Thank You for Father (name withheld).  Bless and protect him and all of Your holy priest sons. 


“My little lamb, continue to pray for My holy priests who will be in the throes of the battle between good and evil.  My Mother will crush the head of the serpent.  I desire many of My priests to lead the Children of Light under the protection of My Mother’s mantle.  I desire many holy priests to lead you by following Her, into the Era of Peace.  This is My desire.  It is also My Mother’s desire.  Only My sons who are devoted to My Mother will prevail in the great time of trials.  This is so because My Father wills it.  These are strong words My little lamb, and I thank you for writing them.  Thank you that you do not shrink at the sound of them, though you want to do so and put down your pen.” 


Jesus, they are strong but even stronger is the image in my mind that I ask You to wipe away.  Lord, all that You say is true and so, since Your words are truth and cannot be changed, I ask that You make every single priest alive at this moment a devoted follower of Your holy Mother who always leads Her children to safety and to the love of Her Son, You, our Savior and Lord.  Jesus, save souls.  Jesus, protect our shepherds.  Give them every grace needed, for we Your sheep, need them and that (our need for them) was and is ordained by You, our High Priest.  Lord, do not leave Your sheep without the shepherds You have given to us.  Do not take them from us, no matter what.  Even though we do not deserve them, You Yourself gave them to us.  Thank You, Lord, giver of every good gift.  Thank You for the gift of the priestly vocations, we are blessed by and through them.  Jesus, even if there are any priests who are lacking in faith, You still work through them to consecrate the bread as it is changed into Your body, blood, soul and divinity.  Through their consecrated hands You not only visit Your people, but become one with us.  Be with them, Jesus and let no one perish who has the indelible mark of the priesthood on his soul.  Jesus, Savior of the world have mercy on us.  Jesus, the Good Shepherd, have mercy on Your flock.  Jesus, great Physician have mercy on  our souls which are ill and void of the Light.  Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we love You save souls. 


“Thank you, My child.  Thank you for your heartfelt prayers and for transcribing My words no matter how difficult they are to hear.  They resonate within you and you have a sense of their gravity, though many will not.  That is as it should be, however those who heed My words will be glad and rejoice later when they come through the trials.  Do not be concerned for those who mock My words, little one, for this is nothing new.  They mocked Me when I walked among men and this has not changed through the ages.  Do not be concerned, only follow Me.  The world will not approve of you, Children of Light, for it did not approve of Me. This is why I call you Children of Light for you follow Jesus Christ and you are bearers of My light.  The worldly follow darkness.  Pray for souls walking in darkness, for it is My Will that all be saved.  Go now, My child.  Do not be concerned for your loved ones.  I am in your midst.  St Pio prays for you and you are in his charge as is your family.”


Thank You, Jesus my beloved.  Thank You!


“You are welcome, My child.  Do not be concerned about your path to (location withheld).  My Mother’s plan will come to fruition.  While you will not be the first to move there, your family will be among the first.  All will be in place soon.”


(Private dialogue omitted.)


“My daughter, when you place every thought and every action in My Will each day, and firmly desire to walk in My Will, I guide your thoughts and actions.  Continue to begin and end each day in prayer as My son leads his little family in prayer.  This is My Will for families and in this way you are protected in My Will.  Do not be concerned about your family’s well being or your livelihood.  Leave this to Me.  All will work out with minimal effort on your part.  You have already expended the effort and continue to do so where it is most important.  Therefore, you have opened yourself to more graces.  Realize this, My Children of Light, when you live the Gospel in love, sacrifice your lives for Me and pray, you become more open to graces from God and My power is enabled.  I work miracles in your lives when you live holy lives of obedience and sacrifice.  Life becomes a joy.  Do not be concerned, therefore, about all that you are not doing.  Do what you can, focus on the pressing needs of others and I will send angels to do work that you are unable to do.  You will not see this, My son and My daughter but you will be amazed at how things will seemingly fall into place with little effort from you, for your effort is focused in acts of love and devotion.  Therefore, do not worry but be joyful.  Follow Me.  My Mother’s plan is unfolding and soon you will be where you are needed next.  (Name withheld) will get well, My daughter.  It will be slow, but he will recover to serve Me until he fulfills his mission on earth.  Take heart and know I am at work in him.  Do not expose him, against his will to evil forms of entertainment, for this serves to interfere with the beautiful work I am doing in his soul.  Counsel (names withheld) in this, and if they do not listen send your angels to protect him when you are not there.  It is the time to be love and mercy and to show love and mercy.  It is the time of sacrificial love, and all selfish desires must be set aside.  Tell (names withheld) this.  If one does not listen, it is not your responsibility, but convey this to them.  Pray for them and most especially for one who has hardened his heart.  I have heard your prayer for forgiveness and healing My child.  I am healing you and now watch Me at work in the lives of those who have wounded you.  They have been released by you and given over to Me.  They are in My hands now where I will begin to work in them.  Go now in peace, My little lamb.  You go in peace and love of Me, the Christ.  All will be well.”


Amen!  Praise You, Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you.  I bless you and the one who could not be here today, in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace of the Holy Trinity to love and serve the Lord God almighty.”

May it be, according to Your Will.  

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