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Children of the Renewal Messages


November 19, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  All praise, honor and glory to You, my Lord and King!  Thank You for holy Mass this morning and for Holy Communion.  I love You, Jesus.  It is good to be here with You, Jesus.  Jesus, I bring all people who have asked for prayer to You and ask You to fill them with graces and Your mercy.  Be with (name withheld), Lord during her pregnancy and protect her little one.  Please heal the baby and bless her sweet life so much so that she brings great joy to all of her family especially (names withheld).  Jesus, please protect (name withheld) and keep baby (name withheld) safe.  May she have a safe delivery.  Lord, I lift (name withheld) up to You and ask for Your Will to be done in his life.  You know well his struggles and his concerns.  Help him to carry his crosses, Jesus.  I pray also for (name withheld) that she receives Your holy consolations as she is sad.  Please give her graces to desire to return to Your Church, and graces of conversion to (name withheld). Help her, Jesus in all of her needs. 


Thank You for my children, Lord.  They are such beautiful gifts.  Praise You for the gift of life, Lord.  Help all who are expecting babies to desire to choose life and place people who are needed for emotional support, encouragement and aid, in their paths so all mothers who feel alone see that they are not alone.  Give them the courage to choose life, Jesus.  Help the fathers too, Lord, to want to protect rather than destroy, to love rather than to be unloving.  Raise up holy young people, especially in our country so that our nation may once again be a light to other nations and be united in love for You.


Jesus, You know my heart and mind.  You know all that is going on inside me since You made me.  You know my concerns.  Go before me, Jesus and help me as I try to follow You.  You know I am weak, Lord.  Give me Your strength.  You know my heart is small, Jesus.  Give me Your heart full of love.  Help me, Lord to do Your Will.  I give You my will, Jesus.  Please give me Your Will.  Please comfort all who are dying, Jesus.  Console them and grant them Your peace and mercy.  When it is time for them to rest from their weary journey of suffering, take them to Heaven in Your safe and secure arms.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I hope in You.  Jesus, I love You. 


Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, my little one.  Please write My words.  My child, there is much unrest in the world.  Much more than you can imagine.  A great army is being assembled in various parts of the world.  This is unknown to the majority of common citizens, but to those in power, either officially or unofficially, they are aware and in many cases involved in this treacherous undercurrent brewing.  Those involved are planning to do evil in the world and to assume more power.  Their intentions are more important to them, too ‘important’ to them to be concerned with the casualties.  In their lust for power, they consider the casualties of war to be unavoidable and therefore nothing to worry about.  They have little regard for life.  Pray for peace, My child.  Increase your prayers for peace.  Pray for hard hearts to come to know and love Me.  This must be a focus and a priority, in order to counter evil with good.”


“My Children of Light must be an army of prayer warriors.  Put down the remote control and other items distracting you and pick up the rosary and My Holy Word.  Pray, My children.  You do not realize the power given to your prayer of the holy rosary.  My Father has granted this power and it is the weapon to be used to fight evil and to change hearts.  Pray with confidence for your family members, your shepherds, for peace and for conversion of all.  This is a very important request, dear children.  Do not take it lightly, please.  Read My Word and see the signs of the times.  My Word is powerful against evil.  Frequent the Sacraments.  I have requested this many times, My children.  Some have complied but then do not follow through over time.  There are only a small number who are faithfully seeking the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  My children, this Sacrament is the Sacrament of mercy and it is imperative for the health of your souls.  Many graces are poured out to you in this Sacrament and then the graces given to you during Communion with Me are even more well received for your souls become rich soil.”


“The seeds of graces do change My children.  What changes is within you, in order to receive the seeds of graces and to allow them to be deeply rooted in your hearts.  There is great joy when you frequent the Sacraments.  There is great, holy power given to you.  Power to conquer sin in your own lives.  Power to become ever closer to Me.  Power to fill you to overflowing with My Spirit so that you carry Me to the world in darkness.  Your prayers are more effective when you allow Me to dwell in your hearts, for My Spirit prays through you.  You see, My children how beneficial the Sacraments are for you!  I have not even begun to describe the many spiritual benefits to your souls.  Do not take these sacraments for granted, My children.  It will not always be so easy to receive them when times grow darker.  Make time for this important work, My children.  It will not only benefit you, but will indirectly benefit your family, as you grow in holiness.”


Thank You, Jesus! Be with (names withheld), too.  Take care of them, Jesus as You always do.  Thank You, Lord for Your love and provision.


Lord, please change those who have cold and stony hearts.  Give them hearts of love for You.  Send them the desire for goodness and benevolence for their fellow man.  Thwart the plans of the evil one, Jesus for You are God.  All glory, honor and praise be to You, Lord our King.  Jesus, put down the plans of Your adversary, the enemy of goodness and life.  Stop evil in its tracks, Lord God the Victor and King of All Nations.  Jesus, protect us from evil, sin and vice and give us the desire to seek only Your Holy Will.  Lord, please bring about the triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.  In the meantime, Jesus hide all Your children under Her protective mantle until Her heart triumphs and may we see this soon, Jesus.  (The triumph of Her heart) Jesus, grant us peace in our hearts and peace in the world. 


“My daughter, thank you for your sincere prayers for peace and conversion.  This is how you are to pray, with this fervor, each time you pray the rosary and with each Mass in which you participate.  I ask this of all My Children of Light.  It is My desire to bring about the Renewal soon, but this will not occur while My children remain so passive in the face of evil.  It is My desire to bring about the Renewal, without the advance of evil, but sadly, My little one, there is not enough prayer.  There are not enough actions of love and consequently, not enough conversions.  You stand on the precipice of a great battle; the forces between good and evil.  You must be strong to put up a resistance to evil, My children, but you cannot be strong when you do not fortify yourselves through prayer, sacramental grace and My Word.  Turn away from the distractions, My people.  Decide to serve Me, the Lord your God.  Many of My people live very similar to pagans.  The only thing separating you from them is that you believe in Me.  You are worse than pagans, when you believe in Me and even feel love for Me, but continue to live worldly lives.” 


“The time has come to choose good over evil.  Never before has evil been so insidious as to be welcomed into the homes of Christians and God-fearing people.  You welcome evil into your living rooms through all forms of media and even via the books you read.  Fill your minds with only that which is good and beautiful.  You will then realize positive effects on your children and your spouses.  You do not understand the nature behind the programs you watch and the novels you read.  In the past, there were programs supporting Godly values.  Now there is very little remaining that can accurately be called ‘good’, My children.  You have been seduced by the culture of evil and you are not even aware the extent to which this has occurred.  Set limits on your time, My children for entertainment and you will find more time for prayer and more time with your family members who are starving for love.  Say ‘no’ to your desires for lewd entertainment and music that lures you away from all that is good and beautiful.  Choose only that which is uplifting to the soul, so that your mind and your hearts are turned toward Heaven.  I will fill the empty spaces in your hearts with love and joy and you will not even miss the things that are bad habits for you now.  Trust Me in this area of your lives, also My children.  Trust Me and you will be free from these avenues that are open in your homes to evil.  I love you and I want only that which is good and pure for you for I want what is the best for My people.  You must draw closer to Me in these darkest of times.  If you refuse to do this, you are choosing the world over the goods of Heaven.  Be like the one who bought the field to find the treasure buried there.  Cultivate goodness and purity of heart.  You cannot serve two masters, My children.  Do you think that Heaven has inspired the programming presented to you through modern forms of entertainment?  Perhaps in small instances, one can say yes.  Generally speaking, though, you know that it is not Heaven inspiring the content of media choices.  Therefore, why do you continue to subject yourselves and the souls of your children to this?  Choose life, My children.  Choose life, for to do otherwise is to choose death for your souls.  You were created for life and for love.  Choose life and love now, before it is too late.  If you struggle with the addiction of television in your homes, ask for My assistance and I will come to your aid with haste.  I love you, My children.  It is time to begin living, truly living life, rather than watching the lives of others.  Serve Me, My children.  I walk with you and I long to walk arm and arm with you.”


Jesus, please help us all to walk arm and arm with You and stop going through life in a stupor.  Help us to see what is really important.  Help us to do as You say, Jesus.  The culture is strong, Lord but You are stronger.  Help us, Jesus to do Your Will.


“My child, I love you.  I know of the difficulties you have faced of late.  Thank You for offering your suffering to Me.  Be of good cheer, My little lamb.  I will fill you with My peace.  Carry your cross a little longer.  I will give you relief soon.  Trust in Me and know that I am with you.  Do not take these words lightly, My little one.  Take them in the seriousness and with the weight they have due to the source from which they came.  I assure you, I am with you.  Do not allow yourself to be discouraged.  You are tired, I know.  I too, was tired.  You are living in a hidden way right now, dear one.  This is by design.  I too, had a time for living in a quiet way, behind the scenes.  All that My children go through in some way can be compared to Me, or to My Holy Mother Mary and St. Joseph.  There is nothing that you go through that we haven’t experienced.  Even though I was without sin, I took the sins of the world upon Me during the crucifixion, so I even know too well, how deeply your sins hurt you.  I love you.  My daughter, be at peace.  Quiet yourself when the weight of the world presses upon you and focus on Me and My name.  There is great power in My name.  My child, you do not realize the heaviness that is on your heart because of what is going on in the world.  You do not understand this because you have not fully realized the role I give to you.”


Jesus, I do not understand this at all.  I am sorry, but I do not know what you mean.  I don’t guess it matters, though.  I only want to serve You, Lord and I do not do that very well.  Help me, Sweet Jesus.  You are everything to Me and I want to please You. 


“Yes, My child and yet sometimes you are tired from the work I give you and you become detached due to the weariness.  It is at this time, when you are weary, I encourage you to rest.  Pay attention to the time I call upon you to pray and to rest.  You are very alert to the work and prayer, but you do not listen as well when I call you to rest.  Come away with Me when rest is needed, My little one. You will be more effective in work when you give yourself adequate time to rest.  I know you feel responsible, My child, but you are human and you will show more trust in Me when you take some time to rest, knowing that I, your Jesus have everything under control.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.  You are right as always.  Jesus, thank You for the care and concern You show to me and to each one of Your children.  The love You have still amazes me and I know I only have a small glimpse of the majesty and greatness of Your love.  Thank You, Lord for Your love and mercy.  Words are inadequate to express My gratitude.


“Yes, My little lamb, but I understand.  You are welcome.  I love you. Be at peace and trust that I will carry you when you feel you cannot go further.  I am teaching you reliance upon Me.  Your parents taught you self-reliance and also to trust in Me to a much deeper degree.  In doing so, you realize more fully your limitations, but it is through this realization that you rely more heavily upon Me and become more strong as a result.  I refer to spiritual strength, through your reliance on My Holy Spirit.  Continue to request the prayers of your holy friends.  This is humility, My child and this is good.  I often show My love to My children through friends and even at times through ‘strangers’.  I love you so much that I will go through any means necessary to show you, My children.”  


Thank You, Lord.  Praise You, Jesus.  Glory and honor to You, Lord. 


“I am very near to you and I will be even more so during your pilgrimage.  You will be more aware of My presence, My child and that of My Mother.  Continue to carry your crosses, My child.  Through them, you grow even closer to Me.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You my Lord.  I love You.


“And I love you also.”


Amen and alleluia!

November 12, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I praise You, love You and adore You.  It is good to be here with You, Jesus.  Thank You for the many graces You gave to us, Lord.  Thank You for being with (name withheld) during surgery and for helping him during this recovery process.  Thank You for protecting us, Jesus during this time of unrest when leaders threaten nuclear war.  Please calm their anger and hostility.  Give them graces for conversion and a desire for peace.  Please be with all who are sick and especially with those who are dying.  Give the people who are far from You graces for conversion and peace.  Help them to come to know Your love and mercy.  Jesus, please bring about the triumph of the Blessed Mother and the reign of Her Immaculate Heart.  Thank You, Lord for (names withheld) who are so faithful to be here. Thank You, Lord for Your loving care for us.  Praise You my Lord and my God.  Jesus, thank You for holy Mass and Communion.  What a gift!  It was wonderful having (names withheld) there, too.  Please bless (name withheld) as he continues to prepare for his Confirmation.  Lord, I pray for peace in the world and in our country, for our Bishops, the Holy Father, for priests and religious and for missionaries.  Please bless and protect them.  I pray also for all of the youth in the world; that they come to know and love You, God and that they be protected under the mantle of the Blessed Mother.  Lord, please open our hearts to You and to Your love and mercy.  Help us to love everyone, Lord no matter the state of their hearts toward us.  Overcome all of my shortcomings and remove all obstacles in my heart so that I will love You and my brothers and sisters even more.  Draw me close to Your Sacred Heart Jesus and keep me safe from myself and cleanse me of all tendencies toward sin and pride.  I love You, Jesus.  Help me to love You more and more.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Help me to trust You more.  Lord, please bring all who are away from Your Church and all those who are outside of the faith into Your Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Unite us in You, Lord Jesus. 


“My child, I love you and I am with you.  Do you know how much I love you?”


I think so, Jesus.  You died for me and for all.  But, I guess I can’t fully know how much You love.  You are God and I am Your creature.  I suppose I can’t know how much You love, Lord.  You love perfectly and I, imperfectly.  You love purely and I am a sinner.  I do believe You love me, though.


“Yes, My child.  I love you so much that I remain with you.  I love each one of My children in this way.   When you feel alone, isolated and lonely, know this; it is then that I am closest to you.  I was abandoned and alone, My child and therefore when you are tempted to feel you are alone recall that I am even nearer to you.  Allow this thought to be a consolation despite how you may feel.  Trust in My love and offer any feelings of isolation to Me for souls.  I allow this for you, My little lamb. 


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Jesus.


“My child, there is much unrest, discord and a desire to harm others in the hearts of many.  Remain focused on Me.  Keep your eyes on Me and be at peace.  No matter what happens, know that I, the Lord God am in control.  In this Age of Disobedience many souls who are far from Me are lured by the evil one and his followers.  Souls in darkness desire something to fill their emptiness, but instead of seeking Me, they seek all that is fleeting and false.  The evil one moves in quickly when he detects searching souls and he tempts them with the things of the world, all that glitters, and they mistakenly follow him and his false promises.  I can break through this when souls are praying and offering sacrifices/penance for souls in darkness.  The graces from Heaven work through the faithful children of God.  Offer Mass for the souls who do not know My love.  Holy Mass is very powerful.  My faithful ones have forgotten the power of Mass and the power of prayer united to Me.  Pray the rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and offer Mass for your separated brothers and sisters.  This is a key to conversion and conversion of hearts will bring a desire for peace.  Pray, My children everywhere, pray.  The hour is indeed late and souls are at stake.  You will never regret time spent in prayer, My children.


Thank You, Jesus my Lord and Savior!  Help us to pray more, Lord.


“My child, there are more calamities coming in which many people will be wounded.  Pray for these souls to come to know Me.  Pray that they open their hearts to Me, especially so now, to avoid the loss of Heaven.  When one who is far from Me experiences tragedy they often become resentful and bitter.  They have no faith and therefore do not see with the eyes of faith.  These souls are very vulnerable during times of loss.  I ask My children to be signs of love and charity during these difficult times.  Do not underestimate the value of kindness, My children.  Kindness softens hardened hearts.  This provides an opening for grace.  Live the Gospel message, My children and be love and mercy to those who cross your path.  There are many who feel alone in the world and their hearts are cold.  They do not have knowledge of the truth and therefore do not have true consolation, the consolation that comes from knowing and loving God.  They do not have trust in Providence since they do not know the source of all truth and love, Me, the Lord God, Savior of the world.  These souls are starving for love, though they often do not know what it is that afflicts them.  You have heard people say they did not know how sick they were until their health was restored.  Only upon feeling well did they realize how sick they were.  This is true not only physically, but also spiritually.  It is therefore important to love each person with whom you come in contact.  It is not difficult, My Children of Light.  You have only to smile at them.  Meet them with a look of love and joy.  Give people a kind word, a greeting or word of encouragement.  Be truly present to others.  In this Age of Disobedience, people are very self-absorbed.  The gift of a smile and the gift of noticing them, making friendly eye contact and saying a prayer for others who cross your path will open hearts to love and to the source of all love.  My children, this may sound too simple, but I assure you that even a smile can change hearts.  It is easy, and yet it requires presence of mind to do this.  Focus on others, My children.  You live in a very busy world and this distracts you from what is truly important.  As you go about your busy lives, see others who cross your path as the real mission I have for you.  Make each place you go, your mission field for winning souls to Me.  I love you and I love those you will see each day.  Perhaps your smile will be the only smile to greet them that day or even all week.  Please remember this.  Give them your smile and say a prayer for them.  Take Me in your heart everywhere you go, My children.  One day, smiling and being joy to others will become a habit for you.  What a beautiful joy it is to see others smiling and acknowledging one another.  Soon, you will begin to speak kind words and then actions of love will follow.  It all begins with focusing outwardly rather than on your own needs each day.  I assure you that I will take care of you just as you are focused in caring for your brothers and sisters.  Do not worry, My children.  A smile does not cost you anything and it will give joy to others.  If they do not return your smile, give it anyway.  Bring the light of love to his world in so much darkness.  I am with you.  I will give you peace and you already have much to smile about because you know of My love.  You also know that all of Heaven is praying for My children of this age.  Many graces are being poured out upon you, My children, and I am asking that you share some of these graces with others who are so desperately in need of My love.  Pray for your brothers and sisters and then show them the warmth of a smile from hearts who love.  It will be like music to their souls.  My little one, you know people who do not believe in Me, and yet you marvel at how much they love you.  They may not be able to express this love, but you see it in them, do you not?”


Oh, yes, Jesus.  I feel they have love for me and therefore they must know You, the source of love.  One cannot love unless given love from You.  Jesus, I do not mean to say that it is fine for them to go about living with a lack of belief in You, but when I see the love in their hearts, the kindness, and the concern, I feel You are near and that surely, they will come to believe in You one day.  I pray that You give them the beautiful gift of faith, Jesus.  Open the eyes of their hearts to accept You as their Savior, the Savior that You are for the whole world. 


“Yes, My child.  This is a very good prayer.  I tell you now, and I desire My children to understand that these people, whom you love, who do not know Me, are seeing Me in your heart.  The fact that they do not believe in Me, but know that you belong to Me, stands as a contradiction in their minds.  Because you love them anyway and have such joy in their presence, defies what they think about Christians.  You, one who loves, believes and follows Me, loves them in spite of the fact that they reject the One you love.  For now, they see you as an exception.  One day, they will meet other Christians who genuinely love them and they will realize you are not the exception.  They will come to realize that those who follow Me love as I love.  Then, accepting Me will be easy for them.”


“You see, My children, this is why I ask you to give love freely, especially to those who are difficult to love.  Love them and show them your joy.  Joy and love are ‘contagious’ so to speak and the love of God will spread like wild fire.  Fire can be devastating, My children when it is not contained, such as the wildfires that devastated California.  But fire that is contained gives warmth and keeps wild animals at bay.  It gives light in the darkness.  The fire of My love that is present in My people is fire contained in the heart.  This is the fire that provides light in darkness and warmth to cold hearts.  The opposite, the devastating fire is what evil does to mankind.  It devastates and leaves the earth and the hearts of mankind barren and lifeless.  Do not allow this, My Children of Light.  Give the light of My love to all you meet, for each person is a child of the Living God, for God the Father has given each child life.  Therefore, cherish your brothers and sisters, respect them, pray for them, love them.  You are here, in this time, in this age to spread the Light of Christ, and to give love to those who do not know love. Focus on this, My children for you are My ambassadors.  You are My children and all of Heaven prays for you to carry out the mission for which you were created out of love.  Live in My love and be willing to give of yourself for others so that they may come to know My love.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your lessons of love.  Sometimes I forget how simple Your message is and how easy it is to show love if we look outside of ourselves and stop being so distracted.  Help me, Jesus to be more outward focused and to take Your love to others.  Thank You, Lord for walking with us on this pilgrimage of life.  I love You, Jesus!


“And I love you, My little one.  I am with you, My child.  I am with My son (name withheld).  I watch over your family, and I hear each prayer and each desire of your heart.  Continue your prayers and know that I remain with you.  I am with each one of My children.  I remain close to you.  Do not fear, but be bearers of the Light of your Jesus.  Go now in My peace.  Be love and mercy to others.  Be joy in the midst of much sadness and lack of love.  Remain close to Me and to My Mother.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You.


“And I love you.”


Amen and Alleluia.  Praise You, Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of man!

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