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Children of the Renewal Messages

September 11, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello my adorable Jesus hidden in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee!  I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love Thee. (Fatima Pardon Prayer) I love You my Lord, my God and my All!


Lord, my heart was overcome with reverence and joy at the mystery of Your presence here and the interior ‘awareness’ that it is a great and unmeasurable grace to be present here in this place.  I don’t know why I don’t sense this each time I come before Your Eucharistic presence.  Perhaps these senses were evoked due to the activity that I observed upon entering the chapel.  A fellow adorer who was concluding Her visit and realizing there were no other adorers present was just about to close the doors on Your humble yet majestic Eucharistic presence when She heard us open the door and enter.  She quickly acknowledged us, looked relieved and left the doors open so that we could watch with You.  Oh, Jesus it was then that the immense and impactful sense of awe, reverence and joy came over or welled up from within my soul.  What an honor and a grace that such lowly subjects of Yours could be asked to watch with You for an hour or however long You deem appropriate.  Jesus, my Jesus, I love You.  Thank You for loving one who is so insignificant, so small and who falls so frequently.  Because You are all good, benevolent, merciful and are perfect love, You love each and every one of Your children regardless of our unworthiness.  And, as My grandmother would say, ‘Yes, and we are all unworthy, except for the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph.’  Still, You choose to love me knowing full well how many times (the number of which is unknown by me) I have and will disappoint You.  I am sorry for the times I have sinned against You and my neighbor.  I am sorry for the times I have failed to do as You and the Blessed Mother have asked Your children to do for love of souls.  Forgive my unloving heart, Lord.  Forgive me for the times I have not trusted You as You so well deserve to be trusted.  Increase my capacity to love You more, Jesus.  Give me graces for an increase of love.  My heart is physically and spiritually too small to accommodate the depth of love I should have and that You so deserve from me.  Therefore, Jesus either increase the size of my heart and fill it to overflowing with the love You desire in me, or fuse my heart so incapable of holy love, to Your Sacred Heart where it will be united to Yours and therefore can do nothing else but love, since then my small wounded, inferior heart will be united to Your infinitely large, perfect, divine heart full of mercy and love for mankind.  Lord, please grant this prayer if it is Your Holy Will.  I prefer the second request if You don’t mind, because then I can remain humiliated in the Divine Presence, and also cannot fail to love fused to the heart of love itself.  Oh, Jesus have pity on me.  You know how many times I failed to love purely due to love for You and how easy it is for me to be self-centered, prideful and a seeker of comfort and human companionship (which in itself is a good but not when preferred to Your company).  See, my Redeemer how much I need You in Your role as Redeemer.  You must grow very tired of me and my many faults, especially when You have showered me with so many blessings.  Jesus, my entire family from my grandparents, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, my spouse, my children and grandchildren are such blessings to me.  With such great love You placed me in the center of talented, gifted, wise, intelligent, handsome and beautiful family members who love You dearly.  I really am the lowest of them all and yet they all treat me with equal love and respect.  This is amazing, but it is also a lesson as they have shown me how we are to love all people as brothers and sisters.  It is also a lesson in the love of our grandparents and parents who showed and taught by example how to love as You love.  Why then, Oh Lord am I unable to love You and others as I should?  Dear family in Heaven, who gave me every beautiful lesson on love, please pray for me.  In the meantime, Jesus, I will lean on You knowing that Your precious and holy blood and water that gushed forth from Your pierced heart (on the cross) will cover me.  In this way, when God the Father looks at me, You are all He will see.  Hide me in Your wounds, my sweet Divine Jesus.  Praise You for Your powerful love and mercy.  All glory, honor and praise to You, my Lord, God and King. 

“My little one, thank you for the heartfelt and sincere prayers.  You are correct in what you say about being small.  I so prefer smallness and humility to those who believe they are great.  Recognizing your failures is being aware of your humanity and keeps a right perspective, that I am God and you are not.  Of course, you fall, My child.  Everyone who is a human being with the exception of My Most Holy Mother Mary has occasions of sin.  Only She did not sin, due to a singular grace, She was and is the Immaculate One.  God preserved Her from sin, My child due to Her special and unique role, to be the Mother of God and consequently the Mother of the Church.  Out of God’s great wisdom and love for humanity, Mary, My Mother was perfectly preserved from the stain of sin to be a spotless example to the world.  She is completely human and yet perfectly lived each role, daughter, wife, mother, disciple, friend of God and friend to others while on earth and She continues from Her place in Heaven to fulfill each of these roles and more (Queen of Heaven and Earth, Co-Redemptrix, etc.)  for love of God and out of love for all Her children.  She is what I intended Eve to be, My child but because Eve chose sin over obedience, Mary, My Most Immaculate Mother received all graces to the full so that the human race would have a Mother.  Most Holy Mary restored the maternal role empty and void since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden.  I, Jesus, the new Adam came to redeem mankind.  Mary, the new Eve came to usher in and to be the Ark of the New Covenant thereby restoring women to the role God the Father intended.  My Mother is the perfect feminine role model, the perfect Christian role model for all mankind.  If you only knew how much She has done for you, you would never hesitate to thank Her, to thank God for Her and to ask for Her intercession.  She is the most favored One among all mankind, My children.  Reflect on this truth and allow this to penetrate your hearts with reverence and love for God.  All of this has been given to You, My children out of the deepest love and the mercy of God.  Mary is Mary, not for Her sake, but for the sake of God and for the human race.  Everything She does, every thought, action and desire comes from Her deep love for Me.  For those reading this who do not understand My Mother’s role in salvation, meditate on these things.  Do not use your contemporary, secular mindset, but pray for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Spouse of Mary, My Mother and your Mother to understand.  The more you come to an appreciation and understanding of the role of My Most Holy Immaculate and loving Mother, the more deeply you will realize the love of God and the deeper truths of what I, your Jesus experienced when I left the family home, separated myself temporarily from the most beautiful, loving, merciful and perfect Mother to face the ills of society, full of the putridness of sin to begin My ministry.  Reflect on these things, My children, all of My children to grow in your faith and in the school of holiness.  It is beyond time for all of My followers to accept the truth about My Mother so that you can become less like toddlers and more like mature disciples.  This understanding is the beginning of a deeper relationship with Me, your Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  Think about this, My beloved, doubting children; when you have a close friend, one that you respect, enjoy spending time with and who edifies you in the Lord, do you not begin to desire to meet his or her family?  Do you gain even better perspective when you learn about the way he or she grew up, their country or town of origin, their family life, etc.?  Yes, in many cases, friends from childhood are even more precious precisely because you share a history, you share in the knowledge and often have experienced their interactions with their family members and perhaps they took you into their home, shared meals with you and perhaps reciprocated and brought your friend to your home.  Do you see, My children?  Did this take anything away from the love, respect and friendship you had for and with your friend?  No, of course not.  If anything, it added another dimension to your friendship.  It gave you insight into your friend, his or her values, love of family, etc.  It is the same with Me, My children.  I love you so much that I shared My very own Mother with you from the cross.  My most precious Mother is given to all My children and this is why you have Father (God) and Mother (Mary) and you are brothers and sisters to Me.  I am all things to you, My children and I do not leave a void in the world, but give you My own Mother for your Mother.  Even if you were abandoned by your earthly Mother, you have a heavenly Mother in Mary, most holy, most pure.  She is Mother to you, My children.  Do not forget, do not cease to give thanks to Father God for creating the Immaculate Mary.  She takes nothing away from God for all that She is, all that She does points to God, leads others to Me, intercedes for you in Heaven, and all that She is and does gives great glory and honor to God, the Most Holy Trinity.  Therefore, embrace My Mother as your Mother.  I withhold nothing from you and I do not withhold the One who is full of grace from the children of God who are in such need of grace.  My little lamb, thank You for following the inspiration of My Holy Spirit, and praying the Fatima prayers.  Your heart leapt for joy and was overcome by such awe that you were open to the direction of My Spirit.  As a result, you prayed as the angel of Portugal taught the three children of Fatima and as My Mother taught them the prayers of Fatima.  Oh, how I desire mankind to return to these prayers so needed in this urgent time.  Remind My children of these prayers, My little daughter and friend.  Remind them and pray for a renewed fervor so that more and more people, millions and millions will pray these prayers and offer penance, sacrifices for love of those who have fallen into sin.  If you are not acquainted with Fatima I urge you to learn about the messages from My Most Holy Mother, Mary.  Learn also about why the three littlest children lived the message of Fatima.  They responded to My Mother with heroic acts of love, mercy and compassion for sinners and spared nothing for the sake of their Jesus.  Learn about this historic time, My children and begin to live the message of Fatima.  Because mankind did not heed the messages given to the world by God, through My Mother, they are needed now more than ever.  Sadly, not enough listened and even fewer acted upon the requests from Heaven and consequently the world is in the worst possible condition, the Age of Disobedience and rebellion against God.  Children, oh, children awaken from the slumber of your souls, your hearts and your minds.  Pray for the blinders to be removed from your eyes.  Look around you.  Do you not see the chasm between earth and Heaven growing wider by the day?  Do you not know of the reign of evil being shoved down your throats?  Do you not see the slaughter of innocents, the slavery of the most pure and vulnerable, the rhetoric and lies continually perpetuated and repeated by the serpent’s followers?  The words of the serpent exposed in the book of Genesis echo throughout history and are proclaimed more loudly now than ever before in history, ‘You certainly will not die.  If you eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil you will become like gods.’  Man repeats over and over again this act of disobedience and pride.  Mankind lusts after power and wants to become like gods.  My children, you were made in the image and likeness of God, the One True God, the Creator and Father of all.  Listen, My children, My adversary lies.  He is the father of lies, evil, deception.  His kingdom is hell, eternal damnation.  His mission is to lead as many souls as he can to eternal damnation and eternal separation from the Good, the Love, the Truth, the Beauty.  He is evil, hate, falsehood and all that is ugly.  Do not listen to his lies.  I repeat, you were created in the image of God, which is why he wants you dead eternally.  He hates God and therefore he hates My children.  The way to become more like God, the Creator and Lover is to become holy, to become even closer to Me to emulate Me.  Read Sacred Scripture.  Read the Gospels.  Read the lives of the Saints.  Learn about Fatima, and then learn of the many apparitions when God the Father allowed Mary the Most Holy Mother to come to sinful mankind to lead you back to the heart of the Father.  Learn, My blind children, so that you will begin to see and to understand the signs of the times.  These are the most dangerous, most urgent of all times.  If you do not believe this, do what I ask anyway for love of Me and soon you will see with the eyes of faith.  I urge you, My little children to return to Me.  It is not too late, but soon it will be too late for your precious souls.  You know not the hour that your life will be required.  Prepare yourself so that you will enter paradise, your heavenly home and avoid hell, the home of the evil one who was banned from Heaven for rejecting God’s plan for salvation and for his pride in thinking that he was better and more divine than God, the One who created him.  He did not want to serve God, knowing that I would create human beings in My image and likeness.  He was jealous of you, My children and jealous that My Son would become man in order to die for you and before the creation he became so jealous and filled with rage that he incited rebellion in Heaven.  Can you imagine?  Yes, My children in My Kingdom, he-Lucifer had the gall to make war against God and the holy angels as if he could overtake the All-Powerful-All Knowing & Ever Present Triune God!  Such pride!  Is it any surprise that he incites rebellion, creates division and tempts mankind to war against life?  Is it a surprise that he instills and tempts mankind to fall into the same sin as Adam and Eve, the temptation to be like ‘gods’?  Only God, the Holy Trinity can crate something from nothing.  Do not be deceived by the evil people who follow the father of lies.  Open your eyes, My little children so you do not fall into his traps which are all around you.  Protect yourselves and your families from the evil that lurks everywhere.  Do not allow wickedness and sin into your homes through the media that has become corrupt and filled with lies.  Do not allow sin to permeate the hearts of your children through false principles, lies, masked by seemingly good labels such as pro-choice theories which means killing of the innocents, diversity and equity which means hatred and racism and on and on.  Protect your children from the evil predators who steal their innocence and turn them against the loving Father God.  Arm yourselves with Scripture, prayer and the Sacraments.  This is all My little lamb.  Come to Me again this week.  I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.  Be love.”



September 4, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my dearest Jesus present in this Most Blessed Sacrament.  Thank You for the opportunity to be with You today!  Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion.  Thank You also for the encounter with You in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  I am grateful for Your infinite love and mercy.  Lord, it’s been a difficult week, filled with sorrow and many challenges, especially the death of our beautiful (name withheld).  Jesus, I am also grateful to You and to (name withheld) that she was able to receive the Sacraments again and the Apostolic Pardon.  How joyful she must have been knowing her soul was at peace and she would soon see You face-to-face.  What indescribable joy she must have experienced when she arrived in Heaven reunited with her family members and friends and all who have been praying for her, not to mention being in Your presence and that of the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph.  Incredible!  So many mixed emotions, Lord; sadness, deep sorrow, gratitude, relief, concern, pain, confidence, etc.  It seems like a roller coaster in some ways.  (Not to mention all that is going on at work and the darkness surrounding us in the culture.)  It seems to be ‘everywhere’ although I know that is not entirely true.  It does seem so.  Lord, please send Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.


“My child, My child, My little child, remember the parable of the cave and the light?  My children are small and do not feel they outnumber those who are evil.  They often feel the temptation to lose hope, to despair or to become indifferent.  Overcome these temptations, My children.  You feel this way because you have taken your eyes off Me.  Focus on Me, on My greatness, My power, My wisdom, My knowledge, My mercy and love.  Do not focus on the evil deeds.  There is much going on beneath the surface that you do not know, that you cannot see, but in the end, all will be made visible.  I see everything and I know everything, My children.  Evil cannot be hidden from God.  I see all good acts, also.  These kind, generous, loving acts of My children are like refreshing, cool springs of water on the hottest of days.  Give this to others, My Children of Light.  Give them kindness, love, and mercy.  When you convey generosity, kindness, mercy you are being messengers of hope.  Remember, your help is in the name of the Lord and you must be this help to others.  Be conveyers of the Gospel message and show even the most unlovable person love.”


“My child there is much work to do, I realize.  I know for I am asking that you learn how to grow food and preserve it in order to feed your family and those I send you.  You are correct to consider adding another garden.  It will be easier to do now than later.  While I know there is much to do I also stress again to you that you must rest more.  If you do not rest, you will not have the strength or stamina to do what I ask of you.  You also need more reliance on Me, My child.  I am your Father and I will provide.  This does not seem logical in earthly terms; get more rest to accomplish more, but rely on Me versus your own strength.  No, to the world this does not sound rational.  I remind you that My ways are not the ways in which the world operates.  However, this is precisely why the world is in such a state.  Many have no idea how to trust in God, many do not even believe in God.  Others have abandoned the Faith given to them by their loved ones.  Some say that I am not real but a figment of peoples’ imagination, or a crutch to lean on out of desperation.  My Children of Light, you are not to live in this manner.  You believe in God and love God, therefore live as if you believe and love Me.  You must be different from those with no faith and it must be obvious to others that you are different due to your holiness and your love.  I am calling you to be set apart from others but not to be looking down your noses at them, not haughty or prideful.  It is by your goodness, your holiness, your love, compassion, and mercy that you are to be set apart.  Do not snub the one who is homeless.  Instead, offer a drink of water, some food, a smile, a prayer.  Be kind, as if this is your brother or sister and you are happy to find them at last.  Be welcoming in your heart, if not in your homes (which some of you are called to provide even lodging, but not all due to young children in the home, etc.) and be sincere for these really are your brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.  We are all family.   God is your Father, My little ones and you are all very special to Me.  When you love those who seem to be unlovable, you are showing love to Me, your Jesus.  Remember this, My Children of Light.  Do not be like the children of darkness who focus only on their self-centered goals, promoting themselves to gain more power, ignoring those in need around them because they do not wish to see something ‘ugly’ or someone in poverty.  They focus on those who are wealthy, powerful and influential for they desire wealth, power, influence and fame.  Little do they realize their souls become increasingly covered in the darkness of sin due to lust, greed, haughtiness and pride.  Their souls become ‘ugly’ to Heaven and if it wasn’t for My great mercy and love, many would be left alone to die painful deaths on earth and to live even more painful days in the pits of hell.  This is not My Will, My Children of Light.  I stand ready and waiting to welcome them into My holy arms, to forgive them and save them from eternal damnation.  My Children of Light, this is where you come in.  I choose you to participate with Me and My Holy Immaculate Mother Mary to bring the light of faith to them.  It is through My people and up to My people to pass on the Faith to others.  It is the Father’s plan for salvation that you cooperate with Me to make My love known.  If it were not so, I would not have established My Holy Apostolic Church.  I would not have entrusted My Holy Apostles and My disciples to spread the Gospel, to preach, forgive and to show mercy.  I would not have sent My Apostles out two by two to Baptize and forgive sins, to heal the sick, counsel and admonish the sinner, help the elderly, the orphans and widows.” 


“My children, I treated everyone I met with kindness and mercy.  When met with resistant souls due to their evil cunning or their lack of faith, I lovingly and sometimes sternly corrected them or explained the truths of the Faith.  Read the Gospels where much of what I did and said can be found.  I say ‘much’ because I did even more but it was too much to record.  My Apostles passed on what was needed and all that they could remember that was essential for My Church.  It is the Word of God and contains much wisdom and power, yet is simple enough for mere children to understand.  You see, I am approachable for the wise intellectual and also for the little babes.  I make Myself approachable out of My deep love for My children.  I love all of My children.  I love each one of you, individually as if you were the only person on earth.  I love even the hardest heart and the worst sinner.  Please pray for souls who do not know Me, do not love Me.  My poor, poor children who hurt themselves and so many people around them.  They are very sad and angry.  They have many wounds.  They do not know what they are missing.  If only they believed.  Their lives would be instruments of hope and healing to others.  They would be filled with hope and peace.  My Children of Light, I am counting on you to bring Me to these.  Be a witness to what a life in Christ is.  Be a witness to the hope, the mercy, the peace, the joy.  In order to be a witness, you must first be people of love.  Emulate My life, My children.  Pick up your crosses.  Embrace your crosses.  Walk forward in the footsteps of your Jesus and keep your eyes on Me.  When you see one who is less fortunate, see Me in them.  Some of the less fortunate are not impoverished materially but are less fortunate due to a lack of love.  My children there are many who are in need and they live all around you.  Some live in your own families.  Be present to others, My children.  You are preoccupied with many things and therefore you are unable to be fully present to someone sitting in the same room.  My children, do not allow family members to feel all alone when you are sitting beside them.  Speak with your family members.  Find out how they are and what is concerning them.  Speak with one another.  Do not be afraid.  I will guide you, My children.” 


“My little one, the storm is brewing.  Please increase your prayers for those who have been and are being led astray.  Prepare as I direct you.  My son (name withheld) will be given graces for strength and perseverance as you finalize your preparations.  I will send others to help as needed and you must also ask others.  Be humble, My children.  All of My children, you must know you cannot do everything by yourselves.  I am forming you and will continue to form you to help each other and to live in communities of believers.  This will dramatically change (and are changing) and it is time, if you have not already done so to reach out to those I have sent and have brought together.  You know who these other Children of Light are for you have been identified as children of My Mother, other faith filled and wise souls who can tell the signs of the times.  Begin to unite by helping one another.  The Holy Spirit is at work among and in you so do not be afraid.  You can do much more working together.  Be wise, be humble, be confident in My assistance.  All of Heaven intercedes for you.  Graces flow from Heaven to you, My children.  Be open.  Be receptive to them.  Be in a state of grace by frequenting the Sacraments and you will be much more disposed to receive the graces you are being saturated in, My children.  Have trust in Me and live for your Jesus.  All will be well.  Let us begin this week anew.  My angels are being sent like never before to guard and to guide you.  I love you, My little children.  Be meek and mild and anchored in faith, hope and love.  Their lies your strength.”

Go now, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) to live in My love.  Your sister (name withheld) prays for you.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in my name, the Son and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be at peace, My children.  Be at peace so you may give My peace to others.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen! Amen! Amen!


August 28, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  I love You, praise You and give glory to You, Lord, God and King.  Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion this morning, Jesus!  Thank You that the Church was overflowing with people.  It was glorious!  May all our churches be overflowing every Sunday.  Lord, thank You for the conversions occurring in many hearts.  You continue to save souls, Lord and we are so very thankful for Your graces.  I am very grateful that (name withheld) received the Sacraments and the Apostolic Pardon again.  Praise You for Your great mercy, my Savior!  Lord, please also help (name withheld) who has become exhausted caring for (name withheld).  He has been tireless in his care for her.  Give him an opportunity to rest, Lord and at the same time keep (name withheld) in good and capable hands when she goes to the hospice unit.  Your Will be done, Lord Jesus.  Lord, thank You for the prayer group message on Thursday.  It was beautiful and reassuring.  Thank You for the reminder to remain focused on You and at peace.  I pray for all who are ill and for those who will die today or tonight.  Hold them closely to Your heart and carry them to Heaven.  Please bring all our children and grandchildren into Your Holy Church, Lord.  May all come to You through the waters of Baptism.  Lord, is there anything You wish to say to me today?


“Yes, My child.  Continue to follow through in all I have asked you and My children to do so that you are prepared spiritually.  Remember, My children, you know not the day nor the hour and you must always be prepared.  Guard your hearts and your minds.  Remain apart from the secular, the sinful acts occurring in the world.  I am calling you to live holy lives, pleasing to God.  These are times unlike other times in history, My children.  Many of you want to live your lives as if nothing had changed.  Things have changed, My little ones.  This time in the history of the world calls for extraordinary holiness.  You are all called to be living saints, holy and pleasing to God.  In the past it was easier to participate in cultural events and even entertainment and remain holy, for the times were less corrupted by sin and evil.  The majority of people loved God and followed God, kept the 10 Commandments and were good people.  I say the majority, My children for there have always been those who were against God.  Those who were working against God and His children operated under cover.  They were clandestine in their evildoing and it was not to be found all around My Children of Light.  These days, evil has become emboldened and has corrupted every institution, yes even My Church.  This does not mean the Church is unholy, but that many in the Church want to dismantle it.  They make war against My Holy Catholic, Apostolic Church as if it could be demolished and abolished.  It will not be, My children for I am raising up a holy remnant who will remain loyal to the teachings of the Church, that I have handed down to you through My Apostles.  The gates of hell will not prevail against My Church.  My children, it may appear so and that is what the evil one wants you to think.  He wants the world to believe this.  You must resist every temptation to brand My Church as evil, My children.  My Church is holy.  It is the evil one and those employed in his service who are evil.  They have entered into the Church to destroy her from within.  This is why you must remain holy, prayerful and righteous, My children in spite of what goes on around you.  Be at peace for you know that soon the final victory will come and all will bend their knees to the Almighty God, My Father, the Creator.  Because the time fast approaches when My adversary will be bound and unable to tempt My children any longer, he is enraged.  He is leveling every trick he has to lead My children astray.  Frequent the Sacraments, My little ones so that you can remain holy and strong.  Remember, I will never leave you.  Pray that you do not leave Me.  Do not compromise your little beautiful souls by coming close to the edge of the cliff, so as not to be in danger of falling into sin.  Avoid large crowds of people who are assembled for events that are not of God.  There are too many evil ones lurking about and it is not safe for you.  There are special souls who are called to rescue souls in these places, and I give them unique gifts and graces for their mission.  Not all are called to this, though and your roles are different.” 


“Remain in the state of grace, My children and if you are not in this condition now, run to Confession at the first opportunity.  Make this a high priority, My children.  Continue frequenting the Sacrament of Reconciliation and remain in a state of grace.  I desire your souls be spotless.  Also, you must be sure to take every advantage of the times as they stand now (in most nations) where you are able to go to Confession.  One day, you will no longer freely go to Mass and Confession.  Go now while you are able.  My children, you have nothing to fear.  Do all I have asked and it will go well for you even in the midst of great adversity.  Resist the temptation to be accepted by the world and by worldly people.  Be pleasing to God and God alone.  Love your neighbor, My child and by loving your neighbor you will also remember to give witness to others.  You cannot be a light, My children if you fit in with those living in darkness.  That is not light, My children but the absence of light which is darkness.  Many of you yearn to be accepted by others.  You will be accepted by all in Heaven when you stand for Me.  Be at peace, My children.  I am with you.  My Mother intercedes for you and is ready to help, to guide, to love and to soothe for she is a perfect Mother.  Ask for her intercession and direction.  She will not refuse her children.”


“My little lamb, I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of the Holy Spirit.  The Father, Son and Spirit are one and I bless you, one God but three persons.  Be mercy, be peace, be love and light.  Share My peace, My mercy with others.”


Amen!  Alleluia!  Thank You, my Lord and my God.

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