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Children of the Renewal Messages

June 3, 2018  Solemnity of Corpus Christi

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  It is so very good to be here with You, Lord.  Praise You, thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion this morning.  Thank You for each person I met this morning.  Thank You for the opportunity to see (name withheld) after Mass.  Jesus, (name withhold) told me about her mother’s diagnosis.  She looked tired today, Jesus.  I’m sure it weighs heavily upon her.  Help (name withheld) to find the right physician for her mother and the best care and treatment.  Comfort and console (name withheld) and her mother, Jesus.  It must be frightening to be faced with (diagnosis withheld).  Give them strength and courage and graces to rely on You for all their needs.  Lord, please be with those who are ill and those who are grieving loved ones.  Help them to know that they are not alone, but that You are with them.  Be with (name withheld) and her family as they begin to prepare for their move.  I am going to miss (name withheld), Jesus.  May our paths continue to cross, Lord and may we always be friends in You.  Jesus, I pray for (names withheld) and all who are away from the Church.  Please open their hearts to return to Your Church.  I pray for all who are separated from You, Jesus and especially for people who have hardened hearts.  Give them hearts open to the workings of Your Holy Spirit.  Lord, the world needs You desperately.  Help us to be witnesses to Your love.  Grant us Your peace and the graces for conversion.  Dwell in my heart, Lord.  Dwell in the hearts of all mankind.  We love You, Jesus.  Help us to love You more.  Jesus, I trust in You!  Happy feast of Corpus Christi, Jesus.  Thank You for the great gift of the Holy Eucharist!  Thank You for the total gift of Yourself, Lord.  What would we do without Holy Communion?  Where would we be?  I can’t imagine how people lived without the Sacraments.  It’s hard to understand how people today live without receiving them, but to imagine the world without them, prior to Your institution of the Sacraments.  I’m thankful to You that I live in an age that has the Sacraments, Jesus.  Thank You!


“My child, the world was harsher, more cold prior to My coming.  Even the leaders of the Jewish religion were often cold and severe with the children of God, the Jewish people.  My coming was revolutionary and many changes occurred as a result of God dwelling among His people.  It was the greatest event in the history of the world since Creation.  Even so, many rejected Me.  I knew it would be so, yet so great is the love of the Father, so deep is My love for My children, that I gave everything even unto death.”


I am sorry, Lord.  I know people reject You still, but there are many who love You.  Help those of us who love You to make You known and loved by others.  Send us Your Holy Spirit, Jesus and renew the face of the earth.  Lord, I know that no matter what I do, I cannot fill the void in Your heart left by souls who have chosen eternal death.  I also know that I do not pray hard enough for my brothers and sisters living in these days who do not know You.  I’m sorry, Jesus.  Help me to pray more.  It’s difficult now that I’m working again to pray as much in the morning, but I know You will help me to rearrange my schedule to find a way to do so.  I am disconnected from You and everything seems out of sync when my morning prayer is rushed.  Thank You for being patient with me, Lord.


“My little one, life has a rhythm and prayer keeps your life in harmony and in tempo.  Beginning the day without prayer and reflection is like a symphony orchestra playing without music, or like each member of an orchestra playing from different music.  Each one is playing music but the sound is a cacophony of sounds.  Rather than melodious, it is discordant.  I understand the change you are undergoing now.  All will be well.  I will help and guide you so that you can return to having time spent with Me in prayer.  Be at peace.  I am with you.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Please be with (name withheld) and comfort her.  Lord, help her caregivers to be more respectful and patient.  I pray for all the elderly who depend upon others, are unable to drive and may feel lonely.  Give them the consolations of Your love, Lord.  Help others to love and respect them, and treat them in a gentle manner.  Bless the elderly who are so faithful to You.  Many pray and offer sacrifices for the good of Your Church and Your Kingdom, but are unable to attend Mass.  Thank You for their faithfulness, Jesus.  We all benefit from their prayers and heroic sacrifices.  Bless and protect them, Lord. 


“My little lamb, pray for world leaders.  Much is at stake.  Pray for cool heads and for wisdom.  Pray that cold hearts become warm.  My child, you have witnessed what it is like when one’s heart changes.  You saw a dramatic difference in those who had a change of heart, did you not?” 


Yes, Lord.  It was incredible.  One person in particular changed so much that even his appearance changed.  I almost didn’t recognize him later.  He had really become ‘a new man’!  You are an incredible, awesome God!  Change many, many hearts in this way, Lord.


“My daughter, more hearts will change through the prayers of the faithful children, by their sacrifices, and their love.  This is why My children must show and be love to others.  I am depending on all of My followers to bring the light of truth and the light of love to others.  You must pray and show love, My little children, to usher in the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary My Mother.  Pray more, My children.  Love more.  Draw closer to My heart and the heart of My Holy Mother Mary so that you can bring the graces from loving us to your brothers and sisters in need.  Be aware of all around you.  Come outside of yourselves and focus on those around you, in your environment.  Allow Me to permeate the atmosphere, through your open and loving hearts.  My children, you must pay attention to the stranger in your midst.  Be kind, gracious, humble and considerate.  You are connected to your brothers and sisters, even those who do not think they are your brothers and sisters.  You are connected by the very fact that you are all God’s children created in the image and likeness of God.  Do not believe the deception of the evil one, that you must mind your own business!  Do not go along with the fallacy of the current culture that says, ‘It doesn’t matter what someone else does, as long as I am living life the way I should.’  There is a misconception that permeates the culture regarding what is meant by ‘judging others.’  Many keep to themselves, do not speak about truth for fear of sounding ‘judgmental.’  My children, this wrong thinking is a trick of the enemy.  To be judgmental, really means to judge one’s soul.  Only God can be the just and merciful judge.  This does not mean one must accept all forms of bad behavior, sinful behavior and wrongs done against neighbor.  Mankind, especially My children in the west falsely believe that tolerance means to tolerate evil.  That is not tolerance, My lost children.  Tolerance, to be truly tolerant means to be open to differences.  By this I mean good differences.  One has a different skin tone, hair color, a different language and customs and tolerance is an acceptance and an openness to those who have differences.  It is not tolerance to accept sin.  That is negligence.  It is wrong to accept sin.  It is wrong to be aware of a little one, or anyone for that matter, being treated in an abusive manner and to ignore this.  That is a sin of omission.  It is wrong to know that one of your brothers or sisters is in need of care for an illness, and do nothing to help or to reach out to them.  It is wrong to see someone in need and to turn away from them, such as one calling for help because their house is on fire and you close the door to them.  You know these are obvious examples and it is clear to you in these cases, My children.  It is equally wrong to be aware of another’s sinfulness, and do nothing to help.  My children, many of you are aware of people in your neighborhood, or in your work environment who are in grave need of a friend.  Perhaps they are going through a painful event in their lives such as a divorce, or a loss of a loved one.  Perhaps they have an addiction, or a serious illness, but it seems unacceptable to be intrusive.  That is not being polite, My children, but a way of ignoring those in need.  It is very impolite to ignore your brothers and sisters who are hurting.  Be respectful and courageous, My children, but do not be afraid to ask how others are doing.  Ask with concern and sincerity.  Let them know you will pray for them.  Ask them if there is anything you can do to help them.  Let others know that you care.  Many people are hurting and yet they feel invisible to others, as if no one cares and no one sees their pain.  Be true disciples of your Jesus and show love to your fellow man.  I was aware of others pain, My children because of My great love for mankind.  You are to love as I love.  You are to bring My love to a world in need.  How can you do this when you are so focused on yourselves.  Broaden your view, My children.  Be aware of everyone around you, as much as possible.  Smile at those you meet.  Greet them.  Make each meeting with others, an opportunity to meet Me.  Invite Me to go with you everywhere you go; even as you are doing each task, running errands, meeting at work, meeting with community members.  May each meeting with others be an opportunity to share My love.  This My children is how to bring about My Kingdom.  Your unity with Me will shine brightly in this dark world and little by little My light will spread.  Then, the fire of the Holy Spirit will burn brightly in the hearts of man.  Believe it, My Children of Light.  Pray, act through love, serve, be merciful, as I am merciful.  This is what My children, My disciples are to be.  Live the Gospel, My little ones.  There is an urgent need and together we will fill this need of mankind.  I will work through you.  Give Me your ‘yes.’  My Mother, who gave the perfect ‘yes’ will help you.  Ask her to be with you.  She will lead you in Her perfect, motherly way.  She knows how to love perfectly and She not only loves the Trinity perfectly but also you!  Rejoice and be glad that you have such a beautiful, loving, pure Mother, My Mother.  I have given you everything you need to be light, love and mercy to others.  Because of this, you can also be joyful.  That is all, My children.  It is not complicated.  Man complicates, but I simplify.  I am wisdom and I know how to convey truth to My children.  What father or mother speaks to a toddler in words they cannot understand?  Only one who doesn’t want their child to understand.  When a good parent is teaching their little ones something, they do so in simple language and with concepts they can grasp developmentally.  This is true of God.  I do not speak in complexities and confound My children or give them impossible tasks.  What would be the point, My children?  No, when one loves, one teaches appropriately so that the lesson is understood.  This is why I used parables.  I want My children to grow in wisdom and holiness and in simplicity.  Therefore, following Me, loving and serving others is simple.  Be love, My children.  Be love.  That is all and that is everything.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God.  Thank You, my Jesus.  I love You.  Help me to love You more.  Help me to love others, Jesus.  Increase my awareness of those around me and help me to show love in the way they need.  I do not know the needs of others, Lord, but You do.  Love others through me, Jesus.


“Thank you, My child.  I will and I accept your prayers and the desires of your heart.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace and know that I am with you.  This week will be brighter for you for I will lift some of the darkness, My child.  Thank you for patiently bearing this trial.  Continue to offer your suffering for souls in need of My love.  All will be well.  I am with you.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen and alleluia, Jesus!

May 27, 2018  Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  Thank You for making it possible for us to visit with You in this way.  Thank You for Confession and Holy Mass yesterday offered for (name withheld).  Thank You for Holy Mass this morning, Lord!  It was beautiful!  Thank You for coming to me in Holy Communion, Jesus.  Praise You, my Lord and my God.  I love You.  Please bless and protect my family and friends.  Please be with (names withheld) as they return from their trip.  Jesus, be with all who are ill especially (names withheld).  Bring them healing and consolation.  Lord, I also pray for those who are away from the Church, especially for (names withheld) and for those who need healing and reconciliation.  Bring them back to Your family and to the sacramental life of the Church.  Help all to come to know and love You and to believe in You.  Help me to love You more and to be better at following You, my adorable Jesus.  I love You.  Please forgive me for the times I disappoint You and for the times I do not show love to others.  Help me to love others more, Jesus.  Help me to see You in them.  I want to bring Your love to others, Jesus but sometimes I do not show Your love, but only my impatience.  Forgive me, Lord Jesus.  Help me also to forgive as You forgive.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My child, My child, I love you.  I care for you and protect you.  It is true, My child.  I protect you.  I do so in many ways, which you do not see or know.  I send angels to surround you and guard you.  I do allow suffering to visit you at times, it is true, but this I allow to bring about an even better good, My little lamb.  I know you understand this, but I am telling you to reassure you of My love and My presence with you.  Even when I am silent, I am with you.  Just as when you are silent with Me, you are still with Me, so it is true when I am silent.  Remember that no matter what you experience, I experience it with you.  Therefore, no matter the suffering, be it of a physical or emotional suffering, I am with you.  I suffer with you, My child.  I accept all that you suffer and use it for the good of your soul or for the good of others.  My child, even when you suffer because of others, offer this to Me.  I accept this type of suffering and it pleases Me when you offer it for souls.  Do not fear suffering, My child for this is a very worthy and efficacious prayer when offered to Me and united to My suffering on Calvary.  Remember, when you are undergoing trials and sufferings, that I your Jesus suffered also.  I am particularly united to those who are suffering.”


Thank You, Lord for giving such value to suffering by Your suffering and death on the cross.  Thank You for Your resurrection, too Jesus!  Thank You for all that You did and continue to do for Your children.  Thank You for establishing Your Church, Jesus and for the Sacraments.  Thank You for Your holy priest sons.  Bless all priests and religious, Lord as well as the Bishops and our Holy Father.  Help us to serve You, Lord.  Help us to love as You love.  Blessed Mother, please lead us during our pilgrimage on earth and protect us in the safety of Your Immaculate Heart.


“My little one, you are tired.  I urge you to rest and also to continue on in your work for Me.  I will carry you when you feel you are unable to go forward.  Speak with Me when you are frustrated with the struggle.  I understand like no other person can because I am your Jesus.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You for reminding me.  Sometimes, I don’t want to complain to You because You give me everything I need and much more even than what is needed.  I forget, though that You want us to bring every burden to You, even the burdens of our frustrations.  These seem small (and are small) in the grand scheme of Your plan, but You did say to bring everything to You. 


“Yes, My child.  Even small frustrations can add to large frustrations and so pray and bring all to Me.  We must have continuous dialogue to grow ever more united.  It is this, that I desire for you.  I desire to be united with all of My children, and I await their ‘yes’ to Me.  My little one, I will help you this week just as I did last week.  Lean on Me.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Lord.


“I need your prayers and sacrifices, My child.  Souls are at stake.  There are many who are at risk, who are on the verge of losing their lives, but more importantly, their souls.  They stand on the precipice of hell, at this very moment in time.  I need more prayer, more sacrifices, My children.  You see, it is through their rejection of Me that their hearts have grown cold and hard.  They continue on with rejection upon rejection.  I respect the free will created by Me and freely given and therefore I do not force Myself on them.  They choose death and choose absence from Me and all in Heaven.  They defiantly reject their inheritance and even take pride in their insolence.  My Children of Light, by your love and exercising your free will in choosing to pray and offer sacrifices of love and through love, some grace can penetrate their souls.  They may still choose to reject this grace, but some will accept it and open their hearts to love.  My children, I use your free will, your acts of love, your sacrifices, your sufferings offered to the Father, united to My suffering on the cross to penetrate by love, the hardened hearts of sinners.  Still, it is their free will and freely they can reject or accept these graces which you give in a gift of love to them; however, even one soul who accepts and repents, and turns to Me, receives graces for conversion.  These graces are very powerful and when they fall on even the hardest of sinners who is even slightly open to receive them, the soul springs to life in Christ and approaches Me, the font of grace for mercy.  They often approach with hesitance out of fear of being rejected, but I run to them, embracing them as the prodigal father ran out to meet his prodigal son.  I am that father and I rejoice as does all of Heaven, when one repentant child returns to Me.  My children, these souls not only return to Me, but they return to the entire family of God.  They return to you!  We are one family and so you, My children, do not be like the brother of the prodigal one who resented the rejoicing of the father.  Do not be one who withholds your love, your mercy, your kindness.  Be like Me.  Rejoice with Me and show love and joy to those who return to their family.  There is great rejoicing in Heaven, I assure you.  Do you want to fit in with Heaven?  Of course you want to, so rejoice now while you are on earth, so that when you come to Heaven you will already be accustomed to rejoicing.  You must practice virtues and all good dispositions now, during your pilgrimage so that you will be at home in Heaven.  It is better to be fully prepared now, My children.  Be joyful followers of Jesus. 


I know that life can be difficult.  It was difficult when I lived life on earth too, so I understand well.  Even through difficulty, remember that you have Me.  There are many living in the world who have very difficult lives and they do not know Me.  This, My children is much more difficult, so rejoice even in difficulty.  Attract many souls to Heaven by your loving, joyful witness.  My children, you realize it is almost impossible to lead souls to God when no one wants to be around you because you act downtrodden, joyless, sad, and complain.  I am not saying that it is wrong to be sad.  No, that is not what I mean, for even I experienced times of sadness.  What I mean though is this; Be joyful because of your love for God and your knowledge of the faith.  Put others before your own wishes and desires out of love and a willingness to serve.  Then, you will not be focused on yourselves, but you will be focused on your brothers and sisters.  When you love and serve others, you will be filled with My peace, with My love.  This will bring you joy.  Knowing and loving God, being of loving service to others because of My love will bring you joy.  This is the economy of Heaven; Give and you shall receive.  This is contrary to the economy of the secularists, My children but you are in the family of God.  So, be My ambassadors for Heaven.  Many of you are already serving in this role for the Kingdom.  I desire to help you understand your role more clearly.  Yes, it can be difficult serving your Jesus by loving those who seem unlovable, ungrateful and often who mistreat you.  But, of course, this is why I say, love your enemies.  Even if others see you as their enemy, especially when they do, you love them.  Love as I love.  Imitate Me, My children.  I understand that you think you can’t do so.  This is true that you cannot—on your own.  With Me, all things are possible.  Ask for the grace to love heroically, and I will give you this grace, My children.  You have not, because you do not ask.  All who dwell in Heaven learned the lesson of love, and so must you.  Be love, be mercy, be joy.  Love one another as I have loved you.  Forgive those who have harmed you or who have mistreated you in any way.  Forgive, forgive, forgive.  Pray for the grace to forgive if you cannot forgive.  I will give you graces to forgive.  I will give you graces for mercy, for I am MERCY.  I am peace.  I am life.  I am light.  I am love.  Imitate Me, children of the Living God, Children of Light.  Bring Me to the world in darkness.”


Thank You, Lord for Your lessons of love.  Your words are spirit and truth.  Thank You, Jesus.  Praise You, Jesus.  I love You, my Jesus.  Help me to love You more.


“My child, My little one go in My peace and with My love.  Speak with Me often, My child.  Speak with Me throughout the day, for I am with you.  You will become more and more aware of My presence with you.  I love you.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace and in My love.  I am with you.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen!  I love you!

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