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February 11, 2021 Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

My beloved children, I would like to take all of you in My arms, like I held little Baby Jesus when He was born, and kiss all of you to pieces for all you do for Me; and also kiss all of you for the beautiful Rosary you prayed for Me last night.  Love, your Mother and the Mother of God’s children. 

Continuation of February 11, 2021 Message (early Friday morning)

My love, My beautiful one and all My beloved children, just love, love, and love; please love everyone especially your enemies.  That is the only way that they will ever find God.  If they see love in you, they will start to want what you have, love, and peace.  My children, join your hearts with Mine and each other in love and peace.  There is no other way to stop wars, except to love your enemies even though you do not like what they do.  Jesus loves everyone, even the ones who crucified Him. 


My children, once you learn how to live in Divine Will, you will start to love everyone.  Love your God with your heart, mind, and soul and love your neighbor as yourself.  If you do not love yourself, it is hard to love your neighbor.  Start watching people who love you without cause and you will start loving others without expecting something in return.  When you start doing that, you will start loving yourself and start loving others without wanting anything in exchange.  Just love them and you will feel My love and Heaven’s love in exchange.  A love letter to you and others.  Love, Mother Mary. 

February 4, 2021 Feast of Our Lady of Fire, Forli, Italy

My love, My beautiful one and all My beloved children, I have come to warn the faithful to amend their lives and ask pardon for their sins.  They must NOT continue to offend Our Lord who is already too much offended.  What must a Mother and Father do to wake up a whole world of sleeping children?  Must we shake the whole earth or destroy the earth one part at a time, or let fire fall from the sky with comets of destruction?  Must we let the whole earth freeze and kill all your food?  Must we let the whole earth get so hot that it destroys your food, your bodies, and everything you have with fire and dryness?  Would you like to have one of these things happen to open your eyes or several of them at a time?  These are just a few ways that Heaven can use to chastise you.  Or, should we let man destroy itself with a war or nuclear bomb? 


My children, you do not see how serious it is from the sins of abortion and the sins of the flesh.  We are going to try to wake you up with the Warning when you will see where you will go to Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell.  The majority of the people on earth would go to Hell right now if God destroyed the earth.  We want all of you to be saved.  We hope the Warning will wake most of our children up or else it will be the other option that I spoke of earlier. 


God the Father is tired of waiting, but I, Mary, have been holding His hand back.  It is just a short time, if man does not stop abortion and sins of the flesh, when God will stop you and destroy, or let man destroy, most of the earth except the refuges where He will send some of Our children who are in a state of grace.  Please, please, please repent now before it is too late.  Our Lady of Sorrows.

January 16, 2021 Feast of Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners

America, you have a lot of top leaders that are sinners. 


My love, I love all My children dearly.  The time has come for much suffering.  My children will not listen.  The doors of hell are wide open because My children have opened them with all of their sins.  I told you last summer that if the Democrat leaders did not follow their chosen leader, Donald Trump, I would take them down.  Your Democrat leaders have done all they can to do the opposite.  I tell you again, I, God the Father, will destroy their party very soon.  Do not doubt your God. 


I am very happy with the prayers and also the prayers of the faithful remnant.  Tell My children do not worry if they have been following My ordained president, President Trump.  They will be protected by their God.  But, the states that are so liberal will suffer much and the leaders who are leading these states, have much to repent to be saved.  Your loving God and all of Heaven. 


PS:  Only I, God, know the extreme cheating in your election.  It was the worst in the history of America.  I follow through on what I say.  I am not a liar.  Papa God.