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December 11, 2022,  Gaudete Sunday, Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  Thank You for the opportunity to visit You today.  Thank You for Mass, Holy Communion and for Confession yesterday.  Lord, please be with (name withheld) husband.  She said he went to the emergency room yesterday but I’ve heard nothing more from her.  I pray that all is well.  Be with them both, Jesus.  I pray also for (names withheld).  Please bless them both for a smooth and healthy delivery.  Lord, thank You for helping (name withheld) for giving him additional strength so he could attend Mass.  I pray he was able to, Lord.  Help him to get well.  Please heal all who suffer from cancer especially (names withheld).  Sanctify their suffering Lord and console their loved ones.


Thank You for this Advent Season and for our many blessings.  Most especially, I am grateful for Your love and mercy.  Thank You for sacrificing Yourself for love of Your children.  Praise You, my Lord, my God and my All!


“Thank you, my daughter.  I know you did not want to write today, but just wanted to sit with Me.”


Yes, Lord.  I did not want to, but please forgive me for being lazy.  I love doing as You ask, but sometimes I do act like a willful child and I want to do ‘my own thing.’


“I understand human nature, My child and this is why I asked you to write, but I do not force.  I invite.”


Yes, Jesus.  I am sorry, Lord that I am still inclined to want to do what I prefer.


“My little lamb, I am a patient God and I understand when one hesitates.  However, you asked Me if I had any words to say to your heart and when I asked you to write you did so.  Remember the parable in Scripture that I told about the one who said ‘no’ initially, but went on to do as he was asked?  Sometimes you are like this, but you do what I ask, even if you are not always prompt to do so.”


Yes, Lord.  This is because I am stubborn.  Please help me grow closer to You, Lord and become more like Your Holy Mother Mary who always did the Will of God.  She never hesitated to do God’s Will.  Help me to be like Our Lady.


“My child, I want to speak with you about truth vs. deceit.  There have been many deceptions taught to My people especially in the last century, and even longer.  My child, as you and others learn the truth about various things, such as history and other things taught to you in error via school curriculum, etc., do not become discouraged.  Be grateful that in seeking Me, the truth, that you are learning what is right and what is true.  You are beginning to discover the many ways the evil one who is the father of lies has deceived you even in matters that seem unimportant.  You wonder why certain lies would be taught to you during school when you were a child.  Especially, seemingly unimportant things.  My child, when one is the father of lies everything that one touches becomes corrupt.  Some truth is always intermingled to give an appearance of goodness and truth.  It is the way contrived to get My children to accept falsehood.  If you knew something was false, you would not believe it.  He, the father of lies, also appeals to My children’s good nature.  You have good hearts.  You love your families, your country, your faith, etc.  These things are good gifts from God.  The evil one appeals to these, even with his deception.  In this way deception about one’s country, especially when it sounds good and patriotic becomes easy to accept.”


“My child, now the tactic is to get children to detest their countries.  Now, lies are told convincing them that everything about the history of their land is false.  This is being done to create hatred for one’s birthland and to accept the agenda of globalism.  This is not of Me, My Children of Light.  Do not despise your birthland.  Pray for your country and its leaders.  Pray for conversion of all people.  Most nations (not all but many) were founded upon good intentions.  Some countries or regimes, such as France, Spain, and at one time England were known to be Catholic countries.  Even they had flaws when they were close to My heart because humans sin.  But, My child this did not mean they were generally bad.  My child, as you learn new information, bring this to Me.  I will shine light on the information and together we will sort through each one.  I will bring clarity to confusion; order to chaos.  I am truth.  I am unity and peace.  Do not be discouraged.  Remember, you have an unshakeable foundation in My Church.  Hold fast to the true teachings of the Church and you will not go wrong.  I am with My Church and will be to the end of time.”


Thank You, Lord.  I know this, but it is always reassuring to hear.


“Yes, My child.  Read holy Scriptures for more assurances.  Be at peace.”


Yes, my Lord and my Savior.


“My child, I will not keep you any longer today.  I want to remind you to pray as I have asked and to be watchful this Advent.  Prepare your hearts for My coming.  Also, be aware that I come to My people at every Mass during the Consecration.  I long to be with you in every Holy Communion.  Begin to long for Me, My children.  That is all.  Go in My peace, in My love and be merciful to all you meet.  Be merciful and loving first and foremost with your family members who I give you in this pilgrimage.  They are your first responsibility.  Love them and then your family love will spread to others as you live like the Holy Family.  Live the Gospel, My children.  I bless you and My son in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Living God.  Go forth in peace.  I love you.”


And I love You!

December 4, 2022, Second Sunday of Advent, Adoration Chapel

Hello, my dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, present in all tabernacles in the world.  I love You, beautiful Lord.  I hope and I trust in You.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion today and for the opportunity to go to Confession.  We are so blessed to have access to holy priests and the Sacraments.  Thank You, Lord!  Lord, thank You for the seasons in the Church/Liturgical Calendar.  I’m so glad it is Advent.  Help me to make the most of this season so my heart will be prepared for Christmas.  I remember this time last year when we were very ill.  Thank You for bringing us through that time, Lord and for sparing our lives.  Lord, I just heard about someone who has ALS.  I wish I had known earlier.  He is probably too weak now to communicate.  I wish I had his address to send a card.  Lord, please bring him even closer to You through this suffering.  Heal him if it is Your Holy Will.  I know that You can if only You will it.  Comfort and console his family, Jesus especially his wife and children but also his parents.  Give them courage and faith to accept Your Will knowing You will be with them in the future just as You are with them now.  Give them precious time together, Lord.  Lord, my heart breaks for this family.  Jesus, I pray also for those who have cancer and are dying.  Be with them and their loved ones.  It is so difficult to lose someone you love.  You know that and experienced the loss of St. Joseph.  Even though we have our faith in You and all that You promise Your beloved followers, it is still very difficult.  Bless each one, Lord who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, renal disease, neurological problems and give special graces to their loved ones and care givers.  Jesus, our friends also suffer who have loved ones with addictions.  Heal all who ask for Your mercy and healing.  Strengthen their faith and hope in You.  Heal their families, also.  Lord, there is much brokenness in the world, be it hearts that are broken, or homes that are.  Please heal many, many people during this Advent and Christmas season so their hope and faith in You is strengthened and they glorify You with their lives.  Thank You for our blessings.  Be with all who are in need.  Thank You for choosing to be born into humble means to show us what our true priorities are.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You!


“My child, it is good that you are here with Me today.  It pleases Me that the churches are filling up and more souls seek Me during this season.  Many people understand the times are difficult, the world is under an increasing amount of darkness.  You come to the right place, My children when you attend Mass, Confession and Adoration.  Seek Me and you shall find Me.  I await you with open arms, My children.  My daughter, thank you for your prayers for others.  All who suffer from any form of illness of mind, body or emotions will receive special graces, unique graces made just for them, when they seek Me from the heart.  Even if you are not healed completely, My children there will be some form of healing when You ask Me with faith.  My Father knows what is best for you and He wants only to give you what is best.  Sometimes, the lessons you learn from suffering are what is best.  Sometimes suffering brings you very close to My Sacred Heart and you more closely begin to resemble Me, your Savior.  Other times through suffering you are able to realize your need for God, who loves you completely and wants you to depend on Him as a child depends on his good earthly father.  This is especially important to learn before coming to Heaven where you will live in union with the Triune God.  Some who suffer offer their suffering for souls either particular souls or all souls who are in need of love, for they are void of love.  Each person who suffers, may do this (offer it for others) and some souls prefer to suffer now to help save particular souls from hell.  I say help, because only God can save souls, but I often ask others to suffer for souls for this enables these souls to be open to graces from God they otherwise would not have accepted.  When souls who suffered well on earth come to Heaven they have so much beauty in their souls, it is indescribable to you now, My children but you will see this in Heaven.  Suffering is very purifying.  It is like a magnifying glass, My children.  You will know who is close to Me, who genuinely loves and accepts My Will by the way souls suffer on earth.  I do not mean if souls suffer.  I mean the way in which one who suffers accepts the cross or rejects it.  Most people will experience some form of suffering, My little ones, for you live on earth and this is not Heaven.  However, even with the small sufferings, these can be offered for others’ salvation and Heaven gladly accepts this special gift and uses it for souls.  This is the economy of the Church.  Many saints suffered for love of God and there are countless graces provided because of so many holy souls who lived on earth.  These are accessible through the Church, My little children.  This is the reason why the Church could assign indulgences to certain pious acts, because of the many holy souls who obtained plentiful graces due to their love and meritorious lives made so by the grace of God and the graces I merited for you on the cross.  God is a good and loving Father and He showers His children with grace, mercy and love.  Think of Him often, My children.  He loves you—each and every one of you—with a depth of love you could not experience on this earth and live.  You would die of joy if you experienced the fullness of God’s love.  You will be able to experience this love fully in Heaven when you are in the purified state.  Do not miss this opportunity, My children.  Follow Me.  Live the Gospels and do all I have asked of you.  Everything is for your good, for the good of your soul.  Lean on Me when you are unable to walk and I will assist you.  When you are unable to stand, I will carry you.  You are never alone when you allow Me to walk with you.  Do not listen to the evil one who tempts you with his lies.  He is the father of lies.  He tries to convince My children, especially those who are tender hearted that they are alone.  They begin to feel lonely and focus on how very alone they are.  Even if they have a multitude of people surrounding them, they see their ‘aloneness’ like they are standing under a bright light on a stage with no one to support them.  Or, they feel everyone else has light around them, but they are shrouded in darkness.  Do not listen to the father of lies.  He wants to take the focus off your blessings and the goodness of God.  He would have you wallowing in sadness and pity.  In this way, one focuses only on him or herself.  Remember the scriptures, My children.  You have a great cloud of witnesses all around you.  These are the saints, the holy people of God.  You have your Guardian Angel and if you ask Me to send more angels, I will do so.  Then, you will be surrounded by the angels I choose for you.  God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are with you and I give you My very own Mother as Mother of the Church and therefore, your Mother to be with you as well.  I give you friends and family members.  The Church is a community of believers and lovers of God. (The Church militant, suffering and triumphant.)  My graces are all around you, My children.  Lift your eyes to the heavens and look around you at the beautiful world I created.  All of this is for you, My children.  All that is seen and that which is unseen.  Do not be filled with loneliness and despair for that is not from Your Lord.  If you feel lonely and sad bring this quickly to Me.  I will help you.  Immerse your sadness, loneliness, fears, etc. in My Sacred, Merciful Heart and I will lift some of the burdens you are carrying.  You may still feel some of these feelings but things will be much more bearable.  I am here for you, My children.  Yes, there is suffering in life.  I suffered, too and I am the second person of the Trinity.  I am God!  You will know suffering, also but I never give you more than you can bear.  If it is becoming unbearable, give this to Me.  I will help you to carry your crosses.  You also are to assist others in carrying their crosses.  Love one another as I have loved you, My children.  If everyone does so, the world will be more like Heaven.  Prepare your hearts for the coming of Your King.  Do not wait.  Be open to receive Me.  This is all for now, My little lamb.  Go in My peace.  I bless you and My tired son in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Be mercy.  Be love.  Be joy.”


Amen, Lord.  Alleluia!

November 27, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  I love You and am glad to be here with You today.  Thank You for this opportunity.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion.  Thank You for every encounter with people You put in my path last week.  Thank You for my friends and most especially for my family members.  It was so nice to be with many of them this week, Jesus.  We missed those who were not able to be there.  Bless all those who have lost loved ones, Jesus and take the souls of all who died this year to Heaven.  I pray for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory.  Please allow many to be released from Purgatory to join their angels and saints in Your Kingdom.  Lord, I pray for all young people, especially those who have not yet been baptized.  Pour special graces out upon them and upon their parents so they all desire and are able to receive this important, this crucial Sacrament.  Do not allow the little ones to be deprived of their birthright, Lord.  I pray for all who are separated from the Catholic Church for various reasons.  Please unite all Christians in the Church You established on earth, Jesus.  Lord, I pray also for those who do not know the love of God and for those who reject Your love.  May their hearts be open to receive the Good News and may they long to hear it.  Jesus, please help all who are called to be priests, hear Your call and answer You with their fiat!  Protect Your holy priest sons and all religious brothers and sisters from the enemy.  Lord, the faithful are being persecuted.  Your Church is in the Garden and is beginning to undergo the Passion.  May we walk faithfully and courageously in Your footsteps, Lord.  Give us courage, temperance, fortitude and make us faithful even to the end.  Be with us, Jesus.  We have no one else but You, however You are all we need.  Jesus, I trust and I hope in You.


“My child, My child, stay the course and continue doing all I have asked.  Pray each day as I have requested.  This is for your protection and that of your entire family.  Do not become weary of prayer.  I know My children are physically tired, but you must not become spiritually tired.  Do not give in to the temptation to think your prayers don’t matter.  They matter to Me and to all in Heaven.  They matter to the souls in Purgatory.  One day you will be shown how much your prayers affected those on earth.  Pray, My children, pray and do not stop especially now when they are so desperately needed for souls.  My children, this is what it is to be spiritually mature.  It is like other responsibilities you have in life.  A mature person works, even though it isn’t always pleasant, or the thing you want to do on a certain day.  However, when it is time to work, you do so regardless of how you feel because it is a responsible thing to do, to support one’s family.  You may not want to get out of bed at night when one of your children is crying, but you do so anyway out of loving concern.  This is how you must also approach prayer.  Do this even when it seems dry and obligatory.  There will be times it will be a joy for you, but these joyful times filled with consolation will be even sweeter because of the times you prayed when it seemed like work.  The times of sweetness will certainly not come if one never prays, or prays infrequently.  Learn to pray from your hearts.  Bring your concerns to Me, My children.  Think of My life and the many events revealed to you in Sacred Scripture.  Reflect on the times in My life that are unknown or ‘hidden’ and not recorded in Scripture.  I experienced some of the same struggles you experience.  Reflect on these, My children.  I am with you and I understand the hardships you face, the loneliness, the grief when a loved one dies, the rejections, betrayals, the laughter of children, the warmth of family and friends, longing for souls who rejected God, the desire for their conversion, and many other trials you face.  I understand, My little children and yet you will also experience the resurrection by being faithful to all that was handed down to you.  Continue to follow Me, My beautiful Children of Light.  I assure you, you will not be disappointed when you enter My Heavenly Kingdom.  Remain steadfast, My children.  Souls are in need of your holy examples of love.”


Jesus, I pray for Holy Mother Church, she is being attacked, Lord and many people have left or are leaving.  Please open the eyes of those who are blind and do not see what they are doing to Your Church.  For those who are aware but have evil intentions, change their hearts, Lord.  Work miracles in the souls who reject their vocations and choose to live double lives rather than shepherd Your people.  Heal them, Jesus for many of them have been wounded by others.  Forgive them, Lord and give them graces for conversion that they can no longer refuse.  Jesus, help them to choose You, our highest good.


“My daughter, My daughter, My little one, thank you for your prayers for the shepherds.  Some will change, My (name withheld) but many will not for they are too mired in sin and corruption and they have no desire to humble themselves.  One who follows Me is a servant to others.  The ones who cooperate with evil are filled with pride and they have no desire to change.”


Lord, won’t they change even during the ‘Illumination of Conscience’?


“Some of the shepherds who have become corrupted by evil will, but most will not.  My child, this is difficult to understand for My followers, but you must realize that even I could not change Judas’ heart because he would not allow it.  He would not humble himself to accept My forgiveness and My assistance.  He chose instead to serve the evil one who fed his own pride.  Even at the end when he realized what he had done, he did not desire repentance and conversion for that was too humiliating for him.  He was instead in complete despair and did not have any faith in God.  He focused only on himself, even to the end and did not lift his eyes toward Heaven.  He could have run to one of his brother Apostles and begged for mercy.  They would have forgiven him and taken him into the circle of love, but he did not want to be humiliated (or be humbled).  You see, My child this is why My children must not wait to repent.  Some wait too long and then they only hear the voice of the tempter.  They no longer know or hear My voice.  This is another reason why you must never stop praying.  Be close to Me, My children for My very name will give you strength and protection.  I love you and I gather My children all over the world to My Sacred Heart, your refuge.  My Mother encloses you in Her mantle of protection and holds you closely to Herself.  The evil one dare not approach Her, so you are safe with My beautiful, holy Mother.  Allow Her to teach you how to be a good disciple.  She was and is the perfect one.  She knows Me better than anyone else and She is a good Mother and teacher.  Ask Her to teach you to love Me as She did.  She will never disappoint you, My Children of Light.”


“This is all for now, My little lamb.  Be at peace.  I desire you and My son (name withheld) to pray for joy in the midst of the storm.  This will give others confidence.  Pray for light hearts.  I know there is much asked of you and often the load becomes heavy.  Come to your Jesus and ask for My help.  I will at times lighten your burdens or send others to help you carry them.  Learn to do all things with joyful hearts, My children.  This you must do to emulate Me, your Jesus.  Know that I am with you at all times and I see everything you are going through.  Things are not so difficult when your best friend is at your side, isn’t that so?  Remember this, My children for I walk with each and every one of My friends.  Go now in My peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be mercy.  Be peace.  Be love.  Be joy.  I am with you.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen!  I love You!

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