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Children of the Renewal Messages

January 21, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, I love You, praise You and adore You.  It is so good to be here with You, my Jesus.  Lord, please bless and provide Divine assistance to (name withheld) who is in need of prayers.  She said she is caring for a patient who has deep wounds and has not experienced Your love.  You know (name withheld) well, Jesus though I have only just met her. She asked for prayers, Jesus as she cares for this most challenging soul.  Jesus, You know Your child of whom she is speaking, though she may not know You.  Heal her wounds, Lord and open her heart to receive graces for conversion.  Lord, it sounds as if she is very wounded and is hard hearted.  Help her, Jesus and through (name withheld) send her graces for love, peace and mercy.  Lord, give (name withheld) Your strength and Your loving peace.  Guard and protect her, Jesus.  Thank You for her service to this poor soul.  Send angels to minister to them both.  Praise You, Jesus who is all love, truth and mercy.  Jesus, I pray for all who do not know You, do not love You.  Jesus, I pray also for peace in our hearts, our families and in the world.  Grant us Your peace, Jesus though we do not deserve it.  Bring about millions of conversions and the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your beloved and most pure Mother. 


Mary, our Mother, Queen of Heaven and earth, holy Mother of the Church, help us to return to Jesus.  Help us to open our hearts to Christ, Your Son.  Teach us in Your school of love and wisdom, Mother Most Holy.  I love You.  Help me to love You more.  Help me to resist temptation and reject all sin so that I can be more like You and Your Perfect Divine Son, Jesus who is also my Savior.  Blessed Mother, thank You for Your prayers, Your tireless intercession before God for us, Your poor children.


Jesus, thank You for sharing Your Holy Mother Mary with us.  What an honor and a privilege it is to be in the family of God, in spite of our poor condition.  Lift us, Lord to heights of great love.  Fill us with Your love, Jesus, the love that knows no end.  Help all who are ill and all who are in need, Jesus.  You know all of my intentions, too numerous to write now, but that are in my heart and on my mind.  I give them all to You, my Jesus where You will take care of each one in ways I do not even know to request.  Praise You, Jesus!


“My child, My child, I thank you for speaking with (name withheld) and for giving her encouragement from the Spirit of God.  She is doing a tireless but important work and she suffers through difficult spiritual battles.   Your meeting was no accident, My child.  It may seem to be a small thing to you, but this was a spiritual respite for her and a much needed one.”


Jesus, I believe You, but marvel at how seemingly insignificant it might seem to me in past years.  I am learning, though that You often work through the seemingly small occurrences in life.  Though they seem small in our humanity, they must be spiritually very significant.  I believe this, Lord but I am amazed at the way You work through these ‘everyday’ or common occurrences. (common and everyday do not express what I mean… but you understand me, Lord.)


“Yes, My little one.  This is the way I work most often.  My children seldom recognize My Spirit is present and working in many ways and at a great frequency during the daily routines of My Children of Light.  Thank you for being open to My Holy Spirit, My little one.  My child, do not be concerned interiorly about the increase of evil in the world, for this was foretold by Me when I walked the earth.  This increase of evil is an indication of the coming Age of Obedience, for when evil is about to be defeated it becomes full of anger, vengeance, violence and loud (with noise).  My child, the earth groans under the weight of so much sin which has increased to a magnitude never before in the history of the world.  Even the rocks cry out to God, not only in praise but in supplication.  You can see this by the numerous earthquakes experienced throughout the world.  They increase in number year after year, My child.  Do not fear, though for this was foretold in My Word. (see Matthew 24:3-13)   Pray for the souls of your brothers and sisters who do not know the love of God.  Their hearts grow colder as time passes and evildoing increases.  Pray for their conversion and for their hearts to be filled with love for God.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.


“My child, as for you, trust in Me and do not worry or have anxiety.  I am caring for you and I will guide you in the way you should go.  I love you and I am with you.”


Thank You, Lord.  I love You!


“My child, I have told you there will be a great shaking.  Prepare for this spiritually and be a source of encouragement to others.”


Yes, Lord but I pray it will not happen, or that You will minimize this so that souls do not perish who are not prepared to meet You.  Jesus, please lessen the severity of this shaking that You speak of so to save souls.


“My child, it is already lessened though it will not seem to be so when it occurs.  It must come to pass because souls are filled with pride and they do not look to God in this day, to save them.  This shaking will be an act of mercy and will humble the proud and arrogant who think they do not need God.  This event will come about because of My great love for humanity.  Tell My children this is so.  Many blame Me for every negative event in their lives, but they do not give Me thanks or glory for their countless blessings.  Nor do they consider they do not live for Me, and they do not reflect on their sinful lives.  It is prideful for them to go about their lives as if I do not exist, and then to curse Me when things go ‘wrong’.  This is folly My children.  Do you not see the error of your ways?  I want only that which is good for your souls.  You do not trust Me with even the smallest of prayers and yet you curse Me when things in your lives go wrong?  Your reason and your intellect have become murky and clouded by sin so much so that you do not notice how illogical your thinking has become.  Repent and return to Me, wayward children and I will forgive your sins.  Go to the Sacraments, My children.  Return to Confession and be reconciled to Me.  You will regain the peace that you lost long ago.  Return to the love, My wounded children, please return to the One who loves you, before it is too late.  The hour is short and darkness is upon you.”


Jesus, please pour forth graces for conversion on us all and especially on those who are far from You, Lord.  Help us, Jesus to follow You no matter how difficult the road may be.


“My child, I am pleased that you gave your ‘yes’ to Me again for the team of women who will minister to more souls.  I will help you in this work.  Do not be concerned with anything, My child, only have joy and be at peace.  I walk with you.  You will continue to be My instrument as you interact in this mission of love.  Thank you for offering this work to Me, My child.  My peace will flow through you to others.  Be at peace now, My little lamb.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Lord.  Praise You, Jesus for Your love and for Your mercy.  Help me to share Your love and to be merciful to others.  Be mercy through me when I have none to give.  Jesus, I am poor, but You are my wealth.  Forgive me when I offend You, Jesus.  Fill me with Your love to overflowing.  Thank You for Your graces, Jesus.  Thank You that You provide healing and love to all who come to You in need.  Praise You, Lord!


“Thank You, My child.  Go now in My peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  I am with you and My son (name withheld).


Thank You, Lord!  Praise You, now and forever!

January 14, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I adore You, praise You, love You and thank You, Jesus for Your merciful love.  Thank You for Holy Mass last evening and for the wonderful get together with old and new friends, the music, praise and prayer time.  It is always good to be with people who love You.


Lord, what would You like me to do for You this week?  How can I work to further Your Kingdom on earth?  Guide me, Lord.  Keep me in Your Will.  Sustain me, Jesus.  Please heal my friends who are ill.  Please heal my family members who are ill.  Keep each one close to Your Sacred Heart.  Console them.  Comfort them.  Please take all people who will die today and tonight into Your heavenly kingdom.  If there are those who do not know You; reveal Yourself to them, Lord and give them open hearts to love You joyfully.  Jesus, if there are people who do not love You, but have rejected Your love, remove the scales from their eyes and give them hearts of flesh, so they will see You for who You really are, our Lord and Savior.  Help their unbelief, Lord.  Give them the gift of faith.  I pray this especially for (names withheld).  Give them all the wonderful gift of faith, Lord.  Help them to see and to know and embrace the truth.  You are the truth, Jesus.  You are the way.  Show them Your ways, oh Lord. Jesus, please heal (name withheld) completely.  Thank You for the Sacrament of the Sick and that our priests make it accessible for us.  Thank You for giving us the great gifts of the Sacraments!  I don’t know what we would do without these beautiful and life-giving gifts.  Jesus, may we always have priests who will administer the Sacraments for us, Your people.  Lord, please help me next week.  Direct each and every action I take and may each action and every thought and word be in Your Most Holy and Divine Will.  I love You, Jesus.  Help me to love You more.


“My child, I am here with you.  I am present with you in this moment.  Listen, My little one.  The world is about to be shaken.  It will be shaken, but you are not to fear.”


What do You mean, Jesus!  Shaken in what way?  Do You mean physically or are You speaking figuratively?


“I am speaking of both a physical shaking and this will cause people to feel ‘shaken’ emotionally.  This physical shaking will cause mankind to be filled with fear and anxiety.  You, though are to remain at peace.  I tell you this now, My child so that when it occurs you will know that I have already told you it would be so and I have already told you that I will be with you, and you are not to fear but to be at peace.”


“You are wondering how one can remain at peace during such a time.  My child, I will give you this peace, but you must ask this of Me anytime you are not recollected.  You will ask Me, the Prince of Peace for the gift of My peace and I will give it to you.  You will then give this peace that is My gift to others.  You will call on them, assure them that I am caring for them, and you will pray for them and with them.  You will help people in any way that you can and always approach them with gentleness of spirit, kindness, love and mercy.  In this way, you will spread My peace to others, and when you sense that your spiritual peace is diminishing, approach Me for more and I will refill your peace.  I am the source of peace, My child, and I have and I am an endless supply.  I am both the supplier and the supply. (smiling) Always come to Me, My child for every need.  Come to Me with each problem, concern and need.  Say, ‘Jesus, I bring this need to You, the need of my     (x)       , my lack of peace, my wounded heart, my concern for my children,’ whatever the need or concern is.  Give it to Me and ask that I give you what you are lacking or that which you need.  Ask for My graces.  My child, ask for what you need and I will provide.  Trust Me in this.  Trust Me in all things, big and small.”


“My child, this shaking that will occur will not be in every part of the world, but the effect will be felt everywhere.  The result or the consequences from this shaking will impact everyone in some way and to some degree.”


Lord, what can we do to prepare?


“Do as I have said many times previously.  Frequent the Sacraments.  Pray and trust in Me.  Do not give in to the temptations to fear.  Fear is crippling.  It is crippling because a person who is in fear cannot be open to My direction.  A person in fear cannot think clearly, and they are unable to accurately discern what I am guiding them to do.  Be alert to the fear that you already have and ask Me to remove it and to replace it with My Holy Spirit.  Ask for Me to give you a Spirit of peace and trust.  Fear is not of Me, My Children of Light.  You are My children and I am the Prince of Peace; therefore, My children have access to My peace.  Come to Me, My children; I am the reservoir of peace.  I am life.  I am love.  I am mercy and I am peace.  Be at peace, My children, in all things.  When you are at peace, even in the face of great adversity, others will look to you for guidance, because they will not know what to do or where to turn.  You will guide them to Me, My children.  You will guide them to the source of your peace, your Jesus.  Do not ignore others’ physical needs, My children for in this way you show My love.  It is not enough to speak of Me and to talk about Me, and then leave people in their darkest hour, for that is not love.  That is being a clanging gong.  Love must be lived, be demonstrated to others; then they will listen to your words, for they will understand that you are sincere in your love for them.  Is it not true that when someone you respect and trust speaks to you, you listen?  Their words are taken to heart, so to speak because the source is trustworthy.   It is not enough to listen to someone who is full of information, but lacking in love.  In tumultuous times, there are often many people giving advise and information, but it is often a time when people lack trust for their worlds have been turned upside down.  To find someone who is at peace; one who is kind, and who helps out of love, is to find true comfort and consolation in the midst of great trials.  In this way, My Children of Light who have peace and love will be beacons of hope to their brothers and sisters.  My children, this is what I ask of you.”


“My little one, I have heard your payers and I assure you that I am with you in your need.  I am with you in this time of concern and even in the times when you doubt.  I am with you and I understand.  I know exactly what you need, My child.  I walk with you and I experience each pain, each concern, each burden and I tell you that I will supply.  I love you, My little lamb.  I am caring for you.”


Thank You, Lord.  I surrender each concern, each burden and all of my needs to You, my Lord and Savior.  I entrust my life, my livelihood, my family, my finances, my home, all that I am and all that I own to You, my Jesus.  Everything has been a gift from You, Jesus.  All belongs to You, Lord.  I trust You to guide me and to show me, inspire me, and work through me, Jesus so that I take the appropriate course of action according to Your Will.  Give me only Your Will, Jesus.  I give You mine.  Replace it with Yours. 


“Thank You, My little one.  I accept this prayer.  It is very good to pray this way.  Pray also for your brothers and sisters who will go through extreme trials, My child.  I want you to continue to practice this spiritual principle I have taught you about giving each concern to Me and trusting in Me to take care of things.  You must incorporate this into your daily life so that when heavy crosses come, you will be prepared to give everything to Me.  Your grandmother did this very well.  Do you recall a time when she was preoccupied with worry?”


No, Lord.  I don’t recall ever seeing her overly preoccupied with worry or even stressed about things.  She was always calm and matter of fact abut even the major events that would burden the strongest of souls.  They seemed to be smaller in her presence.  She didn’t dismiss them, just put them in perspective.


“Yes, My child.  She spoke to Me about the problems or needs she had and she left them with Me to solve.  She trusted Me in whatever way I chose to solve them.  She walked with Me and I with her.”


Yes, Jesus.  I saw this and being in her presence was always comforting to me.  She didn’t seem to have all the answers, either but she would assure me of her prayers.  She was very wise and loving.  She had a spirit of hospitality, and I never felt that my visits were an imposition on her.  She was such a gracious lady.  I miss her. I miss my mother, too.  Oh, how I miss them but I am very pleased to know they are with You, Jesus.  Please tell them I love them.  Thank You for reassuring me, Lord.  Thank You for Your peace.  I love You, Jesus.  I love You, Mary most holy.  Thank You for Your prayers, Blessed Mother.  Jesus is there anything more You wish to say?


“My child, go about the rest of your day in peace.  Be grateful for all the Father gives to you.  Enjoy the precious moments of peace in your home, and the beautiful family God has given you.  This is a time of grace.  Do not spend this time worrying, My child.  You and My son (name withheld) are to be filled with My peace and My joy.  Trust In Me.  I am guiding you, gently guiding you.”


Thank You, my sweet Jesus.  I love You.


“And I love you.  Go in My peace, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).  I am with you.  I am not off in the distance watching you.  No, I am truly present with you.  You cannot see Me with your eyes, but if you could you would see that I am truly with you, in your midst.  You must trust this.  One day, you will see that it is so.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace, walking with Me, in courage, love, mercy, peace and joy.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Amen!  Alleluia!

January 7, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I love You and am glad to be here with You.  Thank You for Your blessings and for Your presence in this beautiful chapel.  Praise You, Jesus my God and my King.  Happy Feast of Epiphany, Lord!  We come to adore You, just as the Magi did, but I have no gifts to bring You, Jesus.  They brought gold, frankincense and myrrh.  What can I bring You, Lord, King of the universe?  There is nothing, Lord.  Only the gift of myself.  It is not a suitable gift for the Lord God, but what can any man buy?  I will give You my love, my life, my family and my work, Jesus.  I know that is small, but please take me as I am, Lord.  I feel quite like the little drummer boy who could only play his drum for You.  That Christmas story has a sweet ending with You smiling, and I suppose that says everything.  You are pleased with the smallest gifts if they are given from the heart and with love.  Thank You for giving us the greatest gift, Your life.  Jesus, I can never repay You and I’m glad that all You ask of us is to love You and to serve You.  Help me to love You more, Jesus.  Lord, please help all who are away from You and Your Church, to return to Your loving embrace.  Comfort the sick and the elderly, and those who are alone.  Be close to Your children who are dying, Jesus.  Take them to Heaven to live with You forever.  Protect the vulnerable and the weak and send them good and loving caregivers.  Bless Your holy priest sons, Lord and protect the Holy Father from those who may want to harm him or lead him astray.  Surround him with holy advisors, Jesus.  Please protect Your Church, Lord and forgive us our sins.  May we all become holy in this new year, Lord.  I pray for the conversion of the people of our nation and in the world.  Grant us peace in our hearts, our families and in our country and the world.  Protect us from evil, Lord and the plans of Your adversary.  Send forth Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.  May the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph soon, Lord. 



“I love you, My child.  I am with you.  Trust in Me.  In all things trust in Me.  My child, there is a lack of peace in the hearts of men and there are some in leadership positions who plot and plan to do evil.  Their desire is to exert their evil influence over all nations, to rule and to oppress.  Even they do not fully grasp the consequences of their evil plans.  There is corruption in many areas within your world, too numerous to mention; from the highest levels to the lowest levels in all manner of evil.  The cup of transgressions against the Lord God is overflowing and only My Holy Mother Mary and My sacrifice on Calvary holds back God the Father’s wrath, which is just and at the same time merciful.  Evil will be met with chastisements, for it can be no other way for My people who have blasphemed and rebelled against the perfect, holy love of the Trinity.  Man continues on the course of the sin of the fallen angels, that of pride, and of Adam and Eve when they succumbed to the tempter who hates mankind and all I created.  Man can never be equal to God and yet mankind, in its pride and foolishness continues to listen to My adversary and tries to be equal to God.  This is such foolishness, My children.  Repent and return to the Father, Creator of all that is good, all that is life, all that is love.  Foolish men, full of pride work at creating life in their science laboratories.  Where do they think the cells come from that they manipulate and divide?  Where does the essence of life come from if not from God?  They know that each element used to ‘procreate’ comes from Me for they do not experiment and create something from nothing.  And yet, they deem themselves equal to God the Father.  Their so-called work kills the tiny ones created in His image and likeness, as they destroy little babies in their most vulnerable embryonic state.  Evil will stop at nothing, My child, for the evil one is the enemy of all life.  No one is safe in this culture of death.  The scientists conducting these evil experiments will realize one day that their work will bring about their own destruction and that of their own families.  Then, it will be too late.  Awaken, My sinful, foolish children and see the truth in what you are doing.  The days prophesied are at hand, the days when evil is called ‘good’ and good is called ‘evil’.  These days are upon you now, My children.”


“My Children of Light, you are small in number but your prayers can affect much change if only you would pray.  Too few are praying and calling out to Me.  Pray, My children.  Souls are at stake.  Families are at stake.  Your countries are at stake.  The life of the world is at stake.  You must pray and not grow weary.  The times are dire and yet too many of My children are lukewarm in the face of great evil.  How can this be, My children that you have grown so apathetic?  Help My Mother with your prayers and with your love.  Recall these words in Scripture; ‘The prayers of the righteous availeth much,’ so pray, My little Children of Light.  Pray.  If you are praying, pray more.   Go to Holy Mass and frequent the Sacraments.  How many times I have asked this of you and you do as I ask for one or two weeks and then return to the habits of spiritual sloth.  My children, today is the day for you to change.  Do not be like My Apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before I was to die.  They fell asleep and did not watch with Me during My time of need.  The hour is late, My children.  It is the hour of need for the whole world.  It is the time where each and every child of Mine is needed.  Your prayers are needed for this most urgent of days.  Do not fall asleep.  Do not submit your mind to numbing hours of entertainment.  Be vigilant.  Be alert.  Pray and live a holy life according to My commands.  Love your neighbor.  Love your enemies.  Pray for those who are unjust and for those who mistreat you.  Pray, pray, pray. “


“My child, these words are harsh, I realize yet they must be spoken by Me for this is truth.  My children are loved and they must hear before it is too late.  Many souls are lost and more are being lost each day.  Reach out to them, My children.  Bring Me to the world that is in darkness.  You must pray more and show My love more.  My Holy Spirit is with you.  My Mother intercedes for you as do all of the saints in Heaven.  I send angels to help you, but you must act.  You must pray.  You must serve your brothers and sisters in need and by My love souls will change.  Hearts will be open to Me.  I am sending graces upon graces for conversion and I am counting on you, My Children of Light to minister to souls in need of their Savior.  It is time, My children to end all complacency and work to bring about My Kingdom.  The hour is very late.  Do not waste this time you are being given.  Once the time of grace ends, you will lament and wish you had done more for your brothers and sisters.  Please respond to Your Jesus who loves you.  I do not desire that souls perish, but want all souls to gain Heaven.  You are My ambassadors and you are to spread the good news of the Gospel to everyone you meet.  Be bold for Me and speak out in love with hearts full of peace and joy.  You do not need to speak eloquent words from lofty heights or preach sermons, My children.  Do simple acts of kindness and love.  Be joyful.  Have light hearts.  Be loving and merciful.  Do not pass judgement, but forgive others faults.  You must show love to everyone, My children.  This love will change hearts.  It is the only thing that can, and I have shown this perfect love to you.  I love you and have demonstrated My love for mankind.  You have My example to follow.  I give you everything that is needed.  You go and do the same.  Serve as I serve.  Love as I love.  Forgive as I forgive.  It is simple, My children, but it must be lived.  Pray for My guidance and to do My Will each day.  I will work through you, My children but you must cooperate with the grace I give you.  Do not fear.  I am with you.” 


Thank You, Lord.  Help me to do Your Will, Jesus.  I give You my will, Jesus replace it with Your Will.  Give me graces to love heroically, Jesus.  I am weak, but Your love overpowers my poor love and makes it strong.  Direct our steps, Jesus so that we, Your children are guided to those in need.  Fill us with Your love and Your wisdom.  Show us what is needed in each situation.  We do not know the needs of others, Lord but You do.  Love others through us, Your children.  Use me, Jesus to do Your Will and to show Your love to those who are unloved and do not know You.  Thank You for the opportunity to serve You in my brothers and sisters.  Forgive me for missed opportunities, Lord.  Help me to grow in love and service to My brothers and sisters.  Thank You for first loving us and showing us true love, love that is unconditional and give me a heart filled with this love, Your love.  Thank You, Jesus!  Praise You, Jesus.  Glory to You, Lord God Almighty!


“Thank you, My child.  I love you and My son (name withheld).  Go in My peace and in My love.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Take Me to a world gone cold and dark.  Be light, My daughter.  Be light, be peace, be mercy and love.” 


With Your help, Jesus.  Amen!

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