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Children of the Renewal Messages


August 26, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus, ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  It is wonderful to be here today, Lord.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning.  Thank You for (name withheld) and his beautiful homily filled with the light of truth.  Thank You for the gorgeous music, the prayerfulness and the beauty of the Liturgy led by (name withheld).  I am grateful for these holy priests, Jesus who are so very faithful to You and to Your Church.  Lord, I am heartsick today as more information is brought to light of the sinful acts, egregious, despicable assaults on young, innocent men in seminary and early on in their vocations.  It is horrific, Lord.  Jesus, You continue to be persecuted by Your own betrayed by other Judases.  Jesus, I am so very sorry and so sad.  These predators have wounded many young souls who wanted to give their lives to You.  In some cases, they may have put the first of many daggers into the hearts and souls of these people who were victims.  Who knows, only You I realize, how many of these victims committed suicide, or lived as if they were dead, spiritually.  Oh, Jesus, please heal the deep wounds inflicted by people who were their shepherds.  Heal them.  Console them.  Bring them Your great gift of peace after so much misery.  Lord, heal Your Church.  Give us good, holy shepherds who will be like You, Lord.  Purify Your Church Lord, or rather, purify Your people.  Save us, Lord from the enemy who prowls about the world seeking the ruin of souls. 


Jesus, You know of the many people who are ill in our family as well as among my friends.  Thank You for the healing You have begun.  Please continue to heal them.  I pray for (names withheld) and those who suffer from addictions, cancer, lung diseases, autoimmune disorders, emotional illness and protect the vulnerable, Lord.  Protect the unborn, the elderly and all those who depend on others for their care.  Protect the children, Jesus and all the victims of human trafficking.  Help us, Lord to uproot evil, sinister deeds and networks in this country and in the world.  Lord, help us.  Jesus save us from every evil.  Renew the face of the earth, Lord.  May the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary come soon. 


“My child, My child, I understand your sadness.  There is much I have to say to you.  The Holy Father, the Pope is My Vicar on earth.  His role is to lead My Church, to stand in My place as the good shepherd.  The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep.  He is to be father, mentor, high priest, shepherd, brother and trusted counselor to My people.  He is to bring light, My light in the world filled with darkness.  He is to bring the truth to light and to reveal that which is difficult to understand.  He is to admonish sinners, because of My great love and mercy and he is to be courageous in proclaiming the Gospel.  He is to bring peace, healing and comfort to the afflicted.  He is the high priest and is to be holy and wise.  One cannot be wise without holiness and cannot be truly holy and lacking in wisdom at the same time.  My daughter, you must pray for My Vicar, so in need of prayer.  Pray, My dear child.  Pray.  From one who is given much, much will be expected.  Pray for the Church in this grave time.  Pray, all of My Children of Light.  I am counting on you.  The world is counting on you, though it is unaware.  This world is supported by the small number of My holy children.  It is hanging in the balance.  Pray, My children, pray.  Pray for your brothers and sisters who are lost and can’t find their way.  Pray for those who do not know My love or who reject My love.  Pray that evil does not overtake them.  My child, My Sacred Heart is breaking yet again for My people.  You are correct in your reference to those who committed evil atrocities as Judases, for they truly are.  Pray for their repentance and conversion.  Pray for those whom they injured and who were robbed of their dignity as children of God.  The malicious men who assaulted My holy, innocent ones will be severely punished.  I am merciful and I will forgive those who truly repent.  I say to you who are guilty of these atrocities, you brood of vipers, if you do not repent, you will be cast down into the fires of Gehenna by your own evil decisions for choosing to follow the evil enemy of souls, rather than God who is Love.  You were given the holy seal that transformed you into priests.  You were set like a seal on My heart, but your hearts were full of evil, corruption, power, materialism, greed and the evil one used your soul as his playground.  You who gave your souls to the devil, you can still repent for as long as you live.  But, and I warn you, many of you will not repent due to your pride and arrogance.  You will wait until the very last moment to repent on your deathbed but I tell you now, you are not in control of the hour of your death.  I am!  Therefore, repent now while there is still some earthly life in you.  Eternity is a long time for a death sentence in hell.”


“My Children of Light, there is always hope for even the worst sinners.  When one who is at their lowest, repents and is converted it brings much honor and glory to God, so do not give up hope but instead pray and offer penance for the Church needs your prayers, sacrifices and your holy lives as witnesses.  My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph, but until then pray, pray, pray.  Frequent the Sacraments and lead holy lives.  All evil will eventually be brought out into the light.  Then, everyone will breathe more easily as the putrid air gives way to pure air.”


“My little lamb, I accept your suffering for the good of the Church.  Continue to carry your crosses.  Do not be dismayed.  I am with you.  What is going on and indeed has for quite sometime is the battle between good and evil.  It is the great battle for souls.  The enemy wants My Church to fail and he has tried since the very beginning to ruin My Church.  He will not be successful in the end.  My remnant will arise and the Church will be purified as My spotless bride.  How soon this occurs depends upon your prayers, your willingness to sacrifice for the good of souls.  My children, the heavenlies pray for you.  My Holy Mother Mary prays for you.  All the angels pray for you.  But, you must also pray.”


“My little lamb, now that more of My children understand the degree of depravity and corruption occurring in the hearts of mankind and in My very Church, you know why I am using so many of My faithful ones to spread the light of faith  When those of My priest sons, depart from Me I will raise hew holy priest sons and will give even greater graces to the princes of the Church who remain holy, loyal and steadfast in the faith and in their vocations.  I will also give many spiritual graces to My faithful children.  My voice will be heard, out of My deep love for My people.  Just as I looked with pity on My people who were like sheep without a shepherd in the days when I walked the shores of Galilee, so now do I look upon My faithful remnant with deep love and mercy.  I am raising little souls to follow Me.  I am raising holy priests and religious to follow Me and to shepherd My people.  Listen to the voices of My holy priests.  Listen to the voices of My holy Bishops.  You know who they are.  Pray for them, for they, My holy Bishops are enduring great persecution from their unfaithful brothers.  Encourage them, pray for them, offer sacrifices to aid them in their most difficult hour.  I saw them during My agony and they comforted Me.  I saw them when I was betrayed by Judas with, of all things, a kiss; and they brought Me consolation.  When the Pharisees set traps for Me, I knew the Pharisaical ones would always be in the Church yet against the Church just as those Pharisees of old, and I saw the holy Bishops of today and their lives, not yet lived, comforted My heart.  My little children, you comforted Me during My crucifixion.  My Holy Mother Mary stood by Me.  My dearest little John and St. Mary Magdalene stood by Me in My great ‘hour’ of agony and the tortuous hours on the cross.  Your future holy lives visible to Me even then were sources of comfort.”


“I died for all, the Pharisees, the sinners, the evil children following My evil adversary, the pure innocent souls, the saints and the worst sinner of all.  I died for all, because all are My children.  Believe Me when I say, there is hope for every soul, because I paid the price that only I could pay for My children.  So, pray, pray for your shepherds.  Pray for all souls to come to know the love, forgiveness and mercy of God.  My children, when I say pray, pray for souls are at stake.  Now you understand that indeed the stakes are high; life or death; Heaven or hell; good or evil.  Each one must choose.  Choose life, choose Heaven, choose goodness.  Choose God or choose the father of lies, the deceiver.  It is time for each person living on the earth to make the Joshua 24 commitment to serve God or serve evil.  You must decide.  You must choose.  Speak with Me from your hearts and make your claim.  I respect the free will I have given you, My children.  Choose for God so it will go well for you.”


“My daughter, I know your heart is heavy.  Many of My children feel this way.  If your heart is in such a state, think of how somber My Sacred Heart is and that of My Mother.  St. Joseph’s heart is also heavy for he is the Patron Saint of the Universal Church.  It is in this time, this time of great urgency, that you were destined by God the Father to live.  Yes, My children, you were all destined to live in these days.  You are called to be prophets, evangelizers, little lay apostles, bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ into the world.  You are to live lives that are holy and pure.  If you are not pure, go to Confession, confess your sins and be made pure through the words of absolution I have given to My Church, to the priests.  It is imperative that you, My little followers remain pure and holy to defeat the evil of this day.  Evil will be defeated by My holy children.  Pray the rosary given to the Church by My Holy Mother Mary.  Pray the most holy rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Pray for souls.  Pray for the Church.  Pray for the Holy Father, for the Bishops, priests, deacons and religious.  Pray for the laity whom I love most dearly.  Arm yourselves with the Sacraments, Mass and the rosary, My children to stand the test and to be victorious with My Mother on the most glorious day that is coming.  Love, forgive, be merciful as I am merciful.  Be peace.  Be holy as I am holy.  All will be well.  Let us begin.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your words of wisdom and love.  Oh, how we need You, sweet Savior.


“My little one, I am with you.  Do not fear the crosses I allow for you.  Only walk with Me.  Lean on Me, My child.  I told you I was giving you a new mission field.  It is never easy to go into new territory for Christ, My child.  Even missionaries of today have some anxiety when they are going to a new assignment, but they go with the assurance that I am with them.  This is how it is with you, My child.  I have not asked you to go to foreign lands, but to places in your own land that I need you to be.  Take My light, My love, My mercy and My peace with you.  Be yourself, for I created you as you are to reach all those I put in your path.  All that you are, your skills, your talents, your characteristics and even your weaknesses, will serve you well in your ministry to those in need of My love.  Allow Me to be present with you in each and every meeting with others, no matter where or when.  Call on Me and I shall be with you.  I must rely on My children to bring love to the world.  Love and holiness will defeat evil.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, my Lord and my God.  Jesus, I forgot to pray for (name withheld) who suffers so much at the loss of (name withheld).  She faces the false accusations feeling very alone and now she has (condition omitted). Oh, Jesus, have mercy on her.  Rescue her from her enemies.  Heal her of all that afflicts her.  Give her respite in your arms, precious Savior.  Lord, I love You.  All that I have is Yours; my heart, my mind, my life, my work, my family.  All good comes from You, Jesus and I return it to You, Lord.  Help me to live and to die for You, my adorable Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you, My little lamb.  Go in peace, My child.  I bless you and my son (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in the light of My love.”


Amen!  Alleluia!  Thank You, Lord.

August 19, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, adore You and praise You, my God and my King.  I love You, Jesus.  It is so very good to be here with You.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion.  Lord, please bless (name withheld).  Thank You for sending him to us.  Protect him, Lord as well as (name withheld) and all Your holy priest sons.  Bless and protect all Bishops and our Holy Father as well as all Religious.  Thank You for their witness.  Bless all marriages too, Jesus and help us to be witnesses to the world of Your love.  Glory and praise to You, my Lord and my God.


Lord, thank You for helping (name withheld).  I am thankful that she received some encouraging news from the physician.  Please heal her.  Help her to recover.  Console her as she undergoes treatments, as she is suffering much.  I also pray for (name withheld), Jesus.  Heal him of (condition withheld).  Calm him Lord just as You calmed the storm when You were in the boat with the Apostles.  Lord, You can do all things.  Heal (name withheld).  Lord, Jesus please give graces for conversion to all those who do not know the love of God.  Help them come to know and love You.  Bring those who have left Your Holy Catholic Church home.  I pray especially for (names withheld) and for those who are outside the faith.  Blessed Mother may Your Immaculate Heart triumph soon.  Holy Spirit, come and renew the face of the earth.  Cleanse and purify the earth, Lord.  Restore our relationship to You and bring everything into right order.  We need You, Jesus.  We are desperate for You to rescue us from ourselves.  The world has become a dark place with little faith and yet there are still many who love You and believe in You.


Lord, protect the little children from the sinful culture.  Protect their innocence.  Protect them from abusive relationships.  Lord, I am very concerned for the holy innocents.  Jesus, please bind our children and grandchildren to Your most holy and pure Mother.  We consecrate our homes and our family to Her.  Thank You for sending me holy friends, Jesus.  Help me to be a faithful friend, mother, spouse and sister.  Bless those with whom I work, Lord.  Jesus, You said to bring all of my concerns to You and all of my friends and loved ones.  Jesus, I bring them to You and lay them at Your feet.  I pray for the elderly, the preborn and all who are considering abortion or euthanasia.  Give them the grace to see and to know that all life is precious, Lord because life comes from You and we are made in Your image and likeness.  May Your Will be done, Father, on earth as in Heaven and may we live as if we were living in Heaven now.  I love You, Jesus.  Help me to love you more.  Jesus, please bless and protect our President and Vice President.  Protect their families from all evil.  Give the President wisdom and right judgement.  Guide him with Your Holy Spirit to be a holy man.  Convert him to the Catholic faith, Jesus.  Lord, sin is rampant and I pray that You intervene soon out of Your great mercy.  Save us, Lord, from these dark days.  Fill us with the light of Your love.  All is peaceful and beautiful in this Adoration Chapel because You are near, You are present.  How I wish the entire world was like this, Lord.


Lord, I just remembered that I told (name withheld) I would pray for her, too.  She is miserable, Jesus as You know.  Please heal her, Jesus.  I also pray for (name withheld) that she will continue to be well so that she can have surgery.  Help her to have a smooth recovery.  Bless (name withheld) as he begins his Freshman year in college.  I pray also for all who will begin school, Lord and for the younger students who have already started the school year.  Keep them safe, Jesus.  Lord, I am very concerned about everyone who is suffering so.  Forgive me for my long list of requests.  There is much need.


“Yes, My child.  There are many needs.  You are correct to bring all to Me, My child for only I can help.  You are doing just what I advised you to do; to bring all concerns and burdens to Me.  I am patient with your requests because I love you and I love all My children.  I am glad that you desire to pray for their needs.  My child, I never tire of hearing My children’s requests, made from a heart of love.  This is what I desire, that all of My children love one another.”


“My little one, what you were lamenting to Me earlier today, about the state of the world and specifically, the state of souls is true.  You are right to be concerned.  As I have told you many times, souls are in peril.  They have placed themselves in a dangerous place, by following the evil one’s plans.  His plans are for the spiritual demise of My children.  My plans are for My children’s spiritual welfare.  His plans are motivated from hatred.  My plans from love.  I have sent My Mother to reach the souls of My children, Her children, so they will repent and convert before it is too late for them.  Few listen to Her.  The time of Her coming to the world to bring the Gospel message of love will soon end.  Too few pay attention to Her and therefore the time of My justice is close at hand.  In the time that is remaining, My children must pray more for souls in need and without faith in God.  Sin has blinded them to the reality of God and they fall farther and farther away from the One who loves them.  The farther man falls into sin, the more blind they become.  They lose the protection of the Almighty and they are given up to their stubborn and prideful free wills, no longer aware of just how perverse and evil they have become.  Their souls become almost as dark as night, for they have extinguished the light of My grace and the light of My love.  Poor sinful, stubborn, prideful mankind, you no longer recognize God for you have blotted all signs of hope, love, joy, peace and piety from your hearts and minds.  Your souls have become putrid from the evil that rots from the inside out.  Only I can purge this infection from you.  Children, pray for the lost souls who follow evil.  Pray, do penance for them and fast.  Many will fall into the eternal fires of hell.  Some can still be rescued, but your prayers, your sacrifices are needed.  Pray for your brothers and sisters, My children.  If only you knew how much My Sacred Heart grieves for My lost children, you would pray.  I love each soul and desire all to choose My Will, My love and to follow Me into My Kingdom.  Come to Adore Me, My children.  Soothe My Sacred Heart and My Mother’s Immaculate Heart which is consumed with sorrow for Her lost children.”


“My little lamb, I give you My peace.  I give you the gift of trust and confidence in Me.  When the day of destruction comes, and many are confused and filled with fear and terror, I will give you peace and clarity of mind and heart.  Do not be concerned, My child, I am and will be with you.  All will be well.  I will guide you in what you are to do.  The needs will be emergent.  There will be much chaos.  You and your family are to remain at peace, securely in the refuge of My Sacred Heart.  You will be shielded from much of the damage.  I say, much of the damage, because though you will be protected, you must reach out to those who are injured, lost and afraid.  Be another Jesus, another Mary to all in need.  I will give you the strength, the peace, the wisdom, the ability to know what it is each one needs.  I will work through you.  Love each one I send to you as if they were your own children, your own brothers and sisters, as if they were Me, My children, for all are My children.  I love each one, and so must you.  I have prepared your hearts to love.  I have prepared your hearts to forgive.  I have taught you what it is like to lose much, to be on the brink of losing everything, but by trusting in Me completely, you gained hearts of love and forgiveness.  You grew in trust and confidence in Me.  My children, you must put all of these gifts to use now to help your brothers and sisters who will be in dire need.  First, they will have physical and emotional needs and these must be tended to first.  Patience, love, awareness, discernment can only exist in hearts prepared through and by much prayer.  This is why you must pray and increase your prayer.  The time will come when these prayers will need to carry you into My very heart in order for you to help the others.  Listen now while there is order to your day.  Listen to My Heart beating now while you have moments of quiet and solitude.  Soon there will be little time for solitude.  I must continue to make the soil of your hearts fertile so that through the trials, you will bear fruit for My Kingdom.  Do not fear, but only trust.  I am with you.  You have no need to fear when your God is with you.  You are in Me and I am in you and therefore I will work and love through you.”


“My children, things will not be as you thought or as you imagined.  Do not look to the past or to the future that you wanted, only look to Me.  I am your present.  I will be there for you in the future.  Set aside all fear abut yourselves, your friends and loved ones and realize that I love each one with a far greater love than you and so I will provide.  Recall what I told you awaits you in the Renewal.  Recall how beautiful the world will be in the new springtime.  That time will come, My children.  Much purification is needed to prepare the way.  It must be so, My children.  Trust in Me.  Trust in My Most Holy Mother Mary.  Ask for Her intercession and that of the saints.  All the heavenlies pray for you and for all souls.  Ask them to give you their prayers, their advice.  All are brothers and sisters in My Kingdom.  You will be united to Heaven one day and you will experience complete total love, complete understanding and complete joy.  For now, you are called to love heroically.  I have given you many blessings and graces.  What you have not received, you will be given when the time comes and you will be given what is needed to minister to those in need.  Frequent the Sacraments, My children.  Again, I say frequent the Sacraments.  Always be prepared for what is to come, for even those who have been given the information of what is coming, will be overwhelmed due to the timing.  No one can know what God knows.  Man does not have the capacity to know and out of My deep love for you, I spare you the details.  You will be given all that is needed.  I have every grace to sustain you and I will give these graces freely, My Children of Light.  You will see many miracles for I will provide what you do not have.  Be at peace.  Live your lives in love; in My love.  Drink from the water of grace by frequenting the Sacraments.  This grace will sustain you, My children through the darkness to come.”


Jesus, it is already very dark.


“Yes, My child.  Today much sin is done in ‘secret’ and is not visible (as much) to people.  They are not aware (completely) of the evil of the times for they hide their head in the sand.  They do not come close to the heart of their Savior and so they remain as if having blinders over their eyes.  When the Time of Great Trials, the purification comes to fullness, the reality of darkness will be manifested to even those with their heads in the sand.  All will know and there will be many caught unaware.  It is for these, I have prepared you.  You will also be informed of little children in need and some will come to you in need of shelter.  You will do for them all I have instructed.  They will need a safe place to live as they recover from the difficulties and the things they have experienced.  Be Christ to them, My children, care for them as if they were your own.  My little lamb, you will see all the things unfold that I have spoken of with you.  You will understand then, more fully, what I have taught you over these years.  Be at peace.  I have prepared you and your family well.  I have prepared many others like you.  It had to be so, for My Father is the perfect Father and He provides for His children, even in the midst of such darkness and rebellion.  He is love.  My child, this is all for now.  I have said much and there is much to ponder.  Do not dwell on this too much for I desire your peace, your love, your joy.  There is joy in knowing and loving your Savior, your God, your friend.  There will be joy as you have new souls enter your life.  You will give and receive and they will do the same.  Have hope.  Be hope to others.  The winter must come before the springtime.  When winter descends upon you, you say, this winter is dark and the days are shorter, colder, difficult, but always there is hope for you know it will not be winter forever.  One day, as winter progresses and springtime draws near, the days begin to grow longer, there is more light.  The birds begin to sing again, and the snow begins to melt.  You know springtime is coming.  Keep this is in mind, My children, for just as the seasons change, so will the great darkness that has descended on mankind.  The winter will one day give way to the springtime My holy son, your Holy Father Pope John Paul II foretold.  It will come to pass, My children.  Take heart.  All will be well.  Let us begin the spiritual preparations needed.  Begin right away, My children.  Do not waste any time.  Make each day count for the Kingdom.  I love you.  Be at peace.  Trust in Me.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Jesus.  I love You!


“And, I love you, My child.”


Amen!  Alleluia!


“I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace.  Be peace to others.”

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