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Children of the Renewal Messages

September 9, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Dearest Jesus, ever present in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, it is good to be here with You.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning.  Thank You for waiting patiently for us to come visit You, my Jesus, my King.  I love You!  Lord, I am very surprised to hear about the death of (name withheld).   How very sad.  Please take his soul to Heaven.  Comfort and console his family and (name withheld).  Help her to begin anew and to draw close to Your Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  She must be shocked by this sudden illness and death.  Her dreams and plans completely changed.  Take this time of sadness and make it a time of growth and grace, Lord.  Jesus, You said ‘Behold I make all things new.’  Give her Your heart, Lord.  Give her Your peace.  I pray also for (names withheld).  Help (name withheld) to draw close to You through these illnesses and give (name withheld) strength and patience to walk with her husband in the face of illness.  Lord, there are so many people in need of Your healing.  Please heal (names withheld).  Please guide those who have left the Church, back.  For all who do not know Your love may they realize and believe that You are the Christ, Son of the Living God.  Praise You, Lord.


Thank You for holy priests, Jesus.  Thank You!  Please protect them, Lord.  Purge the sin of evil from within the Church, Lord and bring comfort and healing to the afflicted.  Lord, may the new springtime come soon.  Please bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Bring all souls to the joy of conversion and healing.  Reunite all Christians, Lord.  Shepherd us, Lord.


Jesus, I was thinking about the deep sadness and concern, the great depth of anxiety, the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph had for You when You were separated from them as a child.  I can’t begin to imagine how distraught they felt as they searched for You among relatives, then pilgrims and all the people in the city of Jerusalem.  What joy they had when You were found teaching in the temple.  Jesus, there is such joy in finding You.  May all who have lost their way in life have great joy in finding You.  Lead them to You, Lord and give them the joy of their lives.  Jesus, help my brothers and sisters to find You, the Light.


“My child, trust in My plan for the world, for those you love, for those who are lost and for the broken hearted.  There are many things that cannot be understood from the vantage point of those living in these times.  They can only be understood in time, with time and by the light all who reach Heaven will receive.  It is meritorious to trust in Me, especially when you do not understand.  My plan is perfect, because it is for love of souls.  You know this, My child because you have come to believe.  Encourage others in this, for it is truth.  I can be trusted with the best possible plan for each soul.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You!  Sometimes we take circuitous routes to You, Lord.  Jesus, there is so much darkness, even in the church now, but it has been dark in previous times and I know You will bring us through this.  I know, because You are holy, perfect, and merciful, Lord.  In Your justice and in Your mercy, You allow mankind to make choices for good or for evil due to the gift of free will.  But, You will not allow evil to continue to the point of eradicating the Faith.  You always have a small remnant somewhere Lord.  I am thinking of the Israelites in captivity in Babylon.  You eventually freed them, Lord, even though they were in captivity because they had turned their backs on You and had rejected You, the One True God!  We have done this as a society, Jesus.  There are many who love and follow You still, so please have mercy on us, Lord though we are sinners.  Help us to find our way out of this mess with the assistance of Your Most Holy Mother Mary.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My little lamb, you have heard that My Mother is cleaning, purifying, sweeping the dirt and filth and this is true.  All is being perfected and cleansed.  When one cleans house it always looks worse during the process.  Furniture is moved, cleaning supplies are in the middle of the floor, buckets, mops, rags are in sight and everything looks out of place.  This is the way it is when deep cleaning is in progress.  Sometimes it is difficult to see the dust, grime and dirt until it is examined closely.  You have commented before that you didn’t realize how dusty the table was, until the room was filled with sunlight.  This is true of sin, also My little one.  Sinful people do evil under the cover of darkness.  They keep their sins hidden and silence their victims.  Because I am a just Savior, I will not allow evil to continue unnoticed.  It will come under scrutiny by the light of My justice.  Now, My child is the uncovering period.  More evil will be brought out into the light.  It must be so, for the sake of My justice and also My mercy.  Too many innocent victims cry out for justice and justice will be theirs.  The spirit of Judas, the spirit of pride, materialism and greed still tempts those who serve for wrong reasons in My Holy Church.  Pray for these men, My child.  If they do not repent, it will not go well with them.  I have said that those who cause My little ones to sin would be better off had they not been born.  This is a harsh saying, My little one, yet it is true.  Pray for the innocents, but also pray for the perpetrators of such evil for their judgements will be very harsh if they do not repent of their evil acts.  Many lives have been destroyed.  I remind you that I am the great healer of broken hearts and I can deliver victims from these atrocities and raise them to victory.  Pray, pray, pray.  My child, I am with you.  I am with My Church.  The Church will survive just as I have promised, but it will be purified and the cancer must be extricated.”


Lord, I pray for cooperation in the hierarchy.  May the leaders, the shepherds cooperate with Your Will and may they stand for holiness, purity and love. Do not allow evil to be swept under the rug, Lord but faced squarely and challenged in the light of Your mercy and truth.  Let us be about the clearing and cleaning to bring about the new springtime.  Help us to get through the time of ‘spring cleaning’, Lord.


“My child, My child, it will come to pass but it will be some time yet for it takes time to purify hearts.  Once My Church is cleansed it will once again be a light to all nations and a place of refuge.  Keep your eyes on Me and ask My Mother to guide you.  Hold fast to Her hands and do not focus on all that is evil, but focus on all that is good.  Be joy to others.  Be joyful followers, My children.  I recognize that you are weary from the many battles.  This is why you must seek frequent refreshment in the Sacraments.  You need the graces, the strength that I alone give.  Draw nearer to Me, My children.  This is not the time to run from Me for I have not committed this evil that you wish to flee.  Flee evil and come to Me, for I am holy, sinless and pure.  I am all love, goodness and mercy.  Do not confuse evil acts of those in the church, with Me, the Good Shepherd.  The Church is holy, but not so with all its members.  This is not as it should be, My little ones, however sin entered into the world in the Garden and has been in the hearts of mankind every since.  This is why I came from Heaven, was born of Mary taking on humanity so that I, the Son of God and the Son of man could redeem you.  You have been redeemed for a great price, My life.  I poured out every drop of My blood for you, My children and at great pain and suffering.  The depth of My physical suffering was nothing compared to the suffering of My Sacred Heart broken for those who would reject Me and choose hell.  I was tempted, My children and this was My greatest temptation, knowing I would die for all but not all would choose salvation.  My children, rejection by the ones I love so deeply was the cause of My greatest suffering.” 


Lord, please help those who reject You today, to repent of their sins and turn to You.  Embrace them, Lord in the arms of their Savior.  If they only knew how beautiful, how merciful, how loving You are they would have no fear.  Jesus, heal them of the fear they may have.  Give them courage and humility to turn to You.  You always forgive when we have contrition.  Give the graces of contrition to those who do not see the magnitude of sin.  Help us all to repent, Jesus for we are all sinners.


“This is a good prayer, My little lamb.  I will always have mercy for those who have strayed from Me, when there is sorrow for sin.  There must be sorrow for sin, though or there will only be judgement.  While souls are alive, there is time for conversion, so do not wait, My lost children.  If you wait, it could be too late.  You do not know the hour when you will take your last breath and come before Me in judgement.  Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today.  I am the living bread, come down from Heaven.  Come to Me so that you may have eternal life.  My child, My child, the times I have foretold are fast upon you, but you must be steadfast in your faith and firm in your convictions bearing all suffering with love for in this way you and all who sacrifice and suffer for the Church and for souls will gain the victory.  You, My Children of Light bear the light of Christ in your hearts.  Give witness to Me, to the truths of the Faith, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and in this way, you bring the Good News to the lost and forsaken.  Offer all suffering in penance for the sins of the shepherds who have betrayed and in some cases, harmed the sheep.  Pray for those who persecute My Church.  Remember, when they persecute you they are persecuting Me.  My children, I hear your prayers and the cries of My little ones wounded and betrayed.  I know of your pain, for I was with you when you were harmed.  They harmed Me, also.  I did not stand by as one who witnesses a crime, I was not a bystander.  I was with you and in you.  When you were harmed, I was harmed.  When you were victimized, I was victimized.  Their egregious acts were not done in isolation, though that was their intent.  Sin is never done in secret for I am with those who are harmed.  I am also harmed.  You do not understand this, but it is truth, for I am one with you, My children.  This is the meaning of the passages in the Gospel that whatever you do to the least of Mine, you do to Me.  It is also true that whatever you fail to do for your brothers, you fail to do for Me.  Examine yourselves, My children, be the light of Scripture.  Repent of all sins and confess so that you will be renewed by grace, forgiven of your sins and part of the family of God once again.  You who have been wounded, I know how very deeply you were wounded.  My little children who suffer much, who are full of pain and perhaps even filled with fear, I your Jesus understand.  I, too have been wounded.  I was scourged, beaten, humiliated in My humanity.  I was naked as they beat Me; wounded for their and others’ transgressions.  I, too was innocent, having never sinned, for I AM the sinless One.  I was mocked, crowned with thorns that penetrated the outer layer of My brain.  When I thought I could bear no more I was forced to carry a heavy cross, though I had no strength to do so.  I willed Myself to carry it, on My bloody shoulders, for love of you.  I walked the stony road to Calvary with you in mind.  I saw you before Me though you had not yet come into existence.  I did this for love of you.  I, too was faced with people not only wanting to kill Me, but who were killing Me and I forgave them.  I did this so that you would see that you must also forgive.  You must forgive, My children wounded and betrayed.  Follow Me and forgive your enemies.  Pray for those who persecuted and persecute you still.  Through forgiveness, you will break free.  Do not allow them to continue to persecute you by your hatred for them.  Free yourselves from this bondage by forgiving them.  They committed horrible atrocities against you, My beloved and yet I ask you to forgive as I forgive.  ‘This is impossible,’ you say?  It may seem impossible right now, but with My help it is possible.  You must do this, for your own sake.  Give your woundedness to Me.  Give Me the terrible memories, the guilt, the shame, the fear.  Give it all to Me.  Allow Me to have this, My beautiful sons and daughters.  Your wounds are safe with Me and Me alone.  I am the great physician, healer, friend.  Allow Me to heal you.   If you do not think you can forgive at this time, I understand.  All I need is your willingness to try.  In your will, say, ‘Lord, I am unable to forgive these egregious wounds, but I know You command forgiveness of our enemies.  Since I am unable to forgive, You must forgive through Me.  You forgive them, Jesus and teach me to want to forgive.’  Pray this, My children.  This is all I need; your willingness to try.  Your willingness to do My Will, though you are unable at this time.  I will take this open, festering wound, and pour graces for peace, healing and love that you so much deserve and need from your Jesus.  I love you.  You did not deserve to be harmed, My little children of love.  You did not deserve it.  You deserve protection, truth, love, a father and brother who will never let you down, who will never desert you, let alone harm you.  I am this brother, this father.  I will not let you down.  I am with you and in you.  Come, let Me help you to heal and to have victory in your lives.  This does not seem possible, I know.  It did not seem possible to Martha and Mary when I arrived after their brother, Lazarus had been dead three days and was in his tomb.  I raised him from the dead, My children.  You can be resurrected, too.  I am calling to you now, just as I called to Lazarus.  I said, ‘Lazarus, come forth!’  He came to life and immediately heeded My call, even though he could not see due to the cloth wrappings covering his head and his body.  You see, he loved Me and he heard My voice and answered, even from his tomb.  You may feel that you are dead in spirit though your body is alive.  I tell you now, that I can heal you and bring you back to spiritual life and I want to make you whole again.  Only I have the power to do so, but you must do as Lazarus and come forth.  You must come to Me, just as he did.  If you cannot, for you have no strength and you are afraid, then I will send My sweet, pure, tender Mother to you.  She will hold out her kind hands to you.  Take them.  Look in her pure, unspoiled eyes and allow Her to guide you.  She will bring you to My tender, loving arms and you will see all that you are hoping for, all that you need, all that seems too good to be true, you will find in Me, your Jesus.  I love you.  You will be safe with Me.  Come, do not be afraid.  You are safe in My Sacred Heart.  I will make you whole again, but you must come to Me and allow Me to heal you.  Behold, I make all things new.”


Thank You, Jesus, my Lord and my God.  Thank You for Your deep love for mankind, for Your children.  Help us, Lord to come to You no matter how much we have been wounded, no matter how broken and bruised.  Comfort the afflicted ones, Lord.  Thank You for Your mercy and Your love.


“My Sacred Heart is wounded for love of My children.  Console Me with your love, My little lamb, My daughter.”


I love You, my Jesus, my Lord, my God, my Savior.  I love Your Sacred, Merciful Heart wounded for our transgressions.  I love You, Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I love You in the Most Holy Eucharist, in Your Church and in the poorest of the poor.  Jesus, in Your humility, You become bread to nourish our souls.  Teach me to love You in the Eucharist.  Teach me to love You through the crosses You allow me to carry.  Teach me to love You in my brothers and sisters and in those who persecute me.  Teach me to love and to forgive as You love and forgive.  Give me Your Holy Mother to guide and direct me since She followed You perfectly and loved You more than any other human being could love via Her Immaculate Heart.  Help me to be more loyal and faithful to You than I have before.  I love You, Jesus and I want to love You more.  Saints in Heaven and angels ask Jesus to give me graces to love heroically so that I can be more like my Savior.


“Thank you, My daughter.  I love you.  You are growing in love, My child and I will give you graces for love.  Thank you for your love and friendship.  Go now in My peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace and in My joy.”


Amen.  Thank You, Lord.

September 2, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  It is good to be here with You.  Thank You for Holy Mass this morning and Holy Communion.  Thank You for my family, my fellow parishioners and friends and for the many blessings You give to me which I do not deserve.  You are so kind, generous and merciful.  Praise You, my Lord and my God.  Lord, thank You for Scripture and for the teachings of Holy Mother Church. 


Jesus, please comfort, heal and console all who are ill.  Thank You, Lord for healing (name withheld)!  Praise You, great physician and healer.  Thank You for Your merciful love.  Please help all who are ill especially (names withheld), all who suffer from cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Please heal (name withheld) and restore faith in You to (names withheld) and their families.  Please bring about reconciliation with Your Church all who have left including (names withheld) and all fallen away Christians.  I pray that (names withheld) and all their families will be converted and all non-baptized will come through the waters of Baptism in the Holy Catholic Church.  Cover all those who hope in, believe in, and love You with Your holy mantle of protection.  Bless and protect all who have refuges to provide for people during the Time of Great Trials.  Help us Lord in this hour of great need.  Be with us Lord and keep us close to Your Sacred Heart.  I love You, my Jesus.  Help me to love You even more.


Lord Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes.  Please write My daughter.  Today there is little love and very little faith.  Peace in the hearts of mankind has been lost, therefore peace in the homes and in the nations is threatened.  Mankind, busy about many things that are of no consequence, does not notice even family members and friends, let alone strangers.  There is much hustle and bustle as people race from one event to the next from meeting to meeting, concert, to restaurant, work and play, but no time for the Lord God who created the world and mankind.  No time to give thanks for all I have given to each and every person.  There is no time for God and no time for one another.  Even when families are together each person is doing something disconnected from one another.  If they do sit together, the children are hushed so as not to interfere with the entertainment of the moment.  This is not family life, My children, because you are not living, but only existing.  Take the time to talk with one another, to rest, to pray and even to play together with your children.  By doing so, you will be showing respect and care for one another.  When you do your chores around the house, include your children in the work.  Teach them responsibility and respect for the things provided to you by the work of your hands and the blessings of God.  Do not allow your children to be detached from you and from your home.  Do not allow them to think that you, the parents, are their servants.  This is not wise parenting.  Teach them to do things for you and show them your joy that they are doing something to please you.  They will learn to love through work and sacrifice when they make something or do something needed.  Even though young children cannot accomplish the work as you would, it is still worthwhile and good.  Be pleased when they show effort.  Encourage them.  You are showing gratitude and this is how they will grow in virtue and gratitude to you and for God.  Be thoughtful and kind to one another.  Do not put your entertainment first before your relationships.  Live simple lives of work, rest, play, and being together.  This is how the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph lived and taught Me to live.  St. Joseph taught Me to work when I was very young, by making things for My Beautiful Mother Mary.  Fathers, teach your children how to work.  Start with small, simple chores.  Show them what to do, then praise them when they have completed the task.  Teach them to do things for their mother and in this way, they learn respect and love for their mothers.  Doing small things for one another, being grateful for what they do for you is something basic that everyone can do.  This is a simple step on the path to holiness, My children.  Teach your children to do simple acts of kindness for one another and in this way, they are also showing love for God who made each person in His image and likeness.  This is true for everyone, even My children who are adults.  You may think, ‘This is too simple, Lord.  Surely You aren’t speaking to me?  I already know to be kind.’  To which I say, ‘You may know this, but are you doing something kind and loving each day for someone else?  Are you taking time to speak to those you pass each day as you hurry on your way?  Are you being love to your family members and making your homes a place of simplicity, peacefulness and love?’  You may know this, but I want you to renew your commitment and faithfulness for this is one way of living the Gospel.  My children, I realize that many of My faithful ones do not have the home life, the family, the faith being lived by others, that you desire to have.  You are Mine though and I am yours and therefore you are called to live with this love, the love I give you.  You are called to love the other who does not know love, who does not even act as though they desire love.  You must love them.  You may be the only person on earth who will teach them about My love by giving them love.  They may have hurt you time and again, (I am not referring to physical wounds but emotional disappointments or wounds) but you must forgive and love as I have loved.  Remember, I died for you so that you would have salvation and so that you would know how much I love you.  When others do not show love, show them love and mercy.  Be kind, even when they do not return kindness.  Pray for them, My children.  Pray and forgive.  Be at peace for you have a beautiful Father in Heaven who loves you.  He is with you as I am with you.  Be at peace.  All the love you give to those who do not love you in return, will be showered upon you in Heaven.  You will receive this and so much more.  Do not worry, for I see everything, My children.  I know each kind turn you have done for another, each and every smile, every nice and thoughtful act of service done in private and every prayer.  I know every kind word, every time you listened attentively and with love.  I know how you were received and if you felt unappreciated, know that I appreciate you.  I care for you.  I am interested in all that you have to say and I love you.  Nothing you do out of love is ever wasted.  No sacrifice, no prayer, no act of love, no good thought, nothing, nothing is wasted.  Do all for the love of My children for in this way you do it for Me.  I am love, My children.  I am truth.  I am mercy.  One day, your family members will understand and if they do not learn to love by the way you love them on earth, they will know later when they are either in purgatory or living in the joy of Heaven where all are completely understood, known and loved.”


“Be at peace, even in trying circumstances for I am with you.  Your time on earth is fleeting compared to your time in Heaven, so continue to love and serve.  If you have not been one who loves, then go to Confession now and begin anew.  Each soul on earth can begin anew and it is especially easy for souls who have access to the Sacraments.”


You make everything sound simple, Jesus, and it is simple, but not easy.  Lord, it is very challenging for some, especially those in difficult situations in their families.  But, I know You are completely aware of each person’s individual situation and You are with them, Lord. 


“Yes, My little lamb.  Some have very difficult family lives or just one or two very challenging and hard to love family members.  This message is especially for them.  The more challenging the situation, the more meritorious and heroic the love.  It is never easy to love those who do not love in return and yet it must be the way for all Christians.  How will the world know love if My love is not given away for free?  Love freely given, with joy for the sake of love is the way to penetrate hard heartedness, My children.  Even pagans respond to unconditional love and kindness.  This is living the Gospel.  My children I am not speaking about remaining in the home of one who threatens your life or is harming your children.  In these cases, it is not loving to remain in physically harmful environments.  You must protect yourselves and your children from this type of evil.  Still, you are to forgive and pray for those who have injured you while remaining in a safe place.  I am referring to loving and showing love to family members who do not know Me or do not love Me.  I am referring to family members who are occupied with the things of this world versus those of Heaven and salvation.  You must be loving, patient and kind to all family members.  The little souls in your care need to see love in their parents.  They learn from watching you.  What are you teaching them that they will take to their own families some day?  Are you teaching them to leave you alone?  Are you teaching them to constantly entertain themselves with video games and all forms of electronic media?  I can assure you, when they are grown, they will have been taught well to leave you alone and to entertain themselves.  They will have learned to be very self-centered and to neglect their parents and in turn their own children.  My Children of Light, wake up and realize this is not the plan God has for families.  Families are the domestic church.  If you are not living this way, it is time now to change.  Live simple, quiet, beautiful lives.  Teach your children skills for living.  If you do not know how to do this because you were not given these valuable skills, then you can learn.  It is not too late.  Grow something in a pot if needed.  Teach your children to plant seeds and water and tend to them together.  Do simple tasks with them.  They will enjoy spending time with you and they will become your loving children.  They will not neglect you when you are old, because they will love you as you have loved them.  If you do not have children, there are many other ways you can help another child, perhaps in your parish or in your neighborhood.  Ask one to do simple chores for you, perhaps to work in your yard or to carry something for you.  Give them praise for this.  Call their parents and thank them for having and raising such good children.  In this way, you will encourage both the children and their parents.  If you cannot do this, pray for them, smile when you see one another and be kind.  You never know how much your smile means to someone, but I know children.  I know the value of such seemingly small acts of kindness, and though you forget the number of people you have given your smile to, I know each one.  Make the world in which you live, warmer, kinder, more loving and hearts will begin to open to Me, Jesus.  Hearts will be drawn to you because of your love.  This message is simple today, My children because it is needed.  These are urgent times caused by the lack of love and the absence of peace in the hearts of My own Children of Light.  Mine are blending into the culture, and instead of changing it, are becoming part of it.  Mine are called to holiness, to be set apart because of your unconditional love and mercy.  In this way, the holy stand out.  Others notice your humility, your service, your love.  I do not want you to hide from the world, but to show your light.  To hide from others is to cover your light with a basket.  This is not living the Gospel.  Be love, be mercy, be light, be joy.  Love each soul you meet and each one with whom you live.  It is possible, My children because I will make it so.  I will give you the grace you need.  It is yours for the asking.  I am generous, My children and there is enough for everyone.  Ask Me and I will assist you to love.  Give Me your hearts, My children.  I will water your souls with graces each time you pray and each time you avail yourselves of the Sacraments.  When you give love to your enemies, or to those who are difficult to love, My love will replenish yours.  Come to Me in stillness in the silence of prayer and you will meet Me, your Jesus who loves.”


“Be at peace.  I, your Jesus, am with you.  I love you and you are Mine.”


Thank You, Lord.  I love You and am grateful for Your beautiful words of love and wisdom. 


“And I love you, My child.  Thank you for writing My words.  I know your fingers are sore today and it is difficult to write.  I thank you for your sacrifice and for the love you have for your brothers and sisters.  My child, I am with you.  Do not become disheartened by all that you must do.  This is a difficult time.  Allow Me to carry you.  Allow (name withheld) My son to carry you.  All will be well, My child.”


Oh, Lord, thank you.  (Name withheld) already does so much around the house.  He takes care of so many things.  I feel sometimes that I am not doing my part, but you know this, Lord.  I sound ungrateful.  Please forgive me.  I know that by working, I am doing Your Will.  I am finding it difficult to pray as much as I used to when I wasn’t working.  I miss this time with You and praying with (name withheld).  Please help me, Jesus to find time to pray.  Help me, Lord.  I miss the routine of prayer we had.


“My child, I will help you.  Remember to pray during the day and that I walk with you.  Your work is one way that you pray.  Your classes, offered to Me, become prayer.  Recall that I have given you a new mission field.  You are taking Me to others, My daughter.  I will help you to adjust to this new schedule.  Bring your concerns to Me and do not worry.  I, your Jesus, will carry you.”


Thank You, Lord.  I am counting on it!  I love you.


“And I love you.  Now you may sit quietly with Me, My little one.  Let us enjoy one another’s company.”


Yes, Lord. Thank You, Lord.


“I bless you, My child with the sign of My cross.”


Amen, Lord.


“Go in My peace.”

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