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Children of the Renewal Messages

October 14, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus, present in the Blessed Sacrament.  It is so good to be here with You.  I need this time with You, Lord.  The world has gone crazy, Jesus.   Not the entire world, of course but You know what I mean!  There don’t seem to be many sacred spaces (other than here in Your chapels), Lord.  What I used to think were places relatively safe from false ideologies where one could be free to learn and worship in safety, seem to have vanished.  They now are home to people who have infiltrated our Catholic environments.  They twist young, vulnerable minds and hearts with their evil thoughts, so sinister that they poison with sweetness.  Their chocolates are laced with arsenic and they convince vulnerable people at the age of such passion for truth and liberty of goodness in evil and being tolerant of sin and lewd conduct.  Lord, You were intolerant of sin, but loved the sinner.  Young people are being taught to love the sinner in their sin and to accept them as they are with no call or invitation to change to recognize the need for change, for wholeness is branded as being full of hate.  Oh, Jesus, You forgave the sinner and said, ‘Go and sin no more.’  This is considered ‘hate speech’ in our culture.  I know it is the opposite, Jesus.  Lord, this is no longer just me in the secular society, but secular society has taken over our Catholic universities and seminaries.  There are few places young people can be educated these days and be free from brainwashing.  Lord, God help us.  Save us from ourselves, Jesus.  Rescue us, Lord.  Our shepherds are either part of the problem or are afraid or too timid to speak out.  The ones who do speak out have little authority to affect change.  Jesus, what are we to do besides pray and fast?  I know prayer is powerful and fasting makes prayer even more so, but Jesus what else should we do?  Thank You for blessings we have, Lord.  I am grateful we still have Mass, Jesus and the Sacraments.  Please protect Your holy priest sons and religious.  Thank You for those shepherds who are still faithful to You and to Your people.


“My child, My child, did I not tell you it would be this way?  I have told you of this time and what is to come will be worse if My children do not pray more and frequent the Sacraments.  So many of My children worship Me and acknowledge Me once a week but do not live as Christians during the week.  They pay Me lip service, and think about living for Me, but proceed with their lives of entertainment and pursuit of material things.  They do not live the Gospel message.  They do not live as followers of Christ.  They blend in to the world and the culture so much so that the world cannot see that they are Christians.  This is why, My little lamb, the culture has taken over the Church.  The Church is called to holiness, to be a witness to the world and to change the culture.  My child, I know your heart is sick and you are very discouraged.  You cannot feel otherwise when you are a true follower of Jesus.  Therefore, continue to spread My light.  Seek My face and be filled with My peace and My mercy.  Your job is to love and follow Me.  I will work through you where you are; wherever you are just as I put your family in the right place and time yesterday to assist another brother.  Walk in My light, My little lamb.  Do you not see My hand in all things?  Yes, I know that you do, but I remind you of this.  I know every hair on your head.  I know exactly where you are at all times, for I go with you.  I know this about each and every one of My children.  There is no hiding from Me.” 


“To My children living in evil, listen well.  I know each and every evil deed committed and every lie taught to My children.  You will pay a very dear price for leading My little sheep astray.  So much so, that you will one day wish you had never been born.  Repent, I say.  The day of the Lord is coming like a thief in the night and you do not know when.  Therefore, repent now I say.  There is very little time for you.  This country has been given a reprieve and only God the Father knows how long this reprieve will be.”


“As for you, My little lamb, help your brothers and sisters.  Do what little you can and I will do the rest.  Pray and continue to be open to My Holy Spirit.  Those who cooperate with God now will be used in a mighty and powerful way for such is this time of grace.  I have given you powerful weapons in the prayer of the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Pray these often now, My child.  Speak with Me throughout your day.  I will guide you.”


Thank You, Jesus!  I know You are with me and I am grateful!


“Share all that is going on in your life, My (name withheld).  I am here to help and to give you guidance.”


Yes, Jesus.  Please go before us today and give us peaceful and loving hearts, even in the midst of such evil.  That will be miraculous, Lord when I feel so much restlessness and concern.  Sometimes I want to remain in the safety and security of my home, but I know that even there it is not safe.  The world will encroach on even our homes if we don’t stand against the tide of the culture of evil and death.  Help me, Lord when I am at work and I have to see the agenda of evil presented as good.  Help me, Jesus when I go to the university and see the victimization of family life, marriage and holiness, presented as evil.  Jesus, this is the age of lies and wickedness.  Truly it is as You said, worse than in the days of Noah.  Lord, save us.  Protect our children and grandchildren.  Please, Jesus it is enough and only You can save us.  


“My child, do as I have said.  Remain close to Me.  I will go with you into the world where I will touch hearts through you.  You must not hide your light, the light of Christ, under a basket, but put it on a stand for all to see.  If you are persecuted, it will not matter.  I was persecuted, too.  This world needs more brave souls standing for Christ, your Savior.  You were correct in what you told My little (name withheld); ‘It is time we took back our Church’.”


I am sorry I was so bold, Jesus as if we can do this.


“You were correct, My little lamb; it is time.  It is past time, but still it is time now.  I work through My children.  You all must stand for Me while there are still people standing.  There is little time My (name withheld).  Be filled with hope, though for all is happening according to My plan, the Will of God!  Do not fear.  There is nothing to fear when I am with you.  Wear blessed objects, use holy water blessed by a priest.  Carry Me in your hearts and be of good cheer.  Remain humble and merciful.  Rely on your Jesus.  The evil one hates the humble of heart.  He cannot harm you when you are marked with holy water and sealed by Me.  This is My Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”


Yes, Jesus I believe what You say, but it sure appears otherwise.  I can see why Pope Benedict said the Church will be smaller but holier.  I can see the smaller part and I’m sure with more purification we will be holier.  Jesus, I think about the words of our first Pope, St. Peter, when he said to You, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go, You have the words of eternal life.’  There is no other place to go, and I will remain in Your Church, the one, true Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Jesus, please return the Church to the holiness You intended.  I know there have always been Judases, but please purge them from the many positions of power they have, the many places of authority.  Expose them, Lord, then route them from our midst.  May they repent and change their ways, Lord.  Make us all holy, Lord through Your grace.  Use us wherever we are needed, Lord.  My family will serve You, Lord.  Praise You for all You are, the Lord, God, King of Heaven and Earth.  Jesus, there are six young people in Adoration!  Now my heart is filled with hope.  This is a sweet sign, Lord that You are alive in the hearts of young people.  Jesus, renew the faith in our young people.  Thank You, my Lord.  Blessed Mother, Queen and Mother of the Church raise holy young people to lead our Church.  Teach us, good and holy Mother.  Help us to protect our children as you and St. Joseph protected Jesus when you fled to Egypt to avoid the slaughter of Herod.


Blessed Mother speaks: “My daughter, God will guide all who listen to His voice.  Open hearts, willing spirits, obedient children hear God the Father’s voice, hear My Son’s voice and will be moved by My Spouse, the Holy Spirit.  Just as St. Joseph heard in a dream the angel guiding him to take us and flee to Egypt, so will it be in these days for those who pray and live God’s commandments.  Those who have love in their hearts and try to live holy lives will know and hear My Son’s voice.  He is always guiding and directing, for He is the Good Shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep.  It is only a matter of being in a state of grace to recognize His voice.  Do not despair, nor be discouraged, but instead trust.  God will provide an answer to every difficulty.  What is needed is trust.  Praise God for all He is and for all He has done for humanity.  He is to be praised, in every circumstance.  When you praise Him, you join your praises to those of the angels and saints.  You become united with the inhabitants of Heaven who are your brothers and sisters.  Be people of hope for your hope is in God.  Keep your eyes on Heaven, My child.  Heaven must be in your line of sight at all times.  That is the way to deal with reality, by focusing on the reality of Heaven.  Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Let My Son’s words always be in your heart and on your lips.  These words will be a consolation to you as well as a plea to the Father.  These are God the Son’s words and they hold power, the power and love of My Son.  My child, I am the Mother of the Church, for My Son put me in this place, and I intercede for His Church.  I will, and I am protecting it.  You know that this entire state of affairs was prophesied, and you are living to see it.  My children did not heed the warnings given to them at Fatima and they have not listened to Me in the countless other places God sent Me to appear.  Sadly, this is the result.  It is not only the priests and Bishops who have sinned, who are to blame, but also the laity for many, many have brought this about by sinfulness and lack of repentance.  My Son has not done this, as some think.  He has preserved His Church in spite of mankind’s wretchedness, out of His Infinite Mercy.  Yet, mankind’s repentance and return to holiness will bring about the renewal that Holy St. Pope John Paul II, My son spoke of many years ago.  My Immaculate Heart will triumph.  For now, you and My other little ones are called to pray and make sacrifices of penance for the many sins that offend God.  I will bless you with My Motherly blessing and send graces to you for love, holiness, and courage.  I will protect My children under my Motherly Mantle so do not fear.  Your Mother is beside you.  Jesus is with you.  His Holy Spirit is with the Church.  Remember, there are many more good and holy priests and Bishops than there are sinful ones.  Support and encourage them.  Pray for them.  They are your brothers.  Love them.  They need your support and your prayers now more than ever to stand against the tide of evil that wants to overtake the Church that My Son died for, so pray much, love much, forgive much.  Another, like the one you love, will be raised to lead the Church.  My Son Wills it.  Be love, and be like My Son.”


Thank You, Blessed Mother.  It’s been too long since we’ve talked and Your beautiful, motherly words are like music to my soul.  Thank You!  Jesus, thank You for Your Mother.  Where would we be without Her?  Praise You, Lord.


“Do you feel better now, My little lamb?”


Yes, Jesus.  I have peace restored to my heart. 


“She has that affect on Her children.” (smiling)


Thank You, Lord!


“You are welcome, My child.  Go in peace now.  I will be with you in the meeting with your family this afternoon.  All will be well.  Trust your loved ones to Me, My child.  Give them to Me.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.


“Go now in My peace and in My love.  Be mercy to all you meet.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen!  Alleluia!

October 7, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus always present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  It is very good to be here with You.  Thank You for this great opportunity to sit with You and visit face to face, Jesus.  Praise You, my Lord, my God and my King.  There is much peace when I am in Your presence, Jesus.  The silence and Your presence console me.  I bring every burden and concern to You and lay them at the foot of Your holy cross.  Take them, Lord.  I trust You with each one.  I trust You with each friend and family member. 


Lord, please help (name withheld).  She is so ill (condition withheld).  Jesus, heal her.  Help her, Jesus to be well and whole.  Lord, if You do not heal her I’m afraid she will die and at such a young age.  Her children and her husband need her.  The world needs her.  You know all of this, Lord.  You know everything.  Please heal her if it is Your Holy Will.  Jesus, be with all who are ill.  Give them graces for healing and draw them ever closer to Your Sacred Heart.  Lord, please heal (names withheld) and all who are in need of healing.  I pray for those who are away from the Church, especially for (names withheld) and all fallen away Catholics.  Please bring those who are outside of the Church into the Church, for (names withheld).  Strengthen us all, Jesus during these most difficult times.  Help us to continue to grow closer to You, Lord.  Please guard and protect all priests, Bishops, religious and the Holy Father from every evil.  Surround them with holy and wise friends and advisors.  Root out all that is evil and all who undermine the Church and her people.  Purify Your Church, Lord and bring about the New Springtime.  May Your Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven and may we love as if we were living there now, Lord.  Give us willing hearts, clear minds and able bodies to serve You as You desire, Jesus.  Lord, I pray for the men on the Cursillo retreat.  Bless them with many graces, and also their families who sacrificed for them to be on retreat all weekend.  Help them to go forth from the retreat living out the Gospel message and being a light in their environments.  Set the world on fire with Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the Earth.  Lord, You know my special intention for (name withheld).  Please help her to live out Your Will for her life.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Help me to trust You even more, Lord. 


“My little lamb, you are becoming more aware of the current darkness and the clouds that cover My Church due to the sins that have consumed the souls of some of My sons.  I know how you feel, My child.  Many of My Children of Light suffer during the agony in the garden of this day.  My Children of Light, I remind you that you are the Church Militant.  You are in the midst of a great battle for souls and you must be My Soldiers of Light.  You are in My Holy Mother Mary’s army.  I remind you during this month of the Most Holy Rosary to pray as never before for My Church, for souls and for the coming of the Holy Spirit.  I ask for a great tsunami of prayer now, at this time.  May your prayers storm Heaven so that graces may rain down upon you and that you will once again be the salt of the earth.  My children, the Will of God is that you will become holy and pure now, in this current age and now while you are alive.  It is God’s plan for His children that you live holy lives so that you will be an example of prayer, holiness, love and peace to all you encounter.  Since there are many souls in peril and there is much darkness on account of sin, you are being called to the front lines to be defenders of the faith, teachers, servants and friends to those in darkness and in the shadows of death itself.  Through prayer, sacrifices, fasting and frequenting the Sacraments, I will anoint you with special graces for these days.  You are marked by My Seal.  You are called to be My disciples.  It is for this reason, due to My love, that you have been baptized into My Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the one true Church, so that by your life your witness, your service, you will rescue souls.  I am counting on you, My Children of Light, to bear My Light, My love, My peace to a world in darkness.  I will help you, My children, but you must be willing to accept My call, My invitation.  Give me your ‘yes’ dearest children.  I have no others to count on, no others waiting in the wings, so to speak.  It is to you, I look with anticipation.  Will you accept?  Examine your hearts, My little ones.  What is holding you back?  Does something separate you from Me?  What is in your life, or in your heart creating an obstacle to My Will.  Let us examine this, and remove it at once, so that you are free to join My Mother’s army to usher in the Era of Peace, the New Springtime.  Do not be afraid for I am gentle and merciful.  I will give you every grace for this mission.  So much so, that it will not seem to be as difficult as you may think it will be.  Come, My children.  Be confident in My love for you.  Trust in Me and you will not be disappointed.  Decide for God’s Will, My Children of Light.  There is no time now, no room for those who are lukewarm to remain so.  You are either for Me or against Me.”


Jesus, I love You and I want to do Your Will.  Help me, Lord each and every moment to live within Your Will.  Enfold me in Your Sacred Heart, Jesus so that I will never stray from You.  Lord, I am weak and I often fail to please You, but You know my heart.  You know that I desire to please You.  I want to be well disposed to accept every grace You have to offer.  Give me whatever I need to always remain faithful to You, my dearest friend.  Forgive me for my sins, Jesus and please don’t allow me to fall again.  That is not possible for me, Jesus but with Your grace and by Your power all things are possible.


Lord, I am so happy that (name withheld) has recovered enough to return to Adoration.  Praise You, Jesus!  Thank You, my Lord.  You are so good to restore our friend to health.  How wonderful that both (names withheld) are here!  Thank You!


“My little one, I hear each prayer, each praise and every grateful prayer of thanksgiving.  You are welcome.  Your gratitude pleases Me.  Your joyfulness for love of God and your fellow man consoles Me.  Your heart is good, My child, so much like your Grandmother’s, and your Mother’s hearts.  They pray for you.  They love you.  They offer little waves of encouragement and ask Me for graces for you and for each sibling and each grandchild and great grandchild.  Do not think for one moment that your family in Heaven forgets you for it is to the contrary.  Their hearts and minds are much more closely united with those remaining on Earth.  Rejoice when you have so many holy family members who have come to join Me in My heavenly kingdom.  Be grateful and be filled with joy.  You come from a long line of faithful followers of your Jesus.”


Oh, thank You, my Lord for this great gift.  I am filled with joy and gratitude.  I have no words to express my appreciation for Your gift of salvation.  Jesus, thank You for shedding Your holy, precious blood on the cross.  Thank You for the salvific act that saves us and enables us to live with You forever and also with our family and friends.  What great love You have.  Jesus, give me some of this great love.  Increase the love in my heart for others, Jesus especially for those who may be more difficult to love.  Help me to see You in them, Lord.  Help me to see what You see in others.  Give me eyes of faith, Lord.  Give me graces to love heroically, Lord so that I can be a conduit for Your love.   Only You can make it so.  Jesus, have You anymore to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  Be aware of My presence with you.  My Spirit desires unity with you.  Continue growing closer to Me, My little lamb even while you are at work, or studying or serving others.  Know that I am with you.  Really know this by opening your heart more and more to My presence!  You do not need to know how to do this, little one, only be accepting and open.  Respond to the promptings I send to you just as you did today when you sensed (name withheld) was in need.  You turned to see what she needed and then acted right away.  You did the same when you welcomed (name withheld).  Your joy at seeing him gave him encouragement and made him aware that he still has value and dignity.  I love My friends who have lived long lives and have remained faithful for decades, despite hardships, sorrow, loss and pain.  They withstand all of life’s tests and crosses and bring Me great joy.  You are correct to honor them and treat them with love and joy.  Your patience is a sure sign of My presence within and this is good, My daughter.  Be confident in My love.  You are My daughter.  Do you realize the greatness of your position?  You are a daughter of God, you are a daughter of the King of Heaven and Earth.  Reflect on this, My child.  I desire all of My children to realize what it means to be a daughter and son of God, the Most High King.  All of you are princes and princesses and you must behave in such a way that shows the world that you are holy and that in spite of this great dignity, because of this great dignity that you are also humble, for I chose you; I created you all from nothing.  This is My desire for you, to be like Me.  Be love, be joy, be holy and pure, be faithful to God and be merciful.  I desire all of My children to join Me in Heaven one day and so you must pray more and ask for the graces needed each day to work with Me and save souls.  Ask each day for needed graces, My children for each day requires specific graces for the tasks at hand.  Each day is unique and so requires specific, unique graces to equip you for the people you will encounter and the work I will ask you to do.  Remember, you are not alone in this work.  I will send others to assist you and if there are no others, I will send the angels to tend to each and every need.  Remember to ask the saints in Heaven to pray for you.  You have everything necessary to succeed.  My Church has the Sacraments, My Word, My Apostles to guide and teach you.  You, My children be the balm on the wounds of My body, the Church.  Be full of hope.  My Mother guides you.  You are in the best of hands, the hands of the Immaculate One, My Mother and your Mother, the Queen of the Church.  All will be well.  I am with you.”


Go now in My peace, My beloved.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  I go with you, My child.  Be of good cheer.”


Thank YOU, Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you!”



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