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Children of the Renewal Messages


December 30, 2018, Feast of the Holy Family,  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar!  It is wonderful to be here.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning and for Father’s excellent homily.  Merry Christmas, Jesus!  Thank You for coming, Infant Jesus to Bethlehem.  Thank You for becoming man, taking on flesh to be one like us!  Thank You, my Savior, Redeemer, my God and my King.  Lord, during this Christmas Octave, release the souls in Purgatory and grant them the graces of Heaven, Jesus.  Give them the longing of their hearts, to be with You.  Lord, please be with (name withheld) during his travels and keep him safe from all harm.  Thank You for his time here with us.  We are grateful.  How happy his family will be to have him home with them for New Year’s Day and the Feast of Our Lady.  Lord, please help (name withheld) while he is our only priest.  May the angels and saints assist him.  Help us to do what we can to help, also.  Help us to know what we can do to assist.  Lord, increase vocations in our diocese and in the whole world.  May men whom You are calling, hear and answer Your invitation, Jesus.  I pray for an increase in all vocations from the priesthood to religious life and marriage.  Help us to strive to live holy lives, Lord.  There are so many blessings from You, Jesus and I am very grateful to You for all You do for me.  Thank You that (name withheld) wants to go to (location withheld), Lord.  Thank You for my beautiful husband who supports me in my desire to go and (name withheld) too.  Bless him, Jesus and bless (name withheld) while we are away.  Give them both many graces from Your Mother.  Lord, may we all do Your Holy Will in 2019 as never before.  Increase our love for You and for our fellow man.  Bring about a deep and great conversion of heart for all those in the U.S.  May a great revival and renewal of the Holy Spirit spread throughout our land and the fire of Your love inflame our hearts so much that our love and zeal for You usher in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Renewal.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Give me the grace to love heroically, Lord.  I do love You, Jesus.  Help me to love You more.  Jesus, help (name withheld) to get well and to be holy, too.


“My child, it is good that you are here with Me in this hoy place.  Thank you for your faithfulness to adore Me in the Most Holy Eucharist, especially in this season of love, the season of My birth to the world.  It is the darkest time of the year and only fitting for the Light of the World to come into the world at a time of intense darkness.  The Light came to purify and sanctify the world and mankind’s hearts.  The ancient of days came during the darkest of days to bring light into the world so steeped in sin.  My pure, spotless mother ushered Me in through Her Immaculate, burning love and Her desire to welcome the Messiah.  God smiled on the world because of the pure and bright flame of love that was My Mother.  My child, when the world tries to tell you that one holy soul is insignificant, think of My Mother.  One holy soul is very significant and can change the course of history.  In fact, holy souls do more to impact the world than a thousand and even a million unholy souls who have unique talents.  Mankind looks to scientists and physicians and others who invent things to make life convenient, or who find a cure for disease as people worthy of adoration.  They do often have a positive impact on humanity, it is true but there is no one who has a greater impact on mankind than holy souls.  No one in the world had a greater impact (upon those born fully human) than did My Holy Mother Mary, the Immaculate One, for She brought forth your Savior.  Oh, if only everyone strove for holiness.  The world would truly be a blessed place.  Hatred would cease, and therefore peace would reign in the hearts of mankind.  I say, ‘strove for holiness’ because even if people tried to be holy, but fell into temptation, and got up from their fall, trying again and again, the world would be at peace.  Today, many do not ever try to be good, let alone holy.  There are also many who believe it is impossible to be holy and so they do not even try.  They give into evil as if it was their lot in life.  This is because they do not believe in the transforming power of My love and in graces from God.  Educate your children and grandchildren so they come to know about God and the love of God.  Teach them about My great mercy.  Be joyful with them so they see what love looks like in a soul who loves God.  Your witness has a deep impact on young souls, My Children of Light.  If only you understood how each and every action and thought impacts not only those around you, but the whole world.  Holy souls matter.  Be holy.  If you do not know what holiness is, read the Gospels, read the lives of the saints and you will know.  Then be close to Me.  I will give you graces for holiness when you repent of your sins and when you seek Me you will find Me.  I await your return to Me.  I await your return to the Sacraments.  I long for your return to the family of God and to the merciful Father who loves you unconditionally.  This is the season of grace, My Children of Light.  This season of grace is for My children who have strayed and are far from Me.  Come to the Light.  Come to the One who is truth.  Come and return to your Jesus who loves you.  You will not regret it, My lost little children.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Lord we are all lost children.  Even those of us who love and follow you are not holy as You desire us to be.  We are not spotless, blameless, pure children.  We are sinners, also, Jesus and perhaps worse since we know better.  We know You!  Forgive me, Jesus for I am a sinner, too.  You continue to point out sins and flaws, Jesus.  You lovingly correct and console at the same time.  You are mercy itself.  Help us to desire holiness, Lord.  Help our hearts to burn like flames of love for You!  Oh, my Beloved, who is also my God, make my heart a flame of pure love for thee.


“My little lamb, for so long you have prayed this prayer of love. You were quite young when you first said this to Me and you haven’t forgotten it.”


No, my adorable Jesus.  How would I forget something that the power of Your love and by the light of the Holy Spirit, has been written on my soul?  I don’t know where I got this.  I must have read that some saint prayed this.  I do not remember but I can see in my mind’s eye the beautiful card I wrote this prayer on and I must have said it thousands of times if I said it once.  You gave me this prayer, Jesus through someone, though I don’t know from where.


“My child this is a prayer that precedes the prayer of the Flame of Love devotion.  The Flame of Love is My love that burns perfectly in My Most Holy Mother Mary’s heart.  She was the first to love Me in Her purest way and the Flame of Love to which She refers is Me, Jesus.  She has Me in Her heart and I am Her Flame of Love.  I, the Light of the World, the prayer you began to pray in your young life springs from the Holy Spirit as you said, but was derived from the Heart of My Mother.  This is a beautiful love song to God and it gives Me joy to hear you pray it.  Do not forget this prayer, My child and pass it on to your children and grandchildren.  Say this prayer often My little lamb for by this desire for love of God, Christ, the Light of the World, the Flame of Love will sanctify your soul and the souls of all who seek Me and love Me.”


The prayer:  Oh, my beloved, who is also my God, make my heart a flame of pure love for Thee.


Thank You, Jesus!  You use every means to draw us close to Your Sacred Heart.  I love You, so my adorable Jesus.  Lord, please help all who are sick, especially (names withheld) and all who are away from the Church.  Help us all to do Your Holy Will, Lord.  Prepare us for what is to come, Jesus.  Help us to work hard for You, Lord to prepare for Your coming into the world.  Send graces for conversion, now in this time of grace.  Open men’s hearts to receive Your great love.  Then, help us to give Your love and mercy to others.


“My child, My child a time is coming when you will witness great changes in the world.  When this occurs do not be afraid.  Do not bury your head in the sand, either, but be on guard and be aware.  Rather than going into hiding, you must reach out in love to those in great need.  Begin to do this now, as you did at the feast of My birth.”


I did very little, Lord.


“My daughter, it was a beginning.  Continue this and help the poorest of the poor.  By your love, and even small acts of kindness, you help Me to change hearts.  Trust Me in this, My child.  You do not see the fruits of these acts now, but they take root and produce fruit in the hearts of others.  You will not see this in the world but will know in Heaven.  Take advantage of this time of grace and look for many ways to help those in need.  Later, when the Time of Great Trials is in its fullness, you will not need to look for ways to help, because it will be obvious and ever before you.  It will be everywhere you look, My child.  You cannot imagine this now, but you will remember My words.  At that time, you and your husband and family are to be docile to My promptings.  I will direct you and you have nothing to fear.  You know your mission, My child for we have discussed it for years, but to prepare for this, you must act now.  Put this first in your lives.  Make this your work, even as you go about your current lives, now.  Live your vocation by loving and giving of yourselves to others.  You already have a generous, loving heart.  It is only a small shift in focus that I ask of you and My son (name withheld).  Pray for guidance and guidance will be yours, My son (name withheld).  Be open to My Holy Spirit.  Ask St. Joseph to show you how to better serve Me, just as he was perfect in his love for Me and for My Mother.  I am asking you to be this for your family and for Me.  Put Me first, My son.  Lead your family and be the loving, just, holy priest of your family and all who I send to you.  My (name withheld) be the heart even as My (name withheld) is the head.  Become like the Holy Family in your love and in your sacrifices and in this way, you will grow in virtue and in the heroic love that I desire to implant in your hearts in a new way.  Pray much so that I can water your souls.  I will provide much so that you can share much with others in need.  Be filled with joy now, My Children of Light.  Give MY joy and My love to others.  Be merciful.  Be love, be peace, and be joy.  All will be well for those who walk in the light and for those who return to the light.  Go in peace now My child.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Trust in Me for everything.  I love you.  I am with you.”


Amen!  Alleluia!  Thank You, Jesus!  I love You.  Let us begin.


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