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Children of the Renewal Messages

September 29, 2019 Adoration Chapel

Dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, hope in You, love and adore You!  Thank You for giving me the opportunity to be with You today, Lord.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion.  Praise You for this blessed time together in Adoration where we have You all to ourselves!  I know this chapel should be packed with lines out to the street to get in to see You, Lord.  Still, I am selfish and relish this time that (name withheld) and I have You to ourselves.  Jesus, I know You long for this place to be filled to overflowing and for that I am sad.  Thank You, Lord for Your presence here in this place.  Lord, please bless our pastor and all the pilgrims leaving on pilgrimage.  Keep them all safe and grant them traveling mercies. 


Lord, You know all of my concerns and my burdens.  Jesus, please help my family members who are undergoing so very many trials.  Please heal (names withheld) marriage and heal my family members suffering from emotional trauma, anxiety and depression.  Help my children and grandchildren and bring all to the Sacrament of Baptism and Holy Communion.  Lord, I am concerned for (names withheld) who have not been baptized and for those who are outside of or away from the Church.  Bring them back soon, Jesus.  I trust in You, Lord and I am concerned for their welfare (spiritually).  Please Jesus.  I know many will come to You as a result of the Illumination of Conscience, but bring people back to the Faith before then, Lord so they can take advantage of time with the priest now before people come to them in droves.  Lord, please call many more men to the priesthood and open their hearts to receive the call from You.


Lord, there is so much to bring to You this week, but since You know intimately all that is occurring, I entrust all to You.  I offer everything to You, Lord and send it to the foot of the cross to be bound by You.  In place of these, Jesus send graces and all that is needed for souls.  Heal all wounds, Lord and consequences from sin and poor choices, Jesus.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You. 


“My child, My little one it is good that you give your concerns to Me for I am the only answer.  You are giving to Me, out of your love, your care.  This is good, My daughter.  You are being granted My peace, child.  I love you.  I will help carry your loved ones.  I am with each one.  They are also My children whom I love very dearly.  You cannot fix these problems, My little lamb, but I, the Lamb of God will bind wounds.  Some I heal slowly.  Some I heal quickly.  I am the good physician and I know what each soul needs.  All who will come to Me will receive what they need.  I am patient with the needs of each soul, just as a doctor knows that some treatments take longer than others due to the length of time an illness has been raging, the severity and the virility of the bacteria or virus.  Some can be cured with a course of antibiotics.  Other illnesses require multiple courses of medication, vitamins, herbs, convalescence, etc.  Each medical case is unique because each person and their immune response is unique.  So it is with souls.  Souls are much more easily wounded, My child and in some cases it takes months and years.  Yet, I give each soul all that is needed when they turn to Me.  I can heal quickly, but this is not always in a soul’s best interest, as they are not often prepared for this.  I am patient and tender.  I love each person and I will act in their best interest.  My child, as you know some treatments are uncomfortable and in some cases painful.  Physical therapy or wound treatments can be painful, and yet they are necessary for healing in many cases.  It is true of the spiritual and emotional wounds.  Often, this healing is in itself painful.  I know what is needed for healing and I am gentle, but also in My mercy I do what is needed for the good of each soul.  It is difficult for loved ones to wait patiently on Me but this is the trust that I request.  You demonstrate your trust in Me when you allow Me to work in souls and prayerfully stand by for My direction.  My child, just as a surgical nurse stands by the surgeon during a procedure and awaits their direction, for this instrument or that instrument, this is what I ask of you.  Be near, be prayerful, continue on in devotion to your duty but be alert for what I ask you to do next, My child.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You for this image of a surgical procedure.  It makes it more clear to me. 


“My little lamb, I am pleased with My daughter (name withheld) and her sacrifices made for others in need.  She is showing the love of God alive in her heart.  I bless (name withheld) also for being patient in these matters.  You are all working for the Kingdom as I present opportunities to serve and this is what I call My Children of Light to do each day in their lives, lived for God.  Be alert and open to the opportunities to serve.  Be aware, also that I ask each one to also be faithful to the vocation given to you.  You must always put devotion to God and to your vocation first.  This is where I call you to serve and to love, and from there I give you graces and blessings for other forms of service.  There are always souls in need and I am pleased when My children are kind and merciful.  I also ask you to be aware of souls within your own families that are in need.  The family is the domestic church.  Focus on the core and the heart, and from there graces and blessings will flow.  My daughter and My son, I present many opportunities to you.  Be at peace and know that I am inviting you to bear witness to the hope, the truth, and the light that is within you.  The world is in darkness.  My children who love and follow Me are not immune to this.  Sin is all around you and it tries to take many, many causalities.  I am the remedy.  I give My people the Sacraments, the Scripture, the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  These are what you have and they are your lifeline. (Eucharist & Confession)  Pray, fast and avail yourself of the Sacraments.  You will have what you need to draw close to My Sacred Heart.  There—is your refuge.  Come to Me frequently throughout the day.  Reflect on My mercy, My passion and death, My resurrection.  Pray the prayer I taught you, My child and all of My Children of Light.  Come to the refuge of My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary often. (*see prayer below) You will find the rest for your soul that you need to continue the spiritual fight for souls.  Pray for souls who are lost that they may be found.”


Jesus, speaking of lost souls, will you please provide a way for (name withheld) to come speak to those of us in this geographic area?  Please open a slot in his schedule, Jesus.  You are the Lord and You created time.  Please give him time to do this, Jesus.  Open hearts to come to hear him and to understand the messages from the Eternal Father.  Prepare us, Jesus so that we can be of more assistance during the Time of Great Trials.  Lord, I know You will care for all of us.  We in turn are to assist You in this work of bringing souls into Your Kingdom.  Prepare us, Your little assistants.  Prepare us well, Jesus as I know You have been trying to do for many years.  We are slow learners, as You know but by Your grace we will be ready, and only by Your grace.  Jesus, if some knew the day was/is drawing near, I think their decisions would be prioritized according to Your Will.  They are so focused on all that is going on in their lives, the trials, the hardships, that they do not really see clearly.  Bring clarity to them, Jesus.  I believe (name withheld) will really help them to do so.  Help us to help ourselves and others, Lord.  We so desperately need Your grace and mercy to be all that You want us to be for our brothers and sisters in need.  Heal all wounds and illnesses, Lord in hearts, souls, bodies and minds.  Praise You for winning the victory over sin and death.  Open all souls to Your lifegiving grace.  Open all souls to their inheritance—salvation and everlasting life in Your Heavenly Kingdom. 


“Thank you for your sincerity, My little one.  My child, focus on Me and what I ask of you.  Do not be concerned about all that others are doing.  I ask you to do what is in My Plan and in the mission I have for you and your family.  Speak with your husband.  Discuss things with him; pray about each decision and then decide what it is I want you to do.  I have rather large plans for you as you have begun to see.  They are difficult, I realize and so I ask that you remain in My Will and do not judge yourselves based on what others are doing to serve.  You do not have the same mission.  I will direct you.  Ask for My direction.  Pray as a family.  I would like all four of you to pray the Rosary together as you did last week.  It is time, My child that the heart of your family come together to pray.  Decide on an evening or time that works for each one and begin this for the times are perilous indeed.  Continue praying together, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld), the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Pray in the morning and in the evening as I have instructed you previously.  I know it is difficult, but ask Me for assistance and I will help you.  This is to be your first priority from now on.  This is for your protection and your family’s protection.  You do not see the evil around you that wants to destroy you.  I see this and so I ask you to pray as I have taught you and to add one evening per week that (name withheld) joins you.  I would like all of your children to join you but this invitation can be extended after the four of you have established it.  I will strengthen your entire family as a result and will bless you, My children.  My son, you are the head, the leader of your family and I entrust the family mission to your leadership, under St. Joseph’s protection."

“Yes, My child, you are now sensing the urgency of things to come?”


My Jesus, I have been sensing them for quite some time, but I feel the urgency in Your heart in a veiled way, but it is still real to me.  I am sensing Your urgency and this hits home much more deeply than anything.  Jesus, I trust in You. 


“Yes, My little lamb.  All is going to unfold soon and all that I have told you.  Events will begin to occur over the next several months.  I will prepare you and there is nothing to fear.  Your guardian angels and many more angels protect My children.  Many people will still be unaware that the events foretold in Scripture by Me are beginning to come to pass.  Do not be afraid, but do take My words seriously.  You are prepared physically in as much as is possible at this time.  Consecrate your homes and your property as I have requested.  You have already had your house blessed.  I would like the consecration to the Holy Family to be done by you and My son (name withheld).  Bless your property and your home.  You will obtain the exorcism blessed salt and water from My son, (name withheld).  Do this as soon as possible for your home will benefit from this soon.  Do this for (names withheld).  When you visit (name withheld) ask him if he will allow you to do this for his home and property.  In this way, My children will have safety during the coming trials until your guardian angels lead you to the next course of action.  Pray, pray, pray but do not fear.  I do not give you a spirit of fear but only a spirit of trust.  All will be well.  Continue doing My Will and do not worry about what is to come.  Focus on Me, My children.  Focus on the souls I place in your lives.  Seek the Sacraments and remain in a state of grace.  I am going to give each one direction.  Your souls will be more open to My direction in the state of grace.  Go now in My peace, My mercy and yes even in My joy.  Joy comes from loving My heart and in doing My Will.  All will be well.  Let us begin.”


Thank You, my Jesus, my God.  I love You!


“And I love you.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.”


*Prayer Jesus requested be prayed:

Jesus, hide me in Your Sacred Heart.  Be my refuge.

Blessed Mother, cover me with your mantle of protection and enfold me in your Immaculate Heart where nothing can touch me.

"You may pray this for others, also.  This prayer is given to My children and the Father will not refuse refuge for His children in My heart or the heart of My Mother, for this is His plan from the beginning.  Go there often, My child, and you will find rest and relief from the battles and the storms." Jesus (January 19, 2014)

Click for More Prayers Given By Jesus pdf

September 22, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe, hope, trust in You and adore You, my Lord, God and King.  Thank You for the opportunity to be here with You, Jesus.  I am very grateful!  Lord, thank You for Holy Mass and Communion.  Thank You for granting us good weather for our parish’s fair, for the good and blessed fellowship.  Jesus, please bless (name withheld) on his birthday.  Give him special blessings and graces for holiness.  Draw him very close to Your Sacred Heart.  Give him wisdom and peace.  Give him discernment, fortitude, perseverance in all life’s troubles and make him a holy and wise disciple.  May his wife and children love and respect him all the days of his life.  Protect him from Your adversary and keep him safe and under Your Holy Mother Mary’s mantle.  Thank You for his life, Lord.  May it be long and full and may he always walk with You and remain in Your Holy and Divine Will.  Praise You, Lord!


(Personal request omitted.)  Fill us with Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the Earth.  End abortion in our country, Lord as quickly as possible so that Your mercy will cover us.  We regret the many sins we have committed, Lord and know that we, as a nation have forsaken Your holy precepts.  Please give us graces for repentance and conversion.  Heal us, Lord and then heal our land.  Lord, forgive us our sins and turn even the wicked back to You for we are Your people, Lord whom You created out of Your great and merciful love.  You deserve all glory, honor and praise that flows from hearts who love You.  Therefore, help all people to return to You and to love You as You deserve to be loved.  Bless my children and grandchildren with love for You.  Bring our entire family to the waters of Baptism so that they all may be saved.  Lord, we desire and long for our children and all our family members to love You and proclaim You Lord of their hearts and their lives.  We love and honor You, Lord God of all.  Thank You for the countless blessings You give us!  Thank You for the freedoms we still enjoy.  Thank You for liberty and the freedom to worship You publicly and to live out our lives following You, Our God.  Help us, Lord to hear You in the quiet of our hearts even though the noise is all around us.  Give me Your peace, Lord and help me to give Your peace to others especially in the coming Time of Great Trials.  Lord, You are my rock and my refuge.  You are my fortress.  Give me wings like an eagle so that my will, will be lifted up to Yours and will be molded into Your Will.  Open wide Your Sacred Heart and hide me there, Lord where I am completely united to You. Free me from my sins, Jesus and purify my heart so that I desire only You and all that is from You.  Thank You for my family and friends, Lord whom I love so very much because You gave them to me.  Help me to love them with a holy love.  Praise and thank You for my husband, Jesus who loves and follows You.  Protect him, Lord and give him wisdom, discernment and peace.  Help him to always follow Your counsel and to protect us as St. Joseph protected You and Blessed Mother.  Bring us all safely into the shelter of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Your Sacred Heart.  I love You, Jesus.  Help me to love You more each and every day.  Glory to You, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Our Father.   


Lord Jesus, please bring (name withheld) to us to teach us and pray with us.  Lord, I realize his schedule is booked and there is no time.  You, Lord can do all things.  You can make this possible.  You are the God of miracles.  We need a miracle in these most treacherous of times.  Lord, You know what is coming and what we have brought about due to our grievous sins committed against You and our fellow man; the sin of abortion, the sins against marriage and the family, the many horrible scandals caused by unholy priests and others who sin terribly against pure children and the youth.  Oh, Lord we do not deserve Your mercy, but You are mercy itself.  Therefore, by Your mercy, I plead with You like a beggar and I ask and even implore that You help all to prepare for what is to come.  Send us Your holy priest son (name withheld) to tell us what we need to hear.  Open hearts to his message that comes from You, Lord.  Father God, Creator of life and of all the world, show us what we need to do, especially many good souls who do not know.  I realize You can fill our hearts with knowledge in the blink of an eye and yet You have chosen to use him as Your instrument and Your prophet.  Bring him to us, Lord God.  Somehow, some way.  I give all my burdens and concerns to You, Lord and I entrust each and every one of my beloved family members, friends and all who are in need of healing to You.  Bring all back to the One Holy and Apostolic Church where we are safe in the Ark of Your Church and Your Body, Lord.  Praise and thank You, Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you, My little one.  Thank you for these heartfelt prayers that come from within your heart full of love and concern.  I hold them closely to My Sacred Heart for your requests are dear to Me, indeed.  Have much trust in Me, your Jesus, My child.  I walk with you.  I am your shelter in times of trouble and in the dark of night.  I am with you even in the light which will surely come, My (name withheld).  Have no fear.  Have only trust.  All will be well.  This is not a trite statement, My little lamb.  It is a powerful word from the Word of God.  Given what you know about what is to come that I have revealed to you from Scripture, the prophets, My Mother’s visits to Earth in the many, many apparitions approved and yet to be approved, as well as My words to you personally, you are aware of the power of My words, ‘All will be well.’  I do not use these lightly.  I say this even though you know what is coming and indeed what has already begun.  In spite of all of this, My child and even all you do not know, I assure you and all of the Children of Light that all will be well.  When I say this, it does not mean that My children are to carry on with their lives if they are not focusing completely on Me.  It does not mean to continue watching hours of meaningless entertainment and being curious about events without changing their lives and praying, etc.  It means to do all you can to prepare your hearts and the hearts of your children.  You do this by frequenting the Holy Sacraments, Confession and receiving the Holy Eucharist, My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  You do this by praying in your families or in the midst of your family if they will not pray with you.  Read Holy Scripture and be examples of true disciples.  You must also live holy lives and be witnesses to the love.  Then, you will be able to trust in My words, ‘All will be well.’ "


"My Children of Light must be holy as I am holy.  This, My love, My life in you, is your protection from every storm, every trial.  The storms will come.  The trials will come and yet with Me and in Me they will not be to your demise.  The evil one wars against My children.  He wants to kill the human race.  He is jealous of My creatures and that I, Jesus became Incarnate of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a creature.  I took on flesh and therefore he hates My children who are human beings.  He sees people lower than the angels to be beneath him and therefore he hates the fact that the Son of God became also the Son of man.  He can do no harm to God, the Blessed Trinity and so he wars against those I love, My people.  Just as one-third of the angels fell from Heaven when they chose to follow Lucifer and they rebelled against God, he plans to kill one-third of the human race.  This is one reason he instituted hatred in the hearts of mankind for the most pure among you.  Who is the most pure person among you, My little lamb?”


The preborn baby and the infants who have not yet sinned, Jesus.


“Yes, My daughter.  This is why he created and devised the sins in men’s hearts to abort babies for they are precious, innocent souls.  I do not abandon them.  Their blood cries out to Me for justice.  I hear their cries even in the wombs of their mothers when they experience excruciating pain from the abortionist’s attacks on them.  The man is supposed to be the protector and provider of the family.  The woman is the bearer of children, the love and the nurturer of the family.  The man is the head and the woman is the heart.  The wisdom and the love work together to love the children and each other in the way God loves.  It is a partnership of love so the family is a model or a type of the Blessed Trinity.  The family is a community of love and the domestic church.  This is why the evil one wants to put an end to the family.  He wants to destroy the family.  He strikes at the heart of the family by destroying marriage, destroying children who are born of the Father.  Since I still break through this chaos and show mercy and love to My creatures, he attacked the heart of My creatures and caused confusion in the gender of My children.  If they don’t understand that I created people as male and female, they do not see the theology of Christ and My Church which is the Bride of Christ."


“Listen, My confused children.  I, the Savior love My children so much that I gave My life for you.  This is why I am the bridegroom and you are the bride.  Like a good husband and father who protects and provides for his wife and family so much so that he would give his life for his family, so did I.  I showed the way of salvation.  I showed My people true love, true sacrifice out of love.  My sons are to do this for others—to love as I love even so far as to lay down their lives.  They are also to be strong in their faith and their relationship to the Eternal Father.  Men, read Sacred Scripture and see how My prophets lived for Me and in many cases died for Me, but this is because of their great love for Me and for My people.  I call men to be warriors for Christ, for the Church, for their families, the domestic church.  Men who follow Me are strong, they are merciful, they are loving and protective of those who are less fortunate including widows and orphans.  They are brothers, fathers to others, and sons of God.  Be like Me, Jesus.  Be soldiers for Christ.  Take up your Rosary and pray for mankind.  Pray for yourselves that you will remain holy and strong.  Pray for your families and be models of holiness.  Read the Gospels to see how I, your Jesus behaved.  Notice My mercy for sinners who repented, for My Apostles who were in training and who fell many times.  I corrected them out of love and I did so firmly and with mercy for I know what they needed and what they would be if they strove for perfection in holiness and virtue.  See how I showed mercy for the sick and the oppressed.  I even showed mercy on those who were against Me, by speaking the truth to them so they could choose to change and repent.  Everything I did was in love and from love.  Be as your Jesus.  You must read Holy Scripture, men of Christ to grow in virtue and holiness.  I will speak to you through My Word.  You must pray to the Holy Spirit before reading My words and then your hearts and minds will be open to My Word.”


“To My women of the light, you are to be the love of God and the wisdom of God to others.  You are the heart and you are to show mercy to all you encounter.  Be like My Holy Mother Mary.  Ask Her to help and guide you.  My women disciples brought much holiness to other souls by their prayers and their examples of love and faithfulness.  They were wise and temperate.  They brought the peace of Christ with them and spread this to others.  They showed how to truly love and sacrifice by taking in the orphans, by teaching the Word of God, Christ to others.  They were intelligent in their transmission of the Gospel message as they contemplated My life, My teachings, My love.  From this, I enlightened their hearts which bloomed with the fullness of My love.  They learned from My Holy Mother how to be the first disciples and they took this into their hearts just as My Mother did.  They took Me seriously and learned all I taught without seeing ulterior motives or trying to extract worldliness or earthly power.  Their wisdom, temperance, mercy and faithfulness strengthened all who were around them and provided many lessons even for My Apostles.  Children, one gender is not greater than the other, nor are they alike.  Each is made in the image and likeness of God in the soul, but male and female have different attributes to reflect the goodness of God.  Meditate on this and contemplate what I have created.  Think about My plan for life using the natural law.  There is wisdom in this.  There is no confusion.  Confusion does not come from God.  Chaos does not come from God.  Your world is in darkness due to sin and chaos that comes as a result, a consequence.  Return to God; return to a life in Christ and you will no longer have confusion and restlessness in your hearts.  I am peace and I bring peace.  I bring clarity.  Come to Me and I will bring you peace.  I will forgive all your sins if you confess them to Me with sincerity and a contrite heart.  If you are Catholic go directly to Confession and I will forgive your sins through the priest.  You will be assured of My forgiveness and your sins will be no more.  If you are not Catholic and you desire to be, which I assure you is for your good, go to a priest and ask for instruction to come into My Church.  Until then, confess your sins to Me and ask for My forgiveness, then amend your life.  This will be a good and necessary step until you come into full communion with the Church.”


“My children, you must know that the Catholic Church is My Body and I established this One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church for the spreading of the Gospel and My teachings.  I established this as the way that I would remain with you always on the Earth, as I do when the Catholic priest consecrates the Eucharist in My Liturgy.  In this way, I remain truly present to you, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist.  You receive Me and take Me into your heart and into your bodies to then carry Me to the world.  This is My plan for My children so that I remain with you and this will be so until the end of the ages.  My children, it is My plan for all mankind.  You have divided yourselves from the branch and split into so many false churches that no longer have the Apostolic Succession.  I long that you will all be one, so return now, My children.  Do so now while there is still time and you will enjoy the fullness of the faith and My protection in the Ark which is the Church.  Children, you will come back to the Faith, the true Church eventually if not now, during (just after) the Illumination of Conscience which will be at a moment in time in the near future.  Then, everyone who loves Me will run to the nearest priest to be baptized (for those who have never been baptized) and for Confession.  You cannot imagine how many people will come, in such great numbers, that will overwhelm My priest sons.  Do not put this off when you can come to the Faith now.  You will have more time for instruction and attention now.  Then it will be a life and death situation and you will truly lament the time that you wasted.  Go now, My children.  Do not wait.  Seek and you shall find.  Knock and the door will be open to you.  Yes, the door will open at 11:55 at night but why wait until then when you can go in the early evening?  Do not wait for you do not know the hour or the time and when it will be too late.  Humble yourselves.  Think of your families and how much better it is to prepare ahead of time rather than react in a crisis.  I am here for you and I will personally help you.”


“When you are made aware of the state of your souls, you must open your heart to Me.  Do not be afraid, no matter how sinful you are, or have been.  This is a merciful act on My part, so that you can awaken and come to Me.  You will have the grace of full knowledge of Me and the ability to choose life or death.  Choose life!  You will find a priest and even if you have to wait for hours, you must do so.  This is why I say, go now without hesitation so it will be better for you.”


“This is all, My child.  Thank you for writing My words.  Go now in peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.  I am with you.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God.


“My child, I will ask you to write My words again this week, for the time is growing short for mankind now.  Soon will the Time of Great Trials be upon you.”


Yes, Jesus.  I am Your servant.  I will do what You ask.


“Thank you, My little lamb.  I love you.”


And I love You, Jesus.  Amen!

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