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Children of the Renewal Messages

February 3, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  I love You, praise You, believe in You and adore You, my Lord and my God.  Thank You for Your presence, Jesus.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning, Lord.  Jesus, please help the people of Venezuela.  They are suffering from the oppressive government who has crippled their economy.  People are starving, Lord in that once stable and beautiful country.  Please intervene, Lord and help the people.  Restore their democracy and their Constitution.  Give them hope, Jesus; hope in You.  Lord, please heal the sick, especially those with cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and neurological disorders and renal failure.  Please help (name withheld) to get connected with a physician who can diagnose her illnesses.  Lord, I pray that if it is Your Will, You will heal her through (name withheld).  Be with her husband, too Jesus.  Lord, I have much to be thankful for and I give You the honor and glory for every good thing in my life, especially my friends and family.  Jesus, please bring people who have left the Church home, especially those in my own family.  I pray also for those outside the church that they will be united to God through the One Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church.  Lord, please heal me, also.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  There is much to say.  My children must stand for the truth and the truth is Jesus.  I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Science points to certain truths, but it rests on Me.  I created the world and science helps mankind to discover laws and the order that points to Me.  Without Me there cannot be science, for without Me, the world would not exist.  Look at the principles of science, My children and the set of assumptions that must exist without which science would not exist.  Science helps man to understand the elements, but it must assume the elements already exist.  Where do the molecules come from if they were not created?  The purpose of science is to discover what I have created and to understand each part of creation in relation to another, but it is not creation.  It is not God.  Science points to creation and to God.  Science is good, My children when used for the purpose of understanding more about creation and the creation.  It is not, however to take the place of the Creator.  Scientists who love and follow Me will have the most efficacy in their work.”


“My child atheism and scientism are rampant in the world.  Do not be afraid to dispute these ism’s for they are antithetical to God and My Kingdom.  Arm your children and grandchildren with the truths of the Faith for future generations but also for this generation so that they may come to believe and teach others.  Atheism and scientism are not difficult to refute, My child, for they are self-refuting, My little one.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, please help us to have words from the Holy Spirit when needed.  It is difficult to know what to say when people refute You.  Give us the power of Your love and the graces to speak with the power of Your Spirit.  Give us wisdom and truth, Lord to appeal to their reason.  These are dark days, Lord but You are the Light of the World.  Bring light once again, Jesus.


“My child, you are struggling with many burdens.  Do not worry, but trust in Me.” 


Yes, Jesus.  I trust in You.


“I am with you and I know what you are going through.  You have many priorities to manage.”


Yes, Jesus and it seems that I am not doing very well.  I need to rely on You more, Jesus.  Even just one commitment that I have (family) seems to consume time I don’t have with working and classes.  I try not to drop something more important, prayer and time spent with You, Lord.  Jesus, You are the Creator.  You created time.  Help me to manage time more wisely and to make the most of it if there are ways I could do something more efficiently, help me to recognize and make changes.  Sometimes I procrastinate, Jesus because I get so tired of studying constantly.  I’d rather be with My family, Lord.  If I should not be taking these classes, Lord please tell me.  Help me to see clearly what it is You want me to do.  I know that sometimes You want me to do something difficult so that I will rely completely on You.  Is that what I’m doing wrong, Lord?  Not relying completely on You?  Guide me, Lord in what I ought to do.  Keep me in line with Your holy, perfect Will, Jesus. 


“My child, My child, you will get through this.  Consider how different this course is from the previous courses.  Are you enjoying the subject matter more?  Did you think you would be taking this class at all?”


You are right, Lord.  I had no idea I would be taking this class.  It wasn’t one I would have chosen and yet I am enjoying it.  Although, I may not say that after the next assignment.  So many secular ideas and errors are being taught in universities.  Our young people are being inundated with false notions and they are presented as facts.  It’s so insidious, Lord.  I don’t know how they can detect it without a firm foundation of truth.  Jesus, please help our young people.  I know we need to do so, but we cannot without You, Lord.  Help us, Jesus.  Equip us with all that is needed to counteract the lies sold to our young people as truth.  Their professors and the textbooks have credibility with them, and many don’t listen to their parents.  Even worse, many parents lack faith, also. 


“Yes, My little lamb.  What you say is true.  Pray much.  Love much.  Be merciful and speak the truth in love.  Thank You for coming to this chapel, My child.  I know your time today is limited.”


Oh, Jesus.  You are my Lord and my God.  You are most important in my life above all things.  You are the highest good.


“Yes, My child and I am always by your side.  I will go with you when you leave this place.  Do not worry.  I am helping you and I will continue to do so.  Bring My light to all you meet.  Have no fear.  I am with you and I do not leave you to face your concerns alone.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You, Jesus!


“I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace and in confidence My little lamb.  Be at ease due to your trust in My mercy.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Amen!  Alleluia!

January 27, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.  I adore You and praise You, Lord and I love You!  Thank You for the gift of Your life to redeem me.  Thank You for the Sacraments, for Holy Mass.  Thank You for the saints in Heaven who intercede for us, Your people.  Thank You for Our Lady Queen of the saints and Queen of Heaven and Earth, our Mother.  Thank You for every good gift as all come from You.  Lord, You know all who are in my heart.  I bring each one to You and lay them at the foot of Your cross.  I pray especially for those who are ill, Jesus.  Help them, heal them in their every need.  Bring them close to Your Heart, Lord from which love and mercy pour forth on the world.  Bring all who are away from the one true, holy and Apostolic Faith to You, Jesus.  Bring them back to the family of Christ in His Church.  End all division, Lord as only You can do.  Guard, guide and direct Your Church through these treacherous waters and lead us in the way You would have us go, toward Your Heavenly Kingdom.  Help us, Jesus to follow You more closely than ever.  Keep me on Your path, Lord through the help and graces of Your Mother.  Jesus, please give me Your guidance and direction regarding all of my concerns and questions.  You know everything, my Jesus. 


“My child, you are struggling with many things but you must give them all to Me and trust Me to work all to My glory and in accordance to My Will.  When you give Me your concerns, I work everything out, so be of good cheer and have a light heart.  I take care of You, my child.  It has always been this way.  Did I not hear your prayers for your friend and My child (name withheld)?  Have I not arranged for My holy priest son to minister to her?  You are aware of My great love and mercy and approach Me with confidence, therefore trust in Me and all that I Will for your friends and family members.  You have spoken about My answer to prayer, and you know this.  I speak of it only to reinforce and confirm this for you.  I speak of it also to remind you to trust in Me and to be joyful knowing I am in control.  I work through My children.  I am working through you, My little one.  Rejoice, My daughter, you have My love and friendship.  Do you realize how much freedom there is in this?  When I was on earth, My friends had more confidence in approaching Me with their needs or the needs of others.  In fact, I counted on them to do so.  People often went directly to My friends to request needs for healing and words of life.  This was not necessary, but it is human nature.  There were many souls who felt more free to approach one of My disciples or My beautiful Mother to communicate their desires first.  This is the way of holy intercession.  You are My friend and people have and will continue to come to you with their burdens or needs.  You bring them to Me, along with your other brothers and sisters.  I gather every request and petition and place them in My Sacred Heart where only love, mercy and goodness resides.  This means, My Will, will be done.  I especially love prayers that rise up from hearts full of love and concern for others.  These are true prayers of the heart.” 


“Pray from the heart My children.  Pray from your love of another.> Pray from your needs and desires.  Pray from a genuine and sincere love of God knowing Him as your Father who is benevolent and caring.  Trust, My Children of the Light.  Be holy witnesses to God’s love.  What is needed most in every corner of the world, is love; My love.  My love is the answer to all of the problems in the world.  My mercy springs forth from My love to bind wounds, to heal the broken hearted, to bring peace and joy and to free the oppressed.  The world oppresses, but I make all who call on My Holy Name free.  I liberate captives now just as I did during My earthly ministry.  I heal the wounded and the sick now, just as I did during My earthly ministry.  My power is not diminished because I am no longer alive physically on the earth.  That is a false notion.  Do not listen to anyone who makes this claim.  This is a grave error.  My child, I am pleased with your words today regarding My power.  I am God, and I work through My Church.  I work through all who believe in Me.  I am not limited by anything; not by space, nor time, nor worldly circumstances.  By My own Will, I limit Myself out of love and respect of the individual will.  If one refuses My love, I do not force Myself on them, for that would be unloving to do so.  To force Myself would be to usurp the very dignity that I bestow on humanity.  I cannot be untrue to what I create, because I AM truth itself.  Therefore, I count on you, My Children of the Light, My followers to pray for others, to sacrifice and to minister to those who have cold hearts, and to those in need of love, healing and peace.  Be merciful and minister to your brothers and sisters in need, for this is love.  This is living the Gospel of your Jesus.  I am all love and I call My disciples to pick up your cross and follow Me, the Love.  Reflect on this.  Meditate on the cross and what it means to follow Me on the path of love.”


“My child I am working in the hearts of your family members.  I am working in the lives of those for whom you pray.  I am working in your life, even when you are unaware.  Rejoice and be glad.  I take care of everything.  Thank you for following the divine prompts I send you.  Your heart is more open to My Spirit and you are acting upon these prompts!  To do so is to love and to trust.  You are growing in this, My child.  I know you do not think so, for you focus on your deficiencies.  I focus on your acts of faith and love.  You are not perfect, I know.  You are being perfected in My Heart.  Sometimes progress is slow and sometimes it is fast.  It is on My timetable.  I bring you through trials to increase your trust in Me.  I bring you through trials to have an offering, My child.  Even the burdens you carry out of love for others are a cross offered to Me for souls.  I will take any act of love, My child.  Any act, even a burden carried from love, and use the graces that you have cooperated with to bring light, love, mercy and healing.  My children pray, learn, and act in the world.  You move about filled with graces from the Sacraments and from My Holy Mother and you take these into the world.  The world cannot help but be changed by My grace working in and through My children of love.  The whole world will change one day when I pour out My Spirit and the Triumph of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart occurs.  In the meantime, prepare for Her Triumph by doing your part to bring My love to others.  This time, this Age of Disobedience will, through My love, become the Age of Obedience to My Will.  You are living now at the threshold of this time.  Be bold in your acts of gentle love.  Be bold in your witness to the truth.  Be bold and confident and always gentle with souls in need for they are fragile and only I know what they are going through.  Therefore, you must rely on your Jesus to guide you.  I care for each and every person, My child, for all are My children.  Therefore, love them as I love them.  Pray for them as I pray for them to Our Father in Heaven.  Be merciful as I am merciful.  Through My love and mercy, the world will change and My Mother’s Heart will triumph.  There is no heart created by God who loves Me more than My Mother loves Me.  She gives graces from Her Immaculate Heart, the heart of love, the heart that nurtured the Son of God and it is from this heart, the Immaculate Heart, that My flame of love will be ignited and spread through the entire world, just as fire spreads rapidly when conditions are dry, so will the flame of love spread.  There is much dryness in this dark world, but take heart knowing that dryness can be ignited in leaves and kindling by a very small spark which spreads rapidly through forests and burns in a devastating way, just as the fires in California, My child.  Only, My flame purifies.  My flame sets dry, cold hearts on fire with My holy love.  The flame of love is My Mother’s perfect love for Me.  Man loves imperfectly but My Mother loved with perfection.  This love from Her heart will spread like fire and the Holy Spirit, the love will fan the flames until the entire earth burns brightly with the love of God.  This, My little lamb will be the Renewal.  You will know, My child when you are in the time of the Renewal, as will all people alive on earth and alive in Heaven.  It will be a time of deep love and unity with God and all things will be new in the light and love of God.  So, take heart during your trials and take this opportunity to offer them freely and with joy (each and every trial and burden) no matter how small or how large.  Offer all for your Jesus to save souls.  This then becomes the living sacrifice and a beautiful offering for God.”


“My child, I am with you and I will never leave you to face your trials alone.  When you feel alone, I am even closer to you.  Be encouraged and remember this.  I love you.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Lord.  I love You!  Thank You for Holy Mass today.  Thank You for our beautiful visit with (names withheld) yesterday.  Thank You for all You are doing in our family and with our friends.  Be with those who are dying, Lord wherever they are and console them.  Put their heads on Your Sacred Heart and infuse Your love into their souls so they will cease to be afraid.  Carry them in Your arms, sweet Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you, My child.  I am with you.  All will be well.”


Amen!  Alleluia.  Thank You, Jesus.


“I bless you in the names of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace, My dear little one.”


Amen, Jesus.  Amen!

January 13, 2019 Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I believe in You, hope in You, love and adore You, my God and my King.  It is good to be here with You!  Thank You, Lord.  Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion this morning.  Lord, (names withheld) are suffering very much out of love for (name withheld) who is going through many trials.  Heal (name withheld) please, Jesus.  Make her whole and draw her close to Your Sacred Heart.  Give her the desire for Holy Mass.  I lift up (names withheld) and all who are suffering from chronic illnesses.  I pray also for those who do not know Your love and for those who are away from the Church.  For all our priests and religious, remain ever beside them Jesus and help them with graces for Heaven, Lord.  Keep them safe and protect them from all physical harm.  Thank You for all that You are doing for us, Lord.  Jesus, please also help (name withheld).  He is exhausted from all the snow removal and trying to study, Lord.  Help him to get some sleep and also to cover all that he needs for school.  Lord, bless all who are going to Washington for the Walk for Life.  Help our youth to carry the torch for the Gospel, Jesus.  Please help us to have conversion and come to see the truth, Jesus.  You are truth, Jesus.  Make blind eyes see, Lord so they will know You are God of all the living.  Praise You, Lord God King of Heaven and Earth.  Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  Give all the youth to Me.  I am working in a mighty way in their hearts.  They are lonely and deprived of My love and the life of the Spirit but I will blow the powerful breath of life and the Spirit will come upon them.  Many will follow Me and do great things for God.  Pray to bring about the Renewal.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to be poured out to this earth.  Pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the world.  Remain close to My Holy Mother Mary and She will enclose you in Her mantle of protection.  Do not underestimate the great power of Her love.  She intercedes before the Father’s throne for all Her children.”


Thank You, Lord.  Bless all who love Your Mother and You, Jesus.  Help us to love You more.  Jesus, I know (name withheld) isn’t feeling well.  Please help her to get well.  Heal her of all she needs healing of, Jesus.  You know our every need.  Lord, Jesus thank You for our good and holy priests who love You so much.  Bless (names withheld).  Help (name withheld) to have healing of the many health issues he has.  Thank You for keeping him safe during his trip home.  Bless (name withheld) who loves and serves You.


“My child, I hear each one of your prayers and hold them close to My Sacred Heart.  Be at peace and know that I am watching over your loved ones and those for whom you have prayed.  Those who seek Me will find Me and those who follow Me are safe with Me forever.  There is nothing to fear when you are friends with God.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You, Jesus.  What of those we love who do not follow You?


“Entrust them to Me.  All will be well.  This takes heroic trust, My child.  Do trust Me in all things. I love all of My children, and I especially care for the children of My closest friends.  Do you not care about your friends’ children and loved ones?”


Yes, Lord.  Of course!


“Yes, My child and all of My children are beloved children.  Who loves more than the Love?”


No one does, Jesus.  It is impossible to love more than You.  You created us out of love. 


“Yes, and so entrust the souls of those you love to Me.  Love them enough to let go of them and give them to your Jesus, who is all love.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You.  Help me to love You even more.  Glory and praise to You, Lord.


“My little one, if your loved ones, friends and family members do not come to love Me now, they will when the changes come for they will be faced with many sobering truths.  If they do not find Me then, they will during the Illumination of Consciences.  At some point, the lost ones who have had so many tears shed for them and so much love poured out for them in prayer will open their hearts to the love of God.  Continue to pray for them and be at peace.  Love them.  Speak less and love and pray more.  Love wins souls for your Jesus.  Be at peace.”


Yes, Jesus.  Lord, open the hearts of those who are suffering from depression.  Heal them, Jesus.  Remove their fears and anxieties.  Give them Your peace, Lord that only You can give.


“Many suffer from this in such a dark time in the world.  Souls suffer because of the darkness around them and it can be difficult for them to see the Light of Christ.  This is especially true for souls who have a high degree of sensitivity.  Pray for them, offer sacrifices (penance) and have Masses said for them.  Ask My Mother to be with them and to intercede for them.  My Mother’s presence chases all shadows away in every darkened corner.  She brings the light of My love.  Remember this My children.  Pray more and rejoice that you have so many saints in Heaven and the Queen of Heaven praying for you.  Do not forget to ask for their intercession. Their prayers are needed especially so in this day.  The reason there are so many problems and so much sin is because there are not enough people praying.  Those of you who know the times and the seriousness of these days—pray more.  You must pray more for there are so few prayers, even from those who know and love Me.  You spend much time on things that are fleeting and unimportant because you do not have enough love in your hearts for the plight of My poor children who are in need of your prayers.  You think much in these days of your own comfort and pleasure when you could deny yourselves more and pray.  Think of acts of kindness you can do for others.  Be faithful to your vocations, My children.  Fathers, love your children and your wives.  Pay attention to them.  Serve and provide and live the faith that I died to give you.  Wives, love your husbands.  Care for them and for your children.  Be holy examples of love.  Teach your children to love and respect their fathers.  Show respect for your husbands and the children will follow your example.  Husbands and wives, you have a mission from God for your marriage.  Be open to Me and to My Will.  Live lives of love and sacrifice for one another.  I bless you with many material things so you can share them with others.  I bless you with love to give love abundantly to your children and to those around you as well as those who are in need.  Be love to all you meet.  Put your children as a high priority and in this way, you will focus your attention on raising them in a balanced, disciplined and loving manner.  Teach your children to respect you and to respect God, but first show them with your love.  They must learn from you that they are good and worthy of your love or they will not be as open to My love.  This is a major problem in the world, My children.  Many young children do not have loving, faithful earthly fathers.  If children grow up with fathers who are not present in their homes, who they see only on occasion and when they are together, there is no time spent talking and being present to one another, how can they come to know and trust in God the Father?  It is difficult, My children.  I made you in My image and likeness and I gave families to the world to be models of the Holy Family and point the way to the love of the Blessed Trinity.  Renew your vows of marriage and renew the love that you had in the beginning.  The world is starving for love and they (My children) have not experienced real love in the heart of the family where it all begins.  Pray for holy marriages.  Work for holy marriages.  Be present to one another.  You are the most important part of God’s plan for children. (Husbands and wives) Without holy children who grow in God’s love, the world has become and will continue to be steeped in darkness and sin.” 


Jesus, there are some holy people who want to be married but have not found the right godly person.  Please help them, Jesus.


“Yes, My child.  There are not as many holy young people for them because their parents (of the ones who are not living for God) did not raise them to know and love Me.  Even those parents who did so had an uphill battle because of the culture and the impact of so many living lives void of God.  Still, persevere in your faithfulness.  Trust in Me, My children who love and serve Me.  Pray and do God’s Will and if it is your vocation to be married (by your discernment and your choice) I will provide a holy person to be your spouse.  Do not be afraid.  Live for your Jesus, and all will be well.  Be joyful in your love for Me.  Trust Me and be at peace.  I will provide all that is good for My children, but trust in Me to provide.  This is important.  When one takes matters into one’s own hands, rather than waiting upon the Lord, that is not trust.  Trust in Me and in My ways and you will not be disappointed.  I love you and I want the good for Mine.  I want to build holy families.  Wait upon Me, the Lord for all that you need and I will provide.  My child, you are concerned for (name withheld), I understand.  Remember how far he has come.  I will not abandon him.  I will help him to carry his load. He is learning to trust Me and to abandon all to Me.  This is good.  Be patient and trust.  I love you, My child.  I love each one of My children.  I desire Heaven for every one I have created.  Walk the road I have given you.  You do not walk alone.  Take solace in this, My children.  I am coming into the world.  Prepare your hearts and create an environment of love, peace and mercy wherever you go to help Me prepare the hearts of others.  Pray for the renewal and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit again on the world.  Pray as the people of old prayed for the coming of the Messiah.  Your prayers, your holiness, your love will usher in the new times.  Be busy about building the Father’s Kingdom so that when I come again I will find much faith on the earth.  On this Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, pray for the Holy Spirit to renew your hearts and the hearts of all in the world.  I am the water of life.  Come to Me and I will quench your thirst.  I love You!  You may go in My peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace, in My love and with My mercy.  And, dearest children, pray, pray, pray.”


Thank You, Lord Jesus.  Amen!  Alleluia! 

January 6, 2019 Feast of the Epiphany

Hello my Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  You are so beautiful here, Lord.  You are small and vulnerable, just as You were in the manger when You came as a baby to us in Bethlehem.  Here You are hidden in a small piece of bread that was transformed (transubstantiated) into our living God.  Praise You, Jesus my God and my King.  Lord, many did not accept You then, and many do not now.  Lord, I ask You to melt hardened hearts, heal their wounds and give souls the graces needed to seek and find You, Lord.  May many souls come to You during this new year and throughout 2019, Jesus like the shepherds and the magi.  Bring home lost souls, Lord.  Jesus, give us grace to evangelize, to bring Your love to our brothers and sisters who do not know Your love.  Bless our Church, Jesus.  May this year bring about our purification so we become holy and return to Your loving embrace.  Jesus, we long for You.  Our world needs Your peace, oh Prince of Peace.  Save us from ourselves, Lord.  Little infant, Jesus save us.  Glory to God in the highest and peace to His people on earth. 


“My child, it is good that you are here with Me.  Your presence and the presence of My other children console Me.  I give you My peace and My assurance that I will be with you always.”


Thank You, Lord.  Jesus, please help (name withheld).  Cure her, Lord.  Give her complete faith and trust in You.  Heal her and dissolve the tumor.  Jesus, she just recently returned to Your Church.  Help her to receive sacramental graces and restore her health, mind, body and spirit, Lord.  She loves You, Jesus.  I ask for healing also for (name withheld).  Please, Jesus I am sure she is helping You in Your work to bring many souls to conversion through her sufferings and prayers.  I just pray that You sustain her and in Your timing to heal her.  She is our friend, Jesus.  I know Your Will is always perfect, but please may it be Your Will to heal her.  Lord, thank You for another year with (name withheld).  Thank You for his special birthday and for the beautiful Mass at the Cathedral and the opportunity to venerate the relic of St. John Vianney whose heart loved You dearly.  St. John, please pray that the Lord will increase His love in our hearts.  May it grow from a small flame to a forest fire, Jesus.


“My little lamb, this is a good prayer.  My love will grow in all hearts who seek Me and ask for My love.  This is what I want for you and for each of My children.  I want all of My Children of Light to remain steadfast in their love for Me.  Do not be like those who are in love with the idea of love, but unwilling to put others first, but instead be like My holy saints who thought first of God, then neighbor and then of themselves.  When God is your first love, there is nothing you won’t do for Him.  You will forget yourself and focus on the love.  Then, you will find it easy to love your neighbor because your hearts will be full of the love of God.  When love is disordered and out of place, many wounds are made to the soul.  Self-love becomes the first priority and love of neighbor and God last.  Perhaps non-existent even.  The proper order is God first, then all things fall into place, in holy order.  When God is loved first above all other things (and I say ‘things’ intentionally) you will be able to see clearly and prioritize all that is in your lives.  Family will be in proper order, work, home life, helping your neighbors and those in need, etc.  Only in ordered love will you find peace.  With those who do not put God first, there is no peace.  There is internal struggle and conflict and even external struggles.  The opposite of order is disorder.  Disorder causes other problems and can even be the root cause of severe stress and strain and loss of health, dis-ease.  I do not mean to say that disordered love is the reason for all disease and illness.  That is not what I mean.  I am saying that it can cause other problems, the worst of which are spiritual in nature.  Put God and the love of God first in your hearts and in your lives.  To put God first in your lives means you love God with your whole heart and you live out this love for Me in all that you do.  You show My love to others.  You look beyond petty annoyances and see the heart of the other.  To see the heart of another and if they are wounded, you will have mercy on them and see with the eyes of love what may not be evident to your physical eyes.  See people as I see them, as sons and daughters of God; perhaps lost, perhaps wounded, perhaps ill from lack of love, but always as My children, whom I loved and whom I died to set free from sin.  Love as I love, My children.  Be kind as I am kind.  Be patient as I am patient.  My children always want Me to treat you with mercy and tenderness but often you do not wish this for others who have hurt you in some way.  For those people you would like them to grovel at your feet for mercy and forgiveness and if they do not, you would prefer that I punish them severely for what they have done to you, no matter how small the offense.  For you personally, you want only kindness and mercy from Me for the most egregious sins.  My children, admit this is true, for I know your hearts.  Better to admit this and seek forgiveness than to lie to yourselves and die in sin.  What I desire all of you have—is mercy.  Be merciful as I am merciful.  Love as I love.  Treat others with the same kindness, love and forgiveness as I give to you.  You must pick up your cross and follow Me.  You must die to yourselves, to all self-centeredness and live for Me, your Jesus.  This is the way to walk in My footsteps.  This is the way to Heaven.”


Thank You my Lord Jesus!  Praise You, Lord!  Jesus, please be with each soul who is dying today.  Take them to Your heavenly kingdom, where You live and reign.  Heal broken families, Jesus where lessons of love are taught to the little domestic church.  Heal marriages, Jesus as only You can do.  Bring about the long-awaited renewal, Lord.


“My little lamb, it is good to pray in this manner.  Continue to pray for My Mother’s reign, when her Immaculate Heart will triumph.  Pray for souls to convert.  Fast and pray for loved ones who are in need.  I love you, My children and remember, all people are My children.  Allow Me to love you and then you give My love to all you meet and all you encounter.”


Thank You, Jesus, my Lord and Savior.  I love You.  Help me to love You more.


“My little one, just as I supplied My Apostles with all that was needed to witness to the love, so shall I do for you.  I will provide what is needed for all of My children who love and follow Me with sincere hearts.  Do not worry about what you are to say to others when you give My love.  Neither be concerned with what they need for only I know what a heart needs.  I will provide.  Trust in Me and all will be well.  Go in My peace, My little lamb.  I thank you.  You provide much consolation to your Jesus with your companionship.  We are friends and I love you dearly.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace and in My love.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.”


Amen!  Alleluia!  I love You my Lord and my God.


“And I love you.”

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