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Children of the Renewal Messages


March 24, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Dearest Jesus, ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament, all praise, honor and glory to You, oh Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank You for Your presence here and for Holy Mass and Holy Communion this morning.  Jesus, thank You for the gift of Your Holy Apostolic Church to the world.  Thank You for the many holy priests who love and follow You and who lead us to You by teaching and bringing us the Sacraments.  Jesus, please help the souls of priests so in need of conversion, repentance and healing.  Help all who have been harmed by priests who did not come bearing You.  Heal all who are wounded, deeply so Lord.  Purify our Church, Your Church.  Lord, I know You promised to be with us until the end of the world and so the Church is entrusted to You.  We are Your Church, Jesus.  We are entrusted to You.  Bring us to Your heavenly kingdom, Lord but not before living each moment of the rest of our lives for You.  Jesus may my life be lived each moment, in and for Your divine, gracious, merciful and perfect Will.  Help me to live and die for Your Kingdom, Jesus.  Unite me to Your Sacred, Merciful Heart so that I will be always present to You, the One true, holy and eternal Lord.  You are everywhere, Lord and so I know You are with me, but I can be so distracted that it would seem my mind is one hundred other places.  Jesus, help me to focus on You.  You beside me, in front of me, behind me and above me.  Always, Jesus may I be aware of Your presence so that I am present to You. 


Lord, my friend’s (name withheld) mother is so gravely ill.  She has suffered tremendously for many years.  Jesus, I am sure (name withheld) heart is breaking.  Please, Lord.  If it is Your Holy Will, heal her mother.  If it is not Your Will, please do not allow her to suffer much longer.  Give (name withheld) strength, Jesus.  Help her to feel Your peace, Your consolation in her soul.  She is such a good daughter, Jesus.  She has sacrificed much for love of her mother and I know she would do it all over again for one more day with her, but Jesus give her days of peace.  Give her time with her mother that will be good, blessed memories.  Restore her health as only You can do.  If You decide not to do this on earth, then bring her to Your Kingdom in Heaven where she will be in perfect health and united to You in every way.  Lord, comfort (name withheld).  Give her Your peace and restore her joy.  I love You, Lord.  I trust You, Jesus.  Whatever You decide is always for our good.  Thank You, Lord.  Praise You, Jesus.


Lord, I ask for healing for all who are ill.  I entrust (names withheld) and all who are away from the Church.  Please lead them back to You, my Lord.  Thank You for the gift of good health for (names withheld).  Lord, You are the eternal Word and Your Word brings into being whatever You Will.  Bring the lost home, Jesus.  Just say the word and it will be so.


Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  Peace be with you.  I give you My peace and I share My merciful love with you.  Thank you for your heartfelt prayer for (name withheld).  She will be blessed one hundredfold for her gift of love and faithfulness to her mother.  I am with all who suffer in a very close way whether realized or not.  One day, all will be known.  My child, there are many, many people suffering in the world in this time.  Many suffer because of the consequences of sins and their rebellious pride.  Many suffer for lack of love, some due to poor health, some due to financial problems.  Whatever is causing the suffering, offered to God for souls, the suffering can become an occasion for great graces.  You are about to step onto the soil of (location withheld) where My Mother comes as a fountain of grace and the Mother of Mercy, Queen of peace.  I have invited you here once again, My child as I have each one who will be present on your trip.  You heard once that everyone who comes to (location withheld) has been personally invited by My Mother.  This is true, My little lamb.  It is also true that many who are invited do not accept the invitation.  It is not easy to leave (names withheld) and travel on the difficult journey to a foreign land.  There are sacrifices involved.  It is not easy for My little (name withheld) either.  I know the sacrifices each one of My children make to be near My Mother.  My Mother, also your Mother deserves such sacrifices for She sacrificed the most of any purely human being.  She sacrificed everything out of love for Me and also out of love for you.  Yes, My children, She stood weeping at the foot of the cross out of love for you even while Her heart was so broken as to be split in two by the piercing pain of love for Me.  Come, be with this beautiful Queen Mother of Mine who I share with you.  Come to Her and ask that She school you in love; the love She has for Her Son, your Jesus.  She will teach you about heroic love better than anyone else for She is the mistress of the love.  You are correct to call My Holy Spirit the lover of your soul, for My Spirit is and My Spirit, the Spirit of the living God, is the lover of souls.  I thirst for souls.  I allowed Myself to be scourged and crucified for love of souls and My pure, holy, innocent Mother not only watched, but participated as She alone could do, as the Immaculate One, the new Ark of the Covenant.  Come to Her as She went to Her cousin Elizabeth.  You will also go to the “hill country” in the mountains and you will have your own visitation, My children.  Take in each moment and be open, wide open to very grace I have been longing to give to you.  You will not be sorry for your sacrifices, for they will melt away and in time will be nothing but joy.  You will be filled with all that you need and then you will return to the world with more graces, more peace, more mercy, joy and love to share with everyone you meet.  My child, each person, whether you are aware or not, will be changed by the graces flowing through you that come from Me to My Mother, passing through Her beautiful perfect hands into your weak, but open hearts.  This grace, these graces will strengthen you for the times to come and you will be My wise, beautiful, strong, peaceful and loving disciples of your Jesus.  My Mother will continue to form you.  Be grateful for this great mystery of grace.  Be present in each moment.  There will be many moments, happenings that will be small queues from Heaven.  The world would say they are coincidences, but you will know they are signs of God’s love given to you in these moments.  Be alert, be aware and be open to My Holy Spirit, the Spouse of the Immaculate One.  Yes, there will be sacrifices and hardships on your pilgrimage for it is a microcosm of life.  But, there will be great joy and peace.  It cannot be otherwise.  I am very pleased that you and all who are going to pray with My Mother in person are making this wise choice.  I bless those staying behind to make it possible for you to go.  They will receive many graces for their sacrifices, also.  In these times, as in all times, but even more so now, I need holy disciples of love.  Because the need is so great, and the world so dark, I flood loving, open souls with all the more graces to overcome what is in the world.  I, the beloved Son of God and the Son of Man give all that is needed.  More is needed now, My little one and therefore these days call for heroic graces.  These times call for heroic love.  I am the benefactor of all that is good.  I AM can only give that which is good.  Therefore, not only do I want you all to accept what I have to give you to equip you, but also believe and go a step further than believing and anticipate this.  That is, expect it.  One expects, because one can trust in the goodness and love of the giver.  Therefore, trust in Me; hope in Me, believe in Me and accept as a little child accepts the love and provision of a good and kind father, all that is needed to live and to love.  I will carry you to My Mother so that She can teach you in Her school of love.  You are all in the most capable and competent hands.  After all, She was entrusted with Me, the God Man, so you can see She can be trusted with you.  Therefore, do not be concerned or anxious about anything, but keep the visitation in front of you and say, ‘Who am I that the Mother of my Lord should invite me to visit Her.’ “


Oh, Jesus. This is such a beautiful analogy and I know it is more than just an analogy because You are the Word.  What You say is truth and Your Word causes something to be.  Praise You, Lord God on high.  Thank You for Your mercy and goodness!


Jesus, (name withheld) asked that I pray for him in (location withheld).  Lord, he has such responsibility on his shoulders.  I know he trusts in You to solve everything, but still it is not easy for him.  Please give him some relief, Jesus.  Holy Apostles in Heaven, pray for (name withheld) and for all of our holy priests and Bishops.  They need so much help from Heaven.  Jesus, give us the wisdom to know what we can do to support them.  Please be with (name withheld) as he works tirelessly for Your Church in (location withheld).  Help him, Jesus.  Comfort him and give him many, many graces.  Help all of our priests and all religious, Jesus.  I love You, Lord and I thank You for the opportunities You provide me through my husband’s willingness and support to do all that You ask and through my holy and good friend (name withheld) who told me about this pilgrimage.  Bless her, Jesus for her tireless and faithful work for You.  She is such a dear soul and I love her as my sister.  Thank You for my beautiful (name withheld) who is my sweet, wise, loving daughter after my own heart.  She loves You, Lord and she loves Your Mother Mary.  Jesus, it is difficult for her to leave (name withheld) while we are away.  Help (names withheld) while we are away, to grow in love and holiness.  Give them graces for joy and peace, strength and courage, perseverance and mercy.  Blessed Mother please visit them with special graces for making it possible for us to visit you.  Thank You Lord for being with us in these most difficult days.  With You all hardship is turned into joy.  I love You, Jesus.  Thank You for loving me.


“You are welcome, My child.  It is My delight to love My children and such a joy when they love Me in return.  Go now in peace, My child.  My son, (name withheld) is eager to get you home so you can prepare for your departure.  I bless you in the name of My Father and in the name of My Holy Spirit and in My name.  Be at peace, My child.  I am with you.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Amen!



March 17, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus always present here in Adoration.  I love You, Lord!  Thank You for Your presence in the Blessed Sacrament.  Thank You for the priests who bring You to us in Holy Communion.  Lord, how sad for us that three priests died recently.  Lord, Jesus send us more vocations to the priesthood and religious life.  Thank You for Your many blessings and for the wonderful people You brought into my life. 


I pray for the repose of the soul of (name withheld).  Comfort his family, Jesus.  Please take him to Heaven, Jesus.  Bless all who have died this week and take their souls to Heaven.  Lord, I lift up to You people who are ill, especially (names withheld) and all who are on the parish prayer list.  I ask for Your special blessing on all elderly in our parish and all children who are ill or in a weak condition.  Lord, please bring those outside of the faith into Your church; especially (names withheld) and all relatives who do not ‘know the faith.’  Bring them even closer to Your Sacred Heart.  Lord, please help our Church (Your Church) to become pure, holy and spotless.  Help us all to be holier and ever close to You, Jesus.


Lord, is there anything You wish to say to me?


“My child, pray for souls who are far from Me.  Do not forget them in your prayers.  Pray for conversion of all who have cold hearts.  I long for My children to know Me and to love Me.  I want each one to be with Me one day in Heaven.  I died for this.  Be concerned for your brothers and sisters in the world that has grown cold.  Many do not even believe in My existence.”


“Children, you who do not believe in God, I created the world and all life.  Search deep within your heart and reflect on the many times I cared for you.  Think of the people who cared for you, who did something kind, showed you respect, gave you joy.  I sent those people to you.  For those children of Mine who did not have loving parents, think of your teachers, friends, neighbors and even your pets.  Every person who loved you and showed you kindness were instruments I used to express My love to you.  I even gave you, in some cases, a pet to give you the joy of My creatures.  Reflect on the times in your life that were good, honorable, and know that I was there with you.  If you remember difficult times, sad, lonely or hurtful times, I assure you I was with you then, also.  I have never left your side, even when you have rejected Me.  I patiently await your return to Me.  I will do so until the day you draw your last breath, but don’t you wait this long.  I urge you, for you risk dying with grave sins on your soul and with no remorse for these sins.  If this occurs, you will lose your inheritance, the inheritance I died to give you.  (Salvation and eternal life in Heaven.)  You will spend your everlasting life in the fires of hell and there will be nothing but hate and misery for you.  Do not die like this, My children.  Do not live like this, either when you may have friendship with Me now.  There is so much joy in friendship with God.  There is much peace, much mercy and fullness of joy.  Let us be friends now, you and I.  Speak with Me.  Give Me your concerns, your burdens.  Share the good times and bad times with Me, for I am your friend, Jesus Christ.  I will shelter you in My Sacred Heart, give you consolation and peace.  Do not be afraid to love Me.  Be more afraid of not loving Me.  I want to be close friends with all of My children.  You have dignity and worth because you were made in My image and likeness.  When you return to Me, there will be great rejoicing in Heaven.”


“My Children of Light, pray for souls who do not know My love.  They are your brothers and sisters.  If you love Me, you love all people that I love.  I love everyone and I am disheartened when souls choose the false path of the world.  You who love Me care about Me and all that I care for and so you must also love souls who are lost.  It does not sound too offensive to think of loving lost souls, but this means all lost souls.  They may be people who have drug addictions, gambling addictions, who are criminals and have hurt or murdered their brothers and sisters.  They may be abusive, or living a life of prostitution.  They may be slaves to others who are cruel and torture them or keep them in bondage.  They may live a life completely contrary to the Gospel.  These, My Children of Light are the souls who are lost and I am calling you to love them, as I love them.  Other lost souls may be those who have been abused as children and have not had the loving influence of good parents.  They may be very seemingly ‘good’ people, functioning well in society who are nice people, but have not been exposed to God.  These are also lost souls.  Pray for them.  Pray for all people to come to know the love of God.  Pray the holy rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Offer masses for them.  Love them.  Have mercy on them, My children, for without My grace, you would also be lost.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.


“My child, please pray the Divine Mercy each day for lost souls and for souls who are dying. This is a very powerful prayer and by calling upon My passion and death, souls will be saved through My mercy.”


Yes, Jesus.  I will pray now, Lord. 


Jesus, thank You for Your infinite mercy and compassion.  Help me to be more merciful and compassionate.  Help me to show love by my actions.  Forgive me for any acts of omission where I should have/could have shown love, but did not.  Give me graces for heroic love, Lord.  Help me to live and die for You, Jesus.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Lord, please protect (name withheld).   Heal him too, Jesus.


“I will be with you throughout the week, My little lamb.  I will be very near to you, also during your pilgrimage.  It pleases Me that you are returning to be nearer to My Mother.  Your company will be less difficult, My child and all will receive many blessings for their sacrifices.  You will not be remorseful for having taken the risk to travel on this spiritual trip.  There will be hardships, yes but abundant graces as a result.  I cannot be outdone in generosity, My daughter.  All will be well.  Offer your sacrifices and difficulties for souls who do not know Me and do not love Me.  I know the longings within your heart for your children and grandchildren.  Just as you love all who are dear to Me, so I love all who are dear to you.  Be at peace, My child.  We are united in love.”


“You may go now in My peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be mercy, be love, be joy, My child.  All will be well.” 


Amen, Lord Jesus, my God and my King!



March 10, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  I believe in You, hope in You, love and adore You, my Lord, God and King.  Lord, thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning.  Thank You for my family and friends, Jesus!  Lord, as You know there are many things on my heart today.  I give each one to You, my Jesus and trust that You will take good care of them.  Lord, I lift up (name withheld) friend who has cancer that has metastasized.  Lord, if it is Your Holy Will, heal her.  Jesus, she wants to be able to attend (occasion withheld).  She is so young, Lord.  You healed many, many people when You walked the earth.  You can heal now just as You did and I believe You heal, still.  I trust Your Holy and Divine Will, Lord.  Jesus, I am also very concerned with our parish and the number of people who are leaving now that there isn’t someone to tickle their ears.  Now, with the first priest to preach the Good News and to speak the truth, people are leaving.  They want to hear easy messages, Jesus.  Lord, I am sure there are some souls who are unable to handle hard sayings and they need time, but most of us need to hear the difficult message of the Gospel to challenge us.  Please help us, Lord Jesus to grow in wisdom and truth.  Help (name withheld) with the wisdom of Your Holy Spirit.  I trust You to provide for us, Jesus.  Jesus, I hope in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Lord, please heal (names withheld) and all people who have left the Church home.  Lord, You know all I carry in my heart.  Please bless and keep each one in Your Sacred Heart and in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Lord, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  It is as you indicate.  My people do not want to hear that which challenges them to change.  They desire words that comfort them in their complacency.  It is also true that souls are not always ready for strong words.  These souls need words of love and mercy.  Yet, when speaking to a broad audience, it is good to speak of issues that need to be corrected or understood.  I did this when I preached and it caused good people to search their hearts for areas in need of pruning, and in those who wanted to be encouraged in their complacency or even in spite of their sinfulness, to be angry and to conspire against Me.  There is always some place else people can go; to another parish, another church, to a group of people who will take their side.  This is why it is the narrow path that leads to Heaven.  I often spoke in parables because My words were too difficult to understand or accept.  A story was easier to understand and those who were ready to accept difficult sayings, would understand deeper truths of the parable.  For those who were not open, the story would stay in their memory and they could reflect on it over time.  Parables are a way to penetrate hearts with truth, in a way that approaches each heart where they are.”


Yes, that is beautiful, Jesus.  I know You spoke in parables, and there are times it seems as if You knew some could not grasp what You were saying.  You explained the parables to Your Apostles.  I didn’t realize the reason You explained to some, but not all.  I think this is richer still and more complex but thank You for explaining part of this mystery.  You know our souls so well, Jesus.  You really are the great physician, doctor of our souls as well as our bodies.  Lord, help our priests to be good shepherds.  Help them to be pastoral and fatherly.  Give them all they need to minister to so many different souls.  Lord, I also pray that You will send an associate pastor to help (name withheld).  He needs someone to help balance him and to give him support.  He must feel the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Your good, holy priests are suffering much (at their expense) for the sins of others.  Heal our Church, Lord.  Blessed Mother, when children are wounded, fearful, and down hearted, we need our Mother.  You are the Mother of all mankind.  Be our Mother now and help us to change.  Help us to trust in God’s mercy.  Help us, dearest Mother Mary to open our hearts to the Lord.

“My child, entrust your children to Me.  I know you are concerned for them.  Leave them to Me.  I will make all things new.”


Thank You, Lord.


“My little lamb, I am your Shepherd.  I will not lead you astray.  Trust in My words to you.  I have spoken to you over the years, even at times when you did not write My words.  They are true and will stand the test of time.  Reread My words that you have written and you will see things you did not understand at the time.  You will understand many things I have said, only with the passage of time.  You will also understand some things you may have misunderstood, for you saw them in time and in the context of what you could grasp and also in light of certain circumstances.  In retrospect, My words will take on hidden meaning.  Hidden only because you were either not ready to fully understand or because I gave you these words for a time to come.  Reread My words to you and reflect on them.  Pray to understand them.  They are not difficult words, I realize, but My children are living in a finite world and spiritual concepts, even for the most scholarly people are not always within grasp.  I am the Word.  I AM.  My ways are above your ways.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.  Put aside all worries and trust in My Will.  I love you, My child.  I love each and every child of Mine.  Give all concerns and burdens to Me.”


Thank You, Lord!  Jesus, I forgot to pray for (name withheld) who is suffering very much.  Please help her.  Ease her pain and suffering.  Console her.  Console (name withheld) also Jesus.  She is suffering to draw closer to You in their suffering. 


“My child each of your requests is held in My heart.  You are close to Me and therefore your concerns are My concerns.  Thank you for bringing them to Me.  Be like a small child that brings her problems to her parents and be confident in My solutions.  Be joyful and carefree.  Come close to My heart and comfort Me with your love.  So many souls have forgotten Me or have rejected My love.  Your love consoles Me.  My friends’ love brings Me comfort.  I love you, My little one.  I love your family who is close to My heart.  Thank you for your love and friendship.”


Thank You, Lord for teaching me how to be a good friend, by being the perfect friend, the perfect Shepherd, the perfect Teacher.  I love You with all my heart, in spite of my many faults and sins.  Thank You for Your merciful love.  Help me to be like You, Jesus.


“I desire that My children know of My deep love for them.  I love each child of Mine from the elderly to the adults, teens, children and infants.  Each person is created in My image and likeness.  It is because of My deep love that My children have My likeness.  I want you to be like Me, My children, because I am your Father.  We belong to one another.  You were created to know Me and to love Me.  You were created to be close to Me during your earthly journey and afterwards in My Kingdom.  This is so, simply because I love you.  There is nothing so terrible or too horrible, that I am unable or unwilling to forgive.  Know this, My children.  Do not allow the evil one to tell you lies about My mercy.  He wants to tempt you to condemn yourselves.  He wants you to listen to his deceit, to his lies.  He will say that your sins are too awful, too deplorable to forgive or that you are not worthy of My forgiveness.  He will fill you with many doubts.  Do not listen to him.  He has the title, ‘father of lies’ for good reason.  I am the seat of wisdom.  I am truth.  I am the loving Father of all mankind and I say that I love you no matter what you have done.  Come to Me.  Repent of your sins and accept My mercy and My love, My complete forgiveness.  I will not only forgive you, but I will heal you.  Lean on Me for all that you need.  I will provide for you.  Listen to My whispers of love from the cross.  Read My dying words.  Even from the cross, I did not condemn but forgave.  I forgave My murderers.  I forgave you.   I forgave all who had sinned against Me and all who would live in the future who would sin against Me.  I am mercy.  My heart pierced for your transgressions is a heart filled with incomprehensible mercy.  It is overflowing with mercy.  Come to Me and I will give you all that you need to be fulfilled.  I love you, My children.  Dare to love Me in return.”


“That is all for now, My little one.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace and in My love.”


Thank You, Jesus!  I love You!

March 3, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, adore You and worship You, my God and my King.  I love You, Lord.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning and for being able to sit with my family at Mass.  Please bring home all who are away from the faith, especially (names withheld).  Lord, please prepare my heart for the upcoming pilgrimage.  I seem to be finishing projects, taking classes and working right up to departure, and never really feel reverent when it’s time to leave.  Help me, Lord to be more spiritually prepared.  Help us all to receive the graces we need and to be open to all You want to give us, Lord.  Blessed Mother, prepare me in the school of Your love.  Bless (name withheld) and keep him spiritually, physically and mentally protected, Jesus, please heal all who are ill, especially (names withheld).  Help all who have Alzheimer’s, cancer and renal failure.  Heal and comfort and console those who have epilepsy including (name withheld).  Keep the sick ones close to Your Sacred Heat, Jesus.  Keep us all close to Your Heart, Lord.  Please help us to ban the killing of our little innocents by abortion, Jesus.  Help us to stop this terrible atrocity.  Lord, I also lift up (name withheld) to you.  Help him to mend so that he is able to get around by himself.  I pray this for (name withheld) also.  Lord, I haven’t seen her for some time.  I hope and pray that she is alright.


Lord, I am so very sad and disappointed in our Congress for not passing the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Bill.  It’s such a tragedy in our country that we permit abortion and now we are saying with the absence of a law to protect babies who survive abortion, that infanticide is legal.  These crimes of murder are against Your Commandments, Jesus.  Evil has become commonplace, Jesus.  Please save us from ourselves, Lord Jesus.  Things look very dark right now, Lord in our Church and we are in need of Your saving power.  Make us holy again, Lord so that we ca be salt and light to our sinful culture.


“My child, My child, My child, this most blatant act defying My laws and giving, even more license to murder those who by a miracle of My grace escape abortion, is intolerable.  Woe to those who take the life of even one child.  Souls who refuse to repent have already condemned themselves to the fires of hell.  Pray for the souls of all involved in this horrific crime of the killing of My sweet, innocent little ones who are most precious to Me.  Their blood cries out from the soil of your nation and I hear the cries of those robbed from the life I gave them.  Wake up, children of America and see how evil and depraved you have become.  Blood floods your streets and you are too blind to see it.  Those who have spiritual eyes and ears, you see the blood seeping out of the ground, flowing in the streets and filling your lakes and ponds.  You curse your own nation and kill your present and future generations.  Millions upon millions of souls I created are being robbed of life.  How many future saints died as infant martyrs instead because you desire to play satan.  You are not playing at being God, but at being satan.  Turn from your wicked ways now before it is too late for your souls.  My Children of Light, you must fight this evil.  You are not doing enough, My children.  I went to the cross for you and for My little ones who are being snuffed out like tiny sparks stomped on around a campfire.  These are children.  These are the future generations.  You not only allow them to be killed but prevent all of their offspring and future generations to be born.  How wicked is this age.  How rebellious and evil is this age.  Stop this killing, My children of America.  You are leading the entire world into this murderous crime of abortion.  How many decades I have allowed pass so that you would turn back to Me and yet with more time your sinful condition grows worse.  You must pray harder.  You must fast.  You must push back against these wicked laws that are laws against your Jesus.  These are not true laws, they are licenses to commit murder.  How long before I must chastise you severely?  How long, My children?  You must act quickly.  You must act decisively to vocalize your rejection of these so-called laws.  I have given you a leader who stands for life.  Do not waste this opportunity, for the evil tides will wash over all of you.  It is not only My little ones, but all children and the elderly will be targeted next.  All who are disabled will be targeted.  The goal of My adversary is to wipe out the human race.  Genocide is its name.  Death and destruction is his aim.  He does not even need war to do this presently.  He has turned mother against her children.  Fathers against mothers, parents against children and grandchildren.  It is worse than so many of you realize.  When I look at your land, I see the blood of holy innocents and I hear their cries.  Repent, My children of the U.S. for your judgement is near.”


“My child, My child, I cannot spare you these words.  I cannot spare you.  You are My messenger.  I am warning My messengers so they can warn others.  These times are dire indeed.  With each obstacle to life; licenses to kill increase.  There is little regard for the sacredness and dignity of life.  Confusion and insanity have replaced ethics and morals.  Sins against God and nature abound and are given a place of honor in your country.  Sodomy is called ‘marriage,’ killing is called pro-choice, and sexual sin is called sexual liberation.  Lies, lies, lies heaped upon evil intent.  Children are sinned against in the most egregious ways.  All of Heaven prays for the people of earth.  It is well past time to act, but act now, pray much, fast and be prepared to give your lives for the faith.  This evil must be defeated by My people and with the help of Heaven it will be.”


“One way or another it will, but you will prefer to be part of the solution, My children, then waiting for Me to issue the final blow.  I will act, but it will be late when more souls have been lost.  By cooperating with Me now, many souls will be saved.  Do not allow your nation to be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Repent and wake up now, My children.”


“This is all I have to say, My little lamb.”


Jesus, I am heartsick and I can hardly bear your anger.  I am sure it is only a glimmer of the fullness of your righteous anger.  Help us to turn back to You, Jesus.  Help us, Lord.  Give us the grace to fight this evil, Lord.  Help each one of us to know what you want us to do.  Guide us, Jesus.  Direct us, each one of Your Children of Light.


“My little lamb, this can no longer be a ‘cause’ that calls only those who are interested.  My people say, ‘I am not called to do this or that.  I do not feel called.’   My child, every one of My disciples is called to defend life.  This is at the heart of My Gospel.  Who is more oppressed than the baby in danger of abortion?  Who is more persecuted, sought after, hunted than the baby in the womb?  There is no better cause, no greater cause of your time than stopping abortion, than protecting the holy innocents.  You all must pick up this cross and stop this holocaust now while there are still people alive.  The greatest threat to mankind is the evil of abortion.  The time for all of My children to take up this call to action is now.  Be at peace.  Do not add violence to more violence.  Pray.  Act with love but be firm.  Speak out.  Stand in prayer and show your rejection of this evil by your physical presence.  Witness to the victims of abortion.  Be merciful and forgiving, but also extend your love and your material assistance.  Be heroic lovers of life and get involved to stop this evil of your day.  Call on My Mother to help you.”


“My child, that is all for now.  Be at peace.  Be merciful.  Be love.  Show others your love and your mercy.  Give them Me, your Jesus.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in peace.”

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