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Children of the Renewal Messages



Palm Sunday, April 14, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus!  It is so very good to be here with You, Lord.  Thank You for Holy Mass on this Palm Sunday.  Thank You for Holy Communion, Jesus.  You died so that we would have Holy Communion.  Lord, I am disturbed by what two families in our parish are going through.  There is deep emotional and spiritual pain and the children are confused and torn.  Jesus, You heal all wounds and know each situation.  Please help them.  Heal them.  Bring life out of their brokenness.  Lord, what can I do in the midst of their anguish?  It is a real dilemma.  I wish (name withheld) was here to talk to.  But, You are here Jesus.  You are in our midst.  You are in their midst and You walk with them.  Please, please help (name withheld).  He is very confused and is hurting.  Give him graces to come to Church, Lord.  In his pain he is pulling away from You, the source of healing.  He is just a child, Lord and does not know what he is doing, help him.  Give him peace, Jesus.  Help (name withheld) Lord to know what she should do.  Give her peace of mind and clarity of thought.  Lord, I don’t want to be judgmental.  Only You know the truth, Jesus.  Heal all involved and reconcile these families by Your mercy.  Lord, there are many people who are in need of prayers; many who are ill, some struggling with addictions, broken lives, chronic illnesses and rejection.  Jesus, You know each one by name.  Heal them, Lord.  Bind up their wounds.  Free them from oppression and sins that have broken their relationship with You.  Save us, Savior of the World.  Spread the essence of Your Spirit and the fragrance of Your Divine, Holy Will over every soul on earth, for You are God.  You created the world out of nothing, Lord.  You spoke and the world came into existence.  Pour out Your Holy Spirit on this land, Lord.  Renew the face of the earth through the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Our Holy Mother Mary.


Oh, Jesus!  You have already begun to work in my friend’s (name withheld) life.  Praise You, lord.  She just sent word (conversation omitted).  You sure work quickly, Jesus.  I am very grateful and my heart is filled with joy.  Thank You for lifting this burden a bit, Lord.  You always give me such hope.  You are the God of the impossible.  You take what seems to be an impossible situation and You show the way out.  Praise You, Lord God of Heaven and Earth.


Jesus, I was asked to pray for (name withheld).  I don’t know him, Lord, but You do.  Please heal him and restore him to the priesthood.  Oh, Jesus, a woman (name withheld) is on life support.  Her organs are failing and she is a single mother.  Please heal her.  Give her new life in You, Lord God.  Lord, her children need her.  Please, Jesus.  Blessed Mother, please intercede for (name withheld).  She is in a desperate situation, but Your Son can do all things and He makes all things new.  Please ask Him to heal (name withheld).  Her life is hanging in the balance.  May God’s Will be done.  Your Will is perfect, Lord and I trust in Your Will completely.  Jesus, I am sorry to ramble on like this.  There are so many needs.  I entrust them all to You.  I give You each person by name, Lord, (names withheld) and all of Your holy priest sons and religious sisters and brothers.  I pray for the priests who have died, Lord.  Please take their souls to Heaven.  Lord, have You anything to say to me today?  You are such a beautiful Lord to allow me to carry on so.


“My child, My child.  I know your heart and the burdens you carry out of love for your neighbor.  I have instructed you to bring each concern and every burden to Me and you are doing just that.  How can I be disappointed when one of My precious children does what I have asked, and confides her problems to Me?  I give you My peace, dear child of My heart.  I will provide a way through the dilemma you have brought so promptly to Me.  As soon as you were made aware of a difficult situation, you brought it to Me.  This is exactly what I have been teaching you to do, My little one.  I am pleased.  This is why I am acting so quickly My child and I will bring much clarity to this potentially scandalous situation.  You did the right thing to encourage your friend to speak to her pastor.  I will work through him to bring about healing of this deep pain and these emotional wounds.  I am giving you My peace now, My little lamb.  Do you feel better now?”


Yes, Lord.  Everything is better when I confide in You.  Thank You for Your peace.  It calms my heart and soothes my concerns.  Thank You for loving us, Lord.  Thank You for being engaged in everything that is important to me.  I love You, so!


“My little one, you are learning to love others more completely.  I realize I ask much of you.  I have given you a sensitive heart and it wounds easily.  You feel the pain of others and this is a heavy cross at times.  The only way through this pain is to bring it to Me.  You leave burdens at the foot of My cross and I give you graces in exchange.  Intercessory prayer is an important aspect of the Christian life, My child.  Intercessory prayer becomes powerful when it is born by a heart full of love and good will.  Unite your suffering from love to Me, My little lamb.  My suffering perfects, purifies and transforms.  My love is perfect and therefore My suffering was perfect.  All was accomplished by Me through perfect love and unity with My Father.  My child, I invite My children to join Me in this Divine Love.  All are called to participate in the unity of the Blessed Trinity, the perfect mercy, the perfect love.  When you love heroically, you love with the love of God.  You are learning, My child.  You are growing in this love.  You do not realize it, child and this is by My design.  Focus on Me and on all I teach you through the Scriptures, the Sacraments, your prayers and in My words.  Do not be concerned when you realize your numerous shortcomings.  Being these to Me and you will be given the Light of understanding.  You are not perfect.  I know this, little one.  I did not create you to be so until you come to Heaven.  Then, you will understand that each flaw is actually beautiful to Me.”


Why is this, Jesus?  My flaws are very unattractive to me.  I realize that I have so many weaknesses that I can’t even function one hour without You.  Doesn’t that make me a nuisance and a burden?  There are times I can’t even find the correct route, I am so terrible at directions.  If anyone really knew me the way You know me, they would be surprised at how incompetent I am.  But, You are always beside me to correct me, to make straight my path, and to give me the best words to say to someone.  I couldn’t do the least little task without You, Jesus.  I am sorry that I am so ‘needy.’


“My little lamb, this is precisely what I mean and one day you will understand that your smallness, your neediness (as you say) is a great gift.  Would that all of My children realized how much they depend on Me.  My little lamb, the difference is that You realize the truth about yourself.  Some of My children also have this gift.  Many others live under false pretenses and they believe their success comes from themselves.  Their pridefulness blinds them to God’s Will and to My grace in their lives.  Knowledge of your shortcomings and your need for Me is a gift, My child.  Give even this to Me and think nothing else of it.  You have Me and that is all that is needed.”


(Personal conversation omitted.)


“Since you give Me your life, your work and your heart, My little lamb, I am able to use you to bring about My Will in your life, the life of your blessed family and the lives of those I touch through this work.  Trust Me, My child.  I will protect you.  Do not be concerned but only trust in Me.  I will guard your humility.  It is safe with Me.” (smiling)


Thank You, Jesus.  I know You are correct.  I am safe with You.


“You consecrate yourself to Me through My Mother each day, child.  This is also an added safeguard.  My Mother also guides you.  She is guiding each child in a very direct way through consecrated souls.”


“All of My children, consecrate yourselves to Me through My Most Holy Mother Mary.  In this way and through My Mother you will have great clarity, confidence in God and wisdom from the Holy Spirit.  When you are connected to Me through My Mother, you are bound to love and by love.  The Holy Spirit is surely at work in the lives of those souls consecrated to My Mother, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.”


Thank You, Lord.  Thank You Blessed Mother.  Teach me in Your school, dearest Mother.  You are my Queen and I love and appreciate You so very much.  Be a mother to me now, dearest Mother of Jesus.  Never ever leave me, even though I must try Your patience.  Teach me to love your Son the way only you can.  Thank you for the graces given to our pilgrimage.  Blessed Mother, please help us, guide us and work out every detail of (event withheld).  Help all come together in the planning.  Please bring about each plan of yours, Blessed Mother so it will be a beautiful event for your Son and the souls He brings.  Invite many people, Blessed Mother and give graces to those invited, to follow through and answer Your call.  May many be healed and receive graces for every difficulty.  Your Son is the answer to all life’s problems.


Jesus, please bring peace to the world and to each person’s heart.  Help all who seek You to find You and bring those who have strayed, back to Your Church.


“My child, pray for the souls I will bring to these events.  I will invite some who are experiencing deep wounds.  I desire healing of emotional wounds.  I will pour out My Spirit on those who seek Me.  I will work miracles even in souls who doubt, but you must pray for them to have an opening.  You were correct in saying that is all I need.  Pray for souls to be open to the grace I long to give to them.  You, who work to bring about the Flame of Love be open to the movement of My Spirit.  By this, I mean to suspend all judgement and allow Me to work for only I know what each soul needs.  You, pray and be love.  That is all that is necessary.  Allow Me to do the heavy lifting.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.


“My child, My little one, there is much darkness in the world, but I desire you focus on My Light.  You bring My Light to those in darkness.  To do this, you must focus on Me, the Light.  I am hope eternal.  I make all things new.  There is no better time to be a light bearer than when it is dark.  So, therefore rejoice.  I need My little apostles now more than ever.  It is time, dear children to cooperate with My Holy Spirit.  You are Children of Light.  Do not be afraid to love even the most difficult souls, for they are most in need of My love.  I am depending on you, My Children of Light.  I am well pleased with you who are spending time each day in prayer.  I can direct pliable, open souls and you are My delight.  Be of good cheer.  Focus on My Kingdom.  Spread My mercy and My love.  You are part of My Mother’s heel and You will help Her crush the head of the serpent.  You are living in exciting times, times of great grace.  It is possible for many souls to become saints in this age, but to do so you must spend time in prayer, frequent the Sacraments, confess your sins, read My Holy Scripture and it is imperative above all things to love as I love you.  Come prepared to love, My children.  Serve others in love and do not judge them no matter how offensive their sins may be to you.  Your sins also offend Me, especially when you do not bring them to Me in Confession, so do not judge.  Only love.  This is the way to change hearts.   When you love with My love, people’s hearts soften.  They are then open to My grace.  This leads to conversion of hearts and true transformation, My children.  Love with My love.  Study My life and how I show love in the Gospels, then imitate Me.  You will participate in bringing about the Kingdom of God when you serve others with love.”


“My little lamb, I am with you.  I will not leave you and you will not leave Me.  Does this not give you courage and hope?”


Oh, yes, Jesus!  My Adorable Jesus, I love You.  I am very small, but You make my heart feel larger than it is because I can hardly contain Your love.  Jesus, enlarge My little heart so that it has more capacity for Your love.


“My child, it is a prayer in process of being answered, little by little.  Trust in Me.  I know how much you can handle and I tend the garden of your heart with much concern, patience, and joy.  All will be well.  Trust in Me.”


Thank You, Lord!  Jesus (name withheld) asked me to pray for her.  She wants Your direction, Jesus.  Help her, Lord during the challenges she is facing.  They are numerous, Jesus and I am sure they must feel insurmountable at times.  I remember what that felt like, Lord.  Life can be so difficult at times.  Give her exactly what she needs, Jesus.  You know what is best and I ask You to please give her the best.  She loves You and has suffered a great deal.  She doesn’t complain, Jesus.  Give her hope and a future in You, Jesus.  Give her a beautiful, holy spouse someday, Jesus.  Please bring the best man for her, into her life soon.  May he be handpicked by You and Your Mother.  Please, Jesus.  St. Joseph, please see to this also.  I trust the Holy Family to take care of My family.  Thank You for all that You do for us, God!  I love You.  We belong to You.  See to each and every need, and give us the graces to serve You in our neighbors.  Thank You for the gift of life, Jesus.  I give it back to You for safe keeping and I give the graces that come from You through Your Mother’s hands, back to Our Lady to hold for me.  Blessed Mother, they are safer with You.  Keep them for me until I need them.  I trust them with You.  Thank You for Your love, Jesus & Mary!


“I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace, My love, mercy and joy.  All will be well.  Let us begin.”


Amen, Lord.  Alleluia!  I love You! 

April 7, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  I adore, praise, and love You my God and my King.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning.  Thank You, Lord for the Sacrament of Reconciliation yesterday.  Praise You for giving us First Friday’s and First Saturdays for reparation.  Oh, Jesus please stop abortions in our country and in the world.  Help us to do what we can, knowing that we need You to intervene, though.  Jesus, may hearts be moved by the truth.  Today, we are blind, Lord but with Your grace, Your healing, Your gift of faith, tomorrow people will see.  Lord, may our sight be restored soon so that all may know the truth and all will see the Light.  Lord, send forth Your Spirit and renew the face of the earth!


Jesus, thank You for our pilgrimage.  Thank You for the many blessings and graces poured out on us there.  Praise You, Lord!  Bless the holy priests who accompanied us and provided the Sacraments for us.  Protect and keep them near Your Sacred Heart and under Your Mother’s protective mantle.  Praise You for holy priests.  Please may more young men answer Your invitation to become priests.


Lord, be with all who are ill (names withheld), and any others I was asked to pray for, Jesus.  Take all those who are dying with You to Heaven and bless their loved ones.  Jesus, please console (name withheld) and take (name withheld) soul to Heaven.


Lord, help us to grow in grace and to love heroically as You love, Jesus.  Please give graces for holiness, strength and courage to the priests in our diocese, especially help (name withheld) console him, Lord after (event withheld).


“My child, My child, thank you for visiting Me today.  It is good that you are here.  Many graces were poured out on you during your pilgrimage.  There was much suffering, and I thank you for offering sacrifices to help souls.  Your intentions and those of the other pilgrims resounded in Heaven.  My little lamb, My Mother and I were well pleased.  You do not realize how much your suffering and the suffering of all in your group merited souls.  Yes, you are aware of this for My dear (name withheld), but it is also true for all who suffered; Even the suffering that was emotional in nature assisted souls.  This brought consolation to My Mother, child.  Do not be dismayed that you were too ill to attend (event withheld).  I was with you.  My Mother was very near to you.  All is well.  This was a heavy cross for you and you handled it well.”


Jesus, I don’t know how You can say this.  I complain and grumble with each little cross You send me.  I’m surprised it merits anything after all my complaining.  But, you are a gentleman and You are mercy.


“My child, all is well.  You may complain at times, but still you carry the many crosses I send to you.  I am pleased with you, My little lamb.  I am pleased with My children who visit My Mother where graces flow for the world.  You and all who visit bring graces everywhere you go.  Be a source of peace to others.  Carry My love with you and give this love to others.  My love will change the world.”


Thank You, Jesus for sending us Your Mother and so many graces.  Thank You, Jesus!


“My child, the killing of the innocents must stop.  Their blood cries out to God.  Pray for conversion for all who are killing My innocent babies, and for all who kill the spirits of the mothers who cooperate with such savagery.”


“Turn your hearts to Me, you who do evil deeds.  Repent and ask for My forgiveness, and forgiveness will be yours.  You must cease the slaughter of the preborn babies sleeping innocently in their mothers’ wombs.  You are cooperating with demons and you do this in the name of ‘choice.’  Stop making such wicked ‘choices’ to murder holy innocents.  If you do not repent and turn from your evil ways it would be better for you if you had never been born.  Your punishment will be unbearable and for the rest of eternity.  Do not continue down this wicked road, but turn around and run toward Confession and give me each and every sin in Confession.  My priests will absolve your sins and you will be as white as snow.  Stop, I say!  Repent!  Live the Gospel.  Choose Life!  Do you not know that the wages of sin are death?  Choose Life, then and become a Child of Light.”


“You must pray, My child and work harder to end abortion.  It alone is the single worst holocaust in the world.  It is worse than all the others in the history of mankind in terms of the number of innocent lives killed, and the brutality.  There are many victims of abortion.  My adversary gains a very strong foothold in countries where abortion is ‘allowed.’  It must be resisted with all of your might, My children.  Stand against this, My children.  Many, many souls are at stake.”


Yes, Jesus.  We will work harder.  I know I’m not doing enough, Lord.  Help us, Jesus.  Bless the efforts of all who are praying and witnessing during the 40 Days for Life.  May Your Spirit expand every action, Lord and cause many abortion mills to close.  Multiply our efforts, Jesus just as You multiplied the loaves and fish.  Bring us Your healing and Your peace in this wounded nation.  May we once again be One Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  Your liberty, Jesus.  Your justice, which comes from loving and following You, Lord.  Purify our hearts and souls, Jesus.  Purify Your Church, Lord.  Bring us to true contrition and conversion.  Save us, Jesus, Savior of the World.


“My little lamb, I know you are fatigued.  I will be with you this week, as always.  Lean on Me.  Walk with Me.  Accept the crosses I send you.  I will give you the grace to endure.”


I don’t mind, Jesus, the crosses You send me.  Just help me with them, Lord.  It is difficult working when there are crosses of illness, but I rejoice as long as You are with me.  Nothing seems as hard when You send me people who help me, too.  Thank You for (names withheld).  They helped me so much on our trip.  Thank You for (names withheld).  All of these beautiful women were like saints.  Thank You, Lord for telling (name withheld) that You would bring (name withheld) back to the Church.  I have entrusted her to You, but it was nice to hear she would return to Your Church.  It was very encouraging.  Praise You, Lord!  Thank You, my beautiful Jesus!


“My daughter, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for those who love and trust in Me.  I am grateful for your love and friendship.  You may go now, My little one.  I know you are very tired.  My son (name withheld) will help you now, this week.  All will be well.  Trust in Me.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Please take all of my petitions, Jesus and hold them in Your Heart.  Answer them each according to Your Holy Will.  May all be according to Your Word, Jesus.


“I love you, My little lamb.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be peace, be love, be mercy, be joy.  All will be well, My child.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen!

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