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Children of the Renewal Messages


May 12, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus, present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  All praise, honor and glory to You, Lord Jesus Christ.  It is wonderful to be with You in this chapel, Jesus.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning.  Thank You for this day, Jesus.


Happy Mother’s Day, Blessed Mother, my Queen and my Mother.  Thank You for Your love and guidance.  Thank You for Your intercession.  Thank You for being the perfect model of motherly love.  I love You, dearest Mother of My Lord.  Jesus, thank You for sharing Your Mother with us and for allowing us to be part of Your family and therefore to be Your Holy Mother Mary’s children.


Lord, thank You for the work of love and healing that You are doing in my loved one.  I am grateful and so very happy.  Jesus, I trust in You, I hope in You, I believe in You.  Praise You, Lord for Your love and mercy.  Thank You for my family and friends.  Thank You for listening to me, Lord.  Please help our priests, Jesus. Send us more vocations, please Lord, especially vocations for the priesthood and for marriage.  So many young people decide they don’t need marriage, Jesus but we need marriage for all the beauty this vocation brings in working to bring about Your Kingdom.  We need more holy priests and religious too.  Lord, our world is in need of You; in need of hope, faith and love.  I pray for these virtues to be poured out on Your people, Lord. May our faith and hope increase to high degrees so that we bring forth more and more the fruits of love. 


Lord, You have said we are to bring our burdens, our concerns and our joys to You.  Lord, I bring the things that weigh heavily on my heart to You.  I lay them at the foot of Your altar and give them to You.  Jesus, You take care of each one and do Your Holy Will.   Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, do You have anything to say to me today?”


“Yes, My child.  I know you have many worries.  Give them all to Me.  Only I can resolve them.  My daughter, do what you can to assist with the upcoming meeting.  Do your best and allow Me to carry the heavy load.”


Thank You, Lord.  There are so many lately.  My (relationship withheld) is suffering.  Please help her to heal.  Help all who have cancer and are suffering loss in their lives; for those who have Alzheimer’s or dementia, renal disease, colon or lung diseases, as well as all emotional and mental problems.  Help those with broken hearts, Lord.  Give them consolations, Jesus and bring them close to Your Sacred Heart.  You are the only One who can heal the broken hearted, Lord.  Renew their hope, Jesus and grant them peace.


“My little lamb, you are learning that people with deep wounds need much love and patience.  They usually need much time to heal and the healing is very slow, almost undetectable at times.  It requires much patience, understanding and love.  Some wounds are so deep that even I did not heal them all at once but allowed the soul time to begin the process and move slowly towards Me.  The deeply wounded must heal from the inside where no one but God sees.  Just as a deep wound must heal slowly from the deepest part of the wound to be healed and to be completely healed, so too must the deep wounds in souls heal.  My child, you recall having patients with deep physical wounds, do you not?”


Yes, Lord.  I do.  They were so severe I think they will stay in my memory forever. 


“My child, tell Me about the principle of healing these deep wounds and what the doctor’s instructed for treatment.”


Yes, Lord.  I recall one patient with a surgical wound, rather an incision that had become infected.  It was a very large wound and the infection was treated with antibiotics (IV) but it still wouldn’t heal.  It had to be opened, debrided and flushed with an antibiotic solution in addition to the IV antibiotics.  I had to saturate gauze and place it deep in the open wound.  This was repeated until the entire wound was filled with the packing.  Then it was left (nothing to ‘close’ the opening) with another piece of large dressing covering the damp packing.  I recall with this patient, we couldn’t tape the dressing because the skin around it was so red and irritated, probably from the previous treatments she had to this area.  I’m sure it had been taped repeatedly.


“Yes, My child.  This wound needed to heal from the inside.  If the skin came together and healed superficially, what would have happened?”


The interior would form a pocket, Lord and because of the darkness and the flesh that was not healthy and also the poor immune system of the patient, the infection would return and fill in.  Even if no infection returned, the open cavity would fill with fluid and cause pain and pressure and keep the wound from healing.


“Yes, My child.  Even closing an incision weeks later can look as if it is healed on the outside, but doesn’t mean there is healing at the source of the wound.”


That is true, Lord.  I remember how glad I was after several days when less packing was required because the wound wasn’t as deep.  It was healing inside.  Even the tissue looked pink and like new.  It took such a long time for complete healing.  I still remember this.  Now people are not in the hospital as long, but back then patients stayed longer and I was able to see the process and learn how effective the treatment was.


“Yes, My child.  I willed this experience for you.  I knew it would be a lesson you would remember.  My child, healing for souls is like this.  Just as the treatment you applied was ordered and scheduled to be done, it needed to be administered consistently.  What would happen if one treatment was missed?  Two treatments?  Or, if each step wasn’t followed as ordered by the doctor?”


Healing would have been delayed or worse yet, the wound would have become worse.  The progress made, reversed and instead of taking 3 steps forward, the patient would feel as if they had taken 2 or 3 steps backwards.


“Yes, My little lamb.  This is precisely why much patience and love must be given, however it must be given to the wounded on a consistent basis.  Those with deep emotional wounds must be treated with love, mercy, patience and tenderness.  To become impatient and annoyed with them causes their wounds to become deeper and stops the healing process.  Their wounds can even grow deeper than before if in their vulnerable state they submitted themselves to be loved and trusted themselves to the care of others only to be judged and mistreated when healing wasn’t as quick as others expected.  These souls need much patience, forgiveness, mercy and they need hope.  Pray for souls who are wounded.  Only God knows how deep their wounds are and only I know how long healing will take.  Souls must struggle much and participate in their healing and they need unconditional love.  Once healed, these souls can become very pure and beautiful.  Many rise to higher heights than other souls who have suffered as much.  Be merciful, My Children of Light and do not judge others for you do not know the depths of their wounds.  These souls have many fears and at times they will be angry.  Love them and be patient with them.  Suffering souls often have fears that were created as a consequence of another’s sins against them.  They must learn to trust again and fear keeps them either at a standstill or causes them to retreat from the ones who can help them.  Pray that they will overcome their fears.”


“My children, you who fear, you have good reason for this.  Perhaps you were disappointed by someone you trusted.  Perhaps you were mistreated or even abused.  My children, it is understandable that you have fears and are lacking in trust.  I tell you, trust in Me, do not trust in those who lead you into sin.  Trust in Me, your Jesus.  I am your Shepherd.  I will care for you.   I am tender and kind.  I am loving.  I will lead you to My children who will also love you.  My children will not judge you.  If you have found people judging you, they are not My Children of Light.  Consider that they are severely wounded, also.  I will bring people into your life that can be trusted, but you must take the first step by opening your heart to Me.  Allow Me to begin your healing.  Allow My Holy Spirit, who loves you with My love, to heal your innermost wounds.  Bring all to Me, My little wounded ones, and allow Jesus who is mercy and love to heal and console you.  Come to Me.  I am here for you.  I will show you that I, your Jesus, can be trusted.  I will help you slowly but surely to learn to trust again.  Then, you will learn to forgive all who have hurt you.  You must forgive so that your healing can progress.  If you do not forgive, it is like closing a wound superficially that is filled with infection.  The wound will never heal when it is filled with poison.  You must release this poison called unforgiveness, resentment and hatred, by forgiving those who caused these wounds.  Once you begin to forgive, true healing will begin.  I assure you this is so.  Come to Me and let us begin, My little wounded ones whom I love very deeply.  I love you.  I died for you.  Believe Me when I say I love you and if you do not believe, at least give Me the opportunity to demonstrate My love to you personally.  Speak to Me in the quiet of your heart.  Speak to Me even if you have no quiet, no peace.  I will hear you regardless for I am God and I speak the language of the soul.  I created you with a soul, My dear one.  I love you.  Come to Me and I will give you rest.  I will heal your wounds.  I whisper words of love and encouragement to you.  Listen to Me.  Open your heart to Me and if you are afraid, ask My Mother Mary to help you.  She is a good Mother.  She will never reject someone who approaches Her in need of Me.  She will take you in Her arms and comfort you.  She will give you enough courage to come to Her Son, your Jesus.  If you do not have this courage, She will bring you to Me Herself.  She will not abandon you in your need if you approach Her.  This is done in prayer, My children.  If you do not know how to pray, no matter.  Simply speak to Me and I will hear you.  Speak, even in the quiet of your heart where no words are needed, only thoughts and I will come to You.  All will be well.  Let us begin.”


Thank You, Lord for Your love for souls.  You are so loving and kind, my Adorable Jesus.  I want to give all to You, Lord.  Everything I am and all that I have comes from You, my Lord and Savior.  I give it back to You to do with as You will.


“My little lamb, one day you will have souls in your care who are deeply wounded.  I want you and My son (name withheld) to understand this emotional healing process.  You are learning from those around you who are dealing with such wounds; even in your family.  You see how vulnerable these children of Mine are.  You must pray for guidance and learn from those around you.  Remember this when I send others to you, children who won’t understand what has happened to them or why.  I will ask you to sacrifice much to give them love and a place they can call their own home since they will be orphaned.  You are to love them as I love them.  I am preparing you now.  Do not say, ‘their lives are too sad and I can’t tolerate this sadness.’  Think about what they have gone through.  How can anyone tolerate such sadness, such atrocities?  I will tell you, only by the grace of God.  But, you must love with such depth that you want to know what they have experienced.  You will want to know because you will love them deeply.  Just as you meditate on My passion and death and on My Holy Mother’s sorrows, you must be open and willing to listen to their stories of pain, their trials and their wounds.  This is the only way to understand and to share in their pain.  This is necessary to walk with them on their journey to healing and it is something you will do over and over again until they trust you, love you and begin to see themselves as loveable.  Your respect and love will be key ingredients in their healing process and this will give them hope.  It will take a long time for some, My children.  It will require much grace, patience, mercy and heroic love.  You will have what you need, My children.  I always give what is needed to minister to My children.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.”


(Personal intention omitted.) 


“Yes, My child.  Do not be concerned.  I am calling hearts to Me during these days like never before.  My Mother will help.  Ask Her to help you and to guide you.  Reach out to others for assistance, too.  There are many in your circle of friends who are willing to assist you.  They have only to be asked.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.  I love You, Jesus. 


“I love you, also, My daughter.  I have heard all your prayers.  Be of good cheer.  All will be well.  Let us begin.”


Thank You, Jesus, my Lord and my God!  Amen!  Alleluia!


“I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, My child.  Open your heart to My peace.  I walk with you.  We work together.  I remain with you.  All is well.”


Thank You, Lord.  I love You! 

May 5, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, praise You, adore You and trust in You.  You are my beloved who is also my God.  You created all that is good.  Thank You for loving me and for being my Lord and Savior.  Thank You for Your life, death and resurrection.  Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion this morning and for the beautiful program today about Our Lady.  I am grateful that You share Your Mother with us and not only do You share Her but You made Her our Spiritual Mother.  She is my Mother and the Mother of all of Your children and all of Creation.  Praise You Lord God, holy God, mighty God, the One True God, our Father.  I love You Most Holy Trinity.  Praise You forever and ever!


Jesus, there are many people in need of You, of Your Will in their lives.  Help us all to abandon ourselves to You so that You will bring about Your Will; Your perfect, holy Will.  Lord, bring victory in our lives over sin and all consequences of sin.  Heal us in the deepest part of us, our souls.  Bring all of Your children close to You so that all will know You and know of Your love.  Thank You for Your amazing, magnificent mercy, the mercy that brings light into the darkest of nights, that illuminates souls and gives us grace for repentance and conversion.  Jesus, I pray that all will know and love You who is all love.  Lord, please bring aid and comfort to my friend (name withheld).  Her spirit is very low.  She needs You, Jesus.  Her mother is very ill.  Jesus, I don’t know what is ahead for (name withheld) and her mother, but You know Jesus.  You know exactly what each one needs.  Open their hearts to You.  Jesus, (name withheld) is seeking You.  She is contemplating other major decisions and I pray that You will give her peace of heart and clarity of mind so that she follows only Your Will for her life.  May she block out all of the advice from the world and from the tempter and listen only to Your sweet whispers from the cross.  Give her ears to hear You, Jesus; You and You alone, Lord, this is my request for all Children of Light and for those who are trying to follow You.  Help us, Jesus to long to do Your Will and to act upon Your Holy Will. 


Jesus, bless all of my family, friends, acquaintances and all who I will encounter each day.  May even brief encounters be a meeting with You, Lord.  May I love with the love You have in Your Sacred Heart.  Blessed Mother, please give me graces to love heroically, as You loved Your Son.  May I have the fruits of the Holy Spirit Your Divine Spouse, so that I can stand up for Jesus and for His Church just as You stood at the foot of the cross for love of Your Son, our Savior.  Blessed Mother, most holy and Immaculate Mother of God, teach me in Your school of love and lead me ever closer to the very heart of God which beats for love of souls.  Dearest Queen of my heart, I give You that which is most dear to me, my husband, children and grandchildren.  I bind them to You, Mother and ask that You teach them in the school of love, also.   Protect them, Mother from the ways and the errors of the world, the errant philosophies that lead away from God, the false religions and idolatry, the addictions and all of the deceptions that are designed to lead souls away from the love of the Father.  Protect them, my Mother.  I give them all to You for safe keeping and to nourish them in Your Immaculate Heart where the Flame of Love is kept burning for souls.  I love You Most Holy Mother Mary.  I love Your Son, Jesus who is God.  Pray for me and for all those I love.


Give comfort, peace and consolation, Lord to the sick and the dying.  Jesus, please help us to spread the word about the upcoming healing service.  Jesus, You still want healing for Your people.  You want us to be set fee from sin that binds us from obstacles that keep us from Your way.  Lord, heal all emotional, spiritual and physical wounds and save souls.  Oh, Jesus if no other prayers are answered, please Lord save souls.  I know You Will this.  You died for souls to be saved.  You are the Savior so please pour out Your Holy Spirit, save souls like never before in any time in history and renew the face of the earth.  Praise You, my Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.  Glory to You, Lord Jesus Christ who was and is and is to come!  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I hope in You.  Jesus, You are our only hope and I put all of my trust in You.


“Thank you, My dear little lamb for pouring out your heart to Me.  I am glad to have your visit today, My daughter and My son.  Thank you for coming also to honor My Most Holy Mother, Mary.  She intercedes for My children before the very throne of God.  She speaks with God the Father about My children and prays for your intentions.  She is a good, holy and faithful Mother who deserves love from Her children.  Love Her, My children.  Love Her in return.  She has done much for each one of My little children.  She brought the Messiah into the world through Her ‘yes’.  Humanity owes a great deal of gratitude to My Most Pure Mother Mary the Holy One.  During this month of May dedicated to the Mother of God, My Mother, reflect on Her life, Her love, Her holiness.  Imitate Her.  Do not be afraid to imitate the perfect disciple and first disciple of Jesus, My Mother Mary.  There is no creature on earth who has loved or will love Me more than She.  Therefore, do not be afraid to know and love My Mother, for to know and love Me is to know and love Her.  She also was the first disciple to be filled with the Holy Spirit and She was at Her conception and again at the Annunciation where the Spirit of God overshadowed Her.”


“My child, you are wondering what more can be said regarding abandonment to the Will of God?”


Yes, Jesus.  Someone dear to me wants to know more about this, what would you like to tell me, Lord?


“My child, earlier today you reflected on the surrender of one’s will that I have spoken to you about over the years. The word victory resounded in your heart each time, did it not?”


Yes, Lord.  This is true.


“My little lamb, I already gained victory over evil, sin and death of the soul.  Through My death and resurrection, I secured eternal life for those who live and love God (follow God).  Each soul must accept this gift of salvation.  In order to receive a gift, one must accept it.  Each day souls are faced with the choice to freely love and follow Me or to reject Me.  When one surrenders all to Me, they die to themselves and are resurrected in Me.  This is what occurs in Baptism.  Souls are reborn, just as I explained to Nicodemus (Scripture).  However, souls who have been baptized still have the gift of free will, but the grace they receive in Baptism enables souls to live a life of holiness within the family of God.  But, due to free will, a life of grace is not forced upon them.  Day after day, each soul is faced with many decisions, many choices and each worldly choice competes with those that will lead souls closer to Me.  When souls focus on the world, the false sense of power, prestige and all manner of temptations to sin, souls go down the path of disobedience, which leads to death.  When souls put idols before God (false Gods such as riches, power, lust, etc.) they see themselves as God.  That is, they believe in ‘self-determination, self-centeredness, self, self, self.’  To live in the family of God one must put God first, then neighbor.  The child of God seeks ways to love God by showing love to their neighbor.  True love for God will be seen in these souls as compassion for others, service to those in need, putting God and others first.  Souls who love God, truly love God, sacrifice themselves for others.  This type of love does violence to self-serving love and is a higher form of love—sacrificial love.  This love is the type of love My Father has for the world.  He showed this love for creation and in sending the Prophets to teach and instruct and when He sent Me, His Son into the world to save souls. 


In order to journey on the path of love, one must surrender one’s worldly desires and one’s will for prestige, power, etc., in exchange for the Holy and Perfect Will of God.  My child, this surrender enables souls to be well disposed to the graces given to them.  It allows graces to take root in them and to bear fruit.  It brings peace to souls, wisdom, clarity, mercy and joy.  This surrender allows for My victory to be firmly planted in souls.  By surrendering to God’s Will, souls begin the journey toward perfection (perfect love of God through union to My Divine Will) and holiness.  Souls shine with the love and radiance of the Holy Spirit when they learn and act upon this principle of holiness.  This is what is meant by ‘dying to self’ and in doing so brings about the path of true life and eternal salvation.  This is why I say for you to bring everything to Me and allow My Will to be at work in each situation. 


My children, God is the perfect Father, the author of life.  God is love, light and truth.  He gave you the breath of life.  He keeps you alive and He never abandons souls.  It is impossible for God to abandon a soul.  It goes against His very nature, so He does not do this.  My children, souls abandon God, not the other way around.  He has your happiness in ‘mind’ which is why He created Heaven.  First, souls must choose God, learn about Him, so they can love Him and walk with Him throughout the earthly pilgrimage.  Then one day when each soul has lived out this journey, God calls souls back to Him.  It is then souls must give an account of their lives; each one, individually.  Have you loved God?  Do you want to live with Him forever in Heaven?  This is the decision.  This decision cannot be made while standing in God’s presence after you have lived your life on earth.  This is a life decision and must be made while you are alive.  So today, I invite you, My children to choose life.  To choose life is to choose God.  To choose death is to choose the evil one.  There can be no middle ground.  Either a soul chooses God and lives for love of God or a soul does not.  You see, My little children, one cannot say, ‘I don’t choose’ and think they will be absolved from making the great decision.  Not to choose is choosing evil.  Not choosing is rejecting God.  Do not fool yourselves and do not follow the great deceiver by thinking you do not have to decide.  This is a passive way of saying, ‘I decide to follow the enemy of God.’ Because those who are not for Me are in fact against Me.  This is why I say there is no middle ground.  There are two roads, My children.  One path leads to the Kingdom of God and one leads to perdition.  Souls begin life on the path to God and My Kingdom.  Along the way, souls face temptations, road blocks, detours (temptations acted upon, otherwise known as sin) holes in the road causing difficulties, and times when souls lose their way.  I send all matter of assistance, erect road signs, send angels to help you and pray for you, send other souls to help you find your way back to the route to Heaven, give you the teachings of Jesus, the Church, Scripture and the Sacraments, and send My Holy Spirit for every matter of assistance.  But in order to get back on the right road, one must die to self, accept the love of God and neighbor, humble oneself to receive assistance and decide to continue on the journey toward God’s Kingdom.  Each soul may freely choose Heaven.  Each soul may freely choose eternal death.  Which choice will you make, My children?  Which choice have you already made?  I call to you out of love and plead with you to choose the path of life which is following Me, Christ.  I have already shown you the way.  You have only to follow Me.  I love you.  Come, follow Me.”


Thank You, Lord for Your words of life.  You, Lord are life.  You, Lord are truth.  Help us all to embrace Your words of truth.  Help us to live the Gospel each day of our lives so that we will live with You in Heaven.


“Yes, My child.  I want every soul on earth to accept their inheritance, eternal life.  My little lamb, I will give you the words that are needed to help your friend.  Trust in Me and in My mercy.  Thank you for your service for souls and for your love.  We are friends and I love you, My friend.  Be at peace.  I am with you.  I am with all of My children.  I am with you in your daily struggles, in your work, your rest and in all that you do.  I am with you as you sleep at night.  I am with you when you are ill.  I am with you.  I love, My children.  I love you.  Allow Me to show you My love.  Open your hearts to Me and I will give you love.”


Praise You, Lord!  Thank You, Jesus.  I love You, my Adorable Jesus.  Help me to love You more and more.  Lord, have You anything more to say to me?


“My little one, remember that I am with you, even when you do not think or feel that I am with you, believe in Me, trust in Me and know that I am.  This is very important to remember when you feel alone and isolated.  You are never alone.  Your Jesus is with you.”


Yes, Lord.  I will remember this.  Guardian angel, help me to remember this.  Remind me always to call on Jesus.  Saints in Heaven pray for me and for all of us who are in the church militant.  Give us graces for courage, perseverance and heroic love.  Pray for us, Blessed Mother.


“My child, My Mother is with you, also.  She guides you.  Have no fear but only trust.  All will be well.  Go in My peace, My mercy, My love.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be joy, mercy, peace and love.  I am with you.”


Amen, Lord.  Alleluia.  Christ, You are risen.  Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

Divine Mercy Sunday, April 28, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus, present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  It is so very good to be here with You, Lord.  All praise, honor and glory are Yours now and forever!  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion.  Thank You for this amazing Feast of Divine Mercy.  There are so many gifts I wish to thank You for, Your mercy, love, goodness, kindness and Your peace, for salvation-the great gift of Your passion, death and resurrection, for life, family and friendships, for creation, and for the joy in loving and knowing You.  There are blessings too numerous to list, Lord. I am grateful to You, Lord God Creator of all that is good.  I love You, Jesus!  Thank You for loving me!


Lord, please help all who need You; all who need love, kindness and mercy, all who are lacking joy, peace and hope.  Please heal those in need of healing; in their physical needs, spiritual and/or emotional needs.  Lord, I pray especially for those suffering deep emotional wounds, for those who have been abused or neglected, for those suffering from drug addictions, mental illnesses, chronic illnesses, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia, epilepsy, renal failure, post traumatic stress syndrome, endocrine or hormonal illnesses, degenerative diseases of the spine and/or joints, those with autoimmune diseases such as MS, MG, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, any myelin sheath or nervous system diseases, and all who suffer from severe accidents causing paralysis, brain injury, or deformities.  Lord, You know what each and every child of Yours needs, from the smallest cold to migraines to severely debilitating diseases.  Heal Your people, Lord.  Send forth Your Most Holy Spirit and renew the peoples of the earth.  Most of all my good and gracious Lord, heal all spiritual illnesses.  Remove anything and everything that is a hindrance, an obstacle to You and bring Your healing light to chase away all darkness and sin.  Lord, You intended Your children to have life, health and a close relationship with You.  We make countless wrong decisions, choices and commit sins that lead us farther and farther from You and consequently from Your plan which is always for our good.  Heal us of our stubborn pride, our self-centeredness, our unforgiveness, our holding grudges, our judgmental spirits, our anger, our irritable natures, and breathe Your spirit of life, love, trusting and faithful graces into our souls.  Open our hearts and minds and free us from spiritual pride and blindness that keeps us from growing closer to You.  On this feast of mercy, turn our hard hearts into hearts of flesh that You mold into the form of Your Sacred Heart.  Jesus, I pray all of this for myself, as I am so in need of Your healing and Your love.  I pray this for my family, all my loved ones and friends and for all who are ill or broken hearted.  I pray this, Jesus for all people in my state, country and in the world.  Lord, this is a large scope, I realize but You alone are God and You work miracles.  I believe in You, hope in You and trust in You therefore I entrust these intentions to You through the Heart of Our Blessed Mother Mary.  Jesus, I give You my ‘yes’ once again and I renew my consecration to You through Our Lady, yet again.  Bring me further on the path of Your love, Jesus.  Give me graces to love heroically and please make me receptive to these graces.  All that I have is Yours, Jesus and all that I am I give to You.  I know this is such a small thing, Jesus but You are known to take little and multiply it according to the needs.  Jesus, just as You multiplied the loaves and fish, please take my offering and multiply it, through Our Lady’s intercession so that it serves Your perfect Will.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Help me to trust You more and more.


“My child, My child, thank You for your prayers and for your gift of love to your Jesus.  I thank you.  I love you.  I hold each petition and your special gift close to Me and within My Sacred Heart.  Your desire for all people to be made whole pleases Me.  This is love of neighbor, My little lamb.  It is My intense desire that all My children have this love for one another.  On this Feast of My Mercy many souls will be saved, My child.  I open My merciful heart to all who come to Me, to all who plead on behalf of themselves and others, to all who bring their sadness, their penitent hearts, their brokenness.  My mercy seeks those who need it most, pursues out of great love those who have heaped many sins on their weary souls.  It is for them, I open wide My Sacred Heart pierced and emptied of blood from the cross.  Tell them, My little lamb that there is no need to be afraid of Me.  I am a loving God and Savior.  I am all love and all love is Me.  There is nothing to fear, so run to Me and allow Me to embrace you, oh hardened of heart, oh wounded souls, come to Me.  I will hold you to My wounded heart, wounded for love of you and you will be forgiven of your sins, healed of your deep wounds and renewed, refreshed and transformed by My peace, love and joy.  There will be joyful celebrations in Heaven when you return to Me, My children.  Do not be concerned that I will reject you.  I will accept you.  I accept you already and only wait for you to decide for Me.  I long for your love and friendship.  My children who do not really know Me, this does not make sense to you.  You can’t understand how God could long to have your love when you dislike Me and spit upon Me and all of the Children of Light.  It is because I created you for My love.  I made you with each personality trait, each strength, talent and even your weaknesses.  Many of you (those who do not know Me) were wounded by people you loved and trusted.  Many of you have had hardships on top of wounds and you felt that I had somehow caused these difficulties.  You do not understand this now, My lost children, but God loves mankind so much that I gave all people a great gift of free will.  This gift was given so that My children could choose to love Me.  I could have created you with no freedom to choose love but that is contrary to My nature.  I can never go against My very nature, because I am perfect love.  Had I created all peoples and forced love, then I would be no better than a dictator or one who makes robots.  I AM who AM.  I do all out of love and mercy.  How much more beautiful it is to have children who choose to love Me.  This is My greatest joy especially when one who is far from My heart moves toward Me, regrets the time spent away from Me and opens one’s heart to Me.  This is cause for great rejoicings in Heaven.  You, the one reading this who has committed horrible sins against your neighbors, your loved ones; you who believe I could never love you, you are mistaken.  You are listening to My adversary and yours.  Listen only to Jesus, for I give you truth.  You are loved.  You, yes you in your sinful misery, are loved by Me.  This sinful life you are leading can be corrected in the blink of an eye.  Come to Me.  Even with your fears and your mistrust, come to Me.  Allow Me the chance to heal you, to forgive you, to give you a beautiful new life.  It is your decision, but I assure you, I will not reject you.  You must decide, but do not believe the evil one who wants you in hell.  Believe the One True God who made you for love, goodness and peace.  Today, on this Feast of Mercy, the feast day for all who have sinned, but trust in My mercy, this is your day.  This is the first day of your new life.  You will not regret living with Me, your Jesus.  Behold, I can make all things new.”


Thank You good and gentle Jesus.  You are the Good Shepherd who cares for Your sheep.  You go in search of the one who is lost, enduring great hardships, just to bring the one lost sheep home safely.  Thank You, Lord for being the perfect shepherd.  Thank You for Your love that knows no end.  Your mercy saves us, Lord and does make all things new.  Create us anew, Jesus.  Give us pure hearts and hearts full of love.  Give us graces for persistence in this pilgrimage on earth so we will persist in following Your way. 


“My little lamb, you were feeling sad earlier.  You miss your loved ones who are now with Me in Heaven.”


Yes, Jesus.  I was feeling sad, but You comforted me when I thought of Your Heavenly Kingdom.  I do not wish they were deprived of Heaven and made to live longer on this earth.  I am glad they are with You, Lord even though I miss them.  It is the way it should be, Jesus because it is Your Perfect Will which is always best. 


“Yes, My child but that does not mean that I am indifferent to your suffering or the suffering of any of My children who are sad due to the feelings of loss they experience.  I am very acquainted with this sadness.  I, too grieved at the loss, the passing from this earthly life to God’s Kingdom.  My St. Joseph was greatly missed by My Mother and Me.  We missed his holy presence in our home in Nazareth.  I missed his fatherly love and guidance.  I know of the loneliness, the sadness, the disappointments of My children who have lost children, spouses, parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents and close friends.  I too experienced fully the emotions that come with our human nature, our hearts made for love.  I, your Jesus, understand.  As the one who is both man and God I can assure you that loved ones who are with Me in Heaven are filled with indescribable joy.  They pray for you, who are still journeying to Me on earth and they intercede continuously for souls.  They know you still, love you and look forward to the day that you will pass from this earthly life to Heaven.  They await you with great joy.  They are not oblivious to the difficulties the church militant is facing on earth.  They know and they pray.  They have joy because they trust completely in Me.  There is no fear in Heaven.  There is unity with God.  They entrust their friends and loved ones completely to Me while at the same time they pray for you.  They pray that you will be strengthened in your resolve to change and walk with Me.  They pray for your peace and for your hearts to be open to Me, the love.  They pray for graces to be showered upon you.  They are in your court, so to speak.  Ask them for their prayers, dear children.  How joyful this makes the saints in Heaven when you acknowledge the Body of Christ and request their prayers.  All give glory to God and even your request for the intercession of the saints, gives glory to God.  It is according to My plan, dearest children and therefore living My Will gives glory to God.”


“Children of My heart, pray for souls to come to the knowledge and love of God.  Pray that they open their hearts to the goodness and love of God.  Pray so that no more souls will be lost.”


Yes, Jesus.  We will pray that all come to know and love You and that none one of Your precious souls will be lost.  Jesus, please may the Jericho Prayer be spread to many souls and cover us all.  May You break the bonds satan has on souls and loose them from the chains he has bound around them.  Free souls from oppression Lord so they may freely choose You the author of life, the God of the living.  Praise You, Savior of the world.  By Your cross and resurrection, you have set us free!


Jesus, thank You for the beautiful friends you have brought into my life.  I am blessed beyond measure.  Thank You for the many friends I have yet to meet.  Thank You for the plans You have for us, Lord.  I was reflecting on the future, Jesus and the Era of Peace that You told me to think about when the darkness becomes difficult.  It gives me such hope, Lord to know that Your Spirit will renew the earth and Your Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.  In the meantime, Lord help me to love more.  Teach me to love as You love and as Your Holy Mother Mary loves.  Help me to put this love into action in service of others, Jesus.  Oh, my beloved who is also My God, make my heart a flame of pure love for You.  May the flame of love in Our Lady’s heart be the flame that sets the whole world on fire! 


“Thank you, My daughter.  Go now in My peace and celebrate this feast of My infinite mercy.  I bless you and My son in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My mercy, My love and My peace and be filled with My Spirit of joy.”


Amen, Lord!  Alleluia!  You are risen!  You are truly risen.  Alleluia!

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