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Children of the Renewal Messages

June 30, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar I praise and adore You.  I love You, Lord.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be with You in this lovely little chapel.  Thank You for Your presence in all tabernacles in the world, Lord.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning and for the beautiful priest who visited our parish. 


Lord, thank You for the wonderful day with my family yesterday and with my friend.  Please comfort (name withheld) who is so very ill.  Heal her if it is Your Will, Jesus.  Give her Your peace, Lord. 


“My child, My child do not worry about what may come tomorrow nor what will come about in the future.  Have I not always provided for you?”


Yes, Lord.  You have always provided for me. 


“This will not change, My daughter.  You must never fear the future or have any anxieties about it.  I know at times you are sad, but do not focus on what will be lost.  Focus only on what must be done to save souls and to administer with great love to their needs.  I have taught you well how to do this, My little lamb.  I endowed you with the innate ability to respond under pressure and in emergency situations with calmness and even with a light heart when others are in fear.  You have been given talents to cheer and encourage people even during the darkest of days.  You saw this when you were at the bedside of a patient in respiratory or cardiac distress.  You were clear headed, remembered your training and took action to save their lives.  My child, remember how even you were amazed at how calm you were?”


Yes, Lord.  I remember this and it still causes me to reflect on how strange it seemed to me afterwards.  During the emergency it seemed I was given more clarity of mind, by Your grace, and I could see what needed to be done next.  I didn’t know the whole picture clinically, but knew at least what to do next to move the patient toward stability.  Sometimes it meant simply starting CPR or calling a code, but other times I could take less drastic measures to give them relief.  That was only by Your grace, I realize Lord.


“Yes, My child.  Your mother had this gift, also.  She was very calm under emergent conditions and able to handle very stressful situations with a level-headedness and a sense of confidence.”


Yes, Lord.  I remember how she was during a tornado that passed over our house.  It sounded like a train was coming toward us and she and Dad both acted quickly but very calmly.


“My child this is true and as a result, even though you and your siblings were nervous, you were confident that your parents knew what to do to keep you safe.  They also asked the children to pray and you all did so.  They gave you something holy to do, and to focus on that also called down protection on their family.”


It also made us realize the gravity of the situation, Lord.


“Yes, and that is good, because then you really listened to them and followed their direction and you also prayed.  There is an important lesson in this, My child.  Reflect on this and apply it to future situations.  You already have learned this by example and apply it to other problems.  I want you to understand this scenario better and analyze it so that you gain confidence for future situations.  When you are leading and guiding others under extreme stress and times of peril, your confidence and willingness to take action instills trust in others who are not able to think as clearly.  Giving them a task or responsibility helps accomplish the outcome through teamwork and allows others to focus on taking positive steps versus reacting out of fear; which only makes matters worse and in some cases can jeopardize the lives of others.”


You are telling me this for a reason, Lord.  It seems that the preparation continues whereas for quite some time the focus was on calling souls to Your heart through repentance and conversion.  I understand the prompting of Your Holy Spirit to be a type of forewarning.  Is this correct, Lord?


“My little one, have I not informed you and many of My messengers of the events to come?  I have done so over a period of decades and years and yet many become complacent because these changes have not occurred within their timetable.  God’s ways are not your ways, My people and yet when a warning I have given does not come to fruition within the month, many souls grow tired of believing Me.  Be thankful when events are mitigated through prayer and fasting.  Praise God when peace continues.  Still, I tell you, do not become complacent for there is great spiritual darkness in the world and the evil one seeks the ruin of souls.  This is not a fairy tale or a myth, My children, but reality.  So many children of Mine have lost touch with reality because they have insulated themselves from the world.  They have created their own culture of work and entertainment and have forgotten My command to love your neighbor as yourself.  Many of My children are not unlike the Pharisees of My earthly time who asked, ‘Who is my neighbor?’  They did not want to serve in love and mercy those they had marginalized, the Samaritans, the Gentiles or anyone deemed to be ‘less than’ their social status.  Do not be like the Pharisees, My children.  Be like My Mother, My Apostles, My disciples who learned humility, compassion, love and mercy from the Prince of Mercy, the Author of Mercy, the Savior, Redeemer and Lord.  Be like Me.  I laid hands on the lepers, the orphans, widows, the sick and the dying.  These were all the less fortunate in Jewish society.  I ministered to those who were sick of heart, mind and spirit and brought love, dignity, forgiveness and mercy instead.  This is what I call you to do.  You cannot do this by insulating yourselves from the world.  Live the Gospel, My children.  Take Me to a dying world.  I will lead you.  My Mother will guide you.  She, the Immaculate One did not stay within her home in Nazareth at all times, but even She followed Me on many of My journeys to other towns and cities.  She and many women disciples came with My Apostles and Me as we preached, healed and taught.  You must go out, My children to those who are in need.  Look around you.  You will see your neighbor everywhere.  Be peace, love, joy and mercy to all you meet.  Ask Me what it is I would like you to do and to say.  I will guide, My children.  Let us be very busy about the work of Our Father, building the Kingdom of God.  Seek souls in need.  Be alert.  When tragedy strikes, open your hearts and your homes to those in need.  Share what you have out of love, trusting in Me, your Jesus to provide for all your needs.  You will witness great miracles from God through your trust and faith.  Do not fear, but trust.  All that is needed is love and trust.  All will be well.  Let us begin with any loving action you can take, My children.  Be love.  All will be well.  Pray, especially this week and coming weeks for peace in the world and to live lives of holiness.  Seek reconciliation in your families and frequent the Sacraments.”


“Go in peace, My little ones.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Increase family prayer and be of one heart and one mind.  Be united in your faith and in the love of God.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You, Jesus.  Amen.


“I am with you, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).  I am with your holy friends and family.  Be at peace.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You.


“And I love you.”

June 23, 2019, Feast of Corpus Christi, Adoration Chapel

Dearest Jesus, ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, I love You!  It is so good to be here with You today on this wonderful Feast of Corpus Christi.  Thank You for the beautiful Mass and for Father’s homily.  Thank You for Holy Communion.  Lord, I’m very glad that (name withheld) had server training yesterday and that he had the opportunity to serve Mass last evening.  Thank You, Lord.  Jesus thank You for giving me the chance to learn about (name withheld).  What a holy little boy!  Praise You Lord for his sweet soul.  He is a true inspiration.  Jesus, I wonder how many other souls there are like (name withheld) in the world now.  You keep them hidden from the world until the perfect time.  Please bless them all (whoever they are) abundantly and I hope they pray for all of us who toil on the earth in this valley of tears.  Jesus, there is also joy, because of knowing and loving You.  Praise You, Jesus.  (Personal dialogue omitted) Lord provide them with wisdom and all the fruits of the Holy Spirit as the Flame of Love spreads to more and more souls.  Thank You for this great gift, Lord!  Please reignite the Flame of Love in each person’s heart who has already received this love and may it be like a forest fire burning in the hearts of all souls through (location omitted).


Jesus, there is so much I am learning lately about the movements You are bringing forth in the Church.  I love that there is one font of water, Your Church, from which many tributaries flow bringing the Gospel and the Heart of You, Our Lord and Savior to the world.  Praise You, Lord for all You are doing in the world.  I pray You will bring Your Light to each corner of the earth that is presently covered in so much darkness.


Lord, God, I lift to You all people in need of prayer especially those who do not know the love of God, or who reject Your love.  Bring them to the Light of Faith.  Make us Your true disciples, Jesus who take You in our hearts to the unloved, the forgotten and forsaken, the hopeless and helpless.  Renew the dignity within them that they surely have by being sons and daughters of God.  Lord, help those who are ill in mind, body or in their souls.  Heal them and bring them peace.  Lord, You know each person in need of healing.  Give them every grace needed, Jesus.  Help us, who are healthy to have compassion and care for the sick and dying so they never feel alone with their crosses.  When they feel they are at the end of their rope, send others to give them additional rope to cling to and fill them with new hope, Jesus.  Lord, may no person ever feel alone again because they will come to realize You are always with us. 


Jesus, have You anything to say today?


“Yes, My little one.  I am pleased you are with Me today, especially knowing the fleeting temptation you had when you were out in the sunshine briefly.  Thank you for choosing Me over the nice weather you have been longing for.  I know you are grateful for the sunshine.”


Yes, Lord.  I am very grateful.  We have had so much rain, as You know.  Lord, it will come again when You desire it, but I never know how much time I will have to adore You.  This is such a golden opportunity to worship You freely and adore You openly.  What a great gift.  It is more dear to me than every sunny day put together.  Thank You, Lord.  This time with You is far more valuable than anything else I know. 


“You are correct, My child.  You are storing up treasure in Heaven with every moment spent in Adoration.  My daughter, I am pleased you are beginning to read the book you heard about through (name withheld).”


Lord. I had such a sense and prompting from the Holy Spirit that I needed to learn more about the mission of making disciples.  As soon as I began to read the book, I was filled with anticipation and joy.  I can’t explain it but it seems like exactly what is needed in parishes in this age.


“Yes, My little lamb.  The words you read to My son (name withheld) filled you with awe as you are beginning to open the next door I invite you both to walk through.  I am pleased you spoke to My holy priest son (name withheld) about this.  Continue reading and I will guide you both in the way I want to use you in this new work.  I will make all possible for Father also, so do not have any reservations.  I am answering the prayers you have whispered to Me over the years to bring about a renewed zeal for the Faith in your home parish and to bring about devotion to Me in the Eucharist.  It will happen, My little lamb but this work must be done to prepare.  Thank You for Your ‘yes’ to Me, My daughter.  How I love your ‘yesses’.


Thank You for overlooking the times I have reluctantly given my ‘yes’ to You, Jesus.  You are the perfect gentleman to overlook my numerous faults.  Thank You, sweet Jesus.  Lord, I do not know how or what specifically You want us to do with this program/mission.  Usually You provide a picture for me, but I will continue to read and learn and wait for things to unfold.  I see now that the prayer group was needed to bring this work to us.  Jesus, we have not done a good job spreading the message to our parish about the Apostles of the Returning King.  We will renew these efforts, Lord. Please help us with this.  The world so desperately needs this rescue mission that only Your Church can provide.


“Yes, My child.  You recall the image of the St. John Bosco vision, the ship, the Eucharist, My Most Holy Mother Mary and the smaller boats in the water.  There was a storm and so many boats were trying to steer toward the larger ship to seek shelter and safety from the rough water caused by the storm.  My Church mustn’t wait for the small crafts to make it to the ship, for many souls will be lost due to the raging storm.  Their little boats cannot withstand the waves.  My child, My Church must go out to the boats and save them.  They must rescue these souls adrift in the storm and bring them safely to the ship, the Ark which is My Church.  No, do not focus on the many sailors on the ship who lack pure hearts.  Focus on the ship that is well made, by Me, as it is sea worthy and can withstand the most challenging storm.  Remember, I calmed the storm for My Apostles.  I made Heaven and Earth and all the elements.  I can calm all storms, so too can I purify the air of the pollution and stench caused from unholy leaders who lead My little ones astray.  Do not despair My little ones tossed about in the raging storm.  I will send My first responders to bring you safely in the Ark.  They will assist you, teach you and care for you until you are strong enough to go out, also and rescue others.  This is My plan, My child.  You will not tire in this work, but be energized.  Call on Me for assistance.  My child, My child you were correct in seeing that the lay apostles fit perfectly with the mission of making disciples.  All will be even more clear as time progresses.  For now, build up your prayer group.  Send more invitations to friends and family members to join and share the volumes and booklets with all you meet.  It is time, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).  It is time.  I have been preparing you for this time, My children.  I open this door for you and invite you to walk through and bring many others with you.”


Thank You so very much, My Jesus.  I love You.  I praise You and I want to glorify You with my life.  Lord, I was so happy to hear about (event withheld).  It gave me much joy!  Thank You, Jesus.  It brought to mind the ‘communal life call’ I learned about in the (program omitted).  You are connecting so many dots for me, Lord.  Thank You!


“Yes, My child.  I wanted you to see that I have been preparing you for a long time and leading you gently throughout the years.  Continue to follow Me and My Will for you.  One day, you will see how everything in your life, good and difficult times, brought everything planned for you, to completion.  Each path, each course you took led you closer to My call for you.  There is much more ahead, My child.  Continue to follow Me; continue to look to Me for guidance.  I will lead you, My little one.  I am with you.”


Thank You, Lord.


“I bless you, My child in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace.  Be My love, My joy and My mercy.”


Amen, Jesus!  Alleluia!

June 16, 2019, Feast of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Hello my dearest Jesus, ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  It is good to be here with You.  Thank You, Jesus for Holy Mass this morning, for Holy Communion and for the beautiful liturgy today.  Happy Feast day, Most Blessed Trinity, Divine God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I believe in You, adore You and praise You my God and I love You with my entire heart.  All that I have is Yours, Lord and all that I am is Yours.  Thank You for creating me, for my family and my friends.


Lord, please heal all who have suffered traumatic experiences, especially those who were victims of violence.  I say ‘were’ Lord because I believe You are triumphant over all forms of evil.  Deliver us, oh Lord.  Heal all who suffer from illness and chronic conditions.  I pray especially for (names withheld) and all who have cancer, autoimmune diseases, epilepsy, renal failure, Alzheimer’s, and are paralyzed.  Lord, I pray also for our youth that they will be free from sin and will draw close to Your Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Please send us legions of angels to protect us from evil and may all the saints in Heaven intercede before the throne of God for those of us living in this time.  Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  This is the age prophesied by many of My saints and holy ones.  You are living in the time of great spiritual darkness and sin.  This is the time I call all of My little children to holiness.  Graces are poured out from Heaven to assist you in these perilous times.  Pray for these graces.  Open your hearts to My love and the gifts I wish to give you to provide you with every spiritual defense needed.  Keep the Word of God on your lips and in your hearts, avail yourselves of the Sacraments and continue to pray, especially within your families.  Do not fear.  Above all, love.  Love even your enemies or those who consider you to be an enemy.  This sounds strange to some of My holy little ones who do not consider anyone an enemy, but I tell you there are many who consider you to be theirs (enemy).  Pray for all to come to know My love.  Pray for those who are steeped in darkness that they may come to the Light.  Make sacrifices for them and offer all suffering to save souls.  Cooperate with Me, My children for the salvation of souls.  By doing so, many graces are provided to souls in darkness.” 


“Be not afraid, I am with you My children.  Live the Gospel.  Welcome the stranger, comfort the afflicted.  There will be many opportunities to do so in the coming days.  Treat each person as if it were Me, your Jesus.  All are made in My image and likeness and so bear the image of God on their souls.  Treat all with patience, love, respect and also with joy.  If you entertained Me in your homes, you would welcome Me with warmth and love.  You would offer Me your finest food and your favorite chair.  Do this for your neighbor and those who are ‘strangers’.  Give the best out of love and in this way, you are showing your love for Me.  Pray for those in darkness and if they refuse to listen to your words of truth, do not become upset or dismayed.  Plant seeds of light and love, of truth and joy and do not feel personally rejected.  Remember, I was and still am rejected and I am God.  Be patient, as I am patient with you.  See to My plans, My Will and allow Me to take care of your needs and your concerns.  Focus on the Age of Obedience that will surely come.  Focus on Me, the Light of the World.  When one looks at a brightly lit fire, one does not notice the darkness or the cold.  One appreciates the light and warmth of the fire in the midst of the darkness.  Appreciate all that is good in your lives.  Even those who suffer tremendous trials, have something good in their lives.  I am the author of all that is good.  Keep your eyes on Me, My Children of Light, Children of the Living God.  I am at work even though it does not appear to be so.  I am God and I remain in control.  I want the best for you, My little children.  Be at peace.  Follow Me.” 


“Ask for My direction and listen to My voice alive in your heart.  Do not listen to the murmuring of the evil one who turns neighbor against neighbor, calls good evil and evil good.  Do not listen when he whispers or even shouts words of condemnation or self-hatred to you.  These words do not come from the living water, but from the evil abyss.  I whisper words of wisdom, love, truth and light.  Learn to recognize My voice and reject the voices of the evil one and his minions.  I speak life into your heart and soul and wisdom and clarity into your beautiful minds.  Pray and seek My Will each and every day.  Set about to serve the Most High God.  Do not waste time pursuing the things of this world, My children.  Be prepared spiritually and seek the Kingdom of God.  Yes, one must earn a living to provide for oneself and one’s family.  I am not saying you are to be irresponsible, only that too many of My children focus on worldly pursuits, forms of entertainment, and every type of distraction available in this Age of Disobedience.  My children live in the world and yet remain apart because of their pursuit of holiness. This does not mean to separate yourselves from everyone who is different.  If this were the case, how would My children evangelize those who do not know Me.  Live holy lives of joy and peace.  Forgive your enemies and be kind to them.  This is the way they will see God in you, by your love, forgiveness and your joy.  You must remain close to Me in prayer and in the Sacraments of My Holy Catholic Apostolic Church and in this way, you will be open to My direction.  I will teach you wisdom and you will discern spirits and know exactly what to do.  If someone in your presence is not living in My Light and they are in error; ask Me what you should say and I will tell you.”


“My little lamb, you did this when you encountered someone living a sinful lifestyle who began telling you her false belief system that is a common error in your age.  This soul is not being truthful with her own conscience which was formed in light and truth.  She has numbed her conscience and now follows darkness and pagan beliefs.  Do not be distressed.  You feel you did not know what to say to her.  Do you recall that you prayed before speaking?”


Yes, Lord.  I did pray and I waited for Your direction.  I sensed a prompting to speak and I don’t recall what I said, only that it didn’t seem to have the effect it would have if Your Spirit spoke through me.  I am sorry if I let You down, Lord or spoke too hastily.


“My child, My child, My little child, the words you said were from Me.  The affect was deep.  She did not welcome these words, this is true, but they were words her soul needed to receive.  You could not remain silent when she said such errors against life and the love.  Thank you for waiting for My gentle prompting.  The timing was exactly what was needed.  My little lamb, do not be concerned but entrust all to Me.  Souls in such deep need, souls who have been deeply wounded, need time, patience and great love to heal.  Healing will be slow in this case for there are many wounds layered and layered upon suffering, pain and trauma.  Be at peace.  I know what is needed.  I will provide through you and through other souls like you.  All will be well.”


Thank You, my good and gracious Lord.  You are so gentle and tender with wounded souls.


“Always bring these souls to Me, My daughter and present them to Me.  This act of kindness, thoughtfulness and love increases the graces and opens their hearts to receive them.  There is little concern for others in this Age of Disobedience, but for those who show concern much will be accomplished through them.  The love of My children will convert the souls of many.  Do not be afraid to show love to those who do not live righteous lives, for they need My love the most.  Love them and do not judge them.  Leave the judgement to the Most Holy Trinity.  You show love and mercy.  Live the Gospel and be Christ bearers.  Together, we will continue to reach souls.  Ask My Most Holy Mother to intercede for you and to help you.  She will guide you and watch over you as She does all of Her children.  My child, be confident in My love for you and your family.  I have not forgotten the mission given to you and it remains unchanged.  Trust in Me in all things.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.


“I love you, My child.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, My little lamb.”


Lord, please help us.  We are being inundated with rain, flooding and forecasts of more and more rain with no end in sight.  Will you please give us more days of sunshine and dryness?  We are grateful for rain, Lord but the farmers cannot plant crops.  There is an outbreak of a virus in swine and it is spreading throughout Asia.  Lord, I know You are in control and know what is best for us.  It seems as if we may have famine, Lord if You don’t help us.  Lord, please help the farmers and all who are hungry and in need of food.  Prevent a worldwide famine, please God.


“My child you are aware that famines are coming upon the world due to the violence against My little ones in the womb, and violence against children and My beautiful, holy elderly children.  This sinfulness cannot continue for it deeply offends God.  My heart was wounded for these transgressions and in order to protect more souls from falling into hell, My withdrawal of help will cause more people to pray.  I have been asking for more prayers for years.  Even My own children do not take Me seriously.  When I don’t act immediately, they cease praying or lessen the frequency of their prayers.  The early Church prayed many times a day giving the best times of day to Me, seeking direction and offering praise to the Father.  My people no longer pray in earnest and no longer have respect for God.  Times of famine and hardship bring souls back to God.  Pray, My children.  Pray.”


Yes, Lord.  I understand.  We will pray more, Lord.  I am sorry we have failed to respond to Your requests.  Jesus, help us to pray with hearts full of love and trust.  Forgive me of my sins and for the times I have been distracted in prayer by so many things.  Give me the graces I need, sweet Jesus to be the person You want me to be.  I love You, Lord.  Help me to love You more.  I trust You my God.  Help me to trust You more. 


“Yes, My little lamb.  It will be so.  Do not be afraid.  Walk forward with confidence.  You know what your goal is and where your life’s journey will lead, so be of good cheer and be at peace.  I am with you and we face the future together.”


Thank You, my adorable Jesus.  I love You.


“And I love you.” (smiling)


Amen!  Alleluia!


“I have set My seal upon your heart, as you requested in your youth.  You are Mine and I am yours.  All is well.”


Praise Your Holy Name, my Lord and Savior, my God and King.  Thank You, Jesus. 

June 9, 2019, Feast of Pentecost, Adoration Chapel

My dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, I adore You, love You and praise You.  It is so very good to be here with You, my Jesus.  Thank You for Holy Mass this morning and for Holy Communion.  Thank You for my family and the many blessings You give me, Jesus.  Thank You for my faith in You and my love for You, Lord.  So many people do not know You, do not believe in You.  Help more souls to come to knowledge of and belief in You.  Help cold hearts to be warmed with the light of Your love.  Heal the sick and wounded, free the oppressed and those who are persecuted for their faith.  Make those who are unloved aware of the One who created them, out of love, for love.  Holy Spirit, lover of my soul breathe the breath of life into Your remnant.  Fill us with the light of faith and rekindle in us the fire of love.  Lord, God Creator of All, restore Your Church.  Purify us.  Sanctify us.  Heal us of all wounds.  Jesus, give graces for conversion to all who do not know You.  Give graces for repentance to all who have committed grave sins against You and Your Church.  Guide, guard and direct us through this Age of Disobedience and take us into the Time of the Renewal, Lord when You will pour out Your Holy Spirit on the world and renew the face of the earth. 


Lord Jesus, thank You for the beautiful weekend (last weekend).  Thank You for all who came to the retreat.  Bless all who were in need of healing, especially those who wanted to come but were too ill to make it there.  Heal their wounds and heal them of all diseases.  Restore their health, Lord if it is Your Holy Will.  Lord, help me to forgive all who hurt me, either physically, financially, emotionally or spiritually.  I want to forgive, Lord.  Forgive through me if there are any I haven’t already forgiven.  Bless them all, Lord and give them every grace needed.  Lord, I offer all suffering to You.  Use it as You Will.  Heal families who are broken, who have lost the love they had in the beginning.  Repair and restore them, Jesus, if not for the sake of the parents, at least do so for the children.  Please, Lord.  So many are suffering.


“Yes, My daughter.  Many families are broken and suffer deep wounds.  Those who are wounded most are the children.  My children are being attacked, but they do not see their assailant.  People with marriage vocations become focused on the world.  They begin to be dissatisfied with their lives and begin thinking of what life could be like if they were not married or if they were married to someone else.  The tempter attacks them in their weakness and begins to tempt them to be self-centered, to seek pleasure, or to seek companionship from another.  Instead of leaning on their spouse, expressing their feelings of loneliness or anxiety, they look to others and find a temporary, fleeting moment of happiness which is really an escape from their duties.  This is not true happiness, but the momentary and superficial escape from responsibility that provides a false sense of ‘happiness’.  This is a wicked lie of the enemy that wreaks havoc on the Sacrament of Marriage.  It is a betrayal of the deepest sense when one betrays one’s spouse by committing adultery.  Be strong in the Faith My children.  Carry your crosses.  Are your children and your spouses burdens to you?  Pray for an increase in love.  Embrace your crosses and you will see that they are your paths to Heaven.  Families are meant to help one another with their burdens.  They are not too heavy for you or I would not have given them to you and you to them.  Consider this; if your children are burdens to you due to their great love and dependence upon you, in your betrayal, you have become something worse-a betrayer, a loved one who no longer chooses to love but to flee just when they need you most.  I experienced this when one of My Apostles, My close friend Judas betrayed Me.  Do not be like Judas who upon realizing his sin despaired and committed suicide.  Be like Peter who repented with deep love and decided to love stronger and with greater conviction.  Peter asked for forgiveness and declared his love for Me.  He committed his life to showing his love for Me, even to death on a cross.  He imitated My love for you and for My Church by giving his life out of love.  This is what My married children are called to do; to give up one’s life for your spouse, for your family.  You are called to be like Me, your Lord and Savior.  I did not run from the cross.  Neither should you.  I will give you every grace, My children.  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Come to Me.  Are you feeling unloved?  Come to Me.  Are you feeling weighed down by responsibility and problems?  Come to Me.  Meditate on My wounds.  Meditate on My passion and death.  Meditate on My resurrection.  Ask Me for direction and I will give it.  Do not look to worldly people or things to provide relief, but come to Me, your Jesus.  I will give rest to your soul.  Repent of your sins, My children.  Repent and run to the Sacraments.  Your sins are forgiven in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Do not be afraid to approach Me in this Sacrament.  I will forgive your sins through My priest sons and You will be forgiven.  Then you can begin to repair the damage done to those you have wounded.  I will help you.  I will be at your side.  I can bind all wounds, so do not fear.  Do not resist the Sacrament out of fear for this is a trick of the evil one who does not want your sins to be absolved.  He wants your soul to be imprisoned.  He wants you to feel trapped.  He gives you every lame excuse why you should not go to Confession.  Reject his lies.  Stand up and make your own decision.  Decide for love.  Decide for forgiveness, for freedom from sin.  Do not be lured by sinfulness that makes you ‘feel’ good for one moment and the next brings you to the pit of despair when you realize what you have done.  Flee from this, My children.  There is a way out and it begins with My Sacrament of forgiveness and healing.  Begin again, My children.  My Mother and I will help you.  I do not bless those who crush their own children and spouses by their betrayal who go unrepentant.  Come back to Me and to My domestic Church.”


“If you are separated because of abuse, violence and fear for your children, I am not speaking or referring to you.  Some situations are unsafe for children and I want My little ones to be protected from violence.  I am speaking to those who leave marriages because of a desire for infidelity or selfish, material reasons.  Those who have been physically abusive must not be permitted to hurt their spouses or children.  These children of Mine with various afflictions whether it be addictions, violent tempers or severe psychological and psychotic illnesses need healing and deliverance.  My little ones must be protected until there is healing and the family can be safely reunited.  These are special circumstances and My love, protection and guidance is necessary.”


“Again, I am referring to those who seek their own wills, their own pleasure and who no longer desire to live lives of holiness and remain faithful to the Sacrament of Marriage.  My foolish children, you must wake up and realize that you are on a very dangerous course.  If it is not corrected, your souls will be on a collision course.  Return to your senses and reject the adversary and his minions.  Do not listen to their lies.  Return to a life of holiness.  Bring healing to your families through your repentance and your rejection of sin.  Come, reverse the collision course before it is too late.  You not only wound your children, but you lead them astray by your sinful example.  Stop this behavior now, My children and return to the family of God.”


Lord, please heal families.  Bring them peace, consolation and give them graces for forgiveness.  Jesus, families are under attack as much as the Church is under attack.  It seems that we are our own worst enemies and the attacks come from within, both for the Church and with families.


“This is true, My child.  My people have grown cold.  First, they grew soft and wanted a life that is easy.  People want the comforts that come from a time of blessing.  This time of blessing came from the age of sacrificial love, seeking truth and seeking a merciful, just society.  There has never been a perfect society, My child, not since the fall.  However, My children sought love, sacrificed and had a sense of duty and justice.  Today, My people want the advantages earned by their ancestors, but do not want to pay the price for these advantages.  People of this age disobey My Commandments but expect the time of blessing to continue regardless.  My children, you cannot continue to live immoral lives, reject faith in God, persecute those who try to live holy lives, celebrate those who live disordered lives, and kill the precious preborn babies in the wombs of their mothers and expect blessings on your nations.  I tell you the only thing protecting you for now is as fine as a piece of thread.”


“You elected a President who is not afraid to stand for life.  In the face of much criticism, he remains true to his word.  He actually said he would be a pro-life President before he was elected, and he is reversing many unjust ‘laws.’  No matter what you think of him, My children, he is standing up for life; something many of My children are too busy or too lazy to do.  Take advantage of this time of grace secured by My Most Holy Mother and work for justice and mercy.  Live the Gospel while it is easier to do so.  I realize these are dark times, My children but you live in a nation that still has freedom.  Work now, worship and live now as if lives depended on it, for in fact many souls do depend upon what you do now.  Pray, fast, frequent the Sacraments and live the Gospel.  If you have areas of sin in your lives, go immediately to reconcile yourself with God and one another by confessing your sins to a priest.  Do not be hesitant to do so, My children.  Turn toward God and continue your journey to My Kingdom.  Be virtuous children of Faith and you will see miracles occur all around you.  I came that you would have life and have it abundantly.  This is a life in the Lord, a life of love.  Decide now, My children and live accordingly.  I await your decisions.” 


Jesus, it sounds as if it all depends on us.  You really respect our free will.  Thank You, Jesus for the gift of free will.  Forgive us when we do not use this gift wisely and when we misuse this great gift.  Help us, Lord to have graces to love heroically.  Help us all to be unselfish; to put others first and to make following you our 1st priority.  Help us to have a rightly ordered life, Lord.  Heal us, Jesus.  Our society and our culture suffers so much as a result of sin.  Forgive us, Lord.  Forgive us and heal us.  Purify us and return us to a life of grace.  I love You, Jesus.  Help me to love You more and more.  Oh, My beloved who is also My God, make my heart a flame of pure love for thee.


“My child, My child, thank you for your love.  Writing these words was difficult for you and I am grateful.”


Jesus, it is the power behind them that makes writing them difficult.  The words alone are not an issue, but writing them from the Word who is Life itself is difficult.  But, I am very glad to be of service to You, even though I am not worthy to do this for You.  I know You often choose people who are least likely to do anything well, so that all glory will be Yours.  You certainly did choose the least.  Still, I am happy to be the least, Jesus as long as I am so for You.


“My little lamb, I love humility.  I love you.  My daughter. I know of your pain, your sadness and your wounds.  Remember how I have healed you, My little one and rejoice.  It is because I have blessed you, that you long for others to have the joy in knowing Me as you know Me.  This is love, My child.  You want those who are marginalized and alone to know the joy in following your Jesus.  This is loving your neighbor.  My child, you are concerned about someone who is living a sinful life, and who says she believes this is acceptable as long as she loves.  She is fooling herself.  She has accepted lies from the adversary to soothe her conscience.  I am awakening her conscience and the realization is beginning for her.  It will be painful for her to examine her life.  I am gentle, for she has experienced trauma, My child.  Entrust her to Me.  I am meek and mild and I will bring her along the path of healing and one day she will have true contrition for her sins.  Be patient, My little lamb.  Continue to be a witness to her of love and mercy.  Be her friend.  Do not shun her, for many have already done so and this adds to her isolation.  Love her without agreeing with her false ideas and be patient.  Pray and offer sacrifices for her.  One day, I will win her soul.”


Praise You, Jesus!  Thank You my Lord and my God.  You are absolute goodness and mercy.  Praise Your holy name! 


“It will come to pass, My little one.  All will be well.  Pray for her conversion.  All will be well.  My Spirit is moving and the renewal is occurring now in individual hearts and one day all over the entire earth.  Until then, be faithful, be mercy, be peace, be love, be joy.  All will be well.  Reflect on what the future holds and be about building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  Help Me, My children to save souls.  Go in peace, My little lamb.  I bless you and My son in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  I go with you.  I walk with you, My children.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Amen!  Alleluia! 

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