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Children of the Renewal Messages

July 14, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus present in all tabernacles in the world.  I praise, adore, love and worship You, my God and my King.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion, Lord.  It was so beautiful to receive You in Holy Communion.  Thank You, Jesus for arranging for (name withheld) to serve Mass.  Lord, help (name withheld) to grow in his love for You.  Help all of us to grow in our love for You.  Lord, we love You.  Help us to love You more.  I pray for our children and grandchildren, for their salvation and conversion.  Lord, bring all of Your lost sheep home to Your Church and help us to reach out with love to our brothers and sisters who are not acquainted with You and Your love, Your mercy, Your holiness and Your perfect, Divine Will.  Jesus, during this hour of mercy, save the souls of those in darkness.  Give graces to those who are steeped in sin to awaken and see how far from You they are and give them desire to know and love You.  You are the answer to all of life’s problems, Jesus.  You are the Holy Word of God.  Speak new life into our hearts, Jesus and send Your Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth.  Quicken the Church’s purification, Lord and lead us out of the Age of Apostasy and into the time of complete purity so that we will be able to spread Your Gospel to a world in darkness.  Hasten the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Jesus and Your Eucharistic Reign.  Save us, Lord from every evil.  Only You can save us and I know it is already decided and the victory is Yours.  But, Lord help us to spread the Gospel, to evangelize so that more souls will be saved by You before it is too late for them.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, save souls.


“My child, My child, this is what I want My people to do—spread the Gospel.  Take Me to the world, for I am the Light of the World and I have already conquered the darkness of sin and evil with My love.  I need My Children of Light to present Me to the world, to re-introduce Me.  My children, you became complacent in the West and were content to remain in your safe churches and in the comfort of your homes.  You socialized with one another and stopped taking the Good News to those in need.  My Church is one of missionaries, and all who are baptized are missionaries of the Gospel, yet you have forgotten this.  It is not entirely your fault for My sons, your shepherds ceased telling you this.  Lead holy, pure lives and out of love take Me to the world.  Give them My love and if they will not accept it, give them kindness, meekness, mercy.  Show love at all times to each soul.  They may not accept My love from you, but each act of kindness will be like planting seeds.  Some do not bear fruit, but if enough are planted, some will begin to sprout, if not all.  Be love and mercy, My children.  Go outside of yourselves to be mindful of all you meet.  Are you busy and focused on all you must accomplish each day, so much so that you do not notice the one next to you in the grocery store line or filling his gas tank at the gas station?  Notice, My children.  There are people in your midst who are hurting and dejected.  They may only need a loving glance and a smile to realize they have worth, dignity and are not unnoticed in the world.  Suicides can be averted by such simple acts of kindness, My children.  I am not exaggerating to make a point.  I am God and I see all.  I know the pain of each person.  I know when hearts are breaking.  I choose to work through My children on earth.  It has always been so.  Do not think, ‘I am only one person and I am small.  What I do won’t possibly matter.’  This is a lie from My adversary and yours.  Each Apostle of Mine was only one person and yet My Peter and yours became the first Pope of the Church.  He was but a fisherman, and a rough one at that.  Did he say, ‘I am only a fisherman and I can’t possibly follow You.  What difference will it make?’  No, he did not.  He said, ‘Depart from me, Lord for I am a sinner.’  When I followed with, ‘Come follow Me, and I will make you a fisher of men.’  He immediately, left all that he had and followed Me.  My disciples, including the women disciples followed Me.  They told others about Me, even though they did not all leave their homes to follow Me.  They spread the Good News.  My children, when you find something of value, you tell others.  When you try a product that really worked as advertised you tell your friends.  You are quick to help when someone asks you how to do something that you know about or are skilled at doing.  Do the same for Me.  The Son of God loved so much that He left Heaven and His place with God the Father to assume the flesh of mankind, in order to die and rise again.  All this, so that each person ever created from the beginning to the very end would have the opportunity to live in Heaven.  This is Good News, My children.  Everything else pales in comparison.  This must be shouted from the roof tops, and yet even My followers are embarrassed or afraid to tell others.  Why is this so?  Reflect on this and ask My Spirit to fill you and empower you to speak with joy and courage.  If you loved your fellowman more, you would not be afraid.  Do you not want them to have what you have?  Of course you do, for you love.  Give them this love that I have placed in your hearts.  You may be the only person who shares the Gospel message with them.  Do not depend on others to do what I am calling you to do.  Be love, be mercy, be joy.  Go outside of your comfort zone, for love knows no discomfort if it means saving souls.”


“I love you and I have Willed that My message of hope would be spread through My people.  This has been My plan from the beginning.  You have only to read the Gospels to find many examples.  Look at the woman at the well.  Read this, My children.  After her encounter with Me, she ran to tell everyone about Me.  This is to be your reaction to encountering your Jesus.  Do not continue in your complacency.  The world needs My little apostles of love.  The world is starving for My love and I am counting on You, My little apostles of the love to take My love to others.  Share My love with the people who are in such darkness.  If one rejects you, move on to the next person.  If you are rejected, it is because I am rejected.  Do not take it personally, only move on to the next.  Leave the soul who rejected the message to Me.  I will take care of it.  You do your part and I will do the rest.  Only-begin.  Too much time has already been lost and wasted on less important things.  There is nothing more important than saving souls.  Come, My children let us begin.  Fortify yourselves in prayer, Scripture and Holy Mass.  Frequent the Sacraments and live with joy that you have access to heavenly grace.  Share this grace with others by announcing the Good News.  Come, My Mother and I will help you.  She was the first disciple.  She was the first to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.  Ask Her for motherly guidance.  She will assist Her children in leading others to the Messiah.  She ushered in the time of the Savior by Her humble ‘yes’ to the Archangel Gabriel and I am using Her now to bring about the Renewal and subsequent Era of Peace.  My Mother is perfectly united to the Will of God.  She knows how to best guide our children.”


Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ who was and is and is to come!  Help us to evangelize and share the Gospel, Lord.  May souls be ready to hear Your Word.  Prepare hearts, Jesus in both the sharer of the Gospel and the ones who receive it.  Thank You for this hour of mercy, Lord.  Praise You, Jesus.


“I am with you, My child.  I am with My Church in this time of distress.  I will not abandon you.  I will not abandon My Church.  Neither must you, My children.  Love My Church.  Pray for My Church.  Forgive all who have harmed you.  Forgive, forgive, forgive.  I will deal with those who have harmed you.  I am mercy and I am also justice.  For your part, forgive.  Allow Me to heal you.  Allow Me to deal with those who have harmed you.  Open your hearts to Me, for I will never let you down.  Let us begin the work of healing, forgiveness, mercy and love.  The world needs you.  I need you.”


“My little lamb, I have put the desires in your heart for the program you are praying about.  It is good, is of Me, and will bring souls to know My mercy and My love.  Focus your energy and your efforts on learning about this program which is really more of a way of evangelizing than it is a program.  It is a method to help your parish grow in the love and life of Jesus in the world.  You must first begin within the parish so that My children are evangelized first and can then spread this to others.  Then, when others come they will see a thriving, loving welcoming community of believers just like in the early days of My Church.  Step out into the deep, My child.  I will help you.  My son (name withheld) will help you.  You must work side by side to present a witness of love to others.  I desire this of your family.  Your love, your service will be a witness much louder than you can imagine.  Be My visible sign of love and hospitality to others, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).  One day you will open your home to new family (others would say strangers but they are not strangers to Me).  For now, you will open the homes of your hearts to others and teach others to do the same.  You will learn this by doing and others will join you.  I will prepare the heart of your shepherd but speak to him more about this once you have learned the format.  Let us begin.  This is important work I am calling you to do and you are almost ready.  Ask My Holy Mother Mary and My St. Joseph to guide you.  They are perfect examples of graciousness, hospitality, love and service.  Ask for their guidance and direction in this endeavor.  Consecrate your family to the Holy Family and I will draw your entire family even closer to My Sacred Heart.”


Praise You, Jesus!  Thank You my Lord and my God.  I love You, my adorable Jesus.


“And I love you.  You may go in peace, My little lamb.  Thank you for your friendship and your love.  I thank all of My little ones for their love and friendship.  I thank you for your service to the Kingdom.  Continue to serve others in love as I love you.  Let us begin without hesitation to do God’s Will, the Will of the Father.  Do not lose heart, only pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and My Spirit will fill you.  Go in peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be love, be mercy, be peace, be joy.  All will be well.”


Praise Jesus Christ now and forever.  Amen!  Alleluia!

July 7, 2019  Adoration Chapel

Jesus, ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament I praise, love, adore and worship You, my Lord, God and King.  My adorable Jesus, thank You for Mass and Holy Communion this morning.  Thank You, that (name withheld) was asked to serve and that he immediately left the pew and followed Father.  Lord, thank You for enabling me to go to Confession during the week and Holy Mass on the anniversary of my Mother’s birth into Heaven.  Praise You, Lord.  I bring to You all intentions in my heart, for my family and friends, for the sick and the dying, for peace in our hearts, in our families, our towns, states, country and in the world.  Protect the President, Lord and thank You for allowing us the victories for life, Jesus that have come about because of our leaders, the pro-life movement and our prayers.  Help us Lord to become a nation who protects and values lives regardless of who they are and in what stage of the development or dying process.  You are the Author of Life, Lord God.


Bless (name withheld), Lord and help him to recover from the attack he had Saturday morning.  Please protect him from these episodes, Jesus.  Thank You that he seems better today.  Restore his health, Lord.  Jesus, please heal (name withheld) of the migraines he experiences on an almost daily basis.  Help him, Lord.  Lead him to You, Jesus.  Lord, may all who do not know You, do not love You come to know and love You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


Lord, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My daughter.  Please write My words, though I understand your reluctance to do so today.”


Lord, I am sorry I was reluctant today.  I just wanted to sit with You, pray, and read about You.


“Yes, My little lamb.  I know and I understand.  There are so many souls in need of My words in this day.  Many do not listen to Me.  Many more do not pray.”


I am sorry, Lord.  I will listen to You, my Jesus.  I love You.


“Thank you, My child.  I know that at times this is a burden to You.  You would rather enjoy My presence than go to the extra work of writing all that I say to you.”


Lord, forgive me.  I do not think it is a burden, but sometimes it would be nice just to be with You.  Still, I know this is for souls and I have come to understand that You want to speak to Your children, especially those who have not experienced Your love fully or who do not know how to pray.


“Yes, My little lamb.  There are many souls who do not really know Me.  Even those who pray often do not really know Me as one knows one’s friends.  I appreciate and hold dearly the prayers of the many devotions of My Church.  The prayers of the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet are given directly from the Heart of My Mother (Rosary) and Me (Divine Mercy Chaplet).  These are very powerful prayers of love and mercy.  All prayers given through My Church are good and effective.  Still, I want My children to also speak from their hearts to Me.  Converse with Me as they do with their friends.  I am an even better confidante as I never betray My friends or divulge a sensitive topic.  I respect My children and take to heart what they confide in Me.  I am mercy, love and trust, so all My children should know they can trust Me with their burdens and concerns.  Speak with Me on your drives to work, school, and as you do errands.  Speak with Me while you tend to your daily duties.  Speak with Me when you take walks, for I walk with you.  I am with you always, My Children of Light.  You are never alone.  Your Guardian Angel is also with you and is a very good and true friend to you.  When you feel lonely, remember you are not alone, and speak to Me.  Tell Me of your feelings of loneliness that I may reassure you of My love.  Tell Me of your feelings of sadness that I may console you and gift you with My peace.  Are you joyful?  Share this with Me as well.  Have you succeeded in a difficult task or accomplished a milestone in your life or career?  Share this with Me.  I can assure you I was at work alongside you, My child and I share in your joy.  Give Me each day, regardless of whether it seems easy or difficult and I will bless other souls by your offering.  Nothing is ever wasted in the family of God, My children; not pain, grief, sadness, loneliness, dejection, tears, joy, love, happiness, or anticipation when offered out of love to Me.  I can and will use everything, My little ones because we are one.  Unite all to Me and offer your trials for lost souls.  You will be amazed in Heaven one day at the many souls who converted because of your love.  I will also lighten your burdens as a result of carrying them for Me when you do it in love and for love’s sake.  My children, live the Gospel.  In order to know how to live the Gospel, you must familiarize yourselves with it.   Read My Holy Word.  It will renew your heart and mind when read with a well-disposed soul.  Journey with Me.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Lord.


“My daughter, you are wondering about the recent request to obtain food and supplies.”


Yes, Lord.  I am, but I am also growing weary.


“Yes, My child.  Many of My children echo these sentiments.  My daughter, earthquakes increase in the world.  You have noticed the number of earthquakes increasing over the years, have you not?”


Yes, Lord.  This is true.


“My daughter, there are countless souls who have done nothing to prepare for the Time of Great Trials.  They do not have supplies, food and water for 3 days, let alone 3 years.  These children of Mine will be destitute and beholding to their neighbors who also have not prepared.  I advise all My children to store food and water in order to help their families and their neighbors who will not be prepared.  If My own disciples do not prepare, who will?  My children, even your government encourages people to have enough food, water and supplies to last 3 days at a minimum.  Would I, who created you out of one, expect to be less caring than your government?”


Of course not, Lord.  You are more loving and caring than any government and all good governments put together.  Praise You and thank You, Lord!


“My child, there are many people in the streets now, due to their homes being destroyed by earthquakes and floods.  Their neighbors, who were more fortunate and did not lose their homes, could have been equipped to welcome those who lost everything, had they been prepared.  I suggest My people do the best they can and have additional food and water for those in need.  It is doing your Christian duty, My children to feed the hungry, clothe the naked.  These corporal works of mercy will hold people together even in the midst of great societal collapse.  My children, when you act with love, share what you have and trust in Me, you will see miracles of faith and conversion of souls.  Be prepared, My children.  Do not be fearful.  Only trust in God, but act so that you will be able to care for those in need when the time comes.  My child, My child, what My son, (name withheld) told you about the Apostasy is true.  You know this and it did not come as a surprise, but you asked for confirmation, My little lamb and it was given to you.  You already know what is needed and that I wanted you to know about what is to come.”


Yes, Lord.  Sadly, I remember.


“My Children of Light, I remind you to prepare spiritually by drawing close to My Sacred Heart in prayer and by your love.  Frequent the Sacraments, Holy Communion and Reconciliation.  Read My Word, and live the Gospel (with mercy and love).  Do all that you can to help one another.  Be aware of those who cross your path and be generous with them, loving and kind.  Encourage one another.  Be My holy little apostles, My messengers of love.  Be at peace and know that I see all that you do, and I know your thoughts and your hearts.  Be merciful and charitable in your thoughts, words and actions.  Be prepared for I am counting on you to love and to serve all of My children.  My (name withheld), My (name withheld), I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace and do My Will.  I am with you and provide every assistance.  Thank you for your love, My friends.”


Oh, Jesus.  Thank You for Your love, our Savior, Lord and God.  Thank You for Your benevolent friendship, Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you, My little one.”


Amen!  Alleluia!

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