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Children of the Renewal Messages

March 22, 2020

Hello, my dearest Jesus present in all tabernacles in the world.  I adore You, love You, praise and thank You my Lord, God and King.  Oh, Lord how I miss being with You physically.  I know You told me this day would come, but still I was not fully prepared.  How can one ever be fully prepared to do without Mass, Holy Communion, Confession, Adoration??  I don’t believe it is possible and yet You did allow me to know, Jesus.  There is some small comfort in knowing that You did prepare me.  I trust You, my Savior.  I unite this suffering to Yours on the cross and with all those who are unable to receive You in Holy Communion.  Lord, I pray for those caring for the sick.  Help them, Jesus.  Protect them from this evil virus.  (I know the virus isn’t evil in and of itself, but I suspect evil is behind it.)  Lord, I pray also for all who are carrying this virus and are unaware because they may have no symptoms, yet.  Please, please contain this Father.  Protect Your children all over the world.  Jesus, I plead with You to shelter us all in Your Sacred Heart.  Lord, please be with (name withheld) as she fights for her life.  Heal her, Jesus.  Holy Spirit work a miracle in her body.  Most precious blood of Jesus Christ, save (name withheld), heal her, guide the physicians and may she be a bold witness to the healing You bring her.  Console her husband and children.  They must be so burdened by worry and concern for her suffering and the uncertainty. 


Oh, Lord we certainly need You now and always.  Jesus, thank You for Your love and for Your presence in our hearts.  Give us all graces for perseverance, for obedience and for love and mercy.  Jesus, thank You for my colleagues who are working tirelessly to plan for the people You send to us for care.  Lord, use me as I help plan with them, to bring Your light, Your hope, Your peace into this dark and uncertain time.  May Your light shine through for all to see Your glory, Your wisdom, Your beauty especially in the midst of such ugliness.  Lord, You are life, health, peace, love, goodness, beauty and I speak this into the environment and circumstances.  I speak of You and Your miraculous ways.  You are the answer, my Lord.  You are in control.  Praise You God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I love You!


“My little one.  I know your heart is breaking for love of Me.  I know you long to be with Me in My Eucharistic presence.  Still, I am with you.  You have sensed this, even through your tears.  The ‘social distancing’ is difficult for your loving, affectionate heart, but you understand fully how important it is.  My child, this is a battleground.  The battlegrounds have expanded and cover the major populations in the world.  You are feeling this battle, My little lamb and you sense it is only the beginning.  This is accurate, My child.  I am pouring graces into your soul and giving you strength and energy to rise to this occasion.  I planned for you to be right where you are in your work and in your family.  You are living out the calling given to you.  Thank you for working hard to plan and support the clinicians and future patients.  You think you are not doing much, My child, but it is more than you know.  People experience your support for them and your willingness to give all that you have to give.  My little lamb, that is sacrificial love.  Do not be afraid to be weary, for this concern for others is very tiring.  However, remember that you are human and you have physical limitations.  Get more rest at night now while you can.  There will come a time when you will work through the night.  Do not fear this.  I will give you the graces you need when that time comes.  Do not imagine when that will be or even where you will be then.  Only I know this and it isn’t important now.  I tell you this to prepare you.  I am a loving God and I will give all that you need, My child.  Trust in Me.  Continue to pray for (name withheld). She needs much prayer.  Ask others to pray.  She is also in a battle for her life.  She is entrusting herself to My Mother and being a good example to all who come in contact with her.  I have a plan for her and she is carrying out this plan.  Support her and her family with prayer, My child.  I know you want to do more but this is what is most needed.  Trust in Me.  I am with (name withheld) and the children.  I am walking with them.  You have noticed throughout your life that the Lenten time is growing more difficult.”


Yes, Lord.  I still remember some of these Lenten “experiences” and they are some of the worst times in my life.  But, they were also times of growth and greater intimacy with You.  Still, even the memories are painful.  (Personal conversation omitted.)  It makes me shudder to remember that Lent.  Nothing can compare with the first Lenten Season leading up to Your passion and death on the cross, though.  I can’t begin to imagine how difficult that was for You and for the Blessed Mother.  Oh, Jesus.  How terrible Your suffering must have been.  It’s horrifying to think about the scourging, crowning with thorns, carrying that heavy cross and being nailed to it.  So horrible!  And to think You did this by Your choice to free us from the sins we commit against You so we can gain Heaven.  It’s very had to grasp the infinite love and mercy You demonstrated on the cross.  I grew up knowing this, but I can understand how hard it is for people to believe who have never known about You.  Seriously, Jesus, who could imagine a God who is so loving,  kind and merciful that He became a person while remaining God, was born of a virgin, grew up in the quiet home in Nazareth hidden from the world, cloaked in a human body, but true God and true man, gathered a group of 12 men, taught them for only 3 years, suffered and died on a cross to make atonement for all sins, still rejected by many, having the Church spread all over the face of the earth in spite of 10 out of 12 Apostles being martyred, one who took his own life because of his guilt from betraying You and the other living out his life in exile.  Who would believe such a story?  No one if it wasn’t true!  But, it is true!  You are true!  You have the entire world in the palm of your hand, my Lord and my God.  You created it out of nothing.  And yet, You love us so much that You died a most painful horrible death, for us.  Oh, Jesus.  You will surely get us through this trial and all the ones to come.  You are our hope, our life and You are the way!  Help me to always follow You, Jesus.  Wherever You lead, Lord; there I will go.  Only, help me Jesus to do Your Will, to follow and not get out ahead of You, to trust You, to be love and mercy.  Thank You, Jesus for the small acts of kindness I have witnessed.  Help me to be kind, also.  Praise You forever, Lord!


“My child, My darling, I love you.  Your heart is good and true.  You console Me with your love and adoration.  All of My Children of Light bring consolation to Me when they bring their concerns to Me.  My little one, when you pour your heart out to Me, you are showing Me that you trust Me.  You confide in Me because we are friends and confidants.  This is what I want to be and to have with all of My children.  Thank You, My (name withheld) for your friendship and your love.  I know you are aware of your flaws and weaknesses.  My child, do not allow this knowledge to separate us.  Sometimes this is a temptation for you, because you feel you are unworthy.  Remember this is when I want you to run to Me, your Jesus.  This is when I will lift you in My arms and raise you to new heights.  Never allow this knowledge to keep us apart for that is what the evil one wants.  I want you always close to Me.  This is what I want for each and every person created, to be close friends, to be trusted friends.  I know you are imperfect, My child.  Let me ask, are you aware that others are also imperfect?”


Yes, Jesus.  Of course!  No one is perfect except You.  No human is without sin, except for You and Your Most Holy Mother Mary.


“That is correct, My child and yet you love your family and friends, do you not?”


Yes, Jesus.  You know that I do.


“Yes, I know and yet sometimes My children have the notion that I who am all love and mercy, would not love them due to their imperfections.  If I am perfect (and I am) and if I love perfectly (and I do) then how could I withhold love from the very creatures I created out of love, because of their imperfections, which is by design?  This is illogical and yet many fall prey to this deception.  I am holy, this is true.  I do not want My children to sin, that is a fact.  However, I am all love.  I am mercy.  I am the Savior.  I gave My life to have My children, whom I created out of love, by My side in Heaven.  I will do anything to be with you, My children.  Anything, except violating your free will.  When you freely choose Me, I am here for you.  I am here for you waiting, even before you choose Me.  I wait patiently for you to open your hearts to the love I have to give you.  My children, during this most difficult time, turn to Me.  Speak with Me.  Take this time when much has been stripped away from you, to be on retreat.  Come to Me in the silence of your heart and tell Me all you are thinking and feeling.  Share your burdens with Me.  Bring Me your problems, your dilemmas, your suffering, tears and your joys.  Yes, bring everything to Me.  Do you feel anxious?  Bring this to Me.  Do you lack patience?  Bring this to Me.  Do you have concerns for loved ones who are ill or who have turned away from Me?  Bring all to Me.  Are you ill?  Give your illness to Me to carry for you.  Are you crushed by the feeling of rejection and lack of love from others?  Bring this to Me.  Are you grief stricken?  Bring this to Me.  Are you poor, lonely, afraid?  Bring this to Me.  Are you happy about a beautiful circumstance?  Bring this to Me.  Bring everything to your Jesus who loves you.  Share all with Me.  I want to be your closest friend.  I will not disappoint you or betray you.  I am love.  I am truth.  I am your God, your Father, your Friend, your Savior, your Beloved.  Allow Me to be Me as I allow you to be who you were created to be.  I am all love.  I will never reject you.  Believe Me for this is true.  My child, My child, it is growing late and you have much work to do.  You must get some rest now.  I made you for this balance and though you would work and be with Me all night, this is not My plan for you.  Rest, My little lamb.  I will hold you in My arms tonight.  Do not be afraid.  I am with you.  Together, we will face all that comes your way.  I love you.  I love My son, (name withheld), My little (name withheld) and My precious (name withheld).  I have My hand on (name withheld) and his children and on (name withheld) and her children.  I am working in (name withheld) life and all will be well.  Do not be concerned for them right now, but focus on this work that lays heavy on your heart.  My Mother is beside you, My child.  Allow her to be your Mother.  She has given you graces and especially so recently.  She wanted you to be aware of Her presence and gave you the awareness by her fragrance.  This was a special gift to help you during these difficult times.  Pray for My priest sons, especially (name withheld) and all who are isolated from their flocks.  It is especially difficult to be a shepherd separated from their sheep.  My children are suffering without the Sacraments and remember My holy priest sons and Bishops are suffering, too.  They live to bring the Sacraments to their flock and being unable to do so is crippling for them.  But, I love them and love their obedience.  My children, bear this time well and it will be purifying.  Draw near to Me in your suffering.  You suffer now for this secular world that does not desire what you desire.  They have no idea what they are missing.  You do and this causes you great pain.  Offer this pain, this separation to Me.  Unite it to Me, My beautiful Children of Light.  You are My beloved, My bride, My Church.  Your witness, your loving mercy, your forbearance will bring assistance to many souls who are in darkness.  Press on, My beautiful ones.  I long for you as you long for Me.  Remember this, I am with you always.”


Thank You, Lord!  Praise You my God!  Amen.  Alleluia!  Be with us, Lord.  Remain with us.  Help us, My Jesus!  I need You.  We all need You.


“And I need you, My little lamb.  I need all of My children, for I love you.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now, My beloved daughter and bring My love and mercy to others.”

March 8, 2020   Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe, adore, praise and love You, my God, my Savior, my King.  Thank You for the opportunity to adore You in this chapel, Jesus!  Thank You for Confession, Holy Mass and Holy Communion, my Lord.  Thank You for being who You are, God.  I love You.  Thank You for all You have done for mankind and for me.  Lord, I give You my life, my work and my heart.  I lift up my husband, children and grandchildren and ask You to draw them to Your Sacred Heart through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Thank You for Your love, Your sacrifice of love and for Your life!  Thanking You for showing us how to love.  Teach me to love, Jesus.  Teach me to forgive as You forgave.  Teach me how to be like You, Lord.  Blessed Mother, lead us close to the heart of Your Son, Jesus.  Lord, I lift up all family members in need of healing, be it spiritual, emotional or physical healing.  I pray especially for (name withheld), Lord.  Her life is at stake and her family needs her, Jesus.  Please spare her and bring complete healing to her.  I pray that those who are separated from the One Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Faith be reunited in Faith.  Bring them home to Your Church, Jesus.  Thank You for what You are teaching me, Jesus about Your Heart and Your Church.  I am so very grateful, Lord.  Help me to know what more You want me to do to evangelize, Jesus.  Show me, prompt me, call attention to the next step You want me to take and may it be obvious to me since I am not always awake, Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You. 


“My little one, thank you for your presence here and for your love.  I am drawing you closer to My Heart.  Your desire for Me, pleases Me.  I am aware of your struggles with prayer and it is good that you continue working at prayer in spite of this.  Your desire, and your action pleases Me.  My Holy Spirit will assist you, so do not worry but continue in your efforts.  I am closer to you in these moments than you realize.  The main objective is that you pray.  There will be times of dryness, times of distraction in prayer, times of difficulty in performing your duties and feeling as though this competes with your time with Me in prayer.  Guard this time with Me.  Protect it, My child.  It is the most important part of your day.  I will help you with all of your duties, so do not fear.  Make this time with Me, every day, a priority and all will be well.  I will provide.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I am really struggling with this even though I know it is very important.  Help me, Jesus.  I love our time together because I love You.  Lord, how do we reach people who don’t know and love You so they may have You come to dwell within them?  How do we introduce people in this day to You, Lord when there is such a crisis of faith, even in Your Church?  How, Jesus?  What is the way to reach those who have left You, Lord because they have been hurt, or because of inadequate catechesis, or because they were never taught they could have a personal relationship with the God who created them?  How, Lord? 


“My child, one must first give love and mercy.  One must first be set apart through personal holiness.  One must strive to be open and approachable but not compromising beliefs or values.  Be friendly; be charitable, be loving.  Be peace, My child.  Have confidence in your relationship with Me.  When one sees the love in your heart they will begin to be open to having friendship and will share their heart with you.  This will then be the opportunity for you to share what I have done in your life.  Just as I spoke in parables, you would do well to tell the ‘story’ of what I have done for you.  There are many things to share.” 


Yes, Lord.  There are many blessings and even miracles I can share with others.  Jesus, what about with those who have rejected You or the Church?


“In those cases, My child, you must love.  Forgive and love.  When a heart is hard, the only thing one can do is love.  Since love is sacrificial, one could show their love by fasting, praying, doing works of mercy and love for the soul who is hard hearted.  Make small sacrifices out of love.  This will give them graces and will cause a softening.  It may take a long time, My child but I am patient.  You must be also.  Persevere in this love.  I will assist you.  My Holy Spirit will assist you.  It is difficult in many ways, but souls who have hardened hearts are often deeply wounded.  These wounds take time to heal, My child.  Rely on Me to heal them.  Give them to Me, My little lamb, and do your part.  Cooperate with My love and mercy.  Allow Me to dispense love through your heart.”


Yes, Lord.  Some people will not allow others to get close to them, let alone to do something for them. 


“In that case, pray and offer sacrifices for them.  This is very effective, My child and you have observed this.  Recall when, through prayers and sacrifices, I changed the heart of one who was closed?”


Oh, yes, Jesus.  I almost forgot about this.  It was such a miracle of grace.


“Yes, My child.  It seems easier for one who is not related to you.  Family members cause the most consternation, because of your love for them.  Remember, I have the greatest love for My children, and I want closeness with them even more than you do.”


Oh, of course, Jesus.  I realize this.  I just want to be sure I am doing my part and not overlooking something.  I also yearn for them.  I am concerned for their souls, but I know You are even more concerned.  I give each one to You, Jesus.  Please bring them back to You and Your Church.  They are in Your hands, Lord Jesus.


“My child, meditate on My passion.  I will give you graces for this and will reveal more to you through My sacrifice.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord. 


“I bless you, My child in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, My little one.  Go in My love and mercy.  Be love, mercy and peace to all you encounter, My daughter.  I am with you.  I remain with you.”


Praise and thank You, Jesus.  I love You!

February 23, 2020  Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Holy Sacrament.  I believe in You, adore and honor You, my Lord, God and King.  Thank You for making it possible to be here with You, Lord.  Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion.  What a great grace and blessing to receive You in the Most Holy Eucharist.  Lord, please be with all who will be participating in 40 Days for Life, either by being present and/or by their prayers.  I know some people may not be able to physically be present due to illness or due to their physical limitations, but their prayers are just as important, Lord.  Hear all our prayers for an end to abortion and an end to all violence against the lives of Your children.  Heal the wounds of abortion, Jesus.  Heal the wounds of our nation which sanctioned abortion.  Lord, may this vicious attack of the pre-born babies end in our nation and in all nations of the world.  Forgive us, Lord.  Forgive us for what we do and for what we have not done to give aid to our sisters in need and to their little ones in the womb.  Holy Spirit, pour out Your Spirit in the world and renew the face of the earth.


“My child, I came on the earth to live among mankind and to be man, the Man-God in order to save mankind.  I also came to transform hearts and minds, to conform them to God, the Father, through God the Son.  My little one, I aim to transform hearts now through life in the Church, through a sacramental life.  This Lent, I invite you and all of My children to really and truly live Lent and prepare your hearts for the celebration of My Resurrection.  Live Lent.  Live the Paschal Mystery.  Live Holy Thursday and Good Friday.  Then, live My Resurrection.  Some will ask how they are to do this.  My child, how does on truly ‘live’ any event in life?  By being fully engaged and participating with one’s whole heart, mind, and spirit.  Walk with Me by fully embracing these 40 days of Lent.  Participate as much as possible in the events in your parishes.  Pray, offer sacrifices and small acts of love, offer the best of yourselves to Me to be used for the Kingdom of God.  May this Lenten Season truly transform your hearts and the hearts of those for whom you pray.  Live this Lenten Season, My children so that you may truly live My Resurrection.  Walk with Me.  Console Me.  Console My Mother and be a light in this world of darkness and sin.  Live the Gospel.  Live a life in Me, Christ.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.


“My child, you and all who have been following My invitation to draw nearer to Me through prayer, continue to pray as I have asked.  If you are not doing so, renew your prayer practices now.  Enter into prayer with a renewed sense of urgency and dedication.  I invite you especially to renew the prayer in families, specifically the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Read Holy Scripture, even a few verses aloud in the family.  Be very deliberate to pray as a family and spouses pray together.  This is important for spiritual and physical protection of the family.  For those who do not have families or whose families will not pray, you pray on behalf of your family or on behalf of others who do not know the love of God.  Offer your suffering for those who reject God and pray for their conversion.  You must realize, My Children of Light that evil as you know it would be greatly lessened if there were many conversions.  Many evils in society would vanish and there would be a great release of graces and blessings.  Pray, My dear children.  Pray.  Do not grow weary and complacent now when the world is in most need.  There are not enough people taking seriously this call to prayer and so those of you who do pray as your Jesus asks, must pray even more.  Realize, My little children that each word said in prayer from the heart is listened to by God the Father.  Pray, always in My name and trust in God, for He hears and He listens to all that is asked of Him in love.  Trust, My Children of Light.  Trust in God who has never and will never let you down.”


“My little lamb, there are many souls who are suffering in the world.  Assure them of My love.  I hear their cries and their pleas.  I thank all who offer their suffering for the salvation of souls.  The Father cherishes this love offering.  Unite all suffering to Mine on the cross, My Children of Light.  In this way, your suffering has great meaning and value for souls.  Imitate Me, My children.  Ask the saints in Heaven to assist you and to pray for you.  Ask the holy angels to direct your path.  Offer every prayer and every action to God for souls, the souls of your brothers and sisters.”  (Our brothers and sisters are everyone in the world.  They are our neighbors.  Every person is a brother or a sister, since God is our Father.)


“My little lamb, bring your plans to Me and I will guide you and assist you in them.  What you do for Me and for the least little ones, I will not allow to fail.  Do not be afraid.  Only begin and let us begin together.  Also, My Mother will assist you.  I will guide and strengthen you.  Be at peace.”


Thank You, my Lord, my Savior, my Friend.  Jesus, heal all who are ill in mind, body and spirit.  Give them needed graces and console them and their caregivers.  Grant them peace in their suffering, Lord.


“My child, you are welcome.  I will be with you this week.  Be rested and have confidence in My guidance.  Do get your rest, My child.  When you trust and rely on Me, you do not need to study and work extended hours.  I will assist you.  Ask My Holy Spirit to grant you wisdom, insight and discernment.  Be joy, My child.  Be mercy, peace and love.  All will be well.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace and in My love.”


Amen!  Thank You, Lord.  Praise be Your Holy Name now and forever!

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