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Children of the Renewal Messages


October 28, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, love You and adore You, my God and my King.  Lord, it is good to be here with You.  Thank You for Holy Mass this morning and for Holy Communion.  Thank You for (names withheld).  Thank You for allowing us to be together at Mass.  Jesus, bless (names withheld) who were not there.  Please bring (name withheld) back to the Church as well as (names withheld).  Please bring (names withheld) into the Church.  Lord, thank You for our pastor (name withheld) and for (name withheld).  Thank You for protecting (name withheld) during his car accident.  Praise You that he wasn’t hurt.  Thank You, Jesus for our family party yesterday for (name withheld).  Help our entire family to grow closer to You, Lord.  Jesus, please comfort (name withheld).  Her heart is grieving her Father’s death and not being able to be by his side makes everything even worse.  Help her mother to leave (location withheld) and come to be with (name withheld). 


Please help the people of Venezuela, Lord to rebuild their economy.  Their country has been decimated by their President and his party.  Help them, Jesus to regain their freedom and to live lives of holiness, love and joy.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Lord, please help all Catholics to evangelize and spread the Gospel so that others will come to know You, love You and believe that You are Son of the Living God, true God and true man.  Please grant graces to those You are calling into the priesthood and religious life.  Help all to say ‘yes’ to Your invitation.  Jesus, we need more priests in our diocese and in all dioceses in the world.  Please send us an associate pastor, Jesus.  We need more holy priests, Lord.  Please see to it, Jesus.  Lord, heal the sick, all those on the church prayer list and (names withheld) and all who are ill.  Help (name withheld), Lord.  He is so stressed now.  Help him, Jesus. 


“My child, I know you are very tired and weary.  I know and I am with you.  Thank you for going to the memorial Mass to comfort (name withheld).  Her heart is breaking, but My Mother comforts her.”


Thank You, Lord.  Her earthly mother is so far away and (name withheld) is in a foreign land, though it is now her home.  I’m sure she feels lost without her father and lost without her homeland.  She must feel as if her world is chipping away, in a sense, and yet perhaps she will begin to feel that her true home is more and more close to her.  (Heaven)


“My child, this is a painful part of life, having loved ones die and leave Earth for Heaven.  It is more painful when one is unsure about a loved one’s soul and the disposition of it at death.  Many people grieve more deeply for this reason.  It is truly a gift when a loved one who is close to Me passes from this world and is born into Heaven.  Even if souls who are close to Me need some purifying in Purgatory, their family can have confidence they will one day be in Heaven.  It is not so for those who die outside of the family of God, because of their rejection of Me.  But since you do not know for sure, it is a work of mercy to have Masses said for your loved ones and friends who have died and especially helpful for those in the process of dying for the graces of the Mass, applied to their souls before death can bring the gift of conversion.  Do not withhold a Mass for souls in need, either in the act of dying or afterwards.  Pray for souls in Purgatory, My child.”


Yes, Jesus.


“My little lamb, keep your children and grandchildren safe by placing them under My Mother’s mantle of protection.  Pray the prayer I gave to you, for all of your children and grandchildren.  This is a powerful prayer for it is a request that My Sacred Heart and My Mother’s Immaculate Heart be the refuge of souls.  Be confident in the protection of My Mother and in My protection.  Even if some physical harm comes to those in My protection, be confident that we protect souls and this is the most important kind of protection.  Be confident and trust, My Children of Light.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You, Jesus!  Lord, please fulfill Your words regarding the matter of the community that will be discussed next week.  Bring about Your Will in this matter, Lord.  Restore what is due to people, but most of all, Lord, restore peace and love between all.  Lord, we have no one to represent us but You.  Therefore, we have the best!  Father God, bring all to pass as You Will and as You said would be.  Make it so, Father for You said You would.  All for Your honor and glory, because no man can work out these impossible problems, but You can, Father.  You are the God of the impossible, for nothing is impossible for You. 


“My child, no matter the outcome, trust in Me.  I am the lover of your soul and I do what is best.  In this, rest your confidence and your trust.  Be at peace.  I am God.  All belongs to Me.  I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end and all that exists, does so by My Will and through My Will.  You are My child, the children of God have the richness of Heaven for their inheritance.  Nothing on earth, that is earthly wealth, material goods, are really lost if you have the Kingdom in your heart.  Remember that where your heart is, there is your kingdom.  All will be well, My child.  Live out of this knowledge and count on it, for by counting on Me, your soul will have peace and joy.”


Thank You, Father.  I love You.  I praise You and You are my peace and joy.  Give me a pure heart, Lord.  Give me a heart for You and only You and Your Will.


“This is a holy prayer, My child.  You are growing in this purity and love for Me.  Continue this pursuit, My little lamb.”


Yes, Lord.  There is joy even in the pursuit.  You make life exciting, Lord, even in spite of the crosses, the trials, the suffering.  There is much joy because of You.  Thank You for Your love, Your mercy and for the life of faith You give so freely to all who seek You.

“My child, draw closer to the heart of My Son in Holy Mass and in Adoration.  All who are close to My Son in the Eucharist, console His Sacred Heart, You are sealed in My love in this way.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God.  I love You.  All praise, honor and glory to You now and forever. 


Thank You, My little child.  You may rest in My peace.”


Alleluia!  Jesus, please protect our priests.  Keep them safe and give them graces for holiness.  Help us to “minister” to them, Lord as we want to serve others as You served others.  Keep them safe, especially with all that will come to pass.  Please protect our President and Vice President, their families and all cabinet members.  Please help us in the fight to end all violence, especially abortion and euthanasia.  Oh, Lord we are so miserable without You.  We become worse than animals.  Bring about conversion and the triumph of Your Mother’s Immaculate Heart. 


“My child, what you spoke about last evening regarding a reprieve is true.  Things seem good in your country at the moment, but to remain this way will require the hard work of prayer, fasting, penance and more prayer.  Do not become complacent, My Children of Light.  Souls are on the precipice.  They are hanging in the balance.  Much, much prayer is needed.  If there is an outpouring of prayer, especially the prayer of Scripture which is the Rosary, many souls will be converted and will be saved.  If you all become (and in some cases, remain) complacent, souls will be lost and the reprieve will have been wasted.  Do not waste this time, My children for this is not something to be taken for granted, but is a great blessing to My people who pleaded with Me to intervene.  I intervened, My children, but you must do the same.  Now, you must heighten your prayers and do so with a sense of urgency for it is then that you pray from the heart.  Do not be lukewarm, My children.  There is no time to waste.  Be vigilant and remain actively in prayer.  May your lives be a prayer and each activity an act of service and love for God and for your neighbor.  You may go, My child and be always in My peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My love.  Be peace, be mercy and be joy, My child.”


Amen, Jesus.  Alleluia! 

October 21, 2018  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  Praise You, Lord God of Heaven and Earth.  It is so good to be here with You, Jesus.  Thank You for Confession and Holy Mass.  Thank You for Your good and holy priests.  Protect them from all evil.  Give them every grace needed, Lord to carry out Your Will and mission.  Thank You for my beautiful family, for my loving friends and for my husband who is so dear to me.  You give every good gift, Jesus even though I am undeserving, but I realize it is because of Your goodness and mercy.  Thank You for Your love, which is the best gift of all.


Lord, please heal the sick, the wounded and bring them Your peace.  Help each soul who is misguided to be given clarity and an open heart and mind to You.  Bring all who are outside of Your family home especially those who are away from the Church.  Blessed Mother, bring all of our separated brothers and sisters to Your Son, Jesus.  Lord, calm my heart and make it beat at a regular rhythm.  Heal me, also Jesus.  Jesus, I pray especially for (names withheld) and all who are on the church prayer lists.  I also ask for special protection for our President and his cabinet, his family and all who lead our country.  Give them openness to Your Holy Spirit, wisdom, courage to do what is right, prudence, fortitude, mercy and right judgement.  Restore our country, Lord to Your Will.  Bring us the graces of conversion and repentance.  Help us to once again be One Nation under God.  Help us to have respect for Your Holy Commandments once again.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You!


“My child, thank you for your words of trust.  It is good that you trust in Me and trust in My mercy.  It is very important in this age to spread the message of My mercy and My love.  There are many, many souls who do not know or do not believe in My mercy. Tell people about My mercy and the messages I gave to My holy little Faustina.  I want the world to know and so many do not.  The world is in dire need of My mercy.  You are wondering how you, who are little, can do this, My child, but it begins with you.  It begins with each of My Children of Light.  You be mercy and love to others.  Speak of My mercy when you converse with others.  Speak of the mercy of God and tell people there is no bottom to the well of My mercy.  There is mercy for all, enough for every person ever born, living now, and for all who will be born.  It is unendless and it is for everyone.  Anyone who repents and appeals to My mercy will be saved.  Come to Me, all who are in need of My mercy, and mercy shall be yours.  The world is in severe darkness and many souls are deprived of light.  I am the light.  I will restore each and every soul who comes to Me.  Do not wait until it is too late.  Avail yourselves of My mercy now before you stand before Me as the just judge.  My mercy is for all the living.  No matter, how much evil you have done in your lives, it is not too late while you live on this earth.  Once you pass from this life, your choice will have already been made.  This is why My lost children, you must choose for Me now.  There is much good we will do together, but first you must turn your back on your sins and walk toward Me, the light, the lover of your soul.  I redeemed you at a great price, all for the love of your soul.  Do not waste My love, but accept it and draw close to Me.  Then, you will know peace.  Now you know chaos, confusion and unrest.  With Me, you will know order, clarity, peace and calm.  You will feel really, truly alive, just as in your youth.  Trust in My mercy.  All will be well, but let us begin right away.”


“My child, you are thinking that because many know of St. Faustina’s diary that you do not need to be the ‘mouthpiece’ of My mercy beyond your daily encounters.  This would be true, My child if the world really did know, but sadly they do not.  Some are aware, yes.  But many are still ignorant of the Gospel.  You and all of My Children of Light must be My spokesperson.  Live mercy, yes.  This is of the utmost importance.  But, I ask that you and all who follow Me, speak of My mercy.  Be like the few loaves of bread and the fish that I multiplied.  I do not need large crowds of people to make My message heard and spread.  I need the few willing to be used and multiplied.  But, I need each one of you.  Do not turn away from this request, My Children of Light.  This is a gift I give you, to be apostles of My mercy.  If you do not know how to begin, ask Me to guide You.  I am guiding and directing My children as in the days of the early Church.  Yes, My little lamb, you heard Me correctly.  I am pouring out My Spirit in powerful ways to bring many souls into the family of God.  All that is needed are open and willing hearts.  I will pour out gifts of My Spirit to give each one what is needed for the unique mission of each and every soul.  Ask and pray for My Spirit to be given in new and powerful ways to bring about My Kingdom.  You must be gifted for this work if you are to truly serve Me, My children for you are among the wolves.  My protection is needed not only for your well being and security, but so that you can move out in the world among the wolves and bring My mercy, healing and love to those living in darkness.  Yes, My children it is like the days of the early newborn Church.  Consider that most people living in your times do not know God, do not love God, and do not believe in God.  Consider that it is your mission to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  What will you do?  Will you be like My first disciples and spread the message of love?  Or, will you be like those who turned and walked away, too uncomfortable at the living Bread from Heaven?  My Children of Light, you feel you have already chosen Me and you have but from this day forward now, you must make another choice, to share My love with the world in darkness.  Do not say, ‘My family knows God, and my friends do also.  We are fine and we will stick to ourselves.’  This is not love, My children.  Did I not tell you in Holy Scripture that it is not enough to love your friends?  Even the pagans do that.  You must love your enemies.  Love your enemies.  Think of this.  Who are your enemies?  Are they not those who do not believe?  Are they not those who are filled with anger and hate?  Are they not those who have faith in pagan, false gods?  I ask each one of you, ‘Who are your enemies?’  Visualize them, My little ones.  Picture them in your mind.  Then, see that I am standing near them also.  I am concerned for these lost and confused souls.  I died for them, also.  They may be difficult now, but you should see what I see.  I see how on fire with My love they could be.  I see their hearts full of sorrow for their sins.  I see the love they could have in their hearts, the many others they could impact if they knew Me.  I see their wounds, their pain, the people in their lives who hurt them, often seriously wounded them.  I see who they once were when they were little children, before they knew the corruption of sin and evil.  I see them this way, My Children of Light, if you show them My love.  If you pray and sacrifice for them.  If you show them My mercy.  If you give them My love.  Yes, My little, brave souls.  Their salvation depends on My act on Calvary, but it is to you I rely upon to tell them for they do not know.  You are those I am calling.  It is on you I rely.  Think about it, please.  Who else is there to send?”


Oh, Jesus I hadn’t really thought about it this way.  Of course, You are relying on us.  Thank You, that You are.  You could do all of this Yourself, but You never planned it that way.  You chose 12 Apostles and countless disciples to spread the Gospel and build Your Church.


“Yes, My child and it is just like in those days.  There are more pagans than Christians and My holy ones are now the remnant Church.  You are the remnant.  It has already come to pass, and soon it will be more evident.  Do not wait until the numbers are even fewer.  There is much wok to do, and we must begin now.  There are small pockets of Spirit filled youth and older wiser ones.  There are beautiful movements of My Spirit within the Church.  It is time to take this Spirit of Mine out to more and more for the good of souls.”


“The New Springtime will come, My child, but there is work to do first.  My little lamb, it is wintertime in the history of man.  You know when winter is upon you that spring will come.  However, when it snows, people must still plow the snow.  You put out bird seed during the stark winter to feed My little birds.  You wear heavy coats to keep warm and cover your beds with more blankets.  You do all of this even though you know spring is coming for you cannot sit around idle until then.  Neither can My children remain idle in spreading Christianity during this winter time of souls.  You must show others the path of life, the path of truth and of love.  You must prepare the way by your loving acts of kindness.  You must give teaching and direction, just as in times of weather emergencies.  It is no different in the spiritual world.  Look around you and see the great need, My children.  It is time to act for Me and for My Kingdom.  It is time to act for love of neighbor.  Make those who are enemies into friends by bringing them to the light.  Awaken from your sleep and see there is much work to do for your Jesus.  Remember, you are not alone.  I am with you.  Together, we will save souls.  Let us begin, My Children of Light.  Ask Me to show you what it is you can do.  Pray for direction and it will be yours.  Do not be inactive in this great time of need.  Ask Me for graces and graces will be yours.  Frequent the Sacraments and you will receive all that you need.  I am relying upon you, My children.  Souls are waiting to hear this Good News that is Jesus.  Thank you, My little lamb for giving Me your will.  Do not listen to the lies of the enemy who wants to condemn you.  You belong to Me and I to you.  No harm can come to your soul.  Rejoice and be full of joy because I love you.  This is true of all of My children.  I love you!”


Thank You, Jesus.  Praise You, Lord.  Help me to do all that You ask. 


“I bless you now in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace.  Be love.  Be mercy.  Be joy.”


Amen.  Alleluia!

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