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Children of the Renewal Messages


September 27, 2015  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I love You, my Lord, my God and my all.  Thank You that You are waiting here for Your children, Lord. I am grateful for Your presence here in this chapel.  Thank You for Adoration, Lord Jesus.   It is a great grace for the world. Thank You for protecting me during my trip this week and for bringing me home safely.  It was very good to see my sister and brother-in-law.  Thank You for the time we had, Lord.  It was a blessed time.  I thank You for holy Mass this morning, and for my family.  Jesus, please bless, protect and console (name withheld).  She is going through much turmoil with her family members.  Please work all of the conflict through to a peaceful resolution.  I ask that You give her children merciful hearts filled with love for her. 


Blessed Mother please help (name withheld).  You are Our Lady Undoer of Knots and can undo the most complicated family issues.  Please bring peace to (name withheld) and her family.  I also ask for Your intercession, Blessed Mother for a holy, spirit-filled retreat for our community.  Please give us dry weather, Lord and help us to grow closer to You during the retreat.  Lord, please heal (name withheld) back.  Thank You for Your many blessings.   They are too numerous to count.  Jesus, please be with (name withheld) who is nearing the end of her life, Lord.  She so loves You.  She has suffered for many years with cancer.  If it is Your will, please heal her.  If not, please take her to be with You in Heaven.  She has been such a bright spot in so many peoples’ lives and has encouraged countless people in our parish.  Thank You for her beautiful witness to life and to love.  Protect and bless her, Jesus.


Jesus, have You anything to say to me today?


“Yes, My child.  There is much to say.  I have heard and I receive each one of your prayers.  They are precious to Me.  There are many, many who suffer.  It has always been so, but it is especially so in these days.  I care for and love each one of My children and I am very close to those who are suffering.  Each soul who is suffering is especially close to My Sacred Heart.  My child, you are concerned for the small children and what they will face in the coming days.”


Yes, Jesus.  They have been on my mind lately.  Please protect the children, Lord from every evil.  Blessed Mother, please cover them with Your mantle of protection.


“My child, they will be very wounded in spirit when they present themselves to you.  The least little rebuff or criticism will be like a large blow to their fragile hearts.  I know that you and (name withheld) will treat them with love and mercy.  You will welcome them with open arms.  Be ever mindful of their need for patience, kindness and warm love.  They will need your presence, your open hearts and much listening.  In time, they will receive healing through the love they receive from your family and the community, but it will take much patience, and love.  It will also take time.  Each soul is uniquely created by God, and therefore each experience will impact the children differently.”


Lord, how are we to know what each child needs?  I am sure You have spoken about this previously.  I am concerned that we will be inadequately equipped to care for them since we are not educated to deal with traumatic situations.  We are not psychologists, Jesus.  However, I have come to understand that it is certainly not because of qualifications that we are called.  We are very inadequate, Jesus.  We trust in You, Lord and in Your Mother and the Holy Spirit, Her Spouse, to guide us.  We look to St. Joseph for his guidance, also and we petition Heaven for prayers and for Your graces.  With You, Jesus we can do all things.  Lord, just help us to love as You ask us to love.


“My little one, it is precisely because of your love, that I call upon your family to become a surrogate family for My little, vulnerable children who will be so desperate and in need.  You will give them love, even when they are not loveable.  However, in time the transformation and healing will be evident.  They will come to love you in return.  Remember that I call you to love, even those who do not appear to want your love.  They will be in shock, due to the extreme circumstances they witness and there will be deeply painful memories of these events that will traumatize their little hearts and minds.  They are like small, delicate flowers, crushed under the heel of a heavy boot.  Only, these flowers will not die in your care, but will live to see the new springtime.  My daughter, and My son, you will have the time needed for your building projects, only do not delay.  You must proceed with each step in the process with haste.  Do all that you can for the things you control and leave everything else to Me.  Continue packing your things.  Proceed with the permits and all that entails, for things will begin to progress rapidly and you need to be in position.  I am giving My children this extra time, but it is a grace and should not be wasted.”

(personal dialogue omitted)


Lord, I forgot to mention (name withheld) arm and healing for him.  His arm needs much more improvement and mobility.  Please heal him, Jesus.  Lord, I know I ask much of You, but You are the only One who can heal and transform us.  Thank You for Your mercy, Jesus.


“My daughter, you ask for assistance on others’ behalf, and this comes from a heart full of love for your neighbor.  I have asked that you bring every burden and each concern to Me, and I am pleased that you do so.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You.  Have You anything more to say to me?


“Yes, My little lamb.  All will be well.  I will guide you.  My Mother will guide you.  You will minister to these little ones with great care.  They will feel safe and secure in your home.  Remember, you will also take in My holy priest sons who will also be in need.  Their needs will be different, however they will also have suffered losses and will be in need of a respite in between their time ministering to those in dire need.  The children in your home will receive spiritual care from the priests in your care.  I will be with you.  This seems daunting to you, My child.  I understand, but I prepare you so that all will be in place.  Whatever else is needed that isn’t available beforehand, I will supply.  Rely on Me, My children for all of your needs.  You have prepared well, as directed.  There are other items still needed, such as the cycle of readings for Mass.  You will have the funds needed to order them soon and would do well to do so.  Also, secure additional blankets and towels.  These will be needed and you do not have enough.  Many will get rid of these items, especially blankets due to the warm climate, however blankets will be needed.  Remember, My little lamb that there will be a period of time when you will not be able to buy these items, and so I direct you now.  I am not suggesting this unnecessarily for yourselves, but for the many people who come to you seeking shelter from the storm.  All will be well.”


Lord, I remember You asked us to obtain additional towels and washcloths and linens.  I did buy some for a time, but I guess I didn’t realize we needed even more.


“My little lamb, you must do as I direct, for one cannot imagine the situation to come, for it has never been experienced in this nation.  You will prepare for something that will resemble a disaster.  I am not saying you will have a disaster, only that which will be experienced is like that in proportion to how I am asking you to prepare.  In a medical emergency, what is needed, My child?”


It depends on the type of emergency, Lord.  Generally speaking, medical personnel need to have supplies like bandages, splints, medicines including antibiotics, analgesics, topical ointments, sterile water and IV fluids, etc.


“Yes, My child and you have secured these as requested.  You did not mention the need for stretchers or cots, blankets and linens, washcloths and towels.  Please obtain these so you will be prepared.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You.  We will do as You ask.  Thank you for preparing us!


“You are welcome.”


Lord, please prepare the hearts of the priests and religious in this diocese and the one where we are moving.  Prepare them, also Lord.  Help them to grow even closer to Your heart.  Lord, have You anything more to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  Your family needs to enter into a period of focus on getting more rest at night.  Each family member is in need of more rest.  I am referring to the amount of sleep at night; you and (name withheld) in particular.  I ask much of you, I realize and even now, there is much to accomplish and yet while you believe the way to do so is in lieu of sleep, that is not the answer.  My children, ask for My assistance and I will provide.  Rely on Me, My children.  Everything can be accomplished that I request when the focus is placed on these tasks.  Do all things prayerfully and with the assistance of your angels and the saints in Heaven.  Be love and mercy to others and to yourselves for a time will come when you will not have the luxury of a full night’s sleep.  You must get more rest now,  My son and My daughter and rely on Me to provide the conditions to accomplish what I have asked.  Focus on these things as well as prayer, fasting and the sacramental life.  I love you and I am with you.  Go now, so that you may visit your daughter and take care of your family this evening.  I am with you and I go with you.  I thank you for the time you have spent with Me today, especially when it was not convenient for you to be here with Me.  My little one, I know you do not wish to leave at this time.  I invite you to do so, for another one who needs you.”


Jesus, I don’t know what You mean, or who it is who needs me, but I trust in You.  I will do as You ask.


“My darling daughter, I love you and I know what is best for you.  I go with you.  Be of good cheer, for I who Am, Lord of all, love you.  I give you My blessing and all of the graces needed by you for this day. (smile)  Go now in peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  All will be well.  What is needed is trust.  Be joy.  Be love.  Be mercy.  You are My child, My children.  You are safe and secure in My Sacred Heart and in the Immaculate Heart of My Mother.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God.  I love You.


“And I love you.”




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