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Children of the Renewal Messages



October 4, 2015, Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I believe in You, adore You and praise You. Thank You for waiting here for us in this chapel.  Thank You for holy Mass this morning, Jesus.  Lord, thank You for the beautiful music and for the opportunity to receive You in Holy Communion.  What a great gift!  I love You, my Lord and my God.  Help me to love You more.  Lord, I bring to You, my friend (name withheld) who is having so much trouble with her children who want to (details withheld).  I know there may be more going on that I don’t know.  Lord, You know all things.  Please help (name withheld) and bring this to a peaceful resolution.  Help her to have peace in the midst of this storm.  Giver her Your peace; give her joy and consolation.  Protect her, Lord.  Jesus, I pray for (name withheld) sister, that she be healed and reconciled to the church.  I pray the same for (name withheld).  I also pray for healing for (name withheld) wife.  Heal her knee, Jesus and help ease the pain she has.  Thank You, Lord for the many gifts You give us, especially the gift of life. 


Thank You for (priest’s name withheld) and for his beautiful, strong homily today on life.  What a blessing our priests are to us.  Thank You, Jesus for (priest names withheld).  The priesthood is such a gift to Your people, Lord.  Thank You!  Lord, please help the elderly who are lonely and afraid.  Help us to know who we can help, Jesus.  If there are those who are unable to get about, please comfort and console them.  Send people to visit with them and to help them to be assured of their infinite value.  Lord, I pray for all those considering abortion because they are afraid and don’t know where to turn.  Help them to think clearly and to find other means for help and support.  Send graces for love into their hearts; love for their babies and love for You.  Lord, there is nothing too challenging for You.  There is no obstacle too great for You.  Help us to see that no matter how large our problems are, You are much greater.  With You, there is always a way out of every problem, or through each problem.  Lord Jesus, give us graces for trust in You.  With You, all things are possible.  Thank You, Lord that You set captives free.  I love and adore You, Jesus, my Lord.  Have You anything to say to me, Jesus?


“Yes, My child.  You have had a difficult week, but I have been with you.  I walk with you, My daughter.”


Thank You, Lord for Your presence with me.  I would be completely lost without You.


“My little one, continue to persevere.  Continue to call upon the angels and saints in Heaven.  There is an undercurrent you feel at your work, My child.  There is much going on that you do not realize, and yet you sense the tension.”


Yes, Lord.  One of my friends asked that I pray for her but said she couldn’t really speak about it there.  Please help her with whatever she is facing at work.  It’s always challenging with new leadership, Lord and she has a new director.  The environment, while better in some ways, is worse in other ways.  It seems we get new leadership and exchange the old set of problems with another set of problems.  Great leadership seems to be in short supply these days.


“Yes, My child.  This is true.  This is due to a lack of morality and virtue.  It takes virtue and integrity in a leader to make one a great leader.  Of course there are other skills required, but the main ingredients lacking in leaders of your day are integrity and virtue.  Conversion is needed.  Humility is needed.  When mankind comes back to Me, you will begin to see there are good leaders, once again.  The problem is a moral problem.  So many problems plaguing the earth are attributed to the spiritual darkness present in men’s hearts.  Much of mankind is in darkness.”


Yes, Lord.  Many of us, Your children sense this.  Lord, please help us return to You.


“My little lamb, you have been carrying an additional load this week; a heavy burden.  You are ill and fatigued.  I am with you.  I will help you.  Lean on Me.  Take My arm and I will lead you.”


Thank You, Jesus!  You are everything to Me.  I am sorry I am drowsy.  It is so peaceful here and I always feel very relaxed.  Lord, I just remembered to pray for two couples who are struggling with their marriages.  Please heal their marriages, Lord.  Help them to have unity and give them graces for love and for trust.


“My child, I hear all of your prayers.  They are precious to Me.  If even one spouse has faith and trust in Me, I will heal their marriages.  They must continue to pray for graces of love and understanding, patience and fidelity.  I am the great physician.  I can heal all wounds.”


Thank You, Lord God almighty, King of Heaven and earth!  Lord, have You anything more to say to me?


“Yes, My little lamb.  Thank You for being here with Me.  Your presence is appreciated.  Would that each one of My children visit and adore Me.  I long to shower My children with graces, but so few make themselves available to Me.  Many hearts are hardened and closed to My love.  Your love, and the love of My Children of Light, comfort Me.  Though I am God, I am also God Incarnate.  I have a heart of flesh.  I knew rejection when I walked the earth and I experience it to this day.  Those who love Me, console Me.  Still, I grieve for those who choose false gods.”


Lord, You seem very somber today.  What can I do for You, Jesus?  I am very small and can’t do much, but I will do anything for You, Lord.  I love You.


“My daughter, you are doing what you can.  You tirelessly serve Me.  Even when you would prefer to say ‘No, thank You, Jesus.  Not today, Lord.’  You say, ‘Yes, Jesus.  Though I am tired, I will do what You ask of me.’  This is what I desire, My little one.  I know you are not perfect, and you fall, but still you try to serve your Jesus.  There are people among you who love and serve Me.  This pleases Me.  I can overlook much, when there is great love.” 


“Always, turn to Me, My children when you are troubled.  Continue to bring each burden, each sin to Me.  We journey together on your earthly pilgrimage and when your time on this earth has come to conclusion, I will welcome You in My heavenly kingdom, where there is no sadness, no weariness, only peace and joy.  Come, My children, seek My will through prayer.  Ask, and it will be given to you.  Seek Me and you will find Me.  I love you, My children.  Pray for your brothers and sisters who do not know Me, do not love Me.  Pray that their hearts be open to Me.  I am the answer to all life’s problems.  I am the answer to the question of purpose in one’s life.  I am the answer for every question in one’s heart.  You will find Me in prayer.  I have always been with you, My lost children.  I am with you now, in the silence.  I am with you in the noise and in your distractions.  I was with you when you were in your mother’s womb and I have never left you.  It was you who left Me.  Return to Me with open hearts and I will forgive you.  You will know peace and joy like never before, because you will know Me.  I am truth.  I am peace.  I am joy.  I am love.  I love you, no matter how sinful you are.  I love you.  This is true.”


“You must begin to believe this, for to do otherwise is to listen to the lies of My adversary who wants your demise.  ‘Why does he care?’  you might ask.  ‘Why does he want my demise?’ you may wonder.  I assure you that what I say is true.  He wants your demise, because he despises Me.  And since I created you in My image, he despises you, also.  He is unable to ‘hurt’ Me, for I am God.  Since he cannot hurt Me directly, he does so through My children.  When he hurts you and causes you to follow him into hell, this causes another wound to My heart; a wound of love, for I do not desire a single soul to lose eternal life.  Read sacred Scripture.   Seek Me in My Word.  Seek Me in My presence in the Eucharist.  I am here for you.  I call to you in the wind.  I stroke your cheek in the kiss of the sun’s warmth.  I speak to you through the beauty of My created world.  Because of My love for you, through nature, evil wants to destroy your world, for through nature God the Father provides life support for Our children.  With conversion, all of this will change.  Pray for conversion, My children.”


“Soon the renewal will come, but first I aim to renew hearts.  A renewal of hearts will usher in My Eucharistic reign.  Pray, dear Children of Light for this conversion, and for the outpouring of My Spirit on the world.  The second Pentecost awaits you.  Pray and fast, My Children of Light for your brothers and sisters who walk in darkness.  The darkness is spreading, it is true, but light is more powerful than darkness.  It only takes one small light to illuminate a vast area of darkness.  Be that light, wherever you are in the world.  Be one who walks in hope and in My Spirit of joy.  Let your light shine, for in this way you attract others to the source of your light, Jesus Christ the Redeemer.  I urge you once again, those who are My disobedient children, to choose the God of life, the one true God.  To choose otherwise is to choose death and destruction.  My little lamb, the image I just gave you is what destruction and devastation looks like.  Please describe this so that those reading these words may know what it is I showed you.”


Yes, Jesus.  I saw a scene that appeared to be a city that had been destroyed.  By what, I do not know.  I don’t believe I want to know.  I only saw what appeared to be a city.  So devastated it was, I really don’t know what it was before.  It was very dusty.  Everything was gray.  There was no color.  I see debris everywhere.  I do not see anything that appears to be moving or alive.  Perhaps there is life somewhere, but not in the scene Jesus showed me.  The sun isn’t shining, or I don’t believe it is.  It appears to be very cloudy.  Even the sky is gray, from all of the dust and debris.  Lord, I don’t even see any building.  There is just debris everywhere; devastation and lifelessness.  This doesn’t appear to be like pictures I have seen of war torn areas, because in those pictures or news casts, I have seen buildings that were bombed and some of them were still standing.  Not so in this image.  It is lifeless and gray.  I see nothing green.  No trees or plants, no animals, no people.  Everything is leveled, dusty, deserted and ‘dead’.  Jesus is this what You wanted me to see?  Why, Jesus did You show me this horrible image?


“My little lamb, this is accurate.  Well done, for I know how difficult this is for you.  This is what mankind is heading toward.  This is what the adversary wants for all of My children, complete destruction and devastation.  This is what the followers of evil are planning.”


But, Lord, don’t they know that by destroying everything they will destroy themselves in the process?  They need the earth to sustain their lives, also.


“Yes, My child but they have been duped by the evil one they follow who is Lucifer, the fallen angel.  My rebellious , stubborn children, who pursue evil power believe they can destroy major cities but keep a portion of the world whole.  They believe they can outsmart the evil one by going along with him for a time to secure their abominable plans until they have accomplished what they want, global power and prestige.  They want to create their own elite society by destroying all who do not follow them.  Anyone in their way, which is most of society, they believe should disappear.  Then, they who dwell in the protection of their tunnels and cities they have built under mountains, think they will come out unscathed.  With all of the ‘less thans’ out of their way, their elite society can rule.  This is not much different than the other antichrists in history who wanted to form a super race.  This is a very evil notion.  My children were created in My image and likeness.  Those who follow Me are the ‘super race’.  Those who follow satan into hell choose eternal damnation.  They will not be victorious over God, and yet they believe they can be when they follow evil.  They are completely deluded.”


“Those who follow Me, have truth and can see the absolute foolishness and the many flaws in their plans, but they are blinded by greed and have become like depraved animals.  They live as if they have no souls.  I died for them, My children.  I died for them just as I did for you and their choice to follow the evil one, wounds My Sacred Heart.  Woe to you who follow evil and lead even one of My precious children astray, for it would be better for you had you never been born.”


Jesus, Your sadness has turned to something like anger and yet it seems more like justice.  I can’t describe this adequately but I am very sorry for the way Your children treat You or mistreat You.  I am sorry for the times I sin and wound your precious, loving heart.  You are so beautiful and merciful.  You never cease to forgive one who is sorry.  Thank You, Jesus.  I will pray harder, Lord.  I am sorry for the times I have been tired in prayer and have lacked fervor.  Please help me to be more focused and present to You in prayer, Jesus.  I see how much evil is being planned in this one image alone, and it is quite shocking.  Have mercy on us, Jesus for we know not what we do.  Lord, You did not die in vain for us.  Change hearts, Jesus.  It is not too late.  Soften the hearts of those who in their blindness for power, choose the ways of the world, or worse yet, the ways of the underworld.  Shine the light of grace through the cracks and flaws in their hearts and illuminate them with the light of Your grace and mercy.  They can still change, Jesus if You help them to change. 


Lord, I know You have given us all free will, but their wills are in bondage and they are no longer free.  You came to seek the lost and to set captives free.  I beg You now, Lord God to free the captives of the evil one.  Set their hearts free, Lord.  You are the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come.  You are the living Word come down from Heaven.  Send us Your Holy Spirit, Lord and quench their hearts that are experiencing a deep and long drought.  They long for the living water, but they do not know it, Lord.  They do not know from where their misery comes and seek more power, more influence like a dog who licks its wounds causing them to fester even more.  Jesus, have mercy on them.  Open their hearts with even just a small crack and flood their hearts with grace for conversion.  You can do this, Jesus for You can do all things.  You are the God of all that is impossible. 


Jesus, when You spoke the words, ‘Behold, I make all things new,” did You not mean that You make our hearts anew?  Did You not mean that Your love transforms the most hardened of hearts into hearts of flesh from hearts of stone?  Isn’t this what You meant, Jesus?  And if so, You never change, Lord.  You said so.  There, then You must do this today, Jesus just as You have throughout all of history.  Do this, Jesus for the good of Your Kingdom, for the good of all of Your children, for You are the God, the one and only true God who is love and mercy itself.  You are our King, Jesus.  Your Mother Mary is our Queen.  I claim You, on behalf of my sad and pitiful brothers and sisters who do not fully understand what it is they are doing.  They are like pawns in the hands of evil.  They are proud, yes.  They are conniving, yes.  But they can change, Jesus.  You have shown me this countless times.  There are many witnesses to Your love and mercy.  Do this again, Jesus and transform this world, for the world and all of creation belongs to You and You alone.


“My child, My child.  Do not weep.  Your Jesus loves you and I love all of My children.  Your prayers are a song to My tired heart.  I will this, and yet you understand the many lessons I have taught you about free will.  If I force Myself on others, that is not freedom, but another kind of oppression.  Yet, I hear the cries of your heart and I will honor your request for a soul today.  Continue to pray, for the soul who is beginning to seek Me, will now have graces from your love, and the love of others who are praying for lost souls.  These graces will come through My Mother’s hands and will penetrate a wounded and troubled heart.  Healing will begin and one day love will be the great restorer.  Now, dry your tears and rejoice for one who was lost has been found.  All of Heaven rejoices.  Your suffering and that of your family and your community has brought this conversion.  Rejoice and be glad.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Praise You, Lord.  Jesus there are so many more who need You.  Please do not give up on us, but continue Your mission of saving souls.  Praise You, Jesus.  I love You.


“You are beginning to feel My peace, are you not?”


Yes, Jesus.  Lord, please do not let the image You showed me come to pass.  I beg of You.


“My Children of Light, you must pray more.  Offer sacrifices for those who are lost.  Great things will happen for those who love Me and persevere.  Conversion of family members will occur.  Have faith and trust in Me.  More prayer, more fasting is needed.  It is not the time to become discouraged.  Renew yourselves by praying together in groups.  Fellowship with others who are My followers.  Unity is needed.  Do not allow any difference of opinions to create disunity.  Now is the time for unity.  It is a requirement for survival of My children.  The adversary wants disunity.  That is not of God.  Pray, fast, do penance for your sins and the sins of others.  Frequent the Sacraments.  Your sanctity will be the fragrance that permeates strong hearts.  Come, My children, we work together to renew the face of the earth.  The time is now.  More prayer is needed.  Let everything you do throughout the day be a prayer to God the Father.  My child, My little one, I love you.  I bless you and thank you for the many heavy crosses you have carried for Me.”


Jesus, I have been grouchy and  complaining and yet, You thank me?  It doesn’t make sense when I fail You so often. 


“My daughter, I do not ask you to be perfect.  I only ask that you give Me your ‘yes’.  Continue to carry this cross awhile longer.  I will lift it in time.  I thank you for your yes.  Even when at times it is reluctant, you are like the son in the parable who did not want to do what was asked, but proceeded to do it anyway.  This is doing My will.  At times, the cross becomes very heavy.  You do not despair, but only reconcile yourself to doing My will whatever that requires.  For this I am grateful.  You are growing in wisdom and love and are finding peace and consolation in doing My will.  You do not see the progress for you focus on your flaws.  I see all.  I know all and to Me you are beautiful and are becoming more so.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I am not deserving of You, but I thank You for loving me.  Jesus, thank You for my husband.  He is a wonderful man.  He loves You very much and I am grateful to You for such a strong man of God.  He is a good husband, friend and father to our children.  Thank You for holy men.  We need more holy men and women of God.  Thank You for introducing us to others who strive to love and serve You.  Thank You for (names withheld) and for their beautiful family.  Thank You for (names withheld) and many more beautiful women and men of God.  I am very, very blessed and fortunate to have such beautiful friends.  Please help my friend (name withheld), Lord who has been absent for several months from our prayer group.  Bring her back to us, Lord.  We miss her heart and her beautiful spirit.  Thank You for the many blessings You give us, Jesus.  I am grateful.  I love You!


“You are most welcome, My little one.  I love You, also.  You may go now in peace.  Know that I go with you.  I remain with you.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  I give (name withheld) My fatherly blessing.  Go in peace.  Be love, be mercy; be joy and be love most of all.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Praise You, Jesus for touching the lost soul and bringing this soul to yourself.  Bless the Holy Name of Jesus!  Amen and Alleluia.


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