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Children of the Renewal Messages



October 25, 2015, Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.  I praise You, adore You and love You, my God and my King.  Thank You for holy Mass this morning and for the opportunity to sit with my brother.  Thank You for this great gift, and even greater gift of receiving You in Holy Communion.  Lord, thank You for the beautiful funeral Mass yesterday for (name withheld).  What a joy for her, Jesus to be with You in Heaven.  Thank You for her life, Lord.  She was a beautiful witness to You.  I am going to miss seeing her at church and talking with her about my mother.  Lord, it seems very sad when friends of my mother leave the earth.  I feel another connection to my mother is lost, but I know that isn’t reality.  It is just a feeling I have.  It is comforting to see my mother’s friends, Lord but how joyful for them when they receive their inheritance; Heaven!  I’ve been thinking about my Mama a lot lately and missing her.  Please give her my love, Jesus.  She was a wonderful mother; a holy woman of God.  She brightened my day and my life and the lives of so many people.  I like to think that she and (name withheld) are catching up on things in Heaven.


Lord, thank You for the many blessings You gave our community last week.  It was a joy to be together and the retreat was really good.  Thank You for (names withheld).  They sacrificed much to be with us and I so appreciate all that they did.  Please bless each community member.  I pray especially for those travelling to Italy and Medjugorje.  May they be safe from all harm, and may they receive every grace needed.  Please touch others through them, Lord. 


I also pray for (name withheld) who has been so ill.  Please heal her, Jesus.  She is very beautiful because of her deep love for You.  Renew her strength, Jesus.  I pray for all those who are sick and are suffering, and especially for those who are dying.  Be with my friend (name withheld).  Console her in her loneliness and restore her strength, Lord.  Jesus, please heal (name withheld) if it is Your will.  If not, please take his soul to Heaven.  Comfort and console his parents, Jesus who love him so very much.  I pray also for (name withheld).  Heal her, Lord.  Remove every cancer cell in her body and give her strength and vitality.  Keep her close to Your Sacred, Merciful Heart, Lord.  I entrust my family and friends to You, my Jesus and to Your holy will.  I love You, Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.


Lord, please heal the marriages of the couples who are struggling.  Bring peace, reconciliation, healing and renewal to their marriages.  Where conversion is needed, I ask You for graces for conversion.  Lord, we trust in You for all things.  We hope in You for all things.


Lord, I have reflected on the miracle of the tide that we witnessed during our community rosary time.  It was amazing and so impactful to me.  The lesson was not lost on us, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.  May we always remember that Your Mother has conveyed we need to change the direction of our lives.  Help us to act on Her words, Lord so that we do Your holy and perfect Will.  Thank You for allowing Your Holy Mother, Mary to visit us at Medjugorje.  Praise You, Jesus.  Thank You for our retreat, Lord.  It was truly a blessed time together.  Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“My child, you are welcome.  The community retreat was a blessed time and graces were given to all.  Thank you, My little one for your gratitude.  There are many more times like this ahead of you.  My Mother’s hands are upon this community, for it is Her community.  You are all being prepared for the mission, and formation is occurring in each heart to prepare you for the work you will do.  I am referring to the work of the mission you (the community) are being entrusted to carry out.  Many are becoming restless with waiting, but this time of waiting is part of your formation.  I am at work, preparing the soil of your hearts, so that you will be ready to embrace My Father’s work.  This work, this mission of the community is part of the rebuilding of My Church.  My Mother’s apostles are tasked with this work, and yet each one’s role in this grand plan is unique.  My Mother’s community of (name withheld) has a very special and unique role; Her (name withheld) community has a unique role and mission, and each community that will form has a calling; a role in bringing about the Kingdom.  The goal is one and the same, but the way in which this plan, that is the plan of God the Father, is accomplished is multi-faceted.  My Mother will lead Her apostles, so be not afraid.  All will be well.  There is much work to do, however and in order to come prepared for the task, much prayer and fasting is needed.  I am with you.  You will not be alone.  My Mother guides you.”


 Thank You.  Jesus, this is very reassuring.  Have You any more to say, Jesus?


“Yes, My little lamb.  I appreciate the efforts expended by all who came to the retreat.  The travel was challenging for many, and sacrifices were made to attend.  I see all, and I know of the difficulties.  I thank you, My children for persevering during the trials.  Though there are many, focus on what I am doing in each soul; focus on what is to come.”


Thank You, my Jesus.  I love You, Jesus Christ, Son of the living God.  Jesus, please save souls and bring about many conversions.  Keep me on the path of conversion, also, Jesus.  I have a long way to travel on this road to conversion.  Send me graces for heroic love, Jesus.




“My child you and your family will have these graces when they are needed, at the time they are needed.  You will love and accept the children I send you, and you will especially love My holy priest sons.  I will be with you.  My Holy Mother Mary will be with you in a special way as you minister to those who are downtrodden.  These little children of Mine are precious to Me.  Remember that I am with and in them and what you do for them out of love, you do for Me.  Protect and defend them, My (name withheld).  Love and care for them, My (name withheld).  Many graces will flow through My Mother’s community as a result of the love with which you treat one another.  Put aside all matters that are of no consequence and pray and strive for unity.  Your witness (that of the community) will depend upon the love you show toward one another.  It will be so, just as in the early days of the church.  The world has become depraved and living My Gospel is counter-cultural; therefore live the commandments with love.  Others will see truth as a result of your witness.”


“I speak these words to My Mother’s community members, and also to all of My Children of Light.  I encourage all of My children to find and live in a community of peoples who love and follow Me.  You must pray for guidance, My children, so that you are open to My Holy Spirit and you will find what it is you are seeking.  Times are like no other, My children.  You do not have the benefit of total knowledge and wisdom as I, so you must trust My words.  Read holy Scripture.  Read the Acts of the Apostles.  You are living in days/times that are similar.  The early Christians, your brothers and sisters formed communities to support their faith lives, to pray together, to encourage one another, and for security that they found within the community structure.  Read the Acts of the Apostles in this light, in the light of Catholic Christian communities.  Communities will be the sign to the world, that I live, that I walk with My children.  Communities will be your protection and the way for the church of the future.  My Holy Catholic Church will go through the great trials, for purification and will pass through this fire of purification.  My children, you will renew and rebuild My Church, guided by My Holy Spirit and My holy and pure Mother who is Queen of the Church.  My holy and most pure Mother Mary, is My Mother, the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church.  She has already crushed the serpent, by Her purity and Her humility and She will do so with a finality that all will notice and witness.”


“There will be a great outpouring of My Spirit and a renewal, but not before the purification which is necessary to prepare My bride, the Church.  All are invited to the wedding feast, but many do not accept the invitation.  Come, My children.  Accept My invitation to join the wedding feast.  Come into a holy union with My bride, the Church.  I invite all to be one with the Church I established on earth.  My Children of Light, you are tasked with a great responsibility; the responsibility to love one another.  It is very important, for those who do not know, do not believe, will see this love, this joy that you have and they will be attracted to My light, to My love.  Love one another, as I have loved you.  What have I withheld from you, My dearest children?  Nothing.  That is correct, and so you are called to do the same.  Think about this.  Reflect on this.  Your lives are not your own for they were purchased at a great price.  I died so that you would live with Me in My heavenly Kingdom. 


The time grows short and there is much work to do to save souls.  Go therefore and love one another.  Be aware of those in your midst who have needs that you can relieve in some way.  You cannot solve everyone’s problem and I am not asking that you do so.  I am asking that you show love and concern for your brothers and sisters.  If you think you do not have time, I remind you to pray and reflect for perhaps your priorities need to be reordered.  I will assist you, My children.  We must be about our Father’s business and therefore your time is best spent caring for and being love to others.  This is the work of the Kingdom.  ‘It is not that simple, Jesus’ you may say; to which I reply, yes, it really is, My children scurrying about going to this event or that event, running errands and going to sporting events, movies and entertainment of all sorts.  In the meantime, you pass your brothers and sisters living on the streets in need of the truth, healing and light.  You ignore those in your work place who are suffering from broken marriages, the death of a loved one, or loneliness from feeling as though they do not belong.  Look around you, My little children and be aware of your neighbor who needs a smile, a kind word, a prayer.  It is only a morsel of your time, and yet this love can change the world one soul at a time.  What do you think our heavenly Father values more?  The time you spent pursuing worldly goods, or offering a cup of water to a soul who is thirsting for Me?  You know the answer of course, when put in this way.”


“What you do not often see is that the distractions you pursue are truly that–distractions.  A distraction takes your focus off that which is important, the welfare of souls.  I am not chastising you, My children, only pointing out something which you already know, but which you have forgotten.  Seek first My Kingdom, and all else will be provided.  So few of My children truly live this truth.  You must change your lives, My children.  The world needs you.  I need you.  God the Father planned this from the beginning of the creation of the world.  Plainly speaking, He planned to work through His children.  He planned that you would co-operate with His mission of salvation.  I came to show you the way.  Follow Me.  You will be fishers of men just as My first Apostles were.  You are My Mother’s apostles.  It is through you, through your prayers, your holiness, that She will be victorious for God, for Me, for My Father, for My Holy Spirit, over evil.  Her Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end, and I invite you to be part of Her triumph.  In order to do so, you must change.  My little lamb, please describe the miracle of the tide that occurred during the time of My Mother’s apparition.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You, Jesus.  We (the community) were praying the rosary before apparition time and (name withheld) pointed out the tide in the channel.  When I looked at the water I saw the current very clearly (it was windy and it was obvious which way the water was flowing.)  At the same time the current was flowing the opposite direction.  In essence, there was at first one current or tide and in a moment there were two currents.  The new current was upstream and was heading toward what I knew was the previous current.  They were coming at one another head on, as in a collision when two cars coming from opposite directions are heading directly at one another.  It was then that (name withheld) pointed out the tides and how the direction was changing, just as Our Lady has said we are to change the direction of our lives.  To be clear, it was not that the tide changed course, as often happens with a change in the direction of the wind.  No, this was different.  There were two tides, and the new one overtook the weaker tide and it completely changed, but not before we witnessed two tides coming from opposite directions.  Jesus, I hope I am making this clear.  I am not very articulate.  It was something I have never seen before.  I grew up near the water and I have watched while the water and the currents.  This was not a normal occurrence in nature and was clearly a sign from God to do what our Lady of Medjugorje, the Queen of Peace is telling us to do.  We must go against the current tides of our culture and radically change the direction of our lives.  Is this what You wanted me to say, Jesus?  I hope I have somewhat described this amazing miracle.


“Thank you, My little one.  You have done well.  Miracles are not always easy to describe since they are acts of God.  You have painted the picture and it will be up to each individual to believe.  I speak to My children in many ways and most often I do so through nature.  You know this, as do all of the children who listen to My Mother.  Read Her words, My children for they are given to this age and the age to come for instruction.  These are words that come from Her via God and you would do well to listen to Her.  Do not be concerned that you listen to Mary from Nazareth for She is My Mother, the Mother of God.  She was chosen for Her role, the Mother of the Messiah, and for Her role as Mother of the Church.  She can only lead you to Me.  So many of My children have gone astray for they do not have a Mother.  Rather, they do not know or do not acknowledge that they have a Mother.  I gave Her to mankind from the cross.  Do not shun the great gift I bequeathed to you for Her role is vital.  It was when She said ‘yes’ to the Angel Gabriel and it has been so ever since.  Love your Mother.  Listen to Her.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your love, Your mercy and Your words of wisdom.  Thank You for the gift of salvation.  Thank You that You withhold nothing from Your children, not even Your own Mother.  Thank you that You care for and provide for us and are involved in the details of our lives as any interested and loving parent is.  Praise You, Jesus.  Please do not give up on us, Your children.  Please open the hearts of those who do not believe in You.  Restore their sight, just as You healed Bartimaeus.  May we spring into action when You call on us, just as holy Bartimaeus did.  Give us his faith, Lord.  He called to You, “Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me.”  Give us this hope and trust in You, Lord.  May we cry out for Your mercy and may we be filled with mercy for others.  Make us holy, Jesus so we can truly be Your sons and daughters, Your brothers and sisters.  I love You, My Savior, My Jesus. 


“Go in peace, My daughter, My son.  Be merciful as I am merciful.  Be love.  Be light.  Be joy.  Prepare for those who are to come with the additional items we discussed.  Take heart, for soon the mission entrusted to you and to My children of (community name withheld) will begin.  Have joy, for the world is in darkness and has lost the light of truth and consequently has lost love and joy.  Be joy and be love My children.  That is all.  Go in peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”




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