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Children of the Renewal Messages



November 8, 2015, Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I adore You and praise You, my King and my God.  Thank You for the many blessings You have given me.  Thank You for holy Mass and for the opportunity to visit You today in this holy little chapel.  Thank You for the opportunity to visit (names withheld) yesterday.  Please help (name withheld) as she completes the remaining radiation treatments.  Please heal her, Jesus.  Comfort and console (names withheld) during this most difficult time.  Please bring those in our family who are outside the Church, into Your Church.  I pray also for those who do not know You or do not love You.  Thank You for Your protection and for allowing Your Holy Mother Mary to continue coming to the world through Medjugorje.  What an indescribable blessing for us, to be alive during these times.  Please open our hearts to the many graces the Blessed Mother brings us.  Thank You for Your intimate love and mercy.  Praise You lord Jesus Christ King of all nations and King of my small heart.  I love You, Jesus.


“And I love you, My daughter.”


Jesus, I forgot to mention our neighbor (name withheld) who is dying.  Please be with his parents, sisters and him as he prepares to meet You in Heaven.  I ask for his healing, Lord and entrust him to Your holy and perfect Will.  Jesus, have You anything to say to me today?


“Yes, My little one, there is much to say.  The people in the world are spinning out of control without God.  They live lives of materialism, secularism, and seek power over others.  My children, there is no joy in this way of life.  Joy comes through following Me.  Joy comes from loving Me and serving Me by serving others.  To love is to sacrifice.  So few people know how to sacrifice in this age.  Love is sacrifice.  Consequently, few know how to truly love.  There is only one answer to this; Me!”


Yes, Jesus.  You are the answer to all of life’s problems.  Thank You, Lord!


“My child, prayer is needed.  Pray for peace in the world.  Pray for peace in families.  Pray for conversions.”


Yes, Jesus.  We will pray for peace in families in the world and for conversion.  Heal all those who have broken marriages, Jesus.  Please safeguard all children who suffer from their parents’ lack of peace.  Heal our world, Jesus.  We are sorely in need of You, our Prince of Peace, Savior and Redeemer.  Jesus, have You anything more to say to me?


“Yes, My little one.  The chaos in the world is from the tempter, My adversary.  My Father holds back His judgment so that more of Our children have time to repent and return to the family of God.  This time is running short, though for the longer He waits, the more evil is given time, also.  Some of Our children are returning to the fold as a result of the work of grace My Holy Mother Mary carries out.  There are not enough people listening to My Mother, though and soon the time will come for the changes; those I have spoken about.  This is unavoidable, My little lamb, as this has been My Father’s plan from the beginning.  When the times of great trials descend upon you like a storm that rages, remember that I, your Jesus am with you.  I am in the midst of the storm, just as I was with My Apostles in the boat during the storm that threatened their lives.  Recall that I calmed the storm when they came to Me and asked.  This is what My children must do, also.  Learn from this lesson that is documented for all time in Sacred Scripture, and do not wait to call out to Me when the storm has reached its climax.  Pray sooner.  Pray right away and speak with Me all along the way.  Remember, I am with you.  I am not remote, but ever present with My children just as if we were walking down the road and conversing about the day’s events.  I am with you.  Therefore, do not hesitate to bring every burden to Me.  Do not hesitate to share each concern, each fear, every sadness, and  joy.  We are friends, you and I and therefore, we can speak about anything.  Friends, close friends who trust and love one another, can do this; can they not?”


Yes, Lord.  Most certainly.


“Therefore, pray always and without ceasing.  I cannot begin to express the importance of prayer.  Prayer will literally save lives; save souls, My children for your prayers are taken to the throne of God in Heaven and presented to Him.  Therefore, My Father hears each and every prayer in the hearts and minds, and on the lips of His children.  Each prayer is precious to Him.  He considers each request, each concern, each prayer of praise and gratitude and grants that which each soul needs.  See that I did not say My Father grants what each soul wants, but what each soul needs.  My Father gives generously, what is needed for the well being of each and every soul that prays.  He also is a generous Father to those who do not pray, do not love Him; however there are times when He withholds gifts, just as any good father does, so as to wait for His children to return to Him.  There are times when His consolations are veiled so that holy souls may blossom and grow in faith, hope and trust and consequently in love for God.  All is done out of His perfect love and careful consideration of what each soul needs for its greatest good, its greatest potential, for growth in holiness.”


Thank You, Jesus.  This is marvelous.  God is marvelous, indeed.  His love and mercy are endless.  Praise be our Father God who made Heaven and earth and every living creature.  Thank You God for Your benevolence, Your generosity, Your love!  Help us to grow in love and in holiness so that we may live with You one day in Your heavenly Kingdom.


“My daughter, I reassure you that I hear each prayer.  If at times, you think I fail to answer or to answer in the way you have asked, remember these words.  The answer that I give is not always the one that seems most desirable, but that is because I give what is best.”


Yes, Lord.  I will remember this.  I know sometimes it is disheartening, disappointing and sad when we do not receive the answer to prayer for healing of a loved one or for help with a problem, but I do understand what You are saying.  Jesus, I trust in You, and in Your perfect will.  I only ask that You never leave me; that You never leave the Children of Light.  We need You, Jesus and could not take even one breath if You were not sustaining us each moment.  We depend on You for life itself.  You are life.  You are truth.  You are love.  You are light.  When we appear to be in darkness, Jesus give us Your light.  When the times of great trials are all around us as a thick and heavy blanket of fog, distorting our vision, distorting reality, give us Your holy Mother Mary’s hand to guide us and keep us on the path to Heaven, the path to You.  Help us when we are lost, dearest Mother Mary.  Guide us as You have guided sailors lost at sea.  Be our Star, dear and most pure Mother, to light our path, and to keep us on course during the coming perils.  Help us Blessed Mother, though we are most unworthy.  Help us because of Your great love; Your most pure love.  Help us because You are Mother and Queen of the Church.  Help us because we are Your children.  Help us even though we do not deserve Your help, but help us because of who You are, the Mother of the Most High God, the Mother of Jesus, our Savior.  You are the one who, because of Your ‘yes’ brought redemption into the world.  We can never thank You enough for Your holy and pure ‘yes’ to God.  Help us, dear Mother Mary to learn to give our imperfect ‘yes’ to Jesus without any hesitation, just as You did not hesitate.  Give us hearts that are strong and pure Mother Mary.  We cannot have this, I realize, but we can if You take us into Your pure and Immaculate Heart.  If You do this, dearest Mother, then when Jesus looks at us, He will see only You.  How can He refuse You, His beautiful, pure Mother?  We need You, dear Mother.  Take us to Your Son.  Keep us safe from harm when the storm rages with vengeance all around us.  Help us to extend our hands and our hearts to others in need, just as You always extended Yourself to others in love and charity.  You continue to do so, Blessed Mother in Your continual and tireless outreach to souls.  Thank You that You never give up on us poor children of Yours.  Help us to remain faithful in the time of duress that is surely coming into the world.


Blessed Mother speaks:  “My child, I too am with My children, just as Jesus is with you.  I am your Mother and as a good Mother, I never abandon My children.  My mantle covers and protects those who are Mine, those My Son has given to Me.  While I cannot and must not keep you from every difficulty, lest you remain in a state of infancy, I do protect you from harm and from the evil one who wants to hurt My children.  I am the Woman, clothed with the sun and with the moon at Her feet and the crown of stars placed upon My head.  This crown, the crown of the ages was given to Me by God during the coronation.  It is because of God’s infinite mercy and goodness that He gives this crown to Me, for because of this crown, this sign to the ages, I am given the rights bestowed by God to Mother the Church as Queen.  It is only through God and His infinite love that the world continues, in spite of the distressing state of affairs.  Always thank God the Father for His goodness.  He is kind.  He is merciful.  He is generous and gives every good gift to each child regardless of their love for Him.  If you understood how much the Father loves each one of you, you would die of joy.  This is true, for no human being can contain the fullness of God’s love, and live.  In Heaven, you will know this love and in Heaven you will be complete.  Be assured of this love, My children though you do not fully comprehend.  He is trustworthy and you may trust in His love until the day you experience God’s love in all its fullness in Heaven.  Until then, you must try very hard to follow Him as My Son has directed.  Do everything My Son has told you, through the Church and through His holy Word.  Pray to know His direction for your lives.  This is very important, for how will you know what God is asking of you specifically if you do not pray to know the Will of God?  He has already told you that He hears each and every prayer prayed by His children.  Who are His children?  Every soul created.  If you want to know His Will for your life, please pray.  Through prayer, you will come to know My Son; you will come to know His Will.”


Thank You, Blessed Mother for Your love, Your wisdom, Your guidance and for Your involvement in our lives.  You are such a blessing, beyond compare.  We love You, Mother Mary.  I love You!


“My little lamb, I send My Mother to the world for many reasons, one of which is that the heart of My Mother is most tender.  She can reach Her children who have hardened hearts with Her gentility.  She is as gentle as a dove.  She is meek and mild, yet courageous and strong.  She is the epitome of holiness and beauty.  Listen to Her, My lost children, for She will have mercy on you and will come to your assistance.  She knows how to love a hurting child better than anyone ever created, for She was chosen to Mother Me, the Son of the Living God.  Do not think you are ever too good for Her and do not need Her or you are putting yourself above the Son of man who willed to need His Mother.  I share Her with you, the entire human race, because I withhold nothing from My children.  Rejoice and be glad, My children.  All will be well.  Remember this when things look bleak, for all will be well.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Jesus we trust in You.  Lord, have You anything more to say to me today?


“My child, I emphasize again praying as a family.  I ask that all families pray together.  If your family will not pray, for there are those who are unable to pray together for good reason be it geographical separation, illness, or just family members who refuse to pray; pray anyway.  Pray on behalf of your family, for prayer is the lifeline to Heaven, the lifeline to God.  I emphasize family prayer for this is the way to healing of families.  This is the path to peace and to love.  Pray, My children.  Pray for My Mother’s intentions.  Pray for your brothers and sisters who are in need.  Pray for those who do not love God.  Pray for those who do not know God, or who have turned their backs on God.  Pray for personal conversion.  Pray for the hearts of your leaders to be converted.  Pray, pray, pray.  One day, you will know the value of your prayers.  For today, I emphasize prayer, for prayer is key to everything.  When you pray, you are speaking with Me from your heart and it is in this way that I can give what your heart needs—My love.  Through My love, My Children of Light, we will change the world.  That is all, My little lamb.  I wish to encourage you and your family in your prayers and I thank you for the times you have prayed when it was difficult.  I thank My son, (name withheld) for his prayers.  Continue on in prayer while I prepare you for what is to come.  Peace be with you.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Remember, to be of good cheer.  I am with you and we face the present and the future together.  Peace.  Peace.  Peace.”


Thank You, sweet Jesus.  I love You with all of my heart, small that it is.


“And I love you, with all of Mine.”


Alleluia, Amen!

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