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Children of the Renewal Messages



December 13, 2015  Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.  Praise You, Jesus!  I love and adore You, my Lord And my God.  Thank You for holy Mass this morning and for the Sacrament of Reconciliation yesterday.  Lord, I pray for (name withheld) who died yesterday.  I pray for the repose of his soul and for comfort and peace for his family.  I pray also for the repose of the souls of (names withheld).  Please console their families, Jesus.  Please take their souls to Heaven if they aren’t already there.


Thank You for this Advent Season, Jesus.  Help us to prepare our hearts for You as we enter into the remaining days of Advent.  Fill us with the joy and wonder that is fitting when welcoming our King and Savior.  Lord, I ask that You be with (name withheld) this week as he has the procedure and meets with the new physician.  Thank You for being with us last week.  It was difficult, just as You said, but I know it was made easier because of Your assistance and Your love.  Thank You, Lord for all that You do and for being love, light and truth.  Praise You Lord of All, King of Kings, my Savior, and my Friend. 


Lord, the other reason the week did not seem as difficult as it could have been, was due to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Such wonderful feast days and to have two just a few days apart!  How fortunate; how blessed we are.  Thank You, Father God!


“Yes, My child.  The daylight is diminished during this time of year as the days grow shorter.  Such is also the state of man’s souls.  Their souls are growing darker with each passing day.  Continue to pray for peace in the world and peace in each person’s heart.  This is an important request, My children, as are all of My requests.  I cannot emphasize this enough, My children.  You must pray for peace.  I love you, My children.  I love you.”


Jesus, Heaven is somber again, or so it seems to me.  Lord, it is Advent.  We should be joyful due to the coming celebration of Your birth in the world.  Is Heaven not anticipating the great feast of Your holy birth by being joyful?


“Yes, My child.  Heaven is joyful about the coming feast day when I, the Messiah came into the world for love of souls.  The somber period is the waiting time, and also due to the serious nature and state of souls absent of light.  The reality of the countless souls who are lost is very serious indeed.  Heaven is focused on praying for these souls, My child.  It is very serious, My daughter.  Darkness spreads like poison among souls who do not love Me.  Much prayer and fasting is needed.  Pray for souls who are separated from Me.  Pray for their conversion of heart.  Pray that they will be opened to My Spirit.”


Yes, Jesus.  We will pray.


“Many prayers are needed My child.  The prayers of all of My Children of Light are needed during this most urgent of times.  My children, pray and fast for your brothers and sisters who are at risk for losing their souls to the eternal fire.  Pray, dear children.  Fast for them, also.  Those who are converted will be eternally grateful.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, I am sorry to be so weary today.  Please forgive me.


“I understand what you have experienced, My child.  I am with you.  Rest in Me today, My little one.  Rest in Me.”


Thank You, Jesus.


“I am grateful for your presence today, My son and My daughter.  I am also grateful for your assistance with (name withheld) decision.  Thank you for this act of love, for My little daughter whom I also love.  I send My peace to her little worried heart.  She has much love for Me and I for her.  All will be well, My little daughter.  Trust in Me.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, thank You for Your holy Word.  Without it, we would have lost so much of the richness of Your birth and death, resurrection, ascension and the birth of the Church.  I realize You would have preserved Your Word, even if with the oral traditions but I am very grateful to be able to read about You, the words You preached, the people You healed, the storms You calmed in the lives of Your people.  The faith of the early Church is so amazing, too Jesus.  Thank You that we have Your Word so readily accessible in our country.  Please may it always be so.  Please protect us, Lord.  Protect us from ourselves and the times in which we live that are so very dark.  Lord, thank You for holy souls who bring Your light to others.  Thank You for holy priests and bishops.  Thank You for holy brothers and sisters who have consecrated their lives to You.


Jesus, please be with me tomorrow when I meet with my friend who is suffering from cancer.  Give me the words You want me to speak.  Give me the silence, the listening that she needs.  Minister to her spirit through me, if it is Your holy will.  Give her Your peace, Your love, Your light.  Draw her close to Yourself, Jesus.  Heal her, if it is Your Will, Lord.


“My little one, I will be with you.  I will guide your words and will shine the light of My love through your eyes; through your smile.  Trust in Me.  I am at work in her life and in yours, My little lamb.”


Thank You, Jesus.


“Do not be sad, My child  I know there is much cause for sadness, and yet, you are to be My joy.  Even when you do not feel joy, My child, bring My joy, My peace to others.  You will bring My joy by showing My love to them.  Your loving acts of kindness bring others joy.  When I tell you to be My joy, this does not mean you will be devoid of sadness.  It simply means, you are to come outside of yourself and go beyond your own sadness to minister, out of love to others.  I will give you the grace you need in each and every circumstance.  When you are with another; one who is in need, you are able to focus on their needs.  You open yourself to the possibilities of the workings of My Holy Spirit.  In this way, you are an open conduit of grace for the one in need.  My child, it is in this way, you will be able to go beyond your own sadness and become the bearer of My light, My joy, My love, My peace.  This is true for all crosses you bear, My child.  If you are suffering physically or emotionally, by being open to My grace, and by being at the service of the Lord and your fellow man to carry My light to those in need, I will give the graces needed for that soul regardless of what you and other Children of Light are going through.  The way to this path, is to allow Me to use you, and to put others first.  In this way, you will be able to carry your cross with joy, My child, no matter how heavy the cross, no matter how painful or sad the cross.  In this way, My children grow in virtue and holiness.  Come outside of yourselves, My children.  Ask yourselves, ‘Who around me is hurting or in need?’  Ask Me, ‘What can I do for You today, Jesus?  Use me according to Your plans, Lord not according to mine.  Help me to work to bring about Your kingdom, Lord.’  Ask this of Me each day, My little children.  Ask Me and I will direct your path.  Together, we work to bring about My Kingdom.  No matter what is going on around you, in the world or in your immediate environment, ask this of Me and I will direct your steps.  Then you will be living in My holy Will, where you are safe from the enemy, and where others can also dwell.”


“My child, you asked earlier about the somber nature of Heaven at this time.  It is not difficult to understand this and I know you are grasping this concept, but there are others who will read these words, who will not understand.  It is for them, I will explain further.  Many think that because souls are in Heaven and are in the presence of the Trinity, they could not possibly be somber.  It is understandable, since My Word speaks of there being no more tears.  This does not mean that souls in Heaven cease to have concerns for their brothers and sisters on earth.  It is quite the contrary.  When souls reach Heaven, their love is made perfect.  Because souls in Heaven are perfected in love, they have even more care and concern for their fellow man.  They do have complete joy for they are now living in the fullness of joy; however because of their love for others, they are compelled by love to pray for those who are still in the Church militant, the church on earth.  Souls in Heaven are even more aware of the needs on earth because they are now in the presence of God.  They are illuminated by the light of God that fills Heaven and these precious triumphant souls.  Souls in Heaven also have perfect love for God, and because of this great love for the heart of their Savior, they desire all that I desire.  My heart burns with a desire, a longing for souls, and so they too are filled with this longing.  They will do whatever possible to help souls on earth and wait patiently for petitions for grace.  They are in Heaven, and so they too are full of grace and are able to share this grace with souls who ask for their assistance.  I Will this unity between Heaven and earth for I am unity.  I am love.  I am truth.  I am peace.  It is My Will that all live in the light of My peace and therefore, the unity of the Trinity is My Will for My children.  I Will that all of My children live in perfect unity with God and with one another.  This unity is possible on earth, My children.  It will never be perfect until you come to My heavenly Kingdom and yet there are souls on earth who do attain great levels of holiness which is only possible through union with God.  Union with God is a prerequisite to union with others.  This is why, you will know that a tree that does not bear fruit, or shall I say, does not bear good fruit, is not in union with God.  Therefore, you will know a tree by its fruit.  Since souls in Heaven, who are filled with light, love and joy, love purely, they want others to experience the love of the Trinity as they do in Heaven.  If the angels rejoice when one soul repents and converts, it may also be said there is sadness over one soul that is lost.  The absence of the soul who died and perished is palpable in Heaven.”


“It would be the absence of love for souls in Heaven not to have compassion for souls who are lost to perdition, would it not?  Yes, My children, to have no compassion for those who remain on earth, struggling, or worse to have no sorrow for souls who are eternally lost, would not be Heaven, would it?  If it were so, it would be just like a prisoner escaping from a concentration camp, or a terrible war, and keeping silent about it; neither telling others to expose the evil, nor having any compassion on his fellow prisoners.  My children, when one escapes something terrible, it is loving to warn others so they do not fall into the hands of the evil ones.  It is loving to expose the evil so the prisoners, the captives may be set free.  Out of love, the person who is now free, will do whatever possible to help those who continue to live in the oppression.  My children those who dwell in Heaven, love you very much and out of this love that comes from God, they desire to assist you.  Ask the saints to pray for you and to assist you.  It is not a sacrilege when it is My Will that those struggling on earth have every assistance.  All of Heaven is waiting to assist you.  ‘Why, Jesus do You need to have all of Heaven assist those on earth, when You are God and can do all of the assisting on Your own?’  To which I say, it is My Will.  I have used others to cooperate in My plan for salvation since the beginning of man’s existence.  Review Scripture, My children for countless examples.  I do not change My plan for those who are in Heaven simply because they have attained their inheritance.  I do not have one set of principles for those on earth, and another for those in Heaven.  I am love.  I am truth.  I am your Savior.  I ask for My children to cooperate in My plan of salvation, and I do not exclude the souls in Heaven from this privilege.  To do so, would be to ignore the longings and desires of these souls.  Would I reject the love of those who have served Me faithfully on earth and who have attained the heavenly Kingdom, and who desire all on earth to join them in My Kingdom?  No, I would not do this.  It would be contrary to My nature.  So, you see it is only natural for souls in Heaven to long for souls on earth to join them in Heaven.  Consequently, it is also natural for souls in Heaven who love Me and who are united to Me, to want what I, their Jesus want and that is to save every soul created.  Hence, it is also natural for them to be somber in the face of the greatest darkness, the greatest evil since the time of Noah.  It is also the darkest time in the history of mankind, and of course souls who are in Heaven, who love perfectly, are aware of this.  They are in union with Me, who is truth. “


Thank You, Jesus for explaining this.  It is helpful to understand, and of course it is perfect logic, since You are perfect.  Jesus, I was also thinking about the joy of the Advent Season and yet the sadness we have for others suffering, and for the state of souls and I was reminded that in Scripture we have many dichotomies such as this.  For example, against the backdrop of the infancy narrative, and the greatest joy for mankind, the birth of our Savior, we read about the slaughter of the innocents in Bethlehem by Herod.  We read about the flight into Egypt, when the Holy Family fled so that Your infant life would be spared in order to fulfill Your mission, the crucifixion.  In the midst of the joy of the Presentation, Our Lady is told by Simeon that a sword would pierce Her heart . . .

I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me when we, who are preparing for Your birthday, and are to be filled with joy and anticipation, also have sadness over the circumstances and events in our world.  It has always been the way, up to now, with the battle between good and evil.


“Yes, My child.  Your reflection on My birth and on what was going on at the time, has given you insight, My little lamb.  Continue to meditate on My birth, on My life, and I will continue to reveal even more. “


Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, I love being here in this peaceful place where My God and Savior dwells.  It is a slice of Heaven or perhaps it is Heaven come down to earth since You are physically present, body, blood, soul and divinity in the Holy Eucharist.  Thank You for the gift of Adoration, Lord.  Thank You that I can see You face to face though You are hidden behind Your Eucharistic veil.  I am very grateful for Your gift of the Eucharist.  Please make me more devoted to You in the Eucharist.  I love You, Jesus and I want to love You even more.  Increase my love for You, Jesus.  Blessed Imelda, pray for me.  Help me to love Jesus in the Eucharist, the way you loved Him.  Help me to see Jesus in others, especially those who are in need, and who have not yet experienced His love.  Praise You, my Lord and my God.


“My daughter, I love you.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  There is much more we could discuss, My son and My daughter, but the hour is growing late and it is time for you to go about your duties.  Continue to be faithful witnesses within your vocation.  I thank you and I bless you.  I go with you, My children.  Trust in Me and bring My love to others.”


Thank You, Jesus.  We love You. 


“And I love you.”




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