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Children of the Renewal Messages


December 6, 2015  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.  I believe in You, hope in You, trust in and adore You, my God and my King.  Thank You for holy Mass this morning, for the beautiful choir and for the blessing of sitting with my family.  Thank You for Holy Communion, Jesus.


Lord, thanking You for bringing the issue to resolution at work.  Praise You, Lord!  Jesus, please heal (name withheld).  He is in need of healing.  Lord, please grant all of the Blessed Mother’s intentions.  Have You anything to say to me, Jesus?


“Yes, My daughter.  My children are continuing to follow false gods.  They have erected many idols in their lives.  Return to Me, My lost children before it is too late and you are lost forever.  Come back to Me, for with your true God, your Lord and Savior, is where you belong.”


“My little one, you are very tired.  This week will be more difficult for you.  Pray as I have instructed you and all will be well.  My Mother and I walk with you.  We are with you, My child.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Thank You, Blessed Mother.  Lord, what is it about this week that will make it more difficult (than last)?


“There are spiritual battles, My daughter.  There are trials you are undergoing, in addition to the spiritual battles.  Pray the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet for protection.  This week is the special feast day of My most holy and pure Mother.  This year’s feast day holds much significance.  Pray especially for My most pure Mother’s protection during this week of Her feast day, as well as Her intentions.  Pray for peace.”


“Children of Light it is imperative that you focus your prayer intentions on peace in the world.  The world does not have peace.  Pray for peace.  Work for peace.  In order to have peace in the world., you must have peace in your own hearts.  I am the Prince of Peace.  Ask for My peace to reign in your hearts.  In order to have My peace, you must also have love.  Love one another, My children.  Love all people.  Be love; be peace; be joy.  These are not empty words, but My words.  Reflect on this, My children.  Be kind to one another and overlook one another’s faults.  When you feel annoyed, bring this to Me.  We will examine the cause for your feelings of unrest.  Perhaps there is pride in your heart which we must work together to remove.  Perhaps your heart is lacking peace.  Is there envy, greed, avarice?  Perhaps you are tired, My children and you lack patience.  Bring all to Me, My children.  We will examine this together and determine the cause.  I will heal you, My Children of Light if you only ask.  During this holy season, let us work together on your growth in holiness.  Pray for your brothers and sisters who do not know Me, do not love Me, for it is for them that I came into the world, also.”


“I love each and every person created in My image and likeness.  I died for every soul created, for those living in the past, the present and for those yet to come.  I invite you to love as I love, My children.  Put aside all petty differences and raise your thoughts to Heaven.  Live for Heaven, My children.  Be light for others.  Tell them about Me.  Tell them of My love.  Tell them that My love is for them, also.  My children who are in darkness, have lost the meaning of love.  Perhaps you will help them to discover Me, the true love, the one true God who came into the world as a helpless infant so that all would be able to approach Me.  A baby is the least intimidating of people.  I came into the world in the same way all of My people were intended, by being born of a woman.  I took on the mantle of poor humanity.  I, your little Jesus will accept all who come to Me.  I will accept every burden you bring, every hurt you have experienced, each wound, each scar, each rejection.  Bring everything to Me.  Hold nothing back, My children,  not even the worst sin that marks your once innocent soul.  I am the great physician who heals all wounds.  I am God who saves.  My mercy is infinite, only you must ask Me for forgiveness, for I am also just.  I do not force Myself on anyone, nor do I trick you into following Me, as My adversary does.  I am love and truth, beauty and light.  I am the same Jesus who was born in Bethlehem.  Come, approach the Infant Jesus if you fear Jesus, the adult; Jesus the Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords.  Come, My children who wander in darkness, and do not fear approaching Me.  I long to forgive you.  I long to embrace you and hold you close to My heart.  Sit in silence with Me, My children.  In the silence, you will find My peace.  The world lacks peace, because the world has turned its back on God, and on all that is good that comes from God.  Yes, My child, I said on all that is good.  You are not mistaken.”


Jesus, that is a strong statement and yet I believe it is true.  There are still good people, Lord.  At least, I think there must be.


“There are good hearted people, My daughter.  There are not nearly as many as in ages past, however.  Even those who are considered good by today’s standards, though erect many obstacles to following Me.  You see, today’s standards are very low compared with My standards for goodness.  It is difficult to understand this, because they look around and see many who are not good.  They see people who are dishonest, who live for selfishness and greed, who do not help their neighbors, who slander and undermine others, and they think, ‘I am not so bad.’  These are not the people to use as your standard bearers, My children.  Read the lives of the saints.  Read Sacred Scripture and read about My Holy Mother and St. Joseph.  How do you judge your humility, your goodness when compared to My most holy Mother Mary?  This is the holiness you are to strive for, My children.  You cannot be as holy as My Mother, of course because She was born without the stain of sin and never sinned Her entire life, however She is the model of holiness and purity and She is to be emulated.  This degree of holiness is to be pursued, and cannot be attained without much grace.  Pray for the grace to be holy.  Pray for the graces to love heroically, like My Mother Mary loved.  Ask Her to teach you.  Ask Her to give you Her most pure heart so that you can learn to love as She loves.  Be a student in Her school of love.  She will teach you well.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Jesus.  Thank You for giving us Your most holy and pure Mother Mary to love and to teach us, just as She must have taught You as a little boy.


“My child, I know of your pain and your sorrow.  Lean on Me, My daughter.  I love you and I walk with you.  All will be well.  Trust in Me.  I thank you for ordering the additional linens.  Thank you for taking Me seriously and for responding to My requests.  Please secure the final items for Mass soon.  Time is of the essence as you say.  The world is in turmoil.  It is teetering in the balance, My little lamb.  It is at a tipping point and it will not require much, an isolated incident (seemingly isolated), an economic downturn, or an uprising, to cause a downward spiral.  Prayer, fasting, masses, and loving acts are all that is maintaining the balance; for My Father is merciful.  He is a loving Father.  There is not enough prayer, though My children.  You must begin to pray more.  You, who read these words and the words of My other messengers, I am calling you to pray more.  Invite your children to pray.  Teach your children to pray.  Prayer is to be your lifeline to Heaven.  Through prayer, wars may be stopped.”


“My children, do you still stand in denial of what is occurring all around you?  Do you not see the signs of the times?  Read Holy Scripture.  Read, and ask My Holy Spirit to help you comprehend, for the state of your world has been foretold from of old.  Ask for the grace to see.  Put Me in the first place in your lives.  It is time to begin anew in My love, but you must begin.  Make a conscious decision to put God in the first place in your lives.  What does it mean to put Me first, My children?  If I am not first in your life, who or what is?  Let us examine this together.  If you do not know whether I have the first place in your life and in your heart, ask Me and I will tell you.  Reflect on this, My Children of Light.  The time for change is now.  Graces are in abundance during this Advent season.  Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you shall find.  Knock and the door will be open to you.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Lord, I want to give myself entirely to you.  Please accept me into Your Sacred Heart where I long to dwell.  St. Anthony of Padua said that in order for us to have everything, we must give all of ourselves to You, and that You will then give all of Yourself to us, ‘And thus, not having anything of yourself, you will totally possess God and yourself in Him.’  This is the most beautiful and useful advice.  Jesus, I want You to possess me and in order for You to do so, I must empty myself of everything that is not of You.  Help me, Lord to die to self.  Fill me with You, Jesus.  I invite You to dwell within Me, Lord though I am not worthy of You.  I love You, Jesus.  Help me to love You more.

“My child, I thank you for this prayer and for your sincerity.  You belong to Me and I to you.  It will always be so.  You are within My Sacred Heart, My little one.  Come close to Me in the manger.  Meditate on My birth.  I will reveal more of the mystery of the Nativity to you, My child.  Draw near to Me in My infancy.  We are friends and friends grow closer and closer the more time they spend together.  I invite all of My children to draw nearer to Me.  I love you, My children.  I desire that you grow in your love for Me now while you are still living your lives on earth.  Be living temples of the love of God.  Carry My light to a world in darkness and devoid of love.  You have My love, My Children of Light.  Share My love with others.  Make more room in your heart for Me, and also for others.  Consider each person who crosses your path as one who needs My love.  All of you are pilgrims on the earth, and so each person is your fellow traveler.  Share your gifts, your possessions, your time, your love with each person.  Be concerned for one another.  I desire to restore compassion to the world.  I desire to renew the earth.  First,  I will renew your hearts with the fire of My love.  Open your hearts, My children.  The King of Kings comes knocking.”


Jesus, allow us to serve You and to love You as You deserve.  Help us to hear Your soft knocking at the door of our hearts and give us graces to quickly open our hearts to You.  Take up residence here in my heart, Lord.  Please do not stay for a brief visit, but come to dwell within my poor, small heart.  It is not fit for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, but neither was the cave in Bethlehem and yet, You chose the humble cave to come among Your people.  My heart is like the manger, Jesus. Sometimes it is cold and harsh, but if Your Mother prepares it for You, it will be a fitting place because of Your love and humility and Her preparation.  Come, Emmanuel.  Come.


“Thank you, My dear daughter.  You are a child after My Sacred Heart.  I draw you near to Me, My little one.  I accept your invitation, My little lamb.  I accept with love.  I am grateful for your simplicity.  Meditate upon My coming into the world and see the insights which I wish to teach you.”


I love You, my Jesus.  Thank You for loving me.  Thank You for loving my family and every person on earth.  You deserve all of our love, Jesus.  Help those who do not know You, do not love You, to experience Your love.  Give us the graces to love heroically, Jesus as You love.  Praise You, Lord God; now and forever. (pause, brief silence)


“My daughter, it is time for you to go now.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.  Go in the light of My love.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Amen!



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