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Children of the Renewal Messages


November 22, 2015, Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus Christ King of All Nations, King of Heaven and earth and of my heart.  Thank You for Your presence in the Holy Eucharist and in this chapel.  I love You, Jesus.  Thank You for the many blessings and graces You give us.  Thank You for Holy Mass this morning.  Thank You for the powerful patriotic rosary prayed today in our parish.  Thank You for the gift of my family.  Jesus, I bring all of my concerns to You, and especially all of the sick and those who are critically ill.  Be with them, Jesus.  Comfort, console and give them Your peace.  Jesus, please heal my family members who are sick, especially (names withheld).  Heal them if it is Your holy, precious Will.  Give them all of the graces they need.  Help us. Guide us so that we may be used as Your instruments to help those in need.  Lord, I offer all of my little sufferings to You for my family members who are ill.  Lord, I also ask for Your guidance with regard to the issue at work.  Help me, Lord to do Your Will.  Give me the grace to obey Your direction, whatever that may be.  I love You, Jesus.  I want to do Your holy Will.  Help me to do this, Lord.  Help me, Jesus to be a peacemaker and to bring Your love to others.  I cannot do this, Jesus unless You do this through me.  Lord, do You have anything to say to me today?


“My daughter, I know that your heart is heavy with the recent news.  I love you and I am with you.  I am with each of your family members.  I walk with them.  I walk with you.  Give all to Me, My child.  Immerse each cause of sadness in My sacred, merciful heart.”


Lord, I immerse my sadness in Your sacred, merciful heart.  Thank You for Your peace.  Thank You for Your love.  Lord, I just don’t want (name withheld) to suffer what lies ahead for him.  I know that suffering is redemptive.  I believe that You only allow crosses that we can carry (with Your grace).  This one seems so awful, Jesus.  I can’t bear for (name withheld) to go through this, Lord.  Please spare him from the worst, Lord Jesus.  You commanded the storm to stop and it obeyed.  You commanded Lazarus to come forth from his tomb when he was dead, and he rose.  Lord, You can do all things and You make all things new.  Please heal (name withheld).  He has always loved and served You, Lord every day of his life.  Please glorify Yourself Jesus and heal him of this most difficult and serious illness.  Please, Jesus.  Lord, but Your Will be done.


“My little one, I do have the power to command nature and life itself and yet My Will is best for each one of My children.  Have trust, My child.  Believe in My Will.  Trust in My Will.  My Will is what will bring the most happiness and joy to the soul, no matter what occurs in the body.  Trust in Me.  My Divine Will surpasses life on this earth.  Do you believe that I want each one of My children’s well being?”


Yes, Jesus.  I do believe.


“Do you believe that I know what each soul needs in order to get to Heaven?”


Yes, Lord.  I believe that You know what each soul needs to get to Heaven.


“Yes, My darling child, you do believe.  You do not wish to see anyone you love suffer.  I understand this My little lamb and yet it is sometimes, and in fact it is often through suffering that souls gain the most light and often can come directly to Heaven as a result.  You must believe Me when I say that I love each person created with a love that far surpasses the love that any human being has ever had for another.  I love with a love that far surpasses all of the love from each person ever created put together.  My love is perfect.  The only person ever to live who was fully human who loved perfectly, was My Mother .  Though She loved perfectly since She had no sin, She was still limited in Her capacity to love by Her human nature; for no one can love with the completeness, the fullness of God.  My love is perfect, and therefore I can be trusted completely with your loved ones.  This you know and upon this you must rest.  When things do not make sense to you, My child, rest in My love.  My love will always make sense to you, My little one.  Take refuge in My Sacred Heart.  My heart is a refuge to you from the storms of life.  Bring everything to Me, My child.  Bring each hurt, every burden, each sadness, your struggles, your pain to Me.  You are safe with Me, My little lamb.  I am the Good Shepherd.  I love and protect My sheep.  I laid down My life for you.  Come to Me.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your love and protection.  Lord, (names withheld) are most dear to me.  I feel these losses are like the stripping, just as You were stripped of Your garments on Calvary.  I suppose You are teaching us  detachment.  We so love (names withheld). 


Please help me to bear this sorrow, this heavy cross.  This life, though beautiful and full of love is most often full of sorrow and suffering of the most unbearable kind.  You bore this sorrow, Jesus.  Help me, Jesus.  Give me the grace to bear my sorrow so that I may help others as they bear their crosses.  I want to be a help, a joy to (name withheld), Jesus.  Please allow me to be love, peace and joy to him in this most difficult time. 


“My child, I will be with you through this trial.  We have been through many trials, My daughter.  I was with you through each one.  My Mother will give you the graces you need when they are needed.  She will also be with you and with your entire family.  Her peace, Her wisdom will guide you to help you be the daughter, the wife, the sister, the mother I intend you to be.  Have confidence My little one.  All will be well.  As you know, this does not mean the road will be smooth and easy going, but I will go with you and will be beside you all along the way.  I will be with (name withheld).  He will come to know Me in a more intimate way.  No suffering is ever wasted on this earth.  Nothing is ever wasted while you walk this earth.  Trust in Me, My child, My dove.  All will be well.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You.  Jesus, have You anything more to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  This week will be smoother for you at work, for I go before you and will make a clearer path for you.  Be kind to yourself and your family and do not allow yourself to be detained longer than necessary.  This will be a week of caring for yourself and your family.  I will carry your heavy burdens.  Allow Me to do so.”


Thank You, Jesus!


“You are welcome, My child.  Prepare your heart for the coming Advent Season.  Prepare your heart for Me, the Christ who wishes to enter the stable of your heart.  Make room for the Infant Christ, My children.  Too many hearts have no room for their Jesus and they turn Me away.  I knock, but they do not answer.  I call out of love and My call is unheeded.  Open your hearts for the Christ, My children.  Invite Me to come inside.  I desire to dwell with you for you are My children and I love you.  If you allow Me room in your heart, I will make My home there.  I will dwell in your heart and you will know peace, true peace.  You will know love, true love.  You will know joy, true joy.  Then, you will be able to share this peace, this love, this joy with others who are lacking in peace, love and joy.”


“When you share these graces, these gifts, they will see Me in your hearts.  Those who see Me, will want to know Me and so the gift of the Savior will continue to be given.  This is what I want for this Christmas, My children, to be loved by My children.  In order for all of My children to love Me, you must show My love for others.  Be love to those who are lonely and are hurting.  Be love; be peace.  Peace does not just come into the world today, My Children of Light, it must be carried; it must be brought by you.  You must often have to work to carry this peace for the world resists the peace of God.  To carry a heavy load against a current is difficult and causes work to overcome the resistance.  Be initiators of peace.  To do this, you must also be quick to forgive and to overlook the faults of others.  Give each person the benefit of the doubt, My children.  Do not judge another’s thoughts or motives for to do this you must know each one’s heart, each one’s pains, every soul’s journey through each and every moment in life.  Only I can know this My children, so do not judge for you cannot judge fairly.  Therefore, be quick to forgive.  Be quick to overlook faults and even to cover over the faults of your brothers and sisters.  This does not mean to ignore sin.  I am saying that I want you to show mercy to others, especially one who is less fortunate, is weaker, like a child or an older person.  You must protect the one who cannot protect himself.  In this way, you are showing love and mercy.  My love, the love I am calling you to, is not a love that is weak, My children, to the contrary.  To love like Jesus, is to love with one’s whole heart.  This requires great courage and strength.  Pray for graces to love heroically for this is the kind of love My apostles must have for others.  This is the kind of love My Holy Mother Mary has.  Ask Her for this love and She will give it to you.”


Jesus, thank You for Your words of life and Your lessons of love.  Help us to love in this way.  Blessed Mother, please give us the graces to love heroically.  Help us to love as You love, dearest Mother Mary.  Lord, I do not know how to carry this unspeakable burden given to me; but I trust that You will give me the graces to do so.  All for You, Jesus.  All for You.  I love You, Jesus.  I trust in You and Your mercy. 


“My little lamb, allow Me to carry you.  Come here to this chapel any time your soul is weary from the weight of the cross.  I await you here, and I provide the quiet peacefulness your heart craves.  Come here this week, My daughter.  Allow Me to comfort you, for then you will be able to give My comfort to others who are so desperately in need of comfort.  My child, we will get through this very difficult time.  You will gain another lesson of the cross that will increase your capacity to love.  You will be in an even better position to love and care for those I send you.  Do not cry My little one.  This is My Will and this means it is what is the most loving thing for you and for all.  I give you graces for compassion, My child.  Your heart is ever so tender and compassionate, but will be even more so with each lesson in love I give to you.” 


“This is true for all of My Children of Light.  You must learn more and more about My love in order to give My love to others to a world so lacking in love.  To conquer the darkness will require heroic forms of love.  This kind of love can only come from Me, My children.  It cannot be conjured up or willed with the human will.  It is love that is a gift from God, but one that must be desired, longed for, prayed for and lived.  Love is a decision, My children.  Love is sacrifice.  Love is more precious than gold, and more precious than the most prized possession on earth.  Love is God.  I am all love and all love is Me.  Do you see, My Children of Light?  To love is to enter into My heart where all love dwells.  This is why I invite you to open your hearts and invite Me to dwell there for when I come into your heart I fill it with Myself, the love, the light, the life.  We can be one, My children, just as I and the Father are one.  Do not be afraid, for I am all love.  I have no other motive, but love.  There is nothing to fear, My children.  Allow Me room in your hearts so that I may set up residence in your precious little hearts.  Then, you will be bearers of light; My light.  Go now, My son, My daughter.  Be love.  Be light.  Be peace for others.  I go with you.  You are never alone.  You are never without your Savior, your God, your Friend.  Go now in peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, and in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You.  Amen!


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