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Children of the Renewal Messages


September 20, 2015, Adoration Chapel


Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.  I believe in You; I adore You; I love You.  Thank You for holy Mass this morning.  It was so good to be with You.  Thank You for the beautiful music of the children’s choir.  They were excellent!  Lord, thank You for the opportunity to attend Mass with my family.  Please bless them and bless those who were not there with me. 


Jesus, I am concerned about travelling this week and leaving my family.  The world is a dangerous place.  I will miss being with them.  Please keep everyone safe, Lord.  Protect me while I travel, and protect my family, also, as well as all those travelling to the conference.  Lord, I pray for (name withheld) and her family and for the repose of the soul of her relatives, for (name withheld) that she will continue to recover from surgery.  Please heal her, Jesus.  I pray also for (name withheld) sister, for her full return to the church; for (name withheld) and her return to the church, for (name withheld) healing, for (name withheld) mother that she will meet the criteria for the surgery she needs and for healing for my children and grandchildren.  Lord, if it be Your will, please heal all those we love who are ill and heal the marriages of the ones my husband and I pray for during our rosary petitions.  I love You, Jesus.  I trust in You.


“My daughter, you bring many concerns to Me today.  Some you have expressed, and many others you hold within your heart.  You do the right thing by bringing them all to Me.  I give graces to all for whom you pray.  All will be well, My child.  All will be well.  You are sad today, My little one.  Rest your head on Me.  I will give you My peace.”


Thank You, Lord.  Jesus, I am not sure why I feel sad today.  I have many reasons to be glad.  Mass was so beautiful.  The children’s choir sang superbly.  I could have listened to them for another hour.  Their pure voices added much to the reverence of holy Mass.  Thank You for their sweet voices.  Thank You for (name withheld) who has been directing them and teaching the children.  His piano playing is heavenly.  Thank You for the talents You have given to them.


“You are welcome, My child.  The music reminded you of your mother and also took you momentarily to Heaven, did it not My child?”


Yes, Jesus.  It did make me think of my mama and how she would have loved hearing them.  I am sure she hears gorgeous music in Heaven, it was very joyful.  I wasn’t sad at Mass.  I felt happy and at peace.  It’s strange to be happy during Mass and when I leave, to feel sad.  Why is that, Jesus?


“Because, My little lamb, your soul yearns for Heaven and when you are in Mass, you feel united to Heaven.  You are immersed in Mass and in prayer.  This is where you are most consoled, is it not?”


Yes, Jesus. 


“All of My Children of Light long for Heaven.  They are not always aware of this, but there is a sense of being out of place.  There is a growing sense in the hearts of My children, of being separate from others in the world.  My holy ones do not fit in here, for they belong to Me and to Heaven.  This is reality, My child.  It has always been true, however in these times it is much more apparent.  The culture is steeped in sin and has no regard for God.  You, My child are of God for you are in My Sacred Heart and therefore are set apart from the world, though you live in the world.  To My Children of Light, they relate to My words.  To those living in darkness, what I said sounds contradictory.  It requires no explanation, though to My Children.  Child, when you feel this disconnect look to Me.  I will provide all of your needs.  The reason you are consoled at Mass is because of our unity.  It is also because you are thinking of Me during Mass.  You are praying and worshipping Me.  There is no thought of yourself during Mass.  When you focus on Me, you will not become sad, but instead you spend time consoling your Savior.  This is what I want you to do when you are away from Mass.  One cannot spend every waking hour in Mass, and so you must take this disposition of heart out into the world.  Focus on Me in everything you do.  Allow each and every task, activity, project, exchange with others to be an encounter with Me, for I am with you always.  This is true for each and every child of Mine.  If you will practice this attitude of reflecting on Me and encountering Me in all you do, I can make great saints out of My children.  Unite yourselves to Me, My Children of Light.  Offer all that you do, each day and everyday (throughout the day) to Me!  This is difficult, you may say to which I reply, ‘yes, it is at first.’  With practice it will be easier and in time it will become a habit.  Spiritual habits must be cultivated just as other habits are.  In this spiritual practice of being united with Me, and in My presence, you bring Me, Christ into the world.  Now, My child, you have other concerns for Me?”


Yes, Jesus.  Lord, the weather has been very rainy in (location withheld).  Things are muddy and wet and (name withheld) has been unable to begin building the roads at (location withheld) as a result.  The retreat plans have been changed also.  At this point, I am concerned about having the temporary shelter and what it will mean for the children. due to all of the mosquitoes.  Lord, we so wanted to plan a spiritual retreat and I trust that through the power of Your Holy Spirit it will be.  I just want everyone to be able to focus and be present to the talks, prayer, and to one another, and not to the soggy, muddy ground and swatting mosquitoes.  I realize suffering is good for us, but . . .


“My child, My Mother is guiding everything related to the retreat.  Have no concerns.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, the ministry our parish is doing with homeless people seems like something my husband and I should volunteer to do.  It is a time consuming commitment I think and one I don’t really feel called to at this time due to our move.  Lord, they only have 6 or 8 people and ten are needed or they won’t be able to do the ministry.  Lord, is this something my husband and I should do?  I’m not sure what we would do with (name withheld) during that time period.  What do You say to this, Jesus?


“My child, I would like very much for you and your husband to participate in this important ministry to My children whom I love dearly.  They are in a crisis time and you will show them My love.  You will also learn what to do for others in these situations which you will soon need to know as you begin your mission.  You will receive valuable information.  Please discuss this and consider this a request from Me to be love to others and also to receive valuable training in preparation for what is to come.  This is not nearly as time consuming as you may think.  (I had a feeling Jesus was just waiting for me to ask Him about this ...)  It will be very minimal, My little lamb compared to what is to come.  If you decide to do this for Me, I will work out every obstacle you have.  (Name withheld) will care for (name withheld) during this time.  She can also assist with being of service without spending the night.  You will be very glad if you choose to do this, My daughter and My son.  Many graces will be exchanged for you will give and also receive.”


Ok, Jesus.  I will read Your words to my husband.  Lord, please inspire others to volunteer, because even with both of us, there are not enough people.


“My child, you and your husband have many friends you can invite to join you.  As My Church welcomes those in need, gives shelter to the homeless and shares My love with others, I will bless this parish abundantly.  I have a plan for your home parish and consider this a means of preparation for your parish family.  You would not want them to miss out on part of their preparation and training, My little one, now would you?”


Of course not, Jesus. It pleases me to hear that You have a plan for our parish in the coming days.  I have occasionally wondered if You had a plan for the land that was given to the church.  It would seem so, Lord.  There is room there to take on others in need if they make the proper accommodations.


“Yes, My child.”


Lord, have You anything more to say to me?


“My daughter, I will be with you as you travel and attend the meeting next week.  You will not be alone for even one moment, for I will be with you.  You are concerned that too many activities are planned, giving you even less time for prayer.  My little lamb, this too will be another sacrifice to offer for souls in the world who go from one activity to the next, in a constant state of overstimulation.  Offer this as a sacrifice for those who are never silent and do not prefer the silence of contemplation but noise, extravagant lifestyles, and constant entertainment.  I know how difficult this will be for you now that you have come to enjoy the simpler things that ground you to Me.  Give all to Me.  Remember that there are others who need your presence for this brief time.  Also remember that I, your Jesus go with you, everywhere.  We are companions, My little lamb.  I will participate with you in each conversation, each meeting, every meal and will sit with you and walk with you.  Bring each moment to Me, My child and I will give you the graces you need.”


“I will do the same for the loved ones who remain at home.  I will give them graces for having to lend you to Me for a time.  I desire this trip for you, for there are some you will meet who are in need of a specific grace from Me.  All will be well.  Recall the time you went to the library on a consulting job and met (name withheld)?  Yes, You have recounted this event several times to others who are like minded, and though there are different circumstances, and different people, it is similar.  I invite you to go with Me, My child to places where you are needed.  You are needed because we work together.  This is true for all of My Children of Light.  Each person created has been given unique gifts and talents to be used to build up the Kingdom of God.  Since each person has unique gifts, each person is called to use their gifts in different ways to reach My people who walk in darkness. 


We work together, My children to bring about the Renewal.  My Spirit works through each child of Mine to bring graces to the world.  When My children use their gifts to serve their brothers and sisters in union with Me, many graces flow out through their acts of love and service.  This is why, My children you must have faith and works of love, for without acts of love, graces do not flow out from you and your love for Me, into the world to others.  Of course there are other means of grace I provide, but it is through this plan for the world, God has chosen to distribute graces.  Even the graces given through the holy sacraments are given in cooperation with My holy priest sons  It is through them, through the work of their hands that I provide special graces.  Do you understand, My children.  You love must be manifested through service and acts of love shown to others for My love to be shared.  Otherwise, you sit in your homes, by yourselves, isolated from the world that is in darkness.  This is the same is hiding your lamp under a basket.”


“It is also the same analogy as the beautiful fruit tree that has green leaves, large branches, and a sturdy trunk, yet bears no fruit.  What good is that My children?  It would be worthless to have a beautiful apple orchard, and apple trees that do not produce a single apple.  You see, My Children of Light?  This is what the parable means, My children.  Do you realize how many children of Mine, love and worship Me, yet do not desire service?  Do not be those who want others to serve them.  Be My children who desire to show their love for Me by serving their brothers and sisters.  Look around you and see how much work there is to do in the vineyard of the Lord.  The vineyards have been neglected, My Children of the Renewal.  There is much, much work to do, but first you must fast and pray to prepare yourselves, for you will be laboring among the wolves.  Pray, My children.  Fast.  How many of you are reading these words and the words of My other messengers, but fail to act upon My many requests?”


“Dear Children of Light, you are being given a large task; a project if you will.  You may look about you and realize there are few who will step forward and accept this mission.  It is like any other project in that the more who will step forward, with good intentions to serve, the easier the project; for there are more people to share the work.  It is the same with bringing about My Kingdom.  The more who participate by their prayers, fasting and acts of love through service, the more quickly My Father will bring about the Renewal.   Come, My children.  Do the hard work that your Jesus is asking of you.  Once you begin, you will see that I give you each and every grace needed to complete the task.  I also give you companions, some you have not yet met, and others you will grow to know much deeper, but these will be the graces on your journey.”


“When you begin, you must anticipate obstacles.  Anything worth working for, especially in the spiritual life, brings challenges for darkness wants to prevail over the light; but it will not be so in the final outcome.  You already know that My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph and the Era of Peace will begin just after the Renewal, and so there should be no hesitation, and no fear.  Only prepare yourselves through prayer, fasting and the sacraments, and let us begin.  We begin together.  All will be well.  This is not the time, My children to become recluses.  My people are called to evangelize, to love and serve others just as My Apostles were called to do when the Church was new.  So now, I call you.  You are My apostles.  You are My Mother’s apostles.  You are not My holy Bishops, but you are My lay apostles.  I need you, My Children of Light to bring My light to a world in darkness.  Be messengers of hope.  Be ambassadors of peace.  Be a friend, a neighbor to those in darkness.  Open your hearts and if needed open your homes.  All you have has been given to you by My Father in Heaven.  You will lose nothing, My children by sharing your gifts with others, for as you share I will multiply.  Read holy Scripture.  The times you are living in now, are like no other, but read the Acts of My Apostles for a roadmap to point the way for you in the days to come.  See how it was for the early church.  They took the Gospel to a world in darkness.  Everywhere they went, they could safely assume was pagan territory.  Still, they proclaimed salvation via the cross to all they met.”


“There was an outpouring of My Holy Spirit, yes at Pentecost, but also beyond Pentecost.  It will be the same for you when you proclaim Jesus to the world.  ‘How can I do this, Jesus?’  you may ask, ‘since I am not a missionary?’  You are missionaries in the very places you live and work.  Darkness is all around you and your words, your hands, your hearts are needed to bring My light, My love to others.  I am calling you to be My Children of Light in a world plunged in darkness and sin.  You may safely assume that the majority of people are without the love of God.  They either do not know Me, or have not been living for Me, but for themselves.  Your world is a world of self-centeredness and disobedience.  Take My love to others so desperately in need of love.  They search and search for it, but they do not find it for they look for the wrong thing and they also look in the wrong places.  They fill the emptiness in their hearts with material possessions, with music and constant entertainment.  When there is quiet, they cannot stand to be alone with their own thoughts for they have either forgotten how to pray or have never learned.  They are only going through the motions of living for they have not learned how to truly live, My children.”


“ When they begin to know Me, their hearts will leap in anticipation of the next story about Me, the next beautiful teaching, for they long for truth.  I am truth.  I am love.  To search for anything other than Me is to search in vain.  Many have tried drugs, alcohol, sexual pleasure, entertainment, power, prestige, and countless other means, all in vain.  These are tools of the adversary that lead you away from Me.  What will give you your heart’s delight?  Me.  I, who love you, can fill the empty space in your heart, for the empty space was made for Me, and for Me alone.  Go, My children who love and follow Me, and bring Me to those in need.  The only way to do this is to go yourselves, for you take Me with you.  My children are hurting and I long to soothe their hurting, lonely hearts.”


Yes, Jesus.  We will do as You say.  We have become a self-absorbed people and ask that You transform our cold hearts so that we become God absorbed people.  Help us to be trees that bear much fruit for the Kingdom.  Help us to follow the promptings of Your Holy Spirit and reach out to those around us who are in need.  Give us the graces to be light to our brothers and sisters who do not know the love of God.  Make us the salt, the leaven, Lord.  Jesus, give me the words to speak that those I meet need to hear.  Give me the smile, the other gestures needed by others.  Lord, You know what each person I meet needs.  Pour graces for love and mercy upon all I meet.  Use me as You will, Lord as I do my small part to bring about Your Kingdom.  ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.’  I love You, Lord Jesus.  Save souls.


“Yes, My child.  And I love you.  I will give you the graces needed, My little lamb.  I will bring about the Renewal, through My Mother and Her army of children.  Her soldiers’ weapons are the holy rosary, fasting and the sacraments.  The time to act is now My children.  Put away everything else that takes you away from either your daily duties or prayer.  If it is an activity that is not needed, choose to pray instead.  Choose to serve instead.  You would do well to focus on what is at hand, versus the things that are actually only a distraction.  Serve your families first, and if you are My holy priest sons, serve your parishes first, or your orders first, and then serve those who are outside of these groups mentioned.  Serve those outside your parishes and be salt and light to them.  Pray for those who persecute you and show them My love.  Take heart, for all of Heaven prays for you.  Call upon the saints for assistance.  I am with you.  My Holy Mother Mary is with you.  All will be well.”


Thank You, My Jesus for Your words of life and Your lessons of love.  I love You, Lord God of all creation.  I love You, and I belong to You.  Help me to do Your will.   Lord, please be with (names withheld) this week.  Help (name withheld) as she works for two companies and tries to juggle many tasks.  Give her graces for the work she does with (name withheld) as she home schools him.  It is difficult to do all that she does, and yet she gives others so much of Your love.  Help her, Lord.  Thank You for my husband.  I love him, Jesus.  We will always serve You and are so grateful to You for our marriage.  Bless him, Jesus as he so graciously serves You and leads our family.  Thank You for (names withheld).  Protect our children and grandchildren.  We love You and we long to do Your will. 


“I am with You, My son, My daughter and I bless and protect you and all whom you love.  Continue to bring all of your concerns to Me and I will direct you.  I love you and I will always listen to you with love, understanding, patience and mercy.  You are ‘safe’ with Me, My children.  Renew yourselves in My holy sacraments, for I give you Myself in Communion to be bread for your journey.  I heal you in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and send you forth to bring others to the well of mercy.  I am with you.  Go in My peace.  Be love.  Be light.  Be mercy to others.  The time grows short, but have no fear.  Only trust in Me and all will be well.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”


Thank You, Lord.  I love You.  Jesus, I trust in You!


“And I love you, also.”




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