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Children of the Renewal Messages


September 13, 2015  Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I adore You; I praise You; I love You.  Thank You for holy Mass this morning, for the opportunity to receive You in the Eucharist.  Thank You for the gift of Yourself, Jesus.  The music this morning was very beautiful.  Thank You, Lord.  I love our parish, Lord.  It will be difficult to leave it when we move.  Jesus, (name withheld) asked that I pray for the children who live down the street from her.  She has witnessed them quarreling and fighting (physically) and she is concerned that they may be witnessing violence in their home.  She doesn’t know this, but never the less they seem to have much pent up anger.  Lord, protect them from harm and give them good Christian role models.  Give them peace, Jesus.  Lord, (name withheld) is discerning the training program to be a medic.  She is wondering if this is something she should pursue and if it is Your will, whether to wait until the move or to start here.  We don’t know how long we will be here, Lord and it’s difficult to make decisions because of unknown timing.  What do You say about this, Jesus?


“My daughter, (name withheld) has much on her heart and her mind.  Tell her to continue to bring each and every concern to Me and I will guide her.  I am with her.  She would do well to wait until she is in (location withheld) to attend medic training.  These skills will be put to very good use in the coming times if she decides to be trained in this field.  She will do well in this and will minister to many hurting people as well as to My children’s souls (physically and spiritually).  My daughter, (name withheld) trust in Me.  I have and I will continue to provide for you.  All will be well.  You are touching hearts for Your Jesus and that is very important in these dark times.  Be My light.  Be love.  Be mercy.  I love you.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, there are many hurting souls in the world.  There are many people who lack peace in their lives.  Please pour out Your Holy Spirit on the world.  Comfort those who are afraid, and give graces for peace and love.  Lord, please touch the hearts of the unloved and give them graces for love.  Please help the people of Syria who are being persecuted by their own people, and by ISIS.  Jesus, Christians are being persecuted severely in countries where ISIS has taken over.  Please, Jesus.  Spare us, Oh Lord.  We need Your Divine Intervention.  Please bring peace to our world, Lord. 


I pray for the conversion of the people in our country, Lord.  I pray for our leaders, too Jesus and beg You to touch their hearts and bring them to You, the water of life.  Lord remove the film that covers our eyes and prevents us from seeing the truth.  So many are blind to what is going on in the world.  We are blind and numb, Jesus.  Help us, Lord to see that our brothers and sisters all over the world are hurting.  Help us to drop to our knees in prayer, in repentance and with a contrite heart beg for forgiveness. 


Lord, the sins of our nation are too many to count, but You know each one.  Forgive us, dear Lord.  Open our hearts.  Give us graces for mercy, compassion and the ability to see truth.  Lord, we are so blind.  We are deaf and we are dumb.  Give us clarity that can only come from You.  Show us the way out of this global mess, even though there is no real exit.  You can create one, Jesus.  Lord, I know we deserve judgment.  We deserve chastisements for our purification.  Lord, help us to be contrite.  Give us humility and right judgment.  Give us wisdom, Lord.  Restore our country to the nation we once were; one nation under God.  Bring us back to You, Lord.  You are our refuge and the source of all life.


“My daughter, thank you for your prayers.  I receive each one.  I know about the sadness in your heart, the disappointment you feel for your country.  This once great nation has turned its back on God and on the natural order created by God the Father.  I love My children, even those who have wandered far from Me.  Because of My great love, I must allow the hardships that are coming.  Through hardship, many souls will return to Me.  There is no other way at this point, My child.  Evil wants to rule and is very active in the world, and in the hearts of men.  Continue to pray, My child.  Souls are converting, and as I have said, there will be many more conversions.  The purification must come, My little lamb.  The evil and violence must be stopped or all will be destroyed.  My children, those who follow Me, I urge you to remain steadfast.  Pray for those who do not believe.  Pray for their conversion.  Pray for My protection.  You will see many changes in your world.  Do not dismay.”


“Read My Word, so you will understand the times in which you live.  Trust in Me for I will never abandon you.  During the time of great trials you will need to unite with others and pray.  Love one another.  Share with one another.  Live the Gospel.  I will give you graces to love heroically, for much will be required of you.  My children take heart, for I am with you.  Encourage one another and be a sign of hope for those in distress.  Be mercy as I am mercy.  Be love as I am love.”


“Children, it is time now to be in prayer, to frequent the sacraments.  Remain in a state of grace so that you can hear My voice within you.  I will direct your steps, but you must be close to Me to hear and to see.  If you are not praying, and are not listening to Me now, how will you hear Me when I call?  Time is  short, My children, yet many of you continue to live lives that are worldly.  You are called to be a light to those who are far from Me, but if you do not stand apart, My light is unrecognizable within you.  How will those who are in darkness know where to turn if My children who are among them appear no different?  Change your lives, My children so that you will be in a position to minister to others.  A time is coming that is like no other time in history.  Confusion, fear and upheaval will surround you.  My children are to remain at peace in the midst of the storm.  Did I not calm the storm for My Apostles?  Will I do less for you, My children?  I will do the same for you, but you must call on Me.  Read of this event in Scripture so you will learn, and apply this to your lives.  Apply this to any storm you face in life and especially in the one that is coming upon the world.  When was it I calmed the storm, My little lamb?”


Only after the Apostles awakened You and pleaded for You to do something, Jesus.


“Yes, My child.  That is correct.  Though I was resting, I knew the storm was raging.  I could have calmed the storm immediately.  I wanted My Apostles to learn an important lesson.  The lesson was this:  They had only to call upon Me and I would come to their assistance.  The longer they waited the more the storm gathered momentum.  For God to act in the lives of My children, My apostles, two things must be present; faith and an openness or willingness to call upon Me.  This openness is also a form of humility.  Therefore, one can say trust and humility must be present.  This is why, My children, you must pray.  Prayer builds trust and holiness grows within one’s heart when prayer becomes a spiritual practice.  When you pray, we discuss things.  I give you peace and help you to see situations with greater clarity.  Pray to know My will for your lives.  Pray, out of concern for others.  Pray to give thanks to God the Father who has created you and the world in which you live, out of love.  Pray to understand your reliance upon God.  Pray for direction.  Pray, My children.  Pray.  From this prayer your faith will grow.  From this prayer, love will grow, mercy will increase.  And, from prayer charity will blossom and through acts of mercy others will know you are My children.  They will see lives filled with hope and peace and they will want, what it is you have—Me.  You see, My children it is quite simple.  Those who walk in the light, know truth.  (Me)  Those who walk in darkness, lack wisdom and do not recognize truth for they know Me not.  You, My children must pray more, fast as My Mother Mary has asked of you.  Receive the sacraments on a regular basis.  Confess your sins and be reconciled with the church and with one another and then, when you pray you will know what it is I am asking of you.  You will discern through My Holy Spirit the direction you are to take for your own safety and that of your family.  In this way, as you follow My direction you will be in a position to serve others during the time of great trials.  This is what I ask of all My children; that you love and serve one another.  This is of the utmost importance for those you serve, those you protect and in some cases provide shelter will be the ones who will work with you side by side to rebuild the world.”


“Yes, My children what you have read is accurate.  Times are dire and when things come to pass, the major events that will occur, you will understand.  Do not fail to act now, My people or you will waste precious time.  The time to return to the sacraments is now.  The time to begin a regular prayer routine is now.  The time to forgive others and to reconcile is now.  Reconcile, My children for tomorrow there may be no time or no ability to do so.  Look around you.  Do you not see and recognize the signs?  Read Scripture and pray if you do not understand.  Ask the Holy Spirit of God to enlighten you and read the Gospels.  Read the Acts of the Apostles.  Read Revelation.  You will understand.  I will give you graces for understanding and wisdom.”


“My sheep know My voice, but My children you must silence the many voices to which you are listening.  There is much noise and there are many distractions.  Do not allow the world to distract you and to destroy your peace.  If you want My direction, you will hear Me in the silence and this means you must be in silence.  My children, you have constant noise disrupting your ability to reflect and to be recollected.  The radio; the television and other devices are constantly distracting you.  You listen to the world’s voices on an almost continual basis.  How will you learn to hear My voice when you are constantly barraged with other voices?  Turn off this media and turn to Me in prayer.  Your lives will be filled with peace.  You will be able to think again, and to focus.  You will have greater clarity and most importantly, you will speak with Me.  In this way, My children I can direct you.  I tell you this out of great love for you.  I tell you this for your own protection.  I love you, My children.  Trust in Me.  Trust what I am saying to you so it will go well with you.”


Thank You, Lord.  Thank You for Your deep love and Your great mercy.  Open our hearts, Jesus.  Blessed Mother, lead us back to Your Son, Jesus.  We are sheep gone astray.  Lead us back to the Good Shepherd, where we are safe and loved.  Lord, bless the men attending the Cursillo weekend.  As their time together comes to a close fill them with any graces they are lacking and build them up to be strong men of God to face the days to come with heroic courage, and heroic love.  I thank You for this time they have had together, Jesus.  I know You were in their midst.  Thank You for the formation team who put on the retreat and also thank You that there were so many men who participated.  Come, Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.  Renew our hearts.  Transform our minds.  Raise from the ashes many holy saints for Your Kingdom, Jesus.  Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.  I love You, Lord. 


“My daughter, it is time for you to depart.  You do not leave Me, though for I go wherever you go.  We are united.  Do not be sad that our time is short.  Go to the community of believers for the closing and go in My peace.  I bless you and My son, (name withheld) in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.  Be love.  Be mercy.  Be light.”


Thank You, my Jesus.  I love You.


“And I love you.”



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