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Children of the Renewal Messages


September 6, 2015  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.  I adore, praise and love You, my King and my God.  Thank You for allowing us to be with You today, Lord.  It is a privilege!  Thank You for protecting us when we were travelling, Lord and for protecting (names withheld) while we were away.  Lord, Mass was so nice today and it was special to have (names withheld) beside me, especially since Mass was offered for my mother on her birthday.  I miss her, Lord.  Please give her my love.  It was wonderful that (name withheld) sang in the choir and then stayed for the next Mass so he could be there in honor of my mother.  It’s incredible the change You have worked in his heart, Lord.  He is truly growing in his love for You and his life is being transformed by the power of Your Spirit.  Glory and praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ.  Lord, in the Gospel reading today You commanded; “Be opened” and the deaf man’s ears were opened and his tongue loosened.  Jesus, please speak these words to me and cause my heart to be opened to Your Holy Spirit.  Please say these words to my daughter so that her mind and heart will be opened to You, also. 


Jesus, please accept my gratitude for blessings upon our trip.  Thank You for helping (name withheld) when his restaurant oven was broken and not working.  It was a miracle that a part was available and the oven was fixed in time for the Saturday rush.  Thank You, Jesus.  Thank You, St. Joseph!  Thank You, Blessed Mother.  Jesus, You are kind and merciful.  There are so many blessings, Jesus.  I am also grateful for the time we spent with (names withheld) their children and (name withheld).  It was good to meet (names withheld).  Please guide them during their discernment process.  Blessed Mother, if You are inviting them to come to the community, please help them to know.  Bless all families who are discerning community.  Put Your mantle of protection over all communities, refuges and guide, guard and protect each founder and foundress, Jesus.  Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.  Jesus, have You anything to say to me today?


“Yes, My child.  You are welcome; for I protected you during your trip.  It was good that you went.  Contrary to what you think, much was accomplished.  Far more than you realize, My daughter.  It was a necessary step in the process.  Do not be concerned that things appear to be difficult.  Each step you take seems to uncover additional obstacles and steps in the process, but all will be well.  There is merit in following My will, especially when it calls for perseverance and forbearance.  Remember, I am with you.  When you face an obstacle, such as the one you encountered on Friday, bring it to Me.  I will provide the answer to each problem you face.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You.  Lord, having to make changes to the boundaries is going to take more time.  Please help move things along, Lord.  I don’t think we can make any progress until we have the new drawings.  I don’t know how long it will take (name withheld) to make these changes, but he is busy with getting the work lined up for the roads and the electricity.  Jesus, it has been so wet there with rain almost every day.  Please, Jesus, we need Your help.  You are Lord of all creation.  Please give them sunny days, so the roads can be built.  There have been delays too numerous to count, Lord and I know everything is on Your timetable.  It just seems that we have a sense of urgency and each time we make some progress there are new obstacles.  All is in Your hands, though Lord.  Jesus, we trust in You.


“Yes, My little lamb.  What you say is true.  There are delays and obstacles.  When My children come to serve Me and are striving to do My will, they can expect challenges.  These are usually spiritual in nature, My child.  Prayer and fasting are needed.  Not everyone in the community is fasting.  All need to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays as My Mother has requested.  Pray more, fast and allow Me to act.  There are always hurdles to cross in every journey of faith, My child, and the larger the mission, the larger the hurdles.  Prayer and fasting unleashes the power of the Holy Spirit and enables My children to clear the hurdles more efficiently.  Frequent the sacraments.  Remain in a state of grace, My children.  Walk with Me very closely in these dark days.  I will give You light for your path.  I will illuminate the darkness that is encroaching around you and around your families.  Stay close to My Sacred Heart and the heart of My Immaculate Mother Mary.  Nothing can harm you when you are within Our hearts.  Go there often My child.  You will always be safe from the storm when you immerse yourself in My Sacred Heart.”


“My child, there are sinister atrocities being committed on a scale and proportion like never before in the history of the world.  Some of these are coming out and can no longer remain hidden.  Blood flows on the streets of your country due to the large scale numbers of abortions.  My little innocents are being slaughtered by the thousands.  These little ones are most pure, for they have just been created and have had no personal sin to stain their innocent little souls and yet they are bring murdered in a gruesome and painful, sinister way.  They have no one to protect them.  They have no voice and no fathers and mothers to stand and protect them.  They are abandoned before they are born and then they are taken to their executioners.  Their sentence?  Guilty for having come from the Creator.  Who can be called “innocent” My child?  No one, for all of My children come from me, the Creator.  So, who can live?”


“The abortionists are guilty of coming from the Creator and yet they were given the gift of life.  My poor, twisted children you were given the gift of life yourselves.  By what right do you take the precious little souls, created also by Me?  Who has given you this permission?  I will tell you!  It is not I, for I create life.  I do not murder, maim and destroy.  No, you know it is not I.  It is the adversary.  It is satan who fills you with this evil curse and gives you a murderous, blood thirsty heart.  You are filled with evil from the father of lies.  You know who you are and today I command you through My little lamb to stop these murderous acts immediately.  You must repent now before it is too late.  Repent!  Change your evil ways.  Beg for mercy from the little ones you have murdered.  Beg for mercy to the mothers who have been victimized by you and others like you who work for the adversary, the father of all lies.  You have torn their little children from their wombs and have made women sterile.  You have killed their children and killed their motherly souls.  You must repent, seek forgiveness and convert or you will lose your own lives, your own souls to Gehenna.  You know who you are.  You cannot hide from Me, for I created you.  I know every hair on your head.  I know when you rise and when you lie down to sleep.  Yes, I also know that sleep does not come for you.  You are miserable because of your evil deeds.  You hate yourself but still you rise each day and continue your murderous deeds.  You line your pockets with money that has innocent blood on it and still you lust for more money, more power.  I command you to stop!  Awaken from your numb, death march.  Fall on your knees and beg the Father of all creation for mercy and forgiveness.  If you repent and change your wicked ways, you will be forgiven and your life will be spared.  You must repent now for there is much you must do to amend your life.”


“I have a mission for you, should you choose to accept it, but first you must repent.  There is nothing that is too evil for Me to forgive for I am God.  The only sin that will not be forgiven is one that is unconfessed and remains in the heart of an unrepentant sinner.  You must not die with murder on your soul or you will burn in the fire of hell for all that remains of eternity.  My twisted and torn children who no longer resemble Me, hear Me now; I died for these sins that soak and stain your weary heart.  I died, so that you may live.  Do you not see that you work for satan?  Yes, you are aware of this when you allow yourself time to think, which you seldom do, for you are tormented in silence.  The cries of My little innocents taunt you and torture you, for you know their innocent blood is on your hands.  Your Mother, My Holy Mother Mary weeps for your lost soul.  It is not too late to repent and return to Me.  You must stop this murder.  If you do not stop on your own accord, you will be stopped regardless.  I will not stand by much longer while you destroy the lives of the little ones I created.  I will not stand by while you destroy generation after generation.”


“Now, I speak to My other wounded children, to those wounded from abortion, the women who submitted themselves to become victims, too.  You, My little confused, hurting children, I know what has occurred.  I know why you listened to the evil one and to his lies.  I know that many of you were coerced, some even against your will.  Listen, My little ones.  I forgive you.  Come, allow your Jesus to love you.  Truly, I say to you, I forgive you.  Allow My Mother to take you into Her motherly arms.  Allow Her to embrace you and to stroke your sweet head.  We love you.  All of Heaven loves you.  Regardless of whether or not you knew what you were doing.  You have only to say these words; “Jesus, I am sorry for allowing my precious baby to be killed.  I am sorry I did not protect the child You gave me.  I ask for your forgiveness.  Heal me, Jesus.”  That is all, My children who are also victims of this crime.  I forgive each and every one of you.  I love you.  I will heal your broken hearts.  Come, now; take My Mother’s hand.  She will take you on the path of healing and reconciliation.  I will restore your peace, your comfort, your safety when you come to me with each sin.  I know there are many.  I know that you are hurting and you did many things attempting to ease the pain you have in your heart.  No one told you that it would be so difficult.  No one told you that you would wish you were dead.  No, My child.  You were not told this, because you were told lies.  You were told your life would be better, easier without this burden.  You were told it would be a secret and no one would know.  It was to be their secret, My child for to keep this in secrecy is to allow their murderous deeds to continue.”


“I am light.  I am truth.  There are no secrets from God, for I know everything.  I tell you this not to cause you more shame.  I tell you this, so you will begin to understand that I am a God of mercy.  I knew you before you did this.  I loved you then and I love you now.  I know why you thought you had no other choice.  I give you the choice to follow Me.  I give you the choice to choose life.  Yes, My daughters who have made these grave errors, I give you the choice for life and for forgiveness.  Do not believe the great deceiver, the evil one, when he tells you his lies.  He will tell you that God will not forgive you.  That is a lie.  He tells you that your sin is too grave to be forgiven.  That , too is a lie.  He will tell you that you do not deserve everlasting life, because you did not give your own child, your own children a chance for life.  That, too is a lie.  Everything that comes from the adversary is a lie.  It is all lies.  I am truth.  I am love.  I am light.  I am mercy.  I have an unlimited supply of mercy.  I have an unlimited supply of forgiveness.  ‘Yes, Jesus’,  you say, ‘but this mercy is for those who deserve mercy.  This mercy is for those who are better than I.’ to which I say, this is not correct.  My mercy is for you, My daughter, My son.  This mercy is for each and every child of mine.  You are My child though this is difficult to believe, it is truth.  You are Mine, and I am yours.  I long to shower you with gifts of mercy and love, and those who need it most are those who deserve it for My mercy is for you.  I love you.”


“Return to Me, My child, let us waste no more time walking together.  I will bind your wounds.  Your children in Heaven love you.  They pray for you.  Do not allow their sweet prayers to be in vain, for they love you.  They forgive you.  The best gift you can give them is to repent and return to Me, so that you will be reunited with them in Heaven one day.  This, My child is the atonement needed for your sins.  Repent, convert and believe in the Gospel.  This Gospel is the good news about  Me, about redemption, about life in My Kingdom.  This life is for you.  You were created for this life.  Your child and in some cases, your children await you in Heaven.  They pray for you, for they love you.  They understand why you did this and they forgive.  You must allow Me to forgive you.  You will then learn to forgive yourself.  All will be well.  Only return to Me, for I love you.”


Thank You for Your love, Jesus.  You are so tender and kind.  You truly love each and every one of Your children completely, Lord, no matter what each soul has done.  You are love.  You are good, Jesus.  I wish each person in this world knew of Your kindness, Your mercy.  Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, please forgive me for the times I may have judged someone.  Please forgive Me, Lord.


“My child, by writing this difficult message, you are letting others know of My mercy, and love.  I know this message is difficult.  I thank you, My little lamb for writing these words.  I know that you felt My pain, My anger towards those who commit these murderous acts.  I am God.  I do not tolerate such evil inflicted upon My children.  The evil one attacks Me by attacking those I have created.  He will not have his way much longer for I will put a stop to this.  He will be cast into hell and bound there with no means for escape.  His time is limited and is drawing to a close.  I do not want to lose even one soul to perdition.  My children, do not gamble with your souls, for they are precious to Me.   I died so that you would have life.  Do not squander your inheritance for it is the pearl of great price.”


“My little lamb, your suffering, what remains of it, will soon end.  I have lifted the heavy burden, and what remains will be a cross to carry for only a little while longer.  I will remove the small suffering and fatigue you have felt in your bones, soon.  Thank you for your willingness to suffer for your brothers and sisters.  I will allow you respite soon from this cross.  You will have the ability to fully enjoy the coming retreat before another cross.  All will be well.  I am with you.  I will prepare you fully for the mission I have for you and for My son.  Continue on the path, My child.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Your will be done.  Lord, the time is growing short, as You have said.  You have assured me of Your direction regarding my job.  Lord, I trust in Your timing.  I want to be sure I am listening to You, Jesus.  Is it time to leave my job yet Lord?  (Private dialogue omitted)  

“My little one, the time is not yet, but it will be soon.  You sense the time is nearing, My child.  You must wait a little longer.  I will direct you.  You are restless, because you see the signs and you know the time is short.  I ask you to wait, for I know what is best for you.  Be prepared soon, though.  Get things in order at work for you will give your notice soon.  Wait on Me, My daughter.  Wait on Me, no matter how things appear.  Things will actually improve for you at work and this will be a temptation for you to remain.  Seek My direction each week now and the time will be here soon.  I love you.  I guide you.”


“I guide all of My children through their prayers.  Pray My children so you will know what it is I am directing you to do.  The skies are growing darker with each passing day, but look to the light.  Keep your eyes on the light.  Do not ignore the darkness, but do not dwell on it, either.  I am the author of life. I am truth, goodness and beauty.  I am love.  All love is Me.  Remain in Me.  Remain in My love.  Be love to all you meet.  Be peace.  Be joy.  Allow others to see the hope that is within you.  This is important My children for the world appears hopeless.  My children need hope.  Allow your light to shine for others to see.  Stand firmly in the faith that was handed down to you.  The time is coming when you will witness many conversions.  Be in a position to be grace and mercy to others.  Some will teach the faith to those who have never been exposed to the faith.  Be My Children of Light for soon the Renewal will come.  First, you must withstand the trials. I will be with you.  My Mother and St Joseph will be with you.  The saints in Heaven pray for you.  Pray, fast, frequent the sacraments.  Prepare for the marathon race that you will run.  Graces from My sacraments will enable you to run the race.”


“Above all, you must love.  Love your neighbor.  Share what you have and share with kindness, generosity and love.  All will be well.  Live the Gospel.  That is all, My little dove.  You are tired.  My son is tired, also for the trip you took was taxing.  It was taxing physically and also spiritually for the adversary wants to spoil My Mother’s plans for Her community.  Consequently, you and all of My children of this community are in a battle.  Take heart, though for you fight alongside My Mother, your Queen.  This is a noble battle you fight and I give you one another as companions, as fellow soldiers.  Pray for one another.  You are not alone, though at times you feel you are alone.  Pray for one another.  Love one another.  You are family and you must love one another as I have loved you.  You will help one another to carry each person’s cross through your prayers and fasting.  All will be well.  Be love, My children.  Be love and mercy.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you.”




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