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Children of the Renewal Messages


August 9, 2015, Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus, my Lord, my God and my all.  It is good to be here with You today.  I love You.  Thank You for holy Mass this morning, for giving of Yourself in the Holy Eucharist.  Thank You for my family.  Thank You for protecting us, Jesus.  Lord, I learned today that when (name withheld) fell, he actually fell two stories!  I had no idea.  I suppose he didn’t tell me this because he didn’t want me to worry more than I already was.  Jesus, I know You protected him.  I don’t know how a human being can fall from such a height and not be severely wounded.  Lord I praise and thank You!!!  We are so fortunate, Lord that he not only lived through this, but only has a broken arm.  I know he hurts all over, Lord but it is a miracle he didn’t break his neck or have a spinal cord injury.  Praised be Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  Thank you, all of Heaven who are praying for him.  Jesus, I trust in You for my children’s finances, for our continued conversion and to fill all our needs.  Jesus, I hope in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Lord, have You anything to say to me?


“My child, continue to pray for your shepherds and My holy Priest Sons.  Pray for their safety and that they remain steadfast in their faith and in their vocations.  My daughter and My son, you are burdened with many concerns.  You received Me in Communion today, and you carry Me within you.   I am united to you and you to Me.  Because we are united; because you carry Me within you, you carry and are united to the God of all Creation.  Carry Me with great joy, with great peace and with deep confidence.  Think of this, all My children of light; you are the children of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We are one and we are family.  Therefore, because I am the Lord God, and I am all powerful; for I AM, you little children of My heart are children of a royal family.  My Kingdom, though not of this world, is your true home.  One day, when you come to live with Me in My Kingdom, you will see that this is your home and therefore your Kingdom also for I share everything.  I give everything to My children.  Accept this, My children.  Realize that everything you live; everything you experience, each trial, hardship and cross is temporary.  Your lives on this earth are but a passing moment when compared to eternity.  Bear your crosses with joy for the crosses you carry are a small share in My cross; the cross I carried to Calvary.  The knights of old were commissioned by a queen or a king.  These knights were commissioned and thus were on a co-mission, a mission of the king or queen.  It was considered a great honor to be a knight, for these knights served their king or queen.  They were singled out by the royal family due to their skills, their courage and because of their loyalty to the royal family.  When these men, these knights were ‘knighted’, they pledged an oath of loyalty to ‘their majesty the king’.  They pledged to serve even unto death if it was necessary.  You, My Children of Light are higher than knights for you are My children.  We are family.  We are related by blood, My children and this blood is My blood which was shed for you on the cross.  Do not take this lightly, My children.  This is a very important concept, and one I would like you to meditate on.  Think about this.  What would it mean for someone living in the world to be a son or a daughter of royalty?  It would mean that by the fact that one was born into this family, for example they would have access to many important places and would be in the company of many important people.  It would mean that they would have access to the finest schools, teachers and curricula, the finest clothes, the best and finest lodging, the most delicious food.  My little one, is this not true in worldly terms?”


It must be, Lord for You say so.  I am not familiar with kings and queens, Lord but of course this is what I suppose they would have.  Even the very wealthy have as much, so I suppose the life of a royal family, would have these advantages and perhaps more so.  I don’t think people of this social stature seem very happy, though. 


“You are correct, My child for even though they have access to these advantages, many are very lonely and do not have the freedom to be what I created them to be, children of God.”


Lord, I understand that they may be lonely, and I imagine they are unable to move about freely in public because of their notoriety.   However, what do You mean by the statement that they do not have the freedom to be what You created them to be?


“My daughter, they are under very tight constraints.  They have many false expectations thrust upon them by the cultural fabric that evolved over the centuries with certain false notions of what a ‘royal’ family must do and be.  They should be focused on the Blessed Trinity, the true King and model themselves after the Holy Family.  Due to the lack of faith and the lofty pride, mankind has distorted the role of a king and queen.  The reason I tell you this, is to compare and contrast My royal family.  You, My children are part of the true royal family.  You must realize that I created you in My image and likeness.  While I am Divine and you are not, I have given you a share in My Divinity.  One day, if you continue to walk with Me and follow Me, you will inherit My Kingdom.  It is important for you to understand that this Kingdom, where I live and reign is your real home.  It is where you will spend the vast majority of your lives.  Your time on earth will seem like a blink of an eye in comparison.  My Kingdom is full of beauty, truth and light.  Think of the most beautiful place on earth you have ever been, or have seen in pictures and I tell you, it does not begin to compare to the beauty of Heaven.  You, My children are princes and princesses; not of this world, but of one that will never pass away.  You, My Children of Light, have access to the most important people throughout the entire history of the world, and these are My saints.  They intercede for you before the throne of God.  They patiently and ardently await your request for graces and prayers.  They intercede for those who do not even know they exist, those who have not been given/handed down the faith.  You, My Children of Light will have complete access to the most important place of all places, My Kingdom.”


“In My Kingdom, there is complete peace, total unity and all are understood.  There is love, joy, peace, beauty, truth and the utmost satisfaction.  You will marvel at the beauty of My heavenly Kingdom, and even more importantly, you will marvel at the depth of love I, your Savior have for you.  You will see, My children that everything you experienced on earth was necessary to prepare you for your life in Heaven.  You will see,  My children that each cross, carried with grace from Me, was beneficial to your soul and to the souls of others.  You will rejoice in the trials, the crosses that I asked you to bear with dignity, for they will have helped you to pass through your time on earth, meriting graces for Heaven.  You will be glad for every small act of kindness and love shown to your brothers and sisters on earth.  You will be filled with joy and enthusiasm about each and every moment in Heaven.  I will teach you the mysteries of the universe, My children.  In Heaven you will learn things about Me, about My holy Mother Mary, St. Joseph and the angels and saints that you never knew but are longing to know.  You will know more about My life, the hidden years, My Mother’s life, the Apostles, and anything else you want to know.  Your capacity to learn will be very large indeed, for you will not be hindered by the things that are obstacles for you now.”


“I tell you this, My children for you are children of God, children of the King.  Your home is not of the earth, but this is your temporary dwelling place.  I tell you this, for I do not wish that you become so attached to the things of this world.  Do not have the mindset that the pagans have.  They worship their luxuries for they do not have the vision of Heaven that I have shared with you in the Holy Scriptures.  They do not understand that I give wealth so that it can be shared with those who are less fortunate from a financial perspective.  This, My children is given (wealth) for the benefit of those to whom it is given so they can give to others and thereby become holy.  The need to give is stronger than the need of those less fortunate, for many of My children who are poor, are rich in spiritual matters.  It is not so much that they need help from the wealthy, but that the wealthy need help from those who are poor (financially) but who are rich spiritually.  Do you see, My child?”


Yes, I do now, Lord.  This is not a foreign concept to me; that the people, who are financially poor, are often spiritually rich, for I saw this first hand in Haiti.  I hadn’t thought of it, though from the perspective of the wealthy needing to give to the poor to help them detach from their material possessions and thereby grow in holiness in quite this way.  It is a different perspective but one that makes a lot of sense now that You have shown me.  


“Yes, My little lamb.  The worldly perspective is very different than the heavenly perspective.  You will learn much, much more when you come to Heaven, My child.  My children will learn many beautiful mysteries in Heaven.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Thank you that You prepare a place for Your children in Heaven!


“My little lamb, I share information with you about My Kingdom to give you a beautiful place to think about and to lift your mind, for the days of great trials and tribulation are fast approaching.  There will be much suffering, My little daughter.  Care for one another.  Love one another.  Minister to one another.  Put all small differences aside, My Children of Light.  Do not allow yourselves to argue or disagree about that which is small or petty.  Remind yourselves of what is really important and resist the temptation to argue.  A time is coming that will be very tragic for mankind, and these small differences will burn away like particles of straw.  Focus on what is important, My children.  Love and serve one another, as I did when I walked your earth.  I walked the path that you must now walk.  You are to emulate Me, your Jesus, with dignity, with love and with peace in your hearts.  I share the joys of Heaven with you, for I do not want you to focus on all that will appear to be ‘lost.’  Anything ‘lost’ in this world, will be viewed as gain when you are in Heaven.  Therefore, give to others freely, and with no reserve.  Help those in need, for it is I your Jesus, you help when you help those in need.”


“My children, you have often used the term, ‘being in survival mode’ now.  Do only that which is essential.  By this I mean, go to Confession.  Go to Mass.  Receive Me in the Eucharist.  Help your neighbors who are your brothers and sisters.  Pray as if it was your last week on earth.  Sing and live in joy.  Walk with Me.  Feed the hungry.  Clothe the naked.  Befriend the lonely.  Do small acts of kindness for your family members and do this without seeking praise.  Be faithful to your vocations and to your daily duty as mothers, fathers, wives and husbands, and as My holy Priest Sons and religious daughters and sons.  Be faithful to Me.  In this way you are doing what is essential.  Live the Gospel, My children.  Live the Gospel.  Be the Gospel.  Be love, be mercy, be peace, be joy.  Forgive those who harm you, or harm your reputation.   Pray for those who harm you.  This is being like Me, Christ.  Spend time with Me.  If you do not want to spend time with Me now, how will you want to spend eternity with Me?  My children, what you will see happening around you will be cause for terror and yet if you ask for My peace it will be yours.  You have nothing to fear, for I am with you.  My Mother is with you and She is guiding Her children.  Though darkness is all around you, walk in the light.  Be Children of Light.  Take My light to those who are in darkness.”


 Thank You, Jesus for teaching me.  Thank You for guiding me.  Jesus, I lift up all those who are ill, especially (name withheld).  Please heal her if it is Your holy will.  Give her Your peace.  Give her Your love and Your joy.  Please bless (name withheld) and restore her health, Lord.  Please heal (name withheld).  Please heal my children and grandchildren of all physical, spiritual and emotional wounds.  Bless and protect My husband, Lord and thank You for his love.  Thank You, Lord for Your love. 


Jesus, (name withheld) is petitioning Heaven for his family.  He is praying for a miracle.  Jesus, join our prayers (my husband’s and mine) to his prayers.  Jesus, please heal everything in his family that is in need of healing.  Give him graces, Lord.  Give them abundantly, Lord for You have an endless supply of graces.  Look upon your son and in Your mercy hear and answer his prayers, Jesus.  He gave up everything to follow You and Your holy Mother Mary.  I know that You cannot be outdone in generosity, Jesus and so with complete trust in You I ask You to work miracles of grace in this situation, beyond all human expectations.  You, Lord are mercy itself; You, Lord are love.  You, Lord are truth, beauty and life.  Grant graces for mercy, forgiveness, healing, love, truth, beauty and life for (name withheld) and for his entire family.  Lord, I pray this for each and every member of Your Mother’s communities.  Keep us in Your Divine Will, deep within Your Sacred Heart and within the beautiful, pure and perfect heart of our Mother Mary.  Lord, Jesus I hope in You.  Lord, Jesus I place all of my trust in You.  Thank You, Lord that You are concerned with every matter in our lives and especially so with those we love and care about.  You gave us our families as a gift, Jesus and we return this great gift of family to You to make us whole, to transform us in Your light, and to be a light to others. 


Lord, I am a very poor instrument indeed, but in your hands, beautiful music can be made with a poor instrument.  Sing the songs of life and salvation through our lives, Jesus.  Weave the fabric of love and mercy and create, form and build a beautiful community, a tapestry of life that will resemble the life of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, for us to live in community and to be a witness to the world; Jesus,  You said Yourself that we are to emulate the Holy Family.  In order for us to do so, Jesus we need graces for healing, for peace, for unity and for love.  Jesus, it is impossible to do as You have asked without Divine assistance and so I beg You to give us this Divine assistance.  Make of us what You will, Lord.  Unite each and every family called to (community name withheld) so that we will be as You call us to be; of one heart and one mind; true people of God; children of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Jesus, I trust You to do this for Your children, for You ask us to love heroically.  You ask this of each and every family member.  Since You never set Your children up for failure, I know You will answer this prayer in Your time, Jesus.  Lord, my God and my All, I am nothing, but You are everything.  You created the world out of nothing.  You spoke a word and what You said came into being.  You are all powerful and can do everything.


Lord, heal our families.  Jesus, speak this word, and breathe Your Spirit into our souls to refresh, renew and recreate us, Lord so that we will live as You have said, like the Holy Family.  There is no way to do this, Lord, if You do not grant us this, for You are God and we are Your creatures.  Lord, I leave all of our burdens, those of each and every person of our community, and of each and every member of our families, here in this chapel of peace at the foot of Your presence in the Monstrance.  I release the burdens I carry to You, Lord and I invite You into every tangled place in my life.  Make each jumbled mess, a straight path to You, my Jesus.  Lord, I love You and I give You all that I am, all that I have, and everyone I love.  I give all to You, Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I hope in You and You alone. 


“My little lamb, I accept each request and I accept your offering of love.  You belong to Me, My little one, and I to you.  Be assured of My love.  Be assured of My graces.  Be assured of My hand in your life, and the lives of each family member and each community member.  I am your God and you, My Children of Light, are My people.  You are My children and I love each one individually as My sons and daughters.  Trust in Me, My children.  Remain in Me.  Hold fast to My Holy Mother Mary’s hand and you have nothing to fear.  I am with you.  I go before you.  All will be well.”


“My child, I am with (name withheld) in a special way as he petitions Heaven for this miracle.  Assure him that I hear his prayers and those of his precious daughter.  Assure him that it is because of his prayers, because of his deep love that he has witnessed My love through his daughter.  She is My precious daughter, also and the love in his heart was instilled by My Father.  My son (name withheld), I ask much of you, I realize.  For you, it does not seem like much because of your deep love for Me and for My Most Holy Mother Mary.  I pursue your family.  My son, I know all that burdens you and that weighs heavily on your heart and your mind.  Carry this cross awhile longer.  I give you the gift of My peace, and through this cross, I ask you to bear this burden of love for your family and for your fledgling community.  I send graces to sustain you and friends to support you who will be like Simon for Me, who helped carry My cross.  My son, a great task is before you and for this, you must be prepared.  I am preparing you, and knowing this will help you as you continue to forge a path that few men have taken.  My son, I have been guiding you and I will continue to do so.  I will never forsake you, nor will My Mother Mary.  St. Joseph intercedes for you and he has you and your family under his protective gaze.  Reflect on his life, My son.  Ask St Joseph to teach you.  You have much to learn from St. Joseph, who was chosen from all men to be the protector of the Holy Family, and to form Me during My time on earth in My humanity.  He had the greatest responsibility given to him, the role of father to the Savior of all mankind.  He suffered tremendously, My son and he bore it with great love and humility.  My pure father Joseph will guide and assist you.  You must ask him to assist you.  Look to St. Joseph, My son.  All of Heaven intercedes for you and all will be well.   Trust in Me.  All will be well. 


My son, My daughter, you are growing very weary.  Rest in My love during this most important week.  Next week you will prepare for your move, and resume your activities.  My daughter, you sigh for this seems contrary to the sense of urgency you know exists.  My child, I am not a taskmaster.  I am a loving God who cares for His children.  You, My precious children need a respite from the many demands placed upon you.  I am pleased with you, contrary to what you think.  I love you.  You must listen to your Jesus and rest this week.  I know what is coming and this week is to be a week of rest.  Be faithful to your daily duties but take on no more than that which is required.  My son (your husband), I tell you to break from your fast one day this week.  Rest and increase your strength.  I will restore you, My son.  I love you and you are most faithful to Me.  You are My beloved son and daughter.  We rest together this week and next week we shall resume working together.  I love you.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now, in peace to be love, mercy and joy to others.”


Thank You, my Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you, My daughter.”





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