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Children of the Renewal Messages


August 2, 2015, Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus, ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I believe in, I adore and I love You, Jesus hidden in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.  Thank You that You are ever present, waiting for Your children to come visit You.  Thank You for Your love, Your patience, Your mercy, Jesus.  Thank You for Your presence in all of the tabernacles in the world.  Thank you for holy Mass and for all Sacraments.  Lord, please help (name withheld) with his finances.  Help him as he continues to recover from the accident while he is not able to work.  Help (name withheld), Jesus while she waits for more scheduled hours.  Please prompt her employer to schedule her for more time, so she can make ends meet.  Lord, I praise You for their spiritual progress.  You have worked miracles in the lives of my family members, and I am very grateful to You. 


Lord, please bless and protect the Bishops all over the world, and specifically the Bishops of the U.S.   Bless and protect our Holy Father, Pope Francis.  Keep our shepherds safe, Lord.  Help them to be holy and to stand firm for the Gospel.  Jesus, have You anything to say to me today?


“Yes, My child.  There is much to say.  My child, more prayers are needed from My children who love and follow Me.  People begin to pray more for a short time and then quickly stop praying the additional time I requested.  My children, your prayers are needed.  They are like a glass of cold water to someone who is in the desert.  You do not realize the souls who are being assisted by your prayers.  If you really knew you would never want to cease praying.  Do you not see the signs of the times?  Do you not understand the dire shape in which souls are in due to their rejection and rebellion against God the Father?  If you knew, you would continue the short burst of prayers and make this additional time a spiritual practice.  Pray the holy rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  If you are already praying, pray more.  If you are not praying, begin to pray right away.  Your brothers and sisters who are in darkness need your prayers.  Sacrifice a small amount of your time, out of love for your brothers and sisters.  They need you, My children of light.  You will not regret time spent in prayer out of love for your brothers and sisters.  Pray also for guidance in each major decision of your lives.  I would like you to pray before every decision.   Begin where you and your family are now and incorporate prayer into your decision making process.  I will to guide each family in the journey toward closer unity with My Sacred Heart and My Mother’s Immaculate Heart.”


“In order to do this, though you must be open.  In order to be open, you must be praying.  You would not ignore a good friend for very long, or you would grow apart and be out of touch with one another.  Similarly, you must not ignore the God who made you and who loves you.  We are friends, children of light and in order to remain in the light, and be connected with the light, you must pray.  It is through prayer that we come to know one another better.  Through prayer, I give you graces to grow in holiness; graces for virtue, graces for love, graces to withstand the coming persecution.  My children, I love you and I long to be loved by you.  Do not become slack in your time spent with Me.  The world is tainted with every kind of sin and the longer you spend doing all the things of the world and without prayer, the more you begin to become aligned with the world.  Stay close to Me, My children for with Me, you have a sure refuge during the trials and storms of life.”


“Daily life has trials, My children, as you well know.  But solemnly I tell you, many greater trials and storms are on your horizon.  You would do well to take your Lord and Savior seriously for a time is coming like none other known to mankind.  Listen to Me, My beautiful children made in the image of God.  I want to shower you with graces, to bring you into the home of My Sacred Heart.  Come to Me, My children, so that I can care for you; guide, guard and direct you.”


“Listen, it is important, vitally important for you to begin family prayer, especially the holy rosary.  Begin with one decade as a family, if that is all you can do.  Your children will learn to love prayer when you pray together.  Begin with anything you can do.  Pray and My Mother will pray with you.  She will take your hands and bring a sweet peace from Me to your family through this time of prayer.  Form a habit, a pattern of prayer.  Fathers you must lead your family in this prayer time.  Insist on 15 minutes in the evening, for those of you who are just beginning.  Pray for the intentions on each ones’ heart.  Allow your children to offer their intentions.  They will learn to love others through this important practice.  They will understand through the example of their parents and most especially through their father, that time spent in prayer as a family, has priority in your homes.  They will learn through this experience that you think their prayers are important to God, and they are!  They will develop a beautiful prayer life.  They will learn to love prayer, for prayer waters one’s soul and gives it nourishment to grow.  Parents, you would not deprive your children of food when you have a refrigerator full of food.  I know you would not do this, My children of the light.  Realize that when you refuse to pray together as a family, you are depriving your children of spiritual food.  This is true, My children, because in prayer, the Holy Trinity sends many graces which nourish the soul.”


“Each child of Mine should pray individually, also, so I am saying to you that family prayer needs to be in addition to your individual prayer.  Do not think that just because you are praying and perhaps your spouse is also that this negates the need for family prayer.  That is a deception of the evil one.  Children must pray together with their parents, and spouses must pray together, with your children.  This is the foundation that you lay for your children’s spiritual development.  This is My domestic church, praying to the Lord God as a family unit.  You cannot begin to imagine the graces that will descend from Heaven on families who pray together.  You will regret, very deeply, the many graces your family failed to receive because of your pride, or because of your self-centeredness.  Do not be neglectful parents.  Be models of Christian virtue.  It is through family prayer that many souls have received graces for holiness and protection.”


“Most of the saints were raised with family prayer, My children.  I need many, many saints in these dark days, and I implore you with My Sacred Heart to begin family prayer time right away. ‘ When will we find the time?’  You might say.  Ask Me and I will help you.  There is much time available to you that is spent playing games, socializing, watching various forms of entertainment, reading magazines, and news articles or spent on electronic devices.  My children, do you not see what you are teaching your children?  I will tell you so that it is clear.  You are teaching your children, that all of these things I just mentioned are more important than God.  In this way, you make false idols.  This is no different than the Israelites of old worshipping images.  I tell you, the images shown on televisions and other screens are more seductive and addictive to the human brain than other images of old.”


“Be wise, My children.  I have given you all means of assistance in the Mass, the Holy Eucharist, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, access to My holy priest sons, the sacramentals of the Church and I withhold nothing from you; not even My own Mother.  I ask you very seriously to consider why it is you refuse your Jesus 15-20 minutes of family prayer time.  Did I not give you My very life?  How little I ask of you.  Realize this, My children whom I love, I ask only what is good for your souls and the souls entrusted to you.  Begin now, for this much needed time of prayer will bring healing of relationships, will form your children into Christian soldiers for God the Father and will begin to foster and nourish My Mother’s children who are being formed for Her army to bring about the triumph.  You must first nurture and till the soil of your children’s hearts in order for the Catholic seeds you are planting to be watered and grow.  Families who set aside prayer time each day will see children raised in the faith, who will not depart from it.  This is what is missing in families, My children.  There are homes where no father is present.  In this case you must enthrone your Jesus who is the Good Shepherd in your homes and gather around for family prayer.  I will shepherd you.  I will be the missing father for your children.  Come, We will begin together.  You will begin to understand how important this is, and you will reap the benefits, of this I assure you.  Begin now, while there is a lull before the storm.  Your children need this.  You need this (family prayer).  Families are falling apart all around you and your children.  Give them this beautiful gift of family prayer and you will give them a future with hope.  I love you My children.  Bring all to Me and I will guide you.”


Thank You, Lord Jesus for telling us this important spiritual practice is the key to holy families.  It has been very beneficial for us, Jesus and I am very grateful that You revealed this to us.  Praise You, Lord, now and forever!


“My daughter, I am pleased that My son (your husband) decided to spend time with Me today.  I know of your displeasure with his decision to miss this time together and I assure you that I would miss seeing him here even more.  All has been arranged and he is here.  Leave everything to Me when there is a concern and allow Me to bring successful resolutions to problems.  I am actively at work in your family who has given Me your ‘yes’.  You consecrate each day to Me through My holy Mother Mary and this should give you peace of mind that I will work all things together for your family’s welfare and that of each soul.  Do not be concerned when you can give each and every problem to Me.  All is well, and all will be well.”


“I have heard your prayers for your children whom you love so dearly.  I love them most dearly, also, My daughter.  They were My children first, and so this will be a burden We both carry. We carry this together you and I, My little lamb.  So, your concerns are in very capable hands.  (smiling)  I, the one who was with My Father when the world was created, who created the world with Him, who speaks a word and what I say comes into being; I your Jesus am doing a great work in each of their souls.  Continue to pray and ask My Mother to intercede for them as well as the saints in Heaven, and you will see each child blossom.  These trials they are experiencing are not without merit and grace; even the one about whom you are most concerned.  I tell you, My little lamb that each child of yours will be with you and My son one day in paradise.  Trust in Me, My child.  You are My friend.  Friends do what they can for one another and I will see to their souls.  I give you the same words for your grandchildren.  I give these words to you and My son (your  husband).  All will be well.”


“My son, I encourage you to speak out in love to your son who does not have the knowledge of your faith, for he was not raised in this faith.  This is My Church and I desire all of My children to come within the safety of this ark.  You do not need to try to convince him, but present information.  Share what is going on in the liturgical calendar.  Be open with him about the most important aspect of your life.  Do not be afraid, My son.  My Mother brings many graces to the world in these days; graces for conversion, graces for love, graces for holiness.  You have nothing to fear by sharing what you love with him.  Do this and you will see changes in his heart.  You fear pushing him away and yet by withholding what it is you value most in your life, you are keeping him away.  Do you see, My son?  You are not protecting your relationship, but the opposite.  When we love others, we are excited to share our joys and our experiences with them.  Share your faith, which is the essence of your life, and in this way you show him that he is important to you.  Do not speak with him as if he was an acquaintance, one with whom you chat about the weather, sports and superficial niceties.  Share your heart with your son.  When he is faced with the Illumination he will be much more open with all things of the Church for you will have prepared him.  If you withhold your love for your faith and one day he discovers the beauty of the faith (which he will) you do not want to be in the position of explaining why you didn’t tell him more.  I tell you this out of love, My son, not out of anger or disappointment.  I see your heart and I know it is good.  I understand your hesitancy to speak with him.  This is why I provide direction, for it is out of love for you.  I do not withhold My advice out of love, but rather I give My advice out of love.  Do the same, My son, with your son.  Be like St. Joseph who taught the Christ Child.  He was most humble and could have said ‘Who am I, a mere mortal, to teach the Son of the Living God about the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.’  Think of this, My son.  Meditate on this important role St. Joseph had in My human formation.”


“Yes, as God I could have grown and have been fine without this, for though I am God, I am also human and by the will of God, became man.  By My Father’s will I became man and was born of man, raised by man, nourished by the milk of My holy Mother Mary and was formed within the safety and sanctity of the family, the Holy Family.  Because of this, St. Joseph’s duty was clear.  He raised Me, the Christ, taught Me as any other Jewish boy in a holy family of the day was taught.  Oh, My Most holy father Joseph was truly humble, truly holy, and yet it was not in spite of his humility and holiness he taught Me, but because of his holiness and humility.  Do you see, My son?  St. Joseph knew who he was in the sight of God, a man, though only man, he was the man chosen by God to raise, form, protect, nourish and sustain the Son of God and Son of Mary most holy.  Imagine St. Joseph being negligent of his duties in this regard.  That is correct, My son, you cannot imagine this, because it is impossible for him to have been negligent in his duties, for great was his love for God and for My holy Mother Mary.  Great was St. Joseph in virtue, in responsibility, in mercy and justice.  He was the most strong of all men by virtue of his holiness and the role he needed to play for the salvation of the entire world, and he was also the most gentle, loving, kind man.  He is this for all of My people. Go to him often and he will teach you in the most gentle of ways.  He will assist you in your important role of father to all of your children and grandchildren now and those to come.  He will assist you as you do your duty including that which you are being asked to do with regard to your oldest son.  Be at peace and accept the joy I send you now, and the joy you will experience in the future for being a man of faith, and sharing your faith with others.  I encourage you to share this precious treasure with everyone, which you so generously do, and to do the same with the son whom you love.  I am with you.  All will be well.  Just as I see to the souls of your other children, so it is for (name withheld).  Rejoice, My son and be free, knowing that I your God go before you in all matters.”


Thank You, Jesus.  You continue to amaze and delight me with Your beautiful insights and stories of Your life growing up in the heart of the holy family.  Help us to imitate this holy life in our own imperfect families, Jesus.  We so want to inspire faith in our family.  Please send Your Holy Spirit to ignite the fire that is flickering in every human heart.  Fan the embers with the breath of God and turn us into flames of pure love for You.


Lord, I am hesitant to ask You about our home, because I have asked so many times.  Each time You assure me to trust in You, and I do trust You.  I also trust that You will tell us if we are not doing something we should be doing.  We don’t want to create obstacles to Your will.  Jesus, we were slow to do all You asked but we are trying, Lord.  My husband is trying, I should say, Lord.  You know all things and You know we have not had anyone ask to so much as look at the house.  It is now time to either renew the posting or decide on a different course.  What would You like us to do, Jesus?  Help us, Lord for we desire only Your holy will in our lives.  What do You say about this, Lord?


“My child, all is going according to My plan.  My timing is not your timing and so you are unsure that what I told you before was accurately interpreted by you.  I tell you, everything that has transpired has gone and is going as I have planned.  Remain on course.  Continue packing and preparing to move, meet with the builder as you are planning and begin this phase of the project.  The family I have willed buy your house will still do so.  They have been impacted by a situation that has created a delay for them and this is why they have not been able to even inquire.  I needed your obedience in this, and you have shown obedience.  I knew beforehand this would occur and still I wanted you to begin for this large project of packing takes time.  You are much farther along than you would have been had you not started.  You must keep your goal in sight (the Community) and continue striving toward this goal.  In this way, the end goal will be obtained.”


“Continue on, trusting in Me, your Savior.  It is My will that you go into My Mother’s community and nothing will stop this with your ‘yes’ and My Mother’s guidance.  Do not focus on the small concerns that have surfaced, My son and My daughter.  Whenever things occur from one of your brothers and sisters, give each one the benefit of the doubt.  Love your brothers and sisters and be the ones who defend others in your community.  You are the older brother and sister who has each one’s defense and in this way you bring the spirit of unity.  My daughter, you did exactly what I desired and you learned from the previous experience.  When in question, go to the source.  You asked for My guidance and I rushed in to give counsel.  Do you see, My little lamb how quickly I work to remove barriers when you bring them to Me?”


Yes, Jesus!  Thank You.  You did indeed rush to My assistance.  Thank You very much, Lord.  You are the Good Shepherd who loves His flock.


(private conversation omitted)


“My sons of (community name withheld) will have many lives and souls to care for and protect.  My Mother and the Holy Spirit are forming all of you.  It is imperative that you remain united as one in serving Me and in forming this important and pivotal community.  If you knew the impact the community will have on the world, you would shudder from the weight of this responsibility and yet this cannot begin to compare to the weight of responsibility your patriarch St. Joseph had.  Do not fear, but pick up your crosses and follow Me.  I will lead you as I am now, and all of Heaven intercedes before the throne of My Father for you, for you men are a foundational component of My Father’s plan.  First, you must love your brothers and sisters, invited and chosen by My Mother and by Me.  You are all precious to Me and are critical to the plan My Father has for this community.  United in brotherly love, filled with faith, nourished by the Sacraments, and enriched through prayer and the gifts of the Holy Spirit you will all lead in forming My Mother’s community.  This is an important part of Our plan for the salvation of the world.  Allow this objective to be the most important objective in your lives and let nothing pull you apart or create factions and disunity.  Satan wants to destroy this plan.  Do not allow a crack in the fabric of unity to give My adversary a foothold.”


“Be love, be mercy, be men of God and defend one another’s good intentions.  Disagreements will occur, My sons but do not doubt one another.  When this occurs, trust will fail and then where will My Mother’s founding members be?  Where will the many I send you go?  There will not be a place for My holy priest sons to find safe refuge.  There will not be a place for My little ones with no parents to go, for love, for safety, to begin anew.  A multitude of peoples will be negatively impacted if you allow disunity to creep in, My sons.  Allow (name withheld) to lead.  Help him and support him in this.  There must be no person, not one single person, given the power to break through My men of the community, so united you shall be.  Be holy brothers to one another.  I will guide you.”


“Allow Me to correct the faults in one another.  Speak the truth in love, of course but not before having prayed to Me for guidance and not before giving each person the dignity and respect they deserve, and the benefit of your trust.  This is a vital point and one that you must consider very seriously, for satan wants to destroy the plan of My Father in Heaven and We are asking you, My sons to be the first line of defense.  You will be this defense because of your faithfulness in prayer, in frequenting the Sacraments, through fasting and by trusting in Me and asking My holy Mother Mary to give you Her direction, for She remains in perfect unity with the will of the Blessed Trinity.  She is the Mother of the Church, and the Mother of your community.  Her mantle is already covering the land and the people who will dwell there.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your wisdom, guidance and correction.  Thank You for Your great love and mercy.  Help us to be all that You will for us.  I love You, my Shepherd, my Lord, my Savior, my God and my All.


“And I love you, My little lamb.  Go in My peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be love, be joy.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Amen!


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