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Children of the Renewal Messages


April 17, 2016  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, adore You, praise You and love You.  Thank You for loving me, sweet Jesus.  Thank You for being the good Shepherd and for shepherding me through the events of last week.  Please lead me this week and every day of the rest of my life.  Thank You for the little signs of progress (name withheld) has made in his recovery.  He has so far to go, Lord but I am still waiting with hope and trust in You.  Please heal him, Lord Jesus.  You who can do all things.  Nothing is too difficult for You, Lord.


St. Padre Pio, thank you for your encouragement and for agreeing to intercede for (name withheld).  You have been such a beautiful spiritual father to me and I am grateful for all you do and for all you are.  Jesus, I offer prayer for each person I know who is ill and suffering and I bring each one to You and ask for graces for healing for (names withheld) and for all those in the world who are ill; especially those who have no one to pray for them.  Heal them, Jesus.  Console and comfort them so they do not feel alone.  Lord, I also pray for (name withheld) who lost her husband.  Bless and console her and also their children.  Shepherd them, Jesus in this time of great loss and sorrow.


Lord God, You know everything.  You know each person’s needs.  For those who will die to this earthly life, and will stand before You this day, supply each one’s needs so they will enter into the joy of Heaven.  Thank You for life, Lord.  Thank You for the gift of salvation that You won for us by laying down Your life for us, Your humble sheep.  Lord, we are wounded, stained and sometimes smelly sheep, and I praise You for loving us as we are but also for loving us so much that You do not desire to leave us in this state.  Praise You for the sacramental life of the Church.  Thank You, Jesus.  I pray that You wash us in Your precious blood so that one day we will be like those saints in Revelation who have white garments and stand near Your holy throne in Heaven giving praise to You and thanking You for bringing us through the time of great distress.  Give us graces for heroic love and courage, fortitude and peace.  Transform our troubled, confused hearts into hearts that are confident in our Shepherd, trust in our Lord and Savior and are steadfast, pure and loyal to You, our God.  Transform my tepidity, Jesus into the fire of Your love.  May it be so, Jesus as You Will it, though for Your adorable Will is perfect in every way.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My daughter, I love you so.  This has been a difficult week, My child.  Though you have felt alone, isolated and in darkness, I have been ever near you.  I drew you close to My Sacred Heart and embraced you, My little one.  Thank you for believing in My friendship, though you were unable to detect My nearness.  You are growing in trust, My child.  Your love for Me is growing.  You do not see this, My little lamb but it is so.  You  know that I will not abandon you regardless of how it seems or feels and this is growth, dearest child.  This is growth.  This quiet acquiescence to the Will of God is the love which grows over time through many trials and much testing.”


Jesus, I don’t know about this, but I do believe you.  I believe in You.  I believe in Your love.  The more difficulties experienced give way to more dependence on You and a deeper knowledge of how very weak and so imperfect I am.  There is nothing I can accomplish, no task I can undertake, no act of love that I can do unless You do the work in and through me.  You are the One who  accomplishes.  You are the One who causes growth.  You are the One who loves.  The only credit I can take, Jesus is for the times I have failed.  These times are many, Jesus and they are all my responsibility.  Any successes are Yours, Jesus and for the times You have succeeded in using me, in spite of myself I praise and thank You for Your kindness and mercy.  Without You, Lord I would cease to breathe.  Without You, I would perish instantly, my Jesus but I am not concerned if You decide this for Me as long as I can collapse in Your arms.  That is all that matters to me.  I have come to know that Your Will is always love and Your Will is best no matter how it may appear to human eyes.  Your love is perfect and unconditional.  I trust Your love, Lord.  I trust it for each human being and every creature in the world.  Lord, I will continue to pray for healing of my loved ones and I ask that You grant me this latitude for I know that regardless of how I pray, Your Will will be done.  Until You say ‘no’ I will continue to ask You.  In the end, Your Will is perfect.  Since I do not always (almost never) know Your Will, I presume on Your willingness to heal based on the Gospel stories filled with accounts of Your mercy to the sick, suffering and sinful.  I continue to come as a beggar and like those who lowered their friend on a stretcher through the roof of the house in which You were teaching, I do the same.  I rely on Your goodness and mercy, Jesus and on Your great compassion for those who are sick of mind or physically, or spiritually sick.  Heal, sweet Jesus.  Heal.


“My little lamb, your heart is heavy with the love of those who are ill and in need of a physician, one who heals in My name.  Your heart groans with the pressure of this burden of love which you carry for your brothers and sisters.  Leave your burden with Me now, My daughter.  You must do so in order  to make room in your heart for My joy.  Otherwise, this concern, this sadness, leaves no room for joy in the Lord.  Make space for My joy, child and in this way, graces for joy may take root in your heart.  This letting go and giving to Me is also an act of trust and faith and one that I will honor.”


Yes, Jesus.  As You say.  Lord, I leave the burdens on my heart with You right now.  All I have, including these burdens are Yours now.  Jesus, I give them to You and entrust them to Your strong, capable arms and into Your healing hands.  Make all of these lovely people new, Jesus.  Heal them from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet.  Restore each and every cell in their bodies and even recreate the sick cells if needed.  All are Yours, my Lord and my God to do with as You Will.  Whether You heal them now, or heal them in Heaven, Jesus do what is best for their souls and for the souls of others they may influence for Your Kingdom.  They are Yours, Jesus.  Thank You, God!


“My daughter, now My Will is made free to work whereas before Your will was holding on to what it is you wanted.  My sweet daughter, your will is to become one with My Will.  In order for this to come to fruition you must always want what I want, and always will what I Will.  When My children hold on to their desires, even those desires for the good of others, your human will, which was created by God and therefore is to be respected, can serve as an obstacle.  Even when one desires the good of another, it is often short-sided and not the ultimate good.  This is so, because mere humans cannot see fully and do not have the wisdom and knowledge that I have.  No human knows the innermost secrets of a soul and therefore do not often even know how to pray.  This is why it is best to ask that My Will be done.  Make your request.  Bring all to Me, but in the end say, ‘but not my will, Lord but Your Will be done.’  I gave you this example through My agony in the garden.  I asked My Father for what I hoped in My human Will, but prayed for My Father’s Will to be done in My Divine Will.  In My humanity and in My Divinity I united Myself to His Will.  This is what I want all of My children to do.    I realize that I knew the Father’s Will completely, because He and I are One.  You do not know the Father’s Will; however this is all the more reason to unite yourselves in faith, hope and love to the Will of God for humanity cannot know all there is to know about each situation but can trust God in His infinite goodness and mercy to do what is best; for I am all love and all love is Me.”


Thank You, Jesus for teaching me and showing me that I was holding on to My will for others, as if I know what is best.  I do not know, Jesus.  I thank You, also for saying that we are to pray for what we want (need) and bring all to You, but that in the end we are always to pray for Your Will.


“Yes, My child.  It is difficult sometimes to realize that though one says and prays for God’s Will, one is still holding on to his own will.  Most people do not realize they pray in this manner.  Again, I refer to what is going on inside the heart, and not to the words being used.  Reflect on this, My children.  Reflect on this and ask Me to show you and teach you to pray according to My Will.  After all, when one loves and desires the utmost good for another, isn’t the utmost good for the soul that they come to Heaven?  Yes, of course My children.  You already know this and so pray for the highest good for each soul and pray that My Will be done in souls.  My little one, trust in My love.  Trust that My love is stronger and more pure than any human love. Then trust that My Will, which acts in complete union with My love for I am completely and fully integrated and One with My Father and My Spirit, is for the highest good of each soul.  With this full trust in Me, You grant Me (through consent of your will) the freedom to do all according to My holy, divine, perfect Will.  Do you understand, My little lamb?”


Yes, Jesus I think so.  Even though You are God and You already have the freedom to operate in any way You decide, because You created free will in human beings, You respect our free will such that You will not violate it, even though You can and have a right to do so on account of the fact that You created us.  When we give our will over to Your superior, perfect Will this enables God to act unreservedly.  It is a difficult concept, Lord since one would think that You act regardless of our will, since You are God.  Even though You can go against the principles You created, You do not for You are perfect and You allow us to grow closer to You sometimes through our faults and failings.  Eventually, as we grow and mature in our love for You, we begin to understand in small ways, what it is to trust in Your Will.  During this Jubilee of Mercy, Lord may we all grow exponentially in faith, hope, love and joy, in union with Your holy Will.


“Yes, My child.  You have explained this well.  You understand My teaching.  Is your heart lighter now?”


Yes, Jesus it is right now.  I hope it stays this way.  I fear that I understand now in Your presence but when I walk into (name withheld) hospital room and experience his confusion, his lack of clarity (or seeming so), his suffering that I will be overcome with my longing for his complete healing.  Help me to remember what I seem to understand now.  Help me to fully and completely abandon myself to Your Will.  I know it is perfect love, Jesus.  Help me to know this even when things don’t go as I want.  I can’t explain what I really mean, Jesus.  You know my heart and that I am not eloquent or articulate, Lord.  I do not need to be, Jesus because You know what I wish to say, before I can express it.


“Yes, My child.  I understand all.  I see all.  I know all.  I also see with eyes of love and all that I see within you is for good, not for evil.  Your intentions are for good, My brave little dove.  All will be well.  All will be well.”


Thank You, sweet Savior.  Once again You have blessed us with a short time in Your presence with no one else here.  It is a blessing, Lord and one that doesn’t occur very often.  Thank You!  I am relieved, though to see that our friend (name withheld) is here now.  I am so glad to see her. 


Jesus, I occasionally think about the dear souls who are elderly and am sad that my mother was taken to Heaven at such a young age.  I am not questioning You and I rejoice that she is with You in Heaven.  I just love the elderly and recall the days, long ago, that I innocently assumed she would live to a ripe, old age.  She had such genes in her family for longevity.  I also realize how selfish it is of me to think like this when she is enjoying the fullness of Heaven.  There is no way she would want to be here, after experiencing Heaven.  Still I wonder at my naiveté in thinking this would be the case. (A long life for her)  Life is very fragile, Lord.  Things are almost never as we anticipate, and yet Your glorious Will prevails with perfection.  Thank You, my Lord.


“My little lamb, thank you for your openness to My teaching.  You are like a sponge, soaking up the water of My truth.  Your eagerness gives Me joy.”


I am glad, Jesus.  Now, please send me graces to put into practice all that You teach me.  ( I feel Jesus smiling.  He knows I try, but ...)  Well, I will rely on You to provide this, as well Lord.  I can do nothing but You can do anything and everything.  Jesus, have You anything else to say to me today?


“Yes, My little one.  Be alert to the small miracles of grace I will give to you this week.  Be aware, notice, and give glory to God.  I will shower graces upon you and your loved ones this week.  Remember My words and give thanks and praise.”


Jesus, You have already given me sweet treasures this week.  I witnessed (name withheld) waving to (name withheld) and squeezing (name withheld) hand.  I saw his effort to smile at (name withheld) which filled (name withheld) with such unexpected joy.  These are precious gifts to me, Jesus.  Thank You that I was there to witness them.  You are very thoughtful, Jesus.  I will try to be aware and alert, Lord.  Thank You for all that You give.  Even the bittersweet is dear to me, Lord for all goodness comes from You.  With You, Jesus the sweetness always follows that which is bitter.  Thank You, Lord. 


“My little lamb, allow Me to be your true Shepherd.  Follow where I lead and do not hesitate for one moment, for I love you and I do not lead My sheep, not even one, astray.  Trust in Me and when it is difficult to follow Me due to your physical weakness and suffering, I will carry you.”


I am counting on You to carry me, Jesus because even when my heart desires to follow You and You alone, and even when You call me and I clearly hear Your beautiful voice in my heart, I do not have the strength to go where You want to take me.  But, if You carry me, I willingly go wherever You Will, no matter how perilous the path.  If You carry me, then it makes no difference, because I am with You and the way becomes easier when You are navigating.  I don’t even need to see the way, Lord.  It is enough to keep my gaze on You.  Jesus, there are times I have no idea how or where we went specifically.  It is as if I was holding on to You for dear life and somehow, even with a roller coaster ride, we ended up in the right place.  You are amazing, Jesus.  I feel I walk through life with blinders on, but somehow I make it through and I know it is because You carried me.  Thank You, Lord for the times (many, many times) You carried me to safety.  Praise You, Lord.


“I will carry you and I will carry each and every one of My children.  All that is needed is trust.  Ask Me, My children and I will carry you.  I love you, My Children of Light.  I love You.  I love all of My children, even those who have not yet decided for Me.  Open your hearts to your Shepherd.  I will love and protect you forever if you ask and if you open your heart to Me.  “


“My Children of Light, there is great darkness around you, now.  I am not telling you anything new, I realize but I desire to confirm you in your observations.  There is darkness; a vast darkness that appears to have no end.  I am the light.  I penetrate darkness and like the sun burns away the fog, My light will cause darkness to vanish.  The time is near for the darkness to vanish, but it has not arrived, yet.  Be encouraged, though for the time is drawing near.  In the meantime, I am counting on you to bear My light.  I see this light, the small rays coming from My faithful children, penetrate the darkness and beam to the heavens.  This is visible to Me and to all in Heaven, especially when My faithful gather and participate with their hearts in the Mass.  Rays of light arise to Heaven like incense.  Pray, My children for your prayers, your love, your acts of kindness do make a difference.  We will gather all of your love and bundle your prayers and these small lights will join with the great, powerful light that comes from the love that is God and darkness will vanish, My children.  This process is beginning but the storm will come first and is already in its beginning.”


“A storm first begins with dark clouds, then the wind gathers speed and can at times become quite violent.  The sky will grow even darker and when it is very dark, beautiful flashes of lightening illuminate the sky.  These flashes are brief, but they demonstrate the power of God.  Then one hears thunder and at times it sounds as if all of the windows in your homes will shatter, but they do not.  Then, the rain comes in torrents and drenches the ground, sometimes causing flooding, but usually just large puddles.  My children, there are storms that cause fear and people run for cover and pray.  Usually, they (storms) pass but afterwards the air is fresher and the earth is cleaner.  Such are the spiritual storms and the great climax, the Time of Great Trials will bring the apex of the storm, but be steadfast in your faith.  Trust in Me.  Love your neighbor and give them refuge by showing them love and confidence in Me.  Be a port for others in the storm.  Afterwards, the earth will be purified as will the hearts of My people.  The earth will be made clean and life will be restored to the way God desires for His people.  Endure the transition time My children, but do so with joy.  This joy will be a great consolation to others.  If you do not possess joy, ask Me to give you graces for joy.  First, you will need to make room for joy by giving Me all that burdens your hearts and weighs on you.  Give all to Jesus and ask that I fill the void with joy, peace and love.  This is all that is required to follow Me:  Trust, peace, love, faith and joy.  These are fruits of the Holy Spirit but these gifts must be desired.  The giver wishes to give but seed does not grow on rocky soil.  Open your hearts to Me.  Seek Me.  Ask Me to do My Will in your beautiful lives.  Water the soil of your hearts with prayer.  Listen to My voice.  Many will hear My voice in this age for it is necessary that you follow Me closely, so that you do not fall prey to the enemy who prowls around in the dark seeking your souls to devour.  Open your hearts to Me, for I will guide you and lead you to the safety of My Mother’s protective mantle to wait out the storm in the arms of My Mother.  All will be well.  Follow Me.”


Thank You, Lord.  Praise You, Jesus Christ, true God and true Man.  Thank You for being our Shepherd, our Lord, Savior and King.  Thank You for Your holy and pure Mother Mary.  You withhold nothing from us, Jesus.  Thank You.  I am leaning on You, Jesus and I ask You to carry me when I am too weak to go where my feet cannot travel.  The road I am on now is treacherous, but in Your arms I will go wherever You Will.  I only ask that You take me with You, Jesus.  Do not leave me to my own devices.  Do not take Your eyes off me even for a second, Lord.  I can’t survive without You, Lord but with You, I can do what You Will.  Only with You, Jesus because You do it for me.  Thank You, Jesus my friend.  I love You. (He does the heavy lifting!)


“You are welcome, My littlest one.  I will not leave you for one instant.  I will carry you when the way is too rough.  I do not ask you to take a perilous way, without carrying you for I do not set My children up for failure.  I am the Good Shepherd.  I will guide, guard and direct you.  Follow Me.  All will be well.  Be aware, My child for the graces of the week.”


Thank You, my sweet Savior.  Thank You.


“I bless you both in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in the peace and joy of your Savior.  Be love, be mercy, be joy.”


Amen and Alleluia! 


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