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Children of the Renewal Messages

May 22, 2016, Adoration Chapel

Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I love You, adore You and praise You, my God and my King.  Thank You for holy Mass this morning, Jesus.  It was so good to receive You in the Eucharist.  What a great gift You give us—Your very self.  Praise and thank You, Lord.  Lord, I bring every concern and each person who has asked for prayer.  I place them at Your feet, Jesus.  I pray especially for those who are sick; (names withheld).  I pray for the sister of (name withheld) for their entire family and for (name withheld).  Lord, please be with all of the sick and give them graces for healing, peace and consolation.  If You do not heal them now, Jesus give them graces for perseverance and to offer their crosses for souls who are in need.  Thank You for Your holy Will and for Your mercy.  Thank You for all You do for us, Lord and for Your holy Mother Mary.  Happy feast day, Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!


“Thank you, My child.  I bless all of your intensions and prayers.  Thank you for being here with Me today.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your presence here!  It is an incredible gift to have access to You, our God, the Creator of Heaven and earth.  To think that You make Yourself available to Your creatures in this way.  It is incredible, Lord.  You are complete love and mercy.  Your holy Will is my delight.  Please forgive me for the times I have sinned, Jesus.  I am sorry for the times I have offended You and disappointed You.  I love You, Jesus.  Help me to love You more.


“You are forgiven, My child.  All is forgiven.  You find this amazing, My little one.  Yes, it is amazing but it is because of My great love for My creatures that I forgive so easily.  I ask You to forgive as easily as I.  Forgive those who have hurt you, My child.”


Yes, Jesus; as You say.  I want to forgive as my Lord and Savior forgives.  You must forgive through me, Jesus for I am not sure I can forgive, but I want to forgive.  Give me graces for forgiveness.  Help me, Jesus to forgive and to love as You love. 


“I will help you, My little lamb.  I will work in you and through you to heal your wounds and to teach you to forgive as I forgive.”


Thank You, Jesus!


“My child, the past several months have been most difficult for you.  Think of the many large changes that have occurred in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.  You have suffered and have carried these crosses which have been quite heavy, and have weathered these storms well.  Think of this, My little one.  Reflect on the major life changes and challenges you have experienced of late.”


Yes, Jesus.  Now that You mention it, there have been many challenges and changes.  One could say these have been major life changes.  I suppose if I took one of those “stress tests” my score would be very high; which is not good.


“Yes!  And yet, you have come through these with grace.  You have done well, My child.”


Oh, Jesus.  You said it Yourself, I have come through with grace, because You have provided much grace.  If it were not for Your grace, I would be a basket case.  Thank You for giving me all that I have needed to get through.  I love You, Jesus!  I couldn’t live without You.  I couldn’t take one breath without You, Lord.


“Yes, My child it is true.  I have given you every grace needed.  I do this for all of My children.  Still you have been receptive to the graces that have been given to you.  For the times you have not been as open, you asked the saints to intercede for you and they have done so.  They secure additional graces as well as asking Me to open your heart to receive that which I send you.  The saints in Heaven are of tremendous assistance to you.  It is good that My son (name withheld) and you ask for the saints to intercede.  Continue this practice for I desire that My children have every assistance available to them.  There is much power in the communion of saints and not enough attention given to seek this heavenly assistance.  Your brothers and sisters who have experienced life as you are, and who have already won the battle stand at the ready for those who call on them.  Do remember to call on them, for their intercession is powerful.  They already live in the presence of the Blessed Trinity and therefore have open access to Me.  They have also already found favor with me as they now dwell in My heavenly Kingdom.  Go to them often for assistance with life’s problems.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I want to thank You for being with (name withheld) as she gave her notice.  She has already received an opportunity to do some work.  Thank You, Jesus!  Help her to know what to do next, Jesus.  There are several things she is considering and she wants to do Your Will, Lord.  Only You know what she should do next.  Please continue to guide her and help her to see clearly what You Will that she do.  Praise You, Lord God, now and forever.


“My child, all will be well.  I will direct her steps.  I am pleased with (name withheld) witness and her faith and trust in Me.  I will not disappoint her.”


Thank You, sweet Savior.  She already seems relieved, though I understand what it is like to leave people we love. 


“Yes, My child.  Saying good-bye is difficult.  Your family will have even more practice with this when you move and I am preparing you.  Change is very difficult, I know.  I had to say good-bye to the many people who loved and followed Me.  It is not easy but there are many other rewards that come after the sacrifices and doing God’s Will has its own reward.”


Yes, Jesus.  As You say, Lord.  Your Will is perfect, holy and merciful.  May we all continue to strive to live in Your Divine Will.  Jesus, I continue to see blessing after blessing when I look at all You have done and continue to do for us.  You protect and care for all of Your children with such mercy and love.  You are most generous.  Thank You, Lord for being the most perfect, loving Father.  Thank You, Holy Spirit for loving us and for manifesting the love of the Blessed Trinity.  Pour forth Your Spirit, Lord and renew the face of the earth.


“My child, I understand that you feel the words you use are inadequate to praise Me in the way you desire.  Do not be concerned about this for I know your heart.  The language of the heart needs no words for I know all and I see all.  I love you and I understand what You desire to convey to Me.”


Thank You, Jesus!  It is so easy to speak with You, because You overlook my many weaknesses and shortcomings.  You truly are the most merciful, generous and benevolent.  I love You, my Jesus.


“I love you, also My daughter.  You see now that the many years you waited for Me to release you from your work have paid off.  You waited on direction from Me and all has been to your advantage.  Your team members really do miss you, My child and, though you think you didn’t make an impact you have.  I sent My daughter, (name withheld) to you yesterday to give her a small joy at seeing you and the encouragement from you she misses so much.  I also wanted you to know that you really are loved; not just by Me but by those who were in your charge.  I tell you this to reassure you that all is well, and all will be well.  I also want you to learn from this experience, something important.  Just because one is unappreciated by those who are their ‘superiors’ does not mean that God does not appreciate the work and service of His children, for I see all.  If God is the only one pleased, that would be enough.  However, there are many souls impacted by the service of one who is faithful to Me in spite of those who do not know or recognize talent.  Those who do not follow Me, especially those who have refused to follow Me, have also chosen to weaken their intellect.  They place blinders, so to speak, over their eyes and can only see through a narrow perspective.  Consequently, these people become shortsighted and make mistakes in judgment.  When one follows Me, seeks wisdom and righteousness, I direct their steps and enlighten their minds.”


Thank You, Jesus.  It is obvious then, why we (the world) are so lacking in leadership.  We lack good leaders, Lord.  This must be directly related to the state of our souls.  If more of us loved and followed You, chances are we would have leaders with integrity, wisdom and right judgment.  It is especially bad when it comes to world leaders.  There is much evil, corruption and seeking power for the sake of evil among world leaders, but I see this same state of affairs among business leaders.  We have diseased hearts and souls, Lord because we no longer follow God.


“Yes, My daughter.  You have given an accurate summary of what has gone awry with the world.  It really is that simple, little one.  Repentance and conversion of hearts will solve many problems.  In time, it solves all problems.  When one does not follow God and refuses to serve the God of love, one seeks power, prestige and money.  One seeks worldly fame and fortune.  Pride is at the root of evil and from pride comes the love of money, instead of the love of God.  From pride comes the love of power, instead of respect for God’s power.  Pride says, ‘I want to become God.’  Humility says, ‘I want to know, love and serve God because He is all good and deserving of my love.’   Humility says, ‘I can never repay God for His goodness, but I am most grateful and long to try to repay Him in some way.  Since He loves and shows mercy to me, I will love all those He has created and strive to be merciful as He is merciful.’  Pride says, ‘I don’t care what God has or hasn’t done for me.  I deserve more and I will take all that I want, no matter the cost.’  Foolish children who are puffed up with pride, do you not see that you are following the evil adversary, the devil who is a merciless task master?  He is the one you follow.  It is not as if you lead yourselves and answer to no one.”


“In the end, all of My children will answer for the lives you have led.  If you do not follow Me, you follow My adversary.  You think by ignoring Me and doing what you please, there is no ‘harm done?’  You think that if you ignore Me and live ‘your own life’ you are calling your own ‘shots’ as it were; but this is a lie.  Do not lie to yourselves any longer, but awaken from this deception and see that by not following Me, you are actually following satan and his minions.  Come, My foolish children who serve the enemy.  Be truthful, at least with your soul.  Your soul longs to be in the light, but you continue to choose evil and darkness.  You must stop this foolishness, for you not only condemn yourselves, but you lead others astray.  For this, you will be accountable to Me.”


“It does not have to end this way, My children in darkness.  There is still time to change the outcome of your lives and the lives of others.  Choose Me, the One who loves you and only desires your good.  Choose Me and turn your back on the father of lies who wants your soul in hell forever.  Instead, follow the way, the truth and the life, the God who created and loves you.  I want your soul in paradise forever where there is life, love and happiness.  This is your inheritance.  Why do you waste your inheritance for the spoils of the world that rot and decay?  Choose Me, My children.  There will soon come a time that will be the end of your lives and no matter what earthly pleasures or powers you feel you have amassed, they will not and cannot save you.  I, Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, true God and true man, can save you.  I have already died for you—for all of you and all that is needed is your willingness to follow Me.  Open your heart, your cold, stony heart, and repent.  Seek Me and you will find Me.  I await you, My children.  I am kind and merciful.  I am generous and forgiving.  I will forgive you, embrace you and welcome you into the family of God.  Do not think you are too wicked to be forgiven.  I have forgiven countless souls who were once wicked.  I purify souls with My fiery love and embrace you such that it is impossible to tell the worst sinner from the best saints, such is My love for souls who turn to Me with contrite hearts.  Behold, I make all things new.  I will repair all the damage you have done to your poor soul and soon you will be shining with the love of the Son of man.”


“Come now.  Do not tarry.  There is no time to waste, and there is much to do to prepare for My Kingdom.   You are loved and wanted by Me.  You are missed by the family of God.  Believe this for it is truth.  Your guardian angels pray for you and offer every kind of assistance.  Ask for their assistance and they will lead you to Me.  You are not afraid to seek the assistance of worldly men who are ruthless.  Do not be afraid to seek assistance from the angel assigned to you before you were born, who loves and serves you better than your best friend on earth.  ‘I have no friends on earth,’ you say, ‘No true friends.’  This may be true but your angel guardian is a true friend, because your angel cares about your eternal soul much more than even you do.  You do not even think about eternity and where you may live forever, but your angel thinks about this continually.  Your angel does everything within the power of the angels to assist you and yet you ignore your holy angel!  ‘You do not believe in angels’, you say.  I say you follow the fallen angels so you obviously do believe, though you have deceived yourself for convenience sake so you can continue to sin with a ‘clear conscience.’  You follow satan who is the father of lies, and so you do what he has taught you, lie to yourself and those around you.  Ask your angel to remove the blinders you have placed on your eyes.  Ask the holy Mother of God to take your hand and lead you to Jesus.  I cannot refuse My most pure holy Mother, so if you are afraid to approach Me directly, you may ask Her to accompany you.  She is beautiful, meek and holy.  She loves all of Her children and wants no one to go astray.  She will know what to do with you before presenting you to Me.  Have no fear when My Mother is approached, She turns no one away.  I will then forgive you, embrace you, celebrate that one of My beloved children has returned home, and I will heal your wounds.  I will fill the void in your soul with love and peace and you will know joy like never before.  Believe My children, for My word is truth.  Read sacred Scripture.  Read the parable of the prodigal and you will begin to see the mercy of God. You are My prodigal child, children of darkness.  I go out to meet you, but you must also meet Me.  I am waiting for your return.”


Thank You, Jesus.  You have such love in Your Sacred Heart and long for all of Your children to live with You in Your Kingdom.  Thank You for Your love. Help my brothers and sisters living in darkness to open their hearts to You, Jesus.  If only they knew how kind You are, they would not hesitate, but would run to Your open arms.  Help them, Jesus.  They know not what they do.


“Yes, My child.  Many of them do not see fully what they are doing, but they do know they are not at peace.  They realize they pursue evil or at the least, their own self-centered interests.  They do know this much.  They would realize more if they were honest with themselves for even a moment.  Many live in the ‘kingdom of deceit and denial’ and keep themselves in darkness intentionally.  They know if they are honest with themselves, they would have to choose, but this is the ultimate denial for by not choosing, they have already made a choice for evil.  Do you understand, little one?”


Yes, I think so, Lord.  Please help them to choose You, Lord.  Jesus, have You anything more to say to me?  Jesus, (name withheld) wants to know when (private dialogue omitted)?  Will You give us direction in this, Jesus?


“Yes, My child I have more to say.  Be at peace.  Seek peace.  Be loving and kind to one another.  You must be at peace, having no guile within your hearts.  The time for mercy is now.  From prayer, you must live lives of service with love and joy.  If you do not have joy, pray for My joy.  I love a heart who serves Me with love and joy.  A joyful servant points the way to God, for others will ask, ‘What is the reason and the source of their joy?’  This, My children is true evangelization.  Pray, love Me and because of your love for Me and Mine for you, serve others in joy.  That is what separates My disciples from those in and of the world.  Do not do something for another begrudgingly.  That does not speak well for love, now does it, My children.  Pray for the gift of joy and if you do not feel joy, act as though you already possess it, out of trust in Me, and smile.  All of you can smile and sincerely mean it.  Pray for joy and it shall be given you.  Stop judging others and instead focus on loving them.  For when you judge your neighbor, you are passing judgment on Me.  When you love your neighbor you are loving Me.”


(private dialogue omitted)


“My child, I understand and I know all you have been faced with and each cross you had to carry.  All is well.  (private dialogue omitted)  Do as you are asked and continue on the path.  I do not give you every detail, My children for you do not need to know.  Only trust in Me and continue forward.”


Jesus, You had said previously that this family would buy our house in the spring.  You did not say, ‘which spring’, Lord and spring has come and gone and has come again.


“My child, if I were to say to you, ‘This spring, what would that do for you?”


We would rush to obey you, probably in a panic, and we would be frantic and have no peace.


“Yes, My child, and yet please rush to obey Me regardless of the specific spring for love of Me and also because to do My Will is always best and for your good.  If you knew more than is needed, it creates a lack of trust in Me.  If I told you more than is for your good, you would make other decisions as a result that would be independent of My Will and so I give what is needed.  Prepare now as if it is this spring but do not worry if I have chosen next spring or the next.  What difference does it make, My children?  I know the timing of world events.  I know the timing needed for My Mother’s communities.  I know the timings of other family obligations, that you cannot possibly know and I take all things into consideration.  The time is soon, My children but as you have said previously, ‘My soon is not always what you would consider to be soon.’  Heed My advice and above all things pray and trust.  I have everything under control.  Focus on that which is before you in sight.  That is, care for your loved ones, prepare for your meetings in June and prepare your house.  In the meantime, the way you are to go about your daily lives is with joy, trust, confidence and love.  Each and every action must be done with love.  Follow Me, My children in all things and especially in love.  Go in My peace.  You are My special friends and you should be overjoyed that I have so much trust in you.  I love you and I thank You for your love and friendship.  Go now in My peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  All will be well.  Trust in Me.  My Mother is with you.  Seek Her direction, too.  St. Padre Pio is also with you, as is My foster father, St. Joseph.  Be of good cheer, My son and My daughter.  I love you.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Praise You, my Lord.  Amen.  Alleluia! 

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