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Children of the Renewal Messages

May 29, 2016, Adoration Chapel - Feast of Corpus Christi

Hello, Jesus!  Happy feast of Corpus Christi!  Thank You, dear Lord for giving Yourself to us, body, blood, soul and divinity so that we may be united to You.  Thank You for such a priceless, valuable gift.  There is nothing on earth or in the entire universe that can compare with this inestimable treasure.  You gave and continue to give Your very self to mankind.  Poor, sinful, weary and ungrateful mankind.  We can never begin to show the gratitude You so deserve, Jesus.  Thank You for the gift of Yourself.  I feel blessed beyond measure to be able to gaze at You in the Holy Eucharist and even more to receive You in Communion.  What a wonderful, amazing, loving God!  I love You so much that I want to live and die in this love, Jesus.  Help me to grow ever closer in love with You.


Lord, there are so many people in need of Your assistance.  The world is in such need, sweet Savior.  The poor people of Venezuela, Jesus, these are my brothers and sisters.  They are Your brothers and sisters.  Please, please help them.  They are being oppressed and mistreated by those who are in power.  There are no freedoms (or very few) and no human rights.  In a country full of Catholics, Jesus it is appalling.  It wouldn’t matter what denomination, but I think it is even more appalling knowing that the majority in that country love and follow You.  They are really being persecuted.  Jesus, please send people to help them.  Lord, please give them divine assistance, also.  You are very faithful, Lord.  You are most merciful.  I plead, on Your mercy for Your direct and divine intervention with the Venezuelan people. 


Lord, I bring all those who are ill to You and lay their intentions at Your feet.  For those who asked me to pray and those who need prayer but have not asked.  I pray especially for (names withheld) and for all who are sick in the world.  Give them graces for healing, comfort, consolation and peace.  Be with all those in the world who are dying.  Give them joy in Your presence and peace in Your arms.  Help those souls who need to be remorseful and penitent.  Give them contrite hearts and confidence in Your infinite mercy.  Please bring back those souls who have wandered far from Your sheepfold and have left the Ark of the Church.  Give them graces for strength, courage, trust and faith in the One who established the true Church and help them return just as the prodigal son did.  May we be like the father in the story and run out to meet them when they return.  Help us to be loving, welcoming and friendly.  May all priests receiving them be as the father in the parable, forgiving, merciful, kind and loving.  Help restore fallen away brothers and sisters to their rightful place in the church, Jesus.  Where they were, there are large gaping holes that cannot be filled until they return.  Our hearts are filled with empty spots, Jesus when our brothers and sisters are not with us.  Please find them and lead them home.  We need them, Jesus. 


Lord, thank You for the beautiful woman who has given (name withheld) work to do to tide her over and help her to pay her bills.  You are so good, Jesus.  Please guide (name withheld) in the next steps she should take according to Your holy Will.  Jesus, we trust in You.  I ask for the same for myself, Jesus that You will guide me and show me the way You want me to go.  May I do all that You want me to do, and not my will, Jesus, but Yours.


Please bless our trip to (location withheld).  Make it fruitful and productive according to Your plans for us.  If there is anything we need to do but are not doing, please right our course.  Make straight our path, Lord.  Please take the crooked lines of our lives and make them straight, Jesus.  Lord, for our shepherds I ask protection, courage, guidance, mercy and may they always be a witness to their flocks of the courageous proclamation of the Gospel, no matter what.  Lord, pour out Your Spirit on this dark world.  Please, I beg You, renew the earth.  Bring peace to our hearts, our families and the whole world, for Your glory.  Reign in our hearts again Lord, Jesus.  May the whole world know of Your glory, Your kingship and Your love.  Jesus, I offer my small sufferings to You to do with as You Will.  Please, Jesus, bring about the triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.  It is so desperately needed, my Jesus. (as only You really know.)


“My daughter, how I love your compassion.  I am glad to see you and My son (name withheld) here today.  I know that you long for a day at home to have all to yourselves resting and being outdoors.  Thank you for choosing to spend your time with Me on such a day as this.”


But Jesus, this is Your feast day.  We are the ones who are grateful to be here with You in this place.  We are in the ‘throne room’.  You allow such small people like us admittance to the holiest place on earth.  In the days of the Old Testament, only the priests could be in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant and that was only a foreshadowing of the true Ark, Our Blessed Mother and the future tabernacles which now hold Your sacred body in the Eucharist.  We not only come into the room where You dwell, but can gaze directly at You in the Blessed Sacrament.  What wonder of wonders.  There are no words to express the magnificence of Your humble presence in the Holy Eucharist.  You are my joy, my all. 


“Thank You, My little lamb.  You give Me much consolation.  I am weary from longing for My lost children’s love.  You do not understand how I, God can be weary, but this is not a physical state.  I speak of an emotional type of weariness to put it plainly.  My Sacred Heart longs for all of the souls who no longer love Me; no longer follow Me, and for those who are tepid and don’t give Me even one passing thought.  My heart breaks for those who follow My adversary for their fate is eternal separation from Me and all of Heaven unless they repent and return to Me before it is too late for them.  My Sacred Heart, which is also human longs to be loved for I am all love and all love is Me.”


Jesus, what can we do for You?


“Pray, My dear child.  Pray harder.  Pray more.  Fast, as My Mother has asked of you.  I realize it is difficult for you to fast and to pray more, but I am asking this of you and of all of My children.  It is imperative at this time in history.  You must accept what I am asking and follow through, for many souls are in danger of throwing themselves off the cliff into the abyss filled with putrid evil and contempt, suffering and pain that will last for the rest of their eternal lives.  Many people are being led astray.  Many people who others think are ‘good’ by today’s standard are in grave danger.  Pray for souls.  Pray, pray, pray.  Fast for conversion of souls.  This is a very important mission and is greatly needed.  This mission; to pray and fast for those who do not know and do not love God is of the utmost importance.”


“Please, Children of Light, I need your prayers.  I need your fasting.  Fast as My Mother has asked.  This is the best and most effective form of fasting.  If you struggle with fasting and need assistance, you have only to ask.  Ask Me and I will help you.  Ask My holy Mother Mary and She will help you.  You have all the angels and saints at your disposal, only ask and it shall be given to you.  Many have lost their commitment to fasting and prayer.  There are not enough people doing as My Mother has asked.  Her Immaculate Heart will triumph, there is no doubt, for My Father has said so.  The only question to ask, children, is will you be part of Her army of children?” (*Jesus is asking that we fast on bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays as Our Lady Queen of Peace at Medjugorje has asked us to do.)


“Recall that from sacred Scripture; if you are not for Me, you are against Me.  Please do as My Mother is asking, for She speaks only that which My Father in Heaven bids Her to speak.  She knows the remedy for souls.  Begin now with prayer and fasting and you will see the way you should go in the future.  You will see and understand, hear My voice and follow.  Purify yourselves, My children so you may hear the still small sound of My voice.  You cannot learn to listen with the current state of affairs.  (always sound, music, television, etc. continually around you.)  Put away all distractions, My Children of Light.  The time is now for more quiet, more prayer.  You need My direction, but practice listening to Your Jesus first or you will not understand what I am directing you to do.  I want to guide you in all life’s decisions on a regular basis, but most of My children have not learned to pray and to listen to Me.  If you do not learn now; how do you think you will listen as I direct you specifically to save your life and the lives of your family.  Learn to pray then love to pray.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Lord, thank You for the saints in Heaven who intercede for us.  Thank You for St. Padre Pio and for his special guidance.  You are so generous to give us access to such beautiful souls who loved and followed You with heroic virtue.  Help us to be heroic in our love, also.


“My little one, My son (name withheld) is seeking resolution to his physical pain.  I inspired you to call him.  The conversation you and he had was inspired by My Holy Spirit.  I will direct him.  I want him to seek medical care and to get medical treatment for the ailment he has experienced for years and the current pain he is experiencing.  What you told him is accurate.  I have much work for him to do and in order for him to participate fully, this problem must be resolved.  I will remove the blinders from the physician’s eyes so they will begin to see what is needed.  Tell My faithful son, (name withheld) that I accept all the suffering he and his wife have given to Me.  Many souls have benefitted from their loving offering.  It will soon subside (the pain) and all will be well.  The suffering serves to prepare him for the urgent work ahead.  I say urgent for it will be as if he is leading a ‘crisis management team’ for souls.  He will be one who is acquainted with suffering.  My son, I have prepared you to assume the leadership role I have for you.  There was no better way to prepare you, My son.  You understand this for you are My faithful friend and loyal disciple.  The time that is coming and is soon fast upon you is one that will call for the most loyal, steadfast, courageous man to be a leader, a father, a grandfather and a military officer in My holy Mother Mary’s army.  I have prepared you for My Father’s plan and His mission and this most recent suffering, the excruciating pain you are experiencing serves to help souls who are also in excruciating pain (spiritually).  They suffer more in their souls than even the physical pain you suffer and yet this, for you is temporary.  For them, were it not for My cross and the crosses of other children like you, their suffering would be eternal.  There is no water to quench the consuming fire they would be submerged in for the rest of eternity.  My son, I know I ask much of you.  I have few souls to carry such burdens and so I ask much of those who are faithful to Me.  We have been friends for many years and I love you as only I can know.  Trust in Me, for I have never, and will never leave you.  I will give you a way through this cross, but you must do your part once more and seek medical attention.  I will navigate for you, My son.  I love you  I thank you with all of My Sacred, Merciful Heart for sharing in the passion of your friend and Savior.  Trust in Me and rest in the confidence that you are in My holy Will.”


Thank You, Lord Jesus!  Thank You very much for this message.  I love You, Jesus!


“Do not be concerned, My child.  Remember that I love your friends, also and as much as you care, I love and care all the more for I am God; My love and mercy is infinite.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.  You are the one true God; the second person of the Trinity;  True God and true man.  There is none beside You.  Thank You for caring for us, Your little children.  Thank You that we can call ourselves children of God.  How glorious it is! 


“Yes, My daughter.  It is indeed and that has been Our plan (the Blessed Trinity) from the beginning of the world and creation.  It has always been God’s plan, the plan of creation, redemption, and salvation.  One day, all of the Children of Light will be reunited in Heaven with the Triune God.  Until then, you would do well to remember that your earthly lives are but a blink of the eye when compared to everlasting life.  This is why I ask My children, all of My followers who are My children, to focus on prayer and fasting.  Even if you have a long life on earth, those for whom you pray may die tomorrow and the window of opportunity for their conversion may be very brief.  Each prayer and all fasting for souls is of the utmost significance.  This is why I am asking all of you to focus on that which is important for the salvation of souls.  Remove every form of distraction for there is no time now to tarry.  Be about the work of My Father.  If you knew how little time remained for some souls and the dire situations they are in you would ask for graces to pray without ceasing and yet few ever ask for these graces.”


“Look, it is now beginning to storm.  The signs are ever so obvious.  Sin is rampant and this is like the dark and turbulent sky.  The evil one is active and prowls throughout every corner of the world seeking souls to devour.  He even seeks those who are the most innocent.  This is like wind which gusts and is so powerful it strikes anxiety in the hearts of men as they know they must prepare for a storm of major proportions.  When a tornado is coming, children, you seek refuge.  You stop all activity, with the exception of the activities involved in preparing for the storm.  This is the way you must prepare spiritually now.  The storm is not only imminent; it is heading your way.  Go to the Sacraments now.  Pray and fast for those who are not only in the path of the storm, as all of you are but for those who will be casualties of the storm.  Pray for your shepherds who will minister to their families.  Pray for the souls of those who are too careless and too tepid to realize the storm is headed their way.  Pray for the innocent ones who have no one to protect them.  For My littlest ones who survive and become orphans, I look to My Children of Light to take them in and care for them.  They are your future.  They are the future of the Church, My Church.  You must all be responsible as a community of believers to care for My little ones who will lose everything, even the loving arms of their parents.  Today, there are many Children of Light who have not had children of their own.  You will have many opportunities to have children in the future for there will be no system in place to properly ‘place’ them, My children.  It is up to you to welcome them into your homes and accept them as your children, for this is what I expect of My followers.  Clothe the naked; feed the hungry; care for the sick; love those without love.  By doing so, you will be doing unto Me.”


“My children, never has the world been so evil and never before has there been such opportunity for grace.  Live the Gospel and there will be many, many saints.  Do unto the least of My children what you would want others to do for you if you were in the same situation.  Love one another as I have loved you.  I laid down My very life for you.  You are called to do the same.  This does not mean you will all be martyrs, for that is not God the Father’s plan for everyone.  What this does mean, is that you are all called to sacrificial love.  Christians are called to live for Me and to live lives of sacrifice and service.  Each person has a vocation and living one’s vocation is the most important way to serve God.  However, this does not mean only focusing on your own family to the extreme.  It means as a family, focusing on loving and serving others.  You will all be guided specifically, in how to live this service for each family is unique and My plan for each family is just as unique.  You are not called to live in a vacuum, though My children.  Be witnesses to God’s love and mercy.  Do not cover your lamp with a bushel basket.  Let your light shine for others to see.  Parents, I will guide you in the way to live this life of service for your family, while at the same time protecting you and your children from the culture.  Do all that My Mother has directed you in this regard and all heads of households, pray for guidance from My Holy Spirit and it will be yours.  I am with you.  My Mother is with you.  Spread the Gospel in these most urgent of times.  It is not the time to run for cover but the time to be a light for those who are seeking cover.”


“Do you understand, My children?  My adversary wants you to hide from the world as if in bunkers to protect yourselves from evil.  There are times My children need this type of protection, as in the days Christians hid in the catacombs, but children, do not hide within yourselves the light of Christ that burns within you.  But boldly proclaim your love for Me.  Boldly proclaim your trust and be bold as you teach others about My love and mercy for the world does not know love and so it cannot know mercy.  You are to be My witnesses.  Be witnesses of mercy.  You cannot be this if you are in hiding.  Yes, a time may come where it is necessary to hide, but that time is not now.  You need not live in fear, for I, your Jesus am with you.  The time for courage and love is now.  The time for love is always ‘now’ and it is not the time for fear.  Fear is an absence of trust in God.  Be wise and prudent but do not live in fear.”


“My little lamb, I will bless your journey next week and My plans will begin to unfold as you go about your meetings.  You will find answers to your questions and a plan will begin to be formed.  Trust in Me.  I go before you and I prepare the way.  Go forward confidently.  Have confidence in your Jesus.  All will be well.  Only, follow Me.”


Thank You, Jesus!  I love You!


“And I love you.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in My peace and in the love of My Father.  All will be well.  Let us begin.”


Amen!  Alleluia! 

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