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Children of the Renewal Messages

June 19, 2016   Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus, ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I believe in You, adore You, and love You, my Jesus.  Thank You for Your presence here.  Happy Father’s Day to my loving Father God!  Thank You for being our Father in Heaven.  Thank You for Your love, generosity, protection, provision and the many, many Divine graces You send to the world.  I love You, my heavenly Father.  Thank You for sending Your Son Jesus for our salvation.  Your love and mercy are infinite, and seem to know no limits.  Thank You for Your love and mercy Father.  Thank You that we can call You Father by the merits of Jesus Christ.  Praise You Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I love You and want to give You my life and all that I am and have.  All is Yours, Lord God.  Thank You for blessing me with so much love.  Thank You for my family, Lord.  Thank You for Holy Mass, for receiving You in the Eucharist today and for the Sacrament of Reconciliation yesterday.  Be with our shepherds who bring the Gospel and the Sacraments to us.  Protect them; guide them and direct them Father God.  Praise You for bringing new life into the world.  Bless (name withheld) new baby.  I pray for all mothers and fathers who are contemplating abortion.  Please change their hearts and minds, Lord Jesus.  Protect all of the pre-born babies and keep them safe.  I bring all those who have asked for my prayers to You, Jesus.  I pray especially for those who are sick (names withheld) for all those who are suffering from cancer and Alzheimer’s.  I pray also for those who are suffering for souls, especially for (name withheld).  Give them strength, courage and consolation. 


Jesus, forgive me of my sins.  Help me to become more holy.  Help me to love You more.  I do love You, Jesus and I want to love You even more.


“My child, thank you for your prayers.  I hold each request close to My Sacred Heart.”


Thank You, Jesus, my Lord and my God.


“My daughter, there is much going on in the world that is good, but even more acts of evil continue in a subversive way.  Evil is being planned and it is done in secrecy; in darkness.  You have become aware of much more being planned.  You had not fully realized just how much the darkness has spread, though I have attempted to warn and prepare you.  I desire that My Children of Light be protected from this evil and how I prefer you to have never known about it.  Just as a loving Father wants to protect the innocence of his children, so I desire to protect you.  If however, My children remained unaware, you would not be in a position to warn others.  My daughter, please write what I say, even if it is uncomfortable for you.” 


Yes, Jesus.


“My little lamb, just as I told My people in past times, I am giving My direction to many these days.  Always pray for discernment, for some are not true to Me; however there are many prophets in these days for the times are such that I am pouring out mercy to reach as many souls as possible.  To reach many, many souls requires multiple avenues.  God the Father sends My Mother to teach, guide and warn Our children.  Many do not listen to Her.  There are countless souls who do not even know My Mother and therefore, I send other souls who follow Me to speak words of warning.  In this way, more of My children can be reached with My words.  There are countless signs sent by God through nature, also.  I will use whatever means necessary to reach My children.  Sadly, many of the souls following Me, follow Me half-heartedly, when it is convenient.  This is why My Mother asked you for a novena of fasting and renunciation.  She is asking this of Her apostles, hoping that they will carry the weight of the cross that so many neglect.  My child, please comply with Her request in whatever way you can.  Do not be compelled to say so easily, ‘This is too much to ask.’  Yes, it is a lot to ask, but there are so few who can be asked.  There are so few who will respond.  Will you respond, My child?  My son and My daughter, please help by offering your sacrifices to save souls.  I need more Children of Light to make sacrifices of love for your brothers and sisters who are following the ways of the world.”


Yes, Jesus.  We will serve You and we will do so in any way possible.  You know, Lord that I fail often in my attempts to fast, for many reasons.  But, of course we will do as You say.  Only, You must give us the graces to do this.  Please grant me health, Lord, so that fasting does not further compromise my health.  However, only if it is Your Will.  I have given You everything I can, Jesus and my health is Yours, too. (or lack of ...)  All in accordance with Your Holy Will, Jesus.  Compared with Your suffering on Calvary, what is nine days of fasting?  It is nothing, Jesus and yet for me it is very challenging.  I gladly consent for You, Jesus.  Lord, is there anything more I can do for You?


“Yes, My little one.  Please pray more.  You and My son (name withheld) are being faithful in prayer and in your family rosary.  I would like you to add the Divine Mercy Chaplet again to your daily prayers.  Pray this together, and then you may also pray it individually during the day as time permits.  There is much spiritual power in the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet when prayed with devotion, for God the Father pours out mercy and graces through these prayers.  Through the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, you are honoring My life, My Mother’s life and My passion and death.  You honor God’s love and mercy.  Just as My Word does not return void, neither do My love and mercy.  Mercy and love are desperately needed in this Age of Disobedience.  I aim to turn hearts toward God during this Age of Disobedience, but I need souls who are willing to work to help Me.  I need your prayers and the prayers of all Children of Light.”


Yes, Lord Jesus.  Thank You for allowing us a small part in Your work of salvation.  Praise You, Jesus.  You are Lord of Heaven and earth.  I love You and I pray more and more people will come to experience Your love.  To know You is to love You.  May all peoples come to know You, sweet Savior.  You want only our love, for our own good.  You do not wish that any perish.  Please convert those who walk in darkness.  Give them eyes to see You, ears to hear You and hearts of flesh to love You.  I pray Jesus for those lost children of yours, my brothers and sisters who are following the evil one.  May they be open to the graces You give for conversion.  Protect us from the plans of the evil one.  Protect Your littlest ones from those who intend harm.  Jesus, save us from this present darkness that envelopes the earth You created with God the Father.  Father, Creator of All that is, this is Your world.  We give it to You again, Father and consecrate creation, Father since it is Yours and belongs to You.  Father, forgive us for not speaking out when we should have for not being more faithful, more devoted to You.  Forgive us, Your children for not taking our faith and our country along with the Judeo-Christian values You taught us, more seriously.  Generations have squandered the inheritance You have provided, but just as the prodigal son repented and returned to the father, so may we return to You.  Lord God may our nation founded for You and upon Your laws, return to You.  Take us back Father, please.  Have mercy on us.  May we all repent and return to You before it is too late for us.  Jesus, help us.  You are our Savior and You alone are our hope.


“My child, thank you for your prayer.  Thank you for turning all you have and care for, over to Me.  My little lamb, though your prayers are sincere, there are many who do not share this position of humility and love.  Your acknowledgement of the need for repentance and conversion of the souls in your nation is truth.  More people in this once great and favored nation will need to repent.  There are those who are still unaware of the impending chastisements, for they choose to bury their heads in the sand.  My words seem harsh to you, My little one, for you are most familiar with My love.  I am love and mercy, this is true.  I am also justice.  My justice is also merciful, in that by being just My mercy gives what is due.  It is what those who experience My justice want and deserve.  Those who are open and invite My mercy are given more than their hearts can desire or imagine.  Do you understand, My child?”


Yes, Jesus.  I think so.  I understand, but I don’t know how fully I understand in comparison to what You have in mind.  Who can know the mind of God?


“Yes, My daughter.  However, you do understand with the capacity for understanding I give you.”


Yes, Jesus.  In my limited capacity, I can say ‘yes.’


“That is good My child.  This is humility.  You are learning and I am pleased.  You cannot see this, but that is as it should be.  I know there is still work to do for your growth in humility, but there is progress and this is why I tell you, for you only see faults, where I see progress and I aim for you to be encouraged and to have heart.”


Thank You, Lord.  Praise You Jesus!


“My child, do not be discouraged by what you have learned about the plans to bring harm.  Do not focus on these plans of darkness.  Focus on Me.  Focus on My love, My mercy, My grace.  Focus on My pure and holy Mother Mary who loves you more than you can imagine.  Focus on the saints in Heaven who are your brothers and sisters in faith.  Focus on the Good News, My Gospel.  Focus on loving others and on seeing Me, your Jesus, in them.  Bring My love, My light to the world in darkness.  Bring hope to those around you who are desperate for the water of life to quench their parched lips.  I am springing up graces for goodness for holiness and for saints to come from this current age.  Be a light, My children.  Bring joy to those around you who are void of joy.  This does not negate the seriousness of the times.  Do not be concerned that by having and showing joy, you will diminish the serious concern people should have for the state of their souls.  To the contrary, your hope, your joy, the light of Christ you bring will illuminate souls and they will see the reality and the state of their souls.  They will want to know the source, the origin of your hope and joy.  They will be attracted to you and will want to be around you and in this way, they will come to know Me.  Knowing and loving Me should bring you joy, My children.  I know that you do not always feel My joy for the world takes your joy and peace from you.  Give this freely, My children, for you know the source, the one who is joy, peace and love and you may return often to the ‘well’ to receive more joy and peace.  Come to Me, My children and I will restore peace to your souls.  I will replenish your joy.  You will take this out to the world and return often to Me for a fresh supply.  I am the Prince of Peace.  I am the Water of Life.  I gave you the Sacraments so you can have ready access to My grace.  Do not be concerned when you feel a lack of peace.  Come to Me in the Holy Eucharist and be reunited to the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Lords.  I have an infinite supply of peace and joy, My children. 


If you allow the world to take your peace, perhaps you are not freely giving it.  Perhaps you are looking in the wrong place to replenish My peace.  Only I can give you true peace.  The world cannot give you peace.  Come to Me, My children.  Bring all of your problems to Me.  Give them to Me.  I will take your burdens.  I will help you to understand the answers to all of life’s problems.  You must come to Me, My children.  Come to Me in the silence of your hearts and seek Me sincerely.  I will turn no one away.  I love You.  I love all of My children.  All of My children.  I repeat; I love everyone.  I love even those who have hard hearts and do not love Me, or are angry with Me.  I love the very worst sinner and upon those who consider themselves the worst, I lavish the most graces, the most mercy on you.  Come to Me, My lost children.  Come to Me and you will experience peace, love, and yes—even joy beyond anything you can imagine.  The family of God needs you, for you were created as part of the family of God, and therefore to lose even one of our family members, causes grief to all.  When you choose to leave your rightful place in the family of God, your presence is missed and will be missed for all eternity.  This is a mystery that cannot be fully comprehended by you now, but this is the truth.  I am truth and there is nothing false in Me.  I am perfect truth, perfect love, perfect mercy, perfect knowledge, perfect peace; for I am God.  I am your Father, My children for I created you from nothing.  I am all love.  Come back to Me.  Come back to the family of God where you belong.  You will never regret your return to Me.  I am opening My heart, so wounded by those who reject My love, to you.”


Thank You, Jesus for opening Your Sacred Heart to us.  What a beautiful action of love!  We do not deserve Your heart so full of love, for we have wounded this Sacred Heart by spurning You, and yet You continue to humble Yourself, lower Yourself for us, Your poor, lost children.  Oh, Jesus, Your love, Your mercy, Your heart and Your Will are irresistible.  How can we trample on this great love?  And yet, each time we sin, we do this.  Please forgive me for the times I have disappointed You, have let You down, have wounded Your Sacred Heart.  Forgive me, Jesus and help me to sin no more.  I aim to please You, Jesus but I am very weak.  Make me holy, Lord.  Only You can do this.  It is impossible for me, Jesus but You can do all things. 


“Yes, My child.  We work on this together.  My little lamb, do not be discouraged.  You know that My Mother’s Heart will triumph and this Age of Disobedience will come to an end.  I want you to focus on this fact while being aware of the current state and retaining a sense of urgency for souls.  In this way, focusing on My Mother’s triumph, you will not be discouraged.  I know you are concerned for Me and this is good.  Because you love Me, you love your brothers and sisters and are concerned for their salvation.  This is all good, however I ask that you also remain joyful.  You do not know how to be joyful in the midst of such darkness, but I will supply all that is needed.  You feel the most peace and joy here in My presence, during Mass and also after Confession, My child.  I know that you also have a great sense of joy when you are assisting someone in need.  This is what I want all of My children to experience.  Focus on these things, the Sacraments, prayer and being with Me, and caring for one another.  Do My Will each day and all will be well.  This seems too simple for some, but you know, My little lamb, that this is true.  You experience this yourself and so you know.”


Jesus, I know because You say so.  Yes, I have experienced this, also and because of Your grace, Your light, Your life, I have felt and experienced Your love and peace.  So often, I create obstacles, Lord.  Help me, Jesus to live in Your Will each and every day. 


“My child, I am helping you and you are growing each day.  You offer every thought and every action of yours to Me each day, and I use each thought and action in ways you will only come to know in Heaven.  Thank you, My child.  I would like you to share this simple prayer with others. (The prayer I gave to you.)”


Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I place every thought and every action of this day in Your Divine Will.


Yes, Lord.  I will.  Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, have You anything more to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  Pray for the world leaders.  Pray for their conversion.  Many follow darkness and are involved in evil plans to destroy the world and the people, animals, plants and all I have created.  Pray for their souls.  They cannot destroy what God has created, for He will not allow it, but they will certainly cause much damage.  Pray much to stop some of the plans.  I say ‘some’ for they cannot all be stopped at this point.  You understand this now My child.”


Lord, yes I think so.  If we had listened and put into practice all that Your Mother had told us, much of the evil planned (if not all) could have been stopped.  Since we, as a people, have not heeded the words Our Lady has brought to us from Heaven (at Fatima, Lourdes, and Medjugorje, and countless other places), evil has already progressed to a point that only You can reverse.  At this point, the corrupt and evil systems of the ‘world’ that man has implemented will serve to punish us for we have become wicked as a people and have rebelled against the One and Only True God.  Because of this, we will have severe consequences.  Even these consequences, serve as part of Your mercy (justice, too) because in our suffering, we will cry out to God for help.  We will turn to You, our Lord from whence all our help comes. 


“Yes, My little lamb.  You have summarized well.  Suffice it to say that now is the time of mercy, but those who follow evil, and those who are lukewarm in their faith, will follow evil also when the price seems too high to pay.  Those, who have been fasting will continue to receive direction (as will all of My Children of Light) and those who pray and fast will be open to the direction I give.  I help all of My children, but not all are open and receive My help.  Many people have dull hearts and minds and do not heed My warnings or My guidance.  Children of Light, I call upon you to be ready and willing to help My children who have not prepared but will turn to Me during the late hour.  You must be prepared to share all that you have, trusting in Me to replenish what is needed.  Have no fear.  Have trust and confidence in your heavenly Father who loves you and goes before you ready to direct your every step.  Take courage, dear children.  I will never forsake you.  I have not forsaken you now, even in these dire times, but send My very own Mother to help you.  Take Her hand.  Do as She tells you.”


Thank You, Jesus.  These are the words Mary used at the wedding feast at Cana.  She said, “Do whatever He tells you.” to the wine steward.  Lord, thank You for loving us, no matter what.  Thank You for Your patience.  I am amazed that You continue to hold back the events that surely would have occurred earlier had You not kept them at bay.


“You are welcome, My child.  This additional time given was for conversions.  Continue to pray for the cup is full and beyond filling.  Only the Father in Heaven knows when the Time of Great Trials will become apparent to you but it is soon.  This I know.”


Have mercy on us, Father.


“My child remember all is for your good.  All is in God’s plan and in His Will.  Remember this, My little one.”


Yes, Jesus.  I will try Lord, I pray for the (intentions withheld).  Protect them, Lord.  Protect all people who are or will be in Your Mother’s Communities and refuges.  Protect (name withheld) and all those in his family and all those who are establishing refuges for Your people.  Guide those who will need refuge to the appropriate places You have for them.  Give us the graces needed to do as You direct.  Send angels to guard and protect Your children, especially those who love and follow You.  Give magnificent graces of conversion to those who live in darkness and who follow Your adversary.  Send Your Holy Spirit and in a miraculous way, open their hearts to You.  Make the scales that cover their eyes, fall away so they see You who is truth.  Give them courage to approach You for forgiveness.  Give them strength to resist the lies of the enemy.  Bless all of Your shepherds, Lord.  We need them, Jesus.  Lord, I pray that more people come to know and follow Our Lady’s messages and that Your Holy Spirit renews the face of the earth.


“Thank You, My child.  Go in peace now to love and to serve the Lord.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Amen.  Alleluia.”

June 12, 2016, Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I adore You, praise You and I love You above all things.  Thank You for loving me.  Thank You for being my friend, Jesus.  I do not deserve Your friendship, but know that You love me anyway.  Praise You Lord God who made Heaven and earth.


Lord, thank You for holy Mass today and for the grace of receiving You in Holy Communion.  Thank You for my family and friends and for a safe and productive trip last week.  We could see Your hand in so many events last week, Lord.  Thank You for Your guidance and direction.  Thank You for Your love and mercy.  I recommend all those who have asked for prayer especially those who are sick and for those who are away from the church.  I pray for (name withheld) healing and for a successful surgery tomorrow.  Lord, I was hoping the surgery could be avoided for her, but it seems it will go forward anyway, in spite of the fact that she has probably been healed.  Lord, if she was healed isn’t there something You can do to prevent this surgery?  It is all in Your hands, Lord Jesus.  Jesus, I trust in You.  If it is Your Will that (name withheld) have surgery, please make it so that she can still have children one day.  Jesus, You can do all things.  You make all things new.  Lord, thank You for the healings and recovery progress (name withheld) has experienced.  Guide the decision of where he will go next in his care.  It will be hard for him to move to another facility, Lord as he has become attached to the clinicians and caregivers.  Thank You for their love and care, Lord.  Please bless them and bless those who will care for him in the future. 


Jesus, please heal (names withheld) and all those who are ill.  Please be with (name withheld) in a special way.  She must feel very isolated, Jesus.  Help her to feel Your closeness to her.  Pull her into Your Sacred Heart where she is safe, loved and is in the heart of mercy itself.


Lord, as You know many people were wounded in Florida.  Please be with those who were present and witnessed this terrifying event.  Give them graces for conversion and love.  Help them to open their hearts to You, Jesus.  Please have mercy on the souls who died.  Give them graces for purification, Jesus.  Have mercy on the perpetrator.  Infuse him with knowledge of You, Lord.  So many people do not know love and mercy.  Change the hearts of all world leaders and bring about a spirit of contrition in our land.  May we all repent and turn to You Lord Jesus for You are the only way for us.  Without You, we will perish and many will lose their souls.  Lord, this world is on the brink of so much tumult.  Grant us Your peace to weather the storms in our lives.  Protect us from evil.  We need You, Lord! 


“My daughter, there is so much troubling you.  Give all to Me.  I will provide you with all that is required.”


Thank You, Jesus!  I love You, Lord.


“My child, you have been made aware of the plans for evil that leaders in Your country intend to carry out.  This evil is being guided by My adversary.  It is not in the best interest of your country.  There is an evil agenda brewing.  My Mother has held back the events thus far, but much more prayer is needed.  Pray and fast for peace.  I need not stress the importance of this, for you understand.  Once the plans are set in motion the consequences will be unimaginable for the people in the world.  My children, you must accept My invitation and focus your efforts on praying for peace.  If the evil plans are carried out the affects will be cataclysmic.  Everything, as you know it now will change.  I tell you this, not to invoke fear, but to stress the importance of My words.  Children, it is past time now for many prayers, Masses, penance and fasting were needed to stop their evil plans.  Now, pray to delay them and to minimize the damage.  My little lamb, this is painful for you, I know, but it must be written and proclaimed for all to see.  This is a call to arms and the battle between My Mother and the serpent calls for Her children to take up the weapons of good which are prayer (rosary), Masses offered for My Holy Mother’s intentions, and fasting.  I have said before that these times are like no other and if My people do not repent and return to holiness, follow My laws and live the Gospel message of love and mercy, you will all come to know exactly what I mean by this statement.  (Jesus means the statement that our times are like no other...)


“Many people read My words out of curiosity, but fail to put into practice that which I am asking.  Pray, My children.  Pray as if your lives depended on it, for they do.”


Jesus, please protect the children and the elderly who cannot protect themselves.  Please protect all those who are innocent.  Lord, thwart the plans of evil.  Expose them for what they are and bring the plotting and planning of darkness into the light.  Lord, You are the God of the universe.  You created everything out of nothing.  You have power over everything.  All creation and every act of man is subject to You.  Lord, we have sinned against You as a nation and we do not deserve Your protection, but I am asking You for graces of protection, and first and foremost, graces for conversion.  If we convert, You will protect us, Lord.  Give us an openness and a desire for repentance.   Help our nation to once again be ‘one nation, under God, indivisible ...’  In order to have Your protection, Lord we need to love and follow You.  Help us, Jesus.  Restore the faith in You we once had (in this nation).  Please, God.


Saints in Heaven, pray for us.  Pray for our conversion and healing.  Pray for peace in our hearts, our families and in the world.  Pray for the children and the elderly and infirmed.  Please pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth.  Lord, please give a word from You to help me.  [I prayed for His direction then opened the bible to Baruch 4:26-37]


Lord, I am at a loss.  I was hoping for a Word of consolation, but I can only find lamentations.


“My child, this is My Word.  My Word is truth.  Just as Israel has turned away from Me, so has My beloved United States of America.  It is not I who will punish you, but those who serve evil.  There is no protection for My children when they wander far from My Father’s Will.  Your nation is a prodigal.  Just as the prodigal son left his father with his inheritance and squandered it with drunkenness, and debauchery, so has this once great nation.  My little lamb, I await the return of My prodigals.  I will run to meet them when their hearts turn toward Me, but until then the consequences are what they are.  The gift of free will given by God the Father must be respected, regardless of how the gift is misused.  Those who still love and follow Me must be like light in the darkness.  You must carry on in the faith that was handed on to you from your fathers and mothers.  You must do the same for your children.  Keep the light of faith alive for future generations, My Children of Light.  My Mother will protect all who seek refuge in Her Immaculate Heart.  Pray the prayer I gave to you My little lamb.  Share it with others so they may pray it, also.  This is a powerful request and one that will not be refused.”


Prayer given by Jesus on January 19, 2014

Jesus, hide me in Your Sacred Heart.  Be my refuge.

Blessed Mother, cover me with Your mantle of protection and enfold me in Your Immaculate Heart where nothing can touch me.


Guardian angel, protect me from the snares of the enemy.

Saints in Heaven, give me the needed graces for this day, to avoid sin and to remind me to call on Jesus.


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, Jesus I trust in You. 


“My daughter, do not become anxious.  I am with You.  I am with each one of My children.  I know you dread what is to come, but it must be so for My children who follow darkness are numerous and they lead countless souls who follow as if in a trance.  What happens as a result of the plans of evil, will serve to awaken those who are asleep.  Many will fall to their knees in prayer and will return to Me.  I know all that will occur and where each and every one of My children will be when the evil plans are carried out.  It is imperative that you pray and pray more than ever.  Let all you do be a prayer.  Pray more rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets.  The chaplet was specifically given to you for just such a time.  The rosary is a powerful weapon against the evil one and his plans.  This has been documented in history and it is a well known weapon for just such a time as this.  My children have been given everything needed.  I have withheld nothing from you, not even My own Mother.  She is here to guide you in these darkest of times.  Listen to Her for Her words come directly from My Father in Heaven.  She speaks, as only a mother can, with tenderness, firmness and with such love.  If only My children would have done as She has said, the plans of evil would have been thwarted.  Now, you must do what you can to ease the suffering.  Pray for peace.  Follow Me.  Do as I have instructed in My Word.  Love one another as I have loved you.  Listen to My holy and pure Mother Mary.  You must listen to Her.  She is directing you.  She has been sent by My Father to correct, to teach, to love and to guide You, Her children.


Lord, I am really struggling with this message.  Keep me in Your Will, Jesus.  Guard, guide and direct me so that I am writing only what You say, Lord.  I am so shaken that I do not know if I am capturing Your words correctly.  (They really are as sharp as a two edged sword....)


“My little lamb, I know this is a most difficult message, but you are not a stranger to My challenging words.”


That is true, Jesus.  This is different, though or at least it seems so. 


“Why is that My child?”


I am not sure.  I suppose it is because things seem to be close at hand.  I realize that is a relative term, since all is according to Your timetable, Lord.  It seems that events are closer now, though.


“This is accurate, My little one.  Events have been occurring in many other parts of the world, but they have not directly affected you lately.  Soon, though, your country will see the affects directly on a wider scale than before.  So, this is ‘closer at hand’ so to speak.  I remind you that I do not bring a spirit of fear for I am God.  I bring you mercy, compassion and courage.  I bring the fruits of My Holy Spirit.  You are all equipped with the armor needed, but it must be worn.  It must be used in battle.  Therefore, I repeat what I have said on many occasions, prepare your hearts by going to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Receive the Eucharist.  Read My Word.  Read the messages from My Mother.  Pray rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets, fast on bread and water.  Trust in Me, My children.  Trust in Me.  During the Time of Great Trials, I will ask much of you.  I call on you to live My Gospel no matter what occurs around you  Be witnesses to My love.  Open your hearts and your homes to all in need.”


Yes, Jesus.  May we live for You and die for You.  I love You, Jesus and I place all of my hope and trust in You.


“Thank you, My dear child.  Remember, all of Heaven prays for you.  Remain in Me and I will also remain in you.”


Thank You, my dear Jesus.  Lord, I almost forgot to ask for Your guidance for (name withheld).  She has some major questions for You.  You know what they are.  Please direct her, Jesus.  Help her to know the next step You would have her take.  Will You help her to move to another location, Jesus?  She feels she should move but wants to do Your Will.  Since we do not yet know the time of our move to (place withheld) she is unsure what to do.


“My little lamb, I am guiding you and I will direct each step.  Tell My (name withheld) to continue to pray and to seek My Will.  What is needed next will come to light.  Trust in Me and continue forward each day trusting in My Will.  Wait upon Me and I will reveal the next step regarding moving in due time.  Until then, be about the work of the Lord.  Live your vocation and the work that I provide for you.”


Jesus, should she go to the classes she is considering?


“If she wishes she may do so.  Be productive in this time of waiting.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You and I know (name withheld) loves You, also.  Please protect each member of our family, and all of our friends.  Please protect all who are vulnerable, also Jesus.  Lord, thank You again for the fruitful meetings we had last week.  Help things to progress for our move to (name withheld).  Remove all obstacles, Lord.  May Your Will be done and may we all get to Our Lady’s communities soon.


“My little lamb, I love you.  I thank you for your friendship and loyalty.  Do not be afraid, for there is nothing to fear for those who love and follow Me.  I have assigned many saints to intercede for you in this dark hour.  I have done so for all of My children.  Heaven is very active at this time in interceding for My children on earth.  They are actively engaged in guiding and directing the events that directly impact and will impact My flock.  There are legions of angels guarding you as well.  If only My Children of Light could see the myriad of angels surrounding you, but you cannot for it is not My Father’s Will at this time.  They are near you, though and this you must take on faith.  Proceed with confidence as you go about each day living for Me.  Love your neighbor as you love yourself.  Live for Me.  Pour yourselves out for others in love and do not withhold compassion and mercy from those around you and those who suffer.  Do not judge or condemn for only God can judge man.  You are called to forgive and to love.  You must be strong in your faith and hold fast to the morals and principles of the Gospel but be warm and compassionate to the sinner for they are My children, also.  They will learn about Me by observing love from you.  This is all for now, My child.  Go now in My peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go out into the world; be mercy; be light; be love.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.  Give us all the graces needed to do Your holy, adorable Will.  I love.


“And I love you.”



After this difficult message, I turned to God’s Word once again, hoping to find something consoling.  I opened the Bible at random and turned to Jeremiah 2:1-37 where the Prophet Jeremiah speaks to Israel regarding their infidelity to the Lord.  Woe, woe to us.  My heart is like a lead weight.  I understand too well, that this is not only directed to Israel then and now but also to the U.S. which was also chosen by the Lord to be a light to the nations.  Israel—a light to the nations, especially the Jews, God’s chosen ones and the birthplace of Christianity and the Church, and the U.S., a Christian nation birthed by God to bring His message of liberty, justice, human rights and to bring His Gospel to the world.  We were to be His ambassadors working alongside His people, Israel.  Yet, we too have forsaken the Lord.  We who were given much, have squandered the Lord’s blessings and made a mockery of His blessings to the world.  We are now a people in darkness.  We must change now.  We must take His words seriously and repent, pray, fast and beg for His mercy while at the same time showing love and mercy to others.  We must become good friends and good children of Our Lady for She is our hope.  She will not desert us as long as we try to do what Her Son wants us to do (and how we are to be—holy and set apart from this culture).  Jesus, I trust in You!

6-12-16 COR
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