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Children of the Renewal Messages

July 10, 2016, Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar.  I believe in You, adore You, love You and praise You.  Thank You for Your presence in the Eucharist.  Thank You for waiting for us here, Jesus.  Praise You for Your love and mercy my God and my King.  Lord, I pray for all those who are ill and for those who will die today.  May they have graces for conversion and love.  Take their souls to be with You in Heaven.  I also pray for the holy souls in Purgatory.  Please grant them rest and peace.  May their sins be expiated soon, Lord Jesus.  I pray also for those in my family who are ill that they may be healed and recover soon.  For (names withheld) and for all my relatives.  I pray for the repose of (name withheld) and for graces of consolation for her family.  Please heal (friends/family names withheld)  and for all those who are ill that I may have forgotten to include.  You know who they are, Jesus.  Lord, I also pray for the most forgotten soul who has no one to pray for them, and for all people who have not yet experienced the love of God.  Grant them hearts that yearn to know You, Lord.  Jesus, You said that whoever seeks You will find You; give us the grace to have seeking hearts.  Lord, I also pray for peace in our hearts, in the hearts of our family members and in the hearts of everyone in the world.


Jesus, thank You for Holy Mass this morning and for the anointing of the sick.  I felt Your presence, Lord.  I felt Your Holy Spirit.  He really is the comforter.  Lord, You know my needs and the needs of all who have asked me to pray for them.  Cover them all with Your holy, precious blood, Lord.  Keep us all safe within Your Sacred, Merciful Heart and cover us with Our Lady’s mantle of protection.  Blessed Mother, in this dark hour hide us in Your Immaculate Heart where nothing can touch us.


Oh, Jesus I love the peacefulness and tranquility of this beloved chapel that is filled with Your majestic presence.  It is glorious to be with You, Lord.  It has been too long!  Seven days I have waited to see You.  I pray I can come more often to be with You, Lord.  Please make it possible.  Jesus, I know there are other times I could come, Lord.  Please enable it to be so.


Lord, have You anything to say today?  I await Your words if it be Your holy adorable Will.


“Yes, My child.  There is still much to say, though my people are not listening.  Still, I come with much love and mercy for them.  I wait patiently, though the hour is indeed short.  Though I am a patient God, there will come a time when it will be too late for many souls because they will no longer have the opportunity to convert and turn their hearts towards Me.  Oh, my poor, ignorant and stubborn children.  Why do you procrastinate so?  Why do you put your salvation in jeopardy for the trifles of this world?  Do you not realize that your earthly life is but a moment?  No matter how much power or wealth you amass, it will all be lost when your body passes through its earthly pilgrimage.  The only wealth that will last is that which is acquired for the Kingdom.  Every good deed performed with love and charity for your fellow man will be like treasure being accumulated for your heavenly reward.  This is truly the only lasting investment, My children.  My Word speaks of storing heavenly treasure.  The souls you impact for Me, on earth will be your heavenly treasure.  Every good deed, every single act of love and mercy, each cross and every suffering offered for love of Me will be your treasure in Heaven.  Oh, My children, the wealth of Heaven which represents the love you have shown and given away on earth, far outweighs all of the gold and silver in the world.  Treasure in Heaven makes the wealth of the earth appear dull, pitiful and like straw in comparison.  Pray, My children.  You know not what awaits you and you do not want to face the trials with no spiritual ammunition.  You will lament every wasted moment that could have been spent in prayer.  I solemnly assure you of this.  Reflect on My words.  Take them to heart and do so in haste.  You must learn to pray much more than you are for it is through prayer I will direct you and it is the means through which I reach those who do not believe.  Pray, My children.  Pray.  Pray with confidence and trust in Me.  Say short prayers throughout the day and pray with your heart open to Me.  Pray the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet for peace in your families and peace in the world.  Pray for conversion, especially for those who walk in darkness.  Pray for My Holy Spirit to come.  Pray for My protection.  Pray for your families and for your parishes, town and communities.  Pray for your states, provinces, countries and continents.  Pray, My children.  Pray.  It is not My Will that a single soul shall be lost.  However, all of My children are given free will and have the right to choose.  Choose light, My children.  Do not choose darkness, but you must choose.  Choose life, My children.  Choose life and do so now, while you can still choose.  Choose Me, My children, for I am life.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, protect our shepherds from the enemy.  Protect them physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally from Your adversary.  Keep them safe in Your Holy Mother Mary’s mantle of protection.  Lead them to safety, Jesus.  Hide them in Your Sacred Heart.  Show them the way to go, Jesus and give them courage for the battle for souls.  Give them hearts of lions to boldly proclaim the Holy Gospel and to defend souls from the enemy.  Bless their words, their hearts and minds and may all that they do lead Your people to the safety and the glory of Heaven where we may live with You, our Lord Jesus Christ.  Protect the small, the vulnerable, the children and elderly, Lord from what the enemy has planned.  Protect Your remnant, Lord and make us holy.


“My child, My child, My little one, I know what is on your heart for I know everything.  I love your precious heart.  Do not fear, but trust in Me.  Do not fear what will become of your loved ones, only entrust them to Me, for I love them more than you love them, My little lamb, and that is a lot!  Sweet child of My heart, trust in Me.  For those who love Me, follow Me, keep My holy Commandments, love others, it will go well for you.  It will be most difficult, it is true, but in the end My Mother’s Heart WILL (Jesus emphasized will) triumph.  All of Our children who work with My Holy Mother Mary to bring about Her plans which are perfectly in union with Our plans, those of the Most Holy Triune God, will also be joyfully triumphant with My Mother.  Does not every victorious army, rejoice on victory day?  Yes, My Children of the Renewal, you will also be triumphant with My Mother leading the way.  Children, many of you live in fear of what is to come.  Do not fear.  Only trust.  Fear is not from Me.  Reflect on this.  If you still have fear or anxiety, bring this to Me.  We will reflect on this, examine it closely and I will guide you.” 


“Think about this question.  Of what do you fear?  Of whom are you afraid?  Are you afraid of losing your earthly life?  There is a much more glorious life awaiting My children in Heaven.  Are you afraid of losing your loved ones?  Remember, I outdo you in love thousands and thousands of times.  I love you so very much, and I love your children, grandchildren, spouses, siblings, parents and grandparents far more than is possible for you.  Do not be concerned but give this over to Me.  Are you concerned or fearful of losing your homes?  I have better homes for you in Heaven and I will provide for you even more so than you can imagine.  There is nothing that you can lose, My children for whatever you lose, you will gain one hundred fold in Heaven.  Do you fear persecution and suffering?  Do not fear this, My little ones, for whatever you face in your future, I will provide all needed graces.  There is nothing to fear except sin.  Even this you should not fear, if you walk with Me for I have already given you the remedy.” 


“Listen, My children and listen well.  The only people who have use of fear are those who side with the evil one.  Yes, these people should fear.  If you are one of these, one who sides with evil, you must make good use of this legitimate fear and gather every ounce of fear and run to Me, your Jesus.  Yes, My little ones who have darkened your hearts, souls and minds with sin and evil; take all of this and head straight to the Savior of the World.  I, your Jesus of Mercy have the remedy for your poor souls.  You have no peace, and you are unable to sleep.  You thirst for power and have anger in your hearts.  You do not know love for you have sold out on love and all that consumes you is hatred and lust for power, prestige and wealth.  When you obtain more power or wealth, it does not satisfy you for it only feeds your lust for power and it consumes you night and day.  Because of your evil deeds you fear being caught and this fear causes you to do harm to your brothers and sisters who you think may turn on you.  Your sin perpetuates more sin and more sin until you are consumed with evil.  Yet, you have nothing.  The more worldly power and wealth you accumulate through evil, the less peace you have.  You are unable to even enjoy the taste of fine wine and food.  It is sour in your mouth.  Poor souls who choose evil, turn back to Me.  I am light.  I am life.  I am peace.  I am love.  I will accept you no matter how sinful you are for I love you.  I will rescue you from this life of corruption that is your path to hell.  I will rescue you.  You do not believe Me, do you My poor, lost children?  I know this and this is why I speak to you, for I love you even though you think you are unlovable.  You think this because you believe the lies of the fallen angel who also chose an eternity of rebellion and hate.”


“Why do you so easily believe the father of lies, but you will not believe the Father of Life?  I will tell you why.  It is because long ago, you chose to believe him because you wanted what he had to offer you.  You wanted wealth, power, prestige and everything else he offered you, so you chose to believe in him, to follow him.  All the while, your true inheritance, your real wealth that will last forever was waiting for you.  You took the path that led away from My Kingdom where your inheritance lies and followed the path that glitters with fools’ gold and leads to the fires of hell.  This is foolish, My lost children.  Do you not see how foolish this is?  Turn now from this present life of darkness, debauchery and evil and come to Me.  If you turn to Me and recognize the Savior, ask Me to forgive you, I will do so.” 


“It is too easy, you say and must be a trick.  Why would I, the God of the universe, trick you?  I have nothing to lose, for I am all powerful.  I created all that is and I have nothing to lose.  Nothing, that is except for My lost little children’s souls.  Your soul is so precious to Me that I do not want to lose you forever.  This is why I have kept you alive for so many years, for if I hadn’t protected you, you would already have died.  Think about this and you will see the many, many times you should have died, but did not.  Do you think the great deceiver protected you?  No, he did not.  In fact there was a great battle for your soul.  The angels in Heaven were sent by Me to do battle for your soul.  Each time I have won, My child so that you could live for another day to choose Me.  I will continue to fight for your soul until I know it is completely shut to Me and there is no more light possible for you; for you want nothing to do with anything that is good.  Until then, I will fight.  You must know, however that the fight cannot be completely Mine.  You must begin to share in this fight.  If you do not try to mount even a small defense, there will be no hope.  I respect your freedom to choose even if you do not choose Me and therefore I repeat you must do something, no matter how small to counter this evil.  Open your heart for one moment and ask Me to reveal Myself to you.  Ask Me.  I will put a ray of hope in your heart.  I will reveal something of Myself to you.” 


“Seek Me and you shall find Me.  Knock and the door will be open to you.  For whoever seeks Me will find Me.  Finding Me will be the best moment of your life.  I will not condemn you, My lost one.  No, I will only forgive you and embrace you.  Come, share in the joy of My Kingdom.  All will be well.  I will protect you from the evil ones who seek to devour you.  Come to Me and do not worry.  You will see.  All will be well.  There is no problem or difficulty that I cannot solve.  Are there men you fear?  Do not worry for their days are numbered.  As for you, I have counted every hair on your head.  I know everything there is to know about you.  I know every sin, every act of evil and every source of pride you have committed and which you possess and yet I still love you.  Turn from this life and I will show you a better life.  I say this to you and I do not break My word for I AM the Word of God, the Eternal Word.  Everything that comes forth from My mouth comes to pass.  I am God.  I am a kind and merciful God.  I am also justice.  Do not await My justice but run to Me in My mercy.  My justice will be severe for those who live evil lives and do not repent.  Do not allow yourself to experience My justice.  Please come to Me in this time of grace and experience the depth of My mercy which is a balm to your wounds.  Allow Me to heal you, My child.  I can repair all of the damage done to your poor, pulverized heart and soul.  Only I can heal you and only I long to heal you.  Reach out your hand, My son, My daughter and allow Me to rescue you.  I have many other children working in My rescue mission and they will help you, also.  They will be your new family.  Yes, others (who follow Me) will accept you and love you, also.”


“This is too good to be true, you say.  It is good, My child and this is why the story of salvation, My death and crucifixion, and resurrection is called The Good News—the Gospel.  It sounds too good to be true but is true for I am truth.  All truth is Me.  I am truth.  The one you follow now is the liar.  There is no truth in My adversary.  Come to Me and I will forgive you and you will be made new.  This is the meaning of being reborn, for I make all things new.  Receive My forgiveness and allow Me to purify you.  Then, when your earthly mission ends you will enter in My Kingdom, which is paradise.  If you do not believe Me, try Me.  That is all I can say, now My lost little souls.  It is your decision.  Choose life.  Choose Me.”


Jesus, my Jesus how can anyone resist You?  I do not know how, other than they are blind or just do not understand.  You have everything to offer us, Your beautiful merciful Heart that is full of love for all of Your children.  You provide all that is good for us.  You offer a lasting treasure—the life of Heaven where we will love perfectly and will experience perfect love and complete understanding from all in Heaven.  How can anyone refuse You, my sweet Savior?  I do not understand. 


Please, brothers and sisters, listen to Jesus.  He really does love you.  He will do anything for you that is good for your soul.  He wants you to spend eternity with Him, loving Him and He longs to love you for the rest of eternity.  He has goodness, kindness and mercy dripping from His broken heart—broken for love of you.  We will miss you if you do not come to Heaven one day where you belong.  Please accept Him now.  There is nothing to lose by choosing Him and everything to gain.  (Everything that is worth anything.)  If you do not choose Jesus, you have everything to lose.  You will lose your very soul. 


Do you think for one moment that Jesus can’t be trusted?  I assure you He is the only one you can trust, other than His Holy and Pure Mother Mary.  But if you will not listen to Him, I urge you to reach out to Mary, most holy.  She will know what you need and just what to do to get you ready to present you to Her Son.  I am no one, I realize.  Who am I to speak to you?  No one, as far as the world is concerned.  But I speak for countless other souls who love Jesus Christ, the only Son of God the Father, the Creator.  We, your brothers and sisters also love you, for Jesus loves you and therefore we love you, also.  Please accept Jesus’ invitation to forgiveness.  I did and so did many other souls and we are not sorry we did.  We are only sorry for offending and disappointing Jesus.  There is nothing else to regret, I assure you.  I will pray for you as Jesus has asked and I pray you choose Him.  I pray you return to the family of God, your family.


Lord, I may have spoken out of the realm of my role, but I long for Your heart to rejoice for those souls in darkness who have returned to You, the Light.  I love You and I see how much You love Your lost children.


“My child, My child,  I thank you for your words of love.  My children are My ambassadors of love.  I send you out in the world to carry My message of love.  This is what I want of My Children of Light—to bear My light, to bring messages of hope and mercy.  This is what you are to do and to be.  Thank you, My little lamb for your love.  When you show love and compassion for your lost brothers and sisters, you are showing love to Me.  Continue bringing the Gospel to those in need.  Bring My love and mercy.  Love one another.  This is the only way to pierce the darkness of evil.  Love is the way, for I am Love.  I am the Way, the Truth and the Light.  Do not hide your light but show it for all to see.  This is not the time to fear, My children.  I send you My Holy Spirit to give you My Spirit of boldness, of courage, of hope, trust and love.  I send you the Spirit of truth to counter the darkness of lies.  I send the Spirit of love to counter the evil spirits of hatred.  I send the Spirit of life to counter the spirit of death.  You are children of the living God.  You have nothing—nothing to fear.  Be My little apostles now and boldly live and proclaim Me, your Jesus.  The time is now.  This is a time of great darkness, yes, but it is an even greater time of grace.  Pray, fast, receive the Sacraments, which are the life blood of the one true holy and apostolic Church.  Be My little apostles.  Children, I am not saying you are My Apostles, My Bishops, no I call you My little apostles for that is what you are.  You are to be My ambassadors.” 


“Listen, My children. The time of persecution is now.  This time is upon you.  My Church is entering the trials and soon the hands of My Bishops will be “tied” so to speak.  You are My little apostles.  You work for your Mother and Mine in a heavenly army that is being readied for battle.  You are armed with all that you need.  Keep your holy, blessed rosary with you at all times.  Wear sacramentals.  Pray the holy rosary.  Read scripture which is My Word to My children.  Boldly proclaim My love.  Share with those in need.  Love and do not judge.  You are My little apostles.  Live like My Apostles.  The times are becoming more evident to those with eyes to see and ears to hear and all of Heaven intercedes for you.  This is the time that I am raising saints.  This is the time of grace.  Pray for peace and pray for a spirit of love.  Graces for heroic love will be given to all who ask.  I will mark you with My seal.  I have already set you like a seal on My Heart.  Soon all who love and follow Me will be marked with My seal of love and protection.  Many of My little children have already received My seal, but soon I will mark you all for you will need this mark of Mine, for the separation is coming.  Pray, fast and read My Word.  Do not listen to the words of My adversary that has corrupted all forms of media.  Listen for My voice in the silence of your hearts.  I will direct you.”


“My little lamb, this is all for now.  My children can ingest only so much at one time.  I thank you My little secretary.  I accept your sacrifice, My child.  Thank you for giving this to Me.  All will be well for those who love and follow Me.  Do not fear.  Trust in Me.


I bless you, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, now My children, for I go with you.”


Thank You, Lord of Heaven and earth.  I love You.


“And I love you.”


Amen & Alleluia! 

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