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Children of the Renewal Messages

July 24, 2016   Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I love You, Lord God of all creation.  Thank You for Holy Mass this morning.  Thank You for my family, God.  Praise Your holy, mighty name.  Thank You for the blessings You give and for the love You show to Your children.  Lord, I have many intentions each day, but today I ask for all the intentions of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart to triumph.  I pray also for the intentions of Your Sacred Heart and for all those who are ill, who have cancer and other serious illnesses including (names withheld).  I pray for the repose of (name withheld) and for peace and consolation for their families. Lord, for peace in our country and in the world and for all violence to cease.  Please protect the innocent children, Lord.  Bring healing, comfort, peace and consolation to all victims of violence.  Draw them close to Your Sacred Heart that is filled with love and mercy.  Save us, oh Lord.  Please open the hearts of those who do not know You so they may receive graces for conversion.  Give them eyes to see and ears to hear Your Gospel, the Good News of salvation.  Bring many, many souls to You, my Lord.  Jesus, I am having difficulty concentrating.  Please help me, Lord.  There are so many distractions. 


“My daughter, I am here.  Look at Me.”


Yes, Jesus.


“I welcome all, regardless of the disposition of their hearts.  My children are beautiful to Me.  Do you not see?  You are somewhat amused because you sense I am smiling, My child.  It is so.  I smile, for I love My beautiful children who come to adore Me in My Eucharistic presence.  They bring everything with them; their wounds, their sorrows, their concerns, their joys, their accomplishments and their failings.  They bring their gifts, their struggles and their burdens.  They bring their loved ones, carried in their hearts with them as they come before Me in Adoration.  I am very pleased when My children sit with Me, keeping Me company in Adoration.  I send many graces to those who adore Me in My Eucharistic presence.  It is My joy and therefore even the distractions, the noises, the whispers I do not mind for I am so pleased to be with My people, whom I love with the deepest love and affection. “


(An elderly woman who is very faithful to come to Adoration was whispering [loudly] and then when she stopped, she opened a book [very old book with crisp pages] and began turning them.  She looked at several pages before beginning to read and the page turning was so loud it was almost humorous.  She is a dear soul and I am always so glad to see her here.  People come in and out, if even for a few minutes and take time to get settled, while my prayer neighbor moans about her aches and pains, the weather, etc.  This is what was going on when I told Jesus about my lack of focus.  He is teaching me through this.)


Thank You, Lord for giving me perspective.  I so desperately need perspective lately.  Lord, please, please resolve the situation (names withheld) are facing.  They are being unjustly accused, as You know Jesus.  You were unjustly accused.  Be their protector, their shepherd, their refuge.  Protect them in this very difficult trial.  Jesus, their family is so holy.  They love and serve You and listen to Your holy Mother, Mary.  I beg You to resolve this unjust case and have it be closed early.  Please, Jesus.  There is so much concern and worry and it is something they offer for You, Jesus.  But if it is Your Will, please let this cup pass for them, earlier than they were told.  Give them peace and joy, Lord.  Jesus, this world is so void of good and holy parents who teach their children about You and instill love for the Holy Catholic Church.  They protect their children from harm, from evil and from the cultural disease that has taken such a toll on families.  This family is good, noble, holy and just.  Jesus, please rescue them from the enemy who seeks only harm, death and destruction.  Allow truth to prevail over lies, beauty and light over ugliness and darkness, and good over evil in this situation and in all that is going on in families all over the world.  Lord, I come to You as a beggar in rags and throw myself at Your holy feet.  I implore Your great mercy and ask for mercy to be shown to the (name withheld) family.  I love them dearly, my Savior.  I know You love them even more, for You are God.  You are love.  Jesus, this is very difficult.  This is an extremely heavy cross.  Lift it from their shoulders, Lord.  It is almost too much to bear.  Send them relief, Jesus, or send them a Simon to carry this cross for them.  I pray it is removed, Lord but if not removed, may it be made lighter.


“My little lamb, suffering purifies for it causes souls to most closely resemble Me, the suffering servant.  You understand the many benefits of suffering so I do not need to tell you, however I am listening to their prayers and I listen to yours.  All will be well, My child.  All will be well.  Reflect on how My Mother suffered.  She can bring great consolation to them in this trial.  Have no fear.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Jesus for listening to my prayers and to theirs.  Thank You for Your reassurances.  Jesus, I trust in You. 


“My child, the world is in great need of more prayer and fasting.  Please encourage people to fast for peace.  Peace is being threatened in the world.  I have said this repeatedly, as has My Holy Mother Mary.  It is becoming more obvious as evil acts are perpetrated throughout the world.  My enemy is at work in the hearts and souls of those who do not know Me and do not love Me.  Remember that My Most Holy Mother Mary has informed Her children that prayer and fasting can stop wars.  Because there have been so few in number heeding Her words and putting them into action, evil continues to escalate.  This is not necessary, My Children of Light.  You must pray and sacrifice more for peace to spread throughout the world.  You must pray, fast and return to the Sacraments for love to reign in the world.  My children, it is possible for peace and love to spread like fire throughout the world, but it depends on you.  It depends on the children of God to bring it about soon.  Otherwise, much suffering, more violence and bloodshed will occur through the hands of My adversary.  Eventually, I will restore peace and love, however do not wait and say, ‘Oh, well.  What will happen will happen.  God is in control and He will rescue us.  His Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph, so we will just sit quietly and patiently waiting.’  No!  Do not take this approach for many souls will be lost that could be saved.  This approach, My children is one I refer to as ‘hiding your light under a bushel basket.’  This is the approach of the lukewarm who do not love enough to pray for their enemies, do not love enough to help their neighbors, who do not care enough to say even a prayer for lost souls.” 


“You must wake up and realize, My children that there is a war raging between good and evil and it is being directly waged against My children and My creation.  The only way to vanquish the adversary is to cover the souls of the earth with your prayers.  You must infuse My light into the darkness.  Do not hide My light, children or you are no better than those who came before you, and did nothing to stop the advance of evil.  The time for action is now.  The time you have, this very moment in time, has been ordained by God the Father.  You are seeing the power of the enemy now and what you will see, if you do nothing, is beyond anything you can imagine.  Take action, My children.  The time is now.  God is all powerful.  We are ready to infuse each one of Our children with divine graces for spiritual victory, but you must be receptive.  You must say ‘yes’ to your God.  The power of the adversary pales in comparison to the power of the One True God.  I am God.  I am all powerful.  I work through My Children of Light.  My victory brings love, light, life, peace and joy.  My adversary brings, hatred, darkness, death, conflict and despair.  These are not mere words, My children.  They are truth.  Yes, I will bring about the Era of Peace, but the method of doing so relies on My children.  If you continue to do nothing, it will come at a great price to souls.  My children, you are being invited to enlist in the Army of God.  You are being invited to cooperate in God’s great plan of salvation.  ‘How?’ you ask.  By praying, fasting and being a sacramental and holy people set apart from the evil of the world.  You are called to be a witness to Me, your Savior by your holy lives.  In order for one to witness, one must interact with others.  You must live a life of holiness, humility, peace and joy.  In the process of spreading the Gospel, you must show love.  Speak the truth and do so with My love.  Be love to others.  Bring My truth to them.  The world has difficulty recognizing truth.  The world has difficulty trusting for there are few people who are truly trustworthy.  Those living in darkness, may have never met a person whom they can trust.  This is very sad, My Children of Light and yet it is true.  You must have the utmost respect and love for your brothers and sisters who do not know Me, and you also must be cautious for many seek to do harm.” 


“Begin and end each day with prayer.  Pray the holy rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet each day, preferably morning and evening.  My children, you think I ask too much of you, but this is the minimum, I assure you.  These are urgent times.  Prayer warriors are needed.  All of My Children of Light are prayer warriors.  This is without question.  The question I put to you is, will you accept your responsibility?  Will you fulfill the mission God the Father has lovingly given to you?  Part of your mission involves prayer.  It is time to cover the world in prayer.  If you do not do this, the world will be covered with the blood of the innocents.  So many innocent souls are already lost through the holocaust of abortion.  So many innocent lives are lost through violence that is uncalled for, and fueled by evil rage.  So many innocent lives are lost through the evils of war.” 


“My children it does not have to be like this.  This is not the plan of My Father for His children.  My Mother is raising apostles for these days.  You, My Children of Light are to be Her little, holy apostles.  Imagine the evil one and all of his minions being defeated by little apostles of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Imagine the adversary and all those who follow him being defeated by My Mother’s army of little children.  Their arsenals?  Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets.  Imagine this My children.  Imagine all peoples uniting under one faith, one God, one baptism.  Imagine creation returning to its original beauty from the time of creation.  Imagine this, and then believe it is possible, for it is possible with God.  All things are possible for God.  You must begin to believe so that you are inspired to pray as I have asked.  Prayer waters your spiritual growth.  The light of the Holy Spirit is like the sunshine and it is also necessary for your spiritual growth.  If you do not spend time in prayer, you will not grow, you will not receive direction from Me, and you will wander about aimlessly having no direction.  This does nothing to further My Kingdom and it does nothing to prevent the kingdom of darkness from spreading.  My Children of Light, I am with you.  I am with you.  You have nothing to fear when you follow Me.  The time is now, My children.  Do not sit by idly watching your brothers and sisters perish in darkness and sin.  Live the Gospel.  Share the Gospel.  Share Me.  I am the Good News.  Bring Me to the nations.  Bring Me to every corner of the world.  Stand up for what is right and good and reject that which is evil.  Following Me is not a spectator sport, but one that calls for your participation.  Please My dear children, answer this call to be heroes of faith.  Answer this call, and I will richly bless you for your efforts to bring about My Kingdom.  My kingdom will reign again one day in the hearts of all men.  I invite you all to be participants in this great revival of love.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your light, Your love, Your truth.  Thank You for Your mercy.  Thank You for Your death on the cross, so that we could live.  Thank You for Your resurrection.  Thank You for the opportunity to love, serve and follow You.  May we do so for the rest of our lives on earth.  Help us to serve You well.  Help us to follow You and to love and serve Your Mother.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“Thank you, My little lamb.  This pleases Me.  You may go now in peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”


Amen.  Alleluia.  Praise You, Jesus, Lord God of Heaven and earth, Who was and is and is to come.

July 17, 2016, Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus, my Savior ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, adore You and praise You my King and my God.  Praise You for all You created and loved into being.  Praise You for life!  Praise You for love and for family and friends.  Praise You for being who You are—God Almighty, Who was, Who is and Who is to come.  Praise You for the Incarnation.  Praise You for Mary Most Holy and for St. Joseph.  Praise You for the angels and saints.  Praise You for redeeming us by Your Precious Blood.  Praise you forever, Lord.  May all peoples of every nation praise Your holy name forever.  I love You, my Lord.  I thank You for loving me who is like a small speck on the earth, and yet the God of All loves me!  Praise You Lord God!  I can’t thank You enough for Holy Mass, Jesus.  Thank You for sending Father (name withheld) to our parish.  Help us to care for him and to be warm and welcoming.  Open the hearts of our fellow parishioners to be receptive to him as one of Your holy priest sons.  May he feel as though he is home in our parish.  Keep him safe in the protection of Your Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 


Lord I bring all the intentions of my heart to You and lay them at Your feet.  Bless and protect all of my children, grandchildren relatives and friends.  Heal, comfort and console all who are ill.  Help (name withheld) to continue to progress in his recovery.  Thank You for sparing his life, sweet Jesus!  Lord, may all those who have left the Church, return and may those who are separated from the one true faith come into union with Your Church.  I love You, Jesus and I know You want this, also.  You prayed, ‘Father that they may all be one, as You and I are One.’  Please bring this prayer to fruition soon, Lord Jesus.  Thank You, Lord for all that You and Your Holy Spirit are actively doing to advance Your Kingdom.  Help me to be a willing, cooperative servant in Your vineyard.  Please use me, Jesus in whatever way You desire.  I give myself to You and am at Your service.  Use me as Your instrument, Lord.  I know I am a poor instrument, but in Your hands You can still make beautiful music with an instrument that is poor.  Jesus, I love You.  I give You my heart, my soul, my very life.  I am Yours to do with as You Will.  Please bless my sweet family with the fire of Your love.  Give us graces to love heroically.  I lift (name withheld) to You, Jesus.  Please heal his back and anything else in need of healing. 


Thank You, Lord that You love us so much that You provide open access to You in the Blessed Sacrament.   You wait for us, Jesus when we do not deserve to have the King of Heaven and earth waiting to see us, Your people.  You lower Yourself out of great love.  Jesus, what earthly King would do such a thing?  It has never been heard of and I don’t imagine it ever will occur.  Your love is amazing.  I am sorry for the times I have taken You for granted, Lord.  I am sorry for the times I have offended or ignored You.  Forgive me, dear Jesus.  I am sorry and I will continue to work on changing but I need Your grace, Your help, Your love to do so.


“All is forgiven, My child, My little one.  All is forgiven.  I love you.  I thank you for your prayers.  I have each intention, now securely in My Heart.  Give everything to Me.  All is safe with Me.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I give all of my worries and concerns to You, Lord.  Everything is in Your hands; Your trustworthy hands.  Lord is there anything You want to say to me?  I am listening, Lord.


“Yes, My child.  There is much to say to you today.  I begin with telling you of My great love for you.  You are My little flower, My little child, My little lamb.  You feel you should not write this, child but I ask it of you.”


Yes, Jesus.


“Thank you for giving Me your ‘yes’; not just now but for all of your ‘yesses’ to Me.  I know you do not always feel like saying ‘yes’, but you do so and for this, I thank you. 


You are most welcome, Jesus.  Help me to say ‘yes’ more often and to really mean it, Lord.  May my ‘yes’ always be a joyful one.


“This is good little one.  I desire to protect you from the evil that is all around you.  This is why I invite you and your family to pray the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet each morning and evening.  You may pray even more often, but morning and evening is a minimum.  It is the minimum needed for protection of your family, your move and for protection of others.  I ask this of you, because I love you and I wish to protect you.  I need cooperation from My children and I ask this prayer practice to be implemented by all of My children, especially those who read these messages.


It does not matter whether you are Catholic or another denomination or no denomination, you shall learn to pray the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, My children in order to be immersed in My love and My light.  I desire to draw all of My children close to Me in these darkest of days.  Those who are not as well acquainted with Me or with My Mother Mary, Most Holy, will become so through the prayer and meditation of the mysteries of the most holy rosary.  I desire all of My children to know Me.  There are no exceptions.  I love you all.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Praise You, Jesus.


“Just as in the days of the early Church, when I sent Peter to preach to the family who was faithfully seeking to do the Will of God, but were not Jews, so I call all of My children to Myself.  I revealed My Will to Peter through a vision of a large sheet coming down from Heaven with food of all kinds, including food that My people, the nation of Israel knew to be ‘unclean.’  My Spirit spoke to him and said that what I considered clean cannot be unclean.  I told him he was to go with the men who were coming, to speak with My children who were not Jews, but prayed to Me, did acts of love and charity and tried to do the Will of God.  He went to them because I bid him go, even though they were Gentiles.  I call all of My children to Myself for I love all.  Take My Gospel to all, regardless of their creed or nationality.  I am relying on you, My Children of Light to spread My Good News.  I sent My Apostles to all the nations of that age to preach and to baptize and to forgive sins.  I send you, My Children of Light of this age to do the same.  You, My little apostles who are not priests, cannot forgive sins of course, but I send you to teach others about Me, about My incarnation, My passion, death and resurrection.  Take My light to all nations.  You must do so, My holy Children of Light.  If you do not do this, who will?”


“My Children of Light, who are My holy priest sons, you must preach the goodness to all, boldly and with great courage.  If you lack courage, ask it from Me.  All that I have is yours.  You, My holy priest sons are My presence among My flock.  You must be true shepherds.  Shepherd My people.  Walk with them My sons.  Be present to them.  You are so very busy with many activities and social engagements, yet you must be present to My flock to minister to their needs.  You cannot do this well by sitting in so many meetings.  Go out to My people and live and journey with them.  Offer more opportunities for the Sacraments.  You must not be too busy to sit in the confessional, and make yourself more available.  My sons, listen to Me.  A day will come when peoples of great numbers will die in sin and it must not be because you did not allow more time for confession.  ‘But, Jesus’ you say, ‘I will sit there waiting and people won’t come.’  To which I say, ‘Yes, My sons, you may very possibly sit waiting for souls to come and this will be a good opportunity for you to speak with me.’  You are often lamenting that you do not have enough time to pray.  This will give you the time you so desperately need.  ‘But, Lord am I not wasting time waiting for people when they may never come?’  To which I reply, ‘You will meditate on this very issue.’  Think about Me and how I wait for My children to come adore Me in the Blessed Sacrament.  I wait, longingly for My children to visit with Me for even a few minutes, and I wait in every tabernacle of the world.  Be like Me, My sons.  Wait for My little children.  Wait with an open heart for the souls who will come to you in need of My forgiveness.  You have much to learn, also, My holy priest sons.  I long to impart My wisdom and yet you must come apart from the world and spend time in prayer.  Many dangers surround you, that you cannot see with your eyes.  Many dangerous wolves seek to devour you and all of My children.  You are the shepherds.  You are entrusted with protecting My sheep, your flock.  In order to protect them you must be near them, offer the Sacraments, Mass and be in prayer yourselves.  You do not realize the late hour nor the darkness that covers the earth.  You do not realize that so much depends upon you.  I say this so that you will more fully understand the great role you assumed when you were ordained.  Remember what it was like when I first called you by name?  Recall how excited you were, how humbled you were when you were ordained by My Apostle, the Bishop.  Recall this and ask Me to reinvigorate you and your vocation.  These are trying times My sons.  My children need your fatherly presence.  They need you to bring Me to them in the Sacraments and to be much more available to them than you are.  Examine this, My sons.  Soon, there will be very few opportunities to meet with committees and groups and you will seek the protection of My little ones.  Have you been protecting them well?  Have you been busy about their spiritual needs?  I am not scolding you, for I love you.  I love you, My holy priest sons.  If you only knew how deeply I love you.  Give My love to others.  Serve others.  Do not serve committees and counsels.  Others can lead committees.  But, only you can administer My holy Sacraments.  Only you can do this, My sons.  Pour your lives out for My flock.  You will have all that you need, for I will see to it.”


Thank You for Your message of love, Jesus.  Help us to also serve Your holy priest sons.  Help us to care for them so that they can better serve You, Jesus.  Help us to show our love so they can also feel love from You through us, Your sheep.


“Thank you, My little lamb.  I am grateful for your desire to assist My chosen ones.  I am counting on you and My son, (name withheld) to accept the priests I will send to you and to love and care for them.  I will help you to protect them and give them a place of respite and a place of retreat from danger.  You are caring for those in your midst now, to prepare you for what is to come.  Be present to them, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).  Even shepherds need to be fed.


Yes, my Jesus.  Whatever You need.  Lord help us to do Your Will and give us the graces we need to make up for what is lacking in us.  Give us graces to love heroically and to serve with great love.  Lord, I pray this for each member in our family, as well as for us.


“My child, do not worry that your new priest will be with your parish for only one year.  You will have what is needed.  I will not desert My people.  I have a great plan, My child.  Rest assured, I have thought of every detail and know all that will occur.  I have thought of everything.  Trust in Me.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My child, write My words of warning now for My people.  I want all who read these words to know that when events occur that cause fear in their hearts, they are to look to Me.  I will be with all of My children.  Do not fear.  Trust is what is needed.  If you are in the middle of the storm, pray for guidance.  Ask what you should do.  I will direct you.  Your Guardian Angel will also direct and protect you.  Say to yourselves and to your family members, ‘Be calm.  Jesus is with us.  He knew exactly where we would be before this moment occurred.  Let us pray now and ask Him to direct our steps.  We must be at peace so our Lord can direct us.’  Then, pray to Me.  I will come with haste to give you direction.  The storm that is coming, and is already here for many, I have not and will not cause.  These events are being planned by My adversary.  Do not be at fear.  Fear is not from Me.  When you begin to feel fear, cast it out and ask Me to replace fear with trust.  Fear is the absence of trust.  Everyone is tempted to fear at one time or another My children.  Such are the trials of earth, however I came to bring salvation.  I brought salvation.  I am your Savior.  I save souls in sin, and I also save souls not in sin.  I am the Savior of the world.  I am still the Savior.  Call on Me, My children whenever you have need of your Savior and I will assure you and give you peace.  Do not worry about what tomorrow holds.  I go before you and I am already anticipating your needs.  Spread My love, My light and My truth to all.  That is to be your focus.  Always begin and end each day with prayer.  This covers and protects you My children.”


Thank You, my Jesus.  Lord, have You anything more to say today?


“Yes, My child.  Be a source of encouragement, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) to everyone around you.  What is coming will be very discouraging.  Be encouraging.  Know that My Mother’s Heart will triumph, but first the battles will rage.  Take care not to lose heart.  Pray and be light to others.  Remember that I am with you in a very real way  This is not a theoretical concept.  I am very much alive as you know and therefore when I say I am with you—I am with you.  Be a calming presence in the midst of the storm.  Many will doubt.  Many will be without hope.  Welcome those I send to you with My Spirit.  Welcome them with My love.  (Name withheld), you will find yourself a father to those with no father.  Protect and provide for them.  Love them with your fatherly love.  St. Joseph and I will help you.  Care for your family.  Protect and provide for them for I have a mission for them and I need them in service of this mission which is My Father’s and you are the head of your family’s mission.  I cannot stress too much the importance of My words.  Reflect on them and pray.  Ask for Me to reveal My plan to you for you and your family.  You already know it broadly and step by step I will reveal more to you.  Pray and be silent so that I can speak to your heart.  I will infuse you with what you need each day, My son.  Be silent and seek Me.  My daughter, I will protect you through My son (name withheld) and through your Guardian Angel and St. Pio, My most holy priest son.  He is your spiritual father.  He guides you and guards you.  All that he does for you is sanctioned by Me for he is in My Will.  My Most Holy Mother Mary watches over you and all of Her children.  She is with you and the children of (location withheld) in a special way.  She is directing and seeing to the needs of Her community.  All will come to fruition soon.  Do not be concerned with the timing, what you shall do, which job you are to take, etc., for you will know when the time comes.  Most importantly, be at peace.  I will provide for all of your family’s needs.  It does not all fall on your shoulders, My child.  Have I not provided for you thus far?  You have cooperated and have worked hard, also but all has come by way of your Lord.  I will continue to provide.  Be at peace.  Take each day and each step as it comes for I direct your steps.  Care for yourself.  Get rest and exercise, My child to prepare as best you can for what is to come.  You do not know what that is specifically, but again I assure you, I am directing you.  Remain close to Me, My little lamb.  I am your Shepherd and I am your friend.  St. Faustina is praying with you for your intention.  It is not yet time for me to provide a spiritual director, but continue to pray and soon I will send a holy priest to direct you.  Continue to pray and wait patiently.  I direct you as does St. Pio, so do not be concerned.  When you truly need one, I will provide.  It is not yet time.  I love you, My children.  Read Holy Scriptures and listen well to My Most Holy Mother Mary who directs you with Her words and with Her presence.  Thank You for your ‘yes’ to Her invitation to go to Medjugorje.  She invites many, but many of those invited do not come.  This will be a time of great grace for your entire family.  You are to pray for all those who could not or who will not go especially your own family members.  One day you will rejoice in My plan for you and how it is unfolding.  Be peace, be love, be mercy, be joy to others.  All WILL be well.  Trust in Me.”


Thank You, sweet Jesus.


“I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in peace.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen.  Alleluia! 

7-17-16 COR
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