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Children of the Renewal Messages



January 3, 2016  Adoration Chapel

Feast of Epiphany

Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I believe, I praise You, I love You and I adore You.  Thank You for Your goodness, light and love.  Thank You for holy Mass this morning.  Thank You for Your gift of Yourself in the Eucharist.  I love You, Jesus.  I thank You for guiding (name withheld) and helping him to get another car.  Please help (intention withheld).  Help (names withheld) with their financial challenges.  Thank You for the many blessings You give us each and every day.  Please be with (name withheld) as he undergoes another week of radiation and chemo.  Thank You for enabling him to get more food/liquids down.  Praise You, Jesus.  Lord, I pray for peace in our hearts and in the world.  Please grant all of the Blessed Mother’s intentions.  Lord, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My daughter.  Today is the Feast of Epiphany.  The visit of the wise men truly occurred while we were living in Bethlehem.  Some think this is only a legend or fable, but it is not.”


Yes, Lord.  It is amazing, though!  To think there were men studying the stars and that they saw and followed Your star for so many miles is really incredible.  It is a beautiful, courageous act of faith.  I can’t imagine how long it took them to reach You, but I find it incredible especially considering how difficult travel would have been then. 


“Yes, My child.  Travelling was most difficult and doing so created many hardships.”


I really can’t imagine what it must have been like especially without the conveniences we have now.  Taking enough food and provisions, cooking, sleeping, staying warm, not having bathroom facilities, the heat during the day, the cold nights, having clean water to drink; it all seems almost impossible to me and yet they went seeking You.  The price they paid, the toll on their bodies, the toll on their animals and people who went along to assist (or so I presume) must have been an incredible price to pay, and yet what an amazing honor to meet You in person as a little child.


“Yes, My little lamb.  They paid a high price indeed.  They were very holy men.”


Thank You, Jesus.


“You would all do well to imitate them.  Reflect on the wise men, My Children of the Renewal.  You have much to learn.”


Yes, Jesus.  Lord, thank You for this chapel and for the beauty of Your Christmas season.  Thank You for bringing us a renewed sense of hope and peace each year.  Help us to prepare for Your coming again to the world.  I pray for conversion of hearts and for my ongoing conversion.  Give my family and me graces to love heroically like the magi and also graces for mercy especially in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.


“Yes, My little one.  Graces for mercy are in abundance during this Jubilee Year of Mercy.”


They are available to anyone who asks.  I have an endless supply of mercy for My children.  Ask for My mercy and mercy will be yours.  Have mercy on all, My children.  Be mercy, as I am mercy.  Forgive as I have forgiven you.  Love as I love you.”


Jesus, thank You for being with (name withheld) on Friday and that his symptoms resolved without any permanent damage.  Thank You, Lord that nothing serious happened.  Please protect him and keep him safe.  Guide and direct him to the best physician who can help him.  Thank You for sparing his life, Jesus.


“You are welcome, My child.  It was My will that all came to a successful conclusion on Friday.  My son, (name withheld) accepts any suffering, any sacrifice asked of him.  Everything was permitted by Me including the presence of your family and (names withheld).  Do not be concerned, My little one.  I am in control.  You acted with calmness and grace.  (name withheld) and You acted quickly and precisely as I wanted and all is well.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You, Lord.


“Do not be anxious about what is to come, My little lamb, for you see, I am with you.  I guide, guard and direct you.  When situations arise that require action, My angels are also on the scene, prompting you to take the right actions, and encouraging you and all involved.  They are also there praying for you.  So you see, there is nothing to fear.  I had exactly those who were needed and those who were wanted from the EMT’s to the physician and nurses, and even (name withheld) nephew who was there.  All things are within My power and My plan.  Knowing this will give you an increased sense of confidence and peace.  You are correct in thinking this occurred as it did for other reasons; to prepare you and (name withheld) for how you will work together in the mission of the community.  God the Father’s plan continues to unfold and this time of preparation is of the utmost importance.  Trust in Me, My children of (name withheld).  My Mother and I are guiding you and seeing to your formation and your preparation.  Your husbands were doing what they needed to do at that time as well, though this isn’t as apparent to you.  All is well, My child.  A situation like this is more challenging when it involves someone you love and care for, such as your friend, My son (name withheld).  This was not the reason it occurred, but it is the reason I chose all of you to be there.  I also wanted My son, (name withheld) to know he was in good hands and that I always provide for him.  He is My faithful friend and I love him very dearly.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You, Lord.  I did have a sense of peace and I knew You were with us.  I’m just so thankful for Your healing power and that (name withheld) doesn’t have any permanent damage.  Help him to get the care he needs and the right referrals tomorrow, Lord when he goes to the doctor.  Jesus, we trust in You.


“My daughter, this important lesson is one I wish you and (names withheld) to remember.  There will be difficult circumstances in the near future.  You are to remain steadfast and calm, ever open to My direction.  Do not fear.  I am and always will be with you.  I am counting on you all to be an extension of My mercy, My love, My peace.  Many will come who will be in need.  My children of (name withheld) will be a small oasis of peace, mercy and assistance.  You are to be welcoming and loving just as the Holy Family would be, for you will be acting in My name and in the name of My most holy and pure Mother.  She has invited you to live in Her community.  She is looking for Her children who will say ‘yes’ to Me and who are open to changing your lives for the mission God the Father has.  This mission is grand and far more complex than can be revealed to you now.  For your parts, you have only to trust and be open to My Will.  My Mother will guide you.  My Holy Spirit will direct you.  All that is required from you is your ‘yes’ and your obedience.  I will provide the rest; that is, all that is needed.  Pray to do My Will.  Pray for graces to trust more and to love as I have asked you to love.  All will be well.  When you are faced with trials and difficulties, give everything to Me.  Ask for My direction and you will have it.  Pray for those discerning the invitation to (name withheld), and to all of My Mother’s communities.  The communities and refuges are an important part of My Father’s plan for the future of His world.  Therefore, be glad.  Rejoice in this.”


“My Children of the Renewal, you are all being called for an important role in rebuilding My Church.  Yes, My children, the Church is in need of being rebuilt in a similar way as it was in need during My son, St. Francis’ day.  This is a spiritual rebuilding.  The wolves prowl about, attacking the church on the sly, just as wolves and foxes attack under cover of the night.  But, I have come to set the world on fire.  My Spirit will come and will renew the face of the earth.  Until then you must renew Your efforts of fasting and prayer.  I will fill you with the graces you need especially as you frequent the Sacraments.  Go to Confession frequently, My children, for I pour out many graces for you.  Then, reception of Me in the Eucharist will be even more beneficial to you for you will be well disposed to receive Me.  As you know, the more well disposed your soul is, and by this I mean that your soul being in a state of grace, the more graces you can receive.  These graces are needed, for you carry them out to the world, which is in a state of darkness, just as it was when I came into the world.  I am looking to you, My Children of Light, to bring Me into the world that is in the darkness of sin and despair.  Bring Me to a world in need and impoverished from lack of love and peace.”


“My coming was not in vain, for those who think this, for I opened the gates of Heaven.  Countless souls have been redeemed and have received their inheritance as a result.  The family of God has greatly expanded.  The world would have ended, had God not sent Me at the allotted time.  No, My doubting children, My coming, My death and resurrection was not in vain.  The Father’s plan has been realized.  It is all going according to His plan, regardless of the way things look.  God has always known each and every event that has occurred and will occur in the world, for He created the world.  My Children of Light know this, but I reiterate to encourage you and to enlighten those who are in doubt and who are dismayed.  Do not be dismayed.  Read Scripture.  You will understand that all has been foretold.  These days and those to come have all been foretold.  For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is obvious in My Word.  I am the Word of God.  I AM!  Be not afraid; for I AM is with you.  I give you great courage and spiritual power when it is needed, for there is an adversary who wants evil for you.  I want what is good.  I am what is good for I am all good, all love, all truth, and all light.  My adversary is darkness, sin, evil and hate.  Follow Me for I love you.  I want life for you; eternal life.  You were made for God and for love of God.  Come to Me, all of you who are laden with sin, and I will forgive you.  I will never reject a sinner who repents and asks for forgiveness.  I assure you.  I will pull you to My heart and embrace you and speak loving words of forgiveness, peace and joy to you.  I died for love of you, My children; all of you.  Do not fear My wrath for there is no wrath for a repentant heart.  There is only love and mercy.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your love and mercy.  Thank You for Your undying love for us, Your poor lost children.  Help us to repent, Jesus.  Help us to resist the tempter when he whispers lies to us and tells Your children we cannot be forgiven.  Show all souls who are beginning to repent, Your goodness and mercy.  Give graces for contrition.  Send holy priests to those in need, Lord, who will be instruments of Your mercy.  Heal us, Lord.  Heal the hearts of Your children.  Save us, Lord Jesus.  We need You, our Lord and our God.  Help us, who have been forgiven much, to be instruments of Your mercy, also, Jesus.  Give us graces to love heroically just as You and Your Mother Mary do.  St. Joseph, please protect your son’s church, and protect our families during this perilous time.  God chose you to protect Jesus and Mary, and you are now the protector of the Church.  Be our protector, St. Joseph.  Protect (locations withheld) and all of the Blessed Mother’s communities and refuges.  Thank You, St. Joseph for your prayers and for your assistance.  Help us all as we prepare for our moves.  Thank You, St. Joseph for all you have done for us. 


“My child, St. Joseph has heard your prayer and he acknowledges your requests.  He guides your family and all families that put themselves under his patronage as you have.  I desire more men and families to ask for St. Joseph’s intercession and guidance.  Do as My little lamb’s family has, and include St. Joseph in your prayers for guidance.  Ask for his protection.  My son, (name withheld) I thank you for spreading devotion to the holy St. Joseph.  He is important to the church during these days.”


“I encourage My Children of Light by reminding you that My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.  She needs your prayers for this to occur sooner than later.  Pray, My children.  Pray.  The holy rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet are needed now more than ever.  Renew prayer in your families.”


“That is all, My little lamb.  Go now in My peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be joy.  Be love.  Be mercy.  All will be well.  I am with you.


Thank You, sweet Jesus.  I love You. 


“And I love you.”




1-3-16 COR
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