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Children of the Renewal Messages


July 31, 2016, Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the holy Altar.  I believe in You, adore You and praise You, my God and my King.  Thank You for holy Mass this morning and for Your love and mercy, Jesus.  Thank You for the many blessings this week from You.  Thank You for resolving my problem with health insurance.  I am very grateful, Lord.  Thank You for (name withheld) continued recovery.  I pray for all those who are ill, especially for those who will die today.  Please grant them the gift of contrite and repentant hearts and Your grace and mercy.  Lord, please be with (names withheld) as they seem to be near the end of their earthly pilgrimage.  Give them consolation and peace.  Lord, I bring all those who are ill especially (names withheld) and any others I have not named.  Give them the gifts of healing and peace.  Overwhelm them with a sense of Your holy love.  Lord, thank You for healing (name withheld).  Please heal (name withheld) back.  He is in so much pain, Jesus.  Lord, I also pray for (names withheld).  Surround them with Your love.


Jesus, (name withheld) will have full responsibility of the parish this week (personal information omitted). Help him, Lord.  He is still new to us and this is such a big parish.  I know he is concerned since he asked for our prayers.  Guide and direct him, Jesus.  Help him to be at peace and to have an uneventful week.  Help him to feel welcomed by us.  Lord, I pray for peace in our hearts, our families and in the world.  Give graces of conversion to those who do not know and do not love You.  Lord, is there anything You would like to say to me?


“Yes, My little one.  I have said to My people all that they need to know to prevent or lessen what is to come.  Few have listened.  Few have heeded My words and those of My Holy Mother Mary.  Now, what is to come will be.  For those who love and follow Me, continue praying and fasting.  Be open to My direction and My Will, My children.  I will guide you.  I will direct you.  Events are in motion now and without a full scale desire for repentance and conversion across your nation, the events will unfold at a rapid rate.  My children, I urge you, do not give in to the temptation to fear.  Rather, trust in Me.  I am your Savior and Redeemer.  There is nothing for you to fear for you walk in the shelter of the Almighty God.  I am unable to protect those who reject Me, My children, for I created their free will.  I cannot usurp this freedom for I cannot go against that which I created.  Do you understand, My little lamb?”


Yes, Jesus.  I understand.


“My child, you understand all too well and this saddens you.  It saddens Me, also, My child.  I do not desire for any to perish.  It is My plan for all to come to Heaven, but I love freely and I do not force My children to choose Heaven and a life of joy.  Each soul must choose Heaven or hell.  It is that simple.  My Children of Light, do not fear.  I repeat have no fear.  You will be tempted to fear when events occur around you that are not of Me.  You are to pray and remain at peace.  Ask Me to protect you.  Ask Me to guide you.  Remember, I am with you.  We face the future together.  My Mother is also with you.  Many graces will rain down upon My followers of these times, for they are necessary to protect you and keep you at peace.  At times, you will be tempted to think that I, your Jesus have forgotten and abandoned you.  This will not be so, however it will seem to be the case.  If this occurs, say to yourselves, ‘Our Jesus will never abandon us.  He is the God of the universe.  He is Lord of All.  He will provide for our needs.’  Pray a rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet any time you are afraid.  I will restore your peace.  In the midst of such darkness, I remind you that you have been called.  You have been chosen.  You are to be My witnesses.  Live the Gospel message.  Share with those who have nothing.  Give food and shelter to the orphans and widows.  Protect and care for My holy priest sons.  They are your shepherds.  Be merciful to one another.  Pray for your enemies and those who persecute you.”


Yes, Jesus.


“My child these are important words and yet you are hesitant to write them.”


Yes, My Lord.  When You speak of us being tempted to fear, I realize it will be horrible all around us.  Yet, I know we are not to fear.


“My child, if you continue to fast and pray and focus on My Will, you will be fine.  Focus on the needs of your brothers and sisters.  Their needs will be many.  Focus on doing what you can to alleviate suffering.  Give them encouragement.  Let them know that I am God and I am in control.”


Jesus, if things seem chaotic and out of control, will people accept it when we say that You are in control?


“Yes, My child.  This will encourage them.  It will not appear to be so.  The evil one is the father of lies, chaos, hatred and disorder.  I am God of order, structure, love, truth and beauty.  I do not bring discord except for when My children decide against Me and choose discord.  In that case I allow it for that is the nature of free will gone awry.”

Yes, Jesus.


“My child, all of this talk makes you weary, does it not?”


Oh yes, Lord.  It does.  It is a burden to carry, Jesus.


“Yes, My little lamb for you are given insight into what will occur and how discordant it will be.  You have a deeper understanding of the circumstances, though you do not know the timing, nor the sequence of events.  I ask that you carry this awhile longer and that you embrace this cross.  Before long you will not be so isolated.  I give you (names withheld) so that you are comforted.  Their love and friendship is My gift to you and you are a gift to them.  My special son (name withheld) has carried much suffering and knowledge of what is to come, long before My more recent messengers.”


Yes, Lord.  I don’t know how he did this for so many years, other than Your grace. 


“It was difficult being out in front, ahead but he knows he was prepared especially for this work.  You, My child have the benefit of his experience and the wisdom I have given him.  I desire that you and My son (name withheld) make an effort to spend time with him in the coming weeks.  You will receive graces and can draw support from one another for what is to come.  This is another gift from Me, My child.  I love you very deeply.  I love My little remnant with the greatest love.  You do not understand this fully but one day you will.  You can only see as if getting a glimpse of something but that is for your own good.  Be assured, you are walking in My Will, child.”


Jesus, I don’t know how You can say this when You alone know how weak I am.  I am a sinner, Jesus.  I am nothing.  Why is it You give such a small, weak, sinful person who is prideful and foolish, such care and concern?  I know that it is only because You are so great, so merciful, so full of love.  Have pity on me, Jesus.  I fail You so often I have lost track.  You know everything, Lord and You know the number of times I have failed You.  I admit to my many faults, Lord and I ask You to cover me with Your holy and precious blood so that when God the Father looks at me, Your blood, Your saving power will cover me and He will see only You, my Jesus.


“My child, you have knowledge of yourself and this is holiness.  Holiness does not mean that you will never sin.  Holiness is being set apart from the world, seeking and walking with God.  Even My holy prophets of old sinned.  Even the beautiful saints in Heaven, were sinners on earth.  They strove for holiness.  They carried their crosses.  They loved and followed Me.  When they fell, they got up, asked My forgiveness and continued on.  This is what I ask of you.  This is what I ask of My Children of Light.  This is what My children, those who love and follow Me, do and this is what you and My son (name withheld) continue to do.  You are My friends.  I love you.  You love Me.  We are stuck with one another, as you say.”


(I sense Jesus smiling.  He is so adorable, even though He is all powerful.  Knowing that He is God and that He could snuff out the universe as one blows out a candle, makes His sweetness all the more amazing and beautiful.  Who can begin to understand the goodness of our Lord and Savior?)


I love You, my Jesus.  I love You so.  Enlarge my heart, Jesus and pour even more love into it.  I want to love You so much more.  Lord, if I loved You as our Blessed Mother loves, perhaps I would not be able to sin or even let You down.


Blessed Mother, give me love as You love.  Fill me with a heart like Yours.  I know that You are without sin.  You are the Immaculate.  I am a sinner.  I know I cannot be exactly like You, but I ask You to make me more like You.  Give me graces to love as You love, dearest Mother.  Every good mother wants her children to love God more, so please do this for me.  Since You are the perfect mother, You must want this for all of Your children.  Help me, Blessed Mother to love as You love.  Help me to welcome the stranger as You welcomed.  Help me to love others with the love You have for Jesus.  If this is not feasible, then love them through me.  Love Jesus through my flawed, weak heart.  Blessed Mother transform me into a beautiful flower for Jesus.


Blessed Mother speaks. “My daughter, I hear your pleas.  I will help you.  Of course I will help you to love My Son Jesus more.  Be at peace, dear child.  Jesus is pleased to answer requests for love.  This is His heart’s desire, that all of His children love Him more.  Be at peace.  Allow Me to console you, My little daughter.  You do not fully understand how much My Son loves you for you have not experienced complete unconditional love.  No one has experienced love the way God loves so it is not possible to comprehend until you reach Heaven.  You must accept this and relish it.  Reflect on this in your heart.  My child, when there is upheaval all around you, you and your family are to give this love from Jesus to others.  He is counting on you and your family to do this for Him and for the Father’s plan.  The Children of the Renewal are children of Jesus and Mary, children of the Holy Family, children of the Father in Heaven.  The more you give God’s love to others, the more you will be filled with love.  This does not make sense in the economy of the world, but this is Heaven’s economy.  The more you are emptied, the more you will be filled.  Be like Me, My child.  I proclaimed that I wanted to be the handmaiden of the Lord.  A handmaiden serves her master.  She waits on her master and is sensitive and aware  of his every need.  She responds accordingly to carry out his wishes with love, peace and mercy, but also with diligence, forbearance and with humility.  A handmaiden is in the background always assuring that Our Lord receives the attention and the glory.  When the poor, dear children and priests come to you, remember that you are the handmaiden of God.  You are to serve them with great love and humility.  I will give you Jesus’ graces for patience, mercy and love.  You will feel such love for them in your heart (My son [name withheld] will also) that you will do for them what you would do for My Jesus were He standing right in front of you.  This is what I desire from you, My children.  This is what I desire from (names withheld), also.  This is what I desire of My entire (name withheld) community and you are to model this, My children.  The world will learn about love by the way the children of My communities and refuges love.  This is the way, dear children of My heart that the Father desires.  This is God’s way and it will be a model for the renewal.  This, you cannot do of your own accord.  I know this.  My Son knows this and it is why I do, also.  I say this to encourage you for We will help you.  God is sending an army of angels to protect and guide you.  You have your elder brothers and sisters, the saints in Heaven to assist you, also.  Call upon them now.  Do not wait until you are desperate, but call on them now.  Get to know them, My Children.  This takes nothing away from God.  He receives glory from the angels and saints in Heaven and He wants all of His children to love and assist one another.  This is the love that awaits you in Heaven.  Call upon this love now, for all love comes from God, My children.” 


“My daughter, I have been with you since you were born, though you were unaware of My presence.  I am with all of My children and Jesus wills this.  When He says, ‘You have nothing to fear,’ believe it, for it is true.  My Son is truth.  Fear causes paralysis.  Fear causes distrust and reduces one’s ability to receive direction.  Fear causes one to cower down and to be subject to the one who strikes fear in the hearts of man.  Fear is not of God.  Reject all temptation to fear.  This does not mean you are to hide your heads in the sand.  It means you are to have faith and trust in God our Savior.  It means you run to Jesus and ask Him to give you all necessary graces to be courageous for Him.  Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with His power, His wisdom, His love, His courage, and He will do so, for it is needed in these times.  My children, I love you.  I, your Mother am with you.  You must do as My Son has told you and pray, fast, frequent the sacraments and holy Mass, for there you receive Jesus.  There you receive the gift of all gifts that is necessary for your salvation and your strength to continue the journey and the mission assigned to you by God the Father.  Be at peace, dear little ones.  Follow My Son and truly all will be well.”


Thank You, Blessed Holy Mother Mary.  Thank You for Your great love.  We do not deserve Your love, dearest Mother but I thank You.  Thank You, also for Your blessed words, Your protection and Your motherly guidance.


Jesus, thank You, Lord for sending Your Mother Mary to be with us and to guide us with Her heavenly wisdom.  She is so pure, holy, merciful and good and She is most beautiful.  Thank You for sharing Your holy Mother Mary with us.  What a great gift, Jesus! 


“You are welcome, My child.  Take Her words to heart.  She followed Me perfectly while on earth as She continues to do from Heaven.  She will lead you in your Christian walk for She was the first Christian, filled in Her entirety with the Holy Spirit.  Her humility surpasses all the saints together.  Her love surpasses them, also.  She is the perfect Mother of God and she is your Mother.  Love Her, My children.  Love and honor Her for I love and honor Her as She is My Mother.  Recall these words, the words of Elizabeth, ‘Who am I that the Mother of my Lord should come to me?’  This is what I want you to reflect on this week and during the coming weeks.  Think about Her love for you.  She loves you so much that as soon as God says, ‘Go to My children and Your children.’  She goes with haste to the hill country.  She goes with haste to any place in the world where She is asked, for Her love is so great and Her desire to serve God is vast.  She wants all of God’s children to love Him as She loves.  Children, you have much to learn from My Mother.  You have much to learn.  Use this time well.  You will long for this time later, but you will understand then, even more so, how great this time of grace really is.  Reflect on this and upon all that has been given to You from the Father.”


“My children, that is enough for today.  You have much to digest.  I leave you with My peace.  I give you My love.  I give you My blessing and I mark you with My seal.  Be love, be mercy, be light to the world, for you are called to bear My light, the light of your Jesus who is Christ to the world.”


“I bless you, My (name withheld), My (name withheld), My (name withheld), and My (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace now, My dear ones.  There is much to do for Heaven.  Go with My Mother’s blessing, also for She blesses you as well, with her motherly blessing.”


Oh, thank You Jesus, my Lord.  Praise You Lord God almighty Who was, and is, and is to come.  All honor and glory to You.  Praise You in the angels and saints and in the heavens and on the earth.  Thank You for Your holy love.  Thank You for Your mercy.  Keep us in Your Will Jesus and in Your Sacred Heart.  Blessed Mother protect us with Your motherly mantle and keep us in Your Immaculate Heart where nothing can touch us.  Keep us safe and protect us from ourselves and from sin.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph protect the Church, protect us, Your children, just as You protected the Christ Child.  Amen, Alleluia.  I love You, Jesus.


“And, I love you, My little lamb.  Go in peace.”

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