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Children of the Renewal Messages


August 7, 2016, Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, love You, adore You and praise You, my God and my King.  Thank You for Your presence in this holy chapel.  Thank You for waiting patiently for us, Your little children to visit You.  Thank You for holy Mass, Lord.  Thank You for the beautiful weather.  Thank You, Lord, that I feel better today so I could go to Mass and be here with You.  Thank You for my family and friends.  Protect them from all physical, emotional and spiritual harm.  Thank You for the holy priests at our parish. 


Lord, I pray for an end to violence and hatred, an end to abortion and war, and for an end to all of the corruption that exists.  Please help each and every one of my family members to be close to You.  Be with (name withheld) as she has surgery and help her surgery to go smoothly and her to recover quickly.  Be with the (name withheld) family.  Tomorrow is the day for them to hear the results, Jesus.  Please protect them.  I pray for those who are injured or sick; for (names withheld).  Be with them, Jesus.  Console them, heal them, or give them the strength to carry their crosses.


Lord I pray for an end to ISIS and all terrorist organizations.  Please protect innocent people from them and from all who want to do harm.  Please convert the terrorists, Jesus.  Change them.  Transform them from those who walk with Your adversary to those who walk in Your light.  Lord, thwart their plans for evil.  Bring confusion to them and disorganization.  Bring down their training camps where they brainwash little children with violence and evil.  Please, Lord.  Save us, Jesus.  Protect us from Your enemy.  Bring our country to its senses, Jesus and back to You.  Save us from evil, Lord.  Save us, Savior of the world, by Your blood and the water that came forth from Your side.  I love You, my Lord and my God. 


Jesus, please convert the hearts of those in our nation so that we will once again be One Nation under God.  Saints in Heaven, give us graces for conversion.  Pray for us, in this dark hour.  We love and need your help.  Lord Jesus, I know You said You would never abandon us, but our nation has abandoned You.  Jesus, there are still many here in our country who have not abandoned You.  Please be with us, Lord and help us to once again be a light to other nations.  Help us to bring Your Gospel to the world as we once did.  Give us Your love and Your peace, Jesus, but first give us new hearts filled with the love of God.


“Thank You, My little one.  Thank you for your prayers and concerns which come from your heart.  My child, I stand waiting to do all that you ask, but I cannot work against the free will of those I created.  Still, it is good to continue praying for those who are evil and hard hearted.  It is a work of love to pray for their conversion.  I long to see them open their stone cold hearts to Me.  I long to welcome them into the family of God.  How I long to embrace them.  They reject Me and spit upon Me and upon My holy Church.  You see, My little one, I want more for them than they want for themselves.  They lower themselves below even the animals by their hatred and violence.  I will not tolerate their abuse of My little ones.  If they do not repent, they will have fire rain down upon them in hell.  Yes, My child, you heard Me correctly.  These words are not too harsh for those who victimize little innocent children and turn them into monsters.  My child, I am merciful, but I am also just.  I am truth, love and mercy and I am also justice.”


Yes, Jesus.  If they repent and change, Jesus, You will still forgive them.  This is what I ask of You.


“Yes, My child.  I will forgive all who repent.  Sadly, most will not, as their allegiance is to evil and darkness.”


Jesus, I have heard of a couple of men who were in much darkness, and they now have powerful testimonies to You, Lord.  I know that all things are possible for you.


“Yes, My child.  All things are possible.  This is true.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Then I beg You to convert the hearts of those who are in allegiance with Your adversary.  Bring about their openness and receptivity to the Holy Spirit.  Help us to show love.  Remove the blindness, the film that seems to cover the eyes of many people in our nation who don’t see the connection between our sinfulness and materialism, our lack of faith and love of You and our fellowman, to the evil that is growing in the world.  Expose the corruption, Lord and then give courage to good people to do something about it.  In Your name Jesus, inspire our Bishops to not only speak out but to take prayerful action against the black masses planned in Oklahoma City and in Arkansas.  Help us, Jesus.  We will follow our Bishops and do what they ask.  Give them courage to boldly proclaim the Gospel and the faith as the early Church did, no matter the cost. 


“I hear each of your prayers, My child.  I hold each one in My Sacred Heart.  My child, My child things will change one day.  I need more of My children to respond to My Holy Mother Mary’s requests.  You know well what they are, prayer, fasting, return to the Sacraments, do acts of love for those in your midst.  Return to God the Father.  This is where you belong, My children.  O, My children, if you only knew how much I love you.  My lost sheep, how I weep for you.  I have already laid down My life to save you.  Come; return to Me and I will give you rest for your weary, troubled soul.  I love You.  Amen, I say again, I love you!”


Jesus, it seems there is not much more to say.  I sense this.  It seems like a kind of finality or something.  I can’t adequately express this.


“Yes, My child.  You are correct.  It is as I said in the previous discussion.  Things are set in motion.  You must pray hard, My children to help save souls who will otherwise be lost.  For them prayer and fasting is needed.  Who will fast for My children, My poor, lost children who will lose their souls?”


Jesus, we will fast.  We love You, Jesus and want You to be happy.  (Jesus is so forlorn—for lack of a better word.)  What more can we do, Jesus?


“Love one another as I have loved you.  How have I loved you?  By laying down My life for you, My children.  You must do the same, My Children of Light.  This does not mean you will all be martyrs, My children.  It does mean you are to live for others and not put yourselves first.  Put Me first, then others, and all else will be added.  All good mothers and fathers know what it is I am asking.  Just as good parents sacrifice for their children, love them, guide them, protect them and put them first, this is what I am asking you do for one another.  This, My Children of Light, will require much love.  This My Children of Light, is the way to bring about My Kingdom, the kingdom of love.  To love is strength.  To love is sacrifice.  To love takes courage.  To love is to be like Me.  Pray for one another.  Forgive one another.  Love one another.  Believe My Holy Mother Mary of Nazareth.  Be like My holy father, St. Joseph.  Be like the Holy Family.  Be merciful, loving, kind, generous and do not fear sacrifice.  Do not fear this, My children.  There is nothing you can lose on earth, that I can’t replace one hundredfold in Heaven; nothing.  But, My children a soul that chooses evil is lost forever.  Souls cannot be replaced and so I call upon you, My Children of the Renewal to love your lost brothers and sisters enough to pray and fast for them.  Do penance for them.  Remember, if your son or daughter was on a path of destruction, you would want others praying for them and doing everything they could to help them.  This is what I ask of you, to love your lost brothers and sisters (many you do not know) to love as if they were your very own children.  Because, Children of the Light, they are My very own children.  They are My Mother Mary’s children.  They are your brothers and sisters.  They are intended to be in the family of God.  Pray for them.  Renew your commitment to prayer and fasting.  Love them as I have loved you.”


Jesus, some will say these lost children are in fact their sons and daughters for I know many who are very concerned for the safety of their children’s souls. 


“Yes, My daughter.  Sadly, this is so.  They will be able to relate to what I am saying and the more people praying for them, the better; for graces will help them to open their hearts to Me, their Savior, their Lord and God.”


Thank You, sweet Jesus.  I love You.  Thank You for Your enduring love, patience and mercy.  Praise You, Jesus. 


(Personal conversation omitted) “My child, I assure you again in the matter for which you have been praying.  I am the Good Shepherd.  I have special plans for My Mother’s Community and particularly for the children of (name withheld).  I am referring to all of you, of course, but specifically to My little children of (name withheld).  The communities formed by My Mother will impact future generations and so the formation of My little ones is of vital concern to Her and to Me.  This is why, My children, more communities are needed, for they will be teaching, guiding and showing the way to those who will live in the Renewal.  The domestic Church, the family is in peril.  It is in grave danger.  My Mother’s communities are the Father’s plan to protect the family and future generations.  The entire world is at stake, My children.  These seem like harsh and drastic words but they are My words and they are truth.  My child, do not be afraid of what I give you to write.  Trust in Me.”


Yes, Jesus.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Thank You for the peace You just gave me, Lord.


“You are welcome, My child.  Be at peace.  Accept My peace.  These words are not new to you, My child.  Why is it that you sense danger, when you already know this?”

Jesus, I have known this but not in these terms.  You have told me that Your Mother’s communities will be the way people will live in the Renewal.  I guess I hadn’t thought about Her communities as being the Father’s plan to protect the world and its future.  It makes sense when I think about it but I hadn’t thought about it quite like this.


“You are growing, My little lamb in your ability to understand.  Even when a concept is new and different for you, you are able to understand based on the other things I have taught and revealed to you.  This is true of all of My Children of Light.  The more you grow through prayer, walking with Me, fasting and the Sacraments, the more open and aware you become.  The more you understand, the more information I can share with you and the cycle continues.  Pray more, My children.  Listen to Me.  I am the still, small voice in your hearts.  I guide and direct you.  I give you beautiful ideas to use for goodness and life.  I give you wisdom, understanding and the ability to recognize truth.  Those who have darkened their intellects through sin, are unable to see the truth.  They are unable to see Me.  They are unable to recognize goodness.  They call evil-‘good’ and good they call ‘evil’.  They no longer see the light.  They are blinded.  The light was given to them and they instead chose darkness.”


“You, My Children of Light have chosen Me and therefore you will have love, mercy and wisdom.  You will recognize truth for what it is and will be able to discern what is false.  The Holy Spirit is with you and in you and so you walk in the light.  The light is revealing.  The light dispels darkness.  The light brings all things to truth.  It uncovers the evil plans of the adversary.  Hence, the saying, ‘such and such has been brought to light.’  For My Children of Light, you see what should be obvious to others and you wonder why they cannot understand.  They do not understand what is ‘common sense’ to you for they do not have the ‘light of reason’.”


Thank You, Jesus.  This is exactly what so many of us have remarked.  It doesn’t seem possible that people are so blind, but this explains it!  This blindness seems to be widespread, Lord....


“Yes, My child.  Sadly, it is so.”


“Thank you, My child for being of assistance to My daughter (name withheld).  You show her great love and this is having a positive impact on her son as his heart is beginning to open to My love.”


I sense this, Lord.  He is smiling more and seems to be friendlier.


“Yes, My little lamb.  He is seeing love and in this way he sees Me.  I thank you.”


It is I who thank You, Jesus.  Everything I have and am is because of You and anything that I can do for others is not what I do but what You do through me.  If it were up to me, I would be a miserable excuse for a human being.  As it is, when I get out of Your way, You bring out the best in me.  Thank You, Jesus.


“You are most welcome, My child.  Do not be concerned or overly anxious regarding your preparations to move, for I am with you.  I do not ask the impossible of you.  I will assist you.  The saints in Heaven assist you as well.  But, you must ask for assistance.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You for reminding me of this.


“My child, do not be concerned about your finances.  Trust in Me.  I will give you the work needed at the appropriate time.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.  All will go according to My plans.”


Thank You, Jesus.


Lord, have You anything else to say to me today?


“Yes, My child.  Write this; I remind My children to live for Me.  Live for God, My children.  Make love your top priority.  Put love above all things, all earthly possessions, all things of the flesh.  Love must come first; Love of God, love of your neighbor, love of family, love even of the stranger.  God is love.  I am love.  All love is Me.  You are called to be like Me and therefore you are called to love.  You were created in love, by love and for love.  Live love.  Out of love, you will be merciful.  Because of love, you will be kind and gentle.  In order to love, you will willingly make sacrifices, such as setting some time aside to pray and speak with the One who loves you and I will teach you how to love Me above all things.  One who loves is strong, for the one who loves stands on truth.  I am truth.  I am your fortress, your refuge, your deliverer, for I am Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God and the Son of man.  I am the Redeemer.  Read holy Scripture to learn more about Me.  Pray to learn more from Me.  Pray out of love for Me and pray sincerely and honestly, speaking with Me as you do your trusted friends.  If you have no one to call friend, you have not realized that I am your friend.  Be still and know that I am God.  Bring all of your cares and concerns to Me, My children.  There is nothing we can’t talk about.  I love you.  Come to Me.  I will never reject you when you seek Me.”


Thank You, my Lord and Savior.


“Remember, My child I have put My seal on you and your family.  You are safe, within My Sacred Heart and My Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  Do not fear the move, the many changes that will come, or the events that will transpire.  I am your firm foundation.  Upon this, you will be standing when you do all that is required.  Though the events in the world will cause tumult and strife, will bring about confusion, disorganization and seeming chaos, you will remind yourselves that Jesus is the cornerstone.  I hold all things, within your heart, together.  You can have peace in the midst of any storm, even the greatest of storms for I am the Prince of Peace.  It is Me that you serve.  You do not serve the prince of chaos, but the Prince of Peace.  Remain steadfast in your faith, in your trust, in your love, in the Gospel and in the Church.  Remain at peace.  In the hour of darkness, the smallest of lights shines like the sun.  Darkness will not overtake the world, no matter what it appears, for My Children of Light are full of My Holy Spirit.  I send you out into the darkness to be a light to those who otherwise cannot see.  Be bearers of the light, bearers of Christ.  No matter what occurs, I remind you all to live the Gospel.  Do not be afraid to live the Good News.  I am life. I am truth.  I am peace.  I am love.  I am Who Am.  Follow Me!  All will be well.  Go in peace, My little lamb.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Remember, My (names withheld), and all of My children, that I go with you.  We are in this together!  You do not walk alone.  The Father and I are with you.  We send the Holy Spirit to you for guidance and wisdom.  My Mother and holy St. Joseph are also with you for I Will it.  Prepare your souls for the battle by frequenting the Sacraments and pray the holy rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Go always in My peace.”


Amen, alleluia.  Praise You Jesus Christ.


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