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Children of the Renewal Messages

August 14, 2016, Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I adore You, love You, praise You, and I thank You, my God and my King!  Thank You for holy Mass this morning, Jesus!  Thank You for the opportunity to receive You in Holy Communion today.  Thank You for the many blessings You pour out from Your Sacred and precious Heart for us, sweet Savior.


Lord, I bring all those who have asked me to pray for them to You today and lay their intentions at Your feet to do Your Holy Will with them.  Oh, Jesus, I know Your Holy Will is what is best for our souls.  Thank You for Your Will.  Please work according to Your Will, in my life.  Please ignore any obstacles I erect that may block or hinder Your Will and instead work Your Will in my life, Jesus.  I desire Your Will, Lord. Only Your Will; not mine.  Jesus at the times when I put myself or others first, before Your Will please know that I do not mean this.  I forget myself sometimes and am absentminded about You, but this is because of my many flaws and weaknesses, Jesus.  This is due to sin and often I am forgetful of exactly what You have told me.  As soon as You remind me, I am sorry and I feel silly to have forgotten so easily especially when You are so very close to me.  I can’t explain why this is so nor can I even comprehend it, but You know everything, Jesus.  So, when these times occur, which they most certainly will, (though I don’t want to be like this!) please overlook my faults and do Your Will anyway, since You know that is what I really want.  Will You do this for me, Jesus!  I am learning, but I am slow to learn this, dying to self and I can’t begin to know the numerous times You wanted to use me in a specific way, for love of others, but through my preoccupation on other things, problems, people I love who are ill, etc.  I may have been closed to Your movements of grace.  Or perhaps there are times that I am just preoccupied with myself, my duties or my own issues.  Jesus, please use me anyway.  Recall, that I want and desire to be Your little servant to bring Your love and mercy to others, and though I have so little love to give, use me anyway, Lord.  Take my small and empty heart and pass Your love, Your graces and Your mercy through it to others who are in need.  I do not need to even know who or where they are Jesus, for You are the One who knows and You are the One who ministers to others’ needs, Jesus.  Only use me, my Savior.  You so long to find willing servants and there are many others much more capable than I, but Lord You must agree that I am willing.  I am nothing else, Jesus, but I am willing.  I know that is all You need, since You do all the heavy lifting and in my case really all the lifting. (heavy or not)  Jesus, please don’t allow me to place barriers between Your love, Your mercy and Your grace and my small, simple, and incapable heart.  You must, Jesus just have pity on me and use me any way.  Please, Lord, I want to be on Your team.  You are my Shepherd, my Captain.  I love You, my Jesus. 


Lord be with (name withheld) as he has new (or recurring) symptoms.  They seem similar to those he had when his tumor was present.  Jesus, You healed him before and now after having gone through months of illness and working so hard on his recovery, the miracle of healing (not once but twice), I can’t bear the thought of his cancer returning.  Jesus, if this is really Your Holy Will, then Thy Will be done.  I just find it difficult to believe, my Jesus of Mercy.  Lord, (names withheld) already are lacking in faith and don’t believe You healed him.  (Though I can’t see why, when there have been obvious miracles) but if this returns, Jesus it will only serve to confirm their doubt.  (Name withheld), who believes he was healed, will also begin to doubt.  To think of his discouragement when he has come so far by Your grace.  Lord, how is this possible?  I do not understand, but I do know that Your ways are not our ways.  Your plans are far above our plans.  We have no vision of the future, Lord and You know the past, present and future.  You know what it was before all creation for You have always been, oh, Infinite One.  Lord, God do Your Holy Will, whatever that may be and bend me to Your Will.  Jesus, grant me Your peace to weather the continued storms that I find myself in.  I do not know why there are so many and so many hurricane force storms.  These are not like occasional thundershowers, Jesus, but more like category 7 hurricanes.  I feel as though I barely get through one before the next one comes along.  Lord, You are my rock, my refuge and my shield.  Secure me tightly, Jesus to Your Sacred Heart.  Bind me closely to You so that I cannot stray or take the wrong path especially when these storms can be almost blinding.  Jesus, You must help me, because there is no one, and nothing that really can.  You are the only one who cares.  You are the answer, Jesus.  So, if You do not do this, I am destined to be lost at sea and I will drown.  I am Yours regardless, Jesus.


“My little one, My daughter, I hear your prayers and the desire of your heart.  Your words do not fall on deaf ears, My child for I truly am your Shepherd, your Jesus.  I will calm every storm for you.  I will rescue you from the large waves and take you safely to dry land; high ground; that of My Sacred Heart.”


Oh, thank You, my sweet Jesus.  How I love You, my Lord and my God.


“Yes, My child, it is true.  And, how I love you, My little lamb.  My daughter, I know you still wonder at this.  It is mystery.  It will always remain so while you are alive on this earth, My child.  When you come to Heaven one day, I will explain in a way that you will understand, for when you are in My holy presence and safely living in My heavenly Kingdom, I Will that you understand the mysteries of My love.  Until then, you are not capable of understanding.  It is beyond people living in this current state.  When My children are transformed into their complete fullness of the likeness of God, the way souls are in Heaven, in My presence, then and only then can My children understand some of the mysteries of God.  This is because then you will be perfected in My image.  You will, of course still be My children and My creatures, created in love and from love, but you will more closely resemble My love for you will be in union with the love.  I am all love.  All love is Me.  You will all be united with the God who IS LOVE.  Therefore, you will understand and also continue learning many mysteries that you cannot begin to understand now.  As I have said before, My Kingdom, Heaven is a place of love and of learning more of love; more of the mysteries of God.  You will no longer be hindered by your bodies, your intellect and short sightedness, but will enter into the mystery of the Holy Trinity.  You will be very happy with and in Heaven.  I long to bring all of My children to Heaven, but so many do not desire to come here.  I long to bring all of My children to Heaven.”


“My children, how I long to bring you all here when you are at the end of your earthly lives.  If you only would desire it even a little, My poor children.  You would be taken here very quickly after your death, but instead many prefer the torturous fires of hell.  My poor lost souls.”


Poor, Jesus.  You have so much love for us, Your children.  Poor, Jesus.  You died to save each one of Your children.  How can we refuse Your beautiful unconditional love, Jesus?  How?  And yet, I am guilty of this at times, Jesus when I sin and do not choose You—love.  Jesus, forgive me for the times I choose not to love or choose to allow anger to enter my heart, instead of charity.  Forgive me, Lord when I put myself and my own needs before other’s needs.  Forgive me, Lord.  I am a sinner.  Please, Jesus.  Help us to love.  I know You showed us the way, by Your life.  Your Mother and St. Joseph have shown us the way.  Still, we are blind and have so many wounds, Jesus.  Even though You bore all of the wounds and sins of the human race through Your passion and death, still we add more sins to the heap of sin since the time of Adam and Eve and we continue sinning.  Free us from the slavery to the sin and all of the resulting evils.  Jesus, we do not deserve Your mercy.  We only deserve Your justice.  But, Jesus, because You are Mercy Himself, and You will not refuse one repentant sinner, give us Your mercy again, sweet Savior.  Give us You, once again.  Take us into Your loving arms and embrace us, Father God.  We are the prodigals, Your Son Jesus spoke about.  Forgive us Father God, for the sake of Your Son, Jesus and His passion and death on the cross.  The horrid cross, the instrument of death for Jesus, Your only begotten Son; yet how I so love the cross.  It is through the cross, Father through which Your Son, Jesus saved us poor, wretched children.  It is by His stripes and the horrid cross that we were healed and saved.  Father God, please embrace us, Your prodigal children and bring us into the embrace of Your family.  We do not deserve it, but by the Blood of my Jesus, please Will it to be so. 


Save our country, Lord God from the evil that we have brought on through our rebellion and pride.  Protect us from the adversary who wants to unleash the pitiful band of minions from hell through the evil black mass planned for tomorrow.  We, Your people reject this oh, Lord God of all.  We reject the evil adversary of Yours.  We reject this black mass and instead welcome, accept and participate in the One, True Holy Mass of Your Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Father God, the adversary is but an ant compared to You.  Squash him and remove him from our midst for we worship You and You alone.  Jesus, Messiah, save us and protect us from evil.  Give them a spirit of confusion, discord and weakness.  Disrupt their plans Jesus and render them useless and disorganized.  Halt and obstruct everything they plan to do from this moment on and make their ridiculously evil and dishonorable plans to desecrate Your Mother’s statue and the holy Mass fall apart so that they are never able to have this event or any others like it take place.  Jesus we know and we believe that You can do this.  We pray You do it, and do it soon.  Lord, Your Mother’s feast day is tomorrow, and so they have planned this to show utter disrespect, and contempt for Her beautiful day of the Assumption.  Lord, foil these plans so they are unable to be so contemptible.  Allow them to witness Your glory Lord.  Convert their cold hearts of stone, Jesus.


“My little lamb, I hear your pleas and those of your brothers and sisters who love Me and My Holy Mother Mary.  I hear your prayers and they are pleasing to Me.  Thank you for your deep concern and your love.  Trust in Me, My daughter.  Trust in Me.”


Ok, Jesus.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“Thank you, My child.  All will be well.”


Lord, I do not know where (name withheld) is, but she is usually here before now.  Please help her, Lord.  I don’t know if she was planning to be away today, or if she is ill or doesn’t have a ride.  Either way, be with her, Jesus.  Lord, bless (name withheld) on his birthday.  Help him to grow in love and holiness.


Jesus, thank You for Your presence in the Eucharist.  Thank You for our shepherds, the Bishops, our Holy Father and Your holy priest sons.  Please protect them.  Give them courage in the face of evil and graces to remain steadfast in their faith and the truths of Your Church.  May they always enjoy the love of their flock and the protection of Your Sacred Heart.  May they be under the mantle of Our Mother, Your Holy Mother Mary and may Your Holy Spirit give them strength, wisdom and words of truth as they proclaim Your Holy Gospel to the world.  May we also give testimony to Your Gospel and not just sit idly by in the face of so much evil.  Give us Your grace, Your mercy, Lord as Your little apostles and may Your Apostles, the Bishops lead us as You would have them lead.  Renew their courage and give them the holy fervor they once had, Jesus or give them more than they ever had.  Help us all to do Your Holy Will, especially during times when it is unclear which path to take.  Illuminate our path, Lord so that Your way is more clear.  Give us clarity and a firm amendment to Your way, Jesus.  For Your way is the only way for us, Your Children of Light.  Blessed Mother take our hands and lead us to Your Son, Jesus.  We want to follow You, Our Jesus, Our Light, Our Savior, Our God.


“My child, this is My desire; that all of My children follow Me by the way of My Holy Mother Mary.  She walks beside you and joins you on your pilgrimage to Heaven.  If you ask, She will lead you for She is your Mother, by virtue of being the Mother of God.  Love Her, Honor Her as all good children honor their earthly mothers.  Remember, She was chosen to be the Mother of the Messiah and to usher in the new Covenant, the new time, the time of Christ.  She was chosen among all women.  She was created so perfectly, so beautifully, knit together in Her mother’s womb since She was to be the Holy Mother of God, My Mother.”


“Children, I ask you to reflect on this:  How beautiful, how holy, how wonderful would your earthly mothers be if you could design her any way you chose?  If God allowed you to truly and literally choose every single quality of your earthly mother before she was created by God, would you not choose all that is good, all that is loving, all that is wise, prudent, joyful, humble, merciful and sweet?  Of course, you would for you know that she would raise you and so you would want only the best.  If this is what you want, you who are only mortal, you who sin, you who are creatures yourselves, why is it you do not understand that My Father created My Mother without sin?  The Woman of Revelation.  The Woman of the Messiah foretold even in Genesis, who would bring forth the Redeemer of all mankind, the Savior of the world, God’s Only Begotten Son, could be nothing less than what you would choose for yourself were it possible to do so.  So, I ask you again, you who doubt the holiness of My Mother, why is it so difficult for you to understand, My Father made in Her the best that could possibly be, for She would say ‘yes’ to Him and concede to bear the Messiah at great difficulty to Herself.  She would be mocked and scorned for conceiving a Son by the Power of the Holy Spirit, in Her state of virginity.  She risked death for Her ‘yes.’  She risked being stoned.  She risked the inconceivable responsibility of giving life (human life), of giving birth to the Son of God.  She, who was the most humble of all human beings.  She who loved God more deeply and with more purity than all human beings combined, knowing that She would be at great risk personally, consented to do whatever the Lord Her God Willed, for love of God and for love of Her fellowman.  She who knew no sin, consented to be condemned (falsely) for this Immaculate love.  She who knew no sin, consented to be scorned and to bear the One who would be scorned, for love of God.  She gave no thought to Herself, but only asked how it might be for She knew not man and knew there was no earthly father for the Messiah.  She asked only so She could follow God’s Will perfectly.  When the angel sent to Her explained how it was to be so by the Power of the Holy Spirit, She then understood that She was to continue in Her state of virginity that She had already pledged to God to remain Her entire life, for love of Him.  In this way, She consented and gave all over to God’s Will and consented on behalf of the entire human race from Adam and Eve through the end of human history to bring forth the Redeemer no matter what the cost to Her.  And it was only by this pure and holy love for all of Her spiritual children and of course for Her love of God that She was able to stand firm by the cross in the face of such terror, such evil, as has never before or since, or will ever be when man killed the Son of God, Her Son.  She stood there for love of Me and for love of My Holy Apostles, and for love of you.”


“Remember this, My children that She was first filled with the Holy Spirit.  Yes, She was the first to be Christian.  She was first among all man to love Jesus and She has loved Me best.  She has loved Me with Her entire heart, soul, mind and body with no thought given to Her life, Her means, Her sorrow, Her loss, Her grief.  Nothing was too much for Her to bear for love of Me and for love of poor souls and for this My Children of Light you must show My Mother, who is My love, the utmost respect for She is also your Mother.  She is Mother of the lost, the lowly, the forgotten, the forsaken, the rich, the poor, the holy, the sinful.  She is Mother of all.  She has taken Her rightful place in Heaven for She was the first to be saved from sin, created with this in mind; created with no sin to stain Her bright and beautiful soul for She was saved from sin, before She was born so She would be without sin and full of God’s love before She ever conceived the Eternal Word.  To shun My Mother is to shun Me for I love and respect and hold My Holy Mother Mary in high esteem.  I am the Prince of Peace.  I am the King of All Nations.  She is the Queen of Peace.  She is the Queen of All Nations.  She is the woman clothed with the sun with a crown of 12 stars.  She is the Woman.  She is My Mother, love Her.  Respect Her.  She has done nothing but love and comfort you.  She shows you the way to Me when doubt and confusion cloud your mind.  She reaches down into the mud when you are covered with sin, cleans you and presents you to Me.  She begs Me to rescue you and since She is so loving, so humble, so pure, I am unable to resist Her.  Many souls were doomed to hell by their choices and yet were saved for love of Mary Most Holy, for She intercedes for Her children before the throne of God Almighty.  She has such compassion for Her children.  She often takes the hardest of hearts and softens them to receive My graces for conversion.  One day you will know more fully the wonderful deeds of the Queen of Mercy, the Mother of Mercy and those of you who have rejected Her love will be filled with such remorse that you will weep and weep.  She will come to you in the depths of your grief, smile, and dry your tears.  You will be in awe of Her tender compassion, especially those of you who have scorned, rejected and have been disrespectful.  She will forgive you as She does repeatedly and She will assure you of Her love.  You will be amazed and will regret your cold heartedness toward the Mother of your Savior.  You will understand how much you have wounded Her tender precious heart that wants only your love for Me, Her Son and yet by wounding Her, you wound Me, the very One you claim to love.”


“My poor, misguided children who hold in high esteem other misguided rebels (against the one faith); you so self-righteously reject, when will you see that it was for you I prayed to My Father, that all would be One?  Reunite, My poor, misguided children.  Be reunited to My True Church so that My children will stand strong against the enemy, My adversary.  Return and be united.  You must put your pride and your differences aside and give the ascent of faith to the One True, Holy Catholic Apostolic Church; for to follow false teachers, who speak false doctrines and tell you words that you want to hear versus words that I give My Apostles through the teachings of My Church, is to live in ignorance and to live outside the fullness of the Truth and the fullness of Christ.  I am the Way.  I am the Truth.  I cannot change, nor can I change directions and speak one set of “teachings” for one denomination and another set of “teachings” for another.  I am Truth.  How, poor children can the God of the universe have one set of teachings for some of My children and another set of teachings for another?  This makes no sense, My children.  I AM a God of order.  I AM God of Truth, Wisdom, Life and Love.  I AM Unity.  I am not chaos and multiple, different teachings and directions.  This is what My adversary does.  He causes confusion and chaos.  He causes division.  I AM Unity.  Children, awaken and use the common sense I gave you.  Do you not see that I do not Will multiple denominations?  I did not say to My Apostles, go forth and baptize and preach different religions to each region, setting up different churches.  No, My children.  How ridiculous.  Even you see this now.  Do you not realize there is one Church, one baptism?  Do you not see, even by learning history, that there was One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church for centuries before one foolish man’s sinful nature rebelled against My Vicar, My Church and My Apostles, the Bishops?  This one split, opened the door to the future “reforming” of My Church, which was a lie of My adversary and his followers, the fallen angels.  They convinced others, due to the sins of many of My children and through the self-righteousness, pride and misguided good intentions, that rather than repent and rebuild My Church as the holy St. Frances did, they were to rebel and split off, forming their own new ‘churches.’”


“This, My children was very prideful and even though some thought they were doing good, their motives were false, for their vision was clouded and the light of reason had left them.  They followed the serpent, who cleverly convinced them they were doing so, in the name of God for righteous reasons.  And so, they made themselves to be mini-popes as they set themselves up as My vicars, created by My adversary to lead generations, upon generations astray.  You see, My children the adversary is aware that in order to bring about his reign in your hearts, he had to create division in the very foundation and rock upon which I formed My Church.  He realized that My children would be less safe, less protected, and most vulnerable, outside the Ark of the Church, away from the rock, outside of the protection of My vicar, your Holy Father, your Papa.  When children rebel against their earthly fathers, and leave the protection of their homes, they become vulnerable to the evil in the world.  This is what the “Reformation” did, My poor, lost, children.  It removed you from the safety of the Ark of My Church.  It removed you from receiving the benefit of the 7 Sacraments and the graces available in My Church.  You see, dearest children the serpent was very cunning in the garden when he tempted Eve.  He is very cunning still and he convinces many people who are already tempted by pride and self-righteousness to sin, in the name of God.  This is what My lost children who worship false gods do when they kill in the name of a false God with the firm, misguided belief they are doing good, but kill their brothers and sisters.  It is no different, My children.  Those who rebelled against Me by forming their own, manmade religions, killed the faith for countless generations.”


“Yes, My children, there are many outside of My Church who still love Me, follow Me as best they can, and love My Word.  It is true.  For them, I have great love and mercy.  What you do not see, and cannot possibly see, are the countless souls who have been lost, because they did not have the sacramental grace that I left for My Church, and they did not have the guidance of My Holy Catholic Church which is the pillar and bulwark of faith.  You are not God and so you cannot see this.  You will see this one day, and you will lament both for yourselves, your children and for all who have been lost.  I implore you, return now while there is still time.  Return to the Holy Catholic Church; for that was My plan from the beginning.  I prayed that you would all be one, as My Father and I are One.  You are to be One with My Church.  Pray to Me if you do not have faith to see this, and I will help you.  Do not count the cost.  Remember, My Holy Mother Mary of Nazareth said ‘yes’ without counting the cost.  Be like Her.  Be like My first disciple, My first Christian, the first to be baptized with the Power of My Holy Spirit.  Be like Her the first one to be ‘born anew’ of My Spirit.  Be like the one who conceived Me in Her womb and carried Me to the world.  Return to My Church and be a witness to others by your ‘yes.’  I will guide you.  I will help you.  I will bring you to a closer understanding, but first say ‘yes.’  My Mother said ‘yes’ before She fully understood My Will.  My plans are not always revealed in their fullness immediately.  First, you must give your ‘yes’ to your Savior and follow Me in trust and then you will grow in wisdom and understanding.  This is truly following your Savior.  You know this to be true, My daughter and My sons who are outside the Ark.  Come inside where you belong, for My Church needs you.  My Church loves and needs you, My beautiful children.  Then and only then will you be united in faith to stand under My Mother’s mantle and fight the antichrist, My adversary and yours.  Come, return to your faith and the faith of your fathers.  It is time.  I will pour forth My Spirit renewing the face of the earth and all will eventually be one, but do not risk being outside the Ark.  That is all, My children.  Believe in Me.  Return to Me.  Return to your family.  It is not perfect, this is true for My Church is full of sinners just like you, but it is your family.  My Holy Catholic Church is perfect in doctrine and in teaching but individuals sin, just as they do in the denominations to which you belong, but there is an absence of truth, an absence of unity, an absence of the rock, the foundation and pillar of truth.  You will understand if you simply use the common sense I have given you.  Look at the signs of the times.  Now is the time to return to the Catholic Church.  Come, all will be well.  You will see.  The Body of Christ is not whole without you.  I love you.  Follow Me.”


Thank You, Jesus.


“My little one, you sensed in your spirit that I had much to say today and you were a bit apprehensive to come adore Me.  I know this message is especially difficult for you, but I thank you for writing in spite of this difficulty.  To do so, is to love your brothers and sisters.  I know you would not deliver such a message yourself, My child.  I know that you would dread such a message in the past, but do you see how much you have grown?  You accept these words, because you trust in Me.  You know that drastic times call for Jesus to be direct and clear, as I have always been, but with an urgency.  My child, it is time to call your brothers and sisters home.  It is time to be more courageous in doing so, for to say nothing is to withhold the opportunity, to receive My body, blood, soul and divinity in the Eucharist.  The time is now to begin the reunification process in full force for the battle sides will be chosen and those who love God must side with My Church or risk being lost to the evil ones.”


Lord, that does sound very drastic.  I do believe You, but haven’t thought about this in the context of these times, these days.  I can see now why this is true, Jesus.  I have become lax myself in thinking those who love and follow You will still go to Heaven (though I want all to be able to receive You in Holy Communion).  I wasn’t concerned for their souls.  I was more concerned for the souls of those who do not know You and do not love You.


“Yes, My child this is true and understandable.  Now, no one outside of the Holy Ark can be assured of protection during the Times of Great Trials.  These are the times spoken of in Scripture of the great distress.  These are the days of the latter part of Revelation.  All who are outside the Ark of My Church are at risk for they will not have the strength to weather the storm in their tiny boats.  They must enter the Ark.  It is time to enter the Ark.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Jesus.


“My child, thank you for your dedication and your generous gift of time to your Jesus.  You do not even realize the lateness of the hour.  Special graces are being given to My son (name withheld) who does realize and yet waits patiently for his Jesus.  I love you, My holy son (name withheld).  You have given up much for Me today, and I am your grateful Jesus, your beloved friend who also loves you beyond measure.  My little (name withheld), it is time to leave and return to your home and vocation.  I love you.  I give you My peace.  I am with you.  I will be with you and My son, (name withheld) each and every day.  Do not be concerned about any decisions regarding the move.  All has been arranged and it will soon become obvious to you when it is time to sell your house.  It will be very clear.  I love you.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in My peace.  Be mercy.  Be love.  Be light.  Be peace to others.  I implore you to be love and mercy to all others for in doing so, you are being love and mercy to Me.  Go now and be light, be joy to all.  All will be well.  I assure you.”


Thanks be to God.  I love You, my Jesus!


“And I love you.”


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