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Children of the Renewal Messages


September 18, 2016   Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I believe in You, praise You and adore You, my God and my King.  Thank You for holy Mass, Jesus.  Thank You for blessing us with nice weather for our parish fund raiser.  It was good to be with and visit with the people I encountered there yesterday.  Lord, may every encounter be a meeting with You.  Lord, thank You for blessing me with work.  I am grateful to You.  I pray for those who are unemployed and under-employed.  Help them, Lord to find meaningful work that will also sustain them financially.  Please be with me in this new job, Lord.  Use me to bring Your light to others.  Guide, guard and direct me as You send me out into the desert.  May Your light and Your love shine through me, Lord so that others are drawn to You.  When others look at me, Jesus may You be the one they see.  Lord, may every meeting held this week be an encounter with You, the risen Christ.  May I be a visible sign of Your unfailing peace and unending mercy.  Help me, Jesus so that I bring You to others.


Lord, I pray for all who are ill, especially (names withheld) and all those who suffer from cancer.  I also pray for those who do not know the love of God or who do not believe in You, the Blessed Trinity.  I pray for (names withheld).  Lord, grant them the gift of faith.  Replace their unbelief with belief and their lukewarm hearts with hearts on fire for You.


Lord, I pray for our shepherds, the Bishops, and Your holy priest sons, as well as all religious sisters and brothers.  I pray for peace in our hearts, peace in our families and peace in the world.


Jesus, I implore You to protect the world from those who are evil and want to annihilate our country.  I pay that North Korea will be unable to launch a campaign of terror against South Korea and the U.S.  Lord, You are the Prince of Peace.  Your holy Mother Mary is the Queen of Peace.  You came so that we might have peace.  Your Mother comes to teach us to pray, live and work for peace, love and mercy and so that we all will come to know Your love.  Jesus, save us from ourselves and from the evil one and all of those who work for him.  Help us, though we do not deserve Your help since we have turned against You as a nation.  Jesus, save us and give us graces for repentance and conversion as You did the people of Nineveh.  Help our nation to once again be ‘one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’  Lord, may we beg Your mercy and Your pardon for the countless transgressions against You and our brothers and sisters and return to You.  Lord, send Your Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth.  Lord, may Your Will be done on earth as in Heaven and may we live as if we were living in Heaven now.  Give us heavenly love, mercy and understanding.  Give us heavenly joy and wisdom, not for our satisfaction, Jesus but so that we Christians will glorify You with our lives.  Your Will be done, Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My child, you are aware and sense the grave danger about you in the world.  Do not fear.  You are right to pray in this manner, My child and I desire more of My children to pray also for peace and return to holy living.  My sweet daughter, you are aware that suffering purifies and so realize that this is true even of one’s suffering brought about by disobedience.  The more a soul rebels against God, the more difficult it is to soften his/her heart.  Yes, My child, even the suffering from war, serves to bring many back to the family of God.  I detest war, My little lamb for what parent can watch while their own children kill and maim one another?  I do not desire war, My Children of Light.  Yes, there are times when it is necessary to defend one’s country from invaders.  Still, I do not desire war, but that those who invade would be reconciled to God and to their brothers and sisters and instead seek peace.  Man is on a collision course, My child.  My Father is sending My holy Mother Mary to give Our children the ability to see the correct path that leads to eternal life, eternal safety, eternal joy, and peace with the Eternal God.  Yes, My child, it is also true that the very fact that My Father sends the Queen of Peace to the world is in stark contrast to the darkness that seems to prevail.  When Our children are in grave peril, My Mother is called upon to warn, teach and counsel those who will listen.  Thank the Queen of Peace, My Children of Light, for She has softened God’s justice on more than one occasion.  Show Her your gratitude and your love for without Her intervention, mankind would have already perished.  Of course, that is not God’s Will but as I have stated previously, free will given to mankind is a gift that the giver respects.  Therefore, people who misuse the gift of free will to rebel against God and reject all that God is—life, mercy, love, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, truth, beauty and goodness, are allowed to choose freely just as those who choose God.  Unfortunately, their rebellion (those who misuse their free will to rebel against God) also impacts others who desire peace and unity.”


“All God created, all life, was designed to live in peace, unity and love.  The entire work of creation was made for peace and to serve and glorify God, and therefore those who choose to the contrary impact all.  Keep in mind, My little lamb, that those who choose Me, also impact all.  There is much focus on those who choose evil and little recognition or understanding of My power and the power of My Holy Spirit who dwells within My Children of Light.  Remember, even when there are small numbers of believers, there is great power.  The adversary wants all focus to be on him and his army of minions who are filled with the disease of evil.  This is one of his tactics to bring about defeat in the hearts of My people, before they even begin to battle for God.  Listen, My children and listen well.  Your God is all powerful, almighty, everlasting, and all knowing.  I created this world and every soul that ever lived and ever will live.  The power of My Word is such that even to think a thought brings the thought into reality.  I spoke, and the world came into being.  This is the flame that lives within your hearts.  This flame is the power of My love.  Why do you fear?  Why do you tremble at the force of evil when the Lord God is more powerful than evil can even imagine?  It is like God is a giant, and the evil ones smaller than ants.  There is no comparison and yet My wayward children choose to follow the evil, sinister ants versus the all powerful, all loving and merciful giant.  God cannot be adequately compared to a giant, My children and yet I am simplifying things to paint a description you will understand.  When I live within you, there is freedom, power and love.  You have the power to love your enemies and to pray for them.  You have the power to be merciful.  You have wisdom from life in My Spirit.  You have joy knowing the love of God and having love for others.  You have joy due to your knowledge of the Kingdom of God and you hope that one day you will live in My heavenly kingdom along with your loved ones forever.  This, My children is power.  Remember that I gave My Apostles authority over evil spirits and over sin.  You have been given the Church, the Sacraments, Holy Scripture, the Mass, and My Mother as well as the angels who protect and pray for you and all of the saints in Heaven.  You lack nothing, My children and yet those who side with My adversary lack everything as long as they side with evil.  And yet, there is even hope for them; hope for conversion and redemption if they turn from their wicked ways and follow Me.”


“Yes, M y little lamb, the world is dangerously close to nuclear war and life as you know it is in peril.  Do not give up praying for your brothers and sisters and do not become discouraged.  It is time to renew your spiritual commitment to prayer, scripture and the Sacraments.  It is time to flood the earth with the light of love, poured forth through acts of loving service to your brothers and sisters.  This fills the earth with the light.  My Children of Light, when you show God’s love, My light will conquer the darkness.  My Mother is calling you to return to Me.  Listen to Her words for Her words are from the heart of the Trinity.  Why, oh why, My wayward children do you choose to follow evil that will chew you and spit you out in the fires of hell? 


Why, oh why My little foolish ones who follow evil do you choose a life of misery over a life of love and goodness?  This makes no sense, but I know very well that I paid the price for your salvation.  I know full well that your name was written in the book of life but you have chosen instead to tear your name from God’s family lineage and to write it on the contract with eternal death.  My children, who choose evil and say there is no God, I tell you, that you erect false gods and choose the evil one as your god.  You say you do not believe but it is more accurate to say you choose against God, for you do not want to be bothered by the God who created and loves you.  You do not want to acknowledge God for you prefer to hold yourselves up as god.  Search your hearts and you will see this is truth.  I will shine enough light on your heart to see this is so.  What causes you to erect yourselves as god, if you do not believe in God?  I will answer this, the adversary of God tempts you to this erroneous conclusion.  Such irony to see that those I gifted with intelligence are the ones who reject the truth and source of intelligence, so easily.  Do you not see that it is because of the gifts I have given you, that you have become an easy target of the enemy?  Can you be so blind as to ignore that which is obvious to those with less intelligence?  Following evil leads to complete blindness, My poor lost souls.  Following goodness, truth and beauty leads to wisdom and clarity.”


“An evil man once said that ‘Religion (meaning faith in the one true God) is the opiate of the masses.’  I tell you the opposite is true.  Belief in Me is truth serum.  I am truth.  I am life.  I am love.  I am mercy.  Believe in Me.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Your words are life.  Give us Your life of truth, love and mercy.  I reject the evil one and his life of lies, hatred and condemnation.  I pray that You will fill us with Your love, Your truth, Your goodness and Your mercy.  Forgive me my sins, Jesus.  Cover me with Your holy and precious blood.  Give me a clean heart full of joy, love and compassion.  Prince of Peace give me Your peace and then pass Your peace on to others and all I encounter.  Praise You, author of life and giver of all good gifts.  Bring about Your Kingdom, Lord God.  May Your Kingdom reign in our hearts.


“My child, tell others to seek Me and to seek My Kingdom.   Follow My Mother, My Holy Mother Mary, for She leads souls to Me and to My Kingdom.  Seek shelter under Her mantle of protection and enter into the safety of the Ark that is My Church.  There is nothing to fear when you are following in My footsteps under cover of the mantle of the Queen of Peace.”


Thank You, my Jesus, my Savior.  Mary, help of sinners, pray for us.  Blessed Mother, there are so many hurting souls in the world.  Please lead them to Your Son.  Do not tire of us, your poor children whom You come to assist day after day.  We are so slow to learn and heed Your words, and yet You patiently teach us day after day for You are the best, most loving and lovable Mother.  Blessed Mother, give us meek and humble hearts.  Teach us in the school of love.  Remain with us, dear Mother.  Do not give up on us, Your poor children until we are safely in Heaven where You are, also with the angels and saints and with the Blessed Trinity.


Jesus, thank You for the gift of life You have given to (name withheld).  His life is a testament to Your glory.  Give (name withheld) eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart that is soft to allow Your words of life to take root in her soul.  Grant her the gift of faith along with (name withheld).  May they glorify You and lead others to faith in You.  Thank You for Your infinite goodness and mercy.  Praise You for the mercy You show to us poor sinners.  Your forgiveness and mercy is cool, living water to a parched soul thirsting for love and truth. 

Lord, please protect those who will be making pilgrimage to Medjugorje.  Bless us all and prepare our hearts for the graces You want us to receive to grow in holiness and better serve You.  Thank You for the opportunity to travel to the land Your Mother is visiting on earth, in order to bring Your words from Heaven and the throne of God.  Jesus, heal our wounds, our hearts, our minds and anything that may be an obstacle of your grace.  Be with those who have lost loved ones and who are grieving.  Console the broken hearted and penetrate their open wounds with the balm of Your love.  May we in some way be the conduit to Your Holy Spirit if it pleases You to use us.  Jesus, I love You.  Renew the strength of Your love within my frail and sinful heart.  Purify me with the fire of Your love.


Lord, please be with (name withheld) when he goes through (procedure withheld).  May it be smooth and successful (personal conversation omitted).


Thank You for the many gifts You give to mankind every day.  Though we are unfaithful, you are faithful.  Praise You, Jesus.  Bless all of my friends and family members with graces for fervent, holy love.  Give us Your courage to withstand the coming trials and the wisdom and peace of Your Holy Spirit.  Above all, give us the fire of Your love, Lord.  May the flames of love never be extinguished in our hearts.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My child, I remind you to be of good cheer and to pray for My peace when you are not recollected.  I am with you in each moment, as I am with each one of My children.  Do not be afraid.  Walk with confidence, for you are walking with Me.  Pray, hope and do not worry.” ( I am smiling because this is what St. Pio often said.) 


“Call on the saints in Heaven, also to assist you.  Pray as I have asked you to pray.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, now.”


Thank You, my Lord.  Amen.  Alleluia. 

September 11, 2016   Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Holy Eucharist.  I believe in You, adore You, praise You and love You my God and my King.


Thank You for the opportunity to go to Mass last evening and to venerate the relics of St. Padre Pio.  It was such a blessed time.  Thank You that we made it safely through the storm.  Praise You, Jesus.  Please bless the Franciscan priest who accompanied St. Pio’s relics.


Lord, I thank You, also for the work You have secured for me and for the upcoming meeting next week.  Please guide me in what I am to say.


Lord, I pray for all who are ill and for (name withheld) healing.  I pray for those who have not yet experienced Your love and for the Bishops, our shepherds.  Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  I would like you to tell everyone of My merciful love.  People do not understand the meaning of the word love.  They do however know when they have encountered one who loves.  They know what it is when they see love, but not until then.  My children, you are to be the Children of Light who take love to others.  Spread My love and mercy by giving it freely to others.  You must give My love freely; that is not expecting anything in return.  In this way, My children will experience My love through and in you.  Take My love to those You meet and give it freely, My children.”


Jesus, I am struggling to write and to stay awake.  I am so very tired, much more than I realized.  Thank You again for the great grace we received, Lord.  You are so very generous!


“My child, one of the reasons you are so tired is on the count of the many graces you received yesterday.  I am preparing you for your mission; the one to come.  Take your rest, My child.  Next week will be full of service and preparations.  I am with you, My child.  All will be well.  Focus on prayer this week.” 


Thank You, Jesus!


“I thank you, My little lamb for coming to adore Me in the Sacred and Blessed Sacrament.  I know you were tired after your trip and it would have been easier to stay home and rest.  Thank you for making this a sacrifice of love.”


Jesus, Your presence in all of the tabernacles of the world is a sacrifice of love which You make available to us through the great sacrifice on the cross.  We are grateful to You, Lord for Your sacrifice.  Anything we do is small in comparison.


“Yes, My child and still I am grateful.  I long for more of My children to visit Me in Adoration.  Pray for your brothers and sisters, My child, that they come to value this great gift, My gift to the world.”


Lord, please help us to prepare spiritually for our pilgrimage.  Give (name withheld) graces so that he will be able to handle the long trip.  Help him to get the most out of his pilgrimage.  I pray this for all pilgrims on our trip.  I am looking forward to being in this blessed land of Medjugorje.  Thank You for the opportunity and thank You for sending Your Mother to the earth to give us messages for such a long time.  I pray You will allow Her to be with us for many years to come, if it be Your holy Will.  Praise You, Jesus.


“Go in peace, My child.  I bless you and My son (name withheld) in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.  Be love, be mercy, be joy to and for others.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Amen and Alleluia!

9-11-16 COR
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