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Children of the Renewal Messages


November 27, 2016  Adoration Chapel, 1st Sunday of Advent

Hello, my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the most holy Altar.  I believe in You, hope in You, trust in You, adore and love You.  Sweet Redeemer of mankind, thank You for dying for us on the cross and for rising on the third day, to show us Your power over death and darkness, and to show us the way to eternal life is through You, through the cross and through love.  Lord, my God, thank You for this glorious time spent in prayer and fellowship and thanksgiving, on our holiday, Thanksgiving.  Thank You for the great blessing of being present, due to the visionary’s apparitions, during the time Heaven touches earth, when Our Lady comes to be with her and to bless the world.  Lord, how can I ever thank You for sharing Your Most Holy Mother with us, Your children Thank You for all who were there.  Bless those who wanted to be there, but couldn’t.


Jesus, You know everything and so You know all that burdens me.  I give each one to You, my Lord.  I want to leave these in Your capable hands.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Lord, thank You for directing me to St. Faustina’s diary and reminding me that whatever we ask of You during the 3:00 pm Hour of Mercy, if the prayers offered in this hour are 1) addressed to Jesus/You, 2) are said at 3 pm, 3) are to appeal to the value and merits of Christ’s/Your Passion that in this hour, we will obtain everything for ourselves and others.  In this hour of grace for the whole world—mercy triumphed over justice.  Praise You Lord God for this amazing promise.  Thank You!


Lord, I address the following prayers to You and I appeal to the value and merits of Your Passion.  I praise and thank You for the promise that in this hour (3:00 pm) You will obtain everything for us and others.  Lord, I pray for all intentions of the families of the (name withheld) community.  I pray for the projects in process, that all be completed soon and to perfection (according to Your Holy Will).  I pray that all those who are discerning will know in their hearts if this is where You and Our Lady want them to be; they will know and will accept and will rely on You completely to bring this to fruition.  I pray for all those I know and love who have wounded or broken marriages, that they be healed.  For those in my family, or in the family of all members of our community who are outside of or away from the Church will return and be fully united to You through the Holy Church.  I pray for those in my family, my friends, the family members of my friends and all who are ill to be healed and to come to know Your great love and mercy.  For (names withheld) that they love and believe in You.  I pray for my children, for every grace they need and for healing, discernment of spirits and all gifts of the Holy Spirit be given to them.  I pray for my grandchildren, to be brought through the waters of Baptism into the family of God.  I pray for (name withheld) that he will have every grace needed and that he will continue to grow close to Your Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  I pray for (names withheld) to be healed and given graces for purity, holiness, wisdom, love and mercy.  I pray this for (names withheld) and for all of our grandchildren.  I pray for those who are dying that You take them to Heaven to be with You forever.  Jesus, I pray for (names withheld) and for all of our shepherds. 


Lord, I pray for (name withheld) that he rely completely on You and that You give him every grace needed for the work You have entrusted to him.  Lift his spirits, Jesus and the heavy burdens he is carrying.  Heal him of all wounds, be they physical, spiritual and emotional.  Heal and bless (name withheld) as he undergoes the conversion process and tries to find his way.  May he hold fast to the hand of the Blessed Mother, and use the talents You have given him to give honor and glory to You.  Heal him, Jesus of the brokenness, pain and afflictions from which he suffers from the car accident.  Heal (name withheld) and give him peace.  Help him to find his way and to be at peace with all who cross his path.  Give him holy confidence, Jesus and direction.  Help him to remain in Community (name withheld) if it is Your holy Will.  Heal (name withheld) sweet Jesus and my sisters and brothers.  Give (name withheld) renewed strength physically and emotionally and help his immune system to be strong and fight off infections.  Give him a way to grow stronger, Jesus so that he can walk on his own again and gain some independence.  Jesus, thank You for sparing his life.  Please heal those who suffer from cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Muscular Dystrophy, M.S., strokes and all illnesses that cripple and maim  Help us to have complete conversion in our country.  Save souls, Jesus just as much today as in any age including the age of the birth of Your Church.  Jesus, send Your Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth.  Convert my family members and all who live in this country.  Bring them into Your Sacred Heart.  Help the holy souls in Purgatory to be purified quickly so they may enter into Your heavenly Kingdom.


Jesus, bring me very close to Your Sacred Heart and never allow me to stray from You.  Grant me graces for holiness, love and mercy so that Your light will radiate through my soul and out to the world and to all with whom I come in contact.  Radiate through me, Jesus for Your glory and the glory of the Gospel of light and love.  May all of my family, all of my friends now and those whom I will befriend become saints in Your heavenly Kingdom.  Jesus, I pray this because I want to be with You forever and I want all to be in Heaven with You.  Pour forth Your Spirit, Jesus and renew the face of the earth.  Lord, I ask most especially for Your Mother’s Immaculate Heart to triumph soon.  May the Renewal come soon, Jesus so that the earth will sing Your praises and all will worship You, the One, True God.  Lord I am sorry for doing all of the talking, but want to take advantage of this great Hour of Mercy from You and in honor of Your Passion and Death.  I pray for true and lasting conversion for (names withheld) and all in the world who are in need of conversion.  Praise You, Jesus.  Praise Your Holy Name.  Praise You in all of creation and in the souls of the righteous.  Praise You, Lord in all that is right, good, pure and true.  Praise You in the heavens, on the earth and in all the Tabernacles in the world.  I love You!  Thank You, my Jesus for who You are!


“Thank you, My little lamb for your trust in My mercy.  As I have told you through My holy daughter, Faustina, all requests in honor of the value of My Passion will be granted.  My daughter, when My children pray to Me during the Hour of Mercy, if their prayers are in line with My Will, they will be granted.  All prayers will be granted.  Thank You for taking Me at My word, and for the simplicity of your trust.  Your childlike trust touches My heart and gives Me great pleasure.  All of your requests are being held closely to My Sacred, Merciful Heart and will be attended to.  As for (name withheld) I reassure you, My children, all is going according to My plan.  It does not appear to be so, I realize.  This is the time for great trust and complete reliance on Me.  Many of those chosen to live in My Mother’s community are self-reliant.  This is as I expected for what all have been through in their lives, and was needed up to now.  Today, and going forward, what is needed is complete reliance upon Me.  My children this is the dawn of a new day for you.  This time of waiting brings about true conversion as you are tried in the fire of My Holy Love.  There is no other way for you, My dearest little children.  This way for you, this new way of following My Most Holy and Pure Mother Mary for the rest of your days, requires dying to self.  Dying to self is necessary, My dear children of (name withheld).  It is required My loves for only then will you come with open hearts, open minds to be filled with everything that is needed now and will be needed in the future.  My daughter, My little lamb, this is the best way, for it is the way I chose to walk, abandoning My self completely to the Will of My heavenly Father.  All of you, go to the foot of My cross and give your beautiful selves to My Father’s Will for you and for My Mother’s community.  Only those who are willing to humble themselves will be fit for My Kingdom and what I am asking of you, all of you is to be living examples of this humility.”


“You, My dear Mother’s apostles are to be more than messengers, but you are being called to be carriers of My love, My peace, My mercy and of Me, to the world.  Yes, My daughter, you are correct in thinking this is an enormous task, an enormous mission.  Be that as it may, this is your mission.  My Mother’s community is to be just as My son (name withheld) said, ‘An oasis of peace.’  He is correct. I ask you all; how can this come about if you first do not go through the valley where you are first tried, tested, purified and strengthened?  In order to know, to truly know My peace, you must have it yourselves.  I am not speaking of peace that the world gives; of comfort and security and worldly desires.  No.  I am speaking of true peace.  You must first experience what others, who do not know Me experience.  Mainly, what it is to walk in distress and to be challenged.  The difference is—you walk with Me.  I never leave your sides.  However, I have allowed many of you to feel in your senses, a new depth of loneliness, and a feeling of being completely out of control of the circumstances around you.  I do this out of My great love for you, so that you will fall on your knees and express to Me that everything good, all successes, healing, everything, relies upon Me.  Yes, My children, this has been very difficult, especially for My (name withheld).” 


“(Name withheld), My son you know that I have not abandoned you, but you feel isolated, alone and at the bottom of your life.  You know otherwise, but I refer to your feelings, My little son.  (Name withheld), if you only knew (and you will one day) the depths of My love for you, you would feel only joy.  This remains as if behind a veil for now, for this is necessary to prepare you for the enormous mission entrusted to you by the Father.  My son, this is your desert time.  This is the time of your preparation.  Continue to fast, pray, avail yourself of My Sacraments and above all and in spite of all, trust in Me.  I know that you do, however, I am calling you to a deeper level of trust in Me and in My Most Holy and Pure Mother.  I will bring you to new heights of holiness, but first you must trust more deeply.  I am the only One who can solve all of your problems.  I AM.  Rest in this.  There is great peace in knowing that I, God of the universe and of all that was, is and is to come, am walking with you, and I am seeing to everything.  All that you long to do for your own family and community, I long to do for you and more.  I AM the perfect Father, friend and Savior.  I AM.  I will see to everything.  Rest in Me, My son and take My Mother’s hand.  Daily, when you rise place all of your thoughts and actions in My Divine Will.  Step out in confidence, humility and in an abiding trust that I order each and every step you take.  Do not rely on your own gifts.  Rely on Me.  I will work through you and will use your gifts.  Pray about everything, no matter how small, and ask that I work through you in all matters.  Step out in faith and in the knowledge that I am guiding you and as you hold My Mother’s hand, She will ensure that your steps are ordered according to My Will.  Do not be concerned about how things will come to be.  They will.  My Will, will be done.  Trust and live each day in joy.  I know you are hurting and wounded.  Your heart is undergoing great suffering.  Allow this to serve you well by identifying with the Mother of Sorrows.  Her heart was and still is wounded for love of Her children.  You see, My son there is no way to appreciate love without the cross.  I remind you, My beloved son (name withheld) that through the cross comes the resurrection.  I will heal your wounds in time.  Trust in My love.  Trust in My Mother’s love.  We can be trusted.  Our love never fails.  Be at peace.  I breathe My Spirit of peace on you.  Immerse yourself in My peace.  Give Me your sadness.  Immerse it in My Sacred, Merciful Heart.  Only then will there be some room in your heart for joy.  I love you.  All is going according to My plan.  You cannot see this, I realize, but that is the nature of trust; believing without seeing.  I remind you that I make no mistakes, nor does My Mother.  You, My son are the one for this role and We are here to guide you and to bring you to the task, prepared.  I love you and that is all that is required.”


Thank You, my Lord for Your words.  Jesus, I love You.  Thank You!


“My daughter, do not fear.  I ask these words be given to My son.  Do not be concerned about what others think.  You have been ridiculed and unfortunately, so was I.  So are all of My children who love and follow Me.  Be concerned only with doing My Will.  You will suffer persecution, even from those you love and respect.  My daughter, I love you.  That you do as I ask is all that matters.  I am with you.  All will be well.  The truth always prevails.  No matter who abandons you, I will never leave you and as I have assured you, you will not leave Me either.  I know that is what concerns you most.  You trust Me, but you do not trust yourself.  This is good, for this is humility, however you must trust in Me more than you trust yourself.  When you trust in Me more than any other (including yourself), you will no longer be concerned about leaving My Will because you will see that a soul once fused to Me has already given her free will to Me and therefore already has willed not to leave the company of God.  In this way, I protect your soul.  I honor the commitment you made to Me and I honor My commitment to you and therefore there is now no danger in leaving My Will.  This is a new revelation to you, My child.  Yes, it is good to be joyful and to rejoice for this is a great gift.  I desire all to attain this.  Now, I can really begin the work in your soul that I desire.  My little lamb, the suffering you are experiencing is being put to good use for souls and for My Mother’s communities.  I thank you and I ask you to continue to carry these crosses awhile longer.”


If You wish, Jesus.  I am growing tired, but I am also sensing a renewed sense of hope that goes beyond all human reason. (Private comments omitted)  I am getting so much help from Heaven, Jesus and from Our Lady.  Please help my family the same way.  They are suffering also and I am amazed at their ability to continue on, so I know You are helping them.  Please reassure them and give them peace.  Renew their hearts, Lord for they are all battle weary.  My friends are, also.  Jesus. Be with (name withheld) during surgery.  I pray that he is healed and won’t need surgery, Lord but if it is Your Will that he be healed first, please heal him.  He loves you, Jesus.  (Name withheld) loves you, too.  They are so devoted to You and Your Mother.  They are beautiful parents and teach their children about You, Heaven, the truths of the faith and all that is good, holy and pure.  Please, Jesus, heal (name withheld).  Not for our glory, Lord, but for Yours.  If he must go through surgery, guide the surgeon’s hands and work through the surgeon.  He has a heart of love, Jesus and he is a warrior for Your Mother and the cause of Heaven.  Renew, strengthen and heal the physical problems with his heart so that he is strengthened for the battle that will surely come, be it spiritual, physical or emotional.  Jesus, I know we are being tried through fire, but please turn down the heat so that we are able to bear it.  If the high temperature is necessary for our souls, shield us from it, just as You did Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.  Bring us through unscathed, but strengthened and full of joy, mercy and trust ready to begin the next phase of our life missions for You.  Strengthen all the families of (locations withheld), Jesus.  I offer my small crosses for this purpose and to give you my little ‘yes’ for those souls who say ‘no’ to You.  Take my weak and imperfect ‘yes’ and multiply it for others just as You did with the loaves and fishes.  I love You, my Lord and my all!


“My child, I your Jesus am grateful to you.  Just as a father is grateful when his children love, obey and follow his rules with great joy, I also am grateful.  Yes, My daughter, My children are supposed to do this, but throughout the world, few are those who do.  Nevertheless, I am still pleased for the children who do love and follow Me, no matter the cost.  Thank you, My little one.”


Jesus, it is I who thank You.  I am nothing, and yet I know that because You made me, I am something.  I am something or someone because of Your love and because of the price You paid (and only because of this) I have worth.  Not of my own accord, but only because of You.  I am grateful for Your love and I will try to follow You.  Please forgive me when I fall short (which is almost always) and forgive me when I sin.  I try not to, Jesus.  I don’t want to offend Your Sacred Heart and cause more pain than You already bear, but I still sin and I am imperfect.  You give me grace through Our Lady and the Sacraments and still I sin.  What are You to do with me, Jesus?  Please forgive me and wash me clean in the blood of Your sacrifice on Calvary.  Wash me in Your precious blood, Jesus and cleanse me of my iniquity.  Jesus, please save me.  You are my Savior and I need Your redemption on a daily basis.  I love You.  Protect me from myself, Jesus.  Sometimes, I am my own worst enemy.  Keep me safe within Your Sacred Heart, Jesus.  Be my refuge, Lord.  Blessed Mother, wrap Your holy mantle of protection around me and enfold me in Your Immaculate Heart where nothing can touch me. 


“Yes, My child.  This is a good prayer.”  (smiling....  Jesus gave me this prayer)


“My daughter, you have brought your burdens to Me today and this is good.  It pleases Me, for you recognize that you are unable to solve them without My help.”


Yes, Jesus but may I say I am unable to solve them at all.  I don’t just need Your help, Lord but I give them completely to You to resolve.  I am helpless to do anything correct.  Whenever I try, I make a mess of things.  These problems cannot be solved with human logic, problem solving tactics, or human will.  They are impossible. But nothing is impossible for You, my Lord and my God.  I leave them all to You.  I am putting them at the foot of Your cross to be bound by You.  Lord, bring us graces and peace to replace all that we worry about and have given to You.  I give You even the consequences of others’ actions and words that have been hurtful or detrimental to unity and peace.  Bring about restoration and healing.  Lord, I give all to You and I do not plan to take them back.  They are Yours, now Jesus.  All is in Your capable hands.


“This is good, My child.  All will be well.  Walk in My light.  Child, you are entering into the darkest time of the year, but I remind you that I am the Light.  Light appears to be brightest in the midst of darkness.  I give you My light.  You, give it to others.”


“My son, (name withheld) I am pleased with you despite what you think.  Continue to be of support to My son, (name withheld), to My (name withheld), to My (names withheld).  St. Joseph assists you.  Do not hesitate to call on him daily to pray for you and to guide you.  Trust in Me, My son and now I ask that you pray for the gift of joy.  Ask for this and it will be given to you.  Think of the days when you led many, many people in business.  The times that you were most effective were times when you were supportive, gave clear expectations and then made things fun and joyful.  Work becomes much easier when the one who is leading helps to guide the people through their hearts.  My son, you have been given gifts of leadership.  You will use these gifts well.  In the past, they were used for the business world, but now you are using these gifts for My Kingdom.  They will be most effective when you employ them with the charism of joy.  My (name withheld), joy is a gift of the Holy Spirit.  You have already been given My Spirit in your Confirmation but now is the time to call upon this power of My Spirit and ask.  When you seek Me, you will find Me.  My Mother Mary was the Mother of God, the Mother of Sorrows and yet so few people realize that She is also the Mother of Joy.  Ask My Mother and the Holy Spirit, Her Spouse to give you joy.  It will transform you, My son and it will transform those around you.”


“My son, I am not disappointed with you, but you focus on this and it steals your joy.  Put your sins behind you.  Once they are confessed, they are like straw blown away from the wind.  I do not see them.  You, however go about looking for these pieces of straw.  You pick them up one by one and examine them in such sorrow and you condemn yourself again and again.  This is a great waste of time, My son for to Me they are gone.  Do not do this, I beseech you for you rob yourself of the great joy of My mercy and forgiveness.  It hangs about your neck like an albatross and you drag these sins with you like chains and when others do something that you would tend to overlook, instead you are easily annoyed because you have not forgiven yourself.  My son, My son.  Do you not see that you are setting yourself up as the judge of your soul.  I am the judge of your soul and I am saying, ‘I absolve you of your sins.’  I am the only one who has the right to judge, but I give you mercy.  Do not pretend to yourself that you know your soul better than I.  Please, My child.  Accept My forgiveness and My mercy and rejoice, for your sins are forgiven you.  Allow them to be blown away by the wind of My forgiveness and do not look back to examine them.  They are no longer here.  They are truly no more.  Do not attempt to recreate that which is no more.  I love you.  I accept you.  Accept yourself, My beautiful son and be free for I have already given you your freedom when you received Me and when I received you into My Holy Catholic Church.  Rejoice.  You are My son.  I am yours and you are Mine.  Be confident in this.  My Mother gave you graces for joy during Her time in (location withheld).  It is up to you to receive these graces and allow them to take root.  My Joseph will help you.  He was a man of great joy, yet he had the heaviest burden of all mankind, to care for God’s Son, to raise Him, teach Him, to remain pure for Him and all of this knowing He would not be there in My hour of need, My Crucifixion.  Yet, through all of this, he played with Me and when we worked, we sang, we talked and we shared joy.  Yes, we also shared sorrow, but the joy and love prevailed over all.  The time of My childhood was so full of love and joy that it carried Me through My Passion and death.  My Mother Mary is the Mother of Joy and St. Joseph is the father of joy.  Joy is the acceptance of love and mercy.  My son, I love you.  Live in My love and rejoice.  I will work through your gifts in the most effective way.  When you accept the gift of joy from My Mother’s pure hands She extends Her hands to you now.  Will you open your hands and your heart and receive this great gift that She has so lovingly requested from Me?  I love you, My son.  You are My son.  I love you.” 


Thank You, my Jesus.  My heart hurts, Lord.  I don’t know why, Jesus but I give this to You.  Thank You for being my Jesus, my friend, my Savior, and my Lord.  Help me to be Your loyal friend.  Help me to love You more, Jesus so that I can be a conduit to others of Your love.


“My daughter, your time visiting My Mother was not wasted, I assure you.  Though you did not feel consolations, many graces were given to (names withheld), and to you.  Each person there received graces; many graces.  Trust in this.  All will be well.  I appreciate the sacrifices you all made to be with My Holy Mother.  She is pleased also and when She is pleased, I am pleased.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Thank You, Blessed Mother.


“My child, My little one, it is time to go.  You have much to do yet this evening and (name withheld) awaits a visit.  Take My love to him.  All will be well.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace now, My Children of Light.  I go with you in this new and deeper phase of your walk with me.  Trust in Me.  Rejoice.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.  We wait in joyful hope for Your coming, Savior of the world.  Amen, Alleluia.  I love You.


“And I love you, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).”

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