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Children of the Renewal Messages


January 24, 2016  Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus ever present in the Sacrament of the altar.  I believe in You.  I adore You.  I praise You.  I love You, my Savior.  Thank you for waiting here in this chapel for Your children, Lord.  Thank You for waiting here for me.  Lord, I shudder to think how horrible it would be if one day I came here and for some reason, You were not here.  It would be most upsetting.  Lord, may I never take for granted the miracle of Your presence with us.  Thank You for deciding to be with us in this way, Jesus.  You truly are the Good Shepherd.  You never abandon Your people.  Thank You, my Lord and my God. 


Jesus, You know all things and so You know that my son is facing a potentially major health issue.  I pray for him, Jesus.  I lay him at the foot of Your cross.  Please heal him and make him whole.  Grant wisdom to the physicians and healthcare providers so they know the best course of action for him.  Lord, I pray for all who are ill especially for (name withheld), my friends (names withheld).  I pray especially for (names withheld), and for everyone else who is ill.  I pray for all those who are on our parish sick list and for all those who are lonely.


Lord, thank You for relieving (name withheld) back pain somewhat.  Please help him to continue to get relief.  I also pray for (name withheld) that he gets well soon.  He catches so many viruses, Jesus.  Please help his immune system to grow stronger.  I pray also for (names withheld) finances, and for the (locations withheld) and all those discerning community.  Help them to answer Your Mother’s invitation.  Thank You, Jesus.  I love You! 


Jesus, I’m sorry about talking with (name withheld).  She seems to be very lonely, but we aren’t supposed to talk in here and I’m sorry if we were being disrespectful.  I am sure the gentleman trying to pray was irritated.  I feel like a captive audience, Lord but am not sure what to do, as I don’t want to be rude to You or to (name withheld).  Please forgive me, Jesus.


Lord, have You anything to say to me? 


“Yes, My child.  There is much to say today.  Many plans are underway in the world to bring harm to My children.  My adversary is hard at work and is working through My children who have turned their backs on Me.  They want nothing to do with God and have sworn their allegiance to darkness and evil.  It is especially important for My Children of Light to pledge their allegiance to God the Father.  Please propagate this prayer, My child.  Many children of mine make this pledge every day, and I would like to spread this prayer to all the children on earth who love and follow Me.”


Yes, Jesus.


“Publish the [i]prayer given to My daughter, Anne a Lay Apostle and share it with as many people as possible.  I will help you to do this, My child.  I Will this prayer to be prayed at least once a day; more often if possible.  This prayer can be said multiple times a day and will open souls to My mercy and to the many graces needed in this time.”


Alright, Jesus.

Lord, I forgot to ask You to please stop the people who are planning to hurt others.  (Name withheld) shared the information with me that You told her, so that we could pray against this evil plan.  If it is not to be stopped, I beg You to mitigate the damage and spare lives.  If people lose their lives, I beg You take them to Heaven, Jesus.  Please help us, Lord in this time of dire need.  We are in these circumstances because our nation has turned against You, Jesus.  Please save souls by opening hardened hearts to You and to Your beautiful love.  In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, pour out Your blessed, infinite mercy on the entire world.  Please, Jesus.  We need You.  Many souls love You, and many more would love You if they only knew how loveable and deserving of our love You are.


“My child, I do not infringe on the free will of those created in My image and likeness.  I created people in My image and endowed them with the great and noble gift of free will.  I hear your prayer.  I receive Your prayer with great love.  I know the longings of your heart and hear the pleas of all of My Children of Light.  I do not turn a deaf ear to My beloved.  I also, do not turn a deaf ear to My children who walk in darkness.  I love and respect them just the same, even though they reject Me.  It would not be just for Me to respect the free will of only those who love Me.  You are not asking this of Me, yet I elaborate for those who seek to understand why I do not stop all that is evil.  I do not, because I do not violate the very gift I have given.  I do, however, due to the faith, prayers and love of My children who follow Me, who love Me, and whom I call friends, mitigate, minimize, and thwart the plans of those choosing to do harm to others.”


“I am not responsible for those choices, My children.  The one responsible for evil is the one who chooses to do evil.  Many times, I am blamed for allowing evil in the world, but I remind you, Children of Light that I have never done evil.  I created a world that was perfect for mankind.  I gave the first people, parents of the human race, everything needed to sustain life, and also everything pleasing and desirable that was also great for their souls.  In choosing to turn against the one commandment I gave them, and consequently choosing evil, the beautiful, perfect world, the garden, was lost to them and to their posterity, the entire human race.  Each person born has the opportunity, through Baptism to be restored to the family of the Trinity and to the communion of saints.  Each person, as they grow to the age of reason, has the opportunity to resist sin.”


“The only person who has resisted sin completely is My Most holy and pure Mother Mary.  She is the only woman full of grace and without sin.  The only man in the entire world who comes close to My Mother in holiness is St. Joseph.  This is why they were selected by the Father to be My human parents.  My Mother fully and completely My Mother and St. Joseph, appointed as My earthly father since all children, even the Son of God need an earthly father and mother.  What I am saying, My daughter, is that every other person created has sinned.  My Children of Light have repented and are on the path to conversion and holiness.  The only difference between My Children of Light and those who follow darkness, is the decisions made that are made in freedom, by their gift of free will.”


Jesus, then those who have decided to follow darkness, can still change their decision and turn away from darkness.  They can choose goodness, truth and beauty.  They can still choose You, Lord.  It is for these souls I pray.  Give them graces for love.  Open their eyes, just as You opened the eyes of the blind when You walked this earth, Lord Jesus.  Heal the blind, Lord.  Heal those in our day who are spiritually blind.  Lord, I understand that You respect our free will, but there must be a way for You to both respect free will, and to give light to those in darkness.  If it wasn’t ‘possible’ You would not encourage and even plead with us to pray for those who do not know the love of God.  Lord, please bring about a multitude of conversions.  Pour out Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth. 


“Yes, My little lamb, conversion is possible.  It is very possible, especially for those who walk in darkness because they have never seen the light.  These are souls who have not learned about Me.  Perhaps they did not have Christian parents, or perhaps their parents knew Me as children, but fell away from their faith.  They did not teach their children about Me, because they felt they could not do so without convicting themselves.  In some cases, they wanted to give their children the faith they were  given as children, but to do so would mean giving up their selfish lifestyles.  They even felt hypocritical to teach their children to love and fear Me, when they do not live this in their own lives.  They could easily have turned their own souls back to Me, but chose not do so for selfish reasons.  They listen to the lies of My adversary.  They choose to deprive their children of salvation instead.  Pray for these children of mine and witness to them of My great love.  They are not to blame for their ignorance (the children of those who reject Me).  Upon attaining adulthood they will be faced with the decision for Me.  Your prayers are critical to them, for when faced with a decision to seek Me, graces will flood their souls due to My mercy and Your cooperation with My plan.  Your prayers are very efficacious to these souls, those who through no fault of their own, do not know Me.”


“Your prayers are efficacious for a second group of souls; those who knew or had begun to know me in their youth, but who were harmed by someone in the church and consequently turned away from Me as a result.  Pray for these wounded children who were wounded by a representative of Me, or by a lay person in the Church they looked up to and respected.  These wounds run deep and are the cause of many fissures in unity.  Many children of Mine whom you call ‘fallen away’ have fallen because of the sins of others who should have shown love, but instead showed hatred, oppression, or expressed grave sins and even committed atrocious acts of evil against My beloved innocent ones.  Your prayers do much to assist in their healing.  Your love does much to assist in their healing.”


“This is why, dearest Children of Light, you mustn’t judge others for you do not know the wounds of their bodies, souls, hearts and minds.  Only I know and am acquainted with such wounds.  I say this now to My beloved children, wounded by another who should have shown love and pointed the way to you to the love of God; I say this—I know each and every wound you suffered.  I was with you, My child.  Do not believe the evil one who tells you that I abandoned you, for I was with you.  I felt each and every wound made to your precious heart for I, too was being wounded.  When you were hurt, I, your Jesus experienced the same hurt.  When one hurt you; they also hurt Me.  This is not an abstract principle, My wounded, lovely child.  No, it is not.  I truly experienced what you experienced for when you were being hurt, I Jesus, was also being hurt.”


“How can this be, you may ask?  It is so because I dwell in your heart and soul.  I am united to every child of Mine who  accepts Me.  I am united, even before you accepted Me, for when you were a child, before the age of reason, I dwelled in your pure heart.  For those who reject Me, utterly and completely, we are no longer united, however I am true to My promise, and I do not abandon you.  I walk with you and wait ever so patiently for the opportunity to show you love; to give you a glimmer of light.  If and when one gives Me even the smallest opening of a chance, I pour love and mercy into your heart.  If it is a heart seeking truth, the graces will be effective.  If one is not seeking truth, but only it’s own advantage, graces are still given but are only as efficacious as the will of the one to whom they are given.  In this way, I am giving My love, graces and mercy in the most benevolent of ways, while at the same time I show the utmost respect to the Father’s gift of free will.”


“Do you see, My Children of Light, why your prayers are so important and beneficial to these souls.  They affect other’s willingness to be open, while at the same time allowing for those in darkness to choose to remain in darkness or to allow even a small opening for grace and mercy.  It is always up to My creatures to choose.  Much depends on My children who have already chosen Me.  This is the plan of My Father who long ago, before the creation of the world, chose to create people, out of His great love, in His image and likeness, bestowing and endowing the gift to freely love Him, or to reject His love.  He also planned to use those who would choose to love Him, in the plan of salvation.  God always uses His people to cooperate with Him in the work of saving souls.  There are many ways to cooperate in this great work, My children.  As many ways as there are stars in the heavens.  Some cooperate with God by prayer and fasting only, for that is all (though it is much indeed) they are able to do.  Some do this, plus witness the love of God to others.  There are many ways to witness to the love of God and I will not provide a list of ways here for you either know these ways, or can reference sacred Scripture to learn of these ways.  Suffice it to say, I need My children to be light and love to others.  Share My light with all you meet.  Live holy lives to be examples to others.  Live lives of love and virtue.  Spread the good news in word and in deed.  There is much darkness, it is true, and in the darkest of nights, even one small light penetrates and stands out in severe contrast to the darkness.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your lessons of love and mercy.  Please teach us, Lord to be witnesses of Your grace, Your love, Your peace, Your mercy.  Help us to grow in holiness and love.  Cover us with Your precious blood, so that when God looks at us, You are the only thing He will see.  Lord, You have provided me with extra time to serve You.  There is much opportunity for service.  Show me the way I can be of service to You, Jesus.  Show me what You would have me do versus what I think I should do.  There are many options, Jesus but I don’t want to run off volunteering for every need that comes along and become distracted from what it is You want me to do.  Help me to serve in the way You desire I serve.  Please give me Your direction, Lord.


“I will show you the way, My child.  We walk together, and I make Myself known to you.  Seek My will each day and give each day to Me.  Then allow Me to guide you.  For now, you are to focus on your own family.  There is much need.  Pray for My direction each day and it will be granted.  I will show you.  Do not be afraid for I am with you.  I am your Good Shepherd.  I will lead you.”


Thank You, Jesus.


“You are most welcome, My little lamb.  My Holy Spirit inspires you and infuses ideas for service, for your consideration.  Pray about the timing, My child.  I will make it known to you.  Until then, pray and serve your family.”



“My child, the coming weeks will bring news that will cause fear in the hearts of My children.  You and all of My Children of Light are to stand steadfast in the light of great changes.  You will be an encouragement, peacemakers, and witnesses to hope.  The hope to which you witness is a life lived for Me and with Me.  There is great strength in those who follow Me for I give you graces for courage, faith, hope and trust.  I give graces for love.  Love conquers hate.  Light dispels darkness.  Trust in Me, My Children of Light.  I have told you through My many messengers, about the time of great trials.  I have said for some time now, that it is fast upon you.  You have witnessed an increase in the tide of evil which is only a precursor for that which is to follow.  Fear not.  I am with you.  My Mother is sent to walk among you.  She is with you, also and brings you messages from Heaven.  Heed Her messages.  Live Her messages.  She is your advocate before the throne of God.  She intercedes for you and for all of mankind, for She is your Spiritual Mother.”


“Eve was mother in the flesh.  Mary of Nazareth is Mother to all, in the Spirit.  The Spirit is stronger than the flesh.  Embrace your Mother for She is the Woman who crushes the head of the serpent.  You are safe when you stay close to My Mother, who does the Will of God perfectly.  When you are close to My Mother, you are close to Me.  You cannot fully accept Her Son, while rejecting Her.  Do not reject Her, My children.  Do not wound Me, by rejecting My most pure Mother who gave Her perfect ‘yes’ to the Father and who was completely filled with the Spirit of the living God so much so, that by the Spirit She conceived the very Son of God, the living Word made flesh.  I am bone of Her bone and flesh of Her flesh.  I am, the Son of God, second person of the Blessed Trinity.  I was, before all of creation, for I was with God during the creation of the world and yet, by Mary of Nazareth’s ‘yes’, I became man and was incarnated.  Do you realize, My children who doubt My Mother, just how much you owe Her for bringing in the age of the Messiah?  You do not, and yet I encourage you who have closed hearts, to open them to your Lord and Savior and seek the truth about the Woman who is clothed with the sun and who wears the crown of 12 stars.  She is assembling a great and mighty army that consists of the smallest, the most humble of children.”


“Will you be one of them?  Will you join My Mother and your brothers and sisters to defeat evil or will you stand by watching and waiting and vicariously benefit from all that they do in these end times, to defeat evil.  You cannot serve Me and despise My holy Mother Mary.  Open your hearts to Her now for you will benefit greatly by the graces you will receive, which currently you reject.  I love you, My children and I recognize your ignorance due to errors that began many years ago and which are still perpetrated against My holy Mother Mary.  Many of you know the wounds caused by your earthly children who do not love you, do not respect you, though you are deserving of such respect.  Think of My holy Mother Mary who has never sinned and who suffered greatly for love of Me, love of My Father’s plan for salvation, and yes, for love of you.  Think of how your lack of love, your indifference, your disrespect wounds Her Immaculate Heart.  She willingly accepted Her role as Mother of the Messiah and then during the depths of Her agony at seeing Her only Son, who She also knew to be Her God, was severely beaten, tortured, and nailed to the cross, willingly accepted Her role as Spiritual Mother to the human race.  She did the Will of God, even during the depths of deep suffering.  This woman, who is precious and dearly beloved by the Blessed Trinity, is your Mother.  Do not reject your Mother or you will have difficulty in the days to come, for you will be clouded in your thinking and a veil will be cast over your eyes.  It will be very difficult to see the truth with the many treacherous plots and distractions created by the evil one who wants to destroy your soul.”


“The followers of Mine who embrace My Mother will see the lies  for what they are for they dwell under the mantle of My Mother.  Her mantle affords the children who hold fast to Her hand, with the surest protection.  She personally dispenses graces to Her willing and open children from God Himself, and not just any graces (all of which are good since they come from God), but exactly the graces that each individual needs for their particular role in God’s plan.  Who among you is as wise as My most pure Mother Mary?  Who among you said ‘yes’ to the Angel Gabriel?  Who among you was created by God to carry the Word of God in your womb and nurse Me at your breast, awakening at night at My least little whimper, bathing Me, clothing Me, protecting Me from danger, insults and weather?  Who among you is greater than My Mother?  She does not hold Herself up as God, but the lowest of those who serve God.  She is your Mother.  She is My Mother.  This is why we are brothers.  Do you not see what Mary of Nazareth has done for you and for the entire human race?  I tell you, those who reject Her, who choose to reject Her, are rejecting Me and yet who will plead your case to Me?  She will.  Yes, I am the one who is the intermediary to the Father, for I died that you may live.  That does not mean, that God the Father turns a deaf ear to His children, or there would be no truth in the Scripture that says, ‘the prayer of the righteous avails much’. “


“My Children of Light, do not cast out the truth of My Mother’s role in salvation, for to do so casts out the very incarnation.  Reflect on this.  Pray about this, for now as never before in history, it is vital to listen to My Mother.  She is being dispatched now by the Father for the final invitation.  She is collecting Her children, My children to do battle (spiritual in most cases, but also physical in some) against the serpent, who is satan.  Read Revelation.  Pay heed to My Mother who is the Queen of Peace.  Listen to Her words which come from God.”


“That is all, My little lamb.  I have said much.  There is much content in this great message of love; enough on which to meditate for a lifetime and yet the time for this life as you know it grows short.  Pray to comprehend My Mother’s messages and sacred Scripture.  These words go hand in hand.  The messages of My Mother through Medjugorje will help unlock the deeper meaning of Scripture that until now has been veiled.  Pray, fast and seek God in your midst.  Go now, My daughter and My son and be at peace.  Fear not, for I am with you.  Prepare in haste while I have given you this time.  Be love to all, My children.  I cannot stress this enough.  You must all rise above petty differences and recognize how the tempter distracts you.  See things from the perspective of Heaven.  Souls are at stake and the little annoyances in life are only that.  Treat them as small crosses to pick up and carry and go about the work of the Lord.  Pray, fast, love, forgive, show mercy and seek My Will.  That is all, My children.  Go and follow Me.  Remain close to your brothers and sisters in faith, for from them you will draw encouragement and strength.  My Mother is leading you.”


“I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, and remain in prayer and visit the Sacraments for the grace that is needed in the direst of times.” 


Thank You, Jesus.  Help us, Lord.  Jesus, we trust in You. 


I love you, My Children of Light.  I love you, My son and My daughter.  I love all of you and all of your family members and friends.  Pray and remain close to My Sacred Heart.  Live the Gospel.”


Amen, Jesus.  Help us all to do so.  Thank You for Your love and that of Your Mother.


“You are welcome, My child.  Give My love to others.”


Yes, Jesus.


[i] Allegiance Prayer given to Anne, Lay Apostle


Dear God in Heaven, I pledge my allegiance to You.  I give You my life, my work, and my heart.  In turn, give me the grace of obeying Your every direction to the fullest possible extent.  Amen.



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