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Children of the Renewal Messages


January 31, 2016  Adoration Chapel

Dearest Jesus, ever present in the Blessed Sacrament, thank You for allowing us to be here with You today.  Lord, please help (name withheld).  She needs help and wants me to talk to her after her hour of Adoration.  Please guide our conversation, Jesus.  Help me to listen patiently.  Guide me, Lord in Your way and in Your perfect Will.  Help me to be an instrument of Your peace, mercy and love.  I love You, my Lord and my God.  You know what is needed.  You know what each of Your children need.  Direct our paths, Jesus.  Keep me in Your holy Will.  Lord, I am sorry for my sins.  Thank You for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Please bless the priest who heard my confession on Saturday.  Thank You for holy and devout priests.  Please bless, guide and protect our shepherds, Lord.


Jesus, thank You for enabling me to be with (name withheld) this week as he faced difficult news.  Please give him Your peace.  Comfort him and give him graces for courage, that he may be a witness to You and will glorify Your holy name in the midst of this heavy cross.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Lord, may Your Will be done on earth as in Heaven.  Thank You for Father (name withheld) who made himself available to (name withheld) to administer the Sacraments when he was in need.  Praise You, Lord for Your holy priest sons.  They mean so much to me, Jesus.  Please protect Father (name withheld)  and the other priest friend as they travel this week.  Keep them safe, Lord. 


Jesus, I am sorry for the times I have let You down, have not been love to others as You have asked.  Please forgive me and give me graces for love and mercy.  I want to be what You want me to be, to live Our Lady’s messages of peace and love, prayer and obedience to Your Word, and I often fall very short.  Help me to grow closer to You, Jesus in spite of myself.


“My child, My child, I ask that you focus on getting up when you fall.  Always focus on getting up and not on the times you have fallen.  Bring all to Me in Confession, and continue on the path to holiness.  All is forgiven in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  If you fall again simply repent and turn to Me in the Sacrament.  With each Confession, graces are given to help you persevere in the face of life’s storms.  Keep your eyes on Me, My child.  To follow Me, you must keep your eyes on Me.  Remember the time when Peter stepped out of the boat and on to the water?  He walked on the water as long as he kept his eyes on Me, for then his faith was strong.  When he looked away, he began to doubt and it was then that his faith waivered and he sank.  Always keep your eyes on Me, your Jesus especially during the storms of life, but even during times of peace and unity.  You will find there are fewer distractions and temptations when you are looking at Me.”


“Remember I am with you, even when and especially when you fall.  This is true for all of My children.  Do not feel ashamed when a sin is committed, so much so that you feel you are not worthy to speak with Me.  It is then that you most need Me.  Indeed, it is especially then that you need to come to Me.  Do not listen to the tempter who tells you, you are not worthy to speak to Me, because of your sin, for this is a lie.  Worthiness or the lack of it has nothing to do with us.  Love has everything to do with our relationship, and that is at the heart of it.  My heart is filled with love for you, no matter the state of your heart.  Come to Me all you who are burdened, and I will give you rest.  I will give you My love, My mercy, My peace.  The world cannot give these to you.  Only I can, but you must ask.  You must seek to find.  You must open the door of your heart to Me, and I will enter and take up residence.  I love you, My children.  I will not abandon you.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Praise Your holy name.  Lord, is there anything else You wish to say to me?


“My child, you had another difficult week and yet I was with you.  You perceived this and had peace in the midst of another storm.  This is the way you must respond in the face of adversity, with peace; recollected, reflective, prayerful and at peace for you know your Jesus is with you.  We face the storms in life together.  Remember that I am with you and you have only to reach out to Me for assistance, just as My Apostles did when they were caught in the storm.  Upon calling Me, I arose, quieted the storm and this allowed them to carry on with an even stronger faith.  That is how I want My children to respond in the face of storms.  Call out to Me in prayer.  Ask for My assistance.  Ask what I would like you to do during these events in life that appear to be crises.  I will direct you.  I will give you My peace.  You will then have clarity.  Bring all to Me and we will discuss the best course of action.”


“Trust in Me, My children for I am giving you this time of grace granted by My Father.  My Father is providing tremendous graces and these are being dispersed by My holy and most pure Mother Mary.  They are yours for the asking.  Seek Me, My children.  Ask for graces from Heaven and graces will be yours.  This is a time of great mercy and an abundance of graces.  I seek to draw My children closer to My heart and that of My Mother.  Our children will be safe in the shelter of My heart and the heart of My Mother, even in these perilous times.  Draw close to us, My children.  Bring others close to us by your examples and by your witness.  Witness with joy, My Children of Light.  Stay close to Me, and I will lead you.  I am your Shepherd.  I am the Good Shepherd, who looks after His sheep.  Follow Me and all will be well.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You.  Help us to keep our eyes on You, Lord.  Keep us from being distracted.  Help me to do Your Will, Lord.  Guide me in the path of righteousness, and keep me on Your holy path.  Lord, I lift up my entire family to You.  Please see to each person’s needs and do Your Will in their lives.  Help us to follow You, no matter the cost.  Bring those who are outside of Your house, into Your home.  Bring them close to Your heart, Jesus.  Help them to see what they are missing, Jesus and give them the desire to return to You.  Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, (name withheld) just asked me to speak with her as she was leaving and she needs Your help.  It is difficult for people who are aging and still want their independence but can’t drive.  Please guide and protect her, Jesus. 


“My little one, I am with My (name withheld).  I will always be with her.  Entrust her to My capable hands.  Give each concern to Me, My child and pray for your brothers and sisters in need.”


Yes, Lord.  Jesus, how can I serve You this week?  Please lead me according to Your Will.


“My little lamb, focus on Me and seek My direction in each day.  Allow Me to guide you.  Be at peace in each moment, trusting that I am carrying you.  There is nothing to fear when you are holding fast to My hand.  We walk together.”


Thank You, my Lord.  Please protect and bless the families of the community.  I pray for those who are discerning and for those who have answered with their ‘yes’.  Please grant courage, patience, fortitude and wisdom to each community member.  Please, Lord may the work progress quickly and efficiently so that we can all begin to proceed with building and moving.  We have a general idea of the place to which You are calling us, but do not always see the path we are to take, and even when we do see it, we do not have a green light to proceed, and so we wait, Lord.  We wait for You and Your timing, which is perfect.  Though we do not know when the storms will occur, we can see the signs that it is on the horizon.  And though we do not know when the storm will occur, You do.  You know what each one of Your children will be doing and where they will be and so we entrust ourselves and our families to the One who calms the sea.  We entrust ourselves and our families to the One who created all out of nothing.  You are God and You are still in control.  Take control of our messy lives, Jesus and purify us until we are rid of the residue from this culture of death and corruption in which we find ourselves.  Restore our world to the purity You intended for us.  Come, Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.  Cleanse my heart Lord, Jesus.  Take up residence there, my Lord and my God.


“My little lamb, you do see the signs of the times and your heart knows that the evil influences are increasing.  The effects of sin spread and infect the multitudes.  You are right in what you say about this culture being one of death and destruction, for that is according to My adversary’s plan.”


“My plan, however is one of Spirit and life.  What evil intends for bad, I intend for good.  Pray to remain at peace.  Ask Me for graces for peace, for when you have My peace, it is then that you are open to My direction.  It is then that you are open to acts of love and service and are in a position to give My love and peace to others.  This will be especially important as you transition from this time of upheaval and into the time of great trials.  You must begin this spiritual preparation now, My Children of Light for the hour is late.  My children, I know you are growing weary.  You are also restless, for many of you have known about what is to come, for many years.  You pray for this time of great trials to begin for you feel you are prepared.  I tell you, you are not as prepared as you think, for you know not what to prepare for or what will be needed, especially from a spiritual perspective.  I tell you, do not wish for the time of great trials to begin.  Pray only for God’s Will to be done.  Leave all else to Me and to My Mother Mary.  She is your Mother, also and She is worthy of your trust.”


“It is human nature to long for what is to come, and when it occurs, to then long for the past.  Be grateful for what is present and pray to be prepared for what is to come.  Frequent the Sacraments and remain in the state of grace, My children.  Love your neighbor and pray for those who are unkind to you.  A time will come and is almost here when those who mistreated you will need your assistance.  It will be easier to respond with love to those for whom you are praying.  Remember to bring each concern, and burden to Me.  Bring every decision to Me.  We will determine the best solution together.  My Spirit will guide you through these perilous times.  Follow the teachings of the one true faith, My Church.  Do not forsake her for she is your port in the storm and through the hands of My priests, the Sacraments are given.  My Mother will guide you, as you pray and seek Me with your hearts.  Trust in Me, My Children of Light.  Live the Gospel.  Love one another.  I am telling you what you already know, but what I need you to remember for in times of crises, it is easy to forget these lessons of love.  I remind you that the call to live the Gospel in truth and in joy is always before you as a beacon of light.  It is especially needed when the world is in darkness.  Be light.  Be love.  Be joy.  Be peace.  Speak the truth, children and always in love.  Pray for those who have not experienced My love.  Graces for conversion are abundant.  That is all for now, My children.  Be at peace, for I am with you and I will never leave you to face difficulties alone.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Remain at peace.  Trust in Me.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you.”




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