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Children of the Renewal Messages


February 14, 2016  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I love You, praise You and adore You.  Oh, Jesus I love Your adorable, holy Will.  Thank You for Your love for mankind which is so deep and vast that You could hardly contain it while You walked the earth.  Your love and mercy could only be contained in Your human heart because of Your divinity.  Or at least, this is what I think because Your love is so great I can’t see how any human being could contain it without having the fullness of perfection which comes from Your divinity.  Jesus, please give some of this love to me, so that I may love You more.  I need Your love and grace in order to return properly the love that You deserve.  I cannot love of my own accord, so You must love through me.  I ask this of You boldly, because I know that You love me, and because of Your infinite mercy and love You Will that mankind love our Creator.  So, this is why I may be so bold as to make this request of You.  I trust You will do this because of Your goodness and mercy.


Jesus, this week is the week of (name withheld) surgery.  Be with him, Jesus.  Give him graces, Lord for trust in You.  Grant him Your peace and Your love.  Please guide the surgeon’s hands, Lord and may the best possible outcome occur.  Jesus, please work in and through (name withheld) and our family so that we will bear witness to You with each person we encounter including all healthcare workers and other patients and their family members.  May this situation bring an opportunity to be Your witnesses and bring glory to You and to Your Kingdom.  Help us to be small lights to the world, after our Jesus who is the Light of the world.  Praise You for each opportunity You provide, Lord to show Your love to others.  Bless (name withheld) Jesus.  Give him graces for healing, light and love.  Give him all that he needs, Lord.  I pray for healing for (names withheld).  Heal them, sweet Jesus as only You can do.  May Your holy, adorable and precious Will be done.  Jesus, thank You for every situation that occurs in my life that seems difficult, for these are only opportunities for my soul to grow in trust, faith and complete reliance upon You.  Jesus, what man intends for bad, You intend for our good.  I thank You for taking away my career in order to give me a far greater good.  Glory and praise to You, my Lord Jesus Christ.


Jesus, thank You for my husband whom I love dearly.  He is a gift from You, Jesus and I thank You.  Thank You for my family, for my children and grandchildren.  Thank You for my friends.  You have blessed me with more than I deserve but only because You are so great and are filled with love.  Correction; You are love.  Thank You, love.  I love You, Jesus!  Help me to love You more.  Please heal my friends and their family members.  You know each one by name, Jesus so I will give them each to You and beg for graces of conversion, graces for holiness, graces for healing, and graces for love on each one.  They are all Yours, Jesus and I praise You and thank You for them.  I pray especially for those who have not yet come to know and love You.  Pour out Your mercy on these poor souls, Jesus.  Pour out graces upon their souls so that they will be open to You and to Your love.  Save them, Jesus.  Do not allow them to continue another day without the love of their Savior written on their hearts, impressed upon their minds and sealed on their lips.  May every created thing be filled with Your grace and mercy, Jesus.  Please, Lord.  The world cannot survive without You.  Please come to reign in the hearts of Your children, Jesus.  May God’s Kingdom come and Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.


Jesus, thank You for the teaching of the Divine Will-Your Will.  I pray that You will teach me about this and I thank You for Your beautiful daughter and servant, Louisa who so devotedly wrote everything she could to help souls like me learn more about Your Will.  Jesus, please send Your Holy Spirit to me so that when I begin to read about this from Your words to Louisa, I will comprehend it.  I have heard people say, it is difficult to understand, but since I am little and I do not have the intellect that so many others have, I know You will help me.  If I was not meant to understand, I think I would not have heard about it, for as You have said many times; You do not set Your children up for failure.  So, come Holy Spirit and fill me with graces to understand this new way of learning and knowing about Your Divine Will.  Thank You for yet another great gift, Jesus that You freely give to the world as if it isn’t enough that You already came as a man, suffered and died for us, but out of Your great love You continue to pour out Your Spirit on mankind and give us Yourself in Holy Communion.  You give yet another gift to the world in the gift of knowledge of Your Divine Will.


Jesus, may Your Divine Will come to reign in the world as quickly as You want it to happen; and may I ask that it be soon?  Come, Lord Jesus, come! (please)


“My daughter, I thank you and My son for being here with Me today on this day of St. Valentine’s Feast.  Many people are focusing on themselves today, rather than on what My son, Valentine suffered and gave to the world through his life and martyrdom.  This is a day to reflect on what true love is.  He loved Me so much that he gave his life for Me, for his parishioners and for the Church.  This is the love that I desire My children to have and this is what should be on the hearts and minds of My people on this day set aside to honor St. Valentine.  Yes, My children who do not understand the role of My saints, I do allow and encourage My children to honor My saints, for by so doing, you are giving honor and glory to Me, for I make saints.  My children, the saints are people just like you, who though they were also sinners, they learned to love heroically.  So much did they love Me that they emulated Me by laying down their lives for Me.  Even those who were not martyred, still laid their lives down for Me in a spiritual way, so that I might live in and through them.  The saints are your elder brothers and sisters in Me, Christ.  Love your brothers and sisters.  Learn from them.  Read about their lives and about their missions and service.  By doing so, you will begin to understand that I call each one of My children to live lives of virtue.  To live your life totally and completely for Me.  You do this best by being faithful to your vocation and by serving Me through your loved ones, family and friends.  Follow Me, My children.  Walk with Me.  Learn about Me, out of love.  This is quite simple and yet this is what I ask of you.  Frequent the Sacraments and I will bestow grace, mercy and trust on, in and through you.  Together, we will change the world.”


“I intend to bring to fruition this Kingdom of My Will on earth, just as you have petitioned, My child.   It will be so because I also prayed this during My earthly mission, and ever since I taught My Apostles this prayer, (The Lord’s Prayer) the Church has been praying My petition ever since.  I am the Word of God, and it will be done.  My Kingdom will come on earth as in Heaven;  My Father’s Kingdom and My Kingdom, for We are one.”


Praise You, Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High God.  Praise You, My Lord and Savior.  May Your Kingdom come soon, Jesus.  Lord, this transition time is certainly difficult.  Please help us to do Your Will during this most difficult time of transition.  Jesus, my heart is full of joy and yet in my soul I feel things will get worse before they get better.  It seems as though the darkness is covering the  entire earth and yet it mustn’t be for You are our God and You are in control.  Jesus, how are we to be with this joy and love from Your Holy Spirit, and with the darkness and storms raging all around us.  I feel as if I should be in mourning and yet today I feel like dancing with joy.  This joy is from You, Jesus and I know it is Your joy.  Thank You for this gift, Lord.  Thank You for Your Holy Will that loves all people and grants infinite mercy to us who labor in this valley of tears.  Thank You for Your infinite goodness, my Jesus, my beloved. 


“My little lamb, I love your purity of heart.  I love your desire to love Me for I placed this desire within you and I also fan the small embers glowing in your little heart.  Soon, I will breathe My breath of love on these little embers and will fan them until they are all a blaze.  This love will grow within you until it becomes the fulfillment of the prayer which I directed You pray; the petition to love heroically.  This grace to love, for which you have been praying now since I requested it, will be given to you and in fact has been given to you in the measure you could receive it.  With each granting of your request a small portion has been given My child and each time your soul has grown a little.  Little by little has it grown so that with each subsequent grace dispensed your soul was able to receive the gift given and to use it even more.  Each time you requested this grace to love heroically, Your Jesus answered your prayer and with each answered prayer the graces to love take deeper root in your soul.  My child, just as a seed planted in early spring grows below the ground, taking root deep within the soil; is imperceptible to the one who planted, so too are the graces given by God to His children.  It takes time for them to take root in your soul, for I must till the soil of your heart.  I fertilize it, sometimes with joy, sometimes with the richness of suffering.  It is often watered by your own tears or the tears of those who love you.  If not through them, then through the prayers and supplication of your Guardian Angel who loves you so, and in this way, the seed/the graces begin to take root.  Once they are well rooted, then and only then will they begin to sprout.  These graces sprout in accordance with My will and when the soul is well disposed.  You see, My child each soul is unique and has varying degrees of soil.  Some people’s souls have very fertile soil.  Others have souls of clay, and I must work their soul with patience and with tenderness, but also firmly by adding just what is needed for that soul’s “soil” to become fertile.  The harder the soil, the longer it takes, but I am a patient master and I look after each one of My children according to their need.  When others pray for these souls who have hardened hearts, the soil is easier to prepare.  The more people who pray, the quicker the springtime and the sooner will the harvest be.” 


“Pray, My children, pray.  Prayers also help your own souls, for when you pray for others, you are opening your hearts to love as I love.  So you see, My Children of Light I am also like a farmer, just as I am also the Good Shepherd.  My Spirit tills the soil of your hearts preparing you for more and more graces which are dispensed generously from Heaven.  The time in which you are living now, though full of darkness, is also a time of great grace, for gifts are being sent from the Father to the world like never before.  I repeat, like never before.  This is because, the fulfillment of what I did for salvation is coming to fruition and soon will be more complete as the gift of My Divine Will begins to be lived out in the world My Father created.”


Jesus, what is it that You want from us now during this most important time in the history of creation?  What do You want from us, Your children?


“What I want, is what has already been revealed to you through My holy church.  What I desire is that My children take seriously the Sacraments and specifically My Gospels.  Live Me in the world.  Be love and mercy to everyone I put in your path.  See things from a heavenly perspective and tolerate, no-even love, the small annoyances in life, for by doing so, you will become holy.  Love one another.  Be patient with one another.  To love means to sacrifice and to bear with one another in love, for I am love.  Be like Me.  Love one another.  You must first love God in order to love as I love, so you must pray to Me.  Speak with Me, My children just as you do to your friends.  I am meek and mild and easy to approach for I love you.  I know everything about you.  Yes, everything and yet I love you just as you are.  Speak with Me, My children about all that you are going through.  Tell Me of your fears, your suffering, your pain, your joys.  Give Me everything, for I have already taken it on during My Passion, but you must release these burdens to Me of your own free will.  Freely have I loved you and I ask that you love Me in return.  This is all I ask of you, My little children.  It is all I need.  Yes, the God of the universe, who made you from nothing, needs your love for this is My Will.  My Will has been planted within you from your conception and it is what makes you Mine.  It is My small seed of longing within you that gives you the desire to seek Me and to find Me.  I have made this stamp upon your heart very small indeed so as to empower you but not to overtake you.  Your will, also My gift, is much larger now since the fall of Adam and so you must discipline your wills or they will continue to overshadow the small seed of the Divine Will.   This is why, pray for My Will to grow within you, just as St. John the Baptist prayed.  He prayed that he would decrease so that I would increase.  This has many meanings, My Children of Light.  One of which is for My Will to increase in you as your will decreases.  This act of freely seeking My will does not hinder you, My children but does the opposite.  When My Will is done in a soul, this soul is liberated.  It is then that you will be truly free.  When one lives completely in My Will, and when My Will consumes holy souls, the soul is free from sin and completely open to My love.  My love sets up residence in the soul of My Will and burns as a flame for all to see.   All will see, not for the glory of the soul of My Will, but for My glory.  For when My glory shines forth from these little, holy souls, graces pour forth like a sweet fragrance that permeates one’s environment.  The soul, filled with Me and My Will is attractive to others, for they see something of Me in such souls.  Even those who do not know Me, but who are seeking Me, will be attracted to holy souls and it is then, when  they are in the presence of such souls that they receive a multitude of graces.  The holy soul who houses the Divine Will of God contains graces as a vessel holds water.  Just as people came to Me for living water, so too will they flock to holy souls for this living water that only I can give.  Study the lives of the saints and you will see this.  Read about such saints like St. Padre Pio, St. Louis de Montfort, St. John Vianney and Blessed Mother Theresa.  See how many souls came, just to be in their presence, for they were and are vessels and instruments for Me.  They possessed heroic virtues, My children which is a mirror of God.” 


“Do you see, My Children of Light how very important it is to grow in holiness?  The evangelization so desperately needed in the world depends on your growth in holiness.  How can you obtain this level of holiness, you may ask?  You cannot do so of your own accord, but you must ask this of Me.  Ask Me for an increase in holiness, and it will be yours.  Remember, you must ask every day for as long as you are alive for as I have explained to My little lamb, this growth takes time.  You are not to focus on the growth or lack of growth for that is My concern.  Yours is only to seek and to ask and to leave the rest to Me.  I will give you what is needed, and it will be unique for each person.”


”So, begin to do this, My children.  You must grow, grow, grow in order to have the ability to love as I love.  Do not be concerned, though for I will help you.  Ask My most holy Mother Mary for help and for guidance.  She will assist you as you walk with Me.  She will take your hand and help you follow Jesus.  She knows the way, for She walked it first as My first disciple.  She walked Her path in life with perfection, though She had many trials, suffering and great sorrow to endure.  She is a kind and gentle Mother and She will not refuse Her children who ask for Her help.  Go to Her anytime you are in need and at every moment when you are not in need, for She is a perfect teacher who was once the perfect student.  There is nothing you have experienced or will experience in life that She has not, other than sin.  Though She never sinned, Her heart is most compassionate towards sinners.  She was surrounded by sinners, especially when She followed Me during My ministry.  Often, souls in sin were afraid to approach Me directly, but they did not fear My sweet, meek, mild Mother.  Yes, My Mother most pure has much mercy for sinners, so do not fear approaching the Mother of God, poor children of Mine who are steeped in sin, for She is also the Mother of Mercy.  She will help you to dust your soiled clothes and be more presentable to Your Savior if this is what you feel you need.  Do not fear to approach Me, for I long to embrace you, but if you do fear approaching Me, do not hesitate for one second to approach My sweet Mother Mary, for She is your Mother, also.  She cries tears of sorrow for Her children and She cries tears of joy when you come seeking Her help, lost children of Mine.  Come, return to Me.  There will be great rejoicing in Heaven when you come to Me.  I love you.  All of Heaven prays for you.  Do not fear God.  Only fear life without God.  I love you and want only the best for you.  Your inheritance of joy and love awaits you but you must come to Me with a desire for My forgiveness.  Only ask, and My mercy is yours.  I love you, My children.  I love You.”


Thank You, Jesus of love and mercy.  There are no other words to express my love and gratitude to You for Your love.  You are all love.  All love is You.  You are all mercy.  All mercy is You.  Thank You great God for Your goodness.  I love You, my Lord and my God.  Make my heart a flame of pure love for You, my beloved who is also my God.  I give myself completely to You.  Use me as You will. 


“Thank you, My dear child.  You must go now, but do not be sad, for I go with you.  I will be with you and with your family this week.  Please assure My son, (name withheld) that I will be with him and that I go into surgery with him.  I will see to everything.  He is under My care and under My watchful eyes.  All will be well.  Endure this small suffering a little while longer, My son for you are being purified like gold.  All will be well.  Continue to pray and trust in Me, your Jesus.  All will be well.”


“My daughter, My son, go in My peace and in My love.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”


Thank You, my Jesus.  Lord, I forgot to ask You something that (name withheld) wanted me to ask.


“Yes, My child.  You may ask.”


Thank You, Jesus.  She was given information that she would like You to confirm.  It seemed to be disturbing to her, Jesus.  I think she wanted to know if it is true or perhaps she only wanted to know if she could share it.  I am not sure now, Jesus, but You know.  What do You say to this, Jesus?


“My child, it is not My Will for My children to be disturbed.  It is My Will that they trust in Me.  I will see to everything.  Yes, storms will come.  The Time of Great Trials is upon you and soon you will see evil growing and at a time unleashed.  All will appear to be lost, but My children will know otherwise, for I am God and I am in control.  This time will be allowed, so that those who are full of pride, will see their frail humanity and they will cry out to God for help.  It is for these souls, who would otherwise be lost, that I will allow the Time of Great Trials.  This time will also serve to further purify My small, but holy remnant, My Church, for during this time faith will be tested.  Those who follow Me will come through this time shining like the sun with the glory of God.  Some of the greatest saints in the history of the church will be from My Children of Light of these days.  Yes, such is the mercy of God.  The Time of Great Trials will give way to the Time of the Renewal and Era of Peace.” 


“You are in the great transition between the current era or Age of Disobedience and the Age of Obedience to My Will for in the Era of Peace My Will, the Divine Will, will reign in the hearts of mankind.  This, My children is why it will be the Era of Peace.  Therefore, do not fret about the storms raging around you, even when the wind tears at your clothes, for I am He who calms the storms.  Look to Me, My Children of Light.  Look to the light that scatters the darkness.  You will always find My light no matter how dark it appears.  My (name withheld), I know your heart is heavy.  I cannot release you from the agreement you have with your friend, for it is between you two.  Only she can agree to release you.  If you did not willingly agree to this, speak with her.  If you did agree, you may still ask her to be released.  Ask My Mother to help you for She is the ‘Undoer of Knots.’  It is wise to go to the source when there are such difficulties, but pray first that it may go well for you and according to My Will.  It is not My Will that you are burdened unduly.  I shared My deepest sorrows and fears with My friends, and I surrounded Myself with loyal friends, who though they abandoned their loyalty out of fear, soon returned and became the most loyal of friends, My Apostles (except one but there is always one.... smiling sadly).  My daughter, you must give Me this burden, for you are not given this burden by Me.   I love you and I bless you, My loyal (name withheld), My little scribe.  Oh, how I love you.  Be at peace, My child, My good daughter.  I am yours, and you are Mine.”


“Now, My daughter you must go while the weather grows worse.  I will guide you in your journey home, but go in haste.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, My Jesus!  I love You. 


“And I love you.”



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