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Children of the Renewal Messages


April 10, 2016  Adoration Chapel

Hello, dearest Savior, my Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  How good it is to be here with You.  I believe in You, adore You and praise You almighty God, Creator of all that is.  Thank You for Your goodness and mercy.  Thank You for Your presence in this chapel, Jesus, my Lord and my God.  Jesus, I am very disappointed that we missed the celebration and solemn veneration of Divine Mercy and of Your image last weekend.  It was disappointing, yet I knew we were where we needed to be and I also knew You understood.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Thank You for holding me this week, Lord.  Without You and Your grace and mercy I wouldn’t have made it through the week.  Help us this week as we continue to serve in any way You would have us serve.  Use me, Jesus as Your poor, empty instrument.  Fill me with Your love and Your light.  Fill me with You.


“My daughter, it is good that you are here with Me.  I know about last Sunday, for I was with you and your family.  I know of everything that transpired.  I know of your wounds and that you were falsely accused and misunderstood.  I, too was falsely accused and misunderstood.”


Yes, Jesus.  You certainly were.  It hardly seems appropriate to say this in the context of my hurts.  They are nothing in comparison with what You experienced and experience every day.  I am very sorry for the times I failed, disappointed and sinned against You, my beautiful and perfect Savior.  I love You.  You do not deserve to be offended.  I, on the other hand deserve whatever suffering and punishment comes my way, or You would not allow it.  I beg Your pardon for the way I handled the situation.  I failed You yet again my sweet Jesus.


“My little one, I know the burdens you are carrying.  I know those that each person carries.  I see the heart, My child.  I understand all there is to know about each person’s wounds, suffering, burdens, stress and strain, concerns, and even past hurts.  I know all and I see all.  Do not feel ashamed.  I do not convict you, My child.  I stand with you and I offer compassion, mercy and forgiveness.  I offer My love for all; and for anyone who will accept it.  Do not fear.  What has happened is now in the past for you and for (names withheld).  Forgive, be at peace and continue on in the light of My love.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You!!!


“My little lamb, I feel your exhaustion.  You are very weary from your service to Me and also due to carrying the many crosses I have lovingly sent you.  Have NO fear, for I am with you.  You have not felt these consolations lately, and yet you believe.  There is much merit in this, My child yet it is not visible while on earth.  Still, I am close to you and to each one of My children.  I offer graces for mercy and graces for love.  Rejoice, My little one; knowing that I AM is with you.  I will give you additional graces for trust this week.  You are beginning to know your Jesus more and so can’t help but wonder about this.  ‘Jesus, You must be planning something or know something will occur to challenge my trust in You’, you are thinking.  Is this not so, My child?”


Yes, my Jesus.  You know this thought crossed my mind.  You usually tell me something that sounds beautiful, encouraging and sweet beforehand and after looking back, I see You were providing what would be needed due to events of the week, before the week unfolds.  Your words sound inspiring and somewhat benign.  After the week unfolds, I often see I fell into traps, as it were, or took the bait, so to speak that You warned me about.  I have come to understand that Your words are not like ours, which can be taken with a grain of sand.  Your words are like precious gold and silver.  They are piercing and are truth.  You are the Word of God, my Jesus.  You must fill me with Yourself, Lord or I can do nothing.  I need You, Jesus.  Please do not leave me.


Lord, thank You for helping (name withheld).  Thank You for the physical improvement she has experienced with the cancer.  Please help her to regain her strength.  Please continue to heal (name withheld).  Lord, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Help us, Lord to have Your peace.  Help us to have unity.  Jesus, thank You for my husband.  He has been such a blessing to me and also to my extended family.  I am grateful to You for him.  Lord, I am concerned for (names withheld).  Please help them.  Give graces for healing and peace.  Jesus, please give us all open hearts; open to You, to one another and to Your love, mercy, healing and trust in You. 


Please console (name withheld).  Help him to know that You have not abandoned him, Jesus.  Give him Your peace.  Lord, he has loved You his entire life.  Now, during the heavy cross of illness, he is experiencing doubt.  Not that he doubts You, Jesus, just that You are still with him.  It is understandable, Lord and I know You are aware and have complete knowledge of all he is going through and I place him in Your capable arms.  Jesus, give the clinicians and physicians wisdom.  Guide them in their treatment decisions, so they see clearly what it is You want them to do.  Give (names withheld) the grace to trust in You, my Lord.  You are the great physician.  You are God!  You created us, Lord and You and You alone know what every cell in our body is doing and what each cell needs to be healthy.  Heal, Lord Jesus, I beg of You.  I pray all will be in accordance with Your perfect and adorable Will.  Praise You, Jesus for hearing and answering our prayers.  Thank You for Your concern for our problems.  I entrust each one of my friends and loved ones to You.  Praise You and thank You, My Jesus.


“My little child, how I love you.  You are precious to Me.  Do not cry, My child.  You are My little lamb and My sweet dove.  I am holding you.  I hold you now.  Relax in the peace of My love, little one.  All will be well, for I am yours and you are Mine.  We belong to one another.  I am in control and am seeing to each detail.  I work through you as you and your family care for (name withheld).  You are precious in My sight.  (Name withheld) is precious to Me.  You are correct in saying that he has loved Me his entire life; for he has.  He has not even had access to the sacramental life of My Church and yet he has remained faithful in his love and devotion to Me.  I love him and I am with him.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Please help him. 


“My child all is within My plan.  Trust in My Plan.”


Yes, Jesus.  I so want You to heal him.  You have not said that You will, and yet You have not said ‘no’ either and for this I am grateful.  Thank You, Jesus.  I will continue trusting in You.


“My child, there is much suffering in the world; some of which is allowed and is being offered for the Kingdom.  Other suffering is accepted by My Children of Light for purification, penance and salvation of souls, but there is suffering of another kind that is not willed by God.  This suffering is due to the cooperation with evil and is suffering of innocent souls due to violence inflicted upon them due to atrocities and vile acts committed by those who work for evil.  These people, those who are cooperating with My adversary, walk in complete and utter darkness.  Because of their misery, hatred of God and all of My creation including My creatures of love, they inflict their pain on those who are My little innocent ones.  My religious, My consecrated souls, My holy priest sons and My holy lay people are marked by My love and are therefore targets for hostility and revenge and all forms of cruelty that spews from the father of lies and the father of death.  The Age of Disobedience is drawing to a close and for this reason the evil one and his legion of demons and earthly followers wreak havoc in the world I created.  He cannot hurt the souls of My holy ones, but is only able to inflict fear and terror in the hearts of those who are lukewarm.  My children, do not fear anything that can harm your body.  Only stay far from that which harms your soul.  Trust in Me for I give you life eternal, that is life in My heavenly Kingdom.”


“Soon, this Age of Disobedience will end and the Age of Obedience will begin.  It is the end of an age that is ruled by those who walk in darkness.  In the Age of Obedience there will be joy and peace.  This is so because I, the Christ will reign in the hearts of men.  Consequently, faith will be restored and all will live with their hearts and minds firmly fixed on Me, Jesus.  The transition time that you are in, My children is tumultuous.  It is the same experience My Apostles had when they were at sea during the storm whilst I was asleep in the boat.  I was physically present to them and yet, they were filled with fear.  They had only to call on Me, but they waited.  Do not hesitate, My children, to call on Me during the storms of your lives.  I am with You, also.  You do not see Me with your human eyes, nor can you touch Me and yet I am with you just as I was with My Apostles and all of My children when My Church was birthed and was being spread throughout the earth.  The Gospel, the good news was spread in spite of the persecutions for I can work against all odds.  Remember this, My beautiful, precious children of God.  No matter how great the storm, I am with you.  I am with you.  Do not fear.  Hold fast to My hand and take hold of My Mother Mary’s hand.  There, do you see that you can walk between Me and My holy and pure Mother Mary?  What can harm you then?  Think of this and realize that I am tender and loving.  I care for each and every one of My children.  This is not always obvious to you but it is nevertheless true.  You must trust in Me even when you cannot see Me with your eyes.  See Me in your hearts, My children.  I am no less present to you than I was to My Apostles and disciples when I walked the earth.  I am physically and spiritually present to you now for I am present body, blood, soul and divinity in the consecrated host.  Yes, it is not something most people can see with human eyes, unless I grant extra-ordinary graces to see; however it is My real presence.”


“Therefore, I remind you that I am with you.  I am with all of My children regardless of the level of faith, but I desire that all have faith in Me.  I am the Son of the living God.  I was with God, My Father as the universe came into being.  You were known to Me before you were born.  Long before you were born, even before the world was created, you were known to Me for I knew each and every soul that would come into being, for I am God.  If I did not love each one of My creatures, you would not have been created.  All peoples are created in My image and are to be respected, cared for and loved with a measure of the love I have.  I say ‘a measure’ for it is not humanly possible to love completely as I love.  However, you must love as fully as you can and you must also pray for graces to love.  This is why, to sin against life is a very grave evil indeed.  It is not an unforgiveable evil, for I am God and nothing is impossible for God.  There is no sin too great for My capability to forgive.  Since I am God and I am love, I long to forgive you completely.  You must ask for My forgiveness with a contrite heart.  That is all that is required, My children.  If you have contrite hearts, you will also decide to turn away from sin.  When one loves, one decides for love.  Decide for Me, My children.  It does not matter that you feel you cannot approach Me.  Approach Me anyway.  Do not allow your feelings of unworthiness to be an obstacle to Me any longer.  It is true, that perhaps you are unworthy, but worthiness is not a condition for forgiveness.  If that were so, no one would be forgiven.  This is a false notion propagated by the evil one.  I am love.  All love is Me.  Love does not bear malice.  Love forgives.  Love embraces.  Love restores.  Love heals.  I am love.  God is love, and therefore I am love.  Listen no more to the father of lies.  Listen to the Father of all creation who longs to restore each soul to the family of God.  Give Me your burdens.  I will take these burdens and give you My peace.  This is an uneven exchange, you say, to which I reply, of course it is but I am a good God.  I give gifts that are good and are beyond what is deemed ‘fair’ in earthly terms.  I long to lavish graces on My children and I long to be allowed to love you.  I regard your free will with respect and therefore to show you My love, you must allow My love to penetrate your hardened hearts.  Come to Me, My children who are living in disobedience to God.  I love you and I long to be your beloved, just as you are Mine.  Allow My love to reign in your hearts and we will do beautiful things together.  Your life will be exciting again, when lived with and for Me.  Come you will see.  I love you.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your wonderful love that has no end.  Praise You that You are the God of second chances.  Thank You, Lord, for Your patience.  You are the most patient, Jesus.  Help us to love as You want us to love.  Pour forth Your Holy Spirit, Lord and renew the face of the earth.  Come, Lord Jesus, bring about the Age of Obedience.  Take us safely through the storm, Jesus.  Calm the storm, Lord as only You can do.  You are the answer to each problem, Lord.  Thank You that You come to us through the bread of life, the Eucharist.  Thank You for being bread for us, Lord.  Thank You for sending Your holy Mother Mary to the world and for Her messages to Your people.  Thank You, for loving poor mankind.  Help us to transform into hearts of love and people of God.  Please open the hearts of those who do not know You and who have never experienced Your love.  Give them new hearts, oh Lord to love and follow You.  What can I do for You, Jesus?


“Continue to love and follow Me, My child.  That is all.  That is everything.  I so need souls to walk with Me.  Your friendship consoles Me.  My child, there is nothing I won’t do for you so long as it does not harm your soul or the soul of another.  Continue to bring all of your concerns and needs to Me.  Ask from Me whatever you desire and if it is not harmful to you, it will be granted.  This is a great commitment, My little lamb, and one I do not make lightly.  You see, how much I love?”


Oh, Jesus, I see as much as is possible for me.  I know that I am a poor sinner in need of My Savior and yet, in my poverty, in my unworthiness, You love as if I was precious and valuable and full of worth.  I am not filled with grace, Jesus and yet You see that I can become holy.  Even so, You do not wait until I am holy, but love me just as I am.  You are the great lover of souls.  You are the greatest lover of unlovable souls and You are our God.  It is unfathomable to me and yet I know this to be true.  You are worthy of our complete love and yet while we do not love You fully and completely as we should, You love us this way regardless.  How much more does poor mankind need from You, Lord when You have given all?  Jesus, please forgive us.  We are blind, hard hearted and full of self-love but if You heal us, forgive our transgressions, and give us Your grace, we can be new creatures.  We can become pure like we were as newborn babies.  Send Your Holy Spirit to us, Lord to renew us and transform us and the entire world.  I love You and I pledge My love and service to You, Lord, as imperfect as it is.  I give all to You. 


“I accept this love offering from you, My little lamb.  I accept.  I pour My love into your heart now, My child.  You will begin now to live the request I asked of you when I instructed you to pray for graces to love heroically.  Enter into this time now of new beginnings, My child.  For you will now learn what it is to love as I love and to love as My Mother loves.  I send My faithful Pio to assist you in this new phase of your life.  Do not be afraid.  You can do nothing on your own accord, so relax and allow Me to carry you until you begin to walk anew in this time of loving heroically.  Pay no attention to what you will perceive going on around you, My child.  Permit Me to give you an image of this discord which will at times be more apparent to you now more than ever.  See that the evil one, the adversary of love, hates all that is love.  He will attempt to cause loud noises of confusion and discord.  You have seen a foreshadowing of this, but more will be leveled against you for you are marked with My love.  Have no fear, but see this for what it truly is.  It is like a small child, a toddler let’s say, that throws fits when his parents will not give the child what he wants.  When you see unrest and discord it is My adversary throwing a temper tantrum because things are not going the way of evil in the hearts of those who love and follow Me.  Pay attention to all feelings of unrest and bring them to Me immediately.  I am the Prince of Peace.  I will restore your peace.  This is a necessary phase in your journey, My little one and it will serve to prepare you well for the mission I have for you and for your family.”


“I will give the same graces to your husband, My son (name withheld) for you and he are one according to My plan.  All is necessary for the role that you have and will have in the age to come and during the crucial time of transition that is the Time of Great Trials.  Walk in My love.  Lean on Me.  You must both depend on Me even more than you do now.  It is imperative.  No longer shall you worry about doing My Will for you will realize that with each breath you take and every action you do is My Will.  In order to realize this fully it is imperative that you begin each day, shortly after rising, in prayer.  This prayer is to be offered to God the Father, through Me and My Holy Spirit in union.  In other words, you must pray together.  I have already provided you with ample information regarding how and what you are to pray.  My children you do not understand how satan wants to set traps for you and obstacles.  The only way to stay clear of them is to walk with Me.  You must begin your day with prayer together and end your day with family prayer.  This is how I will protect you.  You mark each day and each night created by God with prayer and supplication and this notifies all the saints and angels that you belong to Me and in this way, too their assistance is invited.  The evil one and his minions also see that you belong to Me and though they will try all the more to divert you, they will not succeed when you begin and end your day in prayer.  You see, My Children of Light, God created the night and the day for His children.  When you arise, pray and give glory to God and give your day of service to Him.  Before you sleep, pray to God and give Him glory and honor for bringing you safely through another day in His service.  God’s protection is upon all who pray and is extended to families and households in this way.  I urge all of My Children of Light to stay the course with regard to your life of prayer, for the coming days will be treacherous without this necessary time with Me.   I walk with you and I long to guide you, but you must approach Me in prayer to receive the guidance I desire to give you  I love you, My children.  I love you, My (name withheld), My daughter.   I love your entire family.  Entrust them to Me.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, what can we do now with regard to the move, in the current situation?


“Focus on what is pressing, now My children and entrust all to Me.  I love you.  Be at peace.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You for the great gift of love You are giving to us.  Praise You!


“Go now in My love.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be love and mercy.”




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