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Children of the Renewal Messages


January 1, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, adore You and praise You, my God and my King.


Happy Feast day, Blessed Mother.  We love You!  Jesus, thank You for bringing (name withheld) through another illness.  I am thankful to You that he was discharged yesterday.  Please help him to retain his faculties.  Last night was very difficult for both of us.  Thank You for being with me and with him, Jesus.  Sometimes I feel alone and isolated, but I know that isn’t reality.  These are only feelings and temptations.  You are always with me, Jesus.  Thank You.


Lord, please be with all who are ill.  Help them to feel Your presence, Your comfort, Your peace in the midst of their trials.  May they suffer with dignity and grace, just as You suffered Your passion and death for us.


(Personal conversation omitted)

Lord, I feel empty today.  I have nothing to bring You.  It has been a difficult period for me and for so many of Your children.  We are tired and weary, but nothing compared to the weariness You experienced on earth, Jesus especially during Your passion.  Take my small crosses, Jesus and use them for souls.  Jesus, I am not patient today.  Please forgive me and help me to be at peace.  Give me Your peace, Jesus.


Thank You for holy Mass, Lord and for the opportunity to receive You in the most Holy Eucharist.  I am unworthy, Lord, but thank You for being all love and mercy!  Jesus, precious Jesus, I love You and when I consider Your nativity, I love You all the more.  That You would stoop down from Heaven and come to us as a tiny baby, is beyond reason.  It is illogical, Lord God that our Creator would become one of us.  It is beautiful, amazing and breathtaking.  Thank You, Jesus.  I love You, baby Jesus, Your tiny feet, toes, hands and fingers, Your little lips and tiny nose, Your sweet face and Your dark eyes.  I love Your little sounds, Your hiccups, Your sweet sighs.  I love Your innocence, Your beauty, purity and humility.  I love Your little Sacred Heart, Your dimples, Your shivering and Your sweet breath that causes small puffs of smoke like vapor on account of the cold air.  This tiny breath, so warm, so pure, so slight in the all powerful breath of God present before creation, and present during creation.  Dearest little baby Jesus, be with us now.  Stay with us.  Remain here with us so that we can gaze at You and see our Lord God in the flesh, who has come to save us from our sins.  Allow me to take You in my arms though I do not deserve such an honor.  Allow me to hold You close to my heart, so weak, impure and tired with the weight of my sins and my problems.  Allow me to feel the small, rapid beat of Your Sacred infant Heart, beating with such life, such innocence, such peace, the heart that will one day be pierced by the lance due to my transgressions.  Allow me to kiss Your little, delicate feet that will one day be mutilated by the nails binding You to the cross we deserve.  Oh, baby Jesus You are my King.  I want to love and serve You forever.  Even so, I cannot do this without Your grace, Your love, Your assistance.  I am more helpless than a baby when it comes to doing Your Will, Jesus.  I must go to the baby King and request Your blessing.  I wish I could see what the shepherds saw on that holy night when they presented themselves to You.  Would that I could do the same.  I kneel before You now, baby Jesus and I give myself to You.  I love You and adore You, sweet Jesus.  Help me to love You more.


Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  Thank you for your love.  Thank you for your meditation.  You are very close to Me when you pray in this way.  Thank you for honoring Me.”


Jesus, should You, the God of all thank me, Your servant for honoring You?  I understand that You are glad, but this is the least of what I should do.  I know it is in Your nature to thank and be appreciative but it is most ironic to think about.  It is I who thank You, Lord God, my Savior.  But You are the perfect gentleman.  Help me to be more gracious, Lord.


“My child, be alert to your surroundings and notice those you see in passing.  See Me in others.  Be aware of small, seemingly unremarkable occurrences.  See all through the lens of Heaven.”


Jesus, what do you mean by this?


“Look with spiritual eyes, My child.  Things are not as they seem.  Ask Your guardian angel to help you with this.”


Yes, Lord.  I do not understand but I will ask my guardian angel to help me.


“Trust Me in this.  Later, you will understand.”


Alright, Jesus.


“My daughter, there is much I cannot tell you only trust in Me that My plans are coming to their fulfillment.”


Jesus, they don’t appear to even be in full swing, yet.  But Your time is not like our time and we see only on the surface where you see the world and all events in its entirety. 


“Yes, My little lamb.  This is correct.  Write what I say, My little one.”


Yes, Jesus.  I just wonder sometimes if I am capturing Your words correctly.  Especially when You seem to be speaking in riddles.  My mind cannot comprehend You, Lord.  You are all knowing and all powerful.  You are God.  I am Your creature. 


“Yes, My child.  You are My creature, My little child whom I love.  Please trust in Me and in My words.”


I do not trust myself, Jesus.


“You do not need to trust yourself when you focus on trusting Me.”


Yes, Jesus.  Lord, I trust in You.


“My child, today I seem to be speaking in riddles, but one day, when you understand, these words will not seem like riddles at all.  You will have wisdom and clarity and all will make sense.  For now, write My words so you will have them for later.  This age, the current age of great disobedience is coming to an end.  The transition period will be most difficult, even cataclysmic.  The transition period is what I have referred to you on many occasions as the Time of Great Trials.  It is a form of tribulation, but it is not the Tribulation.  This transition period, the Time of Great Trials will give way to the Time of Renewal.  My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph and through Her Heart the Holy Spirit will come forth to renew the earth.  During the Renewal, My children (the Children of the Renewal) will live in peace and will worship Me, the one true God.  Not only will the earth be renewed, but more importantly, I will renew the hearts of all men.  The world will be fresh and clean and all will be able to enjoy the fruits of the land with no fear of pollution by chemicals.  The air, land and water will be pure, so pure that My children will once again drink from the streams and waterway with no contamination possible.  God the Father will restore creation to its intended purpose, to support, feed, nourish and delight Our children.  This renewed earth will not be like Heaven, My children which is perfect and full of more beauty than you can currently imagine, but it will be beautiful.  It will once again support life the way it was intended before man polluted, spoiled and denigrated it through its vices.  My children, rejoice for the Renewal is near.  This renewal, this Era of Peace, the new springtime will be even more notable due to the renewal of hearts.  All will love, adore and worship the Trinity, and all will joyfully serve God and one another.  There will be one faith and there will be joy in the family once again.  My Mother will guide Her children through the transition and into Her triumph.  Her Heart will triumph over this Age of Disobedience.  The Era of Peace will be the age of obedience.  It will be the age of humility and unity also.  This is all for the honor and glory of God and must occur for without heavenly intervention, the world would cease to exist on account of the evil plans that are set to be implemented.”


“My children, it is true these are dangerous times, so I advise you all to be alert to the signs of the times.  Do not fear for I do not bring a spirit of fear.  My adversary is responsible for that.  I bring a spirit of trust, of peace and of joy and at the same time, I lovingly warn My children to remain alert.  Be on guard against sin.  Clothe yourselves with love, honesty, and righteousness.  It is imperative now, My children.  Pray the holy rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet for souls.  Pray for conversion.  Pray for My holy priest sons.  Pray for their protection.  All will be well but you must pray.  Do as I have said on many occasions and seek the refuge of My Sacraments for there you receive grace and strength for this earthly journey.  I am with you, My children.  My Mother is with you.  Be about the work of My Father just as I was focused on the work of redemption.  ‘How can you do this?’ you may ask.  I will tell you.  You do this by living My Gospel.  Be love and mercy to others, all others, My children.  Be love and mercy even to those you do not prefer.  Show love to the outcast, to the one on the fringes of society, to the one who is unpopular.  Do so, My children for when you show kindness and mercy to the least of My children, you are showing kindness and mercy to Me.  This is nothing new, My children and yet so few live the words of My Gospel.  You must begin to truly live the Gospel, children for you are to carry My love, My Gospel to others.  My love will come to reign in the world, little children, but the process must begin in your hearts.”


Thank You, Jesus!


“You are welcome, My child.  Do not fear, I am with you.”


Lord, have You anything else to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  The time of transition will require great courage and faith, but you need not fear while you remain under the protective mantle of My Mother.”


Thank You, sweet Jesus!


“You are welcome, dear child.  Thank My holy Mother who intercedes for you.  Her love is united to Mine.


Yes, Lord.  Thank You, Blessed Mother.  Thank You for Your love and patience.  Thank You for Your mercy and for Your wisdom and guidance.  And thank You again, Lord for all that You do for Your children.  I love You, my Jesus. 


“And I love you.  Go in My peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be love, be mercy, be joy to others.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen!



December 18, 2016 Adoration Chapel, 4th Sunday of Advent

Hello dearest Jesus, ever present in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, adore You and praise You.  Thank You for making it possible for us to be here with You, Lord.  I love You!


Jesus, have You anything to say to me today?


“Yes, My child.  I continue to call to My children to return to Me and to turn away from sin.  I never grow impatient.  My Father calls to His children, also.  Prepare the way of the Lord, Children of Light.  Prepare your hearts.  The great feast day of My Incarnation is soon.  Open Your hearts to Me.  The little baby King awaits.  Children, the wise men came to see Me and they were bearing gifts.  My Father sent me into the world.  I am His gift to you.  Their hearts were full of wonder (the wise men), awe and gratitude and therefore they wanted to give something of value to Me and in those days, gold, frankincense and myrrh were of great value.  These were gifts for kings.  The greatest gift they brought Me, was the gift of open hearts.  Not only were their hearts open, but they were full of love.  These men were humble.  The shepherds were humble.  Do you see that I delight in hearts that are open, humble and full of love?  This is why My Father arranged for the shepherds and wise men to welcome Me on earth because hearts such as these delight Me.  My children, do not exhaust yourselves with endless shopping and decorating.  What I want are pure hearts, filled with love.  Emulate Me.  I was born into a simple family by worldly standards, and yet I was rich due to the love, purity and sanctity of My parents.  This is what I want all who are parents to be.  Emulate the holy and pure Virgin Mary and Her most chaste spouse, Joseph.  The gifts they gave Me?  Love, protection, safety, lives lived in obedience to the Father, joy, peace and again, love.  Meditate on this, My Children of Light.  This is what you are to give to your families and to the world.  Pray much My children to prepare your hearts for My coming and this will be a very special time for you, indeed.”


“For those of My children who are alone during this great feast, be assured that you are not really alone.  I will send an honor guard of angels to you.  Rejoice and be glad, My children for you will be in the company of angels.  Give them your greeting and they will deliver them directly to Me.  Think of what you can do for others if you are alone.  Ask your guardian angel to help you.  There are others who are in worse circumstances, I assure you.  Pray for them.  Spend the day in prayer if you have this luxury for all of Heaven rejoices and hears the prayers of My faithful children.  Your prayers are like beautiful light and music ascending to Heaven.  Meditate on My birth and the circumstances My holy parents and I endured.  My children who are alone and feel lonely, I, your Jesus understand.  I was often lonely especially during My agony in the garden and I was betrayed by My friends.  I was betrayed by those I healed.  I was beaten, abused and despised during My passion.  My children, I assure you, there is no feeling or emotion you experience from the depths of sadness, loneliness and loss, that I didn’t experience.  I identify with you, My children in all of your trials.  Allow these trials to be the instrument through which you identify with Me, your Jesus.  Offer your suffering to Me.  Are you cold and afraid?  I was cold and afraid.  Do you feel small and unnoticed?  I was small and often unnoticed.  Are you feeling helpless?  I came to earth out of love for you, as a baby, helpless and cold.  Have you lost ‘everything’?  I left Heaven, the richness of My Father’s Kingdom and came to earth as a poor child of mean estate.  Empty yourself, as I emptied Myself.  Empty yourselves and I will fill you with My grace.  I assure you of My love.  I give you the love of God, My children.  This is the greatest of all gifts and freely I give this to you.  Rejoice and be glad.  When you come to My Father’s Kingdom, you will want for nothing.  I am with you.  My Holy Spirit is with you.  My holy angels are with you.  You have only to call on My Mother and She will be with you.  Be people of joy.  Be people of love, mercy and peace.  This is the gift you can give Me.  Give Me your hearts full of love.”


Thank You for Your words of life, Jesus.  You are the Word of God.  Nothing comes forth from Your mouth but truth.  You are truth.  You are light.  You are love.


Lord, please bless and protect (name withheld).  Help him to continue to be holy and pure.  Thank You that he was able to receive his first Reconciliation.  We are full of joy, Jesus!  Remain with him, Lord.  Help him to always have an open heart no matter how old he grows.


“My little child, I am with him.  My hand is guiding him.”


Thank You, Jesus!


“My Mother protects him and She is with him also.”


Oh, thank You, Lord God of hosts!  Thank You!


“You are welcome, My child.  Tell My little (name withheld) that I am sad that she was a victim of theft.  This is not My intention and I am displeased with the one who took her things.  I am with her.  I love her.  She is right to pray for the one who harmed her.  This is most pleasing to Me and to all of Heaven.  Her patron saint is with her in a special way, encouraging her to be strong in the face of evil and to do battle, as she has been, through prayer and forgiveness.  Trust in Me, My little one.  In time, you will see that I carried you through.  I am sad, also My (name withheld).  You are an innocent one with a childlike heart.  It is not My Will that My children take from one another.  It is not My Will for you to have such a sense of uneasiness when you go about your lives and worry that someone will harm you or steal from you.  Do not be afraid, children of the Living God.  It is My adversary who wants you to fear.  Fear does not come from the Lord your God; only trust, peace, mercy and love.  My little one, (name omitted), allow Me to embrace you and carry you.  All will be well, My child.  Trust in Me.  Walk in faith.  Walk in hope.  Allow your smile to once again warm others’ hearts.  Show others what it is to trust in Jesus, especially during times of adversity.  I am your King, your Father, your Friend, your Redeemer and I chose you, created you and love you.  Be at peace, resting in My love.  I will take care of everything.  I am a good Father and a good Father provides all the necessities for His children.  Rest in this, My little one.  I am with you.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Thank You!


“You are welcome, My daughter.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.  I am with you and your family.  Be at peace.  Thank you for doing what you could to help.”


Of course, Lord.  I didn’t do anything.  I wish I could do more. 


“You accompanied one who was hurt, and showed concern and love.  This is what I ask of you, My child.  This is what I ask of all of My children.  Be love to those in need.  Be compassionate.  Do what you can and pray that I do the rest.  We work together.  My children, I do not sit on My throne in Heaven and watch you as if it was sport.  I walk with you.  I wait for your request for My help and then I come to you immediately to assist you.  I give you graces so that you will better respond to a situation as a child of Mine should.  I give you insight and wisdom to solve your problems.  When you pray I give you graces for guidance.  I feel the pains that you feel, My children.  I am truly with you.  Be at peace.  From this knowledge, should flow gratitude, joy and love for Me, your God.  From this love, allow love for your fellowman to flow.  From this allow acts of kindness to be directed to others.  Bring them My peace and My joy.  Do all for Me, your Jesus.  In this way, My Father’s Kingdom will reign in the hearts of men.  Imitate My Holy Mother Mary.  She instructs those who ask Her guidance.  Do as She tells you, for She is the perfect model of all that is good.  Be like Her.  Be like My Most Holy Mother Mary.”


Thank You, Jesus.  We aspire to be like Her but I fall very short.  I know I cannot do this of my own strength.  It is impossible.  Fill me with grace, Lord.  Thank You for coming into the world to save us.  Praise You, Jesus Christ!  (Personal requests omitted.)


Jesus, thank You for each member of my family and (name withheld) family.  Please protect us, Lord.  Bring those who are outside Your sheepfold back to You.  I especially pray for those in my family who are outside of the Church, and also for my friends.  For those who are far from Your love, Jesus, bring them an experience of Your love.  Open their hearts to You, Jesus.  I pray for those who will die tonight, Lord.  Give them the gift of faith and contrition for their sins so they may join You in Your Kingdom.  Lord, may many, many souls convert and come to know Your love this Christmas.  Blessed Mother, please help us to be witnesses of Christ’s love to others; just as You lived a life of the perfect disciple, may we do the same.  Help us to be God’s instruments; help us to say ‘yes’ to God as You said ‘yes’ to the Angel Gabriel.


Lord, You know all of the concerns and burdens on my heart.  You know how I long for my children to walk with You each day and for (names withheld) to be baptized.  Please do Your holy Will in their lives.  Lord, I pray for the electoral college who meet tomorrow.  Please send Your Holy Spirit to guide and direct them.  Protect them from the plans of the evil one.  Give them peace of mind and clarity.  Give them right judgment.  Please protect our newly elected President and his family.  Help him turn to You, Lord for the answers and the decisions he must make.  Protect him from evil and from those who want to lead him astray.  May he follow Your Will, Lord in each and every decision he makes.  Guide, guard and direct him, Lord and bind the evil plans for our nation, that belongs to Your Holy Mother Mary.  Foil their evil attempts, Jesus.  Bring confusion to them, Lord.  May their plans for evil be turned into Your plans for good.  Lord, Jesus we place our trust in You.  Immaculate Heart of Mary, patroness of the United States, bring Your mantle of protection and cover us.  Help us to be peacemakers and not warmongers.  Help us to once more show the world an example of a country who loves and serves God Almighty.  Unite us under Your mantle, dearest Mother.  Help us to behave like Children of Light.  Help us, sweet Virgin Mary, our Mother.  Help us.  Lord, thank You for continuing to bless the world through Your Holy Mother Mary’s appearances each day.  Thank You for giving us the words She brings from the throne of God.  Please give us the graces needed to respond to Her messages.  Help us to be apostles of Jesus and Mary and give us Your light, love and peace so that we may carry You in our hearts as Mary carried You in Her womb when She greeted Elizabeth.  May we bring You in our hearts to all we meet.  Jesus, save souls and bring about the reign of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart soon.  Thank You, Lord for hearing my prayer and the prayers of all of Your children.  You are so very good and are deserving of all of our love.


 “Thank you, My little lamb for your love and adoration.  I am with you and I give you graces to grow in holiness.  Continue to return to the well, the Sacraments, where I refresh you and cleanse you.  I love you.  Go in peace My child.  I bless you and My son (name withheld) in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be love.  Be mercy.  Be joy.  Be peace to others.  I am awakening the hearts of mankind.  The world is being prepared for the Triumph of My Mother’s Heart.  Be encouraged, but remain awake and alert.  Guard yourselves through the prayer of the rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Sacraments.  Evil is lurking about, so you must remain close to Me.  I love you.  All will be well.  Await My coming to reign in the hearts of men in joyful hope.  Prepare your hearts, My children.  All is well.  Let us begin.”


Thank You, Lord!  I love You!


“And I love you.”  (I felt Jesus smile.  I can’t explain this.  It is a sense I had in my heart and it brings me such joy.  His smile brightens everything and makes one forget all problems and concerns.)  Praise be God, now and forever!

12-18-16 COR
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