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Children of the Renewal Messages

January 15, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I praise You, love You and adore You.  Thank You that we can be here with You today.  Jesus, help me.  (name withheld) is so talkative today.  I can’t start praying without being obviously rude!  Help! Thank You, Jesus!


Lord, thank You for the opportunity to be with (name withheld) yesterday. It was so good to see her and her family.  Please help her to recover quickly, Jesus especially since she has to return to work soon.  Thank You that the pathology report was negative, Lord.  Praise You, Jesus!  Thank You for Your many blessings.  Jesus, please help (name withheld) financially and help her physically, too Jesus.


Jesus, I give all of my concerns and burdens to You.  I surrender myself to You, Lord.  Take care of everything.  I trust You, Jesus.  Lord, my heart feels restless today and I am not recollected.  Give me Your peace, Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace.  All according to Your Will, Lord.


Jesus, have You anything to say to me today?


“My daughter, you are weary for you are not getting enough rest.  Be more rested, My child.  Take your rest, My child.”


Yes, Jesus.  As You say.  I have not been going to bed on time.  I am sorry, Lord.


“My child, it is good to care for one’s physical needs and necessities; not to excess but to get rest at night.”


Yes, Lord.  Again, I am sorry.


“All is forgiven, My child.  Be at peace.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, please be with (names withheld).  Please allow us to visit him while he is still able to speak and recognize us.  If it is Your Will, please heal him, Lord.  Lord, I bring all those who are ill to You, especially (names withheld) and all those who are on the church’s prayer list.  Jesus, I also pray for (name withheld) in our prayer group.  I hope he is alright.  Be with him and all those who are in our prayer group.  If it is Your Will, Lord please help our group to grow in number.  Thank You for blessing us with such beautiful souls with whom to pray.  Thank You, Jesus.


“My child, you have experienced the onslaught of My adversary this week.  He has attempted to discourage you on several occasions.  You resisted temptation, but have felt downhearted have you not?”


Yes, Jesus.  It has been a difficult week.  It has been very gray outside (cloudy) but even more so in the spiritual world.  I am sorry for disappointing You, Jesus.  I didn’t recognize what was going on at first.  Usually, I see this more quickly.  I must have been further away from You, Lord or I might have had Your protection.


“No, My child, this is not so in this case, for I allowed these attacks so that you would learn to recognize them.  These were times that you came to Me for help in little ways.  Do you recall, My child?”


No, Jesus.  I don’t think so.


“My little one, you knelt down in front of My image, and another time you were drawn to Me and gazed at My sacred face.  You prayed when you felt cold but decided to pray anyway.  You came to evening Mass and received Me in the Eucharist.  My child, the tempter was very angry when you showed love and reverence to Me in spite of his temptations and accusations.  Your guardian angel stood watch over you, ever ready to protect you from real harm.  I understand how unpleasant this was for you, but you are becoming more holy with each course of My purification.  These times of trial serve to make you stronger, especially when you turn to Me.”


But, Jesus I didn’t always turn to You.  There were times that I was not home in the evening due to being with (name withheld) or having appointments, and I did not pray the rosary with my family.  I know I disappointed You, Lord and yet You didn’t point these times out to me.  You only focused on the few occasions that I was led by Your holy Mother or my angel to do what my soul needed.  You neglected to mention the multiple times I listened to the accuser put me down and the times my heart felt numb toward You.  I can barely allow myself to think about what a disloyal friend You have in me, Jesus.  I am very sorry.  Please forgive me and help me, Lord.  Life is so dark without You.  Please do not be so distant from me, or rather do not allow me to be distant from You.   


“My child, I do not need to point out times that you think you failed me, for you do a splendid job of this.  What I aim to do is to show you the times you did exactly what your soul needed, for it is this I want you to remember for the next time.  There will surely be a next time, you are thinking, and you are correct for My goal for you is holiness.  Holiness is a choice, My child.  In order for something to be a choice, there must be something else offered as an option.  In life, there is holiness and unholiness.  There is a choice between good and evil.  There is a choice for life or for death, (eternal life or eternal death).  These sound drastic to you, My little lamb, but this is truth.  I allow My beloved children to be tempted but I give all graces and means of support to assist without impacting the soul’s free will.  At times, during a battle, souls receive blows from the enemy.  No matter how well prepared one is, souls cannot fully anticipate the tactics of the enemy for, evil is very deceiving, especially to holy unsuspecting souls.”


Jesus, I thought that holy souls are wiser to the wiles of the enemy of souls.


“Yes, My child over time, with testing and experience in battle, holy souls become more discerning, this is true.  At time, I allow a veil to cloud a soul, in order for them to grow more in holiness.  It takes experience through trials, testing and crosses, My child.  There is a saying in the world that there is no better way to learn than through the school of hard knocks.  You are familiar with this, My daughter?”


Yes, Jesus.  I have heard this from my father or my grandfather.  Or words to this effect.


“My child, this is wisdom and it is true in life and it is also true to an extent in the spiritual life.  Souls who are close to Me do not go looking for difficult times or experiences and they are not living bad decisions and consequences, per se.  So, while it is not exactly the same in the spiritual life as in the physical there is a strong correlation, for I created the world and all that lives in the world.  I created the spiritual realm and the physical realm.  My truth is in all that has been created.”


Yes, Jesus.  That makes sense.


“Allow the times that are difficult and the times your soul experiences dryness to be lessons of love for you.  Draw even closer to Me when you do not sense I am near.  Ask for Me and I will come to you right away.  I am always with you, My little lamb, but at times I allow you to feel as though I am distant.  You must always believe that I am near you no matter how you feel.  Be at peace.  All will be well.  You are to trust Me in this, for it is trust that is imperative for My children to have.  Trust in Jesus, My Children of Light, no matter the circumstances, no matter how dark or grey things may appear.  This is most important, My little children.  Always trust in Me, your Jesus.”


Thank You, Lord for Your words of life and Your lessons of love.  You are so good to me, Lord.  I love You.

“My little one, I want to also remind you to avail yourselves of the heavenly assistance I make available to all of My children.  Invoke the prayers of the saints in Heaven especially those who have been assigned to you.”


Yes, Jesus.  I have not requested their prayers as much as I used to.  How odd that we haven’t been saying the Litany after the rosary.  How could we have stopped this and not even paid any attention to the need for their prayers?  Truly there has been a veil placed over me.  Thank You for telling me this, Jesus.  I am so lost without Your guidance.  I really am a dumb sheep!  But thankfully, I have You for My Shepherd.  Thank You for leading me beside still waters, Jesus.


“You are welcome, My little lamb.” (I sense Jesus smiling as He reminds me I’m not even a sheep, but a lamb, I am just a ‘baby’ sheep at that.)


I really need You, Lord and I rely upon You for everything, my livelihood, my physical, mental and spiritual sustenance, provisions for my family, and the safety of my children, grandchildren and of us.  Lord, I depend on You for everything and I am at ease knowing that You are God, the Creator of the world.  You can do all things and You do them according to Your holy and perfect Will.  May Your Will be done each and every day in my life.  I choose You, Jesus.  You have the first place in my life, my God and my All.


“My daughter, remember to keep your eyes on Me at all times.  You will draw strength for the journey through prayer and reception of Me in the Eucharist.  I am truly with you when I come to You in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.”


Thank You, Jesus!  This is the world’s greatest gift and You died to be with us in the Eucharist.  Thank You, Lord.  Please be with (name withheld) while he is away from us.  Bless his time away.  Refresh him in his vocation and renew his spirit.


“My daughter and My son, I ask you to draw closer to My holy priest son and when he returns be of friendly support to him.  Encourage him.  Yours is a ministry of encouragement to My holy priest sons and this is your training ground.  You have a heart for My priests and this charism has been given to you from on high.  Be more aware of this and think and pray about what it is I am asking of you.  You must live this charism for it to be more deeply rooted in you.  This period of waiting and watching is also a time of action as you prepare for the mission ahead of you.  Begin to pray and discuss this with one another.  Seek My Will for you each day and you will find it.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Jesus.


“This is true for children as well, for the care of lost children in need is also your work.  Reflect on this.  Pray about this.  Ask My Most Holy Mother Mary to guide you.  This is your assignment so to speak.”

Alright, Jesus.  We will do this.  I love You, Jesus, my Lord and my God.  Praise and thank You for all that is good in the world.  Thank You for our spiritual brothers and sisters in Heaven, for the holy angels, and for the beautiful family and friends with whom you have blessed us.  Please be with us this week.  Walk closely with us, Lord.  Give us graces for repentance and conversion.  Transform our hearts and minds into a holy people who love and serve You, Lord.


“My child, I love you and My son, (name withheld).  Go now in My peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be love, mercy and joy to others.  Bring My light to all you meet, for there is much darkness in the world.  Go now and be My little apostles of love and mercy.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen.  Alleluia!!

January 8, 2017  Adoration Chapel, Epiphany of the Lord

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I adore You, love You and praise You, my God and my King.  Thank You for Your presence here, Jesus and in all the tabernacles of the world.  Lord, please help (name withheld).  Bring her close to Your Sacred Heart.  I trust You, in all things, my Jesus and I trust You with my children.  They are Yours, Jesus.  I give them to You, again.  Lord, please do Your Will in their lives and in all our lives.


Jesus, please console (names withheld).  If it is Your Will, Jesus heal (name withheld).  Help (name withheld) to know that she is not alone.  Be with them, Jesus.  Lord, there are so many who are ill.  Please give them the graces they need to persevere.  May all suffering be a gift to help redeem the souls of those You have already won, Lord but who have not yet experienced Your love.  Jesus, there is so much on my heart.  You know everything, Jesus.  You know the needs of all of my loved ones.  Please do Your Will, Lord.  Your Will is perfect, holy and good.  Jesus, I trust in You.


Lord, have You anything to say to me today?


“Yes, My daughter.  I am with you, My child.  Do not be afraid.  We walk together My child, tell all to return to family prayer.  People have been too busy to pray lately.  During this holy season, people, My people have been too busy to pray.”


I am sorry, Jesus.  Forgive us that we are too busy to pray.  You are the most important priority, Lord and yet sometimes our busyness competes for our attention.  Forgive us all, Jesus.  Help us to get back on track.


“My children, prayer is your lifeline to Heaven.  It is critical to pray, and especially important for the family to pray.”


 Yes, Jesus.


“Families will receive many graces from Me during their prayer time together.  My child, do not become distrustful about My Mother’s Community.  All is going according to My plan.  I realize it does not seem that way, but it is true.  Take heart, My little lamb.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, thank You that we were able to get together with (name withheld).  I am learning to treasure the time we have together.  Thank You, Jesus!


“You are welcome My daughter.  You are tired, My child.”


Yes, Jesus but I don’t know why.  I got plenty of sleep last night.  Give me strength, Lord.


“My little lamb, pray, pray, pray.  There is much evil in the world that wants to rob people of joy in the Lord and to cause discouragement.  Do not allow this.  Pray to be recollected and at peace.  Peace is a gift but one must be open to receive My gift of peace.  Ask Me for peace and for joy.  Pray for trust.  Ask and it shall be given to you.  I stand here waiting for My children.  I stand before you with open arms.  Come draw close to Me, My children.  I love you and I long to protect you and give you My peace.”


Lord, please bless (name withheld).  Thank You for being with her.  I’m glad she was here today.  I missed seeing her and was beginning to be concerned for her.  Thank You for her presence here.  It is inspiring to see her commitment to Adoration, especially in light of her health problems.  Thank You for (name withheld), also.  Please bless him, too Jesus.  Lord, please help the work to continue and to make progress at Your Mother’s Community.  Lord, it has been a long time and progress seems slow.  But, You have Your reasons, Lord.  Help us not to be discouraged.


“My daughter, I am teaching you to trust in Me.  In order to grow in trust, My children must be tried as in fire.  They must learn to depend on Me for the answers, the solutions to problems and difficulties.  When things are easy, My children grow confident in their own abilities and depend less and less on Me.  When obstacles arise especially those that seem to have no way around them, My children begin to pray more and to seek My assistance.  With each difficulty that is resolved, faith grows stronger.  My children do not rely enough on Me and in the children of My Mother’s Community, faith must be strong.  My children of (name withheld) must have a rock-solid faith because this is needed to build a firm foundation.  I am allowing many trials and difficulties for the families who will be the foundation of My Mother’s and My Community.  It is imperative for the first families to overcome many difficulties so they will learn to trust in Me and My Most Holy Mother Mary.  You are all vital to My plan and the plan of My Father.  If it were not so, you would not need to be tried so much.  My Mother intercedes for Her children and because of this your trials have been lessened, but they are still needed and so you must all learn to rely on Me, and upon one another.  These difficulties serve to cement your love for one another.  You will be more united as a family.  Concern for one another forges bonds and these ties, this history of prayer and concern for one another also serves to make you stronger.  Each family will grow stronger, but together you will grow strong enough to withstand the Time of Great Trials that is facing you.  I love you, My children and I aim to prepare you.  At times, you feel as though I am withdrawing from you, but this also is a test for your faith to grow.  Trust in Me, My child.  All will be well.  How numerous are the times I have assured you of this?  My Word is the Word, My little lamb and what I speak is reality.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, my Lord and my God, my All.  I love You.  Thank You for the trials, Lord.  We want to be prepared for what is to come.  You are the perfect Father.  You teach Your children and help us to grow so that we will be prepared for our future.


“My little one, do you recall when I told you that My son, (name withheld) could be trusted?”


I think so, Jesus.


“It is so.  The evil one attempts to sow seeds of doubt and discord.  He whispers lies and tries to lead My children astray.  He sows seeds of disunity.  Flee from him.  Do not listen to him.  Bring all of your concerns to Me.  Do not murmur amongst yourselves, My children.  Those who undermine My Mother’s Community are also listening to the father of lies.  Trust in Me.  Bring every concern and decision to Me.  Have I not been guiding you all along?”


Yes, Jesus You have.


“I have brought My children this far and I have not done so in vain.  Hold fast to My Mother’s mantle.  Pray more during times of stress and seeming upheaval.  You must pray more and fast to resist the plans of the evil one.”


Thank You, Jesus!  You have the answers to all of life’s problems.  Thank You for Your direction, Lord.  Jesus, sometimes it is very easy to doubt oneself and to listen to the world.  There is so much noise and so many distractions.  Help us to pray more Jesus so that we hear Your voice and we do not pay attention to the voice of the father of lies. 


“My children seem to heed his voice more so than Mine.  He is present in the chaos.  I am the Prince of Peace.  When you are lacking in peace examine what and who you are allowing to have influence over you.  Distance yourselves from those who bring disharmony and disunity.  Be bearers of peace and love.  Bring the light of My truth and love to every meeting you have with others.  If you cannot lead the other toward the light, because of their desire to dwell in the darkness, you must distance yourself.  Pray for those who are in darkness but do not become part of this darkness.  You, My children are Children of Light.  Be light to the world by allowing My light to shine in you.  Do not dampen your joy or the joy of others.  To do so is to put yourself and your concerns, your fears and anxieties before the needs of others.  This steals other’s joy.  You are to bring joy to others.  Be joy.  Be peace.  Put your trust in Me and you will see there is nothing to fear.  Have I ever abandoned you, My children?  No, I have not.  Rely on Me.  I created you out of love and I will not abandon you.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Please ensure that we do not abandon You or Your Most Holy Mother Mary.


“My child, examine things with Me.  I am the light of truth.”


Yes, Jesus.  You are truth, Lord.  Thank You for reminding me that we are to bring each concern to You.


“You are welcome, My child.  Times such as this are desert times.  The desert serves to prepare you for the work of the Lord, is this not true?”


Yes, Jesus.  I needed to be reminded of this.  Thank You, Lord.


“My child, I began My ministry only after I spent 40 days in the desert being tried and tested.  I did this to show My children how to rely on God the Father.  Even I was tried to prepare Me for the long journey of Calvary.  My children are not all ready to be in the desert at first and must be brought along the way slowly.  Some are able to withstand more heat and can be introduced to desert time.  Others are able to remain longer with Me in the desert.  I bring each soul along at their own pace, my child.  Some seem to have trial after trial.  This is not because they are doing something wrong, but because they are better able to withstand trials and to grow must have larger challenges.  Each trial, each cross will only be as heavy as that soul can bear.  Do not judge others by their crosses, for only I know fully what each person’s cross entails and the exact weight of it for that person.  I allow each cross, out of love.  Allow your crosses to bring you closer to Me, My children.  You do this by speaking with Me about them and by seeking My direction.  I am the Good Shepherd and I will lead your souls to safety and to My Kingdom, but you must follow your Shepherd, My little ones.  You must follow Me and not the world.  Examine yourselves My children.  Where are you spending your time?  How much time is spent during the week in prayer and attending holy Mass?  How much time is spent reading Scripture?  How much time is spent on forms of entertainment, reading worldly books or magazines, gossiping with your friends, listening to their gossip?  How much time is spent talking to Me and about Me?  How much time is spent on sports, on your work and on topics that do not add anything to the Kingdom of God?”


“It is time, My children to accept the responsibility that My Father has given you.  Live for His Kingdom.  Seek first My Kingdom, and all else will be added to you.  Serve others out of love, My children.  Live each day with love and with the knowledge that you could be standing before God, your Father in Heaven at any moment.  Do not take yourselves so seriously, but take the building of My Kingdom seriously.  Put others before yourselves and serve your neighbor.  Love one another in the midst of your trials and crosses.  This is what I am asking you.  When the Time of Great Trials looks squarely at you, and the people of the world are reeling, My Children of Light will be firmly planted in faith and trust.  You will not be easily shaken and will be able to offer support and reassurance to others.  Be encouraged when you hear of trials, for you know your Savior is with you.  Together, we will face each trial and soon you will have the trust, faith, and perseverance needed for the work and the mission God the Father gives to you.  Pray, fast and avail yourselves of the Sacraments I have given to you through My church.  This is your spiritual food.  My Communion is food for the journey.  Listen to My Mother and remain close to Her.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Praise You, Lord.


“My child, have no doubt that the Time of Great Trials is coming and indeed has already begun.   The time of preparation is drawing to a close.  The Age of Disobedience will end but not without the furor of a spoiled child having a violent temper tantrum.  I do not mean to imply that this time period will be child’s play.  I do, however want My children to recognize the times for what they are.  During the time of distress, rejoice for the Time of the Renewal will be near.”


Thank You, Lord.


“That is all for now, My little lamb.  Go in My peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace and in My joy.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen!  Alleluia!

COR 1-8-17
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